Parents Magazine: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins' nursery is a death trap?

03/28/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

People Magazine‘s photo spread of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony‘s twins Max and Emme revealed their lush and luxurious nursery that included two Bratt Decor Casablanca Cribs in slate, Art 4 Kids’ Madison Bedding and an ivory Max Daniel blanket. However, Parents Magazine is up in arms because they are concerned about what they say are major safety hazards in the room:

  • The pillows, stuffed animals and blankets in the cribs and draped canopies are suffocation hazards
  • Bows tied onto the crib slats are choking hazards.
  • The open window doesn’t have a window guard.

While it’s true that these concerns are valid, I think the editors of Parents are jumping the gun. As we learned with Brooke Burke‘s nursery for daughter Heaven Rain and Baby Boy Charvet, the room was styled and staged for a beautiful photo shoot. Most likely, all hazards would be removed before the babies are put in the cribs. Also, Jennifer and Marc acknowledged in their interview that the babies often sleep with them.

What do you think? Did Parents magazine overreact or are their concerns valid?


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Nicole on

This is a SERIOUS overreaction… come on people, do you not think that Jennifer & Marc have enough common sense to know to take those things OUT of the crib before laying their little ones down. Not to mention that they said in the article that Max & Emme often sleep with them.

As for window guards, I hardly think month-old babies are able to open the windows, hell they can’t even reach them.

Seriously, just be damn happy for her that she finally made her dream of becoming a mother happen and stop nitpicking EVERY little thing that she (or anyone else for that matter) does!

Jenny on

I wouldn’t be surprised if all the stuffed animals and pillows were just decoration for the photo shoot….I’m sure they’ve read books and heard from doctors about what shouldn’t be in a crip, plus Marc has already had kids and I’m sure he knows….but it is sort of silly to have the pictures taken with all the decor in the crib, since everyone freaks out about it.

amelita on

Even if the unsafe decorating is done just for the photo shoot, I do believe it is irresponsible because readers who are not informed of the proper precautions may not realize that what they are seeing in the pictures is very unsafe. I feel the nurseries should be shown as functional spaces. Why not show how beautiful a safe nursery can be?

JHT on

I must say that I think this is a valid concern as everyday parents may try to copy a celebrity nursery. When it comes to our children, you can never be too safe!

karen on

Parents magazine has valid points but they didn’t have to present it in quite that fashion.
Like everyone is saying, the nursery was probably set up like that for the photo shoot. However people looking at the spread may get ideas from their nursery and attempt to copy it–that’s where the problem is.
Had they maybe commented on the nursery with a reminder to remove stuffed animals from the cribs; have up window guards, and remove the bows from the cribs, etc. etc. THAT would have been more appropriate.

Sara on

I don’t think that this is an overreaction. So what if the decoration and dangerous schwag might have been staged for a photo shoot — most people who read that article and look at those photos will not know that. Regular folks try to emulate celebrities and celebrities’ nurseries, so it is best for them to set a positive example, and not throw safety aside for the sake of a prettier room and prettier picture.

chatty cricket on

Ok, I get the point that Parents Magazine would like to point out potential hazards because you know there must be SOME brilliant person out there who might take the photo of Jennifer Lopez’s nursery literally, HOWEVER, it’s a photo shoot. And from what I understand, the entire photo shoot was a wee on the artistic side. I mean, then where are the fashion experts all up in arms about how spit up will STAIN your gold taffeta ball gown!?

Honestly Parents Magazine, let’s please not lose our heads.

Melissa on

I tend to believe its a slight overreaction if the uproar is related to any specific risk to Jen & Marc’s babies.

I do think that Parent’s has a great opportunity to point out to normal-everyday parents that there is a tremendous risk if they try to copy what Jen & Marc have done in their own nurseries. Parent’s should use this as an opportunity to educate the masses rather then specifically be critical of Jen & Marc.

Jackie on

I think the magazine’s reaction is a valid overreaction. I think sometimes it’s necessary to overreact to drill it in to some less than intelligent people the dangers that pillows and drapes can be. The pillows/blankets, etc were just decoration for the photo shoot, but there are people out there stupid enough to think things like that are okay to be in a babies crib with a baby. Like any publication (i hope) they’re just covering their asses.

Megan on

I don’t think it’s an overreaction. Like someone else said, people may look at it and be inspired by it, and not know that some of the things are unsafe. I have seen so many baby shows where the baby is put in a crib with thick bumpers, blankets and stuffed animals. I hope Jennifer and Marc took the proper precautions after the photo shoot, although I think they should have represented the spread in the right fashion anyhow so as not to give people unsafe ideas. In my opinion, the whole shoot was very unrealistic, from the nursery to how Marc and Jennifer were dressed- who looks that formal and made-up a month after having twins? I know it’s a magazine and it’s supposed to look fantastic but I thought it was over the top. JMO.

Melissa on

While it all may be staged, let’s think about it from a different perspective. People are looking at their nursery saying, “OMG! I want that. I want my nursery to look just like it.” They may not know that these were “props” for the photoshoot. I think it is a poor decision for anyone to do this. It is absolutely a safety hazard and many people are not as informed at what is okay and what is not.

charsmom on

Parents magazine is a magazine that I would never trust for anything!!! They are totally over-reacting. I believe that most of what is published in that magazine is done to a) make parents hysterical about child-rearing or b) make parents feel bad about themselves.

Give me Mothering magazine any day!

michelle anne on

I have the magazine. I agree it is for photo shoot and can’t imagine babies are left alone that long anyway.
The only thing that concerned me was the cribs themselves. they have alot of open scroll work that clothes can get caught on. but like i said I am sure babies are not in them much . I know when my sis had her baby she was in bassinett beside masterbedroom bed.

Judyb on

I think it is funny the way some people “assume” that readers will be too stupid to know what is safe and what is not safe. To me this is just another example of people thinking that they are smarter than other parents and they need to parent other people’s children.

tink1217 on

definite overreaction. same with Brooke! I mean seriously…people should have enough common sense to know pillows and stuffed animals should not be in a crib with the baby. Even first time mothers, especially those with access to purchasing the kinds of things in Jennifer and Brooke’s nurseries should have enough knowledge and common sense to know better and to know that its staged for a photo shoot.

asm1976 on

Okay, when I first saw the photos of their BEAUTIFUL nursery, I did think “wow,crystal chandeliers, fireplace, lace???” But not once did I think it was hazardous. Everyone knows that celebrities have Play Rooms for their kids, and that’s where most of their time will likely be spent. I’ve seen several nurseries on MTV cribs, and the parents often say, just like Leah Remini that their kids never spend ANY time in the nursery. The nursery is just more for show and photo shoots. Jennifer stated that the twins sleep with them–as most babies do during their first months anyway. I’m sure they have a beautiful, baby safe playroom set up for the twins. Sounds like ParentsMag just wants to get some extra attention at Jennifers expense.

asm1976 on

Another thing, readers should have the common sense to not run out and do something just because they’ve seen a picture of a celebrity nursery. Readers should have common sense to research what’s safe to go in their babies nursery. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming things on celebrities.

mudnessa on

I think they went about it all wrong. Instead of being all harsh about it they should have published a safety checklist or something like that and address the issues of actually putting a child in a room like that. They should have addressed that they would hope and believe that Lopez and Anthony had the room set up that was just for the photoshoot but still address the issues so people who may not know could be informed with out being so argumentative and mean seeming about it.

valentina on

I thought the cribs were some sort of wrought iron metal and they looked really dangerous to me. If the babies were able to stand and slipped surely it would hurt a lot more on metal than banging on wood. I hope they replace them with something safer once they can stand.

Maria on

I don’t think it is an overexaggeration at all. I think people (ALL people) need to be aware of these kinds of dangers. The “common” person might try to copy that nursery not realizing it was decorated that way just for the photo, and something terrible might happen. Not everyone is blessed with common sense! I also don’t think it should be a given that even Marc and Jennifer would have enough common sense to remove these items. Like I said….not everyone is blessed with common sense. I don’t think it ever hurts to point out some of these things so that EVERYONE can be made aware. I actually think it would have been grossly irresponsible of the magazine NOT to point these things out!

Jillian on

I think Parents magazine needs to go about this in a different fashion… I agree that the unsafe items need to be pointed out so other parents trying to emulate the style of celebrities don’t make the same mistakes, but attacking Jennifer and Marc’s parenting is not the way to do it especially since the nursery was staged… Perhaps they should write an article that points out how all of these nurseries are staged for the photos, and give “regular” folks examples of safe and stylish nurseries. In fact, they should get HGTV involved and turn it into a show, “Designer Nurseries, Safe and Affordable”:):)

On the other hand, I am surprised they didn’t say anything about the fireplace in the nursery:) All I could see was soot covered toddlers coming up:):)

Mari on

A serious overreaction on the part of Parent’s magazine.

Morgan on

There’s not enough credit being given to people who look at that shoot. If what you’re dealing with is a person unintelligent enough to put together a nursery based purely off of what a celeb has done with theirs (for a photoshoot, mind you), without even the forethought to research on their own what things make sense versus what doesn’t, then sorry for you. There’s an awful lot of hand holding with people and insisting that readers aren’t intelligent enough to use discernment to figure out where to draw the line between reality and fiction. As a parent, if you can’t draw that line between something being cute for pictures but unsafe for reality, then God forbid you should have to tell your child where that line is drawn.

Stef on

LOL A window guard to protect newborns? It reminds me of that episode of “Friends” where Ross and Rachel accidentally lock the newborn Emma in the apartment. Rachel says, What if she jumped out of the bassinet? Ross–Can’t hold her own head up, but yeah, jumped.

So Lopez’s newborns have apparently developed a tumbling/gymnastics act that brings them dangerously close to a window…which needs a guard according to Parents.

Judyb on

Morgan, you said it well and I agree with you 100%.

Naughty Cal on

What, so now babies are expected to sleep in beds without pillows?

elisabeth on

I think that is a TOTAL over-reaction.

I am really into decorating and my child’s nursery was gorgeous and over the top. But it was set up differently for when it was having photos made, or for dinner parties when people were looking at. My child was never really in hers until she was 4 months old and then it was different- all the “fluff” was gone- and it was a SAFE place. Some people, like me, do things for show- but there child is probably totally safe in a bassinet for now, and will be changed as they get older.

MB on

I have to say I had no idea until I started preparing for pregnancy that stuffed animals and pillows in a crib are a no-no. The rules of what can cause SIDS keeps changing. While yah, Parents magazine probably overreacted some, don’t assume every single parent knows everything. I work in public health and you’d be surprised at what people don’t know that some of us may think is common knowledge. I agree with Karen…maybe the could have just made a note in their next issue or done an article on safe nursery practices.

Lauren on

In my opinion if you can afford a nursey like that, then you can afford someone to come in and tell you what is right and wrong with it. a lot of people are paying companies to come in a “Baby” proof their house. with new parents like mark and jen that had been trying for awhile i wouldnt be surprised if they did have someone come in and babyproof their house. i think that this was a simple over reaction. (although my favorite is the window… stef said it best… its not like they are going to fly out the window at weeks old LOL that made me laugh)

Starlet on

I actually think Parents did right. The reason is, I work in child safety and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard what I would view as well educated parents say
“but pillows in the cribs look so cute all the celebrities do it”. Honestly, they do say that all the time. I also know that the majority of parents don’t have their carseats correctly installed and a significant number of babies die or have serious injuries that are unavoidable. I think Parents did well to point these things out. The window is a big issue, Oprah has covered this in her show and I remember a well educated mom (an accountant) whose 2 year old was leaning on a window screen that was clearly moving saying to me “I didn’t know kids fell out of windows”. At the end of the day if their statements and this dialogue saves a child’s life,it was worth it.

heather on

Just because not everybody is “blessed with common sense”, does that mean it’s fair to say that it’s wrong for a celebrity to put out a photo like this? I do not think the fault of the celebrity that the person with “no common sense” tries to emulate them. People are all responsible for their own actions at the end of the day.

I have to say though, Parents magazine is really looking for something, anything these days to try to add to their slew of “say the same thing in 100 different ways” articles.

MsFeasance on

I think Parents framed this incorrectly. What they should have done is an article on safe, stylish nurseries, pointing out all the hazards in photo-shoot styling of nurseries and presenting alternatives that are just as good and also have the benefit of being safe. Their blog, however, took an unwelcomely alarmist tone that is all-too-common in the mainstream media.
(Also, I’m fairly certain that People’s creative team, and not Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony, dictated the vast majority of the shoot’s direction and tone. So their condemnatory tone towards the new parents for showing off a nursery that could appear unsafe should have been directed at People, not Lopez and Antony.)

Di on

When I first saw the nursery photos this week I thought “wow those cribs look really cluttered; there is too much stuff in there”. Now I can believe that the nursery was probably staged for the photo shoot but maybe People should have put some disclaimer on the page saying that having all those items in the crib is a safety hazard.

On a side issue, I thought that some of the photos looked absolutely ridiculous especially the one where J.Lo and Marc are in the driveway with the $3,000 strollers. It seemed so staged and the kids were not even in them. The other pictures looked more beautiful but J.Lo still looks like a diva rather than a tired new mom.

LB3 on

Juat read the interview from Parents magazine, and I don’t get that they were ranting and up in arms..merely mentioning. And other than the stuffed animals in the crib, what is the big deal? Room looked a little over the top, but I didn’t see safety hazards. Whatever..another lash out at a celebrity, huh.

Teba, CBB Reviewer on

Anyone who thinks that the nursery looks like that on a daily basis probably believes that Jennifer puts on full-makeup, dresses and heels on a daily basis too! HAHA

V on

I literally laughed out loud when I saw the photo of the nursery because I had the immediate image of those two little cutters leaning out at around nine months and pulling the dazzlers off the side-table lamp and winging them around the room!

Oh, and about the off-white satin fabrics: They can afford to have them cleaned daily or even replaced entirely after each spit-up or other accident.

Different world, folks!

Bloggygirl on

I doubt 1 month olds are in much danger of jumping out the window. I think a lot of this safety stuff is overdone. Gadgets and gizmos don’t replace parental supervision.

I’m sure all of the “hazzards” are removed before the babies sleep. Duh, what you see in photos is not always how things are. Do you think she and Marc frolic in the front driveway with prams in their spare time? No, it was a photoshoot, get over it!

Kris on

If the photo shoot was in a parents type magazine I’d say it was a no no. But, since it was in People I usually look at all those things as done for the camera. I mean Jen and Mac are all dressed up and pretty much everything except the Dr. Brown bottles is over the top. That’s what most photo shoots are all about and that’s what sells magazines. IMO

terri on

I think it definitely was just for the shoot, so I would say ‘overreacting” for sure. Maybe Parent didn’t get an article or a shoot for themselves, so I see possibly a little spite with all this.

Nikka on

I think it’s valid.

1. Like it was said above, many parents will try and copy the nursery.
2. Parents often don’t think about hazards until something bad happens and things do look innocent and cute.
3. The babies sleep often with them. Often is not always.
4. I would not think of plush animals as a choking hazard, now I do !!!
5. They cannot open the windows, true, but one day they will. On the other hand, the screen gives a false sense of security which leads to fall outs

Overall, though, I love the nursery and I love the article (we spent a week looking for the magazine, and it came out only yesterday !!!) I also love that house you can see in the corner of one of the pictures through the window. I wonder who lives there and what do they think of their famous neighbours. I really love the pic of Jennifer with Bandana and of Mark with the little boy (he looks so cozy and small) I also noticed that the baby boy had closed eyes in every single photo ! He must lovelovelove sleeping 🙂

Nikka on

Is Jennifer donating the $$ to a charity and if, what portion and what charity?

And where did she mention about not brestfeatiding. I recall the comments from last week but i didnt see it in the article

Sasha on

Definitely not an overreaction. I actually wonder if People has or at some point will start to have a legal obligation to disclaim any liability from people copying a celeb’s staged nursery and then having an accident due to unsafe conditions. Starlet’s post says it all.

Kat on

You hardly need a window guard for newborn babies!

Christine on

Total over reaction of Parents magazine!!!! For some to say its a valid reaction because someone may try to copy the nursery is just stupidity on their part…. the nursery is obviously decorated for the photoshoot albeit WAY over the top, but there were probably 30 people in the nursery at the time and the babies were more than likely supervised at all times…. I really think people stir up stories to try and make other people look bad, its a shame. on

Although I believe the room was just staged for the photo shoot, a lot of people take inspiration from celebrity nurseries and those could lead to danger. Just as models posing with cigarettes that aren’t being smoked still send a bad message.

But I’m primarily a believe that people should have their own brains to know right from wrong and backbones to resist peer pressure.

I guess I can see both sides.

Lindsay on

I don’t have kids and don’t know, but is it safe for newborns to sleep in the bed with their parents? That makes me more nervous than the way their nursery was decorated.

Sarah’s note: Yes, if it’s done correctly. Many companies also make in bed and side bed co-sleepers, or bedside bassinets.

chris on

I think they make valid points, but I’m sure Jennifer and Marc didn’t do it intentionally and the babies probably have 24-hr. supervision and care. Honestly when I saw the People spread I was more freaked out by the huge chandelier hanging over one of the cribs than any of the hazards mentioned by Parents magazine.

Tatum on

I went to get my copy just to look at the picture and these are absurd overreactions they obviously needed a story and decided to tackle this the canopies are pulled completely away from the crib no way they could reach it until they are able to stand on their own at which time i’m sure they will be pulled further back the pillows stuffed animals and blankets are there for the photo shoot and most likely gifts from friends that they wanted to show their appreciation to the gift givers by having them in the magazine and the bows on the crib slats which can be removed as soon as the children are at an age that they would move around and not lay in one spot and the open window please i’m sure the photographer would have removed it

YoMama on

I’m sorry, but isn’t it the job of PARENTS magazine to point out safety hazards? Even if J.Lo decorated the nursery that way for just the shoot, it’s irresponsible to put those images out there, especially when she has fans who look up to her and copy what she does. There are plenty of safe AND stylish products for a nursery these days. Plus, the post on was not as extreme or catty as this implies. Check out the actual blog first.

sleekraven on

Why would any parent over the age of 20 want to copy a celebrity nursery? when did we all lose sight of ourselves that we sit and wait to do whatever a celebrity is doing in order to make something of ourselves. Anybody copying or doing whatever a celebrity is doing needs to sit themselves down and ask themselves a few questions.

Is this what we burnt our bras for?

As for Parent magazine, they will do well to mind their own business.

JC on

Overreaction since more then likely they just did up the rooms for the pictures and are not like that all the time. But of course Parents magazine doesn’t seem to realize that. And on the copying issue….People need to use their brains and common sense. What person could afford all that anyway unless they are a celebrity?

Sara on

If you look at the picture on page 56 in People magazine, you can actually see the kids in one of the cribs (on the left). Obviously, there were a ton of people watching them at the time!

Beth on

When I saw the photo of the cribs with all the stuffed animals, my first thought was–those shouldn’t be in there. Like others upthread have stated, even J. Lo and company know that the toys, etc. in the crib go away after the shoot, they’re sending the wrong message to people who don’t know, like the poster above who thinks it’s OK for babies to have pillows in their beds (because, as I think most of the posters here probably do know, it’s really better if pillows stay out of cribs!)

chicki on

Don’t be fooled… a 12-page spread in People magazine seeks to entertain it’s readers, not to educate them! Marc is NOT a first time parent so all of this criticism about this photo shoot is ridiculous!

However, I do think the point about the window guard is valid because, just like the plastic covers on the outlets in nurseries aren’t there to protect the newborns, those safety mechanisms are there to protect other children who come to visit the family after baby is born. Learned that little nugget on yesterday’s episode of “Make Room for Baby”!

Renee on

I agree Sleekraven and JC. Overreaction from Parents magazine. They should have taken the issue up with people magazine privately and I’m sure people would have ran a disclaimer the next week

Sarah F. on

So overreaction. Give me a break. Also, none of their freakin’ business!

Ellen on

I agree. Total overreaction. I have to agree with others that pointed out that if you get all your parenting ideas from celebrity photo shoots, then there are bigger problems here. Why should People magazine have a legal obligation if someone copied the nursery and something went wrong? If you copy a nursery, w/o any thought to its safety, then YOU are at fault. YOU should have researched safety. You aren’t free from fault b/c you saw it in a magazine.

People magazine isn’t saying: this is how a nursery should look. They are simply showing pics of how J and M’s nursery looks. It’s time people start taking responsibility for their own stupidity and stop suing everyone else and stop holding everyone else for their own consequences. It is a parent’s responsibility to research safety. People Magazine isn’t a parenting guide!!

Rosy J on

I think it was a valid point. If one child’s life is saved because of it it was was well worth it. It is better to err on the side of caution.

Morgan on

After reading Chicki’s comment that is the only aspect of the overreaction that I will concede to: the baby proofing for older children. It’s completely logical to have those safety measures in place prior to visits like that taking place. But I will remind people that the purpose of a 12 page glossy magazine spread on celebs is not to inform the public (of anything of value): it’s voyeuristic entertainment. PERIOD. It is neither the job of the celebrities nor of that publication to hold the hands of every uninformed person walking around, so that they understand that while cute, the nursery is “clearly” a death trap (heavy sarcasm). People need to accept more responsibility for their decisions and stop attempting to play the “role model” card whenever a celeb does something that others feel the need to jump on their respective soap boxes and frown about. They’re human just like the rest of us and not to be held up as the example for morality-intelligence-parenting that we as a society follow. The cruel simple truth is that as a culture we uplift these people only to tear them down and take perverse pleasure in doing so. Sit back, relax, enjoy the show; but don’t forget, ITS A SHOW!!

candy(really)but not THE candy on

I know I am repeating but it SPECIFICALLY tated that in Brooke’s interview that the room was set for the shoot. Like a warning that they knew it was over the top.

Aya on

I think that they are doing this because, as much of most of us are sensible, there are a lot of stupid people out there.They look at these photos and try to replicate them the way people do with fashion. No ? Then why the craze over the bugaboos and knowing every single item on celebrity registries. Why else would we care, its not like we are going to look up their registry to buy them something off of that.

People know that bumpers are bad for cribs, but they use them because they are “cute”.

I was watching this show about couples are in debt.They had a tv in every room including one on a shelf right over the baby’s crib.I thought wow , that can’t be good at all, especially in an earthquake, or even when a bus goes by.Not only that ,the cord.

Starlet on

Last night I went out with friends and all of them told me they purposely boycotted buying the magazine with J Lo. I think a lot of people in the child protection/safety/medical world see this as a serious matter and know that people do copy celebrities. I think in future there should be warnings or actually, as one reader suggested, why not show how lovely a safe nursery can be 🙂

Jenny on

She has a sterilized wing of the house for them…. I highly doubt she lets them sleep with pillows… I mean, good god people.. lighten up. It was decorated for the picture shoot. Its Jennifer Lopez, did anyone honestly expect anything else from her than that?

She loves to show off, and this was just another way of doing it.

Mary on

Yeah, I believe they’re over reacting. Although, I must say when I saw the photos of the nursery I laughed my butt off. Not because of possible risks but because of how ridiculous everything was. Why the serving trys sitting about with rattles? I mean seriously?

But since it was brought up I’ve heard that newborns aren’t supposed to sleep in the same bed as parents. It’s a SIDS risk or something. Yeah, I don’t really know. I’m not a parent but when I mentioned sleeping with my infant niece on Yahoo Answers, boy did I get flamed.

Again I’m not a parents but even I know about what experts say should and shouldn’t be in the crib with the baby. And I know that when my sister was pregnant she was given tons of brochures saying this. So if people want to copy J.Lo and Mark and totally disregard what the doctors gave them then they’re stupid and shouldn’t have kids anyway. That’s harsh…but seriously. How could anyone not tell how phony and staged those pictures were?

Those kids are safe, I’m sure the round the clock nannies will make sure of that.

Ellen on

HaHa. Mary, I totally agree with you. Great comment! It’s not harsh at all. Seriously, if all the parenting lessons people are learning are from Jennifer Lopez and People magazine, and the over-the-top photo shoot, it’s a sad state of affairs. Everyone talks about how people really will copy her. Well, those “people” would have to be multi-millionaires, and I’m sure they have better doctors, and are getting better advice, than the rest of us.

Joy on

It was probably just for the photo shoot! I’m sure they’ll pay someone to baby proof their entire house.

Butrfly Garden on

What I think is absolutely absurd is how much everyone else is overreacting about the BLOG POST in the first place. You are all overreacting because you think that someone else is?? How does that usually turn out for you?

GOODYBLOG wrote that article in jest. It IS the blog for PARENTS magazine and CHILD SAFETY is really a big issue for them. It was a HUMOROUS letter “to” J.Lo pointing out the safety hazards in their room. I’m sure (though I don’t know Kate personally) that the author intended it NOT to “insult” Jennifer Lopez, but to bring safety issues into light for other people. It’s a COMMON topic in the parenting world and often – like in ANY circle – current events and media spark new conversations about it.

Hah-larious that so many people are crying and complaining about how “Parents Mag” needs to “Lighten up.” I really don’t think it’s on them, folks. J.Lo will get over it, I’m sure. There have been FAR worse things said about her than the fact that her “staged” nursery has safety hazards.

And as an aside: I think it’s sick that she blows all that money to create a “Fake” nursery to display how wealthy she is. Why not just gold-plate the babies?