Terrence Howard takes fatherhood seriously

03/28/2008 at 09:07 AM ET

Terrence_howard_august_rush_prem_07Being a dad to Aubrey, 14, Hunter, 12, and Heaven, 10, is Terrence Howard’s top priority.  The 39-year-old actor is using his own dad’s fathering skills in helping him to raise his kids.

My father believed in supervision. That’s why my kids are always with me. That’s why I don’t go out. It’s not ‘cause I don’t want to go out. But I don’t know any other creature in nature that leaves their kids with someone else. The bear don’t go to the owl and say, ‘Hey, can you watch my cub?’ No, they stay with their offspring until they’re in a position to do otherwise. I just believe in older values.

Mom is Lori McCommas.

Source: Thatnewish; Giant


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tina on

I hope he realizes how lucky he is to be in a financial position to have that choice to make

crimpe on

This guy kills me with his bizarre old-school views. Every time his parenting views are quoted I crack up. Last time it had something to do with menacing his girls’ future boyfriends with his mind. Anyway, I’m with Tina. Also, many animals rely on their packs for childcare. I can think of dolphins and meerkats right off the bat.

Isabel on

Interesting that he says He “don’t go out” because I always see pictures of him at celebrity events. He should probably say I don’t go out as often as I like.

angela on

Actually, I find his comments refreshing, especially in this day and age of pawning kids off on a nanny or nursery. He actually is in the financial position to hire someone to care for his kids full time, so for him not to do that, in my opinion, is admirable. I feel strongly about being at home with my kids, so I guess that’s why I identify in a positive way with his comments. To each his own…

patricia on

there are some type of birds that lay their eggs in the nest of another species leaving those parents to care for them when they hatch..the cuckoo, screaming cowbird and african whydah are a few. Now that i have displayed what a nerd i am, i need to go get a life.

MB on

It’s great that he’s so involved with his children’s lives, especially when he could hire someone full time to care for them. However, I don’t see anything wrong about hiring a sitter every now and then to get some time for yourself, or for you and your partner. I would think it would be healthy for your relationship and as a kid, I loved when my parents went on their weekly “date night” b/c our babysitter was so much fun.

ella on

To crimpe, Terrence Howard and Martin Lawrence are 2 different people, very different looking as well, just thought I’d let you know…..

Anyway his example is way off the mark as some creatures DO actually babysit for each other. Fair enough he “says” he doesn’t go out and leave his kids with someone what happens when he’s working? Surely he can’t be with them 100% of the time. Also trying to look down on those that use help for a little down time is not cool. He really should have thought about his statement and educate himself about “creatures in nature” before spewing rubbish cause that totally negates the point he’s trying to make.

PS Yes I have never heard of any bear that asks an owl to babysit nor a human that asked a chimpanzee to babysit!

Judyb on

Did people look at the ages of these kids? It sounds like we are talking about very young children instead of two preteens and a teenager.

Perhaps he could arrange for his kids to have sleepovers with their friends if he wants a night out. My kids would have been mortified if we would have hired a sitter when they were these kids ages. I do not necessarily think that a parent who spends all of their time with their children is a better parent than someone who doesn’t. This guy sounds really controlling to me.

Stephanie on

i applaud him! i wish more parents would be like him. i wish i was more financially stable to stay home with my son. as a young mother, i see my friends going out every weekend, i rather spend my weekends with my son 🙂

crimpe on

Ella – my bad. Should have done my homework on the quote. Of course they are different people, and no, they look nothing alike!!! I think it was the whole “overprotective father of three” silly quote thing. Judyb has a point about the ages of the kids, however there are always cool caretaker figures who can make the night something to look forward to, rather than an embarrassment. I wonder about his words, though, considering he does make it out for many photo ops without his kids.

lainty on

I feel it is very refreshing for a father of 3 to want to raise his children like his dad raised him. It is important to know your children,and spend proper time with them. That way you know they are safe,because you know were they are and what they are doing. I;m happy he does’nt throw his kids off on some one he has morals and loves his kids.