Will, Jaden, and Willow Smith attend Kids' Choice Awards

03/30/2008 at 04:18 PM ET

Actor Will Smith, 39, and children Jaden Christopher Syre, 9 ½, and Willow Camille Reign, 7, attended Nickelodeon’s 2008 Kids’ Choice Awards held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion on March 29th in Westwood, CA. Mom is Jada Pinkett Smith.


Photo by Splash News, Startraks.

Another image below, as well as info on Willow’s dress.


Yhst83959269427248_1996_12424522Willow wears Sister Sam’s La Strada balloon sleeve dress in grey and black ($70; pink and black).

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tippy on

omg how cute are they!!
just adorable!!

Nikka on

Wow, the kids’ hair, just amazing !! I don’t recall seeing Willow lately, but she is one of a grown up lady and I love her name, too !

brooke on

Those kids are so cute, and both look so much like Will. I love will and jada, hope their one celebrity couple that never divorces, they seem so nice and have an adorable family.

Kelly on

i was watching the show last nite when they came out & i was surprised by how grown up they acted & how different they looked willow is beautiful! i never realized that her name is his with ow on the end i never noticed till they came out & he said there names together i like that better than some celebs giving there kids there names but i actually like this one it doesn’t sound like his name it sounds feminine so they both win i think thats cute jaden looks so much like will!! is he ever with his older son? i dont think ive ever seen him

Amber on

Here’s a pic of Trey with Will, Jada, and the little ones at the Pursuit of Happyness premiere.

Trey lives with his Mom so that’s probably one reason for why we don’t see him as much. Although Jada once said in an interview that she wished Trey and his Mom could live in the house with them, but Trey’s Mom joked that she’d never meet a man that way, haha.

I love both the kids’ hair in these pics, especially Willow’s braids. Gorgeous.

Bex on

They are so beautiful! They look so much like Will.

yaosa on

I love this family! Jaden and Willow are beautiful and I love their style! My son’s hair is a lot like Jaden’s and my daughter has been bugging me to get her hair braided. I really like Willow’s hair style.

Beautiful, beautiful children!

gigi on


Judyb on

I really like Will and Jada and they certainly have beautiful children. Willow’s hair is adorable. I love Jada Pinkett Smith’s fashion sense. It looks like Willow might be getting her sense of fashion from her mom.

jasmine on

I love Willow’s hair! They all look great!

Nelly on

I agree Kelly, Willow & Jaden are so well behaved. Will & Jada seem like great parents.
I like the creativity in their kids names like Will/Willow & Jada/Jaden

Coco on

I love Will, he seems so lighthearted and fun. And Willow looks just like Jada! The kids are beautiful – I wonder if they’ll get into the industry just like their parents.

Coco on

I love Will, he seems so lighthearted and fun. And Willow looks just like Jada! The kids are beautiful – I wonder if they’ll get into the industry just like their parents.

Michelle on

Oh my goodness — they’ve gotten so big and they are so adorable!!!

J.M. on

Wow Willow is a spitting image of her daddy! And Jaden looks so much like Jada. I love how their names derive from their parents names in a different way though! So cute!

Jasmine on

Will Smith’s children are gorgeous! They could be the next GAP models!

Melanie on

You’re absolutely right Jasmine, they do look like GAP model material. Striking!

FC on

Jaden’s hair has grown out like crazy since the last time I saw him. And Willow is such a little madam now. So cute, both of them! 🙂

Julia A on

These kids are gorgeous, and I like the way they color coordinate. 🙂
I think Willow looks a lot like Will while Jaden looks more like a mix of both parents.

m-dot on

They are so cute. I love Willow’s braids, and Jaden’s curly fro. Demonstrating great style like their mommy. :)I think they both look a whol lot like Will, but Willow has Jada’s eyes.

Aleys on

Jaden and Willow are gorgeous!


My goodness, they are an attractive family, arent they?

Katie on


Destiny on

They both have beautiful eyes. I think that Jaden is always going to have a babyface. Like his father, he will do well with the ladies when he grows up. And Willow will be as stunning as her mother. I really like this family. I wish they would do a reality show and give us a peak inside their world.

Chantel on

Is it just me or does Jaden look like a little Corbin Bleu (from High School Musical)?

Chloe on

This is by far my most fave celeb family. I love the parents- they are great parents and that shows in how well-behaved and just well-rounded they children are. I am with Destiny- I would LOVE for them to do a reality show. I loved the commercial they did together years ago when they were advertising the BET awards. So comical! However, i think becuz they are not always in the limelight, they have given their children a sense of a normal life. Keep pure, keep it Humble. keep up the good work Will and Jada-You truly show that celebrities can be successful yet remain normal.

asm1976 on

Actually, Trey does not live with his mom. He was living with Will and Jada up until a few years ago, and they let him move overseas to take some sort of job or something. I know he was doing some hosting of events also. Trey is 15 and it appears they are just allowing him a little more freedom now.

brooke on

Both kids if you ever see them on interviews, have the cutest personalities, very sociable and talkative like their parents. I can see both kids becoming actors in the future. As for trey he is close to will and jada too, but he lives with his mom.

missi on

These kids are absolutely beautiful. I love their style, and I think Will and Jada are doing a great job as parents.
When Will was promoting “I am Legend” he said that Trey does in fact live with them full time since his mom remarried and moved to San Diego.

Nicole on

I absolutely think Will is amazing, such a handsome and talented man. Love all his movies.

He has a beautiful family.

Misty Boudreau on

These children are so gorgeous, just like their parents! Will & Jada seem so down to earth, and seem to be such wonderful parents.

Janis on

Omg Jaden is soo cute and adorable .Wiilow looks just likes her father they could be twins.I love Willow’s hair and Jaden’s