Billy Ray Burton shares a smooch and a secret with his sister

03/30/2008 at 09:33 PM ET

Billy Ray Burton, 4, had mom Helena Bonham Carter bring his 3-month-old sister down to his level while out for a family lunch in Hampstead, London on Sunday. The 41-year-old actress and director Tim Burton, 49, along with extended family members, ate at an outdoor table.


Photos by INF.

Three more below.


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Robin on

How adorable! I love the first picture where Billy wants to give his sister a kiss…I just want to squeeze her cute chubby little legs! Still anxious to hear what her name is.

Kallie on

Very cute pix! And YES, I too am curious to find out what Billy’s little sister’s name is.

Kelly on

awww! he looks so cute talking to his sister he is just adorable! shes so chubby look at those cheeks!

Nikka on

He rather looks like he wants to kiss her. Adorable.

yaosa on

Absolutely adorable! I love Helena’s style! She is so individual and unique in her outfits. Her baby girl looks sweet with that pink sweater. And I love how Billy dishes out the love to his sister.

yaosa on

I just noticed the other pics of her adorable face! What a cutie!!! Love that face and those cheeks! Beautiful baby! She looks like her Daddy!

amandamay on

ooooh! she’s delicious! i want to eat those chubby little legs!! what a beauty ๐Ÿ™‚

Adelaide on

Wow, that little girl is adorable! My daughter plays with her little sister just like that!

Anxious to hear a name, but I do love that she previously rebutted Indiana Rose. Hysterical! ๐Ÿ˜‰


ekaterina on

she looks soo happy! funny i have the same pic of me holding my three month old down for brother to kiss her!

i dunno about her clothes though! she sure has her own style! i wonder how her daughter will dress- she is in such nice light colours! (i am drwoning in pink after 2 boys!) and i love it!!!!

Cait on

Haha. I love the one with the milk dripping down her face. She has the “Oh God, please burp me or I’m going to blow!” look on her face. Such a wonderful family!

Lilybett on

I’m personally an anti-pink kinda person. Does anyone know if they make funky black onesies or other outfits for newborns?

Breanne on

Lilybett: sure they do; but let me tell you…you’re gonna have to like pink or at least dresses unless you want people calling your baby a boy 300 times a day!

Ans on

She is amazingly precious.
I am so glad that we can finally see some great shots of this beauty – the newest addition to my favourite family!

DLR on

That is one cute baby, and to see her big brother wanting to talk with her is adorable. I am wondering is Helena still playing Bellatrix in Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince? She looks awfully trim already for being 3 months post-partum and I didn’t know if she’d already done her Bellatrix role before she showed too much or if she waited until after she gave birth?

Lu on

I read an article in a magazine here in the UK that said they had confirmed Indiana Rose as her name, but who knows. Sweet little baby anyway and I love Billy with her.

Sarah’s note: No, the name is definitely not Indiana Rose. You can read about Helena joking about it here.

Kim on

DLR, yes, she is returning as Bellatrix again
And I am sooo happy about it. She mentioned somewhere that the woman who is playing her sister Narcissa also had a baby so that during lunch breaks they can have there kids play together while moms are looking like witches.

Rachel-Jane on

Haha Breanne, even that still doesn’t stop some people from calling babies boys. My mum got so frustrated by old ladies saying that ‘he’ was adorable, that she started putting pink bows and hairbands on me, and even then I still got called a boy! And as for black outfits, we went on holiday to Malta when I was 10 months old and my mum was berated by a lot of old Maltese women for dressing her baby in black.

As for Baby Burton, she is such a wee cutie, and the photo with Billy trying to talk to/kiss her is absolutely adorable. Precious.

Jules on

Those are the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen!
You just have to love this family.

Starlet on

I love this family, so normal, not ever surrounded with nannies or hired help. I’ve seen them in the park with their kids and they are just parents. It’s how it should be!
Lovely pictures!

Shannon on

Helena is returning as Bellatrix.(YAY!) They held off shooting her scenes until either February or March so she would have a couple months to recover from the birth before going into it. Which makes me soo happy, because no one could have done it like her!

That little girl is soooo adorable! I love seeing pics of this family, they are my absolute favorite!!!1

gigi on

a beauty just like her mum!

Bella on

Too cute!!! Those chubby little cheeks and legs are too much. You really can’t resist loving this family.

Also, its interesting that even after see Tim Burton’s work it’s not difficult to see him being a big mush when it comes to his kids.

Abbey on

I just want to tickle those chubby little legs! those kids are the cutest ever.

they seem like such a down-to-earth, normal family. it’s really nice to see that.

Marie on

She looks so much like Helena!

Lauren on

she is adorable. i am so glad to finally really see a good pic of her ๐Ÿ™‚ the family looks so cute together

asia's mom on

I am so happy for them. Tim Burton is my favorite director ever, I am a huge fan of all of his work. After all could there be a better movie than The Nightmare Before Christmas? It is my favorite movie ever, and my 15 year old daughter’s as well.

nb on

Helena is so sweet with her kids, you can see how besotted she is with them. A real Jewish mama!

Harley on

Oh my gosh I want to squeeze her chubby little legs! lol, she’s adorable!

As for the girl asking about funky clothes, you can take sewing lessons and make your own or there are some funky type places to get baby clothes. Just be sure to expect “he” a lot if she’s in darker colors.

Judyb on

Aww that first picture is so precious.

I really like Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter. I like the fact that Tim makes movies that are offbeat and interesting. I also like the fact that they are offbeat and interesting.

Steph on

That last picture is too cute!!

They’re all beautiful though ๐Ÿ˜€

Ashley on

Been wanting to see her, she is soooo cute! What an adorable lil chunky monkey she is! She’s a very pretty child

Tatum on

ok she is adorable!!!!
I would love to know her name ;-@

Mary on

Adorable! She looks like Billy did!

Shelley on

I met them that day!
Such lovely people!

Steph on

They’ve named her Emily Kim, apparently. So cute!!

BasiaPL on

heh lolowe ๐Ÿ˜› nie no lubiฤ™ jฤ…! i zdjฤ™cia tez ma spksss. sliczniusi dzieciak! ;**

Lena on

Oh…that’s soooo wonderful…so lovely…so cute…sooo…great!!

I love them so much and Helena looks so great and so happy. She’s a wonderful person!

danika on

i hate how you never see tim holding her ๐Ÿ˜ก

piper on

I so want those shoes and that outfit! <3