Update: Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Wilkerson leave the hospital with Braydon

03/29/2008 at 07:53 AM ET

CBB exclusive update: Melissa had some time to get online today and answered your questions:

  • I was wheeled to the door of the hospital with Brady in my arms.
  • The nurse made sure he was secure in his car seat before we left.
  • The baby blanket was handmade by my mom for Brady.
  • I love my flip flops and wasn’t in any shape to bend over and put on shoes that day!
  • The thing I have in my hands is a picture mat that I had all our visitors sign for Brady and the space where the picture is supposed to be just happens to be framing my ROOTS logo on my sweatpants … funny! I did the same thing for Mason with the picture mat and it hangs in his room to remind us of all the friends and family that came to meet him when he was born.

Hope that helps answer all the questions!

Originally posted March 17th: Melissa Joan Hart was photographed as she was released from the hospital with new son Braydon ‘Brady’ Hart Wilkerson on Friday. Melissa gave birth on Wednesday, left a note for CBB readers that night, and blogged a bit about the experience on Sunday.

More images below!



Source: Limelightpics.us

See the full size image of Melissa at OK! Magazine.

Thanks to CBB readers Bella and Sarah.

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Dana on

Oh, how cute!

Just out of curiosity, how many states/countries allow you to walk out of the hospital carrying your newborn? We had to put our daughters in their car seat, and then have the car seat wheeled out to the car (while I was in a wheelchair) to be discharged. I would much rather prefer to leave the hospital the way Melissa did.

Mandy on

I live in Madison, WI and I walked out holding my daughter. They did have me holding her in a wheelchair from the delivery room to other room and they made sure we had a car seat for her before we left. They also asked if I needed a wheelchair but I felt great!

Lisa on

Wow, poor Melissa. Talk about an invasion of privacy! Seeing someone come out of the hospital with their newborn and knowing that there are paparazzi there to take pictures is disturbing to me.

Some of those photographers really borderline on stalking. There should be some kind of law against this!!

Megan on

Oh, how great! Congrats Melissa! Hey, Does anyone if that blanket is homemade? It looks so cozy!

Eliza on

Does anyone know what the big folder or envelope is that she’s carrying?

Michelle on

Our son had to be put in his carseat before we left the maternity ward, too. The nurses checked to see that he was in there correctly, and they also checked to see that the carseat was then installed in the car correctly.

meghan on

had my baby at cedars a little over 4 months ago. i walked out – but they did push a wheelchair to the door anyway as policy. they did not check the carseat – and wouldn’t have even known that we had one except that we had no idea how to put her in! we had to take the whole thing out to figure it out!

meghan on

also – isn’t there a wheelchair directly behind her?

Devon on

Eliza, from what *I* can tell it’s a Roots logo. Roots is a Canadian company, but it could be anything.

Congrats to Melissa, Mark, Mason & Braydon!

katie on

Eliza and Devon it looks like the baby footprint

brooke on

That blanket is nice, looking forward to seeing the baby.

ang on

well People’s pics just went down about $50 000…….

Olivia on

here where i live (central Europe) nobody asks you if you want to walk or use wheelchair. you just walk carrying your newborn in your arms or car seat.
in some hospitals a nurse dont let you leave until you show her you own the carseat for your baby.

Dana on

Thank you all for the responses. Just my curiosity.

Oh, I just noticed she is wearing flip flops. One of the other nasty side effects of having a baby. But all you have to do is take one look at that precious face and know it was all worth it.

Sanja on

Dana -why is wearing flip flops nasty?
I adore flips and wear them all the time, pregnant or not:-) (I’m jealous of Melissa, cause it’s snowing here and can’t wear mine now,lol)

BTW, I think that the whole wheelchair and car seat checking is an American thing. As far as I know you are usually allowed to choose if you feel well enough to walk.

Nicole on

I delivered in Nashville, TN. I will be doing that again in a few months. 🙂 I wasn’t given the option to walk, just had a wheelchair put in front of me.

As far as whether I had a carseat, it was only a transporter who took me to my car. Wasn’t anyone with any “authority” to stop me from leaving. I did have one though!!

Nicola on

In the UK you have to leave the hospital with baby in a carseat they dont let you go with out one even if you dont own a car. No wheel chair was offered I had to walk from delivery room to maternity ward also.

Nicole on

Melissa is so cute! congrats to her! another cute little boy! :O)

Anne on

I had to place my daughter in her car seat, and *I* had to personally carry her on my lap in the wheelchair until we reached the door. They told my boyfriend he couldn’t carry her. I’m not sure why? Maybe because she’s technically considered a patient too. Either way, I was glad! My daughter had (and still has!) a huge head which was stuck in my pelvic bone and resulted in pushing for almost 4 hours. My nether regions were unrecognizably swollen for days, and I could barely walk. I’m always amazed when I see new moms up & about so soon after! I realize most women are probably able to, its just my personal experience was completely different. Was everyone else able to move comfortable so soon? I literally had to be helped out of bed!

lisa on

congrats to melissa and her family .children are the most precious gift you could ever recieve atleast thats how i feel about my son

ella on

aw how lovely is Melissa! thats so sweet that she came back and answered the questions, bless her!

and her baby is beautiful.

Meg on

that picture mat idea is so cool! might have to borrow the idea for any kids i may one day have.

brooke on

Nice of melissa, to take the time and answer the questions. Congrats to her and her family.

JennB on

We did a picture mat at my sister-in-law’s baby shower and wrote little notes to the baby. It’s a nice gift both so the parents can put a picture in it and so they can remember who was at the shower.

Bloggygirl on

Why are people so nosey and critical? Who cares about discharge procedures at hospitals. We’re lucky to get to see photos of our favorite stars in such special moments in their lives. It’s really an invasion of their privacy, they are gracious for allowing it in the first place.

elisabeth on

LOVE a celeb that actually takes the time to answer questions. We all KNOW (wink wink) that other celebs moms read the site too. I would to check to see what people say about my children. It would be nice to hear some responses like Melissa does to clear stuff up. Thanks for taking the time.

violet_in_oz on

I just wanted to add that I think it is fantastic of Melissa to take the time and answer readers’ questions. I have never seen this before and I think it’s brilliant! Melissa, congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful boy. (Love his blankie!)

JC on

I must put that picture mat idea in my memory bank for when I have kids. Cute Idea!

Amy on

I think Melissa seems like a very down-to-earth kind of celebrity, and I think it’s great that she took the time out of her busy newborn schedule to answer questions for all of us. I think the blanket is really cute…kudos to her mom for being so crafty! I also think the flip flops are great. I am so excited to be pregnant in the warmer months this time around so I can wear tank tops and flip flops for my whole pregnancy. They are definitely my shoe of choice, but since I live in WI I can only wear them for a few months out of the year. If you were to take a pic of me walking out of the hospital after baby #2 is born, I will most definitely be wearing flip flops!

lisa houser on

I live in Iowa and we left our hospital room with our daughter walked right out the nurses said good bye from the nurses station and we were on our way home she was in her car seat but no one checked. But this was our second so maybe they feel by the second same with mellisa that you know the drill by now

Kris on

We had to put both our boys in car seats. I walked out of the hospital and my husband carried the car seat. No one left the maternity ward with us. While in the hospital we could not walk around on the maternity ward carrying the baby. They had to be in the little bassinet on wheels. I think some of it is just different hospitals have different procedures.

Dana on

Sanja– I didn’t mean that wearing flip flops was nasty, just the swelling that seems to get much worse after delivery is nasty. I had both of my daughters in the winter months (in Ohio) and never had an option to wear flip flops. Trust me, in the summer time, I only wear flip flops.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on our posts. I wasn’t intending for my posts to come across as critical or nosey. I was just curious about a momentary glimpse into someone else’s post-pregnancy life. All my friends and family have delivered at the same hospital that I did, so I have only been privy to one type of procedure. Enjoy your gorgeous little one. Two is so much fun.