Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley are in negotiations over kids

03/31/2008 at 05:13 PM ET

by auditioning contributor Carlie:

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Katherine Heigl wed musician Josh Kelley last December and just three months into married life, she is already talking babies. Recently speaking with British tabloid The Sunday Times, the actress echoed earlier comments by admitting that even though she is keen to start, husband Josh, 28, feels slightly different.

I think he’d prefer to wait a little more time, but I kind of wouldn’t.

However, Katherine, 29, is quick to add that it would be "foolish" to waste current career opportunities.

I think we’ll meet somewhere in the middle.

Source: The Sunday Times via People

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coffeygirlb on

Well, they’ll have lovely children. I just hope she quits smoking, first!

MB on

Maybe the GA writers could write in a pregnancy for Izzie and George? It wouldn’t be so far out for her to have a child now I don’t think. (of course with the strike having gone on so long I’m a little fuzzy as to where Izzie and George were when the show left off, haha.)

Julie on

If she does get pregnant I hope the grey’s anatomy writers include her pregnancy somewhere in the show. Greys Anatomy needs babies.

p.s. to carlie- great job.. i hope i see more posts of yours

Steph on

Julie, I agree. Grey’s needs a baby!

I hope they do have babies but it looks like it’ll be a while before we hear any kind of announcement!

LolaCola on

I forgot that she smokes. I actually hope that they wait at least 3 years or until the show is over before they have babies. Why not enjoy the time you have together with just the both of you? I think SMG and Freddie have the right idea. A baby changes everything, you may never get to be alone again or even sleep again.

Brooke on

Yeah I hate to be one of THOSE posters, but the first thing I thought was I hope she starts quitting her smoking now.

Sadie on

Yeah, I’m kind of with Lola on this one, especially if he doesn’t want them yet. Meeting in the middle is great, but I think with kids you should wait until you’re both ready. Best of luck to them.

And like Julie said, great job on the post Carlie!

Chicki on

I need an explainer; what does “meeting somewhere in the middle” mean??? Buying a dog instead of having a baby?!

Sarah’s note: He wants to wait 2 years, she wants to wait 1 year. So they plan to meet in the middle at about a year and a half.

ang on

they can afford to wait a few years, tho sometimes couples who meet in their late 30s for eg, don’t have all that much time, if they want kids.i mean, if katherine got preg soon and they divorced, that’d be sad. how long have they been together(incl marriage) anyway?

Beverley on

Brooke, I don’t think that anyone would have a problem with people saying she should quit smoking before she has a baby.

I don’t think that anyone could come up with a good reason for her not to.

Annie on

Psst – the Sunday Times is definitely not a tabloid! Hiegl is a cutie though 🙂