Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban spend the day at the beach

03/27/2008 at 10:37 AM ET

Actress Nicole Kidman, 40, and her husband, country singer Keith Urban, also 40, spent the day at Maroubra beach in Sydney, Australia last Thursday. The couple expect their first child together in July; they know the sex, but are not sharing.


Photo by ICON/Fame Pictures.

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Lisa on

Where is her bump?!? I’m due in early July (granted, it’s my 7th baby) but I definitely look pregnant! She doesn’t even appear to be 2 or 3 months along to me, let alone 6. Strange…

Valerie on

I think that she looks absolutely lovely. I’m glad to see her and Keith getting some R&R. Can’t wait to see her little one this summer.

janice on

The bump is growing! She looks great.

CBB: I got deja vu when I saw this photo, even though it said it was taken today. I found the story here ( It seems it was taken last Thursday. Still very current though.

Sarah’s note: I’ll correct the post. I think Angela may have just missed the bottom part of the caption at the photo agency, but its easy to fix! Thanks for letting us know.

sleekraven on

CBB, the pics are not from today, they are from last week, the 20th of March in Byron Bay.

Liv on

It’s actually spelled Maroubra, not Marubra

Each on

she’s six months?

i dont even believe it.

jaQ on

she looks great. boy, i’m sick of stories in magazines or other sites, saying that there must be something wrong with her, for being so small. everyone is different, and it’s nice that there’s always respect on this corner of the internet. 🙂

Michelle on

Finally showing some belly. 🙂 So happy for this couple.

Sarah on

Wow, Nicole is looking beautiful and I’m really glad that she is taking it easy and having a fun and happy pregnancy.

jaQ, I’m also really sick of all the stories saying there must be something wrong with her pregnancy. My cousin is 5’10 and she was six months pregnant before she even knew!

chatty cricket on

I think she looks right on for 5 or 6 months considering how tall she is and how long her torso is.

I’m not really a tall person myself, but I tend to carry “small” meaning my belly just doesn’t stick out as far as people seem to think it should. By the end of my pregnancies, people were telling me I looked closer to 6 or 7 months than 9, but both of my children were in the 7 pound range so they were obviously growing just fine.

Kris on

For a woman that tall and thin I think her pregnancy belly looks “normal” so to speak. She has such a look about her these days that is so nice to see.

ang on

hope everything is going well.maroubra beach is in sydney, byron bay is like 5hrs north of sydney or something, fyi.

fay on

she’s finally starting to get a little pooch…i’m so happy for her… i remember when she and tom got divorced she was also going through a miscarriage… i’m so happy that her dream to carry a child is coming true!!!

sushi on

are you sure the baby is due in 4 months????
she is so thin and doesn’t look 5-6months pregnant to me

Kate on

There’s the belly. She looks great.

Ashley C. on

Yay, Finally! She looks pregnant! Glad to see she is taking it easy too.

vanessa on

I think it’s cute if you look close though it looks like Keith may be carrying the baby for her… they are quite a great couple!

Desiree on

My mom is 6’1 and never showed until she was much further along also. Everyone is different.

Jacqueline on

she looks awesome she must eat really healthy when i was preggers all i craved was salad and fruits and veggies. i was so good i didn’t even have soda or coffee or any of that and i put the weight on at the end my stomach finally popped out at about 6-7 months. my son weighed 7 lbs even and is thriving now at 5 i just remember craving all the good stuff i put on 26 lbs and it was all gone in two wks. i was very lucky and smart about it =)

Sarafina on

They both look so relaxed!! Nicole certainly deserves this time off for a happy pregnancy and birth!

Kelly on

is it normal for her to be due in july and carrying that small? i was just wondering…

andrea on

awww look at the little baby belly! I’m really happy for them! 🙂

Ivey on

Aww I think maybe Keith is getting a sympathy belly to go with Nicoles.

Ha, ha, I love it!

kbcain on

I am 5’8 and have a long torso. I was due at the end of January and didn’t really start showing where strangers could notice until October.

I think she looks great and I am so happy for them!

aussiemum on

Are you sure it’s Maroubra Beach? Maroubra Beach has lots of cliffs and no dunes covered in shrubs like in the background of those photos (unless they were waaay down the south end of the beach where I’m not sure it’s even classified as Maroubra). We spend most of our time at the end with the pool, so it’s possible that I’m wrong, but here’s a picture of Maroubra Beach (through a google images search):

And another angle, showing the cliffs and lack of shrub covered dunes:

Shannon’s note: I live on the north shore and I doubted whether it was Maroubra too. I thought it might have been Coogee or Tamarama. They spend a lot of time in Bondi though and Maroubra is just around the corner.