Anya at 29 months aka 2 years 5 months aka almost 2.5 years

03/24/2008 at 03:59 PM ET

528067903605_0_albI figured it was time for an Anya photo update since Josh had recently uploaded new photos to our Kodak Gallery. I don’t have time to write an update so I’ll just post this link to the album and tell you the latest things she’s talking about:

  • Baby, Baby Boy and Baby Girl are her much adored Shrek babies. Baby Boy has a blue diaper and a tuft of hair, Baby Girl has a pink diaper and a tuft of hair with a bow, and Baby is apparently omnisexual as he is bald and has an off-white diaper and bib. Her favorite is generally Baby but Baby Girl went missing for a few days (she was tucked into a pocket of a stroller) and she asked everyone, even my mom’s co-workers when we visited her office, "Where Baby Girl is?"
  • She loves her babies. Her latest thing is announcing throughout the day "it’s baby’s nap time." I’ll try to get her to put the baby to bed but she just seems to like to tell me. Other times, when she’s holding one of the babies, she’ll rock side to side, singing in a high-pitched voice, "go to sleep, go to sleep lil baby." We have no idea where she got that from.
  • "button" and "kummy" = belly button and tummy. The girl loves to tickle ours.
  • "pea party" = tea party. Anya loves to lay out a small blanket, her tin tea set, play cupcakes, and her babies. She makes very good tea and is very generous with the cupcakes!
  • Max and Wooby, Kining Kime, Cats, and Doggies are her current favorite videos (also known as Max & Ruby, Signing Time, The Aristocats, and 101 Dalmatians).
  • She’s obsessed with hot chocolate. Almost every day she tells me "I want hot chock-lat." I remind her that it’s a treat and that we can have some after she eats her meal.
  • She eats an extraordinary amount of cranberry-pumpkin seed toasted bread with almond butter for breakfast and lunch. This dish is referred to as "dada-bread" with "peanut buddah." Sometimes she makes me do the peanut butter dance (you know, "peanut, peanut butter, and jelly!"
  • And finally, she continues to be crazy about princesses. If we let her, she’d be wearing her Shrek Princess Fiona dress every day. "Princess" is an adjective to her which means something like pretty. On a rainy crappy day last week, I took her to the mall to look for a new princess dress that she wouldn’t trip on and introduced her to the Disney store. Big mistake! She keeps asking to go back!

Visit the album!


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Nikka on

It’s definitely time LOL … i kept checking every day couple of times to see how Anya grew… so cute !!!! Thanks for sharing🙂



Colette on

I just saw ‘Aw’ out loud a thousand times whenever I read about Anya, she’s such a little star Danielle.

I love those pretend cupcakes, they are the cutest thing.

I share Anya’s pain over Baby Girl going missing, I clearly remember the trauma of losing a favourite toy. Glad she was found safe and sound.

Cordelia's Mommy on

Danielle she is adorable! Cordelia will be 5 in July, and she is no where near over her obsession with princesses and all things Disney. Next time you come to SoCal you will have to go to Disneyland and experience the Disney Princess Faire in Fantasyland. There are story times with the princesses, coronation ceremonies, and pic ops with the princesses, and face painting and princess hairstyles, etc. a total princess experience. While the Disney habit can be expensive, from movies to merchandise to theme parks, just wait till Anya is ready for American Girl. Oh boy. Cordy got her first Itty Bitty Baby doll in Christmas ’06, and for Easter this year got her first historical doll, Elizabeth, and now wants all the clothes, books, furniture, etc. to go with it. Anya is just precious, thanks for sharing with all of us!

Ella on

She is so cute do you think you will have any more?

r9lee on

I can’t believe how big she is now! I still remmeber when you first posted you were expecting. It’s hard to believe 29 + months have gone by so quickly!!!🙂 What a qt !

efeh brown on

Thanks Danielle for the wonderful update of Anya, she is definitely a little star, sooo cute and soo grownup. i am from west Africa and my name is also Anya, which means Queen in my tribe, i also have a niece called Danielle, so you can understand why Anya is our Celebrity baby here. She is too cute, great job.

Judyb on

Anya is really beautiful. She is getting so big too. I remember when you announced your pregnancy to CBB, it seemed like only yesterday. I followed your link to look at more Anya pictures. Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous? Is that Josh in the snowman pictures?

Sarah’s note: Yes, that’s Josh.

Steph on

I have been waiting and waiting for an Anya update! Haha, she is just gorgeous. I love how she’s cheesin’ at the camera in a lot of the photo’s. She’s probably such a character!

Ivey on

I see their will be no problems getting her to wear her holloween costume next year(so long as she is a princess)!!

Laura on

Oh my, she has gotten so big! She also is getting more beautiful every time I see her.

Happy Easter

esmeralda on

My daughter loves princesses too!!! She dresses up everyday as I different one and now she is really into Tinkerbell. She is having a Tinkerbell themed bday party in a couple of weeks and she is so excited for it. She is quite the opposite of how I was as a child. She is so girlie and loves purses and always wants to wear “Big Girl Lip Gloss”.

Incripacu on

Ohhh my!! I missed your kid, she’s so big and adorable… I love how girly she is, with her tea party, princesses and all…

J-Lin on

Those eyes are mesmerizing! What a beautiful little girl.

Annabelle on

Anya IS a princess! Beautiful, beautiful girl! Did you move to the ‘burbs? I was thinking that you lived in an apt in the city. I was away for a while … did I miss something? Enjoy your little girl!!!

Sarah’s note: They moved last summer.

Carol on

She has the most flawless perfect face. Such a beautiful little girl.

CTBmom on

Thanks for the update….Anya is a little beauty🙂

Laura on

Oh, she is so cute! I remember my princess phase – It was Jasmine all the way for me and I was always so mad at Halloween that my mom wouldn’t let me dress like her.

Jen Smith on

Ok… at what point does one stop referring their child’s age in months.

Your kid is two years old.

nursemom on

oh danielle, can I have Anya’s hand me downs? Or at least tell me where you shop? I always love what she’s wearing.

Xan on

She is a doll! I’d love to hear her talk:)

Just wondering (I don’t have kids yet), when is it normal to stop referring to a child’s age in months? It’s weird to do the math in months after the first year. It seems as thought it would be more convinient to say 2yrs 5 months.

Note from Danielle: I was under the impression that people stop using months when the kid turns 3 because so much changes developmentally every month. I usually say she’s 2.5 because she’s just a few weeks away.

I’m trying to upload some video of her talking but Vimeo is being weird.

ladymama on

That’s so funny about the Shrek babies! I was going to buy my daughter (2 this week) an expensive hand crafted Waldorf doll for Christmas, but we walked into Blockbuster to get a gift card and she discovered the $5 baby Shreks. Of course, she picked the girl, who in our house is called Baby Do-do Girl. This is because we had previously ended up with a baby Shrek kids’ meal toy that says, “Do do do do.”

Jennifer on

Anya is such a beautiful little girl! I can’t believe how quickly time has gone and how much she has grown up. Her little smile is adorable, and she certainly has such gorgeous eyes. Thanks so much for the update!🙂

patricia on

She is absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing.
May I ask what camera do you use? The pictures are awesome!

SJ on

Awwww!! She is lovely!! My daughter has the same Oilily coat – Love it!!

Jennifer on

I love those play cupcakes. .. where can I find them at.. my daughter would absolutely love them!!! :o)

Jamie on

Luv Luv Luv the cupcakes—where can you buy them at???

tati on

Anya’s so big! wow time just flies right by. She’s gorgeous and your camera takes AWESOME pictures!

Rose on

She is so sweet, I love Hot Chocolate Face #2! Too cute!

Kate on

She is just the cutest! Seriously, I’d rather see and hear about her than any other celebrity “baby”.

You must get this all of the time, Danielle, but do you think you will add to your brood any time soon? Anya is just beautiful and I can’t wait to see what a baby brother or sister would look like.


nona on

Dear Santa,

I saw one of these “Anya’s” on the internet, and I was wondering if I could get one for Christmas. I know it seems early, but you should probably get started making one about right now.

Thank you,

P.S. I’ve been reasonably good.

Wendie DeLano on

Where can I buy those darling cupcakes??? Anya is beautiful and reminds me so much of my daughter who is the same age.

Sarah’s note: Anything pink in the post is a link to the product. They are by Learning Resources.

Jasmine on

Danielle you take the best pictures! They are all so lovley. Did you use that new camera you posted about a while ago? You gave me some great info and ideas on what to get my daughter for her 2nd birthday. The cupcakes, shrek babies, and fiona costume! My daughter loves Shrek. Thanks for the update and the info!

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