Courteney Cox-Arquette on Coco's directing and having a second child

03/30/2008 at 11:33 AM ET

Arquettefamily_fp_24_031508cDirt star Courteney Cox-Arquette, appearing on Ellen last week, joked that daughter Coco Riley, 3 ½, has her own idea of what directing is — and it involves cookies.

She’s great. She’s going to be four in June. She’s just really precocious and fantastic. I’m doing this movie right now with Adam Sandler [‘Bedtime Stories’] and she said, "Mommy I want to direct," and I thought, "Of course — sometimes she says ‘Action’ and ‘Cut’ on the set of ‘Dirt.’"

[Instead,] she said, "No Mommy, I want to direct!" So I said, "I know, let’s go to Adam and you can say it." She looked and pointed at this table of little kids sitting around a table eating cookies — they were all acting — and I said, "No! Negative."

Click below to watch the video and for Courteney’s thoughts on a second child.

Husband David Arquette, 36, shared last week that, "We would adopt in a second. I see no difference," and Courteney, 43, tells Ellen that it may be an option.

I do want to have another one. But, you know, I don’t know how toachieve that at my age, but I would like one more. I had a littleharder time with Coco.

Source: Ellen, In Touch

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tink1217 on

aww, i would love for Courteney and David to have another, whether they adopt or do IVF again. Coco is adorable and they seem like such a happy family!

Stéph on

I would be so cool if they have another child, either it’s biological or adopted. They seem so happy with Coco and looks like great parents.

Love them!
Coco is such a cutie!

Angela Lake on

My cousin and his wife went through IVF many many times. They are in their mid forties. When they went two years ago they said it would be their last time, and they had a little girl. I understand the heart ache of it, and would be excited for Courteney and David to have another member of there family.

sushi on

she’s so lovely with that green shirt
For the past 3 years, people have been asking to her if she wants to have another kid, and for the past 3 years, she has been saying “maybe” or “not sure”. I think it’s really impolite to ask a woman like courteney, who had so much problems having a baby, if she wants another baby. It’s none of our business.

brooke on

I think she has been trying the last few years, but is having problems. So I agree with sushi, people shouldn’t really ask her that so much.

Bugs on

Nancy Grace and Gina Davis did it in their late 40’s. Science has improved a lot in women’s biological clock. I think she can make it for a second one.

Judyb on

I think it is impolite to ask *any* woman if she is going to have another baby.

Heather on

Yes, science has afforded many the opportunity to have children later in life. However, some women have difficulty conceiving, even with IVF, regardless of age. I was only 25 when my first IVF failed. Also, IVF takes an incredible emotional and physical toll on the person and the couple.

It is a difficult question to answer when one has trouble conceiving. Additionally, it seems to be an annoying question for some women regardless of their fertility. People in general always want to focus more what’s next. I am oftentimes compelled to ask people if they want more children, but I try to refrain myself. If they offer the information, that is wonderful. If not, I don’t broach it. You just don’t know what people are going through. My husband and I are asked on a daily basis when we are going to have kids. #1- It isn’t appropriate to assume that we want kids. #2- Every time someone asks us that, it is just a reminder of our pain. It isn’t pleasant.

If Courteney and David want another child, I hope it happens for them!

Donna on

I agree with brooke that Courteney has probably tried since she had Coco but hasn’t had any luck. I think they are very happy with their little girl – and very grateful to have her.

emily on

Wow, I was shocked by that. Ellen seems like such a kind and thoughtful person. But to interrogate someone like that in a public forum is just reprehensible. I find it especially unbelievable considering that they are close friends.

E's Mommy on

Like emily, I was shocked that Ellen kept questioning Courteney when she clearly looked and acted uncomfortable. As someone who has gone through seven failed IVF attempts I have learned a lot about being sensitive to others’ family I also remember (too) many people reminding me that I could adopt should it not work. I had to come to adoption in my own time and way and now have a beautiful DD. Hopefully Courteney and David will be allowed the ability to make their family decisions in private (well, in a perfect world, anyway.) Best of luck to them, whatever they choose and kudos for knowing just what a miracle Coco is.

Kyah on

I never understood why people always ask a person who has JUST had a baby when the next one is coming. I think it’s nice to have a good sized gap in children, and honestly, if they only have one child, they only have one child.
It’s just really infuriating that the media has made it seem as though celebrities lives are empty until they have a baby, and then, until they’re 50 or 60, they’re lives are empty until they have another and another and another. Some people only want one child, and others are only blessed with one child. Some are blessed with several children (Brad and Angelina) and I really doubt if Courteney and David’s life is less full then Brad and Angelina’s.

Just my 2 cents, agree with it or not, it’s simply the way I feel about this issue.