Lily Sheen goes to ice-skating lessons, shopping with parents

03/30/2008 at 12:26 PM ET

It was double daddy duty on Saturday for actor Michael Sheen, 39, and director Len Wiseman, 35, as they brought daughter Lily Mo, 9, to her ice-skating lessons in Culver City, CA. Later, they met mom Kate Beckinsale, 34, for some retail therapy.


Photos by Flynet,

An image with Kate is below.


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Erica on

Wow, how awesomely unselfish are these images. The fact that these two (three including Kate) are so comfortable around each other with their daughter says a lot…I think many divorced and re-married parents could learn a lot from this kind of arrangement!

Natsi on

Wow, I’m so impressed.

michelle on

Lily is one lucky girl. I love how all 3 adults are acting like adults. 🙂 I wish all kids had this relationship with their parents and their parents significant others. It would make the world a happier place.

Barbara on

We see so many problems with divorced parents, celebrity or otherwise. Isn’t it nice to see step- and bio-dads talking and smiling in the presence of their daughter? Wow. This picture really makes my day!

chatty cricket on

So nice that they can all be together! I agree that Lily is one very lucky little girl.

(cute leg warmers too!)

Jackie on

The pictures are so sweet! It’s so nice that all the important adults in Lily’s life can be friendly with one another.

Vlada on

Really nice to see them like this.

Didn’t recognize Michael at first, funny enough it just hit me that he was in Underworld, the film Kate and Len met on.

Heather on

I think Len directed Michael (and Kate) in Underworld so they know each other from that. Of course thats when Kate met Len and broke up with Michael so it would be understandable if Michael didn’t like him too much at one point, but they clearly get a long now which is so wonderful for Lily! Doesn’t Michael live in the UK though, usually? Probably doesn’t get to see Lily too much. But its no wonder Lily doesn’t want a sibling; she’s used to get 3x the attention!

i-dra on

ok, now i’m jealous! every kid should be so lucky. i’m sure lily will someday understand how special her parental situation is! these folks, along with the willis/moore/kutcher clan are wonderful public models of how easy blended parenting can be, if all parties can successfully get over their egos.

brooke on

I agree, it’s nice how the parents all get along. Lily looks just like her dad IMO

sarah on

is micheal related to charlie sheen?

Sarah’s note: No. Michael is British.

Dana on

This reminds me of my husband’s family. His parents divorced when he was 3, and each remarried and had “new” families. His parents still talk to each other on the phone and his step-mom and mom used to get together when he was growing up to make sure that each other’s parenting styles was being respected. I never have awkward moments at birthday parties and the like. I wish more families were like this.

mee on

It’s just me, or Lily is dressed way too sexy for a 9 year old in the first pic?

emmalee on

Michael Sheen’s best known acting role is probably as Tony Blair in The Queen.

Nice to see them all hanging out.

Lily’s such a pretty girl.

I can’t imagine walking on my iceskates in the parking lot like that.

Sarah on

I could run with my skate guards on! (Not that I recommend it!) I took lessons for 4 years.

They look like a great family.

Vlada on

Heather, I think Kate and Michael were over long before she met Len.

Tricia on

As we are applauding celeb parents who act like mature adults (and then some) let’s add the Pinkett-Smiths to the list along with these guys and the Moore-Willis-Kutchers–good for them for putting their kids first. Their children will be all the more happy & healthly for having such great parents! Hopefully many more famous and not-so-famous parents will follow suit.

gina on

aaw my neice is a ice skater too! she’s 10 almost lily’s age. She’s been skating since she was 5 and does competitions. Its a great sport to make friends! BUT IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE! my neice now has a private coach $ she’s very good and im a very proud aunt!!!! lol.

Judyb on

Lily really looks like Michael in the first picture.

Rosie on

Didn’t Kate say in an interview that she picks great guys? Looks like she’s spot on, in this case! 🙂

Luciana(Brazil) on

One more reason for me to admire this family…

trina on

heather, i think that michael sheen and len wiseman are doing a movie together right now (a third “underworld” film), so he’s is able to spend more time than usual with lily, kate, and len.

terri on

What a sweet picture. Nice to see the guys playing daddy to their little girl.

Lu on

I love that both Dad’s get along. It must be so great for Lily to have such a great relationship with them all.

Sami on

Wow, Michael was Tony Blair in “The Queen”?!! I saw that movie and had no idea! I always picture him as a werewolf, I guess. 🙂

I think Lily favors him, actually. (Although she is cute… not saying she looks like a werewolf LOL)

Nicole on

I think Lily looks like a mix of both parents….I love how Kate and Len are good friends with Michael Sheen! That is awesome!!!

Kate is just stunning, and Lily looks cute!