Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman leave Byron Bay

03/21/2008 at 04:01 AM ET

Singer Keith Urban and actress wife Nicole Kidman, both 40, board their private jet in Byron Bay on Friday, March 21st. The couple, who expect their first child in July, were in the northern NSW coastal town for Blues Fest 2008, where Keith performed. They know the sex, but are not sharing.


Photos by Flynet.

One more photo below.


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Jane on

They are such a cute couple!

Valerie on

maybe it’s just me, but she doesn’t even look pregnant; maybe it’s just because she was a stick before she became pregnant; i’m sure towards the end, she’ll POP, and she will hopefully look pregnant! i’m so glad she’s with somebody who loves her, and is not a super star in Hollywood, and that she can enjoy in Australia as well.

Just Saying on

Where is the bump? That second picture shows a little something but for 5 months pregnant, shouldn’t it be bigger?

Sarah’s note: I feel like I talk about this on every post!🙂 She’s 5’10”, she’s tall with a long torso, the baby has a lot of room to grow up before it has to grow out. She probably will not pop for awhile. She may even be like Gabby Reece, who (at 6’2″) looked six months pregnant when she delivered.

Danyell on

Nicole looks great! happy and full of energy.
I know people are commenting on her “bump” looking small. You have to remember this is her first child, and she’s only 5 mo. along.
With my first, I didn’t really begin to show till my 7th month. By my 3rd, I was showing in the second mo, lol… Everyone is different🙂

Mari on

Hahaha poor Sarah! Every Nicole Kidman thread, I see you having to post “She’s 5’10” there’s enough room for that baby to grow up before it has to grow out”

toontown on

I was gonna say the same thing, in combination with the reply from Sarah. Nicole doesn’t look pregnant at all, even though we all know she is.

I agree that it’s because she’s so tall and slim. Salma Hayek looked pretty big even when she still had a long way to pop.

Sarah’s note: Poor Salma had gestational diabetes too, so that didn’t help. on

I 100% believe that she’s pregnant, but I think it’s funny that there was so much speculation with poor Katie Holmes who actually LOOKED pregnant! So funny how it goes from celebrity to celebrity! Glad I’m not famous!

brooke on

Nicole doesn’t look pregnant at all, I don’t remember any celebrity even the skinnest ones not showing by this time. Brooke Shields is 6 feet and she didn’t carry big, but she was showing lol. As for katie holmes, she totally looked pregnant

Jade on

I think we should recognize that every pregnancy is different. I hope people are just surprised because she’s not showing and don’t believe she’s faking her pregnancy.
I wonder because I know that some people will believe anything. Anyway if there is any skeptics who wants proof that she’s pregnant there was some picture of her lifting her shirt after a work out.

They look happy and I can’t wait to see that baby !

altan on

She isn’t showing much, but neither did one of my friends who is about 5’11. She didn’t even look pregnant until she was 7 months. Everybody carries differently ya’ll!

SingingClayPearl on

As far as looking pregnant goes, I gotta share my experience. I’m 5’8″ and with my daughter I looked barely 7 months when I delivered! I didn’t start showing until at least 6 1/2 months! She just decided to live in my ribs instead of in my belly…and my hips became a hammock, LOL!! Some women don’t show at all through their pregnancy (I can think of a couple news stories where the women didn’t even know that they pregnant until they delivered…and they were definitely NOT showing). She’s definitely pregnant…why does she have to show to prove it?

I’m just so happy for her and Keith!!

amandamay on

ok, i’m as thrilled as everyone else about this baby (seriously!) but i do have one comment about this….

i am sooooo sick of celebs saying how “for the environment” they are and then they fly in private jets!!! nicole openly “supports” the organization “Global Green Plan” so i find this really irritating. private jets used by celebs (and hypocritical politicians, hello al gore….) create some of the biggest carbon footprints on our planet. if i hear one more celeb say how “green” they are, i will scream.

for amusing reading, try this article about the hypocrisy of “Live Earth” concerts (with all the “green” celebs flying to the shows in their private jets):

Sarah on

Can someone clear up for me (maybe a hair designer/colorist out there) what Nicole has done to her roots? It looks much blonder (platimun) than the rest of her hair. It also looks much curlier than normal. I remember her early films she had red and VERY curly hair, which I thought was her own hair. Then she started straightening it and coloring it lighter red, blond-red and blond. Also–Gwen Stefani still has very platinum blond hair. What kind of coloring or chemical process is considered “safe” during a pregnancy??

babyboopie on

Yes, Nicole doesn’t have much of a bump but I’m sure she’ll have a good sized baby at the end! With my boy, I had a tiny bump and I kept obsessing over it but when he came out, he was 8lbs 13oz! Every woman is different in their pregnancies! Best of luck and wishes to Nicole and Keith, I’m sure they will make excellent parents as they, Nicole in particular, have wanted this for so long! A lot of mothers in Hollywood, like Halle, JLo, and now Nicole who have wanted babies for so long are having them this year!
A coindence??

tink1217 on

Nicole looks amazing!! She is definitely a fit woman and since she is so tall she probably won’t show very much at all. At least not for another month or so. Sarah, highlighting is ok during pregnancy, and yes, Nicole’s hair is naturally curly I believe.

lola on

i am 5′ 8″ tall, and did not show until i was 7 mos. along with my first daughter. i delivered her a week late and she was over 10lbs.! i went to the beach in a 2pc bikini at 5.5 mos. along, and people were freaking out because i barely looked like i had anything but a small belly fat roll under my bellybutton.

my second one? i showed within three months. 😉

Laura on

They look so happy and in love.🙂

I’m not sure why so many have been asking about her bump (and I’m not talking about just on this site). I’m sure she’s looking after herself. She can’t help how big it is. Just my opinion. :shrug:

SH on

I see the little bump! She definitely looks preggers to me. I am nowhere near as tall or thin as Nicole, but to others I didn’t look pregnant until I was about 20-22 weeks along! It just goes that way with first pregnancies a lot of times.

Ana on

So over the bump comments! Alot of people don’t pop till after 5 months, Jessica Alba is due 2 months earlier in May and her bump isn’t much bigger!

Meg on

I’m 5’9 and with my first pregnancy 14 yrs ago I didn’t show until the 6th month and then I seemed huge over night!

Mousie on

Another thing is that she’s not wearing the tight shirts and dresses that a lot of women do which clearly outlines the bump.

Her style is just different, as well as her physique.

Barbara on

In certain clothes I can tell Nicole has her little baby bump going. 🙂
I was VERY skinny & 5’6 when I got pregnant I started showing at 5 months. so my family and friends could tell I was pregnant but people who didn’t know me couldn’t tell I was pregnant untill I was about 6 1/2 months along. Even when I finally did pop out if my back was to you couldn’t tell I was pregnant until I turned sideways or facing you. So it is true, true, true you never know how pregnancy is going to look on you. 🙂

Dazzlar on

doeadear on

I am 5’9″ and I have a large frame. I expected to be big and had bought maternity clothes in my pre-pregnancy size. They ended up being tents and I had to go and buy more maternity clothes. I took my mother to the doctor three days before I gave birth, and my mother’s doctor asked, “Is this the daughter who is pregnant?” The doctor didn’t even think I was pregnant! And I was 37 weeks along! I wanted to show, too, it was so disappointing! I had to lift my shirt. Not everyone pops out. I also have a fibroid uterus so there was lots of room for my daughter to grow in, plus she was breech. Not everyone shows the same. So, I totally know that you can be that small at five months. I bet she’s disappointed she isn’t showing more, because I was disappointed!

Amanda on

Good for her. I think they are going to be wonderful parents. On a side note, I say they will have a girl. Why?

Because when I was pregnant with my daughter, and we knew she was a girl I subconsciously wore alot of pinks, florals,etc.

With my son, I wore more blues,reds, stripes,etc.

She’s wearing a pink shirt, and a purple scarf…..

baby boy? on

If you can’t see a bump, enlarge your picture, it’s definitely there and not so small. She looks about 6 mo..

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