Sofia Vergara on being a young mom and having blonde roots

03/22/2008 at 08:33 PM ET

Sofia Vergara got her childbearing done early, at age 19. Now that the Dirty Sexy Money actress is 35, hanging out with her 16-year-old son Manolo can lead to some interesting situations.

Usually people think we’re brother and sister. But sometimes they think I’m his girlfriend. He will call me ‘Mom’ so they know!

Manolo’s also not past teasing Sofia about going against the Hollywood grain, hair-wise.

I’m actually a natural blonde. I always had really dark eyebrows, so that’s why I look normal with dark hair. My son says I’m the only woman in Hollywood who has blonde roots!

Source: People, March 31st issue

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Sherry on

Ummm…..Is anyone else a little creeped out by this?

Eliza on

Who does she play on Dirty Sexy Money?

Sarah’s note: Sofia plays…Sofia.😉

Lindsay on

I did not even know she had any kids much less a 16-year-old. I’m pretty sure those questions and comments get pretty embarrassing but they do look about the same age.

She doesn’t look like a natural blond to me but I could be wrong. Many people are born blond and then their hair gets darker as they get older to either dark brown or light brown or maybe a dark blond, so maybe that’s what she means.

I’m not sure how accurate this study was but it said that only 10% of people in the world are natural blondes meaning that their hair color stayed the yellowish color throughout puberty and into adulthood.

Emily on

There’s nothing creepy about it. When you have kids that young and then they grow up, of course it’s hard for people to be able to distingush the exact relationship. At least she has a good sense of humor about it!

Lindsay, I assume her hair still must be considerably lighter at least if her roots are coming in in a clearly different shade?

Kit on

I don’t see what’s creepy about this @ all? It would be kind of fun to be 35 and have almost grown kiddos!! I’m 33 and my kids are still very young….not that I mind or anything!😀

brooke on

Kit I agree it must be cool to be 35 and look so young and have a 16yr old child. My mom was 21 when I was born and always one of the younger moms compared to my friends mothers, and we were always so close and people always thought we were sisters .

Granted, it’s not easy having a child at 18 or 19 and you are still so young yourself, but one of the benefits, is being young and having a grown kid IMO.

I notice that so much with scott baio’s wife renee, she is 35 and her daughter is 18, and they look like sisters.

If I would have had my way, like had I met the right guy and been stable money wise I would have loved to have my 1st kid at say 20 or 21 and been done having kids altogether in my 20’s. But you can’t have it all in life, it’s a lot harder to say own a house, be comfortable money wise, and find the right person to marry at 20, so obviously it isn’t the right time in everyone’s life at that point.

From what I’ve seen of sofia though she has always seemed like a good mom and devoted to her son. She is still young, maybe one day she will have another baby. I remember when she dated Tom Cruise, she is quite pretty sofia.

Kait on

I feel her pain on the hair thing. I’m one of the few true blondes left. I’m 21 years old and it’s still very blonde. Not the really light blonde it was when I was a child, but it wouldn’t even be considered dirty blonde now. I’ve always had dark eyebrows, so no one believes my hair is naturally blonde. I’ve never put a lick of color on it. I’ve gone with intentions of getting it colored brown before, but the stylist refused.

Usually it’s the kids with the white blonde hair like Dakota Fanning and her little sister Elle Fanning that will get dark as they get older.

kiley on

I don’t think anything about the article is creepy~ (perhaps she can give advice to Jamie Lynn spears)
I also don’t think she’s mistaken about her natural hair color- I’ve had dark eyebrows and “dirty” or “dishwater” blonde hair since childhood. My cousin had light blonde hair (which I was jealous of) until adolescence when it started getting dark-it’s now darker then mine!

Emily on

Okay, so maybe this is what I am in store for?! LOL! I had my son at 19..(I met my husband just after my 18th bday) and we had our kids young…19, 21, 23…I am actually looking forward to being a young mom to a teenager..I hope they will listen and know that I was there not that long ago!

Funnily enough, I actually have blonde roots, I dyed my hair a dark auburn brown in January, and I LOVE it! I never want to be blonde again! But, it is weird to have the light roots, it almost looks grey!

Eliza on


Sofia plays Jeremy Darling’s girlfriend, or I guess, ex-girlfriend now, the one he lied to about being poor.

Eliza on

Thanks Eliza, we’re not up to that bit in Australia, that’s why I didn’t know who she was🙂

terri on

It is possible that she’s a natural blonde. It doesn’t look like it would be totally off with her coloring.

Sentinel69 on

I’m 38 and my son is 18. Nothing strange about that. The reactions of some people are strange.It’s funny….not creepy.

guinevere on

I don’t think there’s anything creepy about this article. She just had her son at a younger than average age. It was pretty typical back in the ’50s.

Allison on

Emily, I totally agree! I had my first (and only) son at 20 and now I am 23. His birthday is 20 days before mine! I love the idea of being a young mom and being 38 when he graduates high school. Women having children in their 40’s is great I think too. I just dont know how they do it. Im tired every day by 8 o’clock! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

Lisa on

She looks great.. i’m 21 and would love to have kids at a young age.. but havent got a man;)

My mom is 45, dad 44 and they have a son,23 and me,21 and 2 grandkids already..
My brothers kids are 2,5 and 3 months.. so he also is a young father;)

Everybody was always amazed that my parents have kids that age.. they already had an empty nest when they were 39/40

halifaxhoney on

I don’t think it’s creepy, if my mother was with us she would be 41 this year and I will be 24 this year. Life happens.

Judyb on

I am 43 and I also get mistaken for my daughters sister. I take it as a compliment but I also want people to know that I am not their sister I am their mother. Does that make sense?

There are definite advantages to having children at a young age. Tops on my list would be that I had more energy and more patience when I was younger. I can’t speak for everybody I just know that is true for me.

BluePencils on

My mom had her first child, my older brother, at 19, my sister at 21, and me at 23. She always loved it when people saw her out with her grandkids and weren’t sure if she was their mom or grandmother–and my sister and brother didn’t have their kids until they were in their late 20s.

BTW, I’m a natural blonde, and my hair has always been the same darkish blonde color. It was usually lighter when I was a kid because it naturally lightens a lot in the sun and I was always outside. These days I avoid the sun so I lighten it at the salon, but only a few shades. No one realizes I dye my hair unless I tell them or I’ve been lazy about the roots.

J.M. on

My philosophy is a bit different. I’d rather get the fun out of the way now (I’m 25) then be shacked up with kids! I like my freedom too much. To come and go as I please. To vacation at the drop of dime! I can give this all up in a few years once the fun has died down and I’m ready to just be a mommy. I’m not saying you can’t have fun or do these things with kids but you can’t be as spontaneous when you got more people to think about!

And I understand the hair thing quite a bit. I was born with really dark brown hair. By 9 months though it started to fall out. Then by the time I was two and it started to grow back I had really blonde hair! It remained that way for awhile. But by the time I reached 8th grade it began to get darker and because I was unfamiliar with having dark hair I decided to dye it various shades of blonde for years!

That was until two years ago and I decided to go brown! It was a shock to everyone who knew me but everyone now thinks I look way better and much older. I decided to not dye it to see what may “natural” color would be and believe it or not it’s coming back light brown (which doesn’t surprise me since I have light brown eyebrows)! It’s funny how hair will continue to change throughout life and sometimes you may never know what color it really is🙂

Mtoo on

It is possible to be a natural blonde with dark brows. I am part Icelandic, and I have true blonde (honey shade, but nowhere near brown) hair, but my eyebrows have always been black. Jet black. It’s a Nordic thing. I color my hair darker because I got tired of being asked why I colored my hair when it was blonde.

Bella on

LOL, I have a feeling this is how it is going to be when my child reaches that age. I don’t have a problem with it at all though. After seeing what my mother has to deal with on a daily basis as an older mother of teenagers (when all she wants to do is relax after working so hard all her life), I have come to the conclusion that I DO NOT want that to be me.

Also, if anyone doubts that she is a natural blonde, just google her. She has been around for years and years in Latin America and it is only recently (as in the past few years) that she has been dying her hair that dark color.

TwinMamma on

I’d imagine its kind of awkward for her son when people think his mom is his girlfriend. It’s hard enough being a teenager without that drama!! But they seem to handle it well, good for them.

I’m a natural blonde with dark eyebrows as well. I gave up the fight of rude comments and dyed it dark to match. The roots have just started to grow out and now people are asking if I have gray hair! Ya just can’t win! Ha ha ha.

donna on

same thing with niki taylor. i know she had 2 kids by the time she was 20.. i dont recall exactly which age, but her poor sister died over 10 years ago.. i was always saddened by that as her sister also wanted a child by the time she turned 20 and this never reached fruition. sad.

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