Casey Affleck and family head to lunch

03/28/2008 at 08:26 AM ET

Actor Casey Affleck, 32, grabbed lunch at Tropicalia Brazilian Grill in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 27th with his wife, actress Summer Phoenix, 29, and son Indiana August, 3 ½.  The couple’s second son, whose name has yet to be released, 4 months, cuddled against his mother in a ring sling. After lunch, Casey and Indiana returned to day camp.


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Photo of Summer and the couple’s youngest son below.


Summer wears the baby in a NoJo baby sling in black chambray ($65).

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Amanda on

Indiana is a perfect blend of them. When he’s standing next to Casey, he looks just like him but when he compare him to his mom he looks a lot like her. I bet their new baby is just as cute! Congrats.

Christine M on

Indiana August is so cute I think he looks like his daddy! I am dying to know the baby’s name. How did we find out Indiana’s name; was it released or mentioned at a later date?

Monkeycox on

He is not 4 months old, he was born January 12th. I know this because that is my daughter’s birthday as well. He is 2.5 months old.

Sarah’s note: Yes, he is 4 months. He was born in November. It’s just that his birth wasn’t announced until January 12th. If you click the “whose name has yet to be released” link in the post, the info is there.

nb on

I sometimes wonder if any of the Pheonix family will name one of their kids after River. That was such a tragedy and they seem like a close family.

Sarah’s note: One of his sister’s has a child named Rio after him, and it’s rumored that Indiana’s name is as well, after River’s Indiana Jones character.

Rachel on

I agree with Monkeycox….he was born on January 12, wikipedia also states his birth as january 12th

Sarah’s note: That is incorrect information.

Jennifer on

I did a search on They announced the second child’s birth on January 15, 2008. Also, in any interview with Casey Affleck, they refer to the child as being BORN in January. Kinda looks like it might be January.

Sarah’s note: It’s not, promise. We just would hate for misinformation to be spread, which is apparently what has happened with this January date people believe?

We know the people they rented their birthing tub from, the baby was born in November. Mentioning the link in the post again too, if you watch the video (which is from October) he says the baby is due the next month. In the last media photos of them out from the first week of Sept 07, Summer was already in her third trimester and it’s pretty obvious. There’s no way she wasn’t due until January.

The media outlets go off on January, when it was announced that they baby had been born (and it was only announced when it started being asked about). They never said WHEN the baby was born and Casey’s rep Rebecca refuses to say a date when asked.

Casey doesn’t bother to correct it, because he can’t stand the media. I’m not sure if anyone watched some of his awards show interviews this season, but he loves to see the media screw up. He told them Indiana was 11! It’s pretty funny. But they don’t announce their pregnancies or births (or their marriage) until it’s obvious or people start asking questions. Then they usually just confirm with no details.

Rachel on

Yeah… I’d have to say just judging from the size of that baby there’s no way he’s only two months old…

I also remember seeing an interview with him sometime last fall about Gone Baby Gone and he was saying that the baby was expected within a few weeks — and a few weeks would not have been January (that would have been a few months!)

Luciana(Brazil) on

People can write whatever they want on wikipedia. If I wanted to, I could go there and announce that Summer is 5 months pregnant now. 😛

Don’t trust on everything you read there. And by the size of the baby, he’s more than 2 months. Why it’s so hard to believe on CBB???

And about River’s name, I believe Joaquin is going to name his child River, that’s why his sisters named their children Rio, Indiana.. I’m a huge fan of Joaq, can’t wait for him to be a dad…

I’m soo curious to know the baby’s name…

Kim B on

That baby is not 2 months old looks more like 4 or 5 months. Cute family I love the little boys name.

brooke on

Indiana looks a lot like casey

Helene on

I love em. They’re so down to Earth. Like Sarah said none of them bother to correct any mistakes out there, as they love to screw around with the media. I don’t blame them, either. Indiana is such a cute boy. I bet his little brother is just as cute.

BTW nb: Liberty Phoenix (Summer’s sister) named her son Rio Everest… after River. 🙂

candace jones on

I believe what Sarah is saying, I think she would know before the rest of us mere mortals!!!

Sarah’s note: Ha, that’s not true, just in this one case we do know that they rented, used, and returned their birthing tub in November.