Jamie Lynn Spears out in Louisiana; registers for baby gifts, is engaged

03/28/2008 at 04:54 PM ET

Actress Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, was spotted out in Baton Rouge, LA on Thursday. Jamie Lynn and her cousin made the 80 mile trip from Kentwood to register for baby gifts at Babies ‘R’ Us, in anticipation of Jamie Lynn’s upcoming baby shower — the event date listed on the site is July 10th, but we assume that refers to the due date, as it would be a rather late shower. Jamie Lynn also wore a shirt reading "The Rumors Are True" — perhaps confirmation of the engagement rumor, considering the new diamond ring on her finger?

While Jamie Lynn had expressed her desire to know the sex, it seems that she and Casey Aldridge are yet to find out (or are unwilling to share), as she registered for gender-neutral colors. The Zoey 101 star’s choices included teething rings, a Britax car seat, an ultrasound frame, a Cookie Monster bath towel and a Baby Neptune Ocean Gym. Most of the items stayed within a neutral color palette, including green items and Disney Winnie the Pooh and Tigger characters.

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Thanks to CBB readers Beth, Heather, Christina, and Mary Beth.

Note from Danielle: I’d like to ask and remind readers to be respectfulof one another and their choices, life experiences and opinions. Iwould bet that none of us has encountered the exact same challenges inlife so we can’t say that we wouldn’t make the same decisions if wewere in their shoes. Before you hit "publish" please ask yourself ifyou’d truly say that to someone’s face. It seems clear to me fromreading the comments that we’ve got a very smart and thoughtful groupof women here who became moms at young ages — please keep them in mindbefore you make broad statements. Their lives are just as valid asyours.

Additionally, please don’t refer to research or statistics unless you can state numbers and point to a specific reliable source.

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tink1217 on

she looks good. I don’t know that getting married is the right thing at her age. Hopefully they will wait awhile to see if they really want to get married. I married my high school sweetheart and we had a baby at 19 and another at 21 and were divorced when he was 3 months old. It lasted from beginning to end of being together…5 years. By the time we divorced I couldn’t stand him and he disappeared from our kids lives which was a blessing in disguise. My 2nd husband adopted the kids and is the only real daddy they have ever known. So, I hope Jamie Lynn and Casey think long and hard about actually making it legal just because she is pregnant. That said….she seems pretty together and mature for her age. I hope she fairs better than Britney.

dianna on

She seems happy to be where she is, and she seems to have it together too. The stereotypes people place on young moms don’t always apply. I’m a teen mom too, by choice, and couldn’t be happier. Some people wait till their 40s to have babies, and some people decide to do it early. Can’t wait to see her little one… I’m thinking girl!

heather on

the registry says she due july 10 2008

Nikka on

I thought that her mom was going to keep the baby. Any update on that? If her mom would keep the baby, would Jamie Lynn still register for baby gifts?

Sarah’s note: That’s from tabloid reporting. Nothing credible.

MB on

she looks so much like her sister in that picture!

ekaterina on

you can sure tell how old she is by what she registered for-

hope that it all works out for her being a mum is a hard job for anyone let alone a 16 year old kid herself….

Elizabeth on

My brother and his girlfriend got pregnant (well, she did) at age 17 and were married before the baby was born. Now married for 11 years, they’ve got 4 awesome kids and are still madly in love. They had a lot of rough years early on, but they saw it through and don’t regret their decision. I think Jamie Lynn seems very mature compared to a lot of girls her age… only she and Casey know what’s right for their lives, and I think her decision shouldn’t be judged, no matter what it is, by spectators.

Elizabeth on

Ekateria – I don’t think age has anything to do with it. I’ve known new mothers in their 40’s who freak out about the silly things and in the mean time forget all of the important items and details when stocking their nursery, etc. I’ve also had two very good friends and one sister get pregnant in their teens who did as much as possible to become well informed expecting mothers and knew enough by the time of registering to skip the frills for the sake of the necessities. It’s not age that matters.

Allison on

What a bunch of smart women who are posting today. I agree with just about everything. Being a young mom always appealed to me. I was 20 when I got pregnant and also when I married and I love the idea of still being young when our son graduates high school. I think they will have a long engagement. Best of luck to the both of them, they will be fine.

brandy on

I have been with my husband since I was sixteen. I had our first child when I was 17. We have been together for 8 years and are just as happy now as we were then. I do hope she is not marrying him only because she is pregnant. But really just because she is young doesn’t mean it wont. I know just as many older people marriages that fail as I do young.

Crystal on

“you can sure tell how old she is by what she registered for-“
I didn’t see anything on there that any other mother might not buy. Everyone has different taste and it doesn’t necessarily relate to age.

Alicia on

I just think the best question to ask yourself if you ever think of becoming a mother is:
Would I want me for a mother? I would want the best possible circumstances for my baby. So for me, that means going to college, earning a degree, building a career, get married to a great man, then start a family. I just want to my child to come into the most loving, stable environment possible and I feel like anything less than that would be selfish.

angelbaby33 on

Did you notice that there are 2 registries with the same names, due date and message. I wonder if someone made a duplicate in hopes that a stranger would buy gifts and have them automatically shipped to the address that the imposter put on file for the 2nd one. Also, I don’t think that you can tell how old she is based off her registry items. Maybe she already has all the main necessities and is simply registering for a few gifts because someone wants to throw her a shower or something. I have bought so many gifts for friends off registries and it totally varies on what they want but more so what they need. (Espeically if they have money to buy whatever they want…..which she obviously does!) I am currently expecting baby #4 and have been thru that store a million times and it is easy to get overwhelmed, especially with baby #1. Not to mention she knows that she was being stalked by papparazzi going into the store so she might have made one quick run thru so she could get home. A lot of moms make multiple trips to add new things or add a lot of stuff online. I probably wouldn’t feel entirely comfortable walking thru the aisles picking out things while being followed or knowing that every choice I made was going to end up on People.com!!! Best of luck to her!

Michelle on

Ekaterina, what exactly did Jamie Lynn register for that “shows her age?” I checked out her Babies R Us registry and see a lot of practical items as well on there. It could be that she already has a lot of stuff on her own or leftover from her sister, and is only registering so she can get some gifts she wouldn’t necessarily buy herself. My registry at Babies R Us had some silly sort of stuff too, because I already had most of my own baby items and was pressured into registering, so people could check it before my baby shower. Who really knows what they need before their first baby anyway, no matter how old they are?? Not a nice comment in my opinion, Ekaterina.

Rowan on

Married at 17?! Oh my God, I hope it’s a rumour. She’s still a child.

Michelle on

Am I looking at the right registry? Because I saw TONS of pink, not “gender neutral”.

Michelle on

Disregard my comment about all the pink. I see now that there are about 6 different registries using these two names.

I was wondering if she would really register using her real name, or if she’d use a friend’s name, or an alias?

Tara on

She seems incredibly mature. She looks gorgeous. Engagement so young is not something i would want, however i know many people marry young and are happy, it’s a personal choice and i applaud her for taking control of her life. I wish her the best.

Tara on

Found a video- she looks very pregnant!

Aileen on

Who cares if they get married and get divorced..so do millions of others..why not give it a try and maybe it will work out..maybe it wont. Nobody knows! Just like 25-30 year olds who get married and then get divorced (after having kids brought into the picture) years later. But thats ok I guess cuz they are 25-30 and not teenagers. U can love someone easily, but whether or not u can live with them and raise kids with them is another question. Cut her some slack. I think its nice shes willing to give it a chance. I hope it works out. But if it doesn’t, at least she can vouch that she tried.

Beth on

Wow, there are now three different registries. I’m a young mother as well, not as young as JLS but I had my first child at 23 and was married at 22. I couldn’t imagine life any other way, I love being a young mom and it works for us. I wish them all the best.

heather on

She does look great! About her shirt… it was rumored awhile back that her baby was a boy and the writing on her shirt is in blue. Just a thought that I had that maybe the shirt is in relation to the boy rumors. Britney also had the blue tank top that said, “I’ve Got The Golden Ticket” when pregnant with Sean and the public didn’t know the sex of her baby. I remember that got the buzz going that she was carrying a boy!

I didn’t check out her registery but just in reading what was written in the post I don’t see what would be juvenile. I had the same thought that she can buy anything she wants or needs and her registery is probably just for fun gifts that people can buy at her shower. She has stayed in Louisiana and I’m sure her hometown friends there wanted to have a shower for her.

Principesa on

Alicia: well said.

Erika on

I’m so proud of JLS. She looks great, and she’s really stepped up and shown a lot of maturity. This baby is going to be a beautiful blessing!

Ivey on

I don’t think people should not consider marriage because they fear divorce, I think thats the dumbest reason on the planet.

If they end up divorcing, they can at least say they made the best attempt possible for the baby, I wish people would stop worrying so much about divorce and start thinking more about the kids.

I certainly wouldn’t want to have an illegitimate child, given the choice.

JC on

I think the t-shirt is referring to the engagement rumors.

JennB on

I think she showed maturity by leaving Hollywood, where she’d be constantly badgered, and going to get her GED. Whether or not she’s a good role model for getting pregnant at a young age, she at least showed that education is important.

I think the items she asked for on the registry were very practical, and I was impressed that she didn’t ask for anything crazy or expensive. She just wants the stuff she knows she’ll need.

Rachel on

Hmmm… amazing to me that there are now 5 or 6 Jamie Spears baby registries. I have kind of kept on eye on this sort of thing for a long while now as part of a class to determine how thefts occur and as of yesterday there was only one new registry listed (the one from glaster, Mississippi) the others have all shown up today. The one that seems to be being referred to on this site is not new and has actually been up for about 3 months now and amazingly until the past few days nothing had been bought from it. In other words it’s highly likely that these are fake and that someone somewhere is profitting from them. As of yesterday the only new registry

It’s unlikely that a high profile celebrity would actually register under there own name. I’m betting there’s an alias registry set up somewhere.

Shonce on

I wonder if this registery is a hoax. Doesn’t seem likely that a celeb would register under their real name and not a fake. Maybe I am mistaken, but you would think it wouldn’t be so easy to find. When I checked earlier there was only 1, now there are more?!?! Hmmmm..

Renee on

Ivey, I have to say that’s old fashioned thinking that needs to be thrown out. It’s 2008, who cares if the parents are married before they have kids. As long as the children are healthy, why should we be concerned if they are married. Marriage doesn’t make a happy family and I wish more people would do research. Also, divorce isn’t as easy as you make it seem. Divorce is expensive for some people and emotionally draining.

Jaclyn on

Alicia –

I fully understand what you are talking about, however, are you speaking just about yourself?

I mean I am done highschool onto my second year at university, I am only 20 and expecting. Mistakes/things happen. I truly hope that you are not saying that I may be selfish in keeping my child without having more stability. Though 16 and 20 are completely different ages, we do not know her story.

chelsea on

she looks beautiful and happy. everybody has the chance to be a great mom, no matter what their age.

me on

alicia you know having all that stuff done first doesnt always make you a some perfect parent or any better of a one that doesnt have it all done. As long as you can provide and give your child all the love in the world. you can go to college, earn a degree, build a career get married to the perfect guy and still things might not always be perfect.

Heather on

If you’re looking for the correct registry, it’s this one. I emailed the link to CBB earlier and I just went into my sent mail to get it. It’s a shame if people are making registries with Jamie Lynn’s name just to get free gifts.

CelebBabyLover on

I, too, can’t see how Jamie-Lynn’s purchases “show her age”. I have not actually looked at her registry, but I don’t see anything juvenille about Winnie the Pooh themed items (Of several baby showers I’ve been to, the vast majority of the moms-to-be registered for Winnie the Pooh themed things…and they were all in their mid-twenties at the very youngest!). Heck, I know a couple of moms who collected Winnie the Pooh stuff before they even started thinking about having kids!

Anyway, on a side-note, I just ran across some recent pictures of Britney, her father, and Sean Preston and Jayden James out for a walk (The photos include Brit’s dad pushing the boys in a double stroller as Brit walks alongside him, Sean and Jayden walking, and Britney holding Jayden). They were taken by X17 and posted on their website on March 16 (I hardly ever go to X17, but stumbled across one of the photos elsewhere and decided to check out the rest!). I just wanted to mention them in case CBB hasn’t yet seen them.🙂

Rye on

Sure, there are people who get married young and stay married…but the odds are HIGHLY stacked against that happening…and I don’t care what ANYONE thinks, a 16-17 year old is USUALLY not mature mentally enough to make that sort of life altering decision. Getting married is not the right choice for her just because she is pregnant. Just look at her sister’s life. Isn’t that proof enough that marriage at a young age isn’t the greatest thing? These two young adults are going to regret it one day. I dont care how happy the think they are right now with all the baby joy and jitters they are feeling…they have a LOT of life to live and its way too early for them to get married. i hope this engagement is a loooooooooooooong one.

Avery on

Regardless of age, a good mother is a good mother and I can only wish her and her child the best of luck and health.

As far as the engagement goes, it’s a personal choice. None of us are in any situation to judge whether or not they love each other enough to sustain a marriage. I know plently of individuals who were married young and are still together years down the road. On the other side, I’m two years older
than Jamie Lynn and I can’t see myself marrying my daughter’s father any time soon. It really just depends on the situation.

Either way, I hope she and Casey can reach a decision that’ll not only benefit themselves, but more importantly, their child.

CelebBabyLover on

I just want to comment on the “Would she really use her real name in her registry?” comments. Personally, I can totally believe that she would do that. I know a few other celebs have done that in the past. For example, Brooke Burke created a baby registry at either Bal Bambini or Petite Tressor (I can’t remember which at the moment, but I’m pretty sure it was the former) for her new son using her real name. Her rep confirmed to CBB that the registry was the real deal.

Anyway, I think the “would a celeb use her real name” thing depends on the celebrity. The less famous, “low-profile” ones, such as Brooke Burke, Melissa Joan Hart, and even Jamie Lynn (while Jamie Lynn certainly is famous, she isn’t nearly as famous as her older sister is. Actually, part of the reason she’s famous is because of who her sister is). However, using their real name in a registry is probably not something that Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes would do (Katie and Tom DID supposably have a registry, under their real names, at Petite Tressor when they were expecting Suri, but I’m guessing that was probably a fake one).🙂

Melissa on

I am appalled at some of the ignorance on this site with regards to pregnancy and marriage. A young mom can be a good mom, but they are few and far between. Teenage girls do not have the capacity to truly understand what it takes to be a mother until they are faced with the daily realities. When they are finally faced with these realities, the lack of maturity kicks in. It’s not “fun” anymore. It’s not “cute” anymore. It is an incredibly task for anyone, and one a teenager should not be choosing. Accidents happen and you should make the best decision for yourself and your baby, but let’s not advocate for young women to get pregnant.

The fact of the matter is, dianna, if you “chose” to be a teenage mother, then I would say than the parental influences in your life were not great enough. Children are not meant to have children.

I believe that JLS has shown great maturity with regards to her pregnancy. You rarely see her “showing off” her belly, which I think is a very good thing. The last thing she needs to do is “glamorize” teenage pregnancy or make other children think it is okay. I really hope that if she and her b/f are engaged, that they at least wait a couple years to really think about there decision. If all else fails, I hope mom and dad refuse to sign to allow her to marry.

Stef on

I don’t care about any of this stuff. Teenage marriage, celebrities making registries in their own names, etc. None of that matters. I just hope for her sake and for the sake of her child that she makes better life decisions than her sister did.

CelebBabyLover on

Melissa, actually, her parents won’t need to sign anything for her to get married. From what I’ve heard, the age of consent in Lousiana is actually 16.

Anyway, the only ones who really know whether or not marriage is best for them are Jamie Lynn, Casey, and their families. We don’t all the details.

As for being a good mother, I really, sincerely hope I don’t eat these words in a few months, but I actually think she’s going to be a better mother than her sister has been thus far.

tink1217 on

I hope nobody thought my post was “anti young mom” or “anti young marriage”. It wasn’t. I was just explaining my own situation and the fact is that most young marriages do not work out. The ones that do are in the minority. Especially getting married due to a pregnancy. I don’t doubt that they may love each other. I loved my ex husband with all my heart when we married and had our kids. But time changes people. Especially in those years between 16 and say 25. When you get married and have babies that young you don’t usually have the life experiences others do if they are able to go to college and do college things or work. Jamie Lynn is different due to the fact she has had a lot of adult experiences ,such as working as an actress, from an early age…like Britney. Reese Witherspoon was a young mom and I thought she and Ryan had beat the odds but even that one didn’t work out. Britney was really not all that young when she got married and had Sean.What was she 23??? And her life experience was so much more than the average person. I just hope they don’t rush to tie the knot BECAUSE Jamie Lynn is pregnant is all I was saying.

As for her registry, if it actually is her registry. The one with the cookie monster towel is actually one that had been at BRU for awhile. And has stuff purchased from it already so I am thinking that might be the real one. I didn’t see anything “juvenile” about it. Maybe a little “country” with the John Deere stuff. LOL. I actually thought it was kinda cute.

I wish Jamie Lynn and Casey nothing but the best, a healthy baby and true happiness. If that ends up with the 2 of them together for the long haul…lots of luck and I am happy for them.

Lolabella on

She is too young to be getting married.

ann on

So at 16, you are old enough to get pregnant and have a child, but heaven forbid you get married because you are too young? I think the “you are too young” argument went the waste side when the EPT said Positive. These two people made a child together, they are forever bonded so yeah get married and make it work. Her life as a hip teenager is over- she is a mother now, and in all honestly I have found motherhood so much easier with a partner.

dianna on

The fact of the matter is, dianna, if you “chose” to be a teenage mother, then I would say than the parental influences in your life were not great enough. Children are not meant to have children

just thought i would reply to this…
me and my son live with both of my parents, both psychologists, and they gave me all the support in my decision. I was a gifted child and am currently a university student with a 4.0 pursuing a joint degree, and my son is just incredible. Age doesn’t always designate maturity. I was always an old soul, and feel that by deciding to fulfill my dreams of becoming a parent at a young age, I can provide my son with a life very few people have.

so melissa, i would hesitate before you put me under the stereotype of a “teen mom” because it certainly doesn’t apply in my situation. my parents are amazing and have raised a very loving, nurturing mother.

dianna on

oh and one more thing melissa on your comment “Children are not meant to have children.” biologically, we are predispositioned to have children at a young age, between 18 and 22, when we are in our “prime”. Darwin studied the subject extensively, you should read his “Origin of the Species”.

Chiara on

I just wanna say a couple of things about the Spears girls, it’s true they may have not made the best choices in life lately but I think they’re both sorting thins out now.
Talking JL, I can say that where I live, in Italy, teenage pregnancy is not as common as in UK or the US. Fact is that in 2008 to get pregnant you must want it otherwise it’s not that difficult to put on a condom. I really don’t believe the whole “it happened” thing.
Apart from that, I really appreciate the fact that she kept the baby, I think she’ll make a good mom and I’m loving the shirt, she is being cheeky and playing with the press, really fun!
Talking Britney, she’s been through a rough patch but I believe she’s taking the right steps towards a recovery, her father has really stepped up and she’s doing fine. I loved her on HIMYM.

Ana on

What’s the big deal?! There are great young moms and older moms, such as there are awful young moms and awful older moms. It’s not the age which determines whether a woman(or a girl in this case) is going to be a good or bad parent, but what that person is on the inside. Besides, there are kids who are very mature and adults who are childish, that’s one of the reasons why so many people choose to be parents later in life (of course there are other factors such as, career, finding the other parent, fertility problems, or simple because they do prefer. And I know some young parents who raised children in a way I consider incorrect, such as I now older parents who raised them badly). Other people are caught up in the middle of the situation, such as she, and they grow up and turn out to be great parents (of which so many earlier posts have been examples of). And, well, it’s not our business, anyway, we make our own choices and no one has anything to do with it (thank goodness!) and probably 99.9% of us don’t and won’t discuss them on the Internet.
Well, it’s my opinion…

Autumn on

I found the two supposed registries for JLS and most of the items seem fine and mostly cute (the John Deere keys and corncob shaped teether are too cute! lol!) and functional. (Wishful thinking though with the Bugaboo stroller…)

Anyway compared to my cousins’ baby registries for their babies due within the next few months, they’re not that bad. Yeah all of my expectant cousins (or cousins’ wives) are in their late 20s – mid-late 30s and most of their items are fairly practical, but I did find some interesting things on their lists. One list even included snacks like chips, peanuts, Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls, and French Vanilla coffee creamer…and that couple are aged 28 & 30! lol! (I think obviously my male cousin must’ve “helped” his wife with their baby registry list at Walmart! lol!)

Lauren on

“Ivey, I have to say that’s old fashioned thinking that needs to be thrown out. It’s 2008, who cares if the parents are married before they have kids. As long as the children are healthy, why should we be concerned if they are married. Marriage doesn’t make a happy family and I wish more people would do research.”

I wish more people would do research as well, considering that you clearly haven’t done any regarding the benefits of marriage and statistics regarding the children of unmarried parents vs. those of married parents. I’m not going to turn this into a Statistics forum, but if you’re really interested in having a less biased point of view, there is plenty of information out there. Opinions are one thing; stating an uneducated opinion as fact (not to mention insinuating it is backed up by research) when all the educational research states the opposite is laughable.

Alicia, you took the words right out of my mouth. Well said. Jamie Lynn has shown great maturity throughout her pregnancy and seems to be making good decisions, but her situation should not be idealized in any way. If more people really took the time to sit down and really consider whether they were fit to be a parent beforehand, we’d have a lot less problems to deal with.

Ivy on

In response to melissa. I think it would be better to wait until you are older to have children. But the remark you made about A young mom can be a good mom, but they are few and far between. I have to completely disagree with the way you said that. It may be harder on a young mom than a 30 year old but that in no way means that 30 year olds are better moms than 20 year olds. Being a first time mom can be just as hard on a young mother as a older mother. Each and every person is going to different regardless of age. Now I don’t think 16 should be trying to have babies I do believe that a 16 year old can be just as good as a mom and it doesn’t help when they have people always putting them down

yaosa on

Totally agree with Melissa on this one. JLS has shown great courage and maturity and I wish her all the best. She is very, very fortunate to have family support.

I would like to know how many teen mothers actually have the support of their families ? There are so many teen mothers out there who have been cut off from families and don’t have support. It is not the norm for families to step in like in JLS’s case and help out and support. Many teen moms do not come from rich families. If so then it wouldn’t be such a big deal now would it ? How many teen and young mom’s are living with government assistance in this country ?

As for the marriage, I think that she is a bit young for that step BUT it is not my life and marriage is highly personal and I imagine that she has to have the consent of her parents anyway since she is a minor still so that seems to me to be a family decision. Perhaps it is to ‘legitimize’ the baby or maybe it’s due to religious beliefs. In any case, whatever happens I wish her the best and hope she fares better than her sister.

Judyb on

I applaud Alicia and I think it is too bad that many people missed her point. Getting a college degree is important. Why? because she will always be able to support herself and her children *if necessary.* I am amazed at how many people think that they are going to get married and live happily ever after. It amazes (and truly saddens me) that in the year 2008 so many women want to be dependent on a man (or their parents) for their lives. I am not knocking being a SAHM it makes me sad that women think that is all there is to life and that they will always have a man to support them. I am raising my daughters to be strong independent women. I want them to get married and have kids in the future. But first I want them to be able to support themselves in case anything happens. And yes things will happen and they will happen more than a couple of times. My husband and I will not be around forever to help them out so IMO the best thing I can teach my girls is to be able to help themselves. Husbands do lose jobs, become ill, become injured. Kids also become ill and injured and there is no way around it kids cost you a lot of money.The best thing you can do for yourself *and your husband and kids* is to be able to be self sufficient. Employment opportunities are very limited for a female with only a high school education. I would encourage you young women to take online classes or go to night school. Please do not live in an unrealistic world where everyone lives happily ever after.

How do I know all of this? I got married young, had kids young and did not get a degree. The three kids we have are expensive and they are a lot less spoiled then their friends. I have worked on and off as a bookkeeper over the years. I have been trying to find a job in that field because we have on daughter in college and two going in the near future. My job opportunities over the past year have been limited to filing and answering phones for slightly over minimum wage. That is the real world.

Sorry for the rant.

Doreen on

I’m just glad she didn’t choose an abortion (that she would most likely regret sooner or later) and that this baby would just be an ‘inconvenience’ to her. Now, that would’ve been selfish imo. Two wrongs wouldn’t make it right. So, anyway I’m glad she’s giving her child the right to live. Kudos to Jamie Lynn!

Alyssa on

Just because she registered for Winnie the Pooh and Seasame Street things doesn’t show her age. 40 year old women register for that.

Kitty on

Time will tell if she is mature enough to handle this huge responsibility.

As far as her shirt goes, I thinks she’s drawing attention to herself just like her sister does.

The best thing she can do is stay away from the cameras and focus on raising your child. THAT is who is important here, the child.

Althea on

It’s her life and her choices.Who are we to judge her? I always thought this site was a refreshing place but recently everyone is jumping on the judging wagon for one reason or another.
I wish her all the best, a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

“The fact of the matter is, dianna, if you “chose” to be a teenage mother, then I would say than the parental influences in your life were not great enough. Children are not meant to have children.”

I find this comment extremely offensive. Whatever happened to the “if you won’t tell it to someone’s face, then don’t write it” policy,CBB?

I am so sorry that you had to defend yourself Dianne.

brooke on

Her belly bump looks cute, hopefully she can be a good mom to her child.

dianna on

thanks Althea, i was surprised that comment was posted too. some people are just ignorant, and although I’m naturally shy I have learned to be assetive enough to defend my position as a mother (one I shouldnt be ashamed of just because I’m a teen.)

Elisabeth on

If you look at the registry search there are 5 registries for Jamie Lynn at Babiesrus. It looks like someone is spamming registries.

Renee on

Kitty, how is she trying to draw attention to herself? Britney calls the paparazzi, Jamie doesn’t. She is just doing regular everything things.Maybe instead of attacking her for something she has no control over, attack the paparazzi who follow her.Do you expect her to hide herself for months at a time and feel ashamed 24/7 just for being a teen mother? Some of you act like she is the first teenage mother ever.

J.M. on

JLS will be able to handle this because she has lots of money to do so! She can hire a nanny, a cook, a house cleaner, etc to take care of anything that she chooses not to do!! Let’s not forget this is going to be easy for her then it would be for any regular 16 yr old who accidentally becomes pregnant.

I am not saying she can’t be a good mom because she could very well be but she has the luxury of having things that most people do not!

I couldn’t imagine being a teen and having a kid. I was very mature as a young girl and loved to take care of kids. Everyone always assumed I’d be married with kids at a young age but at 25 I don’t even see it happening in the next 3-5 years!! I really want to finish my schooling and provide my child with the best that I could possibly give him or her. And even at 25 although I am financially stable for myself I wouldn’t be if I added a child into the mix! I was smart enough to know that just bc I loved kids didn’t mean that I was ready to pop them out!

And there are teens who have children and never get the brunt of the responsibility. I knew a girl in school that had twins at 16 but her mom raised them. Of course she got to do the fun things like parade them around school and taking them out to show them off and say hey look at my kids but as soon as she wanted to go out she handed them to her parents!

I am sure that their are young mom’s out there that do fine but I honestly don’t get the, “I am so happy that I’ll be a young mom when my kid graduates?” Who really cares how old you are? Do you think your son or daughter is saying hey look at my mom isn’t she such a hottie?!! I don’t see what makes it so important to be a “young” mom?? Are people assuming that if you have a kid at 35 you can’t be young, hip, and hot just as you would if you had your child at 20??

chris on

I don’t know Jamie Lynn but 16 is awfully young no matter how “mature for her age” she may seem. When I was a teenager I was mature for my age but knowing what I know now, there is no way I had the perspective or life experience to be a parent at that age. (In fact, the older I get the more terrifying parenthood seems because I now comprehend everything it would involve!) I’m sure some people can be wonderful parents (and spouses) at that age, but I think they’re the exception not the norm. Plus I think there’s a BIG difference between being 16 and say, being 18 or 19 IMO. The older you get, age becomes less important but mid-adolescence is pretty young. However I do wish her all the best, and I think a lot of people are rooting for her.

One more thing: I haven’t looked at her registry but most baby registries include a combination of necessities, toys, and unnecessary or “wish list” type of items. I don’t think her age has much to do with it. Lighten up!

Bloggygirl on

Jamie Lynn, you go girl! Every mom is special no matter their age. There are many people married in their teens that stay married. My husband and I met when we were 19, I wished I would have known him when I was 15, I would have married him then. We’ve been together for almost 17 years.

It doesn’t matter to Jamie Lynn what “you”, or I do,did, or does, she knows and God knows what is best for her and her family.

Monica on

We have the cookie monster bath towel for my 2 month old. It’s still a little big for her but it’s really cute. I can’t wait till she’s a little bigger to use it!

Jasmine on

I had my first child when I was 16. I am 30 now and my son is 14 yrs old. If given another chance sure I would have waited until I was older and stable. But like Jamie-Lynn you make the best out of a difficult situation.

There is no need to pass judgement on anyone who makes the decision to keep and raise their child. I encourage my son to be the best person he can be and to not follow in my footsteps but to learn from it. It was a rough road. I did it all my self my mother was there but I lived on my own and raised my son on my own. And I don’t have this amazing story like I having a PHD in something I have no college degree. I did finish highschool though which was a challenge but I can say I did that! But in the end I have 3 beautiful children and a wonderful husband our own home and I love every moment of my life. I enjoy my children a lot more now that I’m older and a little bit wiser. YOU LIVE AND YOU LEARN!

Amber on

Kids at any age are hard. You think you know what to expect but you don’t. Marriage is wonderful. My husband and I have been together for 12 years and married for almost 8. Our oldest son is 10 and was born premature with serious health problems but is now wonderful, smart, funny and loving 4th grade. We had him when we were in college and I did not want to get married because we were pregnant. I wanted us to be good parents, graduate from college, and be happy together as a couple and as a family. When the time was right we did get married and it’s been great. We had another son 5 years ago. He is autistic and struggles. Marriage didn’t make the kids, we did and we made the marriage. We felt married before then. If JLS and her boyfriend want to get married that is there choice. We all make choices for ourselves and all we can do is be happy for others and let them live, learn, and love on their own. Stop insulting others and interpreting other people’s comments as personal attacks. Live your life and enjoy your own kids, marriage, boyfriend, and friends.

Nicety on

I love the fact that she made the choice to be a mom, after getting pregnant.., because although she is young you never know if thats the ONLY child god intends to let her have. I became a mom at 14, my daughter is now 22 and in medical school (I’m so blessed). My grandmother did tell me at that time (very wise 90 year old at the time) and i quote:
“A baby is temporary but a marriage is forever. I know you made the choice to have the baby but do you really want to look at this guy for life?”

She and my grandfather had been married for 72 years at the time of his death… so I was thinking I might wanna listen LOL. So I hope this young lady knows how long a marriage is suppose to last before , she joins her sisters bliss:)(smirk!) GOOD LUCK JAMIE LYNN!

Carol on

I would have loved to have a baby when I was 16. It turns out that I couldn’t have children and had a hysterectomy on my 30th birthday. I could have gotten pregnant when I was in my teens or early 20’s so I really wish I had. Jamie Lynn looks great and I saw nothing wrong with her registry items. Age has nothing to do with maturity and although her sister made mistakes, she also has a mental illness which makes it very difficult for her to control or judge her actions. I hope for the best for Jamie Lynn.

Natalee on

Re: the shirt. It has nothing to do with either the engagement or the sex of the baby. It is a massed produced shirt that is referring to the pregnancy itself. I saw one at a local store, and thought about getting for a friend as a joke, since she was keeping her pregnancy quiet from her students and co-workers until recently when she “popped” and the secret was out!

It is merely a coincidence that the lettering is blue and that there have been rumors about an engagement to the father. I saw the shirt in a variety of shirt/lettering combos.

CelebBabyLover on

Renee- ITA! I also want to point out that Jamie Lynn has chosen to stay in Lousiana and thus OUT of Hollywood (unlike her sister). I definently don’t think that’s “drawing attention to herself”!

Also, in Britney’s defense, she actually hasn’t been drawing that much attention to herself lately. Anyway, I hope to see more photos of her boys soon (there have actually been a few of her with them in the last few months!).🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Autumn- How is the Bugaboo stroller she registered for “wishful thinking”? Tons of celebs have them (and most of those that don’t have Orbits instead!). Although a lot of those celebs probably bought the Bugaboos themselves, some of them very well may have recieved them as shower gifts.

Mel on

I don’t know, it seems awfully odd to me that someone with her means would be #1 registering for baby gifts and #2 at Babies R Us and not some high-end store. Did anyone actually see her registering?

Cat on

Downward spiral just like big sis Brit. Parents greed and pressure ruined these girls.

dianna on

“I am so happy that I’ll be a young mom when my kid graduates?” Who really cares how old you are? Do you think your son or daughter is saying hey look at my mom isn’t she such a hottie?!! I don’t see what makes it so important to be a “young” mom?? Are people assuming that if you have a kid at 35 you can’t be young, hip, and hot just as you would if you had your child at 20?? “

J.M. – i think your almost mocking an upside to being young parents.. its a fact that you get your body back faster when you have kids young. the older you get the harder childbearing is on your body. and there is something really nice about knowing ill have an extended relationship with my child. having my son at 18 instead of, say 38 means ill have an extra 20 years with him.

and its not really about being “young” and “hip”, the traits of a good mother are kind of universal.

and as many of you who are saying teens have kids and let their parents take over, or sacrifice their education, or are financially instable. yes, MOST, teen moms are.

BUT there are some, like me, who are financially stable, and do EVERYTHING themselves . and aren’t any “worse” off than they would have been if they didn’t have children. so try not to associate the older “more desirable” age to things which make a good parent, because its all relative.

heather on

I don’t understand why people continue to criticize her age and go on and on about 16 being too young. Okay, so it’s young… but re-hashing that over and over isn’t going to make her wake up tomorrow and be 25. The baby is coming and no matter anyone’s opinion on her age that is a life she is carrying and that needs to be respected. I just think it’s a shame that everytime that there is a post about JLS her age has to be gone over time and time again. The baby is coming so what people in her situation need is encouragement and support not negativitey and comments of how she’ll fail. Every woman deserves to enjoy their pregnancy and be excited for the new life that is coming no matter what their age.

heather on

< <<"I honestly don't get the, "I am so happy that I'll be a young mom when my kid graduates?" Who really cares how old you are? Do you think your son or daughter is saying hey look at my mom isn't she such a hottie?!! I don't see what makes it so important to be a "young" mom??" >>>

J.M.- I forgot to add this in my previous comment, but I wanted to respond to the above. I was 20 and 25 when I had our two children so my husband and I will be in our early to mid 40’s when our kids graduate H.S. and we are quite happy about that. It’s not about being this young hip parent and oh I want to be a hottie. Not at all.

It’s about the fact that your kids come first in your life. For 18 years you make every decision based upon their needs, you put them first and you don’t think twice about it. Raising a child is a lot of work, so yeah we look forward to being young when they graduate and enjoying ourselves after all of the work we’ve done. And of course just b/c the kids turn 18 doesn’t mean our work is done by any means, my work is done when I’m no longer living. But at that point your kids are adults and beginning to build their own lives.

We look forward to traveling and just doing whatever we want and still being young enough to enjoy it. Also I look forward to my Grandkids and knowing that even if my kids are older when they have their kids I’ll still be younger than most Grandparents and can’t wait to watch them and run around with them.. etc..

Not that you can’t travel at 65 when they graduate or enjoy your Grandkids at an older age. The idea of still being young also and having many more years, God willing, together to go where we want to go or do whatever we want to do at a young age all while still having two beautiful grown children to enjoy is appealing.

And I want to say that I’m not knocking people who have kids older in life. That’s just the way it works out for some people by choice or chance. What’s good for one person is not always good for the next and I respect everyones choices just as I expect them to respect mine. I just felt that I had to respond to you and respectfully say that the happiness of being a young parent isn’t all about how hot you’ll be at graduation.

If that is your big concern on graduation day clearly motherhood nor life has matured you as it should, lol. Someday when God blesses you with children you’ll be able to understand how much work it is and then maybe you’ll understand our perspective also =)

Allie on

“I wish more people would do research as well, considering that you clearly haven’t done any regarding the benefits of marriage and statistics regarding the children of unmarried parents vs. those of married parents. I’m not going to turn this into a Statistics forum, but if you’re really interested in having a less biased point of view, there is plenty of information out there. Opinions are one thing; stating an uneducated opinion as fact (not to mention insinuating it is backed up by research) when all the educational research states the opposite is laughable.”

Oh.My.God. I seriously just laughed when I read this. I find this comment both ignorant AND arrogant.

Angela on

Maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but it seems to me that when that other teen actress (I think her name is Keisha Knight Hughes or something like that??) was pregnant, there were TONS of folks writing about how terrible her situation was….am I not remembering correctly how “bad” so many folks thought teen pregnancy was back when she was pregnant?

Lolabella on

I think marrying at 16 is a mistake because marriage is hard and adults can barely get through it on there own. At sixteen she is going to need alot of help and at 16 you don’t know anything about paying bills, mortgages, medical bills and so on so that’s why I suggest that she’d wait on the whole marriage thing because I know that it has a slim chance of working out. But good luck to her. I know that they are trying to make the best of things but honestly, 16 years old and marriage and a baby is too much work.

J.M. on

Dianna – I am not trying to mock. Infact I could careless who or when you decide to have kids I just hate when people put out this false information to young girls.

I am sure that you get your body back faster but that doesn’t mean everyone will!! And you say you’ll get an extra 20 years with your son because you had him young? – not to sound harsh but how do you know that? You can’t predict your own fate (or his)?

So this is all what you put into your own head which is fine. But like I said these scenarios don’t always play out like you want them to!

Heather – I understand completely where your coming from. But some people also choose to do those exact things way before kids. Some choose to live their entire 20’s traveling, going to school, partying etc and then choose to have kids. While others choose to do it young to get it out of the way so that when they’re kids turn 18 then they’re free to go back to all that stuff they did when they were young.

I think it’s just different strokes for different folks.

Janessa on

Anways fist of all i don’t know how she screwed up so bad well she should have kept her legs close its call not having sex am 19 when i was that age i was think about going to university and becoming something not getting knocked her family is white trash and you americans think shes to young to get married shes to young for a child to da

Judyb on

Dianna: I am happy for you that things worked out so well. I would absolutely say you are a teen mother who has made it work. You have been very lucky because you had your parents to emotionally and *financially* support you. Not everyone is in that kind of financial situation.

I am not trying to put down young mothers I am really puzzled by some of the things in this thread. I totally wonder about this rosy picture that we are getting from the teen mothers and young mothers. Where do you people live and how do you do it? My hubby went to school at night and got an engineering degree. I would say that we are a middle class family. We have an expensive mortgage payment, utilities are expensive, gasoline is outrageous, food costs are going up, I have one kid who needs new glasses one with braces and another who goes to the allergy doctor. We pay car insurance for 5 drivers, my kids need clothes and they want (but do not necessarily get) IPods, laptops and cell phones that do everything. I have one daughter in college and two more who will be in college in the next couple of years. My kids, groan and roll their eyes when they do not get everything handed to them because in their opinion “Daddy has a good job.” I know one thing Mom and Daddy are not in a financial position to support a grandchild. This is not made up this is the reality of my life.

Do you young women really have absolutely no struggles? I wonder if people are trying so hard to make a point that they painting an unrealistic and overly optimistic picture of young motherhood. Or is it that some of you have parents who are supporting you? For those of you who have parents who are helping them, please thank them because they may be struggling more than you realize to help you and not everyone has the means to help their kids out in this way. I guess I would feel better if young mothers could admit that it is hard sometimes. I was a young mother and being a parent was and is a struggle.

ebony68 on

Thats a very responisible thing she doing… I will support her it take a real women to leave the celebrity life behind for a while to pursue a family… some people who are celebrities are so involve with continue their celebrity status that they dont think about having a family (children)until its too late… then they regret their decision… so, im proud of her congrads to both her and her guy. from the looks on the registry.. it seems like theyre looking foward to having a son

ebony68 on

Thats a very responisible thing she doing… I will support her it take a real women to leave the celebrity life behind for a while to pursue a family… some people who are celebrities are so involve with continue their celebrity status that they dont think about having a family (children)until its too late… then they regret their decision… so, im proud of her congrads to both her and her guy. from the looks on the registry.. it seems like theyre looking foward to having a son

momof3 on

I had my first son at 18. I was young and it would have been easier if we would have waited but things happen. My husband and I have been together since hs and have now been married for almost 9 years.
You can still be a great mom no matter what age you are…..

jordanna on

i wish everyone would stop thinking so badly of teen mothers and getting married at 16 is not bad either. i met my husband when i was 14 we got married when i was 16 and had my daughter when i was 17 (my daughter was by choice and planned) this doesnt mean that my parents were bad. ia m now almost 20 and we are still together and very happy. we are raising our daughter and are doing very well. we are not rich but we are not poor. we made a decision to have our daughter while we were young and i am not quite 20 yet and we are planning our 2nd child. if i had to do it over again i wouldnt change a thing. i would have had a baby when i was 18 if i hadnt miscarried. So jamie lynn if you wanna get married make sure you love him and this is what you want and go for it. it may be rocky but you will make it through it
o and btw i had my own house when i got married and my parents have never taken care of my child. dont get me wrong they have babysat for me so me and my husband could have a nite out but my daughter is almost 2 and we have had maybe 5 nites out. i wanted my daughter and me and my husband take care of her no one else just us. not my parents and not his just us. she is our daughter and i dont want her to be raised by anyone but us.

Frances K. Alphonse on

I had my first child (a boy)at 16 years of age. Never married the father. Finished high school. Even did two years of college. My daughter was born when I was twenty-one. My last child, another daughter, was born 10 years later. I don’t regret any of it. Got married nearly four years ago, and my husband loves and reget me and my children, as do I respect him and his. The family is about to get even bigger this fall. I will become a Grandma. Jamie Lynn, as long as you have a loving, supportive family, you, your husband-to-be, and the baby will do just fine. Just stay out of the limelight.

CelebBabyLover on

I just saw a picture (in People.com’s StarTracks) of Jamie-Lynn loading a pink papsan baby bouncer into her car. It seems she’s having a little girl!🙂

finnaryn on

Perhaps this has already been said. I havn’t read through all of the posts. But…

While being a very young parent might not be ideal, being a parent at all ALWAYS comes with challanges. I didn’t get married until I was 24 and had my first child at 25. Now at 33 we still have times where we struggle. Everyone does. My husband is 42.

I think that we as a society need to be better supportive of each other. Instead of getting down on other mothers, we should be supportive and encouraging. So Jamie Lynn is going to be a mother at 17 (I think she has a birthday before the baby is due). So what? She is already going through enough. Do we really have to sit here at our computers and contemplate all the things that she did wrong? Do we have to throw them in her face when she is just as hormonal as a 45 year old mother? No. Give the girl a break and wish her a healthy child and a bright future.

Poppy on

Ok, I’ve tried really hard not to, but I’ve taken offence at some of the comments here.

“Fact is that in 2008 to get pregnant you must want it otherwise it’s not that difficult to put on a condom. I really don’t believe the whole “it happened” thing.”

I fell pregnant at 18 despite being on the pill and using condoms simultaneously. It does happen. Nothing is 100% reliable.

“A young mom can be a good mom, but they are few and far between. Teenage girls do not have the capacity to truly understand what it takes to be a mother until they are faced with the daily realities. When they are finally faced with these realities, the lack of maturity kicks in. It’s not “fun” anymore. It’s not “cute” anymore. It is an incredibly task for anyone, and one a teenager should not be choosing.”

I go to a teenage mother’s group, and not one of us ever expected it to be “cute”. Just because we are (/were) teenagers we arent’ able to understand that a baby is bl**dy hard work? I don’t think so somehow.

I know lots of mothers in their 20’s/30’s who were totally shellshocked by having a baby, and who found it a lot harder than they ever expected. I always expected it to be hard, and so it wasn’t so much of a shock.

Yes, being a teenage mother isn’t ideal, but lots of people make the best of it and are fantastic mothers aged 16/17/18/19. There are good and bad mothers, and age has nothing to do with it.

I am now 22, and support myself and my daughter financially. We have our own flat, I’m in the middle of a midwifery degree and we are financially secure. All through my own work.

From the other side of the fence, as a student midwife I have time and again visited teenage mothers who are coping fantastically, breezing through it, and then gone on to visit a mother in her late 30’s who breaks down because she is finding it so hard. This is not only my experience, it’s something that has been commented on by a lot of the midwives I have worked with. I often get sent to deliver teenage mums because I can empathise with them, and I have never encountered one who is under any illusions, and is anything less than realistic about the situation ahead.

Please don’t make generalisations about teenage mums. You wouldn’t do it for, say, black mums, mums in their 20’s/30’s/40’s, lesbian mums or disabled mums, so why is acceptable to make sweeping generalisations about teenage mums?

drdrey2020 on

CelebBabyLover –
I just checked the Babies R Us website to check on her registry again (I looked at it previously) and it is no longer there, as is any registry for any Jamie Lynn Spears.

Angela’s note: Jamie’s rep has released a statement saying that none of the registries belonged to Jamie.

ellie on

my two cousins had babies both in their teens. One was 15 and one was 17 and now their older and wiser and i must say that their kids turned out fine and i also have a friend who has just had a baby and she is 16 years old and she’s coping just fine and she’s less mature than Jamie. So whatever Jamie think’s is better for her baby. she is the one who is carrying the baby and she will be the one to know who is best for it. I’m sure she’ll be fine with the baby and Casey with lots of support from friends and family!!

linda on

she messed her whole life up with that baby

Marie on

I think many of you do not realize that this board has quite likely been self-selected for more educated and informed women from the outset- those that have access to computers and the time to blog (and blog and blog). There are some lovely anecdotes on this page of women who have been supported by their friends and family and who are convinced there is nothing wrong with teenage pregnancy. Have you ever stopped to think that you yourself may be the exception (as Ms Spears probably is) or you are in the lucky 10%? What about the fact that nearly 80% of single teenage moms end up on welfare within 5 years? (For those of you who like sources- this statistic comes from a series of televised sessions on welfare reform and social policy)Only 40 percent of teenagers who have children before age 18 go on to graduate from high school, compared to 75 percent of teens from similar social and economic backgrounds who do not give birth until ages 20 or 21. Teen mothers are more likely than mothers over age 20 to give birth prematurely (before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy). Between 2002 and 2004, preterm birth rates averaged 14.3 percent for women under age 20 compared to 11.7 percent for women ages 20 to 29. Babies born too soon face an increased risk of newborn health problems, long-term disabilities and even death. And finally, about 78 percent of children born to an unmarried teenage high-school dropout live in poverty, compared to 9 percent of children born to women over age 20 who are married and high school graduates and a child born to a teenage mother is 50 percent more likely to repeat a grade in school and is more likely to perform poorly on standardized tests and drop out before finishing high school. It goes on and on. So, congratulations to those of you out there who made it, but look at the numbers and be even more impressed that the odds were stacked against you. As women, you must know this affects you tremendously and it is not fair to distort the picture. Parenting is the greatest thing you may accomplish, but you don’t get to judge it- your children do.

sarah on

many of you seem fine with teenage pregnancy and think it has nothing wrong with it. imagine you have a younger sister or a young daughter ….what if she asked you if she should start having sex? what would you say.. hopefully you would tell her to wait. do you know that if you have a baby at a young age there is more chance you or the baby could die than if you were older….and you may not be able to be as sucessful in your life. would’t you want to wait,get a career so you could get the baby everything it needs and wants. i know i would. if these people you talk about that had kids at a young age and are doing good then good for them. but i don’t think you should be posting these comments saying or implying that there is nothing wrong with having kids at a young age because there is and a lot of kids won’t be as succesful as the ones that you talk about that do make it in life. also i dont think you should post these because what if there is a kid reading them and thinks there is nothing wrong with getting pregnant and goes out and does and fails in life because of it…. what would you think. instead of posting comments that imply there is nothing wrong with teenage pregnancy i would write comments about kids that are not doing well so that other kids can see how bad this situation can be and how they never want to be in a situation such as teenage pregnancy.though i am against jamie lynn being pregnant and her still being on zoey 101 i wish her and her baby the best of luck.

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