Brooke Burke and David Charvet name son Shaya

03/30/2008 at 10:39 AM ET

Brookeburkeshower_198624_cbbAlthough they still are not 100% sure (but close!) on a middle name, actors Brooke Burke, 36, and David Charvet, 35, have released their 3-week-old son‘s first and last names — their choice is Shaya Charvet. Brooke blogs on Baboosh Baby,

You heard it here first!  We have finally settled on a name.  We waited our whole lives for our son, and couldn’t find the perfect fit.  Poor guy! Now it’s official.Shaya Charvet.We played with so many different names, and both loved Shaya the most. It means God’s gift in Hebrew. 

David came up with a middle name, Braven, which I reallylike.  I want to give him part of my name too, so I am thinking aboutdouble Bs in the middle like my initials, Braven-Burke.

He is the last Charvet to carry on David’s family name.  He isalso the first boy in David’s family, the little brother of threeprincesses, and my youngest.  Ya think he is gonna be spoiled?!?!We haven’t agreed on the middle name yet, but for all those who havebeen asking, Shaya Charvet it is!

Shaya joins sisters Neriah, 7 ½, Sierra Sky, 5 ½, and Heaven Rain, 14 months.

Picture_1Baboosh Baby,Brooke Burke’s new line of post-partum belly wraps, stretch-mark oils,organic t-shirts and recycled diaper bags, is named after the Frenchterm of endearment and is also Rain’s nickname. For more info, checkout

Thanks to CBB reader Bella.

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Susan on

Pronounced like Shia LaBeouf, I presume…just a different spelling. They are right about the meaning….God’s gift….Shia LaBeouf has joked that he translates his whole name as “Thank God for beef.”

Laura on

Interesting choice! Congrats to Brooke and the whole family! I am sure Shaya is a joy.

Carole on

I think Shaya is a lovely name. It sounds a little feminine to my ears, but I’m not very familiar with Hebrew names. I’m confused about their middle naming idea, though. Is there a family connection with Braven? If not (and of course, there doesn’t need to be), I’m unclear on why they’d hyphenate it with Burke. Braven-Burke only makes sense to me if they’re trying to incorporate or honor two family names, not a made-up name plus family name. I’ll be interested to see what they finally decide!

Traci on

Shaya Braven-Burke Charvet. . . What a mouthful!!

I’m happy they came up with a ‘different’ name without going to the refrigerator. . . ;]

tink1217 on

I LOVE the name!!!! I wish my husband liked Shia/Shaya for a boy. I would use it in a second!! Great name!!!

Nicole on

not really liking the name, but I bet their son will be so gorgeous. Congrats to them.

kim on

Even though I love the name, not a big fan of their choice of spelling, it looks girly to me.

fuzibuni on

pretty name.
I assume it’s pronounced like this?

she-ah shar-vay?

Heather on

Isn’t Shia’s name prn. Shy-uh? So is it like that or prn. Shay-uh? I can’t decide if I like it yet but I’m glad they finally told us!

Michelle on

It’s funny that people were posting that Soliel’s daughter’s name (Jagger Joseph Blue) was too masculine and now people are posting that Shaya is too feminine sounding. (Although I have to agree!) But hey, to each their own. As long as everyone is happy and healthy. 🙂

gigi on

i really like all her children’s names. that is one gorgeous family!! my husband thinks she is the most beautiful woman ever! ….and i really cant get mad at that! :o)

karen on

I’ve heard the name only once before and it was spelled differently. There is an actor named Shia LaBeouf that has the same name.

mariamomma on

Why would they give their kids rhyming names? Doesn’t Shaya rhyme with Neriah?

chris on

I think Shaya Burke Charvet would sound better than Shaya Braven-Burke Charvet. Anyway what an interesting first name! I wonder how it’s pronounced?

karine on

Shaya is a girl name in Hebrew for a boy it’s Isaiah.

Sarah on has it as for either sex and has it for a girl. I actually like it, although I prefer the Shia spelling, but I think it fits in well with the hippie vibe of the other kids’ names.

Erica on

I love the name’s Hebrew roots and that it’s not just made up. 🙂 If Shaya’s name is pronounced just like the actor Shia’s (I’m assuming it is as Brooke and Shia both gave the same meaning for the name) than the baby is Shy-uh. In light of the gender-name discussion of late I think this could work as a unisex name. The spelling does appear a bit feminine but when you say it, especially with a more boyish middle name (or at least a middle name that isn’t Rose, Lily, or April 🙂 then I think it works beautifully. Just my personal preference here, I think the name looks better as Shia too. Congratulations to the family for their new son and brother.

ella on

aw i dont really like that name to be honest,it sounds too feminine and tryhard.

and this is the second time ive seen her say they have waited their whole lives for a son. thats not really a great thing for her daughters to hear, that she was hoping for a boy all along.

nosoupforyou on

Yes, it sounds feminine to me too!

However, he is their son and I’m sure they love him a lot!

nosoupforyou on

I looked it up too.

Shaya, A short form of Yeshaya…

Origin : HEBREW
Gender : male
Meaning : God lends

Yeshaya: Hebrew name for book of Isaiah

nursemom on

yeshaya is hebrew for isaiah. the name (if it’s pronounced traditionally) should be
shy-uh & it’s a very common jewish name (btw for those who think some celeb names are weird- zev & suri are also very common jewish names. suri is a nickname for sara- pronounced suh-ruh in hebrew.) Shia is generally pronounced shee-ah & is a nickname for the hebrew name for joshua.

btw Shaya is very definitely NOT a girl’s name- why would you name a girl the equivalent of isaiah?

chatty cricket on

Oh I LOVE his name, and I love the meaning behind it. Its simply beautiful. Congrats to them!

Lolabella on

I like the name.

brooke on

Well the name fits well, with her older children’s names. I love brooke, she seems so nice and she is so damn beautiful, and her kids are gorgeous too, can’t wait to see pics of her son. They sound so happy with their new addition, good for them. I loved david on melrose place and baywatch too, their a hot couple.

Ivey on

I like any of the Shh sounding names, so I like it, but I could never stick my head out the front door and call all those kids in for dinner, without tripping over my tongue! 🙂

Leslie on

I guess it seems to go with the other kids’ names but not really feeling it myself.

Karen on

I like the name Shaya Braven Burke Charvet. I might have to tuck away the name Braven for future use, I like the sound of it!

Nikka on

I like the name too, although I thought it’s for the girl. My neighbour has a girl of that name. It sounds lovely.

Renee on

Cute name and congrats again.People need to stop being so uptight about how people spell their kids names or which ones they choose.

Rebecca on

I love boys’ names that have an androgynous or slightly feminine leaning to them. Both my son and daughter have names that could ‘go either way’ (D=Kaia and S=Luca). There’s nothing more attractive than a strong, handsome man at ease with his feminine side! Well Done to them and hope the sleep situation is improving!

Kallie on

I think all of her kids names are really cute and funky, in a hippie sort of way, haha. I think she has said something about that before, how her children all have “hippie names”. Very cool.

Beverley on

While I like the meaning of the name, I think that it is feminine sounding and spelled in a feminine way too. While I would never use it for my child, it’s up to them.

On the subject of weird names for babies, not Shaya necessarily, I do think that a lot of parents, especially celebrities, don’t think about the child when they come up with their names. Giving your child a different name may be OK with you but your child may grow up to resent it and you for giving it to them. I used to know a boy named Dragon Slayer Thompson and he absolutely hated it. When he was 14, he fought to change his name legally and his parents fought him back. It caused a huge riff and they never got a good relationship back. He won, and the judge admonished his parents for coming up with the ridiculous name in the first place and called them selfish for not considering how he would feel about his name.

Jane on

How do you pronounce it? Are they going to introduce him soon?

Sarah’s note: I think there’s some different pronunciation choices in the other readers comments.

Heather on

It seems that name could be pronounced so many different ways!

Shee- ah

Hopefully she’ll clarify later.

A quick question, I’ve noticed this a lot with people in the USA, and never come across it at all in the UK, but why is it that a lot of people use the middle name rather than the first name for the child? For example Brooke named her daughter Heaven Rain, but calls her Rain. Why didn’t she just give her the first name Rain if she was going to be known by that name..Same with a few celebrities like, Dakota Fanning’s first name is Hannah, and Reese Witherspoon’s first name is different too. I just wondered if there is some kind of special meaning behind it, as here in the UK you give the name you like the most, the name the child will be known by as the first name and not the middle.

Jane on

Thank You Heather!!!

J.J. on

Shaya..really nice! Sounds really classy to me though for me, it does kind of sound feminine. Finally glad to hear his name =).

Nikka on

Nursemom, you asked why would you want to name a girl with an equivalent of Isiah. That’s actually the reason why => equivalent. For centuries people were giving the names to their children as equivalents:

Lotfi – Latifa
John – Jane
Michael – Michelle
Peter – Petra

etc. So that’s why some people could see name Shaya as a female equivalent to a male name of Isiah

Nicole on

Love his name… including Braven & Burke being in there as well. It’s a great way to honor Brooke & have another cool name in there as well. I think Shaya is a great name for a boy!

People really need to stop overanalyzing the choices celebs make on their names… not your kid, you get no say.

Cynthia on

I think the name Braven Brooke Charvet sounds better. But I do like the name Shaya, because it is different.

Judyb on

I love the name Shaya.

I wonder if Brooke liked the name Rain but thought Heaven Rain sounded better than Rain Heaven. I like Heaven Rain better too. It sounds poetic. I believe David Duchovny and Tea Leoni call both of their kids by their middle names. Anyway I think it is more of a matter of personal preference.

Sarah on

Why would you say Brooke Cynthia? I think that definitely is feminine unless it is spelled without the ‘e.’

Cynthia on

I meant to say Burke. Sorry! I like Braven Burke Charvet.

nursemom on

nikka- I understand your train of thought, but shaya is not a feminized version of isaiah. especially if the name is the hebrew original- it is just a male name. in hebrew there are not too many biblical/traditional names with an other gender equivalent. you can feminize a male name but at the end of the day it’s just that- a feminized male name. while some may think this may be open to opinion- most of us jews that name in the traditional way, like our naming system the way it is.

aNNA on

I like Shaya but it does seem feminine. I’m sure they mulled it over – they wanted the name to be perfect for their only son. I do agree with Heather when people choose to call their kids by their middle names.

Renee on

Beverly, that’s just one person and I don’t think it’s fair to apply his story to millions of other people who also have unique names.Believe it or not,a lot of them like their names. Not everyone wants to have a “common” name. I have noticed that a lot of people do that around here.Also, I doubt you would get in any one’s face and tell them they are are selfish for picking a specific name for their child.

Erica on

To be fair Renee, I wouldn’t get in Shannyn Sossamyn’s or Jason Lee’s face over what they named their kids, but that doesn’t make Audio Science or Pilot Inspektor any less ridiculous as choices IMO.

Suzianne on

Another silly Hollywood name with no insults to it being Hebrew. What happened to normal standard male names, people remember and can pronounce. We need some photos of no doubt a beautiful baby with a feminine name.

Carlie on

Lovely name!

My brother’s middle name is Shaye, which is very simular to Shaya. I know the name Shaye is of Irish and Hebrew origin, so am wondering if the name Shaya is also of Irish origin as well as Hebrew

Beverley on

Carlie, I really like the name Shaye. It sounds more masculine.

LB3 on

Ok, I am not liking the name at all, but it goes with all of her other kids names. Heaven Rain?? That is so not cool to name your kid that. They will get teased in school, no matter how much money they have or which school they attend.

After waiting “all their lives” for their boy, I would have thought that they would have come up with a more BOY name.

Oh, well to each their own. Just surprised that they had to think so long to name him and they come up with a name like this.
Whatever gets them publicity though, right.

And yes, I would say this to her face.

Renee on

Erica, how are they ridiculous names? Because you don’t like them? Sometimes you have to place yourself in other people’s shoes. I don’t think you would like it if I told you your kids names were ridiculous. In fact you would probably be angry, feel insulted and possibly hurt. People tend to forget that.

Kristin on

Congrats to them… These names do, however, seem like names I would have given my dollies growing up. 😛 They just don’t seem like names grown-ups would pick, but as we know…to each his own!

llnim on

my last name is shaya, and i am planning on naming my first child (boy or girl) that name. i am a little jealous they got to it first! now i hope it wont get too popular.. my first name also begins with sh and has hebrew origins, and i actually like having a name that is a bit hard to pronounce. its kind of a conversation starter and i love how ive never met anyone before with my name. i think shaya is a beautiful name no matter the spelling

Levi on

I knew an Iranian girl named Shaya. She said it meant “admired one” or something like that.

I was thinking Burke Charvet-very masculine and simple!

Kir on

I used to know a family that had a tradition of giving every single boy born the first name Herman, but they all went by their middle name in everyday life…

Also, I remember a kid in my class in elementary school who went by his middle name, but the 1st day of every school year, the new teacher called out his embarrassing first name and all the kids would laugh and tease him for a week.

I used to get teased and tortured about my name as a kid, although I love it now that I’m a grownup 🙂

…I think for the most part parents don’t choose their children’s names on a whim…every name has its own unique story


Milla on

Anyone else thinking that the name Shaya sounds perfect for Soliel’s new daughter, and Jagger Joseph Blue perfect for Brooke & David’s new son? just a crazy thought!

meghan on

personally i like the name shia/shaya for a boy. not too feminine…

and nikka – the feminine of lotfi is lotfiya and the masculine of latifa is latif…

Julie on

Never mind the name. I’m wondering why it’s taking so long for them to decide on a middle name. First of all, it’s just a middle name and secondly, they had 9 months to think about it, no? I really like this couple, but I think it’s oddly pretentious to put a birth certificate on hold for 3 weeks because they can’t choose a middle name. Am I the only one to think this?

Betsy on

Shaya is an Iranian Boy name, meaning Worthy.
Shayan is more popular in Iran and has the same meaning.

It is not Hebrow and it is not short for Yeshaya. Shaya it is own word meaning worthy in Farsi.

Shaiya on

Shaya, Shia Shaya etc is a nickname for Yeshaiyahu or Isaiah. It is a man’s name. I have known some people to name their daughter’s
Shaiya just because they like the sound of it. Some Hebrew names are gender neutral. Shaiya is a man’s name all the same.

Shaya on

It is actually pronouce exactly they way it is spelled. Not quite like Shia.

Lorie on

GRR! Please don’t make BRAVEN a popular name. I have had it for 17plus years with my oldest son . It is an awesome name.