Victoria and Romeo Beckham go shopping with Eva Longoria Parker

03/22/2008 at 04:34 AM ET

Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, 33, did a little shopping on Friday, March 21st in Beverly Hills, CA with son Romeo James, 5, and pal Eva Longoria Parker.  Romeo’s dad is soccer star David Beckham.


Photos by Flynet.

More photos and Romeo’s jersey and shoe info below.

Romeobeckham_217088cbbjpg Victoriabeckham_217090cbbjpg Victoriabeckham_217094cbbjpg

519za007j3l_aa280_Romeo wears a Tom Brady New England Patriots toddler replica jersey ($35).

Converseblackox Romeo is also wearing Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Ox ($28).

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Alecia on

These two ladies are always stylish…luv, luv their outfits, especially the shoes… Little Romeo is so adorable and quite composed with all the hoopla around him.

Ivey on

battle of the diamond rings and high heels!!

Romeo looks to be in 7th heaven.

Mary on

I know we’re supposed to comment on the cuteness of the kid(s), but I must say those are some fierce shoes Eva has on lol! I want a pair. Oh yeah, and cute kid 🙂

MJ on

Wow, look at the crowd that has stopped to stare at them. Makes me kinda sad. They can’t do anything without a crowd. But the kids seem to take it in stride.

babyboopie on

i have a lot of respect for Victoria and David, they are absolutely fantastic at what they do! 🙂 Their three boys are soo adorable and Romeo and Cruz look just like their mum whilst Brooklyn looks like his dad.
Even though a lot of people think Victoria is a miserable person, I don’t think she actually is, judging from her friends’ comments and her interviews- it’s just a facade to amuse the ‘little people!’ (us) :p

chelsea on

he looks so much like his Dad in the first picture. He’s such a handsome boy! So cute thats he’s holding hands with Eva Longoria.

Nikka on

I had no idea these two are friends !! I wish Eva could have the baby she so longs for !! It can always be incorporated in the story !!! They make her wait and wait and then she will get past the easy years and may have to struggle like so many others who were postponing it…

Whitney on

OMG this kid is got some good genes.. he is so cute. well all the kids have good genes.. i didn’t know that Victoria and Eva were that good of friends. i wish i could go shopping in Beverly Hills with my BF.

Cele on

I think VB dresses for the photogs- no doubt about it… there is no way that she is comfortable in that get-up whilst on a shopping spree with her 5-yr. old son. Really wish she would “tone it down” some and just relax!, don’t really care for either of them, but I think Eva knows how to dress appropriately given the outing… Also, can’t say that I would be one to like all of that attention- gawkers staring at you ALL THE TIME, kinda reminds me of the freak shows at the circus! NO THANKS!

brooke on

Romeo is a cute boy. Victoria looks great and stylish as always. Eva is the cutest thing, she is so petite and adorable, and has great style, I also love her diamond ring lol. The ladies both look amazing, and romeo looks so cute walking with them.

SJ on

I have nothing against anyone and I am not a huge fan of the Beckhams (except David, whose charity work is to be admired) but Victoria appears to use her children more and more in her quest for perfection. Photo opportunities like shopping with Eva Longoria. It is nothing but a photo op to her.

How come Marcia Cross, Angelina Jolie and other celebrity mothers can go shopping but do it in a way that isn’t saying “Look at me and look what I do”

Sorry, but I think the Beckham boys need to be shown that shopping is not a way to enhance your life. She should be taking them to school/activties, doing things they want to do, rather than have them suit her lifestyle.

Anna on

It must be hard to go out shopping with a bunch of people following you with their camera phones trained on you like that. I think we can forgive her for looking a little grumpy 😉

mommy_2 on

Her boys are all so dang handsome!! But of the three I think romeo resembles David the very most! And we all know how hot David is!! Lucky women!
Cele- I don’t really agree that is all for the media only because every time I go to the mall or out and about I see girls/women dressed like that a lot. I am not trying to start an argument, just saying some people are really into their styles.
Babyboopie- I agree that she is not a miserable person either. I think she just has her line of being public and being private.

Luciana(Brazil) on

Cele, just because you don’t like to dress like that, doesn’t mean everyone is (or should be) like you.
VB looks like she dresses for herself and her hubby. She likes to look in the mirror and look good. And she does. I love how stylish she is. I love my flip flops, my jeans and t-shit, and yet I admire how classy and charming Victoria can be all the time. Can people really judge her? To me it’s just a little bit of jealousy.

lizzielui on

Cele, you should come to NYC and see how the women dress here with their kiddies. LOL! For example, FOA Schwarz is full of women who dress like VB while with their kids. Heels, Furs, designer bags, etc., the whole nine all day everyday. I should know, I am one of them. I have never been one to feel comfortable in flip flops, khakis, or sweats. I rarely even wear flats to tell you the truth. I like dressing up when I leave the house. It’s to each her own.

EuropeanLuxuryBlog on

I just love the outfit of Victoria! She’s truly one of my favourite European stars and I admire her unique style and the person she is. Eva looks fab as well. Pity for them they were bothered so much by the paps on the girls/boys day out..

Cele on

Luciana: I don’t doubt that NY women know how to dress and or how to dress to “impress”. I guess that I am more inclined to Jen Garner’s/Angelina Jolie’s mommy-style(s)… I just often think about when someone like VB is out and about dressed to the nines w/ her boys’- how would/could she react if one of them bolted? Ya, I know that she has a team of security ppl. all around- it just seems inappropriate to me that’s all. Also- how on earth she keeps her boys’ hands off her designer wear- I will NEVER know- I have boys’ myself and they are ALL over me and my clothes with their not-often “clean” hands/arms and various other body parts… just saying.

Roise on

Does anyone know how tall Victoria and David are? Cause even with the women in those heels, Romeo is already half their size at five, and to me, that’s a tall five year old. And in that last pic, I think Eva and Victoria could pass for sisters.

Sarah on

I love what Romeo’s wearing!! This family is one of my favorites.