Keri Russell and River at farmer's market

03/31/2008 at 04:17 AM ET

Actress Keri Russell, 31, visited the PacificPalisades farmer’s market with son, River Russell, 9 months, and a friend on Sunday.


Photos by Flynet.

More photos and info on carrier and shirt below.




100251_spruce River is wearing C&C California’s Baby Boy Striped L/S Tee ($25).

Ergo_2Keri carries River in an Ergo baby carrier in blue with green lining ($92).

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amandamay on

could keri russell be any more beautiful?? seriously, she’s so radiant and natural! wish i looked that good in jeans and a floppy hat 🙂 and her little man is so adorable!

Louise on

Adorable pictures, and nice carrier she has!

Mari on

I don’t know if the wind is ruffling his hair or it’s just static…but River looks adorable.

mrsb on

LOVE them! OMG she is so gorgeous, such a natural beauty!

Levi on

Natural beauty. She seems to simply love being a mom!

Sven on

Adorable little guy.

Keri looks happy, and a lot healthier than at pre-mommy times.

Jory on

I adore Kerri Russell as an actress! And she seems so happy and content as a “new” mommie. But that kid needs some socks on! LOL He is adorable though! I wish them all the best!

Anna on

He doesn’t need socks. They’re in Southern CA, the weather is fine.

Love that carrier and Keri’s big hat.

Danyell on

Jory, I agree, River needs some socks or shoes on! That’s one of my biggest pet peeves, babies with no socks, lol… She’s adorable though, I love how she “wears” River wherever she goes. He’s a cutie!
Does anyone know about her orange/grey shopping bag?

peepy on

Aww how cute he is! I always compare him to my nephew who is the same age and they’re both super adorable. Re the sock thing, my nephew always ends up kicking his off as they’re hard to keep on an active baby sometimes.

Hannah on

My favorite celeb mom, wearing my favorite piece of baby gear!

In the spring and summer months, when the temp is above 70 degrees, I don’t always put socks on my son when I wear him in the Ergo. He and I both get toasty warm when he’s being worn.

I was always told to dress my baby the same way I was dressed. She’s wearing sandals, so it must be warm enough to go without socks.

R on

I live right by there and the last couple of days have been pretty chilly and we were at the Framers Market my son had on 2 layers… but still the cutest little family!

Allie on

i remember when my 3 and a half year old was like 10 months old. We live in Florida, and it was in August (if you don’t know, it’s like 98 degrees and humid around that time of year). We were visting a friends house, and his mother was there, and she kept telling me to put socks on my child!! I’m like, uhhh, she really doesn’t need socks in 98 degree weather. 🙂 She went out and bought my daughter a pack of socks. 🙂 I kid you not. I thought it was toooo funny!!! She’s so sweet, and crazy. hahaha Anyway, I agree that you’re to dress you’re child in whatever you’re comfortable in. That’s what I was always told by my doctor’s. She has on sandals…so, why can’t he be barefoot? It’s not like she’s going to put him down to walk.

Judyb on

I love these pictures.

In one picture she has her hand on his foot. Perhaps she was feeling his feet to see if they were cold. My oldest daughter has always had hot feet. I am the same way and neither one of us can stand shoes, socks or slippers. When my kids were baby’s I would feel their feet(exactly like Keri is doing) to see if they felt cold. I don’t think anyone can tell if her childs feet are cold by looking at a picture.

Michelle on

She is such a natural beauty and River is absolutely adorable!

tmom on

Adorable, both of them!

Is it really anyone’s business if he has socks on or not? Both of my kids hated wearing socks and still do @ 2 and 4 (even in our cold Michigan weather). I was always truly annoyed with people telling me to put socks on my children. I put socks on them everyday, and they choose to take them off. Maybe River doesn’t like anything on his feet. I’m sure his MOTHER knows what’s best for him!

brooke on

Keri is so beautiful, a natural beauty and seems to be a good mom. Baby looks just like his daddy.

Sadie on

Lol, that first picture looks like it was posed and belongs in a magazine, she is so gorgeous! Motherhood suits her!

charsmom on

Okay – so everyone is obsessing about the socks (or lack of), but how about the fact that Keri is wearing a hat and River isn’t … this concerns me more than the whole sock thing!

Keri is so so beautiful and obviously is enjoying motherhood SO much! I love how she uses her Ergo baby carrier so much – I have one and it is AWESOME!

Jill on

To cute!! and maybe she has a hat on to cover a bad hair day who knows!

Karin on

Keri is so gorgeous, I’ve loved her since her Felicity days! And River is a little cutie pie, I love his hair!

Can anyone tell me more about the Ergo carrier Keri is using? I need a new carrier for my 5 month old son (the Baby Bjorn hurts my back too much…), and I’m considering the Ergo but I’m not sure… (sorry to ask this in a post, but I don’t see a review on the Ergo here yet ;o)

Is the child comfy with his legs spread apart so much like that? (They seem like they’re doing the splits or something, it looks like it might be uncomfortable to be in that position for a prolonged period of time…?

Also, does it bug the child that he isn’t facing forward? River seems to be trying to crane his neck around to see what’s ahead, I wonder if it’s annoying for them to be facing mom all the time… (this is one thing I do like about the Baby Bjorn, that babies have the option of facing out!)

Any input would be great! Thanks :o)

Anne on

Can there be any posts on this site where someone doesn’t pick at something?? So what if the baby isn’t wearing socks? The post clearly states they are in Pacific Palisades, I’m sure it wasn’t too chilly. Also, I’m sure plenty of you can relate to the warmth generated by carrying/wearing a baby. Please take into consideration that all these celeb moms care about the well being of their children just as much as you all do about yours. If Keri thought River needed socks, I’m sure he would have them on! Besides, I, like another poster, was told that the idea that babies need to be dressed warmer was way overexaggerated. My pediatrician told me to go with how I felt – if I was warm enough, my baby probably was too.

goodgirl on

the ergo baby carrier is one of the best carriers on the market.. one of the reasons is the fact that the child’s hips are in a perfect position because the kid’s legs are spread that far. many popular carriers don’t have that, the child’s sitting on his/her pubic bone which is not good for the hip’s health. it’s like sitting on a bike as a grown up… not very comfortable, right? ;o) the facing-out position also is not really recommendable, because it brings baby’s back in a unnatural position, the child doesn’t have a chance to “calm down” if it wants to rest or turn away for a moment… if your child wants to see more (not just mommy ;o) you can carry the ergo on the back… my son is almost 4 years old and NEVER had the urge to “face out” 🙂

jpwillett on

I just bought an Ergo carrier because I wanted to wear my daughter on my back. She’s our 3rd baby, so I haven’t felt like she has gotten as much “face time” with me since I’m always running after the other two.

Anyway, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of the back carry yet, but the front carry is amazingly comfortable. She is 8 months old and does twist around quite a bit to see things…but seems to like the snuggle time.

Once I get enough practice getting her on my back by myself and figure out how to adjust everything to make the back carry comfortable I think she will be happy as a clam.

Also, I’ve found that several websites not only do free shipping for the Ergo, but also a 60-90 day return policy in case it doesn’t work for you.