Tori Spelling models bikinis, talks pregnancy

03/30/2008 at 01:55 PM ET

Torispelling0008_cbb_3In promotion of her new memoir, sTori Telling, Tori Spelling poses in three bikinis in the latest issue of Life & Style. In the accompanying interview, the 34-year-old actress, who expects a daughter in early June, discusses her second pregnancy, differences in her weight, and 1-year-old Liam Aaron‘s reaction.

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On being an expectant mom:

The best part is knowing that with this little baby inside of you, you’re never truly alone. It’s so special! Once I was no longer pregnant with Liam, I missed it. I love being pregnant!


Differences with this pregnancy:

With Liam, my face ballooned immediately. [This time,] so far I’ve gained 25 lbs and I’m loving my body. [Most of the weight is going to my] big belly bump.

During my first pregnancy, I spent a lot of time worrying about how big I was getting and how I would lose it afterwards. Now I know it’s possible to get your body back with diet and dedication — so I’m eating whatever my body tells me it needs and wants. I let it lead the way. I really appreciate being pregnant this time. I love my growing belly and the curves I’m taking on. I’ve never felt more beautiful and special.

I’m a lot more tired with my second, but that could be the result of having to chase around a 1-year-old.


Liam’s understanding of the situation:

Liam is too young to understand that he’ll soon have a baby sister, but he’s excited that with my big belly, he now has his own personal jungle gym to climb! I’ll show Liam my belly and he’ll grab it and kiss it.

Source: Life & Style, April 7th issue

Smallpaulbluetee Liam is wearing a Small Paul Light Blue Julius Newborn Infant Baby Boy Tee ($20).

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brooke on

She is all belly, she looks great. Liam is cute, looks like the spelling family.

tippy on

that second pink bikini is pretty daring

but she looks happy so good for her!

i wonder if this girl will look more like tori-because liam is a little dean.

Xan on

Tori looks fab! Hope I look that good when pregnant. As for her little monkey… I could just eat him up!:)

tink1217 on

tori looks fabulous!! and her little guy is just the cutest!

Nikka on

I can’t wait to see her new baby… she really enjoys being a mother.

Judyb on

I love the fact that young pregnant woman feel comfortable enough with their bodies to show off their bare belly’s.

Wow the bottoms on the pink bikini are a little skimpy. I wonder if she realized that she was almost showing it all.

jandksmummy on

When I was pregnant with my second son, I wore a bikini swimming in Banff. I felt so sexy and proud of my belly, it was great. Strangers even commented on how lovely I looked..way to go Tori you look gorgeous!

Coco on

Aww, thats so cute how Liam kisses her belly. And Tori looks great

Stella on

Tori looks absolutely gorgeous! I think she looks awesome in all of the bikini’s and am so happy that she’s sharing with us 😉 This family is so cute and down to earth… Ottawa loves you Tori, Dean and family!

Heather on

I think Liam looks exactly like a Spelling – compare him to Aaron and Randy!

chatty cricket on

Heather, absolutely! I think he looks so much like Tori’s brother.

Tori looks great, and those be some teeny bikini bottoms in the second picture!! Love that she’s more comfortable this time around, I felt the same way during my second pregnancy. I don’t know about anyone else, but after being through the whole process from pregnancy to birth to recovery with my first, I had a whole new respect for my body.

ang on

after spending so many years feeling bad about herself, it’s nice to see her feeling good about her body.her last signing is in west hollywood tonight.

Nicole on

Tori looks amazing, I am glad she feels so much more confident pregnant this time around…..thanks for the pics, super cute bikinis! :o)

Brandi on

I just finished her book. It was really good. I come to like even more and appreciate her in a better way than i before. She truly loves both of boys. They are a working family and are such hands on with Liam unlike other celebs who say they are but have 1 nanny per child.
Like Jennifer Lopez. For someone who really wanted a baby to me she’s not hands on with 2 nanny’s and 2 baby nurses. Like she claims to be. What does she do?

Why do all celebs hire nanny’s and baby nurses. In the real world you got a nanny when you went back to work not when your homrl

kelly on

wow Tori looks great pregnant. I can really relate to her when she says she loves being pregnant. Its the best time of your life. Liam is adorable. His baby sister will be gorgeous!!!

dottie on

I’m sorry but there are some people that call pull pregnancy pictures off.
Like Demi Moore!
But Tori.
I think not.

Sloopy K on

She looks great and from her show you can tell she is finally happy !! Good for her !! Doesn’t hurt that her husband is a hottie !!

Bikinis on

I am so proud of Tori for doing this photo shoot while pregnant. She looks great in a bikini, I hope I can pull off something similar when I have a bun in the oven!