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Originally posted March 18th: The Facinelli Five appear in the latest issue of Redbook, Crocs and all. Damages star Peter, 34, 90210 alum and DWtS finalist Jennie Garth, 35, and their three daughters — Luca Bella, 10, Lola Ray, 5, and Fiona Eve, 17 months — were photographed for the magazine. Inside, Jennie and Peter discuss their marriage, ‘dates,’ and their daughters.

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On their dates and finding alone time: 

J: Probably the hardest thing is finding time to be together just as acouple. I can usually carve out an hour a day to exercise and shower,but the time I get just with Peter is at the end of the day when we’reboth exhausted.

In fact, we just decided to leave my mom with the kidsfor a weekend and spend more quality time together, where we won’t beinterrupted or distracted.

P: There are times when Jennieand I are driving to the supermarket and it almost seems like a date’cause it’s just the two of us for a change.

On their craziest yet funniest moment:

J: When Luca was about 8 and Lola was 3, we were trying totake their picture for our Christmas card. I’d even picked out theperfect matching red dresses for them to wear. But the girls would notstop fighting! We ended up using a picture of the two of them fighting,and the card said, "’Tis the Season to be Jolly." It’s definitely oneof our favorite family cards.

P: So many people told us it was such a great honest momentbecause every parent tries to get the perfect shot of their kids forthe Christmas card and it’s always traumatic, ’cause kids will be kids.But it’s those wild, crazy, seemingly out-of-control moments that makethe stories that you laugh about later.

When there’s complete havoctaking place, Jennie and I look at each other and it’s just the two ofus for a second.

On having a family of five: 

P: The other night we were having dinner, and our 5-year-old, Lola,wasn’t eating her food. I said, ‘Lola, one way or another, you’re goingto eat that food,’ and she looks up at me and says, ‘Well, Daddy, Idon’t like it this way. What’s the other way?’ And she wasn’t being asmart aleck about it! That stuff just melts my heart.

When we eat out as a family, we joke that we’re like bandits that hitthese restaurants and leave this huge mess. Sometimes under Fiona’shigh chair there’s a mountain of mashed potatoes and peas. I tellJennie that there are probably pictures of the five of us all over townwith a warning: "Don’t let these people into your restaurant!"

On being outnumbered: 

J: [Laughs] Peter and I always say that since Fionaarrived, we are totally outnumbered. When I’m at home and not working,it’s easier to find and keep the balance. But that too becomes a fineart of figuring out how to divide my time among the three kids, myhusband — and also find just a little time for myself. Oh, yeah, andthen there are the dogs too!

On playing good cop/bad cop:

J: I’m more the nurturer and caretaker, and Daddy is morethe fun, crazy one. They play us against each other all the time — infact, they’re masters at it. Whenever the two oldest are starting toteam up and conspire against us, suddenly instead of fighting they’reextra affectionate to each other and there’s a lot of whispering andholding hands going on. So we always know something’s up!

On birthday parties: 

J: When we were taking that birthday-party photo, I thought, This is for real. I’ve been in this moment before! It’s usually a big and completely overdone affair, though now with three children, things are changing.

P: One year we did an Alice in Wonderland party forLuca, and I thought it would be fun to make mushrooms out of wire andnews-paper and put them all over the yard. I spent at least a weekmaking mushrooms — and then I had to paint them! I had no idea how muchwork it would be. Now that we have three kids, the third one is gettingthe shaft. Of course, she’s just 13 months, but Jennie bakes a cake, afew friends come over, and that’s it.

On the three girls as sisters:

J: Peter and I are really trying to teach Luca, our10-year-old, what it means to be a big sister. And, of course, sincethe other girls are 13 months and 5, she doesn’t really want to grow upand is struggling with that role of being the big sister in the family.But I find when I’m not there she is so nurturing and very much like amini-me, so I know she gets it.

P: Luca always tells me she wants to live in a house withher sisters, and Jennie and I will live in another house on the samepiece of property, and it will be one big Facinelli commune.

On being together 13 years and feeling grateful:

P: Sometimes we’re in a store together and I’ll lose Jennie for a second,and then I’ll see her out of the corner of my eye and she’s just themost beautiful woman to me. And I say to myself, ‘Oh, that’s my wife,I’m so lucky.’ Those moments just hit me — and they hit me often.

Source: Redbook via Page Six

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mimi on

um, what is up with those big ol orange crocs?
Sarah’s note: They love ’em, apparently!

tink1217 on

such a gorgeous family!! I hate Crocs!! But it looks funny in the pic!

Laura on

That is the most romantic thing I think Peter could have said about his wife! To still look at her after 13 years in a grocery store of all places and to announce her beauty and how lucky he feels… what a great couple! Beautiful girls too by the way.

Elyse on

I hope I can find a guy like Peter someday soon! I agree that that was the most romantic thing he could have said about his wife. They really are a lovely family!

elisabeth on

I believe the dress that Fiona is wearing is from last year’s spring line at Old Navy.

They are an adorable family!

Amber H. on

They are a cute family, Crocs and all! My 21 month old daughter loves Crocs so I’m sure their girls do too…plus the bright colors scream spring/summer and we are all ready for that! Such sweet comments from Peter about his girls. 🙂

Karen on

Jennie is a lucky lady, Peter is just too sweet. The crocs crack me up, lol!

brooke on

Their a nice family, but I hate crocs lol. I especially hate everyone in the family wearing them, including the parents lol. There’s so many nicer shoes, especially for girls than crocs. All the girls have a mix of both parents in their looks.

Natasha on

I would absolute love to have 3 daughters someday I’m so jealous of Jennie! (and Peter…but I mean it from a girl’s perspective) 🙂

tatum on

LOVE the crocs but luca does not look to happy to be there

Carlie on

Awww what a sweet interivew and what a lovely family!!

Rosie on

I think it sounds a little funny how she says they left her mom with the kids as if the kids were watching her mom!

Gemma on

I can’t wait to see Peter in the new Twilight movie!

Sara on

Omg Luca and Lola look just like their dad! But all girls are really cute.

michelle on

LOVE LOVE LOVE them and now even more with all the CROCS! I have ALL of those colors. The orange ones are soooooooooo fun.
I love them and their relationship. And the girls are beautiful!

Erica on

All I can see in this picture are the hideous Crocs. 😦 But once you get past that, nice family photo.

Steph on

Um, where can I get a Peter Facinelli? OMG, that last comment almost made me cry! Too sweet and wow. I want my husband to say that about me after 13 years of marriage!

Christine on

We are a croc family as well. Most people we know hate them. lol!
My hubby and I both wear them around the house and our 5 & 6 yr old boys wear them all summer.
I can’t wait to get a pair for my 14m old daughter this summer!

I always like reading articles about the Facinelli/Garth gang!!
I think that wee Fiona is just sooo freakin adorable!!

Bethany on

i feel like launching a world wide campaign called “BAN CROCS!!” im sorry but they are so digusting and they never look good and they never will!!

heather on

they are an absolutely adorable, down to earth family. love ’em!

Kimber Christian on

I didn’t understand the Croc thing until I tried them on….they are SO COMFORTABLE! They are the best!

What an adorable family, I’m jealous of Jennie having such a sweet husband!

amandamay on

i love this family but that photo looks like a blatant ad for crocs! 🙂 yuck…i will never like crocs on boys/men.

peter and jennie are such a fantastic example of a loving married couple!! beautiful family!

Eve on

Are all three children his? Cause I thought Jennie was with someone else before him and had a baby?

Angela’s note: Yes, all three are Peter’s daughters.

tink1217 on

eve, jennie was married before but they did not have children and her marriage was short lived.

Andrea on

Jennie was married previously to musician Dan Clark but they had no children together.

Jane on

I like Jennie and her family but I HATE crocs!

stephanie on


Me too! I’ve seen the promotional and on set pictures, Peter looked great 😀

Harley on

Good gracious…completely LOVE this family! How adorable are they all together?!

Amanda on

I used to watch 90210 but started loving Jennie in “What I Like About You” – I watch the reruns all the time now and I always thought she seemed so great. Just seeing what an awesome mom she is and how loving Peter is. He looks like a tough guy, but the crocs and this interview prove what a sweetheart he is. Their kids are tooo cute. I think Luca is spitting image of her dad but the other girls are a mix.

Sarita on

This photo looks so much like an ad, I won’t be surprised if it turns out to be one! I think are the ugliest “shoes”.

They all look great and happy and their marriage really sets a good example for all those people divorcing after a year etc.

UggaMugga.com on

I thought that WAS an ad for Crocs! And I can’t stand Crocs…I’ve tried them on and they are comfortable, but there are also stylish shoes that are just as comfortable. But that’s just me!

They are a gorgeous family…all of them…like a picture out of a magazine. 😉

J.M. on

Die Crocs Die!! LOL

Never understood the trend and never will! They’re supposed to be extremely bad for children’s feet and adults wearing them look even worse LOL – JMO of course 🙂

But the family is lovely! Beautiful little girls!

hb on

I have met the entire family on a few occasions. Jennie is absolutely as sweet and genuine as can be…Peter is even hotter in real life and the girls are just darling. Fiona is ADORABLE!!! With a sweet lil’ personality to boot!!!

Christar on

Aw, Peter is so sweet! He’s going to be a PERFECT Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight movie!!! I’m SO excited! I <3 Edward!

Shannon on

Hehehe, Dr. Cullen! woot! I like this pic…

ang on

jennie was married in the early days of 90210 but it didn’t work out and they didn’t have any kids together. gorgeous pics. jennie is ageless.

Linh-e-Pooh on

I love them! Jennie and Peter does seem to have the perfect romance story, don’t they? I know there’s no such thing as perfection on a relationship level, but hell, Jennie and Peter seem to come up really close to that. I know they have their days, but I’m sure, by the looks of what comes out from both of them; how much, how well, how often, and how comfortable they are gushing about each other’s flaws and beauty… It just makes me admire them more and more!

Peter is the perfect husband; tough and sensitive, all at the right time. Jennie is great with keeping the family grounded; not too spoiled, but not too neglected! Its obvious that they both treasure their family more than anything in the world!

The 3 kids are just ANGELS. They all have the best looking genes from both parents. They all have a very nice mix of both parents in them. And might I say; Fiona is a darling, so playful and innocent! Lola is always so cuddly with daddy and attentive (from photos). And Luca! Who can forget their first born treasure?! She looks like such a fragile individual, but I can definitely see her protective side. Thanks GOD J&P are keeping them from the public and teaching them about life’s value, rather than feeding them with a golden spoon everyday. Its so rare to see celeb kids who aren’t spoiled rotten and or SECLUDED from all fun. These 3 kids look health and normal! AND THAT’S GREAT!