Kate Hudson and Ryder go for a bike ride

03/22/2008 at 08:39 PM ET

Actress Kate Hudson, 28, and son Ryder Russell, 4, went for a bike ride and walk while in Miami, FL today.  Dad is rocker Chris Robinson.


Photos by Flynet.

Many more photos below along with fashion and helmet info.

Kate_hudson_217397cbbjpg Kate_hudson_217373cbbjpg Kate_hudson_217381cbbjpg Kate_hudson_217389cbbjpg Kate_hudson_217395cbbjpg

Picture_1 Ryder is wearing miniBoden’s logo pyjamas in blue ($38).

Crocsblack Ryder is wearing Crocs Kids Cayman in Black ($25).

Belltriggerscorpionflame He is using a Bell Trigger Youth Helmet in Blue/Silver Scorpion Flames ($25).

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Brittany on

Ryder is adorable but I think he would be even more adorable if Kate gave him a haircut. I think thats a little too much hair for a boy to have.

Ella's Mommy! on

He wears a bell bike helmet trigger in silver scorpion flames $30.00

Joie on

It is so nice to see Ryder smiling! He usually looks so serious.

chatty cricket on

That sweet little face! Those cheeks!! He’s adorable.

kendrajoi on

He is just so flippin’ cute! His hair suits him- looks like they tamed it a little. He’s one of my favorite celebrity babies!

brooke on

Wow he looks just like kate. They seem like a close mother/son, and kate looks like a good mom.

fooster on

This will for sure be edited by your very PC staff at CBB but…….what is up with his long hair? I have a 4 year old son who I can’t imagine having hair like that! How can you let your son go out in public like that?

Elizabeth on

Isn’t that the same outfit that Kelly Ripa’s youngest wore quite a bit last year? God, am I sad for knowing that — if it’s true. LOL.

kb on

i realised her dress is pretty see-through! heh.

Sarah’s note: Yeah, it’s just a bathing suit cover-up! I saw the last pic too, lol.

Nikka on

Adults should be wearing a helmet too. Also, the flats she is wearing are not great for biking (i know, i almost lost a toe when i was little on the bike due to bad shoes. Always proper foot wear ever since !!!)

Sheri on

Elizabeth … your comment made me laugh🙂 Sounds like me ~~ knowing WAY too much about all these celebrities! My husband makes fun of me all the time for it🙂 This is a cute little outfit he has on ~~ and he has the sweetest little face! He looks mostly like Kate, but I see a trace of Chris in him, too. She sounds like a really devoted mother to him.

kade on

Please cut his hair. he would look a lot cuter!

Sarita on

Nikka, you don’t need special footwear or helmets to go cycling. I even go cycling barefeet. I wish people stopped treating cycling as a dangerous activity. An accident can happen anytime, also when walking and I don’t wear a helmet for that either…

Dana on

I see both Chris and Kate in him. He definitely has the overall appearance of Chris, but individual features of Kate (if that makes any sense). My kids are like that. They look exactly like Daddy, but when you break down the parts, they are all mine. Weird the way that works.

He is so adorable.

Holly on

I like his pants. Where are they from?

Heather on

Ryder looks just like his dad, but with his mom’s blonde hair!

Nicole on

Ryder is starting to look alot like Chris now…..Kate looks cute. Seems like a good mommy to Ryder. Cute pics.

BluePencils on

Sarita, cycling can be very dangerous. I lost my fifteen-year-old brother to head injuries when he was hit by a car while on his bike. I hope you decide to wear a helmet while cycling, and if you have children, have them wear helmets. I hate seeing parents out riding with their kids, with the kids in helmets and the parents without. All they’re teaching their kids is that helmets aren’t necessary when you’re old enough to say you don’t want one. Which is why Kate Hudson should have one on, dorky and unattractive or not.

And I wish she’d put that poor kid’s hair in a ponytail, it’s always in his eyes. My stepson has long hair, but it’s always neatly in a ponytail so he can see where he’s going.

Sarita on

Bluepencils, your brother was killed by a car, that can also happen when walking. You don’t wear a helmet for that either.
If you ever come to Denmarks or the Netherlands you will be shocked as there are virtually no people wearing helmets on their bicycles and people cycle everywhere.

Leona on

Actually, her brother was hit by a car while cycling, and the head injuries he sustained caused him to die. Had he been wearing a helmet perhaps he would still be alive…these tragedies happen…just down from my place a 13 yr old girl was cycling down a ramp and her bike hit a pebble and she fell and died from head injuries…thats why not wearing a helmet is against the law (well where I live in Canada it is)

BluePencils on

Sarita, the point is that my brother might have lived if he were wearing a helmet. And it’s unlikely he would have been hit by the car if he were walking–one he wouldn’t have been in the street, and two, he would have been going slowly enough that the car would have seen him–it didn’t happen at a crossroads. When you’re riding a bicycle you’re going at much greater speed than if you’re walking, which greatly increases the amount of injury to the body in an accident, especially the head. It’s so obvious I don’t see why I have to point it out. The common use of bike helmets in the USA have greatly reduced the number of fatalities in bike accidents, they also have reduced the number of devastating head injuries. Look it up, the statistics are out there. Besides, what is the big deal? I’ve worn helmets for cycling for a long time, and if fitted properly, they’re not uncomfortable, just a bit hot at times. But the discomfort is nothing compared to the safety.

sarah on

no offence meant but i cant believe anyone would think that wearing a helemt is pointless. in new zealand it is the law to wear a helmet if you are on a bike. its an instant fine if you don’t. Helmets save lives. like bluepencils’ brother my friend was hit by a car while he was cycling. he had a mild head injury and he would have died had he not been wearing his helmet. the helmet was actually cracked in two! i don’t want to think about what might have happened had he not been wearing it.

TigerMommy on

Ryder is wearing an outfit from Boden.
It’s called Logo pyjamas in blue/shark. $38.

fay on

i think it’s crazy how much that boy looks like his dad… other than the blonde hair EYE don’t see anything he got from kate… just wow…

i love that she still holds him… i know so many girls who don’t hold their babies because of them getting “spoiled” or whatever… but u only have so much time when they can be held, or when they let you hold them…

no body’s gonna baby sit my kids… cuz i’m gonna hold them ALL the time… (lol)

Emily on

Actually, if you look at Kate’s childhood photos, Ryder is a carbon copy of her. I don’t see anything Chris-like except for his height.

momof3girls on

Kate has a very cute little girl!!

AM on

Who makes Kate Hudson’s sandals? I’ve been trying to find that info. I love them.

Helen on

Oh, Ryder’s smiling. He never smile, he always is very serious.
Well, Kate and Owen must have a child together! They are a perfect couple!

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