Family gathers to show support for David Beckham

03/27/2008 at 12:01 PM ET

David Beckham received support from his wife Victoria Beckham, 33, and sons Brooklyn Joseph (pictured), 9, Romeo James, 5, and Cruz David, 3, during his soccer match in Paris, France on Wednesday, March 26th.


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Michelle Nicole on

OMG – It’s so cute that Brooklyn is holding on to his mum hand. I love that. Its so sweet.


Colleen on

I saw another photo from this set where it appears that Romeo has fallen asleep cuddled up with Victoria. Behind Victoria, an older woman is holding Cruz and he’s picking his nose- just like any other toddler!

mudnessa on

Colleen i saw the same photo and just loved it too.

Natasha on

Its a cute pic but I wish he was smilin’ 😉 haha he’s so cute!

Crystal on

For some reason the title of that post made me think something bad happened…??? Maybe its me? Anyhow love Posh and her kids are adorable! She seems ot be a good mom.

Elyse on

Lol, Crystal I thought the same thing when I read the title! 😉

Michelle on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Posh pregnant. Does anyone have a link to pictures of her when she was pregnant?


Shelby on

They lost the game, pretty badly too which accounts for the sad faces.

Emma Pokah on

I love Becks……and Football….I will show him my support too if I was her, but mostly I think that she is looking after her Hubby

dee on

i read somewhere once that she actually avoided being photographed pregnant, and kinda pulled a jennifer lopez, where she barely went out (but even more so). i think i’ve only ever seen one photo of her pregnant.

Meg on

when she was pregnant with brooklyn she wore her usual style clothes, just suited to the bump, when she was pregnant with romeo she hid under a poncho pretty much the whole time, or big loose jumpers and if i remember rightly when she was pregnant with cruz she wasnt seen out as much, or was under said poncho.

or at least thats from what i can remember.

chiara on

When she was pregnant with Brooklyn she was still really young and didn’t change much od her style. She didn’t go out much becoz it was during winter and England was having a freezy winter that year.
We saw a lot of her pregnant with Romeo just before the 2002 World Cup, she even hosted a party and you could see the bump under the Japanese style dress.
The poncho arrived just with Cruz in the period around november 2004 while she was doing promotion for her jeans line.
She usually spends her last two months of pregnancy at home because she doesn’t like exposing her belly to the paps. That’s what she said.

Dee on

Michelle, in the video for Goodbye her and Mel b were both pregnant and pretty noticablely so.

Karen on

Collen it was actually Romeo sitting on his grandmas lap and picking his nose, has a bunch of pictures of it.

I too thought something happened after reading the title and seeing the serious faces in the picture, lol.

Fiona on

pretty sad that she feels like she has to “hide” while pregnant… that in itself speaks volumes about her insecurity surrounding body issues… I LOVED being pregnant and marveling at the little miracle growing inside and changing the outside appearance of my body… it was such an exciting time and experience to go through… sad that she couldn’t look at in the same way. I’ve heard that she’s also had 3-tummy tucks following her 3 c-section births, not sure if there is any “truth” in that- just what I’ve heard… I’m all for looking and feeling good, but it must be tiresome to always strive to maintain that size “0” and to be totally “food conscious” at all times- Uh, no thank you… we (as women) need to be more appreciative of our different shapes and sizes and not bring one another down- life’s too short to not enjoy a cookie every now and again. 🙂

Julianna on

victoria never had a tummy tuck after any of her births. david was asked about it and was basiclly furious at such a suggestion. also you can tell she hasn’t. during the spice girls tour she had to wear quite a few corsets and they appeared to make her look pregnant at times – you could see her tummy wasn’t very flat, and thats why there was so much speculation about her being pregnant again. but she just said it was due to her having had 3 kids – if shed had the tummy tucks their would be no such problem.