Cate Blanchett in Sydney, Australia

03/31/2008 at 02:54 PM ET

Actress Cate Blanchett, 38, was spotted letting her belly get some air in Sydney, Australia on Sunday, March 30th. She is expecting her third child in April, which is rumored to be a boy. She and Andrew Upton, 41, are also parents to two sons — Dashiell John, 6, and Roman Robert, who will be turning 4 in April.


Photo by FAME.

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Kaitlyn on

Aww, she looks cute. I love seeing pregnant bellies, they’re beautiful!

Elyse on

Does anyone else think her pregnancy has just flown by? It seems like yesterday she was saying her pregnancy was still in the “early days” and now she doesn’t have long left to go! Can’t wait to hear what she names the new little one! 🙂

Elizabeth on

I hope she has a girl, I would never want to have 3 boys!

chatty cricket on

I’m such a fan of Cate’s, she’s a class act all the way. And Elyse, I DO feel like this pregnancy has flown!

Sarafina on

I predict she’ll have her son by the end of the week…

Michelle on

Cate’s just gorgeous.

I think it’s a girl.

CelebBabyLover on

I actually think it’ll be at least a few more weeks before she has her baby. I know she looks huge, but so did Naomi Watts, Isla Fisher, Bridget Moynahan, and Halle Berry. In fact, most people thought they were fibbing about their due dates and were actually due about a month before they said they were. In all 4 cases, that turned out not to be the case (well, we never heard a word about when Isla was due other thant “Fall/Winter”, but everybody thought she was due about a month before she actually gave birth!).

All of that said, I am wondering why everybody is assuming that she’s having a boy (and I don’t mean just CBB or the commentors here. People magazine, for one, also reported that “she’s having a boy!” in their story about the Oscars). I mean, the only thing we have to base that rumor on is that she said “He’s actually sleeping right now” at the Oscars.

As many other commentoras on previos Cate posts have pointed out, lots of people refer to their unborn babies as “he” when they either don’t know the gender or want to keep the gender secret. Most people feel uncomfortable using the term “it”, and “he or she” gets to be kind of a mouthful after a while.

True, her comment COULD very well mean that she’s having a boy, as Christina Aguleria, Poppy Montgomery, and Jennifer Garner all slipped up about the gender of their babies in that exact same way (although Poppy, and I think Jennifer as well, admitted the slip of the tongue right away). However, that also doesn’t mean she is DEFINELTY having a boy.

I do want to say that I’m glad that CBB is saying that her baby is “rumored” to be a boy (however, I notice that this isn’t the case on the “Infanticapating and New Arrivals 2008” list. There it simply says “boy”.). Techinically that much IS true. 🙂

Laura on

I agree with Celeb Baby Lover. Plus: if it’s a girl she can give the baby her own, beautiful middle name: Elise! 😉

babyboomer on

I haven’t seen pics of her for a while, but to me it looks like she’s carrying quite low already … I like if women go far behind their due date and get ripe and so ready, but I think she will give birth within the next two weeks.