Giada De Laurentiis and Todd Thompson welcome a daughter; introducing Jade Marie

03/30/2008 at 06:30 PM ET

Chef Giada De Laurentiis, 37, and her husband, clothing designer Todd Thompson, 44, have welcomed their first child, a baby girl. Jade Marie De Laurentiis Thompson was delivered by c-section at 4:38 pm on Saturday, March 29th in Los Angeles, CA. She weighed in at 5 lbs, 13 oz and is 20 inches long. Giada says Jade has "blue-gray eyes."

The pregnancy and sex of the baby were announced in November. In December, Giada discussed the surprise pregnancy with Redbook, and by February she said they had tentatively agreed on the name Jade. Giada’s due date had been this coming Thursday, April 3rd.

Source: People; Today

Thanks to CBB readers Kate, Kristen, B, Melanie, Alison, and SY.

Another photo of Jade is below, as well as Today’s video announcement, which has more images.

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jasmine on

Giada means “jade” so that’s so cute that she named her daughter Jade! Congrats!

Elyse on

What a lovely name for what I am sure is a lovely little girl! Congrats!!

Sheri on

Congratulations to Giada and Todd on the bith of their baby girl. What a beautiful name they have picked out for her. I am sure that she’s already as beautiful as her mom. Giada is great. I watch her on the foodnet work all the time. Once again congratulations.

Judyb on

Congratulations to Giada and Todd.

Giada is my favorite (and definitely my husbands favorite) Food Network chef. She seems like she is really nice.

Stephanie on

I bet the baby is gorgeous. Jade is a cute name.

She was small for a full term baby. But Giada is so petite herself.

dana on

Can’t wait to see the beautiful baby. that’s going to be a long last name. but i’m happy for the couple.

heather on

Yay! How funny, I just thought of her yesterday and wondered how much longer it would be. I love the name Jade, I wonder if she’ll have Jade eyes too.

Congrats to the new family, enjoy your baby girl!

Cassandra on

Love the name! She is a tiny little thing, not surprised though, her mother isn’t all that tall either.

sigh on

Congrats Giada and Tom!!

I hope we get to see little Jade.

Emma on

So is the baby’s last name De Laurentiis Thompson?
What do people think of giving a baby such a long last name?
‘Cause when I have kids I want to use my last name hyphenated wit my partners last name which is 16 letters altogether… less than De Laurentiis Thompson, but still long…

Sarah’s note: No, it’s a second middle name. Giada said in Feb that the last name is just Thompson.

Katie on

Congratulations to Giada and Todd! (as many have said…) Giada is my favorite Food Network chef, and I’m so thrilled that Jade came into this world safely! I love the name and I cannot wait to see photos.. whenver they may come. Again, congrats! =)

Sarah on

Congrats to her! btw, if anyone wants to see her on Ellen you can go here: I think it was her last appearance before she had Jade. 🙂

Nicole on

Congrats to them!! I love that they chose a name that means the same as her mom’s, great meaning!

lucy80 on

i wonder if celebrities try to control their weight gain purposefully, Giada barely ever even looked pregnant, like Nicole Kidman, and not surpringly she had a tiny baby, not even 6 pounds!
I bet she is cute though, and love the name

Nikka on

They look like a very happy couple. Congrats from Vancouver !!!

J.M. on

I am not surprised the baby was small Giada never looked pregnant!! Jade Marie is a beautiful name! Nice to see a normal kind of name!

Lacey on

Woo Hoo! I love the name Jade. Congratulations, Giada and Todd!

a on

love the name thank god she doesnt have a food name

Meg on

OMG, I adore her! The name is very sweet, too. Congrats to the happy family. 🙂

melanie on

Yay! I love the name Jade. It’s my daughter’s name. Even though it’s not too out there, you rarely hear it. 🙂 Congrats to them.

Crystal on

Aw how sweet… such a tiny baby! I’ll bet she’s adorable. I didn’t realize that she was due this soon. I thought she had another month or two! Wow I’m behind or something 😛

Megan on

What great news!

Giada and I share the same due date, but I’m still waiting for my daughter to arrive. Lucky Giada for getting her girl a few days early! 🙂

brooke on

Aww baby was very small for being a full term baby, but giada was tiny pregnant, so it makes sense. The name is really cute, congrats to them.

Kate on

We attended a conference with children of two moms or two dads, and that is one thing the kids stressed- they hated having two last names! Hated it, stressed to us to not do it! They hated having to learn a long last name, they hated writing a long last name, the kids really hated it. LOL. We made sure to give our kids one last name, yeah we picked the longer name but still only one name!

stephanie on

Congrats on their baby girl! I have been a big fan of Giada’s for a long time and was soo excited to hear she was pregnant back in November. Now her baby is here and I am so excited to see what she looks like. I love her name and think it is so cute and hope all is well with Todd, Giada, and Jade!

Tiffany on

Pictures can be seen here:

JC on

That is a mouth full for a little girl.

Dara on

Congrats to Giada and Todd. Jade is such a beautiful name.

I was just watching her show this morning with my Mom. We were discussing if she had her baby yet.

yaosa on

What an adorable picture! She looks so fresh and vibrant and happy! Congratulations to them and their families! What a pretty name and she looks like a Jade, so peaceful and pristine. I know babies change but she looks a lot like Gianna in these early pics:-) Very beautiful baby!

yaosa on

Oops ! I meant she looks a lot like Giada (not Gianna:-))

brooke on

Well we didn’t have to wait long to see the baby, that was quick lol. Baby is adorable.

Nad on

Congratulations and God Bless

iluvallbabies on

Ummm I know sometimes its hard to see who the baby looks like so early- but all I can see is a Mini Giada!!! Too cute.

Jennifer on

Congratulations to Giada and Todd on the arrival of their adorable little girl! Jade Marie is a very nice name, and I think it’s cute that her name is a translation of Giada. I wish their family all the best! 🙂

Robin on

What an absolutely adorable baby! Congratulations to Giada and Todd! Giada looks absolutely gorgeous…Little Jade is a lucky little girl.

Liz on

Oh! Babies are wonderful! I’m SO happy and excited for them! I love watching Giada on Food Network, so to see her have a little girl is amazing!!! Congrats and best of luck to both Giada and Todd!!!

Lynn on

I wonder why the csection? But such a beautiful family!

Lilybett on

From this pic, it looks like she had a c-section. Is that right?

I still find it disturbing to see pics of perfectly made-up women who’ve just given birth. All the women I’ve seen in real-life, either in the birthing room or visiting soon after (even days after!) look anything but made-up. They’re sweaty, puffy, tired, blotchy, sleepy, wired, crying, etc. The two I’ve seen after c-sections were zonked on drugs and in pain. I don’t think a single one ever had time or the inclination for make-up.

I remember , I think it was Catherine Zeta Jones making a comment about getting a bikini wax just days before giving birth… this kind of thing cracks me up.

What were everyone else’s experiences? Is it just me or does this all seem so far from normal?

Anna on

Yes, it says right in the post that she had a c-section. But who knows, the baby was early, so she may have just been going about her day (and had her normal makeup on) and then ended up needing an emergency c-section. Or maybe it was planned so she took the time to make herself look good. I’d do that too!

Either way, Giada seems pretty open, so maybe she’ll talk about it eventually, but I don’t think it’s a big deal, baby’s here and healthy, you know?

DLR on

Oh yay, Giada finally had her baby, and it is such a cute button! I understand she and Todd have been married for like 10 years. I wonder how their lives will be changed now. I very much enjoy Giada’s Weekend Getaways show, and now that she has Jade will she continue doing that show? I can see her still doing her on location cooking show, but the travelling one where she’s zipping all over the world I don’t know. Well, I hope she continues with that show, but I guess time will tell!

sigh on

I think many OBs will suggest c-section for babies under 6lbs. Of course I don’t know that Giada’s did, but I was not surprised when I saw Jade’s weight.

(And please, can the judgmental types spare us and the De Laurentiis-Thompson family the lecture on vaginal birth? Not everyone wants to use a midwife or a crunchy birthing center… and I say that AS someone who detests medical intervention on myself.)

Also, I notice that I mistakenly called Todd – I just typed “Tood” LOL! – “Tom” in my first comment. Apologies to Todd! I obviously have lazy fingers tonight.

Jade on

Ahhh!That’s exactly my name well lol apart from the second middle name and surname evidently 😛 Wow what are the chances eh? I think they’re absolutely awesome names, go together well…not that I’m biased or anything 😀

Sarita on

Vaginal birth equals midwife or crunchy birth centre now?
I have nothing against c-sections when needed. And if needed I’m not saying anything but otherwise I think Jade could have used some extra time inside to grow. She probably would’ve been a late comer and there is nothing wrong with that.

Lisae on

Sarita..csection doesnt mean it was planned for her coming that day, she was within a week of her due date and maybe just went into labor on her own. Either way she would have been a small baby.

I have learned something over the years due to my own experiences. I never ask another woman about her baby plans because you never know who is dealing with infertility issues or who just plain doesnt want kids. Also I never assume a Csection or other birth choice was optional because unless the parents tell you, you never know who is dealing with a medical issue that is none of your(our) business. Same goes with how a woman chooses to feed her baby.

Rachel-Jane on

Sarita, she might not have beena late-comer, and even if she was she might still have been a wee tiny thing! I myself was 8 days overdue, and just 5lbs 14oz. I’m still very petite now that I’m an adult.

Kris on

DLR, I was reading the announcement on the Today Show site and it says she’s been married for 5 years. I also remember from interviews (I think) that she and her husband had not planned to have children but were very excited about the pregnancy. Anyone else remember?

Jade really is very cute and Mom and Dad look no worse for wear. Congrats to them.

tink1217 on

please no more “discussion” about csection vs vaginal!! and Giada doesn’t look “made up” to me. Not at all. Beautiful baby girl and lovely name! CONGRATS!

heather on

WHO CARES if it was a section? WHO CARES if she’s wearing makeup? It’s a BEAUTIFUL BRAND NEW BABY – isn’t that all that should matter?

It makes me sad for people to “criticize” these aspects of the birth of a new baby. I feel that we start to lose sight of the big picture. We are blessed to receive such details and pictures as it is.

Emma on

Thanks Kate, good to know!
Just wondering where the conference was? I’m in Australia so just curious if it wer here.

Bella Mama on

What a precious baby! Congrats to Mom and Dad!!

cindy on

Thank you, Lisae, Heather, and Tink! I also am just so sick of women critisizing women on birth plans and breast feeding. I am just so happy Giada had a healthy baby! That really is all that matters.

Harley on

Giada is my favorite chef from Food Network! Cute as a button at that 🙂 Glad to see a healthy little girl and a very happy family 😀

Lisae, amen! There are issues that come up and it should be whatever is best for the baby. Some first time moms have so much anxiety that it can have a negative affect on the baby so a c-section is scheduled, there are also medical issues WE do NOT need to know about for ANYONE.

Sara Watson on

awww what a beautiful family.. I Love her name.. and congrats to them!!>. shes a doll!!

Kirstin on

Awee…what gorgeous photos!! I think it’s great that she looks so gorgeous as she will remember this for the rest of her life. Yeah, so…maybe she had to have a c-section (well we don’t know this and it does not matter), but if so..maybe she planned and did a little makeup. I mean I personally think she is naturally gorgeous and probably does not need much makeup anyhow. Lucky her! ;).

I personally have to have a c-section which as of just this week is planned, of course now that I know…I am scheduling a hair appointment the week before and yes..I will make myself look pretty, (Whether I stay that way after the drugs and the panic I may go through going through surgery ..who knows) , but WHY NOT. Also..then I know I don’t have re-growth (highlights) too soon and can focus on the baby! ;). I would love to have some good photos of me, my new baby and my husband.

I think Giada is just beautiful and I am so happy for them…no-matter HOW they gave birth, or how made up she is (which she does NOT look made up to me, just naturally so pretty). Beautiful family, yayy!! 😉 CONGRATS to you all!!!

gigi on

i actually put a little makeup on before my csection as well (doctors advise not to though) and i never looked ‘sweaty, puffy, or blotchy’ or drugged up. after all, its not like we did the work of pushing. in fact, i was never in any real pain…i think medicine has come a long way. so, i understand why giada looks gorgeous on that o.r. table. and the real importance here is that she has a healthy baby girl.

Vanessa on

Congratulations to Giada and Todd! She’s a beautiful little girl.

As for getting “dolled up” before giving birth. My three boys were all 2 weeks early and I had a bikini wax right before each one. My water broke before any contractions with all three and I headed to the shower right after so I could shave my legs. Lol I also put minimal makeup on before we left. I figured I was going to look like heck afterward so I may as well look cute going into it. haha I suppose I was trying to retain any slight amount of dignity I could.

Judyb on

Lisae, I totally agree with you on this.
The way her daughter came into the world is nobody’s business. I also think the judgemental comments about Giada wearing makeup are just plain catty. Who cares if Giada (or any other woman) is wearing makeup in the delivery room. In my book a good mother knows that everybody gets to make their own birth plan and raise their kids the way they want and does not pass judgement on other moms.

Shonce on

Congrats to Giada and Todd!! Can’t wait to see this little darling grow up!! 🙂
Did it occure to anyone that maybe Jade was breech?!?! Or maybe she did labor but failed to progress (dilate)?? Just because a celeb has a c-section doesn’t always mean the obvious!

Xan on

Mom, Dad, and baby are absolutely gorgeous!

homefly on

What a tiny little girl! Hopefully she was done cooking before they had her taken out. Sweet.

Monika on

I had a scheduled section, put on a little make up and didnt look blotchy or anything like that. i just like to remind people, your birth your choice. i had my daughter at 39.5 weeks and she was only 6lbs. not everyone is destined to have a vaginal birth or a big baby.

Dana on

Oh, how precious! I am starting to really hate this influx of celebrity babies lately– I want another one now! Beautiful name and you can tell how happy and proud that new mommy is.

I wore make-up with both of my deliveries. Granted, after laboring for hours it pretty much wore off, but it was there when I checked in. With my first I had just gone out to dinner with my mom when I started having horrid contractions. We went and picked my husband up from work and he laughed at me for getting “dolled up” to have a baby. He laughed at me with the second as well. I was induced at 8 pm and had been out and about during the day and didn’t see a need in taking it all off before I went to the hospital.

art on

So she weighed 5 lbs. 13. oz? How much did the baby weigh?

Looks like every other baby I’ve ever seen. Can we stop gushing now?

Sarafina on

I was also 5 lbs. 13 oz. at birth (vaginal tho) and I have been healthy all my life. I was small, but my kids were each a little over 8 lbs. Giada is petite ( I believe only 5 ft. tall) so it makes sense…I am sure Jade will be healthy too, given how Giada cooks!!

And about the “makeup” Giada may or may not have worn. I agree with some of the ladies; sometimes emergencies happen when you’re out and about and you still have the makeup on when you arrive at the hospital. It happens! Or maybe she is just a natural beauty…it doesn’t matter now, does it?

Congrats from Northern California to the De Laurentiis and Thompson families in welcoming beautiful Jade Marie!!

Loren on

I am glad that Giada had a healthy baby. Congratulations to her and Todd. She is my favorite chef on the food network. Congrats to Giada’s mom and extended family also, I am sure the entire family is going to enjoy this little girl.

Bryana on

AWWW.Congrats to them. I love the name Jade. what a beautiful family.

Erica on

Beautiful name for a beautiful baby! You better believe that if I was going to be nice enough to allow my post-cesaraean pictures to be released that I would make sure to wear at least a little make-up. More power to Giada and good luck to her family.

Renee on

What a cute baby and Giada looks so pretty make-up or not. Congrats to the family.

melanie on

I also am a fan of the bikini wax before going into labor. And I put on make-up too. hehe 🙂 Why do we do these things? But it was fun for me, not like a chore or anything. And for the poster above who shaved her legs after her water broke. I love it! I’m due any day now and have been shaving everyday just in case today is the day. Why it’s so important, I don’t know!

anonymous on

Breathtaking photo!!! What a beautiful baby and family. Giada as always, looks beautiful. Anyone know why she had a c-section?

Mousie on

I saw a biography show about Giada, and she and Todd have been together since her freshman year of college – over 15 years at the time the show was filmed.

They seem like a very nice couple and she seems very down-to-earth for someone from a famous show-business family.

Lilybett on

I wasn’t trying to be catty. I was suggesting it hasn’t been my experience seeing anyone look this together after giving birth (however they gave birth – I could care less if it was c-section). There’s a local paper here who publishes ‘mum and baby’ shots from the ward the day after they give birth and the women all look exhausted! I’ve been at several births and they generally look liked I described. Even my young cousin who gave birth at 29 and 30 weeks to the tiniest babies you’ve ever seen looked like she’d been through the ringer.

If you’ll look at my original post, it was an invitation for other women to comment on or share their experiences. That’s what I was interested in.

Dierna on

Kewl! I have the same middle name as lil Jade! 😀 She looks soo much like her mamma at this point. Course that is always subject to change. Hmm.. I thought she wasn’t gonna be born till April?? Guess she decided to come early.

Amanda Kirk on

This makes me very angry. I was prepared to congratulate her until I saw that she had a c-section. As a celebrity, she is setting a poor example. Gullible women will think c-sections are acceptable if she had one. Since she is too posh to push I bet she is going to be too posh to breastfeed and will set another poor example by using formula.

Principesa on

Jade is a beautiful little baby girl. Here’s to adding another member to the Bruin family!


CelebBabyLover on

Shonce- ITA! I myself had to be born via C-section because I was breech. I was techincally full term when I was born (I was actually born two weeks early, but that was only because I decided I wanted to come out before the date of my mom’s scheduled C-section!), and guess what? I weighed less than Jade did! Not all babies are big when they are born! Likewise, like Shonce said, not all celebrity C-sections are elective!

terri on

I remember Giada saying that her parents named her only after seeing her green eyes at birth. It would have been cute if they had given Jade some reference to her eye color in her name as well. Oh well, eye color can change anyway. What a pretty little girl.

Bosco on

lilybett, I know you’re not being catty because the same thing crossed my mind as well. I had 2-c-sections (not by choice) 1st pregnancy- water broke but failure to dialate, pitocin was given and 24 hours later still no change. 2nd preg- water broke 1 month early but had pre-exlampsia. BP 180/125. emergency c-section. I did not have time to perfect my make-up that’s for sure.

jade on

jade marie is my name as well 🙂

Marilyn on

Giada and Todd,
Congrats!She is gorgeous and so are you,enjoy the ride and ignore the riff raff.You have the world on a string right now.

ann darnell on

I don’t know where I have been, I didn’t even know Giada was pregnant and I watch about 3 days a week. So happy for the couple and the precious Jade.

180/360 on

Congratulazione to Giada and Todd! Jade is adorable and Giada looks gorgeous as usual.

juliana on

I wanted to add that I put on makeup in between my contractions and had my sister braid my hair. Just something I wanted to do at the time. Of course it didn’t matter for the pictures after because I look like I had been run over by a truck, but it made me feel beautiful at the time and helped time pass during the birth. I love Giada and am so happy for her

Bobbie on

Congratulations & Best Wishes to you, Giada & Todd on the birth of your daughter, Jade Marie! I was thrilled to hear the name of your daughter, as my nearly 7 year old daughter’s name is Jade also – God bless!

Rob on

As a male & father or two girls it’s hard to identify with what my wife went through having had both a vaginal delivery for the first and a “C” second. But I will say it was a beautiful experience for her and for me! I love the comments how some women put on makeup and or shaved their legs before going to the hospital, it’s a cute touch! ( I think my wife did the same for both kids) Realistically, if it helps you relax/feel better/ or comfort you doing it, why not? so why are some people so judgemental on birth plans/bikini waxes and the like? As long as you, your partner and your doctor are in synce, who’s going to care or remember in the end?

FYI – another site said Giada and Todd have been dating since 1991 and married since 2003.

Lisa on

What a beautiful baby, I am so happy for their family!

Marilyn on

Sorry Todd, She looks like her Mother. But don’t fill to bad, ya got two nice look ladies. Love her and hold her close. thay grow up fast.

pmharris1 on

Congratulations. I am so happy for your family. i hope she has her mother;s sense of food. another generation with scrumptuous food. thank you giada. and thank you for sharing your life with us. God Bless you all.

Diana on

Lilybett, I am coming to your defense!

I agree: “I still find it disturbing to see pics of perfectly made-up women who’ve just given birth. All the women I’ve seen in real-life, either in the birthing room or visiting soon after (even days after!) look anything but made-up. They’re sweaty, puffy, tired, blotchy, sleepy, wired, crying, etc.”

That was me, for sure. I was overdue and went to the doc’s office for a quick early morning check-up. They sent me straight to the hospital to be induced due to suddenly high BP.

I had nothing with me and wasn’t made up. Had a c-section 48 hours later (we requested it), after a failed induction, no sleep, no food, no shower, totally drugged up and swollen.

But, I was planning to look nice! If it hadn’t been such a drawn-out process I may have looked fresher. Week 41 was rough for me.

Ebonee on

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and am having a scheduled c section in 2 weeks because my baby is breech. I just can not believe how judgemental women are being against each other! I mean, come on, in the end, we are all MOTHERS! Why the need to judge someone just because they are having a c section *when you don’t even know the story behind the decision!!!* or because they are made up, or shave, or do things that make THEM comfortable! There are worse things going on in the world, so someone deciding to look beautiful as they give birth shouldn’t even be a discussion!

Peg on

Congratulations Giada and Todd. I watch your show all the time and so very happy for you both. Treasure every precious moment with your little one.

Sandy on

Congrantulations Todd & Giada,
This will be the best journey of your lives!!

“I always hoped to see you pregnant on Everyday Italian” you must of looked very cute with your little belly.

Mary Kay on

Congratulations Giada on your baby girl. I love the name you chose it’s so… adorable! Can’t wait to see you back on tv!

Isabelle on

Jade is a really pretty name. It reminds me of the color Jade Green. Anyway congrats on your baby. Jade looks soooo….. cute!!!!

Sherice Bethel on

Congratulations to Giada and todd on there baby girl news. Jade is so cute. Giada and todd will make good parents. i am so happy for Giada and todd. Congratulations to Giada and todd once again. i wish them all the best.

DawnK on

I finally remembered to look this up. She’s very cute! Her name is pretty, too. (Of course, my middle name is Marie, too!)


My daughters and I thourghly enjoy
Giada’s Food shows..she is a very’
beautiful young woman. Her husband
seems to be very lmuch in love with his wife..
We are very happy for her and her
family, and also to God for giving her a beautiful healthy litte girl.
It is terrible that people cannot just say “Congrats” withour going into how this baby came, and why she came into the world the way she did.Our concern should be tht she is well and healthy. it is very rude when people make such remarks.
God Bless you Giada and Todd..may He continue His blessings and may your baby bring you much Joy. God
has blessed you richly..

Terri on

Congrats to Giada and Todd, your baby girl is beautiful, I think she looks just like momma. I must have been living in another dimension because I had no idea Giada was pregnant. I watch her show every weekend and did not even notice a belly, I do remember thinking how good she looked and that she seemed bigger on top, how silly.
I am so happy for her and her husband and wish them tons of joy and happiness with their precious new gift.

Amanda Kirk on

To the ignorant morons who said they “had” to have c-sections because of a breech baby. You do NOT have to have a c-section for a breech baby! Stop being sheep and do some research.