Brooke Burke says four kids is 'a whole other world'

03/26/2008 at 09:07 AM ET

Brookeanddavid It looks like baby boy Charvet, born 3-weeks ago today, won’t be nameless for long!  His parents — actors David Charvet and Brooke Burke — are making steady progress in their efforts to give their little one a name, although from the sound of it those efforts might be hampered by the baby himself.  Brooke, 36, tells People,

Going from two to three was easy. Going from three to four, a whole other world … We’re so sleep-deprived right now, we can both barely see straight.

The couple — who’ve been waiting their "whole life for a son," according to Brooke — have managed to agree to a first and last name; It’s the middle name that they’re "fighting on," she says, adding, 

He did leave the hospital without the birth certificate. I know that’s terrible!

The as-yet-unnamed baby joins his three big sisters at home — Neriah, 7 ½, Sierra Sky, 5 ½, and Heaven Rain, 14-months.

Source:  People

Note from Danielle: The baby DOES have a first name and it sounds as though they are waiting to release the information until they’ve decided on a full name. Brooke has also been clear that David wanted the experience of having a boy, and so did she. If you’d like to discuss that, please head over to our debate thread.


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Julia Johnson on

That makes absolutely no sense at all, that the baby has not been given a name. She knew while she was pregnant, that she was carrying a boy. Why not just name him David Jr. That is ridiculous; so if they go out in public and someone asks the baby name, their going to respond by saying: “He is nameless?!!” Taht’s terrible.

Tara on

I totally don’t blame her for not having a name. I have a son and I want a girl sooo bad and if I actually had one It’d be so hard to pick her name especially in this case where the son is the last of the children.

Kathleen on

I CANNOT understand how they have not named their son after 3 weeks. They knew they were expecting a son before the birth so it wasn’t exactly a surprise. Didn’t they discuss names before he was born?

Callie on

Did Brooke really say that she waited her ‘whole life’ for a son? Hmmm, not sure if I find that harmful to their little girls. Hopefully there will be no difference in how the children are treated as they grow up, especially the baby girl so close in age to the baby boy. All children female/male are precious and I’m sure Brooke and her family know that.

Eve on

Wow, hurry up and tell us his name!!!

So Brooke was married to a plastic surgeon? And she has breast implants? Did her ex-husband do them?
Hs she revealed any other work she had done?

chatty cricket on

Callie, you should check out the post earlier in the week regarding whether boys are more valued than girls. It was based on a reader opinion, you may be interested to see the discussion.

I can totally believe they still haven’t picked a name! Although we are EARLY name pickers, a lot of people don’t like to name until they’ve met the child. Also, I don’t know if this is just my opinion, but I think it’s harder to come up with a unique but fitting boy’s name.

MommyD on

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to not have named a baby yet. We took our time with our baby. We knew what names we hated for sure. We wanted to wait and see what the baby looked like until giving them a name. Everyone got annoyed at our nameless baby, but oh well, it’s a big deal!

J.J. on

I’m a bit impatient now and am dying to find out his name. Isn’t there only a certain amount of time after the birth of you child that you have to decide on name because of the birth registration or something? Also I was kind of offended by how she said she waited her “whole life for a son”. I really hope she loves her girls as much as the new baby.

brooke on

This is the first time ever, brooke has waited this long to name any of her children, so it must be really hard for them lol. I can’t wait to hear his name, and see the little guy, their daughters are beautiful so I bet he will be a cutie too. The girl gotta be exhausted though 4 kids with her oldest barely being 8 and the youngest 2 babies are only 3 weeks and 14 months, god bless her. If you go to gettyimages and tupe in brooke’s name, there’s a pictures of david and her from yesterday, you would never think she had her 4th baby 3 weeks ago, she looks awesome.

Crystal on

I dont think its a bad thing not naming the baby yet, you dont want to give them a name that doesnt suit them! But I dont think myself personally would be able to have a child born for 3 weeks with no name!

Bugs on

I don’t want to be mean, but i can’t or don’t want to imagine what would’ve happened to this couple if it would’ve been another girl.

I understand that after three girls they would want a boy, but it’s just so…..i don’t know how to call it, a bit unfair for the girls to say that publicly and stress it out.

So again, thank goodness it was a boy.

Courteny on

I SO understand the whole 3 to 4 things and my kids are closer in age than hers! I had a friend tell me once(she is a mom to 6) that after 3 its just one more plate at the table. She was trying to say its really not that different with the more kids you have. Well, it is so NOT one more plate…its a whole other ball of wax.

I wouldn’t change having my 4th (also my 1st boy after 3 girls) as we are now complete with 4. And maybe just a bit overwhelmed as well..:)

Judyb on

The artical says that they disagree over a middle name. They are probably calling the baby the first name that they agreed on. Maybe they don’t want to release the name until they agree on the first, middle and last name. At least nobody can say that they made a hasty decision when they named this child.

Elyse on

Holy smokes! I looked at those photos of Brooke on getty images and I would never guess in a million years that she had a baby 3 weeks ago! Jeeze, talk about making another woman jealous! If only we could all be that lucky!😉

Momof3girls on

I think she just likes the publicity. She knew she was having a boy, of course they have a name and didn’t someone say before that when you have the brisk (sp) the child is named?

Renee on

I think some people are taking their words literally. I doubt they treat their girls any different now that they have a son.

Nicole on

I bet the new baby’s name will be very special to the two of them….can’t wait to see pics of the new baby and Brooke and family.

ann on

For the bris, he would have his Hebrew name given to him, not his English name. Your Hebrew and English name aren’t always the same.

emily on

“I really hope she loves her girls as much as the new baby.”

Come on! Anyone who is a mother would know that just because she said she waited her whole life to have a boy DOES NOT mean she will love her girls any less! We have all seen photo shoots, etc. of her and her daughters and she CLEARLY loves them to death. I’m sorry, but it’s just so rude to jump to that kind of conclusion. It was an innocent statement on her part and no one on this board would like if a stranger implied that you love one child over the rest. I don’t see why people are sooo touchy here about the boy/girl preference. You love each and every one of your kids for a different reason.

crystal on

Seriously they had 9 MONTHS to figure out a name!
What do they call the baby? baby no name!
sorry to sound rude but i think its horrible that they dont have a name for the son, tim and helena burton are the same way and i think its sad.

Nikka on

If they can’t agree on a middle name, can’t they give the baby both names? There are so many babies with more names, one first, two middle and one or two last names

I also dont’ really like that they are disappointed they had to wait for a boy for so long and getting the girls. The girls are equal to boys and what matters is a healthy baby no matter what it is.

nosoupforyou on

I can understand Brooke wanting to have a son. I’m sure she would have said the same thing about a girl if she had already had 3 boys.

I gave my boys Hebrew names. They are Joel and Matthew. The Hebrew name is not always different from the name they use everyday although the pronounciation is different.

Emma on

“I CANNOT understand how they have not named their son after 3 weeks. They knew they were expecting a son before the birth so it wasn’t exactly a surprise. Didn’t they discuss names before he was born?”

I agree with Kathleen. I thought part of the point of finding out the sex was so you could pick a name?! I intend to have delivery surprises but will have two names picked out (boys & girls!) just incase…
Those people who have found out the sex, don’t you use that info to help decide on a name before the baby’s born?

GW on

All I can say about the name of Brooke’s and David’s son is… stay tuned. My opinion is that when they are ready to announce his name it will be on her web site first(membership required) and probably with a major media outlet (People, InTouch, Entertainment Tonight). The name of the game in all of this is publicity, ratings (where TV is concerned) and dollars.

Jennifer on

I just don’t understand…. you have nine months to pick out a name and still no middle name? I understand some that say they want to SEE their baby first, then decide on a name… but the way I understand it, is that they haven’t given him a middle name because they can’t agree on one. You have nine months!

Kris on

“Those people who have found out the sex, don’t you use that info to help decide on a name before the baby’s born?”

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always make it any easier for some of us. We did not have a name picked out for our second son and we knew he was a boy. We named him almost right away but we hadn’t narrowed it down when the nurses asked what to put for his name. We had an easier time naming the fist and he was a “delivery surprise”. Go figure!

Judyb on

Wow GW your comments certainly sound cynical.

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