Update: Introducing Braydon 'Brady' Hart Wilkerson

03/29/2008 at 02:44 PM ET

CBB exclusive update: Additional photo added. We also just got an email from Melissa, who wanted to clarify one of her quotes that was not used in its entirety.

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments about my cute boys with the cool names. 🙂 I was just checking out the website and I noticed some comments about my quote in People saying I would like a girl next [and I want to clear that up].

Of course, I didn’t volunteer that info — they asked if I would have any more kids. I said I think so and that I would love to try for a girl, but either way, we would like to have one or two more if my body can handle it and we don’t really care what sex they are — they will still be my babies. [However, only the first part of what I said was used in the article.]

Originally posted March 28th: After welcoming their second son on March 12th, actress Melissa Joan Hart, 31, and her husband Mark Wilkerson, 30, introduce their son Braydon ‘Brady’ Hart, 2 weeks, in the latest issue of People.


Click below for the interview and two more photos of Melissa and Brady.

Although she had mentioned nervousness in regards to having two children, Melissa shares that she had nothing to worry about.

The second I saw my two boys together, I startedcrying. Your love multiplies with each child. I didn’t know I could bethis in love again.

Melissa, who gained 35 lbs during her pregnancy, reveals that shehas lots of help at home — besides hosting visiting family on bothsides, Mason Walter, 2, and husband Mark have their own ways of pitching in.

Mason loves to give Braydon his pacifier. Mark feeds him all the time.

Previously having shared that she and Mark plan another one or two children, Melissa admits that she hopes she’ll have the chance to parent a daughter as well — "I’d like a girl next" — but says that’s a long way off, as she has her hands (and heart) full at the moment.

Between all my boys, I’ve literally grown three hearts!


Source: People, April 7th issue

Photos by Tara Rochelle.

Thanks to CBB readers Stephanie and Nicole.

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Crystal on

Aw Brady is adorable!!!
And I love Mason’s expression in the top photo… absolutely precious 🙂

jenn on

Congrats to the happy family. She looks so beautiful.

brooke on

Brady is so cute, Mason is adorable too, both boys look like the dad to me.

ang on

definitely frameable. mason, i bet didn’t sit still for long!

a on

very cute

Kelly on

awww there both sooooo cute & she looks good for having given birth not long ago mason looks so adorable in that top photo!!

Krissie on

They’re adorable boys!

It’s still weird to me that Clarissa (as in Clarissa Explains it All) has babies! I may never get used to that lol

Melanie F. on

What a beautiful, beautiful, family. I love Melissa, my favorite movie she was in was Twisted Desire on Lifetime.

Jennifer on

Brady is adorable! 🙂

And I love Mason’s expression in the first photo…too cute! They’re both such precious boys!

Nicole on

He’s so cute! Gorgeous lips, it looks like.

Nonny on

Beautiful family! Braden is a gorgeous baby! Mason is so hansome! Of course, they would be, look at their parents! You have been blessed!

tink1217 on

gorgeous baby!!!! beautiful family!!!

jennifer on

Congrats to the family. Does anyone know if she is breastfeeding? Doesn’t sound like it since she said dad feeds the little guy often.

Shannon’s note: Yes, she’s nursing, she just pumps as well. She told us she’s planning on at least 6 months.

Kate on

Krissie, I know what you mean. My niece watches ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ reruns every afternoon, and when I watch it with her, I’m just in shock that Sabrina’s a mommy now!

The Wilkersons are such a good-looking family!

Leslie on

He’s a doll! They’ve made a beautiful family.

Harley on

They definitely make beautiful children! How lovely to see them all together 🙂

Heidi on

She looks absolutely fantastic in that second photo and Brady is so tiny!

The first pic is a great family photo. The more I get to know about this family, the more I like them!

Liss on

He is adorable!

Denise on

Awww Brady is beautiful. I love the first family photo. Mason is so cute and he looks a little bit bored. Bless him. They look so happy. “Your love multiplies with each child. I didn’t know I could be this in love again.” – That is so beautiful. :=]

Philippa on

aaaaww what a cutie!

FC on

The family got cuter with Brady added to the mix! He’s such a little doll, and Mason is so cute in that first photo. Mark, well, I want to kidnap him! (Sorry, Melissa, I adore your husband!)

Love this family! 🙂 And I love Melissa’s darker ‘do. Looks good. She looks good, period!

Judyb on

What a beautiful family!!! Melissa has some gorgeous boys and her hubby is pretty nice looking too. I enjoyed her comment “that your love multiplies.” It is so very true. I really like Melissa and Mark, they seem very down to earth.

Morgan on

I definitely have “Clarissa” flashbacks too, Krissie! It’s completely wonderful to see her have grown into such a grounded woman. I loved her guest appearance on Law & Order SVU last week and love seeing her both on screen and off. She seems like such a “real” mom: not that other celebs aren’t real with their families, it just seems she’s the most relatable (at least for me). She has a beautiful family and I was definitely touched by her honest with regard to feeling nervous about having a second baby. And yeah, Mark……freakin’ hot, no other way to say it.

Tara on

I’ve never seen Melissa look so beautiful as she does in the picture of her and Brady. He really does look alot like Mason did when he was born.

Such a cute and loving family

Amanda on

Oh my gosh – he is so cute! Of course being a Wilkerson it only makes sense ;p Mason is growing up to be such a little stud too. Congrats to this beautiful family. Glad we got to see him!

J.J. on

Beautiful family!! Little Brady is so handsome!!!

Ann on

Why does the article mention she gained 35 pounds during the pregnancy? I thought typical pregnancy weight gain was between 25-35 pounds, so the mention of weight seems immaterial.

Sarah’s note: Because it was mentioned in the People article, which often includes how much weight the mother gained. See also the recent Jennifer Lopez and Dominique Moceanu People interviews with their new babies. It just seems to be one of their questions.

Lacey on

So Adorable!!

someone on

how did Melissa get so lucky to have such a handsome husband?

Catherine on

He is so cute !!

Doreen on

I too can’t believe *Clarissa* LOL is married to a cool Rocker and she has 2 sons!! Amazing! I really hope she has a girl next!

Nicole on

To : someone RE: your post above….Maybe Mark thinks he is lucky to have Melissa! ;o)

Gorgeous family… I am a huge Melissa Joan Hart fan, thanks for all the pics!

charsmom on

Is there a place on CBB where we can read all of Melissa’s pregnancy journal entries? I would love to be able to read them all in a row …

Sarah’s note: The category link directly to her column is broken at the moment, but here’s the link to CBB exclusives category, and they’re all in there (along with other stuff), starting from Nov 5th. There’s five entries.

JuliaS on

Melissa looks beautiful – I really like the darker hair color on her. The boys are adorable – Braydon is too sweet!

Megan on

So I take it that she’s not been able to make breastfeeding work.

“Mark feeds him all the time.”

Two weeks is generally considered too young to introduce a bottle or pacifier if you want to give breastfeeding the best start.

Sarah’s note: She told us she’s doing fine. She’s pumping as well, hence other people feeding him at times. No mention of having issues.

emily on

There was a note from Sarah on a comment above that said Melissa IS breastfeeding and is dedicated to doing it for at least 6 months. I just refreshed the page and it seems to have disappeared.
I’ve been giving a 3 month old girl I take care of bottles of breastmilk from 2 weeks on. She also nurses and takes a pacifier. She has no problem switching from bottle to breast. All babies are different. Breastfeeding is a tough job. Let’s applaud and encourage breastfeeding mothers instead of criticizing.
Brady is a gorgeous baby and they are a beautiful family.

Sarah’s note: The note is from Shannon and I still see it?

DeeDee on

Why does it list his last name as Hart? Shouldn’t it be Wilkerson like Mason and Mark?

Angela’s note: Brady’s last name is Wilkerson. His middle name is Hart. We list the first and middle names only in text after the original birth post.

Hannah on

I find it interesting that no one decided to mention the fact that she says she would like to have a girl next. After all the commotion about women with all girls wanting a boy, here’s a mom with boys that wants a girl.

I think this proves that it is just natural to want one of each. I have a one year old son and we are TTC #2. I would love a girl, but if I get a boy, that will be equally wonderful!

ekaterina on

she looks so happy! I think she looks like such a great mum not as showy as say tori – i get the feeling that what you see is what she is really like-
happy for her with the 2 boys- they will be great friends being so close-

Ans on

Just wondering, why wasn’t this a featured post at the very top of the web page?

Sarah’s note: Because Danielle needed something else featured on early Friday when it was originally posted. It’s up top in the features box though, first post.

Froggy on

Why does it matter whether she chooses to breastfeed, bottlefeed or a combination. No matter what the recommendations or what is perceived as best for baby, isn’t it up to the individual mother and family to choose what’s best for them? Who are we to judge them? We don’t know them or their private circumstances and it seems that people feel free to cast some sometimes quite mean and hurtful aspirations on people who have celebrity status just because they are out in the public domain.

I think that this is a gorgeous little family who has happily welcomed a beautiful little miracle. I also think we are privileged that we have been allowed to share their joy.

Negative comments about how they choose to bring up their children unless it’s something life threatening seems in poor taste.

meghan on

my daughter took a bottle before two weeks and never had a problem going back to the breast. nipple confusion isn’t as much of a porblem as some people like to make out.

Marie on

Oh my.. Brady is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! Beautiful family!

M.S. on

I’m so happy for her. They look like such a fun family. The boys are absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

Levi on

Melissa didn’t get “lucky” to have such a handsome husband. She is beautiful both inside and out. Good things come to her because she is so positive and happy. People are drawn to that. Her husband is fortunate too! They seem so happy together. They seem a step apart from most hollywood celebrities.

Dee Anne on

Not to fuel any breastfeeding debates but….

To answer Froggy’s question of why some moms care if another mom is breastfeeding. Moms that breastfeed their kids often want the same for other babies. We breastfeeders feel like I guess if we can get thru the blood sweat and tears other moms should try as well. I do feel like all of us moms should stop being so hard on other moms and offer support instead.

gina on

What a adorable baby!!!

Tammy on

They are adorable, but is it really anyones business if she is breastfeeding or formula feeding..geesh.

Heather on

Awww so cute!

I think in the first picture (with just Melissa) he looks like Melissa, and the last one, Brady is the spitting image of Mark.

GORGEOUS! I’m a bit disappointed that their wasn’t more to the interview though! I love hearing from Melissa!

brooke on

Melissa’s hubby is good looking, and it stands out because a lot of the times the woman is pretty and the guy not so much, as in the case of christina aguilera, jlo, heidi klum, etc, but melissa’s hubby is great looking too. The boys are so cute, they really look just like their dad.

In the first thread where she is seen out and about walking a week after the baby was born, there were comments like oh melissa probably would have loved a girl this time and some people went nuts like says who and melissa is fine with 2 boys lol. And now she mentions herself she would like a girl someday, so it is normal when you have one sex whether a girl first or a boy, to like a different sex the next time around. Of course you love all your kids, but nothing wrong after you have either all girls like brooke shields, brooke burke, or all boys like melissa, victoria beckham, etc to say you wanted or would like a girl someday.

As for the breastfeeding, I really don’t understand why anybody cares how any celebrity or mother for that matter feeds their child and it’s mentioned in every celebrity thread, as long as the baby is eating and healthy, that’s all that counts and nobody’s business how the mother chooses to feed their own kid.

melanie on

Aw, what a beautiful family. I had to post after Brooke because I just wanted to say…What?! Most women I know think Seal is gorgeous (me too).
But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and really not that important, other than being nice to look at. 🙂

Kayla on

Heh I was thinking the same thing about Seal, Melanie. He’s gorgeous!

I think this family is just adorable. Melissa looks amazing in these photos, too. She’s glowing!

Lyss on

aww what a cute family! i just saw a clip of Melissa on 100 Greatest Teen Stars and it brought me way back to the Clarissa days!

shes so gorgeous and her family is beautiful!

jess on

Congrats to them, they are such a cute family!

Why do people care so much about the weight gain? I personally gained 50+ pounds, one of my best friends gained 60+ and other moms I know have gained between 25-70, they worked hard to get it off as did I. What is the big issue? I can understand if you are overweight before the pregnancy but Melissa was not so who cares?

Just my two cents….

tracy on

I think people should remember that celebs like Melissa do read what is said on this site, and might be hurt by derogatory comments made against them. Case in point, Melissa has emailed an explanation for the comment in People about her wanting a baby girl next.

Its sad that she felt that she had to do that, she has a brand new tiny baby and she shouldn’t have to worry about what people say. I think we should just be mindful and not attack something a celebrity says or does, because so often, things can be misconstrued, as they have been in this case. The breast vs bottle brigade also quickly latch onto the comment about her hubby giving the baby a bottle, and jump in with the “why isn’t she breastfeeding?” comments. Its just sad. A beautiful little boy has been brought into this world, to a gorgeous family, cant we just focus on that?? I think Melissa is gorgeous, pregnant or not, and is a rolemodel for all of us moms out there who are so hard on ourselves and others. Well done Melissa!!!

Nicole on

That was so nice of Melissa to answer some questions! I think it’s perfectly normal, after you have one sex to kind of want the other as well – it doesn’t mean you’re not happy if you have a baby who’s the same sex again.

Everyone looks really happy, really good, I’m very happy for their beautiful family! The boys are adorable of course, and I absolutely LOVE Braydon’s name – Braydon Hart sounds really good.

Kit on

What a sweet family! I like her hair brown/darker like that! I’m a natural “dish-water” blond and I’ve been thinking of going a bit darker, now she has kind of inspired me to give it a try.

jenn on

Congrats!! Boys are awesome. I have 4 and 1 little girl. I love the names y’all have chosen for your kids, very hip but not weird.

emmajlh on

Congrats Melissa and Mark – your boys are stunning and you look like such a happy family unit 🙂

Brady is so adorable, i love that tiny newborn age when you can cuddle them as much as you want. my little girl was standing up on my lap at 6 weeks!

I agree with previous posts, melissa seems so normal and not all ‘hollywood’. i think it is sad when celeb mums are at the gym days after giving birth shedding the minuscule weight they gained during pregnancy – feels like priorities are all screwed up. they are all role models and i much prefer the melissa joan hart and jennifer garner type role models as opposed to the britney types.

I was a big Sabrina the teenage witch fan too, i liked the later years best when she worked in the coffee shop. i loved seeing melissa on cribs as well, with her witches brew bar – think it was before she was with mark though- be good if she did another one later this year.

Suzanne on

I haven’t read the People article but from the excerpts you posted it is nice to read about a celebrity mom talking about her baby rather than how she plans to lose weight and start looking “hot” again. Melissa seems like a very normal down to earth mom who has her priorities straight!

Hannah on


I was simply commenting on Melissa’s comment in reference to the post from a few days ago about the outrage at some moms wanting a boy after having several girls. I wasn’t attacking Melissa or making a derogatory comment. It was simply an observation.

This family is absolutely precious…no matter what gender the children are.

Nicole on

Why does it matter if she’s breastfeeding, pumping, or formula feeding? Is it truly anyone’s business but her’s? Let’s applaud her for just being a good mother to two beautiful boys and for making it work however she needs it too.

Also, is it a big deal that a mom of 2 boys wants to try for a girl? I think a lot of moms feel that way, I know I do (I only have 1 boy), but like Melissa, I’d love the opportunity to raise both genders and see how life is with one of each (or however the combination works out).

Just be happy for her… and stop criticising. Before you point fingers, make sure your hands are clean!

finnaryn on

For the comments on one attractive and one “less than attractive” partner, perhaps there are still people out there who choose their partners based on their hearts rather than what the public will think of their appearances. This shouldn’t be a strange concept.

In Mark and Melissa’s case, I clearly see a beautiful couple who are are loving life and who are very blessed to have each other and their adorable children.

wondering on

What a BEAUTIFUL family. I just love her. I think all of us Sabrina the teenage witch fans just feel so attached to her. I know she is busy with 2 adorable kids now but I would LOVE to see her in a big screen flick. She does so well on the made for TV movies I am suprised she is not in more big screen stuff.
She is one of my favorite actresses. My daughter is 6 and just getting into STW and I love being able to sit down and watch the reruns on channel 25 with her.


debbie on

I love the name Brady – if that is what they are going to call him then why not just use that name instead of Braydon. They make a beautiful family!

Megan on

I love her with dark hair!!!

Linda Byerline on

A very big congratulations to Melissa and Mark. After meeting Melissa a couple of times I can say she is truly a beautiful person inside and out. What I want to know though is “How is the cloth diapering going?”
I know that Melissa had a goal of trying to use cloth diapers successfully this time around and I would love to hear how that has gone.
She has a stash of Happy Heinys and I wish her the very best of luck with her experience with cloth diapers.
Linda Byerline CEO
http://www.Happy Heinys.com

Carol on

Awww how cute. Brady looks just like Mason. Both her boys are adorable.

iluvallbabies on

I really hope Melissa doesnt read this post, Im very dissapointed how its ended up.

Ashleigh-faye on

I think its great Melissa emails CBB. Im in my 20’s and grew up watching her. I think its great that shes sharing this time in her life with us.

I think Brady is just so cute! what a good looking family.

Vness on

What a beautiful family! I can’t say Sabrina the teenage witch was my favourite programme or that I really was a fan of Melissa but it’s freshing to see a celeb couple that are so down to earth.

And their boys are adorable (especially Mason in the top photo). Plus I love the name Braydon.

LaMama on

CONGRATULATIONS to the Wilkerson family! These are sweet pictures and their boys are adorable!

Lisa on

Melissa has become one of my favorite celebrity mom’s. I feel like we’ve grown up together. Which may or may not sound weird. I watched her on Clarissa Explains It All and then on Sabrina. I’ve always thought she seems down to earth and like a person that I would want to be friends with. Now we got married around the same time and had kids around the same time too. It’s just funny how that happened. I wish her and her family the best. They seem so happy and her and Mark have the cutest kids. I hope she continues to update CBB on her life with her kids. It’s great that she is so involved and that she involves her fans. It seems to keep the unnecessary rumors away too.

Nicole on

aww! that third pic is so cute!!

Keep the Melissa and family pics coming! :O)

Lolly on

What a beautiful family! Her boys look healthy and happy. Boy am I glad I didn’t need to explain my choices (breast or bottle, what I was carrying when I left the hospital, pain med or no pain med). Each choice should be made by the mom and no one should need to explain their choices.

Bea on

I know other people have said it, but it is really nice to see a child star grow up and be down-to-earth and normal. She and her husband have some lovely boys, and I have enjoyed reading her blogs, the updates and the beautiful family portrait. I wish them all the best.

Danielle on

Adorable boys! Great names! (I also used my maiden name as my 2nd sons middle name. People get confused all the time and think its a hyphenated last name. Oh well!)

Lesley on

I’ve always really liked Melissa from Sabrina days. Her boys are just beautiful and they make a gorgeous family. Somehow they come across as a really nice, normal young family, despite being celebrities.

Lian on

Its crazy that Sabrina the Teenage witch has 2 kids! and that she is 35! she looks amazing and soooo happy! they are so cute 🙂