Travis Barker, Atiana and Landon at Kids' Choice Awards

03/30/2008 at 03:47 PM ET

Rocker Travis Barker, 32, and kids Atiana Cecelia, 9, and Landon Asher, 4, attended Nickelodeon’s 2008 Kids’ Choice Awards held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion on March 29th in Westwood, CA. The children’s mother is Shanna Moakler, whose divorce from Travis was finalized last month. Atiana’s father is boxer Oscar de la Hoya.


Photo by Startraks.

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Melissa on

I think Travis is probably a really great guy…

Amanda on

Its really cool that Travis still spends time with Atiana even though she is not his biological daughter

Jennifer on

Wow…Atiana really looks like Oscar. A little mini me. LOL

felys on

I love Travis, he seems like such a great dad and a good guy for still keeping Atiana in his life. I really wish him and Shanna could work it out. I loved meet the Barkers.

tink1217 on

its so wonderful he takes time to spend with Atiana. I think that shows a great dad regardless of biology! Landon looks JUST LIKE Travis!!

LJ on

Landon has beautiful eyes. I can’t believe how much Atiana looks like her Dad.. Travis seems like a good dad. 🙂

brooke on

Landon is so handsome, he has beautiful eyes. Atiana is cute, she looks exactly like Oscar wow. Travis seems like a good dad and stepdad, he seems to love atiana a lot, that’s great.

coco on

i think travis is awesome. atiana looks so much like oscar its scary. is he active in her life? anyhow travis spends a lot of time with her so thats good. and landon is a heartbreaker.cute family

Judi0044 on

Does Oscar spend time with his daughter? She looks a little sad – tentative? My father died when I was her age. I’ve never that time. Perhaps she feels his absence and the fact that she’s now from another broken home.

dee on

from what i’ve read, he’s not in her life too much. their (shanna and oscar) relationship ended not very well. she alleged that he was abusive to both her and atiana. but i think it’s good that travis acts as her father. i think he even has atiana’s name tattooed on him, so that sounds pretty committed to me

gigi on

i swear travis has that same look in every photo!!! lol
anyway…his and shanna’s kids are all gorgeous and i always look forward to seeing thier pics.

M&M on

Um, none of them are smiling, but they are all at the Kid’s Choice Awards, so I doubt Atiana is thinking about the fact that “she’s now from another broken home” at that very moment. But anyway Landon is too cute!

Caitlin on

I had SUCH a crush on him in junior high… I think it’s really awesome that he’s there with Atiana.

Nelly on

Judi0044, I noticed the same thing that Atiana looks sad. I’m not sure if Oscar is in her life either (Doesn’t he have like 4 or others?)Weren’t there allegations that Shana was an attentive mother??

All things aside Travis seems like a great dad. How old is Alabama now?

terri on

I thought that Travis and Shanna had gotten back together. I’m sorry to read of their divorce.

Judyb on

This is the first picture I have seen of Atiana. She is a very pretty girl with beautiful dark eyes. Landon is a real cutie too. He also has gorgeous eyes. He really seems to look like Travis.

Sarah on

Nelly,Alabama turned 2 last December.

FC on

Landon is such a cute little boy. He most definitely has his daddy’s eyes. I just love seeing Trav out with his kids. 🙂

As for Atiana looking sad, I don’t think she does. She just seems to be making a face, pursing her lips together.

Ellen on

They look normal to me. I mean, as a child, how might you look if you were standing in front of tons of strangers, all shouting at you, and taking your picture? People read way too much in to things.

Heather on

THANK YOU CBB, for posting
“Travis Barker, 32, and kids Atiana Cecelia, 9, and Landon Asher, 4″

From the opinion of someone who was not raised by thier *biological* father, it DOES make a diffrence! Bio fathers are a dime a dozen, dad’s are the special ones.

I agree with Ellen, some people try to read way too much into a picture.

They are a beautiful family!

fay on

i remember at their wedding show she said she wished she could change atiana’s name to barker… so i’m assuming that oscar won’t sever parental rights… i remember when he had his last baby boy, they talked about his other kids by other women and neglected atiana… i feel bad for the situation… because watching the show, i didn’t think shanna didn’t seem very attentive to her children, and travis said as much during their divorce proceedings… i remember on the very last finale of “the barkers” or whatever the show was called, they showed two year old landon feeding and swaddling 2 day old alabama, while shanna and travis were cuddling in the bedroom upstairs…

jlove_taylor on

I’m so happy to see him with atiana!

brooke on

Shanna wanted travis to adopt atiana, but oscar didn’t agree to it. He also was not happy about her having atiana on the reality show. He hasn’t been a very active father to atiana though, according to shanna in the past. But when she was on tyra a few months ago, she said oscar and her were friends and are raising a child together. So maybe they are getting along better now, they had a pretty messy breakup and while oscar was living with shanna, he got 2 different women pregnant around the same time atiana was born. I saw pics of atiana at oscar’s last boxing fight, and he was kissing her, so hopefully he is more involved in her life. Travis seems like a great guy, you often see him out with atiana and he seems to love her. Too bad shanna and him couldn’t work out, they have a cute family. Atiana is a mini oscar, everything about her looks is all oscar. Landon is a very handsome boy, he was cute on the meet the barker show but even cuter now.

Megan on

I think that it is really cool that Travis still considers Atianna as one of his own good for him. I can’t believe how big Landon is already and wow he really does look like his dad. I remember when Landon was like 2 I think on meet the barkers and he was chewing on asparagus with his little mohawk.

chelsea on

they are both beautful kids but landon’s eyes are so beautful. and i love the name landon. my son’s name