Update: Jaid and Jax pose with Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon for JET

03/26/2008 at 11:08 AM ET

Update: Photos and interview highlights added.

Originally posted March 25th: Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, 41, posed for the cover of JET magazine with her fraternal twin sons, Jaid Thomas (l) and Jax Joseph (r), 5 months. Dad is Michael Nilon.


Note from Danielle: The race discussion is getting out of hand.Please refrain from talking about how black or white you think thebabies look — biracial children come in all shades and they areGarcelle’s biological children.

Please re-focus to the photos or the interview highlights.


(Oliver, Garcelle, Jaid, Mike, Jax.)

On her Playboy pictorial last year:

G: I knew I was trying to get pregnant. I said who knows how my body will look, maybe we should document this now. I wasn’t doing this for anyone other than to prove I could do it. Then they offered the cover, which they don’t normally do for black women. That made it credible.

There are a lot of sides of me. I’m not just a wife and mother. I’m a woman. I wanted to celebrate what I was given … For me I hope I am an example to women to be who you are and not shy away from who you are.

I did not show everything. I had total photo approval. They were beautiful and classy.

M: When you’re married to a beautiful celebrity and a beautiful person like I am, in a way, her beauty doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to the world. You can’t be too possessive and jealous if people will appreciate that she’s beautiful. I’m comfortable with the nature of our relationship.

The pictures were beautiful. It was fine. When it happened, it was fine. I find it weirder if I see her doing a love scene in a movie. That’s odd to see the person you’re with kissing someone else. The pictures didn’t bother me as much as seeing her making out with Will Smith in ‘Wild, Wild West.’

G: When I called [my mom] about Playboy, she said, "If I looked like you, I would do it too." It shocked the hell out of me. She was very supportive. She was just great.

[As for my 17-year-old son Oliver,] we never made the body a bad thing in our life and at home. He’s known I’m a model. I told him I really wanted to do this, but if he didn’t want me [to], let me know. He looked at me like I’m his mom. To him it was baffling and gross to him, like, "Who wants to see you?!" Then he asked, "What did Mike say?" When the pics came out, at first he didn’t want to see them. Then he saw them and said they weren’t so bad.

On getting pregnant:

G: I was married to Oliver’s father for six years. I was a single mom for awhile [after the divorce]. I didn’t think I wanted [more] kids. God blessed me with such a great kid. So when I met Mike and we fell in love and got married, I thought, "I could do this again." But by then the clock is ticking.

We tried for a year, then started in-vitro fertilization. We definitely went through a long journey to have these babies. The roller-coaster ride is mentally draining. You think you’re pregnant and you’re not. Then we had a few miscarriages. It’s draining and as a couple, you’re dealing with a lot.

On her pregnancy and the birth:

G: Towards the end, I was really uncomfortable. I couldn’t sleep in any position and started getting a lot of swelling. My legs got huge. They weren’t used to the weight and getting numb. My blood pressure was really high and I kept on getting a lot of headaches. Then I kept going to the hospital for observation and tests.

The boys were born by emergency c-section at 34 weeks after Garcelle showed signs of preeclampsia. 

G: I didn’t want a c-section, but that’s what they do. It’s less risk on the second child.

Choosing the names:

G: Jax’s name is a derivative of his paternal grandfather’s name, Jack. We chose Jaid because we wanted another ‘J’ name so it could be similar.


On the boys’ personalities:

M: Jax is very personable and outgoing. He’s also very demanding and cries a lot more and smiles a lot more. You get the good and bad with Jax.

Jaid is much more laid back. He’s much more reserved and he just sits around looking good. That’s his role. He’s also much bigger and stronger than Jax.

On baby weight:

G: I always maintained my body because of my work. I don’t think it was hard. I haven’t worked out. I took a couple of dance lessons, I was in good shape prior to getting pregnant because I did the ‘Playboy’ layout. I didn’t eat everything in sight. I was more baby in terms of stomach. I need to work out in terms of firming and tightening up. Part of it is the genes I was born with. I’m really surprised.

On being the only female in the home:

G: I’m surrounded by boys! I’m the only princess in the house, as it should be!

On her mother Marie Claire Beauvais, who recently passed away:

G: My mother wasn’t the typical island mother who was protective and conservative. She was the opposite. She sent me to New York at 17 to live with Eileen Ford to get into modeling. She wanted me to have the opportunities she didn’t have. She was very supportive.

There are seven of us and she had 25 grandchildren. She lived a very full life … If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here and be who I am. She brought us from Haiti as a single mom and made life happen for us. I am indebted to her forever.

Source: JET, March 31st issue; cover courtesy JET.

Thanks to CBB readers Hazel, Elma, and Christina.

Onelovetee Jax is wearing a Real Baby Rock-A-Bye Tee in their Bob Marley Style ($30).

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Natalie S. on

What a gorgeous picture of Garcelle and her sons. Wow they’re adorable.


they are beautiful!

emily on

I need to know where she got that little bob marley shirt for her son!

ella on

They look like their daddy, they’re adorable. She must be enjoying babies all over again after so long. I bet their brother adores them.

lady T on

I almost forgot that she was pregnant with all the other celeb baby frenzies. She is so beautiful and her boys are absolutely adorable. God bless them…

lucy80 on

they are beautiful, one baby appears to have blue eyes!
i am also wondering if anyone has info on the bob marley shirt?

bearcakes on

Jax has some of Garcelles complexion and Jaid looks more like dad. Love the baby bob marley T-shirt.


They are adorable. They look just like my son except his has dark brown eyes. And im loving their little outfits 🙂

brooke on

Such cute babies, they really look a lot like their dad. One of the boys has beautiful blue eyes.

gina on

aaw their sooo cute!!!! is their father michael nilon white caucasian? These boys are so gorgeous!!! Does Jaid have blue eyes? Love it!!! Im pregnant and my fiance is african american im excited to see how beautiful our baby is going to be !!!

yaosa on

What gorgeous boys and gorgeous mom too! I can’t believe they are getting so big! I agree they look a lot like their father especially Jaid. They look so much alike. I love their outfits!

Erica on

Very cute picture! I love the expression on the boys faces, like “Wha?” How cute would it be if they were looking at their dad or older brother.

jaQ on

oh my goodness, aren’t they precious??! just adorable! a lucky family.

Mia on

I think they both have green eyes, but eye color just like hair color tends to change as kids get older. They do however look just like their dad.
If Halle decides to do a photo shoot with her baby I hope she decides to do it on a magazine that caters to people of color like Essence or Jet because magazines like People often tend to forget their are other black actresses in hollywood besides Halle. Then again she could become the 1st to feature her baby if you don’t count Nicole Richie.
I actually really hope she just lays low and does not do a photo shoot until Nahla is older and we can really see exactly how beautiful she is because babies only a few weeks tend to look alike.

Emily on

Garcelle does seem to appeal to a large audience though, just from reading CBB I remember she had the cover of Pregnancy mag and she did a baby shower spread in In Style and introduced the twins in People. I had not heard of her before I started reading about her here but it appears she does have a fan base because she’s definitely getting featured!

The boys are BEAUTIFUL! Jaid’s expression is cracking me up!!

Areatha on

CBB, IS THE BEST KID’S BLOG OUT THERE. They show all American babies regardless of color and ethnicity and that is exactly how it should be done in this multi-racial world. I love CBB and hope that Halle will choose this site to introduce Nahla to the world. keep up the good work CBB, it is always a pleasure to visit here.

Becky on


I hope that both Halle and Nicole are as color-blind in decisions affecting their images, as they are in decisions affecting their significant others–who in both cases, happen to not be people of color.

If it works out, that Halle gives a”Publication of color”, first dibs on her babies photo, I would hope that its because, she owes a personal favor to a friend, or because the price is right. But, just to do it “willy nilly” on the basis of color, would seem to run counter to the Image Crafting of an A-list mainstream actress. And it would run counter to Halle’s record an “American Sweetheart”, not an “African American “sweetheart”.

Bella on

I agree Mia. I hope she sells her pics to Ebony magazine. I wished Jenny would of sold hers to Latina magazine.

Emma on


We should as seek to be color-aware, not color blind. The truth is we all see color. We just have to be aware enough not to hate others because of color or sterotypes that are out there. Both Nicole and Halle should make decisions based on what works for them and their families. Thank you for your comments.

FC on

They’ve changed since the last time I saw them, but they are so adorable, and are starting to look a lot more like their dad, Michael.

To me, it seems Jaid has gray eyes and Jax has green eyes. Their expressions are so sweet. Jaid is like, “Oh, I’m getting my picture taken!” and Jax is just like, “I like this! Can you do it again? I’ll give you a little smile this time…”

I want to take them home with me….hehe.

Lucy on

Becky, the fact that People did not ask Garcelle or even Angela Bassett or P. Diddy who are more popular to be on their cover with their babies is what I’m referring to. I know People’s target audience is predominantly white so I did not expect them to feature them on the cover. Halle has, as one would put it, cross over appeal. Both she and Nicole Richie are bi-racial and their partners are white. The fact that you mention that doing so would run counter to the crafting of the “American Sweetheart” image proves my point. I’m sure she will choose People as they are the more popular magazine and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s nothing wrong with showing love to the “people” that thought she was worthy before “People” came along, which she has done in the past and I like that about her. I on the other hand hope Halle is not color blind to decisions crafting her image because Hollywood is not color blind.
Anyway, this is a baby blog and a post about Garcelle and her babies so let’s not start a race debate.

Becky on

I would buy a magazine cover with Gabrielle. Perhaps, not Puffy. But, it has nothing to do with race. Just taste.

The pics of her and her two sons is a total delight, mostly because they all look so happy and the personality of the little boys is already seeping out. And yes, they are beyond beautiful. They look like little dolls.

Judyb on

I love these two little guys. Their facial expressions are priceless. Garcelle is a beautiful woman.

Anna on

Who is Gabrielle Becky? Do you mean Garcelle or someone else?

Those babies are cute cute cute.

Angel on

I too wish that Celebrity Baby Blog would get first dibbs on all the new baby photos. This blog is such a joy to come to without all the divisive politics that other blogs seem to attract. CBB is pleasant and soothing, exactly what a baby blog should be.

CLO718 on

Those boys are so precious. I love their eyes.
Wow 5 months?? They look a little older.

Meg on

Whoa…they look just like the father! Garcelle had nothing to do with them but a lil color…lol

I believe Halle will sell her pics to Ebony or Essence as well. But I think she will go to a big time magazine because money talks. But you never know.

Renee on

Garcelle’s twins look so cute. Their facial expressions are priceless ! I hope Halle Berry if she decides to do a magazine cover does people. I don’t really like a lot of the magazines made for people of color especially Essence. They only talk to certain black people, not all of us which I find frustrating. Lucy, your statements worry me as a black woman.

terri on

Garcelle’s has some beautiful baby boys. I’m going to have to pick up a copy of Jet!

poppy on

I wonder, maybe they weren’t her eggs? Not trying to be controversial, but she is 40. Plus I can’t detect any color in them and they have completely Caucasian features. I don’t think it matters either way, just saying, they are adorable. So far they look very identical too.

Beverley on

Wait a minute, the babies you are talking about (Garcelle’s twins, Nicole and Halle) are all half white and Nicole and Halle are each half white. Garcelle’s twins are equal parts black and white. Nicole and Halle’s babies are more white than black. Why should they have to go on a black exclusive magazine?

People, In Touch, OK, US Weekly are magazines that are for everyone. They do not exclude people because of their race. They put big name celebrities on the covers and very few at that. Tom and Katie, Angelina and Brad, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera, and Garcelle were all on these covers and represent a variety of ethnicities and these magazines covered their babies pictures, and the more famous, the greater the coverage.

Essence, Jet and Ebony are made exclusively for black people. Would they really put mostly white babies on their covers?

I wonder how it would feel to the fathers of Garcelle’s, Nicole’s and Halle’s babies to have them on a magazine that excludes them.

If this was reversed, and the mothers were white and the fathers were black, would you expect them to also appear on Ebony, Jet and Essence?

Forgive the rant, but it should be about these beautiful babies, not about magazines that are built on a concept that separates us instead of includes us all.

Sam on

Garcelle, I’m thrilled that you chose Jet to debut your beautiful boys! You look great.

These comments are getting weirder and weirder, which is why I don’t comment here as much as I used to.

Very interesting that there are so many questionable comments and remarks about black women and their children, about magazines that speak to large black audiences (what makes People magazine so much better???). I mean, what’s next, Latina Magazine isn’t right for Latina celebrities, they should all pose for People instead?

I’ve rarely seen these types of comments in an Angelina or Heidi post. I guess there are different standards for different groups.

Emma on

They are her children and her eggs.

emay on


You can tell those boys are definitely biracial even with the light color. And biracial babies tend to get browner over time (most of them anyway) so they very well could be Garcelle’s biological children. Unless she’s said somewhere that she needed fertility treatments to get pregnant, then would shouldn’t assume they are not from her eggs. Lots of 40 year old mothers out there nowadays. They could just take more after Michael.

Cute little angels! Adorable. 🙂

Rae on

Poppy, biracial babies come in all colors! 🙂
My daughter is biracial (I’m white and her father is black) and for the first year of her life noboby could tell she was part black. She had blue eyes, very fair skin, straight hair, and she looked just like me. Now that she’s four, her eyes have turned blue/green/gray, her hair is very curly, and she has a beautiful golden color to her skin. It’s much more obvious that she’s not just caucasian. You just never know what genetics will throw at you! It’s hard to tell when they’re so young what they’ll look like as toddlers. I don’t doubt for a minute that these are Garcelle’s boys!

Steffie on

hose babies are beautiful and so is their mother. I wonder what your going to say when you see Halle’s baby. And Poppy your comment disturbed me.Just because someone has African blood doesn’t mean that they will come out looking brown. Not all caucasians are really pure European blood, there is some African blood. Looks are deceiving but no matter what color, every race has its beauty. And I’m happy to see that colorless love resulting in those beautiful boys.

Judy on

Holy moly, everybody’s having twins! Is it something in the water??

Judy on

Poppy, why in the world would they not be her eggs? The babies are biracial. Their father is white. They will probably show features of both their parents as they get older. They are adorable babies. End of story.

Margot on

Women of 40 can still have babies, Poppy. Yes, both boys are fair, but let’s keep in mind that their father is Caucasian, and it’s highly likely that Garcelle (just looking at her) has some Caucasian in her genetic background as well. Jaid’s nose looks like a mini version of Garcelle’s to me, and Jax’s eyes look to be the same shape as hers.

They’re only babies – babies are infinitely changeable. My cousin had eyes as blue as day until she was a year old, and then they went brown – dark, chocolate brown! Another cousin was white blonde until he was about five, now he’s fifteen and his hair is almost black. You can’t tell at five months of age if their features will remain the same.

I think they’re Garcelle’s biological children, and I think they’re just gorgeous boys.

jasmine on

A lot of women of color with biracial children get accused of not being the child’s mother. They are often mistaken as a nanny or a teacher or something. When you have a mixed child, you never know what you’re gonna get!

To poppy:
“Can’t detect color in them”?
“Completely Caucasian features”?

They are babies! We have no idea what they’re going to grow up to look like. Black people are a very mixed group so if a Black person has a child with someone who is nonblack, as I said before, you never know!

And to those who have something negative to say about Black magazines, these magazines are VITAL to the Black community. There are things within those pages that we could not read elsewhere. They were not made to intentionally separate people – they were made for a group of people who are/were largely ignored.

Look through all of your favorite magazines, people of color are *still* not included as much as Whites. So taking offense to a Black magazine really don’t make sense.

rachelSun on

These are beautiful boys and are not the eggs of Caucasian woman as this poppy is implying. you need to take a course in genetics to correct your racist assumptions. Even if she did use donor eggs (which she did not but IVF w/ her own eggs) she would not choose a caucasian, she would choose another black woman w/ a similar background to hers. Garcelle could have a white grandparent or great-grandparent for all we know. Those babies look mixed to me because I am from a mixed family. they look like what some people in my mixed-race family look like. contrary to the popular belief (not the scientific reality) black is not always dominant over white. I have a friend who is as dark as Garcelle and her daughter is just as fair w/ red hair and caucasian looking as her father. No donor eggs were involved. Just the old fashion way.

Jayla on


Hun, People, InStyle and etc.. are not minority magazines. I don’t understand the resentment that some CBB readers have towards minorities when they just want to see people of color posted in magazines particularly for minorities. I have to read Spanish people just to see people of my race. I cannot open up the average magazine to see minority women. So if minorities want fellow celeb minorites to publish pics in specific magazines there should not be an issue.

Amillia on

Garcelle’s sons are so cute (just like her teenage son).


I understand your point. However, Nicole Richie considers herself to be African American. Halle Berry considers herself to be African American. As black people, WE come in many shades (from white to black). Nicole is black AND she and Princess Harlow have recently graced the cover of People Magazine. It is a FACT that Nicole Richie is NOT as talented as Mrs. Angela Bassett-Vance. However, you can NOT deny Nicole from being one of the “IT GIRLS OF THE MOMENT”. Check out the magazines, “Who do you see more in them, Angela or Nicole”? People Magazine only sees one color – GREEN$$$!!! And, we all know that Ms. Berry is black, white, green and Jewish (SMILE, OK). Halle Berry is the most well known actress right now. I would love to see Halle and Princess Nahla on the cover of ANY magazine.

Now, if Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles had a baby and People Magazine REFUSED to offer a cover page story to them I would have to take back EVERY DANG THING I JUST SAID ABOUT “PEOPLE MAGAZINE”. J and B are the “IT COUPLE” right now.

Janelle on

Just to chime in, you all do realize that Halle considers herself to be a black woman right? Don’t know about Nicole, but Halle has openly stated this on more than one occasion so I could see why black women (myself included) would like to see her debut her baby in Essence, Ebony or Jet. Oh and “Beverley” the aforementioned magazines are not “exclusively black” just as People is not exclusively white. Try picking up a copy of Essence, Ebony or Jet one day…. for both enjoyment and enlightenment. Some of the comments here prove that we still have a long way to go in terms of banishing racial ignorance. Until magazines like People, Vogue, USWeekly, etc do more to equally feature blacks, hispanics, asians and other races there will always be a need for magazines like Ebony, Essence, Latina, etc.

Lucy, well said. I agree and Emma my husband,who is a psychologist, has been saying what you said for years. Don’t try to pretend that we don’t have differences and that you don’t see color….you do. However, be ever vigilant to not let stereotypes and assumptions drive your actions and cause you to discriminate based on skin color and differences alone.

Kristen on

I am appalled by some of these comments.. Why does everything have to turn to race

Poppy – you said you wonder if these are her biological sons because of the color of their skin.. I have to tell you that DNA is amazing!! Garcelle is Haitian which probably means that she is of mixed race ancestry. In fact most African Amercans aren’t pure African.I am AA woman whose background is very diverse (black, Native American, and White) and my bf is white (Turkish ,Iranian, and European) I don’t care what my future children look like, but its sad that society will always categorize them by skin color.

Just look at these stories…




Beverley on

I don’t doubt that these are Garcelle’s babies. And whether they are more black looking or white looking doesn’t matter one hoot to me. They are beautiful children and their mother obviously loves them.

I want to clarify my earlier comments about the magazines. I want there to be a time where there is no issue that is specifically black or white. Where there are magazines for all instead of only some. I wouldn’t want there to be a White Woman Weekly, nor would I want a Black Woman Weekly. (If there was a White Woman Weekly, it would certainly be called “racist” but Black Woman Weekly would probably not, which is unfair). When there can just be something that is for all, then we will have gotten somewhere.

CBB is a great example of universal coverage. There is no bias in any direction when it comes to who CBB will cover. Any celebrity’s baby is included, white, black, hispanic, bi-racial, English, German, musician, actor, etc., etc., etc.

By the way, someone here said that Nicole and Halle both consider themselves black. Is it OK for someone who is bi-racial to consider themselves only one of those races? What if they considered themselves only white? Would you feel the same way? They are both beautiful women who are made up of equal parts black and white. They are who they are because of that 50/50 mix. Why turn your back on half of what made you who you are?
Halle’s mother is white. I wonder if it hurts her to have her daughter turn her back on her and say she is black and not bi-racial.

Just some more thoughts from the mind that is me. I would love to hear some of your thoughts on these matters.

By the way, some of the most beautiful babies and children I have ever seen in my life have been blessed to be half black and half white.

Mia on

Beverley, I read both People and InStyle but you have to face it, they cater to a certain audience and that audience is predominantly white just like Essence and Jet cater to a predominantly black audience. I was a marketing/advertising major so I know how the game works. You are 100% correct in that People and InStyle only want big stars on their cover but that is due to the fact that Hollywood is not color blind. There are hardly any major black actors to put on their covers. Perform a small exercise and count the number of minorities in People and InStyle compared to the number of caucasians, the whites drastically outnumber the minorities.

“Essence, Jet and Ebony are made exclusively for black people. Would they really put mostly white babies on their covers?” Ask yourself why People did not ask P.Diddy to be on the cover with his babies it is because they are mostly black?

Honestly, I don’t read too much Essence, Jet or any other “black” magazine because as Renee said they are only talk to a certain black audience.

Emma I agree very much with your comments.

Lauren on

Not that it’s germane to this discussion at all, but for the record I actually think Nicole Richie is Hispanic (born Nicole Escovedo and adopted by Lionel Richie at age nine). She’s Sheila E’s niece.

kim on

I have to agree, with genetics you never know. I have 2 half siblings whos father is Indian and they are now 18 and 19, they both have blond hair and blue eyes. Please explain that to me..

kris on

Ya Nicole Richie’s biological her father is Hispanic but her mother is said to be black

Mary on


Halle mother has said that she raised Halle as a black women so your theory is wrong. There are quotes to support what her mother said.
NIcole Richie has 2 blk parents. I am never amazed by the ignorance of people when it comes to race. Minorities cannot have magazines that represent themselves. That is interesting. I am a Korean women who has never once in my life seen an Asian women grace a magazine cover outside of Asian media. When Kristi Yamaguchi was skating in her prime she was told she was “too ethinc” to appear on the “Wheaties” Box.

Mary on


There are celebs that are mixed race that consider themselves WHITE. Cameron Diez is half hispanic, her dad is Cuban and her mom is white. SHe considers herself WHITE. Same for CHRISTINA Aquilera.

Another mixed celeb that considers themselves WHITE is one of Quincy JOnes daughters (Rashida Jones)

So there you have it

Lauren on

I apologize for straying a bit from the topic of Garcelle and the twins, but some readers here have mentioned that “black” magazines only cater to a certain black audience-what is that audience? I don’t read those magazines and would be curious to hear the perspective(s) of women who do (or have).

Beverley on

Mary, thank you for the information. I have to wonder what it must be like as a parent to have your child choose to not identify with you and your racial makeup. I also wonder why, and how, Halle’s mother chose to raise her as a black woman. Why not teach her both her black and white heritage?

I am saying that I hope there will someday be a day where we don’t need magazines for only certain groups. It also bothers me a great deal that there is a double standard when it comes to matters of race, especially that there can be items that are aimed at blacks (black magazines, black television channels, United Negro College Fund, etc.), but if there was a white magazine, white television channel or United White Student College Fund, etc., that would be labelled “racist”. It is the same thing, just in reverse.

I grew up in Scotland, and the issue of racism never once came up in my life until my family moved to the US. There are plenty of minority folks in Scotland, as well as plenty of white folk. It was never an issue there. There was no specifically black or white magazines or tv channels there. Everything was for everyone. I am not a racist, and don’t understand the ignorance that must be present within someone to allow them to be racist. I seriously hope that someday, we will all look at each other and the color of our skin will be one of the last things we notice about each other.

I don’t like double standards in anything and I am willing to stand up and voice my opinions to try and end double standards.

In my parents’ lifetime, we have gone from minorities being persecuted simply for the color of their skin, to being CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, Governors of states, Secretary of State, multi-million dollar draws at the box office, multi-platinum album sellers, famous athletes, etc. Imagine how far we will (hopefully) go in my chilren’s lifetime. Maybe when my kids are my present age, we will not need tv, magazines, and organizations that are based on racial lines. At least, I can dream.

CJK on

Biracial children should be able to choose how they wish to identify themselves. Some choose to select one race, others choice “biracial” or “multiracial”. Their identity is their own.

CelebBabyLover on

How did a post about two adorable baby boys end up turning into a post about what magazines black and biracal celebs should give their baby photos to?

That said, I do have to comment a little on that issue, namely the Halle thing. I am very much in the minority as I hope she choose People for Nahla’s first photos. This is because, I admit it, People is my all-time favorite celebrity-based magazine! However, I also almost DON’T want her to wait until Nahla’s a few months older before doing them.

I mean, Tom and Katie waited five months (possibly six. I can’t recall at the moment whether Suri’s first photos were in the Septemeber 2006 issue of Vanity Fair or the October 2006 one) to show pictures of Suri….and look what happened to them! The poor people were bombarded by all sorts of conspiracy theories!

Also, Britney Spears waited 9 months before showing Jayden, and people were saying things such as “he must have Down Syndrome” or “he must have FAS”. I would hate for the same thing to happen to Halle!

PSB on

Oh those babies are so cute! I don’t think they look too much like Garcelle right now, but that could change – most babies change a lot after the first year. Plus, Garcelle is obviously of French (Hatian?) descent, so maybe the boys actually look like her mother or father. The grandparents could have blue eyes, we have no idea.

I’m Jewish and with olive skin and dark coloring – my son was born with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes (exactly how my British husband looked as a baby). People were shocked that his genetics won out and I was a little bewildered that the baby looked like nobody in my family. It was really strange walking around with a fair, waspy-looking baby when I’m so dark. I can only imagine how women with biracial children must feel, since the differences are even more pronounced – it has got to be wild!

Now that my son is two, his hair has gotten a lot darker and his eyes have gotten really big (like mine) and turned dark greenish-brown. His skin is becoming olive and his nose is somewhat middle-eastern like mine. While he definitely looks a LOT like daddy still, many people think he looks just like me.

I’ll bet you that by the time these boys are walking, at least one of them looks somewhat like Garcelle. Either way, are they gorgeous or what??

chris on

Those boys are so cute! Congratulations to Garcelle, Michael and big brother Oliver.

To Poppy: I don’t understand your comment about “completely Caucasian” features. The babies look biracial to me. If a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman gave birth to a dark-haired, brown-eyed baby, would you assume she used another woman’s eggs? Hopefully not. Genes are funny.

And to Mary: Rashida Jones does NOT consider herself to be (solely) white:

“People still say things to me like, ‘Oh my god, you’re black? I would’ve never guessed that.’ And I just think, I can’t help your ignorance. There are bi-racial people who look like me or who look like Alicia Keys or who look like Halle Berry. I’m so proud to be so many things.” http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/article/rashida%20jones%20racism%20struggle_1061481

Melanie F. on

Garcelle’s twins are so beautiful, they look just like their father but you can tell they are bi-racial.

Halle’s exact words:
“Blackness is a state of mind and I identify with the black community. Mainly, because I realized, early on, when I walk into a room, people see a black woman, they don’t see a white women. So out of that reason alone, I identify more with the black community.”
Guess who taught her that? Her mother. I saw a bio on her and she said she struggled about her racial identity especially when it was an issue in a predominately white school. So one day she came home and asked her mother, “was she black or white”? She said her mother made her look in the mirror and asked her what did she see? She replied, “I see a black girl and her mother replied well that’s what you are”.
We can sugarcoat it all we want but reality is majority of society sees Halle as far as looks goes as a black woman. Majority don’t see a beautiful white woman, they don’t even acknowledge a beautiful bi-racial woman, they see a beautiful black woman or woman period, even if genetically she is half white and half black. Personally I don’t think she should have to choose one way or another. Her identifying herself as a black woman, is in no shape or form a diss to her mother. She knows who was there for her and who wasn’t and she gives credit were credit is due, to the woman who gave birth and raised her alone.

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to add that I think some commentors are a little confused. This is NOT Garcelle’s twins’ debut magazine appearance. She actually first introduced them in People shortly after their birth (I think they were about two months old at the oldest). You can see that article here on CBB (just type in one or both of the babies’ names in the search box. :)).

Jen on

Regarding the biracial babies having caucasion features; hair, skin tone, facial features, etc can be very different.

My mom is white and my dad is black, I am the oldest and have dark olive skin and dark brown eyes and hair. My middle sis has light olive skin, hazel eyes and light brown hair, my youngest sis is blonde, blue eyed with very fair skin. None of our facial features are exactly caucasion or black, but a rather good looking mix of both if I say so…lol!

I’ve had some not so polite, ignorant people try to inform me that we all had different fathers, which is a shame. I don’t get why people need to think like that. I think there are a lot of beautiful people out there who are a mix of all sorts of races. Why can’t people be happy with that rather than making the comments they do sometimes.

Malorkis on

You know that when the Romans were in Britain, they brought up African slaves to do hard construction labor (guarding Hadrian’s Wall). Certain surnames have strong genetic ties to those African slaves and they imprint remains on unsuspecting Britons today.

Also, 75% of men in Ireland, Britain (I think) and Spain share the same gene from one man. Just look at Catherine Zeta-Jones!

So to say that being Caucasian is totally being without “ethnicity,” is a mute point.

Mia on

CelebBabyLover, that is because their was not even a single pic to show that Suri existed, such as going out to the supermarket, or walking around town. I thought that whole thing was blown out of proportion, it was as if people felt entitled to see her. Remember SJP & Matthew B., Jennifer & Ben and even Apple Paltrow never had baby debut covers but were seen around town.

Lucy (another one!) on

I think the names she chose are different. I would have preferred that she use Jade not Jaid. I have looked for the name and I cannot find it anyplace else. I like the name Jax. Short and sweet!

They are beautiful little boys. One can only imagine them as heartbreakers 20 years from now!!

tina on

this proves michael jacksons kids are his

Mia on

Beverly, I think your intentions are in the right place but that ship has sailed. Physiologically speaking there is no difference between human beings. Race is a product of culture and we all culture ourselves differently, it is the same with gender. Most of the differences between men and women are cultured into us and those cause differences between the sexes. Do you think the Lifetime network or Women’s Day magazine should be done away with? They are sexist and separate us more than bring us together. I remember someone saying that Womens History is a sexist class, why is there no Mens History class. Well there is a very good reason for that, men have dominated society throughout history and have left women out for a very long time. I think it is wonderful to hear about the women who fought back and paved their own way. It is the same with a Black History course. Who would want to sit through a White Mens History course that would take forever to finish.

Tracy on

My niece is biracial. The first time I saw her I thought that there was a mistake. My sister is fair while her husband is dark skinned. I thought that their child would be darker. When she was first born she had very light skin. Over the last year and a half her skin has darkened a bit but not much. Most times she looks like she has a dark tan. All children are different.

I love the look of biracial children – the best of both worlds.

candace on

I am not picking on Poppy but…”not her eggs”? (I hope I am not repeating a similar comment) Have ya’all googled the daddy?I just did and I am white..very white.. but that dude is WHITE! He could breed the black out of anyone. I personally can’t see the white in Heidi Klums boys…but you know they were her eggs…some genes are just stronger sometimes.

Becky on

To bring us to a lighter note. It was just released that Brad Pitt is related to Sen Obama. While Angelina Jolie is related to Senator CLinton.
Also, Beyonce is related to George W. Bush.

And when you think of it, its certainly possible that the people of color, who were descended from slaves, Native Americans and Caucasians, both in the Carribiean, Latin America and USA, its certainly possible that these latent European genes, could be selected when mating occurs with someone of strong European dissent.

Gen on

Wow! I South African, and we have a magazine here in RSA that is the equavalant of US’s PEOPLE. We have had covers of Angelina’s adoption of Pax, when she took custody of him and took Zee and Maddox along. We had the Shiloh cover too. He had the Nicole Richie cover spread and we’re going to get the J.Lo spread too. Now being South African, when many of our white female celebs have had babies with black men, the babies tend to favour the father. Possibly because the black men in this country are true African men in that they originate from the San tribe/ people. So I was not surprised by Poppy’s comment about whether the twins are from Garcelle’s eggs. Those babies look thoroughly white to me, but then again considering where I live and what the ratio of black-white baby offspring similarity is, this to me was a logical question. I also see Beverley’s POV. It seems that mostly the people of colour on this board have a problem with these comments, and that is their right, but try to see where others are coming from. Poppy made a simple comment that warranted a simple answer but turned into a b!tch-fest. Whatever. The babies are really cute and as long as they’re healthy, that’s all that matters.

Becky on

I think that the majority of the American people want a unified America. Keep dreaming Beverly. You have stated our nations’ progress quite well.

Chris on

Talk about something blown out of proportion… let’s get back to what’s important here. Those are two of the cutest babies I have ever seen in my life:) Congratulations on the little ones.

Jemma on

Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous!
All three of them!

Natalie on

No Lauren, Nicole has stated several times over that she is not Sheila E’s niece, plus Sheila E is not wholly Hispanic, but a mixture of Mexican and African American. But all of you are straying off the point and turning this baby blog into something it is not meant to be. Please stay on point when talking about celeb babies as cute, adorable children.

Daze on

How cute! A lot of twins going around these days! Yeah, they look alot like their Dad at this stage, but so does Marcia Cross’s twin girls. And Nichole Ritchie was adopted, right? And I believe is Hispanic by biological inheritance.

Shelby T on


You sound a little like you have an issues with minorities. Try being a minority and NOT seeing your face on TV. You seem like you have alot of issues with people of color. I get that sense from your posts. One day you may decide to open up your eyes and actually take a good look around the world.

Jay on

It’s sad because even in 2008 folks still say things like “…they have more white in them than black.” or “…the babies don’t look biracial.” Again people of color come in all shades. Nicole Ritchie’s new baby girl Harlow, looks like her mother and is tanned like her. Did anyone doubt for a second that Joel was not her father? Using Garcelle’s ripe old age (sarcasm) of 40 is a cop out to suggest that her babies are not biologically hers. I never understood why minorities are expected to look one way. I for one would love to see Halle Berry, Garcelle, or any other African American actress featured on Ebony, Essence, Jet or any other African American publications with their new babies. And yes, all of the African American publications I just mentioned would feature the babies on the cover regardless if the child is white, biracial, green or any other color you can think of. Just because the child looks more “Caucasian” does not mean he or she can’t be on the cover with their mother on any African American publication. And for those who feel like these publications alienate other races, lets not forget that a lot of these other publications like People don’t really cater to people of color either. A lot of these African American, Latina or any minority publications would not exist if magazines such as People, In Touch, US Weekly would cater to all audiences. I just get so annoyed when we as African American and other minorities demand the same respect as others we are always shot down and told not to see things so black and white and to just be happy with what we got. I’m happy to see Garcelle and her 2 beautiful boys on Jet magazine. And I hope other magazines follow suit.

Elyse on

Those are some adorable little boys! I love their expressions, too cute!

Becky on

I think that the babies look indistinguishable from any other “white baby”. Recognizing that “whiteness” ranges a gamut, just like “blackness” ranges a gamut.

One of the babies (blue eyed) has a very “wry” look to him. I don’t know if the husband is of English stock, but he sort of looks like what Benny Hill might have resembled as a child. He even has what appears to be an early sense of wry.

The other child looks very wise, very pragmatic. But, also good natured. With what I perceive to be dichotomous personalities, I’ll bet these kids grow up together being great fun.

Danielle, Celebrity Baby Blog Publisher on

Note from Danielle: The race discussion is getting out of hand. Please refrain from talking about how black or white you think the babies look – biracial children come in all shades and they are Garcelle’s biological children.

Please re-focus to the cover photo, magazine topic, or the interview highlights, which will be posted later today.

Samantha on

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Danielle, I was hoping that you would say that!!! This site has always been my favorite because it was a beautiful respite from all the other name-calling, nasty blogs around. This blog is about the beauty and joyfulness of babies and their parents and should not be highjacked by others for their own agendas. In the future will you please not post the questionable, instigating comments of people trying to start a vicious fight.

Sara on

The picture with the Teddy bear is soooooooo cute!!

gigi on

all i have to say is ‘wow’ towards some of these comments!!!!!

all i know is ….. these babies are absolutely breathtaking! garcelle and michael have been truly truly blessed.

Marie on

Both Garcelle and her sons are beautiful 🙂

asm1976 on

Wow, it’s unbelievable how close-minded some of you people are in a day and age where multi-racial/mixed families is at an all time high! These children are absolutely beautiful–perfect combo of mom and dad! I can see both parents in them. Garcelle’s oldest son is a cutie as well! I mean, there are people who aren’t biracial who have light features. Look at Vanessa L. Williams. Contrary to what people say, both of Vanessa’s parents are Black. Vanessa has light skin, naturally sandy hair and blue-green eyes. I’ve seen biracial children who who are dark with coarse hair. I work in social services and see children like this every day. We don’t know what the other people in Garcelle’s family lineage look like, so it’s unfair to assume. Stop analyzing every little detail about these babies looks! It’s impossible to tell what someone’s ethnicity/race is simply by looking at them!

Tara on

I love how one child has blue eyes and the other has brown. They are soooo cute!

yaosa on

Is that her older son, Oliver, in the family photo ?

What a gorgeous family!

Sarah’s note: Yes.

Judyb on

Thanks for the additional pictures, they are a beautiful family. I love Jaid and Jax! I swear those babies could win a cutest baby contest.

Karolyn on

that first picture of the entire family is gorgeous….. im sorry that the family has recieved negative attention for being a mixed family, their twins are so sweet and it was nice to hear how she came up with the boys names

kimk on

They really are very beautiful babies. Love the second pic that went up today…

Abbey on

She is absolutely gorgeous and her boys are so adorable! They look nearly identical, especially in that picture with them laying on their tummies. Once they really fill out and become little boys (as opposed to just babies), they’re going to be model-gorgeous, just like their mom.

Autumn on

Aw Garcelle’s little boys are cute.

(I wonder if they’ll be the interesting phenomenon of biracial twins in which one looks more black while the other more white?)

Although interesting it won’t really matter in the people they are and the great personalities they already have shining through.

As far as my opinion on what magazines Halle, Nicole, and anyone else reveals their kids in, imho it doesn’t really matter because CBB will probably show the pics anyway, which is cool! 🙂

Vlada on

Whoever is trying to get the boys’ attention behind the camera is getting really funny looks out of them.

Beau on

Garcelle’s boys are just beautiful. But I’d like to say how disappointed I am that some of the comments have turned to race. Children of mixed race come in all types of shades. Why should the first thoughts of theses gorgeous boys be of skin color and not of how happy they look. It is obvious that these children are of mixed race without having to dissect every feature on their precious faces. Children of any race can be fair or dark.

I don’ think mothers of any color should have to explicate the features of their mixed race children. Be it Indian, Asian, White, Black, Latino, Middle Eastern, etc. Mothers should not have to explain whether they think their child will get darker, if their child’s hair will remain straight or get curly, or what their noses and eyes look like. It is not a question of color but a question of genetics. Genetics don’t lie; Garcelle’s children have their features because of both parents background. Michael and Garcelle’s DNA shared a common trait that dominated resulting in the looks of their gorgeous little boys contrary to the belief that “Garcelle must have used someone else’s egg” as someone audaciously stated.Garcelle may have mixed heritage in her family as many people do. And that genetics scenario goes for all races, children of the same and mixed race e.g. two fair parents have a dark child, or two dark parents having a fair child.
No matter how much we like to separate ourselves by color, we cannot deny that we all share traits of different races from our family line, because mixed races have existed as long as humans have.

We should embrace how beautiful and individual we all look and not concentrate so much on hue. Because your shade should not affect how attractive smart, or acceptable people see you.
And the whole argument about what magazines a celebrity should use based on their race is ridiculous and single minded. Just because a celebrity chooses to be on the cover of a particular magazine doesn’t make her any more or less of who she is. I read Latina, Essence, People and although some magazine may cater to certain races it by means states that only those races should and do read these publications.
Garcelle is blessed with three beautiful boys and a wonderful family and that’s all that matters.

fay on

u know, i know this is a baby site and all that great stuff… but DANG garcelle… the babies are only 5 months and she looks like she’s back to her pre-baby weight… from pics i’ve seen on other sites and magazines… it looks like the padding has only maintained on her backside and front side (smile) which i’m sure her husband appreciates… anyway i’m just being a hater…

now another cbb controversy…. do u think garcelle feels slighted because she’s the only girl… should we all feel bad for her because she’ll never have a girl!!!! (lol) that statement is made in jest… PLEASE don’t start another debate people!!!

tink1217 on

gorgeous children, lovely family!

Lucy on

I just want to take time to applaud CBB. When I first came to this site I was surprised that you all showcased the children of celebrities that many people from middle America would not recognize, even the children of celebs from different countries such as Asia, India and South America. Thank You for making sure everyone is included.

Nicole on

I totally agree with Danielle, the race discussion has gotten to a ridiculous point!! Who cares if they are pink or green for goodness sakes, they are her babies, she is their mother and they are HEALTHY! If you are that caught up on their skin color, I don’t mean to be rude but, get a life! I am happy for Garcelle and her family, babies are a true blessing!

J-Lin on

First off, very cute babies. Garcelle looks beautiful. Her family looks quite happy.

Second, I love CBB. I don’t always agree with some of the postings, but this site does an excellent job of showing all celebrities.

Last, I think everyone would love to see a true United States of America, but why must I forget my history? Essence and Ebony exist because 30 years ago, you didn’t see black faces in “mainstream” magazines. The United Negro College Fund exists because many scholarships were not open to black students. These organizations provided the base for may great Americans such as Condi Rice, Vernon Jordan, and Colin Powell. Should we forget them because Nicole Ritchie is on the cover of People? History repeats itself and it defeats those that don’t know it. I refuse to forget and have made it my mission that my community doesn’t forget either.

cathy b on

I LOVE that Bob Marley Tee shirt he has on I have to see if I can get that in a size for a 7 yr old boy way too cute. Her boys are adorable and I so look forward to having at least one more in the future too, she looks so good and I bet she is a super mom!!!! what a beautiful family they are.

e on

they are such a beautiful family! the twins are very adorable, and her older son has the cutest smile (just like garcelle). i’m happy to see the entire family together, and not just the babies.

Kris on

They are adorable!!

They all look so happy in the family photo. After the ups and downs it sounds like they had I’m sure they are all relieved to have 2 healthy babies in the house.

Amelia on

Those babies are so adorable! She has double the fun!

And she looks amazing, as always! I love the pic with the whole family together – they are definitely a good looking family!

Lara on

I understand that this is an open board, and we can disagree respectfully, but why do you bother to post the not so great comments where it’s obvious it will stir up some form of ongoing argument. Won’t it save trouble and the time to post “please don’t talk abut this or that” comments in the longrun? There are some people who have innocent comments, but some are obviously not too nice.

Please don’t give me grief anyone, I’m just genuinely curious.

Sarah’s note: We try to keep things pretty open, and usually posters will respond and explain things to other posters. Occasionally a post will take a turn we didn’t expect, which is what happened here, so we attempt to curb it without closing the post as no one has really commented on the interview, etc which is the main focus of the post.

MulberryLane on

Those little boys are just beautiful (can boys be beautiful at this age or are they handsome?). I thought their comments regarding the Playboy pictorial were interesting. Her openess in discussing fertility issues is refreshing to see in a female celebrity.

amelita on

Beautiful family! I love the little puckered-lip expressions the boys are giving. Too cute. I want to snuggle them up! If I had the bod, I think it would be a blast to pose for Playboy. I like her attitude and openess.

susan on

Such happy looking kiddos. It is lovely to see the family looing so happy!!!

lady T on

Thanks for the update CBB…This family is beautiful and I am always happy to read a happy ending to a sometimes devasting process such as invitro. Just because you have one child naturally doesnt mean you will with the second and I greatly appreciate her honesty and candor. If I had her body, I would have loved to celebrate it too in Playboy. LOL. =)

Michelle on

Those are gorgeous babies from a gorgeous mama!

Ashley on

WOW those baby boys are so adorable! I think I love them! LOL I really do loove the way she dresses them though they look so cute, cool, and comfy!!

nicole on

Those boys are beautiful. I am so happy that she was successful after going through the hardships of fertility treatments and miscarriage. You can tell how happy she is and I love that she had twins!

FC on

Wow, seems I missed a lot…

Anyway, when Mike mentioned how Jax is more outgoing and Jaid is laidback, she was right on the money. They even seem that way in the photos. Jaid is the one who will do something once or twice for you, picks and chooses his battles, while Jax lets it all hang out and will give you a run for your money! Love it!

The first scan of the entire family is so sweet, but that second one is precious. The boys’ expressions are too adorable! I just want to cuddle them so badly, then take off and never return…!

Cait on

I absolutely love that family picture! How old is Oliver? I seem to think that he’s either 15 or 16, but he looks like he could be at least 20! He is a handsome boy though, very handsome.

And the twins are just too cute! Not jumping on the whole “biracial” side of it, but I do wonder what they’ll look like as they get older as I know their skin tone can darken as they age. HOWEVER they turn out, I’m sure they’ll stay as gorgeous as they are here.

Cait on

Oops! My bad! Hahah. I just went back to reread the interview and saw the comment about his age! I totally missed that the first time around.


Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae's Mommy on

Very cute little boys! Jax looks quite a bit like Garcelle, I think. Her interview was interesting, as well. I feel for Oliver as I think any teenager would not appreciate such photos of their mother!

I was indeed surprised to see the heated discussion on this site. Constructive debate can be healthy; however, I understand the desire to get the conversation back on track. I could say my piece about the multiracial family issue and racial identity as my daughters are biracial…but I suppose such comments aren’t welcome any longer even if they are positive and constructive?

Sarah’s note: You’re welcome to share your experience, we just want to get away from the back and forth argument that was getting a little heated.

Ivey on

Just a thought, but when you update a post and their are already 70-80 on up, posts, would it make more sense to start a new post, or does that take up too much space?

Sarah’s note: No, because it’s on the same topic, we just added more photos and the interview today. If we do two separate posts, then it’s two separate conversations on the same topic and too confusing to moderate and readers will tend to bounce between the two anyway. We’ve tried it before and we find it’s better for us to keep things in one post.

Liz on

Wow! This post really upsets me. I am a AA woman with a biracial son. It stings to hear people get so fixated on race. You don’t know how many times I am mistaken for the nanny by black and white people. Sometimes I wonder if my decision to have a biracial child will make my son’s life harder. Hopefully in 20 or so years things will be better. Consider Obama’s presidential run. Anyway, Garcelle’s sons are adorable and healthy! God bless her and her family.

Cashmere on

Why does color matter this is 2008 people. I can not express the anger with people and color. The babies are beautiful. this shows us we have alot to do in this country still

merrymum on

They are super gorgeous babies, full stop.

chris on

I am an African American woman. I am just so happy she was open to sharing her infertility story. I have a 6 year old daughter conceived via IFV/ICSI. That is the story I want out there! I wish more celebs were open about their struggles. I am pleased she shared her story in Jet, as well. I too wonder where Halle will “officially” share the news.

Katie on

Did I read correctly that she showed the pictures of herself in Playboy to her 17 year old son??? That catches my attention far more than the color of her sons skin or what publication she chooses.

Danyelle on

Awww….. they are adorable! I love their big “wide-awake” eyes 😉

Kim B on

wow what cute babies. That looks like a really happy family.

Judy on

Thanks for the new photos. It looks like one twin has brown eyes and the other has blue or gray eyes, but they both have Daddy’s chin. You can see it in the pictures.

Some of these comments have me cracking up. What exactly is a black or biracial baby supposed to look like? Can we dispense with the stereotypes, people? Black and biracial people span every shade from ebony to ivory. When my son was born (he is light-skinned black, as I am), he had a head full of black hair. When he was about seven months old, his hair turned PLATINUM BLONDE (!) and stayed like that until he was about a year and a half, when it gradually turned dark again. It’s a family trait. There are baby pictures of me with blonde hair.

Christine on

They are stunning!

shan on

Wow, I think some people have way too much time on their hands to be having a debate on whether this woman’s babies are really hers, bi-racial blah blah, her babies are cuties, thats it.
It is a beautiful photo, the world sucks enough to be worrying about this sort of rubbish that is being discussed under her photo.

Dianne on

A couple that truly loves each other-
Their sons are precious!

rammonia on

what is all this about my mom was African American and my dad is white and i came out with white i dont have any features from my mom
i only have features of my dad so i don’t see what is wrong if her son are white they are so beautiful and my mom had me naturally and i am a twin and my sisters have my white skin color on her people are just born that way

Bex on

Wow! They are so cute. She is just beautiful. She looks so young! I hope I look half as good when I’m her age. =)

Margot on

Looking at the further pictures… the twins are actually remarkably alike, considering that they are fraternal. Mouth, nose, eye shape, chin, ears… strong genes much?! You don’t see it as much in the cover shot, but the spread with the two boys side by side makes it all the more obvious. Ooh, aren’t those chubby cheeks just scrumptious?

Becky on

I agree with Christine.

If you read the interview, there are no comments about the racial identification, that they plans to use.

Since Haiti has a history of French influence, she may decide to have them learn french. Both Halle Berry, Jessica Alba have signaled a desire to teach their offspring, a foreign language. I’ve heard about other famous new moms, who teach their children how to use sign language. Which is very useful for a kid to know, so that they can communicate their needs, before more major language skills can be developed.

sinclair on

“Note from Danielle: The race discussion is getting out of hand. Please refrain from talking about how black or white you think the babies look — biracial children come in all shades and they are Garcelle’s biological children.”

Thank you, danielle!!! It stings to read some of the ignorant comments on this board, but I realize that a lot of people, of all colors, are still quite obtuse and have little exposure to people that don’t look like them, or don’t fit the mold of what they think a certain “race” should look like.

“Wow, I think some people have way too much time on their hands to be having a debate on whether this woman’s babies are really hers, bi-racial blah blah, her babies are cuties, thats it.”

Agreed, Shan. It’s quite nasty, also. This woman just gave birth to her precious little sons and someone has the nerve to question if they are her eggs–because the babies are not brown enough? Garcelle is light brown herself, so that in conjunction with there husband’s white skin will produce children of even lighter hue. Basic biology people!!!! And that is not always the case. The fact that we are even discussing it annoys me, and I should have left it alone.

Poppy: “Plus I can’t detect any color in them and they have completely Caucasian features.”

You can’t detect any color in them? Perhaps you are not a person of color. Quite often, a person who is a light-skinned African-American may be perceived as White to those who don’t know any better. A lot of AA can tell if someone is “of color”, whereas, a white person may just think the person has a tan.

“It seems that mostly the people of colour on this board have a problem with these comments, and that is their right, but try to see where others are coming from. Poppy made a simple comment that warranted a simple answer but turned into a b!tch-fest.”
A “b!tch-fest?” A tad sexist there. This did not explode into any such event. Who says only the people of color got up in arms about it? You see NO reason why people may have gotten a tad riled up over the racial comments? Okay. Poppy’s comment was not ‘simple’–it was loaded. If you cannot see beyond that, perhaps you living in a bubble yourself. Garcelle, along with her children and her husband, are in the photos below the headline. It is obvious that her husband is white. SO, who on this earth cannot figure out that the children will be a combination of the two parents’ skin tones??? Just asking. It is 2008 and for such an ignorant question to be asked is not surprising, but sad; however, i understand some people are quite sheltered and/or used to being around people like themselves and nothing else.

Sarah’s note: Just popping it to say everything in the extended post (including that photo) wasn’t there when the comment by Poppy was made. It was added yesterday when I could get my hands on the magazine.

Ani on

Actually Nicole Richie is adopted. She is of Hispanic decent.

And as long as the kids are healthy, who cares what they look like.

Becky on


You say that the race debate is getting out of hand. And then you proceed to regurgitate and exmpound upon, a world view on race, set back during the days of slavery.

I say this with all due respect.
It would seem like as long as you preference your comments with a phony admonition, (race shouldn’t matter, black kids come in all colors, race talk is getting out of hand,) you are free to say whatever controversial, thing that you like, while pretending to be holier than thou.

If you re-read the article, the parents talk about many things. Labeling their children with any racially charged labels, like light skinned African American, bi-racial, black, purple, ecru, is not one of them. I don’t believe that its fair of you to label a child, in a way that may contradict how a parent may ultimately do. How is that appropriate?

And that goes for all sensibilities and gender concerns. Parents should hold the autonomy in not only the structure, norms and traditions of their families, but the cultivation of labels or not labeling. Not labeling a child along so called traditional lines is just as much a prerogative as labeling a child along traditional lines.

bearcakes on

Her son will probably look like different as they get older,they are only 5 months.

From her bio:

Garcelle Beauvais
Saint-Marc, Haiti Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon (born November 26, 1966) is an American actress and former fashion model of Haitian descent.

I’m sure Garcelle and her husband are not making a big deal about their kids hue. They are just happy to have them.

Lesley on

Lovely babies-they’re very lucky to have them after so much trouble with fertility. Even though they’re fraternal twins, they look a lot alike to me-at least their cute little expressions are similar.

sinclair on


please read CAREFULLY before trying to tear me a new one. I was quoting Danielle, okay? Notice the quotation marks.

“And then you proceed to regurgitate and exmpound upon, a world view on race, set back during the days of slavery.”

What are you talking about?

“If you re-read the article, the parents talk about many things. Labeling their children with any racially charged labels, like light skinned African American, bi-racial, black, purple, ecru, is not one of them. I don’t believe that its fair of you to label a child, in a way that may contradict how a parent may ultimately do. How is that appropriate?

And that goes for all sensibilities and gender concerns. Parents should hold the autonomy in not only the structure, norms and traditions of their families, but the cultivation of labels or not labeling. Not labeling a child along so called traditional lines is just as much a prerogative as labeling a child along traditional lines. “

I think you are responding to someone else’s post.

galatea on

The babies and their mommy are beautiful!! And dad looks very proud. What a happy family…

I think it’s funny how some people feel compelled to comment on things they have no idea of! What genes we inherit from our parents are one of the many mysteries/miracles in life, and what’s the purpose of questioning it?! I’m Chinese American and my husband is Irish/French American, our son looks almost entirely Caucasian with light brown curly hair and big blue eyes just like his dad. But when he smiles he looks just like me.

Becky on


Sorry, for any errors made on my part. Perhaps, I didn’t extricate your thoughts, in a manner appropriate.

Also, sorry for all of the spelling errors.

Kat on

It’s always hard to tell what any baby (of any heritage) is going to look like as they get older. Garcelle very likely has European ancestry as well as African, which makes the likelihood of her boys having recessive traits (such as blue eyes) much higher. That’s the cool thing about genetics. Strange things occur. Such as redheaded African Americans (I know a couple). Both parents can have a recessive gene from some Scottish or Irish ancestor that happens to get passed down. To make crazy accusations about the parentage of any child based on looks is just that, CRAZY!

Honestly, my nephew looks NOTHING like his father, but that does not make him any less of his son.

We should be celebrating that they were able to conceive two beautiful, happy and healthy baby boys.

All that said, I can see both parents in them! They are a lovely family.

terri on

It’s too bad that we can’t have a discussion about race or color. It’s reality and a fact of life. It doesn’t make it bad or wrong to talk about it. People take offense over lack of knowing when they should use it as an opportunity to share and learn. Oh well.

Garcelle’s boys are precious.

sinclair on

I respect your opinion(s) and what you have to say. I was just a tad confused.


Becky on

Why should we discuss a person in the context of race, religion, sexual orientation, when we can discuss a person or family, in the context of being an individual?

Kat on

The babies are cute but look like neither parent. What matters is that they are healthy and being cute is just a collateral benefit.

Ignorance and bigotry are rife here NTM stupidity.

Thank you Beverley for your post about people accepting ALL of their ethnicities. Race is peppered here but people need reminding that it is merely cultural. It is a social construction designed to divide people. Enough with the puritan mentality and one-drop-rule mentality. Halle Berry is an idiot beyond being untalented and she’s a plain Jane even with her nose and lip jobs. Regardless of what her mother told her as a girl, the fact is that she’s mixed. Her black ethnicity doesn’t trump her white ethnicity. It’s a shame that so many black people subscribe to this way of thinking. I’m mixed, more white than black and I’m proud of my heritage. Most people don’t even know what black means or what it can look like. Black doesn’t mean one thing, it’s a myriad of things. Look at Yasmin Warsame and Liya Kebede, beautiful black models with doll-like petite features. Garcelle is mixed as most “black” people are. Just like many latinos (70%) have some black ancestry though many are loath to admit it which is pathetic but so it is.

As for Nicole Richie, Mary, she’s adopted and even her parents are clearly mixed but you identify them as black only. Careful, your prejudice is showing. She’s what most would deem multiracial.

There’s no reason to doubt that they aren’t Garcelle’s children. One can never predict what a child will look like and these babies will undoubtedly change in appearance as children tend to do.

This reminds me of Wentworth Miller’s comments. His father is part black but identifies himself as black and so does Wentworth even though he is quite mixed and some have said looks “white.” Another imbecile! Wentworth is mixed.

I bet Halle crossed her fingers that her baby didn’t get her real nose, you know, the one she had before her nosejob. It makes her bigoted statement on Leno even more pathetic. Maybe it’s the weaves, perhaps they’re wound too tightly.

I love being of mixed heritage and seeing so many mixed children embrace their multiple ethnicities. I’m glad I don’t live in the US where the one-drop-rule mentality is so pervasive. Bigotry is everywhere of course but I’m glad I live where I do.

Heather Locklear is part indian (native american) and black. The fact that people wouldn’t guess it doesn’t negate it. Grow a brain people, acquire some knowledge and rid yourselves of your stupidity! That’s directed at the idiots here not the sane ones.

Jess on

Black folks come in all different shades. White folks come in all different shades. Therefore, so do bi-racial folks. And we all come with different experiences and mindsets.

It seems to me, that among the Americans in this group, that NONE of you paid attention to what Barack Obama had to say last week.

Lyle on

we all know that Nicole Richie was adopted, but she is not completely of Hispanic orgin. Her biological dad is part African American and part mexican, I don’t know what race her mom is.

Janessa on

i am so happy for her as a hiatian women i love to see my people do good and work hard and shes one of those haitians that i look up to


Garcelle looks amazing for her age and after having twins yet.

#1 Garcelle doesn’t have to be mixed to have such light kids. That has absolutely nothing to do with it.
Look at Thandie Newton’s kids. They are a 1/4 black, yet they have more black features than these kids.

#2 Jet, Ebony and Essence were created not because they wanted to exclude whites, but rather because blacks were and still are excluded from mainstream magazines.
If it weren’t for magazines like Ebony, the only black people you would see are Halle Berry, Will Smith, Beyounce, Jennifer Hudson here and Rihanna there.. THE IDEA IS THAT MAINSTREAM DON’T BUY MAGAZINES WITH BLACKS ON THE COVER..
Furthermore, I know quite a few white people that buy Ebony and Essence.

To understand these issues, you have to understand history. Not just speculate.

Again, those boys are absolutely adorable.


Becky on

Jess, did Senator Obama extol the notion of “individuality” in his speech? Must have missed that. Enough on that.

Sinclair, you are so welcome. Debating is so much more fun, when the challenges to your ideas are “collegiate” as opposed to being “venemous”.

Danielle on

I LOVE the names! And they are gorgeous boys!
Bravo Garcelle & Michael!

Natalie on

What I found interesting about these posts is that people sometimes forgot that the internet is global – the Scottish person spoke from her context, the South Africans from theirs, and the Americans from theirs – none seeming to realise the historical/social/cultural context of the other. By the way, all members of the family are incredibly attractive physically.


Those children can define themselves when they are old enough. Some posters need to stop with the one-drop rule already. And no, both of Nicole Richie’s parents are NOT “black”.

Sarqh on

I have to biracial children who was born with a dark-skinned father I am white they are whiter than me and have blond hair!i am sure the boys will darken as the getolder they are only 5 months!Who care babies don’t care what color they are!They are cute biracial boys

Kelly on

Just wanted to comment… my husband is half-Nigerian, half-Caucasian, but looks like a light-skinned black man. I am Caucasian. Both of our sons look Caucasian. They have blue eyes and blond hair. You would never guess they are a quarter African. People really should not assume to know what a child will look like because of the parents’ races. It just seems silly and ignorant to question these children’s genetics.

Heather on

It’s funny how people are so “concerned” about the colors of these beautiful children. Nobody knows if they will “lighten” or “darken” in the years to come. All of that is irrelevant anyway! Mind your business and thank God for two little angels sent from Heaven!

Dede on

Let’s leave the boys’ hue out of the comments. They’re healthy and precious little boys and have two proud parents. The end.

Camre Legans on

If you want my opinion theres nothing wrong with having interacial children. I truly think kids with white dads and black mothers are very gourgous.

vivian on

All these statements about the couple and the baby’s race, skin color blah blah blah, doesnt make sense at all. why wont ppl see other humans as there sis and bro, why the hate all the time. we are all cousins of one another, we are one human race, there is nothing like race. we humans created this thing called “race”. it never exists b4, and why ppl look down on some certain ppl all becos of skin color. Take classes and go to school be educated and ull see everyone in the whole wide world are bro and sis. so why the hate.i recommend anthropology class. word. peace!

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