Denise Richards and girls leave Wiggles show on Saturday

03/30/2008 at 02:20 PM ET

Actress Denise Richards, 37, and daughters Sam, 4, and Lola Rose, 2 ½, took in a Wiggles show (and met the group) at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday. The girls’ dad is actor Charlie Sheen.


Photo by INF.

Another image below and info on the girl’s dresses.


Nmz0016_mnSam and Lola wear Sister Sam’s Shopia belted dress ($112).

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Lisa on

Hi: It is nice seeing her out with her girls. The girls are getting so big. Do the girls spend time with their dad? Do they live with Denise?

Kelly on

I’m not totally positive–but they COULD have been at the Wiggles Concert rather than a movie on Saturday at the Nokia Theater. There were 2 shows yesterday, one at 1:30 and one at 5. There are 2 more shows there today.

Sarah’s note: You’re right, I found a photo of them meeting The Wiggles!

Colleen on

Mom should donate some of the extra fabric on her dress to her daughters’ dresses.

chloe on

these kids are beautiful, but i feel like these outfits are a little adult/risque for such little ones. it scares me the kind of clothes and dolls they sell for young girls these days (i’m 23 so it’s not like i’m conservative or behind the times) i’m just afraid we are heading for a generation of “bratz” girls filled with mixed messages about what they are sopossed to look like and who they are sopossed to be.

Victoria on

uh-ohhh a certain little someone’s almost too big to be carried 😀

Sarah on

They’re wearing sundresses, and Sam has on leggings as well. They look absolutely fine. I wish people would worry about how they want to dress their own kids and leave others alone, especially when there’s nothing wrong with what said kids are wearing in the first place. Denise has said before what girly girls they are, of course they’re going to want to wear dresses, and on hot days you don’t need much else. They look fine.

Anyhow, I love Denise’s purse.

Elyse on

I agree Chloe. I am 23 as well and I am just so surprised at how adult some kids things have gotten. I find the Bratz dolls to be dressed far too adult for little girls.

Don’t get me wrong I am not conservative by any means, but some of the clothes and kids toys today bother me. Maybe it is because they are so different than what I had when I was a kid?

I think the dress Lola is wearing is too mature, but she is not my child, so it is not my say. Granted it is a sundress, but it looks like it is styled more for an adult and not a 2 1/2 year old girl. I just get concerned about children being exposed to things that are too mature for them. Kids should be kids in my opinion.

tippy on

oh for pete freaking sakes people
they are little kids–they look fine!

tink1217 on

geez!! they look fine! I think the dresses are cute.

brooke on

Those little girls are adorable and theyre dressed fine IMO. Such a cute family, and denise is a pretty lady.

Milly on

They’re wearing the exact same clothes except Lola isn’t wearing the leggings. Don’t you think she might have had a potty training accident so had to take off the leggings? I mean everything else IS the same. With the leggings is fine, without, well… I don’t like it. But if she had a potty training accident, then it’s completely normal! She might have wanted to get Lola home and changed. =)

Carol on

Sam, being older, looks very appropriate with leggings under her short dress, and Lola, being just a toddler, looks fine with the short little dress. Doesn’t anyone remember Shirley Temple. C’mon.

Heather on

I think the dress is adorable and completely fine for their age. Good point about Shirley Temple, Carol!

Taylor on

I don’t really see anything wrong with the outfits, but for those that do have a problem with it – you are talking about two parents that, as we have all noticed, are not extremely conservative in their own choices so they will probably be more liberal in their children’s choices. But again, I’m not putting down their outfits b/c I don’t see anything wrong with it. The one w/o leggings is only 2 for goodness sakes, it’s not like she’s 12 trying to be some little hoochie acting 18.

Judyb on

I think they look very cute. What do people think is inappropriate about these clothes? Is it because the dresses are black or heaven forbid a toddler would wear a short dress. IMO it does not matter if Lola had an accident. She is a toddler. I am of the mindset that people have a right to name their kids whatever they want, dress their kids the way they want and raise their kids the way they want.

coco on

i cant say this enough but i have a 5 yr old who i am sure i havent carried since she was 2 maybe a young 3 so why does it seem that denise is always carrying one or both of these girls? i mean, really? what is that about?

Laura on

Does someone know where they got Sam’s leggings? They’re so cute!

Melanie on

I don’t care for those dresses either. It’s not only that they are short but they specifically look like dresses meant for a woman and not tiny little girls. What’s wrong with letting kids be kids for the very short time that they actually are.

Elyse on

Thats what I thought to Melanie. I honestly don’t care how anyone chooses to dress their children, but I still have my own opinion on how kids should be dressed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

More to the point both girls are adorable, and I am sure they had fun at the show!!:)

terri on

I didn’t notice how they were dressed until it was pointed out. I don’t find their dress particularly adult, but I agree kids should be allowed to be kids.

Jess on

I find it interesting that no one complained about a dress of similar length (maybe even shorter) on Brooke Shield’s daughter Rowan. I can’t help but feel that regardless of what people are saying, it has a lot to do with their feelings on Denise and not just the dresses.

Tracey on

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe people found stuff to complain about this photo. They are little girls! Who cares if their dresses are not long? They are kids, not 13! My son had an accident this summer and I was without a clean pair of shorts so he had to wear a diaper and a tshirt…..I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Also, some kids like to be carried…I don’t think it’s up to us to judge what age is appropriate to stop that. Gimme a break….I’m sure this is all because it’s Denise or Charlie doing the dressing (everyone is always quick to criticize one or the other!).

Allie on

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sam & Lola’s dresses!! That was actually the first thing I noticed. I have two daughter’s around the same age, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with the way they are dressed. Is it the double belts that are throwing everyone off? Is that what makes it look “adult”? Because the length is not that short, as it hits right above the knee. I was always told if you place your hands down by your side, your shorts/skirt length shouldn’t go above that. I never obeyed the rules, though. haha Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just because it doesn’t work for you, doesn’t make it wrong. 🙂

amandamay on

Allie – yeah, I think it’s the “style” of the dress, not that the dresses are short that people seem to take issue with. I personally don’t think they are too short (most little girls wear short dresses – remember the ruffled diaper covers 🙂 ) but the “style” with the double belts and them also being black does look a bit too mature for my taste. it seems people nowadays dress their kids in mini versions of what adults wear instead of “kid” clothes like we used to wear as kids. gone are the days of osh kosh…but, to each his/her own 🙂

brooke on

I love denise’s bag and outfit too, such a stylish cute family.

Carole on

I don’t have anything to say about the dresses; I think they’re sweet. (After all, didn’t all of us who were born in the 70s wear little sundresses that were barely more than shirts? So I don’t see the problem with these.)

But what I did note is that in most of the pictures I’ve seen of Denise, she seems usually to be carrying the older daughter while the younger one walks. I wonder if it’s that the younger one is going through one of those independent “Mommy, I do it MYSELF” stages!

kb on

I honestly don’t get it. The STYLE of the dress? Seriously, the only difference between this dress and other ‘agre-appropriate girly’ dresses are that

1) it’s black
2) it has a cute little belt.

The length (as some pointed out) is not an issue because there are plenty of pink, yellow, white, flowery, lacey dresses at that length (or even shorter)

So pardon me if I’m wrong but I think some people start to go a litle paranoid just cos’ the dress is black (and people immediately think of sexy little black dresses for women) and it has a belt (people automatically think of cinched belts to make the waist smaller and show a better figure)..but for goodness sakes, these girls are in no way looking sexy or trying to flaunt their non-existent feminine voluptuous figures.

Laura on

If these dresses were made from a pretty pastel or floral fabric – I don’t think anyone would have mentioned the style.
I think the girls look cute no matter what colour they wear.

cindy on

The sundresses are cute and perfectly fine! I guess that indeed people will always pick apart every single pic posted here. Not everything for little girls needs to be puffy sleeves and floral. It’s just modern, not traditional-so what.

florence on

I don’t really like when she dresses her kids with the same outfits, I think it’s cool for once…but she always do it

Besides I think it’s not recommended, my brother and sister in law have twins, and the doctors highly recommended not to dressed them alike stating it usually makes it harder for the kids to develope and individual personality.

But yet what can you expect of denise richards…I mean she allows her kids to be in a reality show!!!!!

chatty cricket on

It’s not the length of the dresses on the girls (because Sam is wearing leggings under hers and Lola is presumably wearing a diaper cover of some sort?), it’s the style. It looks like something a college age girl might wear to a club!

I can’t quite put my finger on it, and I’m not so positive that it’s the color, because I’m fairly certain I’d feel the same way if the dresses were red, or yellow, or pink, or blue! They just strike me as a little sophisticated for two toddlers.

chloe on

wow! i guess my comment on this topic started quite the debate. eeek.
in response to people saying i am only saying this to pick this family apart, or commenting based on feelings about denise, etc. I have no issue with denise, in fact when posting i thought little about who was actually in the picture. I rarely comment on anything on this or other sites, but when i saw a two year old wearing what i thought my twenty-something year old friends might wear to a nightclub i thought i would start a friendly discussion about the mixed messages girls are being given about what they should look like vs how they should act to see how other people were feeling about it. instead what i got were comments about how i must feel about denise and about how the dress color or length was fine… i don’t think there is anything wrong with little ones wearing sundresses, and it’s not even that it’s black, i think what struck me about the dresses is the adult looking belt part in the middle, but i was really just bringing up the broader issue of the state of young girls in america today and how mature and (well let’s call a spade a spade) seductive clothing designed for them is. i see girls walking around with cutesy words printed on thier bums and think to myself do parents really want to draw attention to their child’s rear in a world where everyday you hear about children being hurt and abused by adults? i guess this was more of a thread to talk about babies and clothes etc, but i was just trying to start a healthy conversation about real issues. i am sorry to anyone i may have offended.

Fa on

It has nothing to do with how long or short the skirts are. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of skin. It’s this adult design in mini version thing though. The tops look like the kids are ready to go clubbing.
There’s enough creeps around, why draw their attention?

Kris on

Chloe, I see nothing wrong with what you said and I agree with you. I have no personal dislike for Denise and often find her kids very cute but I agree that these dresses look like what my sister would wear to a club. When I see daisy duke short shorts in size 4T at the store I have to stop and wonder about the state of kids fashion. When my friends and relatives with daughters complain that they have a hard time finding clothes that aren’t mini adult clothes you have to stop and wonder about what kind of clothing is being designed for kids (toddlers and teens).

annie on

I very rarely post but I have to agree with those that have raised concerns about not just these mini-adult style dresses but the trend in general to dress young girls like mini-adults. Why encourage that sort of behavior…..let kids be kids and dress them like appropriately…for a day at the park and not a night at the clubs.

maura on

I think these dress look so cute on the girls. Sam wears Green Dragon peace sign leggings and i think they make the outfit.

Anne on

I don’t personally like the dresses, but there has been enough debate about that. I can’t believe no one has mentioned that she paid $112 (apiece!) for RAYON dresses. LOL…eww.