Introducing Maximilian David and Emme Maribel Muñiz

03/21/2008 at 10:59 PM ET

Singers and actors Marc Anthony, 39, and Jennifer Lopez, 38, introduce their fraternal twins Emme Maribel and Maximilian David Muñiz, 4 weeks on Friday, in the latest issue of People.

The images were taken by photographer Tony Duran during an 8-hour shoot at the couple’s Long Island, NY home over the weekend, and are featured in a 12 page spread in the magazine.

Click below for the full interview highlights.

First, a little clearing up. The babies were born by c-section, but the times thatwere originally announced by her rep were wrong — Max was born 1minute after Emme, not 11 minutes. Max’s birth weight was actually 5 lbs, 13 oz, not the 6 lbs initially reported.

The girl’s name ispronounced "Emmy," and the twins’ middle names are Davidand Maribel, each derived from family members. David honorsJennifer’s father, while Maribel was the name of Marc’s sister, whopassed away from a brain tumor. Their surname is Muñiz, which is Marc’s legal last name andJennifer’s married one — she uses it in her personal life.

Now … onto the highlights!

On the time it took to get pregnant:

Jennifer was asked specifically to "set the record straight about how challenging it was to conceive."

J: It was natural. We didn’t do in vitro, which I know was reported. Everyone assumed that because we had twins. I wanted to have a baby, but I’ve always said exactly what I said all those years they asked us since we’ve been married: "Well, when are you guys gonna have some kids?" "When it happens naturally, I guess!" And that’s when it happened. It was a surprise to us.

You start getting older, you think to yourself, maybe [having kids] isn’t meant for me. I knew there was nothing wrong with me. I knew that I could. Deep down, I really wanted it badly.

M: It never even entered my mind that it would not happen.

J: Really?! Even after one year, two years, three years … You know, you start thinking to yourself, "Well, maybe…"

M: No! When you think about it, you only have a small amount of time each month when you can. So you try, and you have twelve shots a year.

On finding out that she was, in fact, expecting:

J: I was in Portugal, performing and dancing my ass off…

M: We were on the phone, and I said, "Baby, I have a sense!"

J: I said, "You think I am?" because it had been so long. When I came back, I took a test. I couldn’t believe it! I was like, "Can we get another test, please?"

I think I really got to a point where I was like, "This is not going to happen for me." [But the third test I took,] it was right there in my face. At that point I looked and I said, "Marc, could this be me?" I had tears in my eyes.

On finding out they were expecting two bundles of joy:

J: I was in denial until I went to the doctor [for a sonogram several weeks later] and she said, "Oh my God! There’s one baby, see the heart beating? And there’s the other one!" Marc started crying again, and I started giggling.

M: One person said, "Everything with you is a production!"

J: I knew twins ran in my family, and we always joked, "Who do you think is going to have the twins?" So, of course, all my sisters were like, "It’s you, it’s you!"

M: My grandfather was a twin, too.

On her pregnancy experience:

J: No [morning sickness].

M: No cravings.

J: I had one of the best pregnancies ever. And, I have to say, one of the best husbands, who helped me through every emotional moment. Because you’re very hormonal! Even though I feel I behaved pretty well through the whole thing.

M: Read my book! Just kidding. It was splendid.

J: I told Marc, I don’t know if this will happen again. I want us to share this together. And we went on tour until I was 6½ months.

Why they didn’t make an announcement until that point:

J: We didn’t confirm it because I didn’t want people coming to our show and having everything be about that. I just didn’t want that to be a focus.

M: My philosophy was, when you release a statement, who are you talking to? Our families know. Our friends…

J: People were like, "You’re keeping a secret!" We’re like, "Everybody knows. We just haven’t confirmed it in the press."

On the birth:

M: I kept a video diary, and we filmed everything.

J: No complications. [The c-section] went very fast. There’s this intense fear and intense anticipation. [Then] they showed us the babies. We look to the right, and there’s Emme, screaming with her arms up. They’re holding her around her chest.

M: One minute later…

J: There’s Max! To me, they both looked like Marc. I think that’s the first thing I said, "She looks like you! He looks like you too!" The doctor said, "Did Jennifer get a gene in here or what?"

M: And from that moment, the love affair started.

J: All I could say was, "Thank you, God." I kept saying it over and over and over.

On no longer being pregnant:

J: I miss feeling them inside of me. It’s funny — when their little umbilical cords fell off, I cried. That was the last attachment we had where it was just us.

On motherhood:

J: You hear people say this all the time, but it’s not until you experience it yourself that you can put it into your own words. Your heart is connected to them. It feels like there’s a string from my chest to theirs.

Absolutely, [this is the happiest time of my life right now]. Having children is the biggest thing that can happen, I think, to a woman. You win an Oscar, get nominated for a Golden Globe — you know, whatever things you think are big — I can’t even think of anything that can match the actual miracle of giving birth and having your own child. It’s beyond anything you could ever imagine.

On the change parenthood has brought:

J: I knew I’d be protective. I knew I’d love them intensely and passionately enough to stay up for the first three days after giving birth, because I just wanted to keep staring at them.

I’ve been very career-oriented my whole life and very focused on my own world and my own life, and all of a sudden the focus just shifts. It’s like, "Whoosh!" I want to do everything for them.

I think I’ve had a pretty great life so far, but there are moments of magic in your life. And I think this is always going to be remembered by me as the most magical time. With all the things that Marc and I have done and accomplished in our lives, this is the biggest thing that will ever be.

On her decision not to nurse the twins:

J: My mom didn’t breastfeed, and I think that was the thing for me. You read and figure out what’s the best thing for them.

On bottle and diaper duty:

The couple have two round-the-clock baby nurses, but they say they like to do the grunt work themselves.

M: It’ll be 3 in the morning, and we’ll be like, ‘Next feeding in 30 minutes! Okay, cool!’

J: I [get up]. Marc does too.

M: I don’t go to sleep!

J: We don’t go to sleep until 6 a.m. now. We’re still in the first month, of course!

He’s the best [at diaper duty]. He puts the help that we have to shame. [He tells me what to do.] I have no ego about learning, I never have.

M: [We’re having trouble with] the quick draw when Max needs to pee! I was like, when a little boy gets a little shiver, he might do a little squirt action. So you keep the Pamper on until you get the other one under, then you do the little flap.

J: I haven’t mastered that one yet.

M: He [only squirted] her!

On each other as parents:

M: She’s a phenomenal mom.

J: He’s such a natural with the babies.

On the twins’ personalities and physical features:

J: Max was very tranquil right from the start. Emme just wouldn’t sleep after being born.

Emme is a total girl. You take off her clothes and she covers up, and her hands are very feminine. And she has more hair than him. And he is like a tank, with these little arms…

On if they’ll be baptized:

J: Yes — for sure.

On her weight gain and nesting:

J: I gained a good amount of weight, which I was focused on because twins can sometimes have low birth weight. I gained 45-50 lbs, a lot for my frame, but for twins it’s right on. [After they’re born,] you lose so much. It’s amazing how your stomach just goes, "Boop," and it’s this jiggly mass. It’s funny!

Right now, [I don’t care about getting my old shape back]. I even play with my little leftover belly, you know? I had to lie in bed towards the end, every day for four hours a day to put my feet up. But I was very active through the pregnancy.

M: An hour before we go to the hospital, she’s decorating the bedroom downstairs, making sure the carpet is in, rearranging the furniture. I said, "Honey, you’re going to give birth in about two hours." And she’s like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, but that chair in the corner…" I said, "Baby, we have to go!"

J: That’s my way. Even when I was doing that, I was thinking, "What could I do this year to give me a great feeling of accomplishment?" I want my babies to be proud of me. "Maybe I’ll do a triathlon."

M: An underachiever over here. "Oh, maybe I’ll do a triathlon because I’ve never done that before!"

J: I want the babies to be proud of their mom. Probably in October. September, October.

On adoption possibilities:

J: You know, I have three stepchildren too. We were really enjoying our lives, and we have Marc’s kids that we get to enjoy. They’re angels. But I would never rule out adoption.

Private vs. public school:

J: We haven’t decided yet. We have a few years before they have to be in school all the time. If we’re traveling a lot, then obviously I’m not going to want to be away from them. They’ll have to be homeschooled. If we’re in one place and doing something different and we can be in one place…

M: We can do both.

J: It’s decisions that we’ll make depending on our lifestyle so that the family unit is always together. I think that is the most important thing to me.

On the nursery:

Although they have an expansive (and expensive!) nursery, Marc and Jennifer often take the twins to bed with them instead.

J: Their room is right next to ours.

On gifts:

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes gave Bonpoint outfits. Eva Longoria Parker and Ken Paves gave a pair of Silver Cross prams. Dolce & Gabbana gave custom-made fur wraps.

J: It just made me feel so good that my children were being welcomed into the world.

And as the interview winds down, Marc makes it clear that Max and Emme are all he’s thinking about lately. He tells journalist Peter Castro,

No offense, but I’m dying to get back to the kids.


Source: People, March 31st issue

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Morgan on

Too cute! Can’t wait to see the article tomorrow!

elidh cross on

aww they are so cute i didnt think they would be as cute i think max looks like his daddy and emme looks like ther mommy

Lissette on

What a great picture! Can’t wait to see pics of their nursery!

Chanie on


Andrea on

Aww! Cute picture. Their features seem to favor Marc more than Jennifer. She looks so happy.

FC on

It’s only coincidence that I’m even up at the moment, and yeah, I went and checked first thing. Sad, I know…lmao. Then came here and refreshed a few times to see when it’d be posted…

Anyhow, they’re both adorable, and I’m fond of little Max. At moment, he sort of resembles his mother as far as the nose and lips go, and just looking at his face, period. Emme, she does too, but she seems to be more of a blend of Jen and Marc.

Looking forward to reading more, and seeing more, in People tomorrow!

aak on

I think they look like marc.

Eliza on

Will you be showing anything from inside the mag? Cause I can’t get it all the way in Australia 😦

Sarah’s note: Legally, we cannot due to People’s copyright. If they put images online, we can use thumbnails and direct readers back to, but that’s it. Sorry.

Susan on

They are so adorable. Can’t wait to get my issue!

marta on

Beautiful picture 🙂 and kids looks so adorable

tink1217 on

I think they resemble Marc right now. Max is adorable! I can’t really see Emme too well though. I am sure she is gorgeous. I am not a fan of hers or Marc’s, but they certainly did make beautiful babies!! CONGRATS again!! on

I’ve never been good at looking at children and saying which parent they look like (including my own kids)…but these two are all their daddy!!!

My heart is singing for them and their two precious ones! I think they make a beautiful family and will be so happy…and everyone deserves that!!!

Principesa on

Anyone else curious why People photoshopped her Jen’s eyes so light? Her eyes are a dark brown, not hazel.

Why can’t these magazines leave well enough alone?? They tend to alter (Photoshop) the subject to death.

Melanie F. on

Beautiful photo, they look like Marc to me but they are so young and will more than likely change. Congrats to the family again.

Jenn on

This is such a great year to be a People subscriber! I got my subscription for Christmas, and since then we’ve gotten first photos of Max Bratman, Harlow Madden and now these twins! I can’t wait to get this issue!

Suzy on

I find it funny that their little ones have the names of the characters on PBS DragonTales. I have two little ones that love the show.

Beautiful picture!!!

lena on

Okay, Jennifer had nothing to do with making those babies, they are all Marc! I’m glad she finally addressed the rumors of invitro now we all do not have to wonder about it anymore.

Cora on

Those kids are just too cute. Congrats Jen and Marc.

Rochelle on

I always thought that fraternal twins were more of an indication of the mother’s family history/genetics since it is a result of the mom releasing more than one egg during ovulation. The father’s genetics wouldn’t have much to do with that. Congratulations to them at any rate!

Adriana on

You can’t really see the little girl’s face well, it’s a side view so I’ll refrain from making any opinion on her until I see more pictures of her face. The little boy, however, is really cute. He looks a lot like Marc. Look at those full lips! He has a totally masculine little boy face. Both babies are both pretty light complected too. I expected them to be a little more tanned (brown), but I’ve seen photos of J.Lo’s father, mother and her two sisters (Leslie and Lynda) and they’re both pretty light too.

Great photo. I can’t wait to see more.

Marcy on

If the reports are true and she got 6 million JLo is one hellva business woman. I didn’t think there would be that much of an interest in her babies to garner that much. With Shiloh it was understandable because she was made from the two most beautiful people in hollywood and while Jenny and Marc are good looking and popular celebrities they are not Brad and Angie status.

This year we’re all going to be on baby overload if they keep paying these celebs for their first baby pics because almost every woman in hollywood is pregnant. I know I would much rather wait until the baby is 10-12 months when they can walk and smile and you can see exactly what features they have from their parents, at this age babies tend to look similar. I mean why not wait for a prestigious magazine like Vanity Fair or Vogue like SJP, Tom Cruise, and Madonna did. Then again those mags don’t pay for baby pics.

Anyway why does everyone credit twins in “it runs in the family” you can get pregnant with twins on a fluke. You may release more than one egg on the month you get pregnant, or the egg may split in half by chance.

kelam on

Wow just gorgeous I hope I get to see the all of the 12 pics down here in Australia.

Bella on


I disagree, Jen is worth more money than Angelina and Brad she has a fashion empire, they are not less attractive then Brad and Ange. So I don’t see why they would not receive 6 million..That is nothing compared to the 150 million Jenny is worth.

Miss155 on

Congrats to her and her beautiful family! She finally had her prayers answered X2. She is an inspiration.

brannon on

Gorgeous! BOTH babies are just stunning! As is their Mommy!

I don’t get the comment about Jennifer not being a big star? Seriously? These two are definitely on the same playing field as Brad and Angelina. (In terms of A list, etc.) Though I do agree 6 million is insane! It seems like celebs would be smart to publish pics to avoid papparazi – and to get paid millions for doing so! WOW!

MaryFL on

Fraternal twins “run in families” on the mother’s side only, if she inherits the gene for hyper ovulation. One factor relating to the incidence of fraternal twins is age. The older a mother is when she conceives the more likely she is to have fraternal twins. This is especially prevalent after the age of 35.

This is the 2nd time I’ve heard of a celebrity (the other being Julia Roberts) stating that twins “run in their husband’s family”. They are mistaken in that belief. Fraternal twins can run in the family, but on the mother’s side.

brooke on

Those babies look just like Marc. I’m not surprised he has strong genes, his other 3 children totally favor him too. These babies look to have marc’s nose and lips already. As for them being worth 6 million, jennifer lopez is a huge star just as famous as brad and angelina and these are 2 babies not one on the cover, so of course if other celebrities with one baby get 3 or 4 million, twins would be worth a little more.

Marcy on

That’s why I said she is a great business woman, she knows how to negotiate. However, having lots of money is not all it takes. They did not pay Donald Trump 10 million for the first pics of Barron just because he’s a billionaire. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I won’t debate you on that, but Brad and Angie are bigger celebs than Jenny and Marc because of their relationship. Angie posts on CBB sometimes have comments in the 100s and on other sites it is sometimes in the 1,000s. Maybe Jenny convinced them she could reach more of the Hispanic population.

Cori on

I don’t think her shots are worth more than Angelina and Brads. Thats a power couple right there. Jennifer was the big star and I never heard of Marc until they got married. But cute babies none the less.

Anna on

You had never heard of Marc? He’s been famous as long as Jennifer! LOL Remember he and Ricky Martin were super popular right around the same time? “I Need To Know?” “You Sang to Me?”

Anyway, I think Max is a cutie! I can’t see Emme’s face much yet, but she looks adorable too. I saw Good Morning America and I liked the pic they showed there better, but Jennifer looks so happy in the cover shot!

Congrats to them.

Teena Leanne on

Eliza you can see the pics and buy People Mag.

Borders sells People. They have stores in Sydney, Brisbane. I am not sure if they have a store in Melbourne or Perth.

I am from Brisbane. Borders is awesome.

Marcy on

Brooke I think your explanation might sum it up, maybe she said 3 mill for each baby.

I know there was a post about this before and don’t want to start it up again but celebs only come off as money and fame hungry when they do this. They talk about wanting to keep their children out of the public eye but they stick them on the cover of a magazine for the highest bidder.

That’s why I appreciate celebs like Michelle Williams and Maggie Gyllenhall. They might not be big celebs but that’s only because they’re not trying to be.

Carlie on

Awww they’re gorgeous!!!

As previous posts have already said, I can’t really see little Emme’s face properly but little Max looks just like Marc!

Jennifer looks absolutely stunning and sooooo happy!!

toontown on

Adorable! I’m not a fan of Jennifer or Marc but that pic is the most beautiful pic i’ve ever seen of Jennifer. Congratulations to both her and Marc Anthony!

Melissa on

They are adorable. And Jennifer, FYI, it doesn’t matter that they run in Mark’s family. It has to run on the mother’s side because she is the one who releases eggs.

terri on

I don’t really care about how much they received for the pictures or whether their star status is that of Angie’s and Brad’s. I care that Jennifer has tried for so long to have a baby and is now blessed with two beautiful babies. As a women it doesn’t get much better than that. I’m glad it happened for her naturally and that she spoke out about it since there was so much speculation and opinions that she used IFV. Not that there is anything wrong with that approach, but it was assumed by most that she did.

I’m extremely happy for her and Marc. God Bless them and their beautiful additions to their family.

The babies are adorable! 🙂

ana on

What a cute babies!!!
Jennifer looks beautiful and happy, and the babies are adorable and very stylish already – these are going to be some well dressed kids!:)
Congrats to the parents!

Steph on

Omg they are beautiful! They brought tears to my eyes! I know it’s corny! lol but wow. Jen looks so happy and oh I am in envy right now!

Sarah- are both their last names MUNIZ then?

Sarah’s note: Right.

lady T on

No needed comparison between Brad/Angie and Marc/Jennifer. They are both Alist stars with their own unique and beautiful families…

Jennifer looks so happy and content. God bless the Muniz family…

m-dot on

Jen was my most waited for pregnancy and now mommy. She’s wanted this for so long, I’m so happy she finally get to experience motherhood. Babies looks change so much over time, but for now they look just like Marc. They are adorable.

I think some of the comments have more to do with cultural interests. Blacks and Latinos (myself included) are FAR more interested in Marc and Jenny Lopez, than Brangelina. LOL No offense, but minus the scandal with Jennifer Aniston/Angelina/Brad…I never cared one way or the other about any of them.

Lisette on

I wasn’t going to comment but two comments here really got my goat. Adrianna, what did you mean you were surprised they were of a light completion? Latinos come in all shades (even white! OMG) and Jennifer Lopez is not exactly “brown” as you so eloquently put it. And Marcy, I don’t think Jennifer had to convince People magazine she could reach more of the “Hispanic population”. Jennifer is popular with more than just us “Hispanics”. If it was all about the “Hispanic population” then Christina Aguilera’s issue would have sold a lot more than it did. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Jennifer is extremely popular with many people and will generate huge sales for the magazine? Hmmm?

Sara on

I heard alot of celebs sell the first baby pics because it makes the paparazzi lay off a little because someone already got that first shot.

Nicole on

I think JLo and Marc have a big Latino following, but I agree, until she married him I had never heard of them. And I don’t believe the $6 million mark at all, but who knows how much they really got? I’m interested to see the numbers this mag sells.

Just one thing though – fraternal twins come down the FEMALE line. Marc had nothing to do with it, because it’s the FEMALE who releases two eggs at the same time. So Marc’s family having fraternal twins doesn’t mean anything.

CBB – is it common to only have the mother on the cover? I remember both Angie and Brad were on Shiloh’s cover, but I can’t recall any other covers.

Max looks like a cutie, but I can’t see enough of Emme to be sure. I would have loved to see JLo without make-up, hair down, though. I love seeing celebs “let their hair down” with their babies.

sleekraven on

Lopez has wanted this for so long and I wish her nothing but happiness for her and her family.

As for Jolie/Pitt being more A-list than Lopez and Marc, here is the bottom line, the combination of Jolie and Pitt fade in comparison to the empire of Lopez alone. Jolie and Pitt are A-listers in the tabloids and media and have a few successfully commercial films in the case of Pitt but when Lopez was hot film wise, she put the 2 of them to the shade. Now, she is not so hot in film and/or music (although I think if she concentrated on touring, she would find her niche there) but as a businesswoman, she is at the top. Marc is a great star as a musician, his fans know more about this than I do. I know the likes of Enrique Inglesias get all the attention but Marc is one of the masters.

Bella on

@ m-dot

I agree, As a minority we are far more interested in Jenny Lo having children opposed to Angie and Brad.


You’re right, just like African Americans, Latinas come in all hues.

MB on

Nicole: I don’t know about common or uncommon, but Christina was on the cover alone with her son and I think Nicole was on the cover alone with People. Maybe People put both Angie and Brad b/c they requested it, or because they are both very famous (not that Joel and Marc aren’t famous, I feel like their partners tend to generate much more press).

Very cute babies! I like the names.

Janey on

They are both gorgeous. I thought it was just me who thought they look a lot like Marc. But they may look like Jen later especially the girl.

Brangelina is just over-hyped, the people sales of the Shiloh issue were not exactly record sales. I amore interested in Jen and Marc. I doubt any one can content themselves to be step mum without trying IVF. I will take her word that she did not use it.

Meela on


I am blown away by your reference to their complexion, have you seen Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez lately? Their skin is lily white so why would you “expect” their children to have darker skinner. I found it somewhat bizarre that you would even mention anything about their complexion. And if they were darker, would it matter??

And Marcy, Marcy, Marcy!

Are you kidding me about the comparisons, it’s all so irrelevant. I not a fan of these folks but by golly just allow them to enjoy their children in peace without the mud slinging!

Chicki on

“At one point she said, ‘Maybe this isn’t meant for me.’ She resigned herself to like, ‘You know what? I’m a step-mom, I have a family, I’ll be happy’ — and then it happened.”

I wonder why she and Marc didn’t consider IVF if they were having such a tough time trying to get pregnant. She has plenty of resources – I’m not denying that her pregnancy occurred naturally as she said, but it just seems strange that in three years of trying the discussion never came up!

Katie on

Fathers do carry the gene for hyperovulation, it’s just not expressed obviously unless they pass it onto a daughter. In this case Marc could pass it onto his daughter but it wont have influenced the fact that these are twins. Its pretty clear he’s passed some strong genes on to them anyway, spitting images!! V.cute 🙂

J.J. on

Max and Emme are tooo cute!!! I think Emme looks more like J-Lo, and Max takes after Marc. Glad to actually see them! I wonder what part of Long Island they reside in?

J.M. on

Hmm I’m confused on the gene thing.

My brother has fraternal twin boys. It comes from my father’s side. His father (my grandfather) was a twin. No where on my brothers girlfriends side are their twins (that they know of). There are no twins on my mother’s side either except the fact that her sister has identical twins (which we think came from her husbands side but he can’t be certain since he was adopted).

Anyways, the twins are beautiful I am so happy for them!!

Carol on

Some of you are fighting over somebody else’s babies and money. Who cares? Hush and enjoy the pictures. They are adorable babies and Jennifer looks so happy.

paula on

I’m so lucky!!! My Longs Drug store has the People in today!

Sarah’s note: If you have lots of time to type up the interview, let us know… 🙂

magenta on

Congratulations, Jennifer. What cutie pies!!! And she definitely has that look of serenity on her face. You see it her eyes and smile. Good for her on trying without medical intervention. Sometimes you just want to dig your heels in and keep trying the “ol fashion way”. Though I’m in the process of IVF, I still want it with all my heart to happen naturally and I’m not giving up on that front.

As for who is the bigger star! I leave it to the marketing folks at People magazine. Their research department’s job is to know any and all celebrity standings.

I remember Marc from back during his “freestyle” days. I’m Black but I was born and raised in Spanish Harlem. He’s huge in the Latino market in the US and abroad. He’s already proven he can have huge success in the so called mainstream/non-latino market during the 90s. I think it’s very limited thinking to generalize he’s not very well known. He simply not well known among certain demographics.

Tracy on

I am so happy for her!! She’s wanted children for such a long time, and now look at her, TWINS!! They are gorgeous, and she looks great too. Congrats Jennifer and Marc!!

Marcy on

Meela “Mud Slinging” you’re joking right. No one on this post has said anything bad about Jenny or Marc and I’m pretty sure they have more important things to do than come on CBB and see what we are saying about their kids. I only made a comment on what I thought of the reported offer she got.
I also wouldn’t say she is “lily white” she is no Nicole Kidman. They both have more of an olive skin tone.

Chiara on


Identical twins are a fluke, because they result from two sperm managing to fertilize one egg. The egg then splits in half. that’s why identical twins look exactly alike — they came from the same (“identical”) eggs.

Fraternal twins come from two separate eggs. All women have two ovaries, and most women’s ovaries take turns releasing an egg once a month. So each ovary releases an egg every other month.

Fraternal twins result from two eggs being released at the same time. Two separate sperm fertilize them (one per egg). This is why fraternal twins may or may not resemble each other. They have the same genetic connection that normal siblings do.

A woman’s release of two eggs in the same month is genetic. It is carried through the female side only. The man’s genetic makeup has nothing to do with it — he is only the sperm donor in this case 🙂 Men release thousands of sperm at a time.

BUT…women who release two eggs at once don’t necessarily do so every month. Or they may do so, but a sperm fertilizes only one. It’s quite possible that your brother’s girlfriend does have this genetic makeup, but none of her relatives happened to have the timing right in the past. It’s also possible, but less likely, that her release of two eggs at once was a one-time fluke (ie., not related to her genetic code). What isn’t possible is that your brother is responsible for those twins apart from his donation of multiple sperm, which every man does. The fact that you have twins in your family and he fathered twins is just a coincidence.

brooke on

I love the fact the middle names are after family members, that’s so nice. Can’t wait to see more pics, as of now they totally favor marc.

publicservant on

I think she does look very happy, and I am happy for her. Shoot, since she and I share the same birthday, I figure if she can get pregnant at 38, then I hope to get pregnant at 34!

The twins are both adorable. It is really hard to tell who they look like – and babies change so much! They could start out looking like their dad and both end up looking like her.

I also agree with that much power, money, and connections, I would be very surprised that the conversation of assisted reproduction never came up. Unfortunately, many celebrities don’t want to share their story. I think that is a bit sad, because when they share that they have been dealing with infertility, it really helps all of us out there who feel we are alone. Also, if she tried for 3 years before she became pregnant, that is part of the definition of “infertility”. But I guess some people aren’t comfortable with that label.

Sadie on

For all the hype that made about these pictures I think they could have put a better picture on the cover – one where we could actually see the babies’ faces. I can’t even tell what Emme looks like and it’s also kind of hard to tell with Max as well since his eyes are closed.

From what I can see of the babies clothes they look cute. I love old-fashioned looking clothes on babies.

Elizabeth on

Marcy, you said exactly what I was thinking about skin tone. When I think of someone with a pale complexion, I think of Nicole Kidman and my friend Rebecca who couldn’t wear foundation because even the lightest colored foundation was too dark for her skin.

Sanja on

As someone who had serious medical issues with conception I just want to point out to all of you who don’t ‘get’ why they didn’t try IVF, that not everyone is comfortable with invasive medical procedures and that there are risks to everything, including pumping your body with hormones and that some people might decide not to go down that road, no matter how much money they have. Especially if there was no medical reason why they couldn’t get pregnant.
(BTW, I also conceived naturally after 2 years of trying, but even if we had not, we would not have used any fertility treatments, and have decided to adopt even before we got married. Which we still plan to do since we’d like to have 5-6 kids.)

As for twins, I don’t see why everyone is so eager to ‘prove’ that they have twins in the family. I know at least 4 couples who have had fraternal twins, even though they conceived naturally and there are no twins is their families and they were in their 20s (as we all know twins are more common in women over 35, which Jennifer is).

Anyway, on topic, Jennifer looks very happy and the babies are beautiful.

publicservant on

As for the names, I think they are really sweet. They might be similar to or the same as characters from a TV show, but at least they really go nicely with the surname, and they are easy to spell and pronounce.

I would like to respond to the post about people not trying IVF. I don’t take the subject of IVF lightly. In fact, I have done some assisted reproduction myself, and but will likely not do IVF after much discussion and consideration. My husband is worried about the risks all around, and the toll it takes on the body.

I meant by my prior post that I would be surprised if someone in her position didn’t try assisted reproduction, of any form. I actually meant anything that falls into that category, including something as non-invasive as IUI.

Many women, including celebrities, don’t know how much others have struggled, and feel they have failed somehow if they cannot conceive naturally. Also, if people identify themselves as Catholic, they might not be comfortable with the topic because the Catholic church does not support assisted reproduction.

Also, an egg splitting would not cause boy/girl twins. Two separate eggs being fertilized would though.

All that being said, I still believe it is possible that she has been honest about her story. I am happy for anyone who can achieve their dream of becoming parents, no matter how it happens (conception, adoption).

May God bless them.

cat on

OK, I can’t really say I am a fan of either of them (a little too much drama and bling bling for my taste), but like Magenta said, Marc is definitely well-known. I would even go out on a limb and say he is better known in some markets, or should I say “more important” than his wife. He has a tremendous voice and I must admit, a lot of talent writing songs. I think he’s good for Jennifer: he seems to calm her down and make her a bit more down-to-earth (unlike, remember, the JLo and Ben days!!;-)

yeeka on

Oh my gosh, they are so cute! Max looks just like Mark!

Dierna on

Awwww…they’re both cute and look so much like Marc! Love the middle names. 😀

elidh cross on

does anyone know if the pictures will be in a uk magazine like harlow was in ok and max liron in hello
i just really whant to see the nursary
is marks other children in hte photos aswell
is it 5 kids he has plus max and emme

ther are allso so cute

i love cbb i read it 3 times or more a day

Betty on

Awww, these babies are the cutest (besides Harlow). Love the names, they are beautiful & quite normal names. Congrats Jennie & Marc!

kristen on

one last thing about beautiful max and emme and their “light” complexions:

1) people (of all races, but particularly people of color) tend to have lighter skin when they are first born than they will when they get older. in some cultures, we say that the skin tone is “set” when it reaches the hue that it will continue to be into adulthood (this is often well after a child has started walking).
2) people come in a variety of shades, regardless of their parents’ skintones.

congrats to the muniz family!

–a person of color with family members of many different shades

magenta on

I’m sure like any couple even couples not trying to conceive the topic of ART has come up. When the news goes gaga over women carrying 5,6,7,8 babies from IUI gone wrong my husband and I spent weeks talking about ART and we weren’t even trying to conceive then.

I’m sure it did come up but Jennifer and Marc wanted to keep trying it naturally. IUI has such low percentages and while IVF has much better percentages we are still talking about pumping your body full of hormones. It’s expensive and not just in money, but in time, and emotions. It’s not for everyone. Even someone who is gung-ho for high-tech medical procedures, I even had a moment of pause when you get the full lowdown on whats involved in ART.

You also still feel pissed when you’ve done a boat-load of tests and procedures and everything is fine and in working order and your doctor gives you that vague term “unexplained infertility”. Yikes!

Also, celebrities are under no obligation to be the poster child for fertility treatments. It’s still a private “bedroom” matter. While I’m happy to show off pictures of my children to anyone within striking distance tee, hee, I’m not going to go into details on their conception. Yikes! If you have trouble conceiving there are a boat load of message boards and meeting groups out there filled with women willing to share their stories if you need support.

It’s too bad Marc and Jennifer could not simply ignore the question on IVF or tell People they were not going to answer any questions regarding how those cutie pies where conceived.

Erika on

I am so happy for them. The babies are beautiful and she looks so serene. BUT- I don’t believe for ONE second that she did not have fertility treatments to have those twins. I wish she would be more honest with the public and herself. And, btw, Jennifer- it doesn’t matter one bit if twins run in Marc’s family. It’s the mom’s genetics that decide. I just really get upset when women try to pull off the “natural twins” thing when it’s pretty obvious that she did have fertility treatments- as if there is something wrong with people who have them.

Nikka on

One of the reasons behind selling the first pictures is that it’s done by the parents. If they won’t, the paparazzi will not stop hunting them and will hurt or even kill someone in the process.

Once the first pictures are officially released, they don’t have any more value so the paps don’t have to hunt for that first pictures. From now on we will be seeing lots of the babies, but it was the first pictures which were so important.

Also, the celebs usually donate the money from the pictures to the charities anyway. So why not use the opportunity to raise funds for a great cause.

Kimberly on

First I’d like to say that Chiara is wrong. Identical twins occur when a fertilized egg splits into two. It involves 1 egg and 1 sperm, not 2 sperm like she stated.

I think the babies look adorable. I was really happy for her when I heard she was expecting since for as long as I can remember she has spoken about how bad she wanted to be a mother.

meela on


The fact of the matter is that this is a happy time in the lives of these people and you write that “Brad and Angie are bigger celebs than Jenny and Marc.” This piece is not about Brad and Angelina so it sounds a little insulting for you to compare the two.
I’m sorry but I rolled my eyes when I read your post because it seemed a bit silly to compare them to others. Their famous in their own right, why can’t they just have that? Value is determined by the person holding the purse strings not us!

lizzielui on

Erika, how is it pretty obvious that Jennifer had fertility treatments? How is she not being honest with herself? Please explain that here. Maybe you are privy to some info that the rest of us aren’t?

I do know that my sister in law just had twins at the age of 39 after trying to conceive for two years. She never had fertility treatments because she had reservations and some concerns about the effects it would have on her body. She and my brother in law were actually considering adoption when she found out she was pregnant last year. So Jennifer’s story is not as uncommon as one may think.

Meagan on

OMG…these babies are gorgeous! Jennifer looks amazing after having the babies! I am so happy for them she had been trying for a long time to have a child and the good lord blessed her with two perfect miracles!! Oh and I love there names they are soo cute I love the fact that they have the same names as the little boy and little girl on Dragon Tales I have a toddler so I know the show pretty well! TOOO CUTE!

magenta on

I can believe she conceived them naturally. Plenty of women have. All you have to do is go to the message boards on babycenter or webmd to read for yourself.

The reason I believe Jennifer is because of her story about the pregnancy tests. Most IVFers and IUIers are told not to test on their own because as I can tell you personally, you might get a false positive from all the hormones or you might get a false negative from testing to early.

IVFers are usually scheduled a pregnancy blood test within 10 to 14 days after the eggs are inserted into the uterus. I would be afraid of jinxing it somehow by taking a pee test on my own.

You’ll find you develop all sorts of superstitions when you’re trying to conceive. LOL.

Whether she did or didn’t do ART, whether she’s lying or not lying, it’s no one’s business. I also don’t think Jennifer thinks or has stated that there is something wrong with people who do in-vitro. It may have simply been WRONG FOR HER.

Lynn on

Im so happy for these two…Max and Emme are gorgeous! As for the IVF questions and stuff…its not fair to lash out at someone when they say they didnt have IVF or anything maybe they didnt and it was miracle by god these things do happen my husband is a twin and my mother in law didnt have IVF. I honestly think if they did have to have it then she would have been honest about it. Therefore, people that have posted comments needs to think about certain things when they say what they say what if it was you and someone lashed out basically calling you a liar! Its wrong and hurtful.


Laura on

Nice names! They’re beautiful children for sure.

Ericka on

oh they are toooooo cute!!! can’t wait to see the rest.

terri on

There are many many women who try for so long to have kids and end up pregnant with twins. . I don’t get why people are questioning that. It’s almost like some are angry that she didn’t.

I’m very happy for her that she was able to conceive naturally. IVF is NOT for everyone regardless of how long they have tried. Maybe it’s not something she even wanted to do. Who is anyone on here to judge?

Blessing to Marc, Jennifer and their beautiful babies, Max and Emme. 🙂

Jillian on

Congratulations to the happy family.
I also do not believe that she conceived naturally. It just seems that whenever celebs go out of their way to say how twins run in their family, it just doesn’t ring true. Especially in this case when the twins are on her husband’s and father’s side…I’m sure somewhere down the road some doctor explained that to her. It could be that she doesn’t even want her parents to know…maybe because they are Catholic or maybe a latin thing. In any case, I just don’t believe it. It doesn’t mean those babies are any less special, but for people like me who did do IVF, it actually is nice to hear celebs talk about their struggle with infertility.

Sanne on

Why why why, does anybody make a fuss about how Jennifer conceived here babies and more importantly what kind of skincolor they might or should have? They could be purple for goodness sake!

And then the comparison with Brad en Angelina… Let all four people be happy in their own right! With their own babies!

Marc & Jennifer congrats with your beautiful babies, you will be a magnificent family of seven… A lucky number ;-).

sophia on

they look like her and marc definitely cute kids

Allie on

In the highest regard, most respectful possible manner, some of you women need to get a life. All this arguing about IVF treatments and the biology of conceiving twins really, really makes some of you sound totally insane.

Kelly on

Those kids are so cute!! Adorable! I couldn’t wait to see the official pics of them!

Jillian on

I don’t think everyone is making a fuss, just having a discussion and stating their opinions respectfully. If all the comments were only about congratulations, it would be so boring to read.

Lindsay on

Jillian I am so glad somebody said it. Nobody is making a fuss except for the people talking about the so called fuss. If every comment was “Awww look at how cute the babies are, Awwww they look just like their mom/dad” I wouldn’t even bother to come back to this site. What I like about CBB is that they allow people to voice their opinion as long as they are not being rude.

Cristina on

I have twins. I was told I would never conceive without assistance. We adopted our son and 18 months later conceived without assistance. We have identical twin boys. (we also had another child since then) It does happen.

Honestly, why does it matter how they were conceived? A child is a child, it doesn’t matter if they were first made in a test tube or a fallopian tube. It drove me nuts that everyone assumed I had had IVF. It didn’t matter. Does it make them “less” of a child?

Congratulations to both of them!! It is a wonderful photograph and I wish them all the luck in the world!

tink1217 on

i find it rude and disrespectful for a few to pretty much call jennifer and marc liars about how the babies were conceived. its none of anyones business at all.

Anna on

These kids are as photoshopped and airbrushed as their mother. To pay anyone 6 million dollars for any baby pictures is a sin. You could feed a lot of starving kids with that money.

Also, the fact the kids look light-complected and someone mentioned it isn’t an insult. People who are offended because the word light was mentioned need to get a life. We can mention their eyes, their nose, their hair, those clothes…why is their skin color such a taboo subject? Being light or dark isn’t an insult. It was just an observation by some people–not a put down.

Sasha on

No one is making a fuss? Seriously, Jillian & Lindsay? Did you actually read the previous posts? I totally agree with Allie. From accusing J.Lo of lying about IVF (one said because her parents are Catholic?) to questioning eye color, skin color and all the celebrity popularity arguments – it’s crazy! How is some of this stuff not rude? Most of the postings are opinions, but I think quite a few are way over the line.

Melissa on

I think it was totally tacky of People magazine to not put a family foto that included both Marc Anthony and Jennifer on their cover. He’s equally as famous as Jennifer and these twins are his children too! I’d be a little ticked and insulted if I were Jennifer and Marc.

Julia A on

I just read the new People in the bookstore (me being too stingy to buy magazines). Max’s full name is Maximilian David Muniz. Emme is Emme Maribel Muniz. They both look exactly like Marc, even the parents said so themselves. The nursery is absolutely elegant and classy by the way, even though I find the chandelier a little out of place in the nursery. The pictures are all beautiful. As for the question of selecting the cover picture, I think that picture just fits better on the cover, to tell you the truth. There are better ones inside.
On another note, I’m so tired of people bringing up Angelina, Brad, and Shiloh in totally unrelated threads. They are just celebrities like so many others in Hollywood. Can we please stay on topic and talk about the Jolie-Pitts in their own threads?

Sarah’s note: Thanks for letting us know about Max’s full first name!

Jen on

>>>>>BUT- I don’t believe for ONE second that she did not have fertility treatments to have those twins. I wish she would be more honest with the public and herself. And, btw, Jennifer- it doesn’t matter one bit if twins run in Marc’s family. It’s the mom’s genetics that decide. I just really get upset when women try to pull off the “natural twins” thing when it’s pretty obvious that she did have fertility treatments- as if there is something wrong with people who have them.< <<<<

How is it pretty obvious that Jennifer had treatments and is lying about it. If you’re going to make some pretty harsh assumptions like that then at least have some info to back it up when calling someone a liar. What a sad comment. 😦

Judyb on

Congrats to Marc and Jennifer. They have two beautiful babies.

It is amazing to me the comments that some people try to pass off as “debate.” **I try to stick with the idea that if I would not say it to a person’s face I would not say it on a board.** There are plenty of boards out there where people can say anything they want. IMO, the thing that set this board apart from other boards was that people were respectful of celebrities and of other posters. It seems more and more that people are passing off snarky comments as debate. I am sure I will be told that if I don’t like it I should stop reading the board. I wonder why people who try to make nice comments should go away in favor of people who fill the board with backhanded compliments. It is kind of sad IMO that the thing that set this board apart from other boards seems to be disappearing.

ang on

gorgeous! eliza-whatever’s in People will be in Who.

Jillian on

I made the comment about her parents being Catholic. I merely meant that it is a possibility that they may not accept IVF as an option, being Catholic. I am Catholic and although I have no problem with IVF or other forms of ART, I personally know Catholics, especially older ones, who do. I even know a couple that conceived all their children through IVF and have never told the very Catholic grandparents. In any case, I guess from now on I’ll stick to “congratulations” and “so cute” as comments like that seem to be more acceptable, if not boring.

ariel on

Max and Emme are so adorable. I just picked up this issue and it’s really lovely. There is a great photo of Jennifer and Mark holding the babies.

It also says that she did not have the babies naturally, that she did indeed have a c-section.

ariel on

Max and Emme are so adorable. I just picked up this issue and it’s really lovely. There is a great photo of Jennifer and Mark holding the babies.

It also says that she did not have the babies naturally, that she did indeed have a c-section.


Why does anyone think that she would lie about having fertility treatments? If anything I would think she would go the Julia Robert route and simply not address the IVF rumours, before coming out and lying about it. It’s not unusal for women in JL’s age group (mid to late 30’s) to have twins. For some reason medical science has yet to figure out women in that age bracket do have a tendency to release more than one egg during ovulation, thus upping the chances of twins.

Lauren on

Ok, I admit it– I caved and went to the newsstand. I don’t have time to type up the whole interview, but I have the following to report:

–That nursery! Yowza! So ornate. Gorgeous, and totally over the top.

–J. Lo = not breastfeeding.

–She says she’s lost most of her 50 pounds of baby weight, and she does look slim. Her wedding rings still don’t fit, though.

–Marc says that Emme was born first, then Max one minute later. This differs from the original post that made people think she had the twins naturally, where it said they were born 11 minutes apart.

Sarah’s note: Thanks! I’ll add it to the post.

Sasha on

Jillian you are missing the point. Sure, people’s opinions are what make this site more interesting, but saying what you (And others!) have said is rude and offensive. You have to know by generalizing Catholics and latinos like you did is going to anger people! Saying not owing up to IVF is a “latin thing” is horrible. I am actually surprised that the editors allowed your post. I can’t imagine the aftermath of someone accusing Halle Berry of withholding info because of a “black thing”.

Sarah’s note: My thought while approving the comment was that she was referring to cultural differences and beliefs (that many Catholics do not believe in ART and many Hispanics are Catholic, so perhaps it wasn’t discussed in the family) and not being racist. I apologize if I misunderstood the intent.

Mousie on

Women have been having babies, single or multiple births, in their late-thirties and forties forever.

They called them change-of-life babies (for the older women). There was no infertility therapy involved. It happens ALL the time.

Jennifer is only in her 30s – she may have wanted to just leave it up to fate – if it was meant to be, it would be.

Jillian on

No, Sarah, you were correct. It didn’t even occur to me that my comments could be construed as racist. I come from a Latin culture (Jillian is not my real name) and I was thinking in terms of cultural differences. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Ambar on

I just picked this up at Target and it is so over the top. The pictures inside are priceless. I love it though, it’s pure JLo whether she wants to be called that or not. There won’t be any cheetos in that house. & where are the other three kids. All they got was a 1 line mention.

Carol on

I just bought this issue tonight and the pictures are beautiful. The babies are so cute and Jennifer and Mark seem to be very honest about the birth and pregnancy.

Chiara on

This board makes me never want to be famous, I’ll tell you that much.

People are discussing what methods a couple used to conceive their children, and why any particular method may or not be appropriate or even whether they’re telling the truth. There’s not really much on earth more private than methods of conception. It’s a free country and everyone has a right to express an opinion or belief, but the fact that so much time is spent on something that has little if any effect on any of our lives explains a lot about today’s world to me.

toontown on

Someone on Livejournal’s community ohnotheydidnt scanned the whole thing from her People magazine. You have to join the comnutity to see the pics.

here’s the link

Ellia on

Congrats to them! Like all babies, they are precious. I’m glad she finally got her babies 😛

In touch reports Brad and Angelina are having boy/girl twins too… Are they not reliable?

Sarah’s note: They’re a tabloid. Occasionally they get good exclusives (like Tori Spelling telling them she’s having a girl) but no, generally not a truthful publication. The twin thing is just a rumor for now. A strong rumor, but still a rumor.

Youron on

Older women have a lot higher chance of having certain things happen during pregnancy…Fraternal twins are one, down syndrome and premature birth are two more.

merrymum on

I haven’t seen the magazine spread yet but I guess I am surprised to hear Jennifer not breastfeeding. Does the article give a reason why not? Don’t want to offend any bottle feeding mums here, but breast really is best and it seems a shame she’s not.

Donna on

Everybody keeps talking about IVF when it seems that nowadays a lot of doctors are giving women Clomid to stimulate ovulation. In doing so, they warn that it can result in multiple births. Clomid is a very mild way of getting the ball rolling on ovulation for those who are having some trouble.

nicole on

I have seen the people magazine! The nursery is absolutely stunning! The babies are spitting images of Marc!! They look so happy. I wish them all the luck in the world Im sure they will be awesome parents.

cat on

for anyone who’s still up (lol) and interested, perezhilton just posted a site that includes all the baby pics (I saw them, it’s a true link) :

kate on

I thought IVF was becoming more common because it has high success rates while Clomid rarely works. Fertinex seems to work better also.

Sarah on

I am slightly disappointed that Jennifer is not breastfeeding the twins. Is she just pumping or just formula? It’s certainly possible to breastfeed twins 2 or 1 at a time. I know it’s totally up to her, but I think she should have for her babies’ sake. Breast is best! I wanted to give up the first day my son was born because he was lethargic and not latching on. I was a crying mess, but I kept at it and by the 2nd or 3rd day–he was ON full throttle! Oh well, I am sure the twins will get most of the health benefits from formula…

Andi on

What great looking kids

So funny my brother and sister names are

Max and Emily

We call her emme .

thought that i would share that tidbit.

It looks like max is coming back in style
my brother is 13 and i haven’t heard of max until this year with like 5 max already


publicservant on

I can see it might seem inappropriate to some people that some of us talked about the conception, and IVF.

I have PCOS. I like reading on CBB when celebrities talk about having it too. Many of you are right, I can go on a message board to read about others like me. Still, hearing about a celebrity managing PCOS, having a baby, and still looking darn good inspires me! Sometimes the face of PCOS is someone who has thinning hair, weight gain, facial/body hair, and other unfortunate things. CBB helps present a real story with a happy ending.

Did anyone notice that everyone who mentioned issues like IVF, also complimented the new family, and said other positive things?

One last thing to remember though…..Jennifer Lopez brought the topic of up fertility treatments up. If she really didn’t care, she would not have addressed it all. I totally think people who use ART have every right to keep it to themselves. It is an extremely personal thing and I respect any celebrity and any private citizen who does not discuss the topic at all. But again, why bring it up? I’m just sayin…

Sarah’s note: She was specifically asked to address it in the interview. Peter Castro’s question to her was, “Can you set the record straight about how challenging it was to conceive?” and she said “Sure” and answered. I’m typing it up now. 🙂

Kristine on

I have the magazine. the other pictures are wonderful .. and it IS 12 pages!!!

yaosa on

Shame on anyone who comments on their complexion! And shame on anyone discussing the financial worth of their first baby pictures!

I’m really surprised that people are not able to look beyond race and culture. What difference does it make what complexion a baby has at birth ? And what difference does it make how marketable her babies’ pictures are ? Even IF it may be true that Brangelina is more popular than Jennifer and Marc who cares and what does that have to do with this post ?

Also, what’s the IVF obsession with her ? As a woman ages, she can release more than one egg during ovulation which results in fraternal twins regardless of family history or not! I am beginning to think the people who choose not to believe that she conceived naturally are envious of her for some reason. Is there really a difference in a woman’s mind about conceiving naturally or with assistance ? A baby is a miracle and a blessing any way it comes into someone’s life.

I’d be interested in what these posters are really trying to say by these reactions.

The world is so caught up in skin color and it’s sad that on this site where celebrities of mixed backgrounds (I’m sure Jennifer and Anthony are as mixed as any other person of Puerto Rican heritage) introduce and show their precious offspring that people have to fly off the cuff about complexion to generate an inappropriate discussion. I say inappropriate because what does complexion have to do with this post ? Did Jennifer or Marc or anyone else close to the family make a comment about the babies’ complexion?

Jennifer has waited a long time for a baby and is doubly blessed! I wish her and Mark and those precious babies all the best ! They are truly adorable!

Elle on

I’m curious about the nursing thing. Does Jennifer deciding not to nurse mean that the babies just won’t be drinking directly from the boob but will still get breastmilk from a bottle, or does it mean that they won’t be getting breastmilk at all? If it’s the latter…then what do women who don’t nurse do with the milk? Pump and dump? And does the supply run dry quickly if it’s not being used or would moms who decide to go the formula route be stuck dealing with unwanted lactation issues for months on end?

These are genuine questions from a woman who is several years away from even thinking about kids. Absolutely no judgement, just confusion and curiosity. I’d be grateful for an answer!

Sarah’s note: No, the twins won’t have breastmilk. Your milk does come in the first few days after delivery, but if you don’t use it, you lose it. 😉 Moms that can’t or don’t nurse usually do experience more pain initially, since to relieve the fullness you would feed the baby, but if you’re not nursing, you wouldn’t want to release the milk, because that would tell your body to make more.

They used to give milk suppression shots if a mom was 100% sure she wouldn’t or couldn’t nurse, but the FDA doesn’t recommend them anymore because of health risks.

Nikka on

I don’t think that they didn’t try any fertility treatments, but, on the other hand, they have never been seen outside of fertility clinic (and I’m sure they would be if they’d go).

Jess on

I’m happy that Jennifer mentioned that she isn’t nursing. Yes, breast is best, but what’s really best is for mom & baby to be happy & healthy. Some of us non-nursing moms have encountered some very rude people because we bottle feed & yes, we even feel shame because some people view us as various things, including bad mothers. So I’m glad she was willing to put it out there. It helps lessen the guilt a little honestly, knowing that someone isn’t ashamed to admit that breastfeeding just wasn’t for them.

Katie on

I tried to read all of the comments to see if this was posted anywhere, so if it is, I’m sorry. But the names Max and Emme are a brother and sister on the television show Dragon Tales that used to be on PBS I believe…just thought that was funny!

Sarah’s note: Yeah, it was discussed to death on the birth announcement post, lol.

Stefanie on

This website posted up 3 more pics

Lisa on

Thank you so much for that post Jess. I had fraternal twin boys at the age of 26 with the help of Clomid,that paired with several sets of twins on my mom’s side pretty much assured us having multiples lol. For all my kids bottle was best. When I declined in the hospital to BF my first baby I was made to feel like a failure and the lacatation nurse just loved to heap the statistics on me. That son has never had an ear infection or been seriously ill. He is a 7th grade honor roll student. Formula has made such strides in the past decade. I’m sure its not as perfect as breast but it’s dang close these days.

Heidi on

My cousin was going through the same thing as JLo, just simply couldn’t get pregnant, and it ended up taking almost 5 years to naturally get pregnant but she too just had fraternal twins!

Carol on

I’m glad she talked about the nursing thing too. She said in the article that she made the decision that was best for her and her babies. I wouldn’t be able to breast feed if I had a child and I think women are made to feel guilty if they don’t. It’s a personal decision but people think they have a right to butt into your business.

Amillia Henderson on

Scheduled c-section, not breastfeeding and, she has a live-in nurse for each baby – I am so loving Mrs. Mama J-Lo. I can just imagine what vaginal birthing, breastfeeding, stay at home “PERFECT” mothers must be thinking of Jennifer right now. Epidurals were invented for SMART WOMEN. It is NOT a bad thing to be “too posh to push”. You are not a BAD MOTHER if you feel that a baby pulling on your breasts all day long is gross. And, like all newborns, I feel that nannies and baby nurses are gifts from God.

Congrats to Jenn and Marc.

Carole on

Jess, I agree that the most important thing is “happy mama, happy babies,” and no one is really helped by a miserable, depressed, overstressed mama frantic about trying to feed her babies. BUT I’m a little surprised, and yes disappointed, that there isn’t any mention of her trying and THEN realizing/deciding it doesn’t work for her. Why not even try? Even a little bit of breastmilk, especially in the first few months, even if it’s supplemented with formula, can help babies so much. It sounds like she just thought “nope, not for me” and didn’t give it a chance. Maybe it would have been easy for her, who knows? (And I’m so tired of the “my mom didn’t do it, i turned out fine” argument. Yeah, but our moms didn’t use carseats either, and we’re fine… at least those of us who weren’t killed in accidents and they’re not saying much. The medical industry at that time wasn’t pushing breastmilk, in fact formula was being touted then as this great new modern convenience that was equivalent or even better than breastmilk. Now everyone, AMA, pediatricians, etc., acknowledges that breastmilk is better for babies. Formula is fine, I’m not decrying it, but there’s not a medical professional out there who would say it’s equivalent–the technology simply doesn’t exist to make it the same, and definitely not better. So simply saying “my mom didn’t” isn’t a particularly compelling argument to me; different times different mores. Anyway, that’s my own beef: not that she’s decided not to, but that she’s decided not to without giving it a chance.

Harley on

Congrats to them 🙂 As for the breast vs. bottle…breast is only marginally better and I’m sorry but breast feeding twins takes a freakin’ miracle! So unless you are one of those super miraculous women that breast fed 2 kids at one time, hush and quit passing judgement. Hopefully someone judges you harshly at some point so you can feel a bit of humility.

Let this be a fantastic experience for them and their families.

Marcy on

This may sound weird but I am also happy Jen is not breastfeeding. She gives a voice to all of the mothers out their who can’t or don’t want to breastfeed. I just hope this doesn’t turn into “what a horrible decision she made, she is not thinking of what is best for her babies”. As long as those children are loved and well taken care of they will be fine. It as if mothers who breastfeed feel superior to those who don’t.

As a side note, I posted about Brad and Angie in relation to the photo price because I found it relevant. For those who found it relevant enough to talk about how irrelevant it was you could have made it irrelevant by not responding and ignoring my comment. Jenny and Marc are happy right now and what we say on this site is completely IRRELEVANT to them.

BostonMom on

Breast is best, period. If you can’t nurse for some reason, it’s a different story. But simply choosing not to is going against every piece of current medical wisdom.

FC on

M: I don’t go to sleep!

I had to laugh when I read Marc admitted that. Not that he needed to because it is etched in stone all over his face. Jen is looking all revitalized and he’s looking like he needs a few good bone-sticking meals in him and a year’s worth of rest lately.

But, the interview sounds pretty good.

I wasn’t going to say anything, but the whole “breast is best” or someone’s disappointed that someone isn’t breastfeeding is being thrown around, I keep thinking of how it would make that mother feel if they can’t breastfeed their own child for various reasons.

I just keep thinking that it’s not anyone’s business, as long as my child is taken care of and is healthy and thriving, that’s all that should matter.

That’s all I wanted to say.

Starlet on

Congrats to them both. It doesn’t matter in the slightest how they were conceived, they are blessings! I know a few women who had IVF then took a few months off and got pregnant naturally!

While I really try to understand why some women choose not to nurse (and I was very supportive of my cousin who only did it for 2 weeks) I keep coming back to the fact that we know it reduces the risk of asthma, diabetes, allergies and cancer.

I guess I feel that for me, I couldn’t imagine not wanting to give my child the very best start in life – something that no matter how much money you have, you’ll never be able to buy. When it comes to health of my kids, I wouldn’t risk not doing it.

I can only imagine it’s harder with twins. I have one friend of triplets who did it successfully and then I watched that show on multiples on TLC and the mom of quints breastfed them for the first 4 months!!! WOW!

Tracey on

Breastfeeding’s personal decision and I commend her for being honest with the world despite the fact that she will undoubtedly come under fire for it. I chose not to breastfeed my first child and chose to breastfeed my second. Both are active, growing, healthy kids. I’m not going to say that formula is BETTER than breastmilk but I myself was criticized many times for the personal decision I made for MY kids 😉

The babies are adorable and I can’t understand why the twins and IVF is such a big topic, it does not affect any of us whether or not she used it lol.

Kate on

I am SO SO SO SO happy for her. She has wanted this for sooo long, and she is so adorable in the interview. Congratulations to them! I’m so glad everyone is healthy and happy!

bethie on

the babies are precious!

Lindsay on

I am not the biggest fan of Jennifer Lopez but it’s nice to hear her admit she’s not breastfeeding. It’s the not the end of the world. My mother did not breastfeed me for medical reasons, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I am sick of hearing news stories about breastfeeding making children smarter and enhancing immunity and decreasing infections. Is this really true? As a kid, I was always the healthiest out of my friends who usually had a cold or some kind of allergy. I was also top of my class. I think these medical studies are misleading.

Sarah’s note: It is true that the mother passes on antibodies to the baby that are thought to help. I haven’t read other studies so I don’t feel comfortable answering, but others likely know more than I do!

Marcy on

Amillia I am so loving you right now. You know there are women out their that are ready to banish Mrs. Lopez to the depths of hell. You know they want to say “I was happy and excited for her until I found out she had a C-section two nannies, and did not breastfeed.” Those are the same women who had a natural birth, no help at all, and breastfed their kids until they were 5.
It’s different strokes for different folks and why should they care since it’s not their kids or their body for that matter. Too Posh to Push, theyre hilarious.

magenta on

What a fun interview. She seems very content and she’s settled with the decisions that she has made for her children so far.
As for breast-feeding, there is a lot of regurgitation of old information and La Leche League rhetoric. The AMA is starting to re-think their position on breast-feeding. Breast is best is not true for all babies or all mothers.

I’m an advocate for both formula feeding and breast-feeding and don’t feel the need to choose sides. I’ll always go with what the mother thinks is best. The problem I have with breast-feeding advocates is their nastiness towards mother who decide on formula.

What gives these people the right to be rude, intrusive, and demanding towards a new mother? If a representative from a formula company behaved in such a way at a hospital or new mom support group they would be immediately call for a boycott of the company. But somehow it’s okay for breast-feeding advocates to go unchecked with their aggressiveness.

Also I think they breast-feeding advocates are biased against teenage mothers. I sought advice at 16 on breast-feeding and was basically handed a booklet. The same organization fell over themselves with advice and support when an older White well-off looking mother entered the room. I think breast-feeding advocates need to check themselves before dishing out advice and opinion.

Note from Danielle: Something about this comment didn’t seem correct so we asked lactation consultant Catherine Watson Genna, IBCLC, for an update. She says:

The AMA has no public statement on breastfeeding. The American Academy of Pediatrics policy on Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk says, in part:
“Extensive research, especially in recent years, documents diverse and compelling advantages to infants, mothers, families, and society from breastfeeding and the use of human milk for infant feeding. These include health, nutritional, immunologic, developmental, psychological, social, economic, and environmental benefits.

Human milk is uniquely superior for infant feeding and is
species-specific; all substitute feeding options differ markedly from it. The breastfed infant is the reference or normative model against which all alternative feeding methods must be measured with regard to growth, health, development, and all other short- and long-term outcomes.”

There has been no reconsideration, the stance only became stronger as the research picture has become clearer.

Lynn on

Will you guys be posting the pics from the article?

Sarah’s note: I answered that up top in the first few comments.:) We cannot legally post them.

Candace on

I respect Jennifer in knowing herself well enough that she knew that breastfeeding (TWINS!!!!) was not going to work for her. YES, I do believe if you are going to breastfeed to do it because you honestly ENJOY it! I don’t think anyone should do it out of “duty.” It is SOOOO much more important for babies to have a happy mother who ENJOYS caring for them, rather than a miserable, depressed mother who is just breastfeeding because she feels she HAS to do it to be a good mom. (Speaking from experience with BOTH of my babies!!)

Lizzie on

I did not breastfeed my daughter and she’s never been sick (maybe a cold once, that’s all, and she is almost 3). She is intelligent and in perfect health. A lot of breastfed kids that I know have been sick more often than her. Please STOP making us feel guilty, it’s just terrible. They’re not your children and it’s none of your business whatsoever. Congrats Jennifer & Marc!

Opal on

Lisa, every woman is entitled to make the decision what to do with her body, but that does not mean that women who choose not to breast feed should downplay the benefits of breast milk. Formula is not “dang close” to breast milk. Formula is not a living, evolving, ever changing nourishment that decreases the odds of cancer, heart disease, and a host of other illnesses. It is not perfectly suited for one particular child.

With so many women getting bad breast feeding information and advice, there is no excuse for perpetuated the cycle of ignorance with anecdotal evidence. If you don’t want to breast feed, don’t, but don’t hail formula as something it is not either.

terri on

The twins look like Marc! I don’t see Jennifer in them just yet. And I, as a black woman, don’t understand being defensive about their complexion. It’s like talking about hair or eye color. Those change too, but we like to talk about the little physical characteristics when we finally get to see a baby after anticipating their arrival for so long.

And yes, I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of Brad and Angelina’s baby as well.

double_m on

Okay, so what i don’t understand is why a bunch of people on here are just assuming she’s lying!!! Conceiving twins DOES happen naturally, it has for thousands of years. Especially if there are twins on both sides. I just think that people need to stop caring about this. Put yourself in Jennifer and Marc’s position. Their whole life is in the spotlight. It’s hard enough raising two babies, but raising them in Hollywood is even harder. Even more is to have people say untrue things about you and your babies, and their all COMPLETE strangers who know nothing about you!

Colleen on

Please people, realize that breastfeeding COULD stave off asthma, allergies, and cancer- but that does NOT mean it WILL. There are no guarantees in life. Being formula fed does NOT mean that you WILL get asthma, allergies, and cancer either. It’s Jennifer, and every other woman’s choice to feed breastmilk or formula.

Kate on

Actually, it doesn’t make any difference if twins run on the father’s side. I believe her that she didn’t have IVF, but I think the twins are most likely due to her being over 35.

magenta on

The AMA, Rusk Without Walls, Doctors Without borders are certainly reassessing the stance on breast-feeding. As I said, they are debating whether preemies benefit more formula, babies born to impoverished mothers, babies born with HIV, babies born to mothers with HIV. As I said, the stance of breast is best, does not apply to all babies and mothers and the medical community is trying to figure out how to get away from a one-size fits all when it comes to formula or breast.

Jennifer does not fit any of these categories but I believe her babies will be quite fine being formula fed.

As I never called or inferred that anyone posting on this site is a liar, please do not call me one.

daphneesmith on

That picture is just gorgeous! and congrats to Jen, Marc, and their families. Kudos to Jen for feeding as is BEST for HER.

I couldn’t breastfeed for longer than a few weeks with my kids. They are both very bright, and have barely been sick at all –they are preschool/K age.

On the other hand, so many of the kids of my breastfeeding friends have allergies, are always sick, etc. So feeding as was BEST for my family worked out just fine for us. 🙂

mtmomma on

We tend to live in a world of our own creation, but when there are hard and fast facts supporting the health benefits of breastfeeding, it seems unreasonable to deny them. Here is an excellent website put out by the Department of Health and Human Services on the myriad of benefits to breastfeeding:

Not all women can breastfeed, and thank goodness we live in a world where there are alternatives. No baby has to perish due to malnutrition. Formula is obviously the next best nourishment to breast milk.

The argument seems like an obvious one. Mammals in the wild thrive off their mother’s milk and would die without it. We have survived for thousands of years off of mother’s milk and it is only in recent history that humankind decided to start creating substitutes. Most of these are for convenience sake and were developed before anyone realized that they might not be as ideal for optimum health. If people had known this, alternatives might have only been encouraged for the sake of saving a baby’s life, not for the average baby.

Our culture has evolved into one where breasts are associated with sex, rather than seen for what they were biologically intended. We don’t blush at the sight of an animal nursing its young, why should we feel embarrassed by a human doing the same? It is truly absurd what human beings concoct…history shows us absurdities of thought over and over again!

If our culture encouraged women to follow what comes naturally as mothers, and celebrated nurturing, we may not find ourselves in such a predicament. I realize we live in a unique world, where we don’t have to live by natural law and can thwart and create alternatives to any number of situations, but it seems wise to always ask “Is this helping our children and ourselves, or is this hurting? Is it making life better, or just easier?”.

Babies will find their mothers breast unassisted after a natural childbirth. They know what they want and how to get it, because they are programmed to survive. They will not naturally find a bottle and wouldn’t know what to do with one if it was handed to them. It is a learned behavior to suck from a bottle.

This may sound distasteful, but examine the waste of a breastfed baby versus a formula fed baby and you will see that breastfed stool is a far tamer beast! It is innocuous in comparison. If an indication of what comes out is any indicator of what went in, then it’s clear that breast milk is a healthier substance.

Even in our polluted world, where toxins have found there way into breast milk, it is still an overall better source of nourishment than any patented formula combination. One must consider the toxins that formula is subject to from the original ingredients, to the factory production line, to the PVC lined containers it is stored in for months at a time. Then consider the plastic that it is contained in for feeding. No plastic is completely safe, but we bottle our infant formula most often in one that is known to be unsafe – polycarbonate. Often formula is warmed in these bottles, releasing even more harmful chemicals. The water that formula is mixed with is often not as pure as water should be and sometimes downright dangerous for consumption, as is the case in many third world countries where formula is pushed.

Each year, formula companies find a new and previously missing magic ingredient that is supposed to perfect the mix. If that is the case, then last year’s formula wasn’t complete. It never will be, because human milk cannot be replicated. Formula companies are corporations, and I have yet to hear of a corporation that operates purely on the behalf of human beings. They are corporate entities with the primary goal of making money and this is the nature of big business. Thank goodness we have consumer advocacy laws that allow us to be informed and protected from corporate interest, or we might not even know the ingredients of formula.

I am not writing this piece to offend anyone, only to attempt to point out what some may never have thought of. It is only through education and an open mind that we will ever progress. Ignorance is our greatest enemy.

There are plenty of people who have been raised with formula and they should not feel shamed because of this. But to look forward and make new choices based on an open mind and factual evidence seems logical. Not everyone has the facts and there are plenty of studies paid for by biased sources to support both sides. There are also many unbiased studies and they are easy to find. Sure, formula isn’t going to damage anyone and many will thrive on it. It’s not inherently bad and works as a great substitute to breast milk in most respects. If someone makes the personal choice to formula feed, then so be it. We all have the freedom of personal choice in the United States. But to say that “breast is best” is no longer true or that formula is equivalent in every way to breast milk is false and lacking scientific evidence.

Michelle on

Well, all I have to say is breast feeding is alot cheaper. I was behind a girl in the store the other day checking out and she was paying for her little 14oz. can of formula… $27.00!!! I don’t know how long it lasts but that’s EXPENSIVE! Especially when you have a free milk-maker on self!

babyboopie on

aww theyre absolutely beautiful! 🙂 that interview made me cry ” all i could say was thank you god…”, she so deserves to have these gorgeous miracles! i’m pleased for her and marc, they seem so down to earth and still in a state of bliss even- no doubt tired though! lucky kids!

Di on

I was kind of disappointed upon learning that Jennifer Lopez was not breastfeeding in light of all of the benefits that come from it.

Just imagine that I’m Jennifer’s personal assistant and I have brought her two car seats. Car seat A is good or adequate. Car seat B will not only protect your child but will minimize the extent of any injuries in the event of a car accident. I’m Jennifer would choose Car seat b. Breastfeeding is car seat B. Your kid will turn out fine without breast milk but your child will be healthier with breast milk. Breast milk should be viewed as a plus or advantage.

In this day in age where parents send their kids to the best private schools and think nothing of hiring the best nannies or tutors why would any parent choose not to give their kids the best milk or nutrition possible. If Jennifer spends thousands on a nursery, baby nurses etc. why not give your kids the best nutrition money cannot buy?

I find Jennifer’s reasoning for not wanting to breast feed interesting as well. She says her mom did not and she turned out fine. Well I’m sure her mom did not have $3,000 strollers and a private baby nurse and Jennifer turned out great.

I just had a conversation with my mom and I told her that Jennifer had a C-section, has two baby nurses and is not breast feeding and we both had the same conclusion which is that Jennifer does not appear to want to get her hands dirty so to speak. I’m sure Jennifer and Marc are both hands on but I’m sure she is putting those baby nurses to work.

Lastly, someone in another posted stated that breastfeeding was “gross” and I just have to say that there is nothing more beautiful or natural than watching a woman breastfeeding her child especially right after it is born. We need to change that mentality. I do not want to live in a world where breast implants are accepted and breastfeeding is looked as abnormal or weird.

daphneesmith on

>>I don’t know how long it lasts but that’s EXPENSIVE! Especially when you have a free milk-maker on self!< <

Michelle, yes it’s expensive, but when that “free milk-maker” feels like it is full of thousands of glass shards everytime Baby is hungry (yes, even with extensive lactation consulting), expensive doesn’t matter. Better to have a fed baby and a happy mom than a frustrated baby who is struggling to feed baby and a sobbing, depressed mom.

J.M. on

aww how did I know as soon as Jennifer said she wasn’t breastfeeding that there would be a debate!!

WHO CARES!!!!!!!! All that matters is that the kids are happy and healthy. Sorry but sometimes I hate certain mothers who think well if your child gets formula because you CHOSE to not breastfed they’re not thinking of their children or giving them a better start in life! Get over yourselves!!

Guess what I don’t have kids but when I do I can guarantee I will tell you this much IT WON’T HAPPEN. I am not against breastfeeding but for me personally I have no desire. And the more I think about it or hear people go on and on and on about it the less I feel inclined to even try it! Does that make me a bad mom? No!… It makes me human.

Look I wasn’t breastfed, neither was my mother, brother, niece, nephews, cousin’s etc. And guess what we’ll all healthy, intelligent, and completely fine!

I really get disturbed when people treat people who bottle feed like they’re scum of the earth. Leave mothers alone when it comes to this decision! It’s not your baby and it’s not your breast!!

Sorry if I came off rude and I wasn’t speaking to anyone in particular but the breast vs. bottle stuff really irritates me to no end!!

Good luck Jen and Marc with your babies!!

Louisa on

< >

OMG, seriously?? 😦

Ashley on

Awwww….I just picked up a copy of the magazine today, and I leafed through it at lunch. Those are adorable babies! The nursery is a little extravagant, but I guess if it makes the parents happy. LOL, all babies care about at that age are having a bottle, a clean diaper, a warm blankie and somebody to rock them and love them. I couldn’t imagine having such a nursery, but if they can afford it, more power to them! Gorgeous babies, gorgeous nursery, gorgeous family! I’d love to have seen a picture of Jennifer, Mark, Emme, Max, and Mark’s three children from his previous marriage. 🙂

Laura on

The little boy, Max, looks like Marc Anthony with light hair. He has his father’s mouth especially. The girl, Emme, is the spitting image of Jennifer’s mother, Guadalupe. She inherited her grandmother’s long face like Jennifer’s sister’s, Lynda and Leslie. Emme looks totally like the women in Jennifer’s family. Therefore, I don’t think the kids are identical. The boy looks like Marc, the little girl looks like Jennifer’s family.

Carlie on

What a lovely interview. I am so happy that Jennifer has finally got what she always wanted – her own family.

I had to laugh when she said Marc was teaching her about diapers as it reminded me of my own situation 18 months ago when my first child was born.

I honestly didn’t have a clue about anything really, but my husband already had two children so he was a pro at changing diapers and things. He taught me a lot and I have to admit, it brought us even closer together.

I’m a pro at changing them now 😉

Lara on

Cute names, Maribel is especially melodious. It sounds like they’ve considered all of their options and have planned things out to minimize the difficulties of twins and maximize the amount of fun, happy time they can have with their babies. Happy parents = happy children. A mother unnecessarily exhausting herself to follow all the parenting advice of the day doesn’t do anyone any good.

danielle on

people always say that breastfeeding activist are pushy and nasty, but it seems to me the other way around, those that formula fed their babies are always so defensive. and making a comment like “having a baby pulling at your breast is gross” sounds horrible. how is feeding your baby gross? i did both so i am not standing on either side of the fence. i thought jennifer’s reasoning for not doing it sounded ignorant,

“: My mom didn’t breastfeed, and I think that was the thing for me. You read and figure out what’s the best thing for them.”,

well if you read about what was best for the babies, then she would be breastfeeding. she should have simply said this is best for me.

also, why would you have 2 baby nurses and then do “all the grunt work” yourself, at this age it’s pretty much all grunt work. so i am sure they are using them a lot. i don’t see anything wrong with some help during the night, but as someone made the comment about nurses and nannies being a gift, then why have kids?

when you look at the facts, having an elective c section is not healthy for either mother or baby. breastfeeding is the best for the baby for nutrition. bottom line. what people choose to do is their personal decision, but you can’t dispute medical facts.

mtmomma on

Here are direct excerpts from the Department of Health and Human Service’s website on the Benefit’s of Breastfeeding:


Breast milk is the most complete form of nutrition for infants. A mother’s milk has just the right amount of fat, sugar, water, and protein that is needed for a baby’s growth and development. Most babies find it easier to digest breast milk than they do formula.

As a result, breastfed infants grow exactly the way they should. They tend to gain less unnecessary weight and to be leaner. This may result in being less overweight later in life.

Premature babies do better when breastfed compared to premature babies who are fed formula.

Breastfed babies score slightly higher on IQ tests, especially babies who were born pre-maturely.


Breastfeeding saves on health care costs. Total medical care costs for the nation are lower for fully breastfed infants than never-breastfed infants since breastfed infants typically need fewer sick care visits, prescriptions, and hospitalizations.

Breastfeeding contributes to a more productive workforce. Breastfeeding mothers miss less work, as their infants are sick less often. Employer medical costs also are lower and employee productivity is higher.

Breastfeeding is better for our environment because there is less trash and plastic waste compared to that produced by formula cans and bottle supplies.


Breast milk has agents (called antibodies) in it to help protect infants from bacteria and viruses. Recent studies show that babies who are not exclusively breastfed for 6 months are more likely to develop a wide range of infectious diseases including ear infections, diarrhea, respiratory illnesses and have more hospitalizations. Also, infants who are not breastfed have a 21% higher postneonatal infant mortality rate in the U.S.

Babies who are not breastfed are sick more often and have more doctor’s visits.

How can these facts be denied?

I am happy for Jennifer Lopez, and for any mother who is able to have babies, especially those who thought maybe they could not. Children are a true gift and fill our lives and hearts with love.

I am speaking up on this topic because I think that it would be nice if all of society were educated to the benefits of breastfeeding, including celebrities. If more celebrities spoke up about the benefits of breastfeeding and ridiculed the mentality that sexualizes breasts and women’s bodies to the point that breastfeeding in public is controversial, more people might feel confident choosing to nurse their young.

meeeshhelll on

congrats to jen and marc! their babies are precious and i love the pics of their nursery. for the caddy women on this board debating whether or not she should breast feed or bottle feed, you are RIDICULOUS. they’re not your babies so don’t worry about it! seriously, go back to taking care of/worrying about your OWN kids.

terri on

I didn’t breast feed my son and he’s perfectly healthy. OMG, people it’s a personal preference. What is the big deal? It’s her life and her babies. Many many women don’t breast feed, in fact no one in my family, and I have a big family, has ever breast fed their newborns and they are all fine and healthy kids and adults. I can’t believe that is an issue on here.

Someone mentioned a selective C-Section on here. I don’t recall anything mentioning that was the case with Jennifer. She had twins…c-sections are very common with multiple births.

Let her just enjoy and raise her kids they way she wants to like I’m sure most of us mothers here do.

mtmomma on

The question is not whether or not Jennifer Lopez should or should not breastfeed. My concern is over the misguided belief that breastfeeding and formula feeding are equal. They are not. The rest is a personal choice. It is not helpful to society, however, to spread misinformation.

Pogue Mahone on

Even though I have breastfed my 11 kids I think it’s wrong for people to criticize those who for whatever reason (in some cases for medical reasons) choose NOT to breastfeed but to give formula.

Isn’t the main thing that the baby is nourished and loved? Why does it *really* matter which particular manner that is? (and those business it it,anyway?)

Besides, it’s really nobody’s business. It’s sad when people feel they have to justify their choice and explain it to other people.It’s none of their business and they don’t “owe” anyone an explanation.

It’s up to the parents alone to decide what is best for their family and in their individual situation and no one else should judge that.

Chana on

What beautiful babies! Jennifer just glows…:)

Um, honestly, I was never breast-fed (my two older siblings were) and I’ve always been healthier and more intelligent (not to toot my own horn, but it’s true). Most of my friends weren’t breast-fed and the same applies to them.

Breastfeeding doesn’t makes you a better parent and it’s ridiculous to judge people for something like this.

marta on

o please don’t be so judgmental . I think that every baby , every women and every pregnancy is different .you just can’t generalize – I am sure that both Jennifer and marc know what is best for their kids . BTW I just saw all the photos and they are absolutely gorgeous -they look so happy !!!

Chris on

I admire her patience for waiting so many years for it to happen naturally. I think it is too bad she didn’t at least try breastfeeding to see if she liked it or not but it is a personal decision. Their twins are very cute!

It is confusing when there are update posts and you have to read through so many old comments.

Sarah’s note: It made no sense for us to post the cover and then the interview in separate posts. So yes, some of the comments posted are from the debut of the cover yesterday and are pre-interview. Sorry if it’s confusing.

mtmomma on

That breast milk is superior to formula does not need justification. It just is. Whether or not a person breastfeeds does not determine the quality of their parenting. It is not an indicator of parental ability or whether the children will be intelligent or not intelligent, sick or well, have allergies, disease, or cancer. None of those are guaranteed in life and being fed breast milk or formula does not cement any particular outcome.

Studies have shown the benefits of breastfeeding and they apply as a generalization of an entire population of people. They do not necessarily apply to the individual. No one is saying that if you were fed formula, you are sick, allergic, or of less intelligence. There is no need to defend oneself on the basis of being fed formula. A breastfed baby is not necessarily superior in intelligence or health to a formula fed baby.

No one is drawing these types of lines between human beings. The bottom line is simply that as a rule, studies show there are benefits to breast milk over formula. This is fact.

Gina on

I have strong opinions on the controversial subjects in the comments for when it will come to my own children, but I will keep them to myself because I read the whole article in People and it is obvious Jennifer and Marc are completely in love with these babies.

It was very touching to read how much they were hoped for and how Jennifer kept saying “thank you God” when they were born. It reinforced my wanting some of my own!

Sophie on

Hello, I am 19, no kids, and won’t have any for a while lol…
But I was wondering why a few decades ago the formula was cosidered superior to breastmilk?


NicoleMarie on

I don’t get it!

People get insulted when someone thinks people shouldn’t breast feed their children when they come to a certain age, yet these are most likely the same people who are judging women for not breast feeding.

You don’t want to be judged for what you do, so don’t judge for what other woman do!

Lindsay on

“people always say that breastfeeding activist are pushy and nasty, but it seems to me the other way around, those that formula fed their babies are always so defensive”

Danielle the formula feeders get defensive because of the pushy and nasty lactivists making them feel like bad mothers. Breastfeeding to me is like Gardasil (the HPV vaccine). We all know that it can prevent cervical cancer in young girls (and statistics just revealed that HPV is the #1 STD among 1 and 4 teen girls) but many mothers don’t want to give it to them. You have something that can be very beneficial to your child and it is your choice whether or not to give it to them but giving it or not giving it does not make one a bad mother.

I’m sure Jennifer was told about the benefits of breastfeeding as many women are, no one is spreading bad information and there are plenty of celeb mothers who have spoken about the joys of breastfeeding.

Its so funny how this post turned from “awwww look at the babies” to “I can’t believe she’s not breastfeeding”

Chris on

I think the babies are too cute for words. I love how Jennifer was very honest (especially about not breastfeeding, which is a super touchy subject). I laughed when she said she plays with her “leftover” belly. I’m glad she’s doing well and the babies are healthy and growing. Congrats to Jennifer and Marc!

Leslie on

I don’t know why people really care if she nurses or not. First of all, when Jennifer was a baby 38 years ago, she had formula. I would think in 38 years there has been a VAST improvement in the formula and I’m sure its as close to breast-milk as they could get it.

Yes, everyone, we know breast is best, but please drop it already, its her choice and she should be commended for being honest and saying she doesn’t. I don’t understand why people are so invested in people’s personal decisions.

If breastfed babies are smarter than non-breastfed babies, than you should be happy that your kids will be smarter than hers! Yes, I’m just kidding, but the way people talk about this, you would think she is giving them soda!

Megan on

Ya know I can’t say I am surprised to see the big breastfeeding debate but for me–I guess I am the only one who’s first thought was NOT about the breastfeeding (simply because I am someone who thinks, to each his/her own…whatever makes ya happy and works for you) but about the fact of how completely in love, elated, and almost GIDDY Jennifer and Marc sound…I mean simply READING their words, you can feel the utter love for Max and Emme.

I am just so happy for them because no matter how much money you have or don’t have or whatever else is happening in your life–no matter how different we all are…when it comes to those little ones that grace us with their presence…we are all the same…

So breastfeeing or not, nannies or not, money or not…babies are love…and somehow they just make everything else in life seem so UNIMPORTANT…I cannot wait to see the People pics of Max and Emme–their parents have waited a long time for them and you can just tell how completely head over heels in love they are with their little ones and i wish them all the best…

thrilled for jlo and marc on

Boy and girl twins are fraternal, never identical. There can even be boy/boy and girl/girl fraternal twins.
These are 2 beautiful babies. I am the mother of twins and I am so excited for Jennifer. Double the kisses and hugs.
Mine are identical boys. No need for help in the conception department. God took care of it for me. Sounds like He took care of it for Jennifer and Marc also.
What a Blessing!!

Carlie on

I breast-fed my first but my second was more contented with a bottle. She wouldn’t settle for my milk. It’s up to the individual themselves.

Personally, if I had another child I’d try and breastfeed him or her too, providing they were content with it because it has been proven to be more beneficial for baby.

I’d advise anyone to give it a try but if they felt they didn’t want to and just wanted to go straight to bottle I wouldn’t knock them down – it’s their choice.

Whether a parent wants to bottle feed or breast feed – each choice should be respected.

LB3 on

OK, HONESTLY!!!!! WHO CARES HOW SHE FEEDS HER BABIES?!! Maybe there was a personal reason as to why she chose not to breastfeed. Maybe she tried in the hospital and things didn’t go smoothly for her and the babies? Whatever her reasons, it shouldn’t matter to anyone else but her and her husband.

I have three children, I breastfed the first for 14 months, the second for 8 months and my third baby for 2 weeks.

It was a very hard and emotional decision for me to put my baby onto formula, and one I cried over for weeks. He is 5 months now and just as happy and healthy as his brothers. It was a personal decision that I made with my husband and doctor.

Fact is, breastmilk does seem to be the best, but thank god we live in a world where formula is available to us. I think the breastfeeding advocates need to back off and the women that chose to formula feed need to be comfortable with their decision and the rest of the world needs to look at other topics such as poverty and negligence and focus their energy onto those things.

Amanda on

Congrats to them, those babies are adorable. I think they look just like Marc. My mom picked up the magazine & some of the pics are just too sweet. It looked like they had a lot of fun with it. Anyways, who cares how her babies were delivered or what she feeds them? That is her choice & her RIGHT as their mother. I don’t like people chastising me about my choices for my kids & I’m sure these *opinionated* posters would feel the same way. 🙂

Sami on

Yay for Jennifer and Marc and their little bundles of joy! What a gift that they’ve waited so long for!

Although I disagree with her decisions to have a scheduled C-section and to formula feed (really, really disagree w/that decision), I admire her openness and wish her and her family nothing but the best.

As for her babie’s complexions, I am not surprised that they are light. If you see old pictures of Jennifer her skin appears quite light. It is only more recently that her skin is as dark as it is now, I always assumed that it was due to self-tanner or bronzer. I think she looks great with the brown skin/ lighter hair/ neutral lip color look she’s favored since she became famous compared to the pale skin/ dark hair/ bright lipstick look she used to have.

And I don’t think it is a big deal people are commenting on the babies’ complexions… IMO it is just like commenting on their hair color, eye color, nose shape, etc.!

JM on

I think what bothers me the most is the nurses in the hospital who give mother’s nasty looks when they tell them they’re going to bottle feed. It happened to a few people I know. It’s bad enough they just gave birth and their hormones are out of sorts and then the nurse scolds them for not trying to breastfeed. Then they have to hear it from people outside the hospital.

I think in general it’s up to each person and nobody else should butt in one way or the other. I honestly don’t even think their should be a debate on this subject. In today’s world formula has come a long way. Have you ever been to a formula isle. There are more choices then threr are when you picking out bread!!

My nephews and niece all landed on nutramigen because they were very premature and their mothers couldn’t produce enough milk for them (because they were fed through tubes for months and were unable to naturally be BF). The three of them are just happy and healthy as can be.

I don’t think if formula was so horrible it would be on the market. And while “experts” may give reasons to why the breast is best the only person who knows what’s best is the mother.

Megan on

Did she mention why she had a a c-section? Was it elective? I am just curious. It seems like a lot of twins are born that way nowadays and am wondering why. My mom had a natural delivery with me and my twin and she breastfed us for 9 months! However, I think it is nobody’s business how Jennifer feeds her babies. I am glad she laid it out there like that because so many women who don’t breastfeed feel like they are being attacked. Like if you don’t breastfeed you are selfish. I don’t believe that for one second. Congrats to JLO and her family!

Kodie on

I’m so mad I didn’t get my weekly issue of People in the mail today (it may have something to do with the 2 feet of snow we got). Hopefully it will come tomorrow.

Jen on

Ok personally I don’t care about the feeding, each to their own…. I’m more amazed that other celebs (sorry not sure if the are good friends) bought them not one but TWO silver cross prams….

As a mother of fraternal twins it really gets my goat when mothers of singletons or women who are not mothers at all comment on what is best for the babies. So much more is involved, unless you’ve been there you are not qualified to comment. 🙂

Elle on

This comment doesn’t have to be posted, I just wanted to thank Sarah for answering my question about breastfeeding…or NOT breastfeeding, actually. 🙂

On another note, it seems like my question jumped off all of the bickering (or “passionate debate”) and I feel bad about that. Sorry y’all!

Cora on

To the poster who said: “On another note, I’m so tired of people bringing up Angelina, Brad, and Shiloh in totally unrelated threads.”

With due respect, Shiloh is a natural discussion point for this thread because she was the highest paid infant cover picture in history when she was born. JLo and Marc’s twins have now apparently outstripped that amount, so a new record has been made. Seems like a pretty natural place for the discussion to evolve 🙂

Flora on

The entire 9 months you are pregnant, you do what is best for baby: you avoid certain foods, you go through lots of uncomfortable tests, you do everything to make sure your baby is health. You go through horrible pain to birth them. THEN you have the baby, and you don’t breastfeed even though you know that that is why your breasts produce milk and that it’s better than man-made chemical filled formula. Makes NO SENSE to me. Sorry, it just makes no sense. I know it’s a hassle and more time consuming, etc. to nurse. But so what….like being pregnant and giving birth was easy?

Anne on

To whomever accused Jillian of “generalizing” Catholics by saying maybe that was a reason for not going the IFV route…please think for a minute! It is a *FACT* that the Catholic church does not support/believe in/however you want to word it, IFV. Therefore, she is not generalizing Catholics, she is stating a Catholic belief. Of COURSE there are Catholics who do not personally agree and support or even use IVF themselves, but you cannot generalize a group by stating a fact.

Ellen on

I don’t have children, so I can’t judge. I have opinions about what is the best choice between breast feeding and formula, but I’ll stay out of that. Because….it’s just an unexperienced opinion. The one thing I’m curious about: I always see, when people are defending their decision to use formula, the comment, “I’m sure the mother knows what’s best for the baby,” etc., etc. What I’m wondering is: what is that decision based on? Since I don’t have children, I can’t imagine. I never hear the specifics and would like to know what is behind the decision. Please don’t attack me. I’m honestly curious and it would give me more insight. I’m pretty clear on why people choose breastfeeding over formula, but less clear on the reverse. Is it because of digestion? Because of ability of the baby to take to nursing?….just wanting to gain a better understanding.

Note from Danielle: I can’t speak from personal experience because for me breastfeeding was the only option. But here are some reasons I’ve come across (many of which are detailed on the site for why many women do not attempt breastfeeding:
-Bottle-feeding is perceived as the norm (just watch children play with dolls- many more feed them with bottles than try to nurse them).
-Mother was not breastfed.
-Bottle-feeding is perceived to be easier.
-Only the mother can breastfeed whereas anyone can give a bottle (forgetting that the bottle can contain expressed breastmilk).
-Mother thinks breastfeeding is yucky or indecent. (Often, past sexual abuse can play into this.)
-Husband or partner’s negative opinions.
-Lack of support from family.
-Difficulties with public breastfeeding.
-Misconception that breastmilk is only appropriate for a short period of time.
-In the US, maternity leave is usually only 3 months and pumping at work is not possible or is perceived as too hard.
-Problems in breastfeeding such as sore nipples,
-Misconception that breastfeeding makes breasts sag or get stretch marks.

I’m sure I’m leaving out other reasons.

Anne on

Does anyone else find it slightly funny (for lack of a better word) that so many posters feel Jennifer Lopez owes them an explanation on her decision not to breastfeed? Comments like ‘she should have at least tried’ or rude comments about the whole ‘my mother didn’t breastfeed me, I turned out fine’ stance are just so ridiculous. Every woman has the right to make her own decisions on what is best for her and her children physically and emotionally. Everyone knows breastmilk is the “best” thing for you baby. I’m sure Jennifer, and most other moms who decide not to breastfeed, take that into consideration when deciding how to feed their babies. I ultimately chose not breastfeed my daughter for medical reasons that I don’t feel I have to discuss with anyone. Stop judging!

jj on

Breast may be the best option according to scientific research but that does not mean it is the right option for every individual mother. That is great if some women feel so strongly about breastfeeding and they should be proud that they did it for THEIR children. But don’t be upset, worried or disappointed for the children who are fed formula instead-they have mothers who care and love them plenty. And all of these children, the breastfed and the formula fed have been turning out fine for years now and will continue to do so. Live and let live people.

sasha on

“And while “experts” may give reasons to why the breast is best the only person who knows what’s best is the mother.”

Actually, sorry to say that I disagree with that; not all mothers know what’s best. If you have the milk to feed…mostly, though, breastfeeding was one of the best things about being a mom for me. I loved that when she was with me I knew I had everything she needed on me at all times. Formula is okay but to not have breastfed my girl would have significantly diminished my GREAT experience of being a mom. And I disagree that it was a quick turn of reactions from “aw cute baby” to “I can’t believe she doesn’t breastfeed. To me I was stunned that I had to read down so far to find ANY comments about it; I assumed the editors moderated out those comments.

You know, even a few weeks of breastfeeding is good for the babies…doesn’t have to be forever. Not everything is about “choice” of the mother; sometimes we do have to consider what is best for the baby. Just my opinion, of course. I know it’s a hot button issue…

Karen on

I wasn’t going to make a comment about this breastfeeding debate, but I just have to say that I can’t believe all the comments from people that say they are “disappointed” that Jennifer is not breastfeeding. WHO CARES?!?! Disappointed????? I don’t think her twins are going to grow up to be horrible, unhealthy kids just because they weren’t breastfed. I also think it’s unfair for people to make comments in regards to the people that commented that they found breastfeeding “gross”. While I can acknowledge the positive sides of breastfeeding, I can also see how it can be viewed as odd. It is just not for everyone, and not all woman view things in the same way. For some woman I know, the breasts are a very sexual body part and breastfeeding is not something they are comfortable with.

Morgan on

As a mother of a two year old daughter that is now dearly missing those first few moments, I’m totally and completely envious of Jennifer & Marc. I can totally relate to her comment in the article about missing them inside her and the crying when the umbilical cords fell off. I remember those feelings vividly. I bought two issues of People this week (my co-workers are sure to steal the one I will undoubtedly leave at work) and loved how campy and loving the spread is. They deserve every happiness especially after having waited so long.

As to the on-going debate (inevitable in any post where breast vs bottle feeding is even whispered): I fell out at the “lactivists” comment (totally hilarious!!) and cringe at the lengthy posts expounding on the myriad of benefits from breast milk. I was never able to nurse my daughter directly from my breast; I had to be hooked up to a free-standing pump every hour and a half for 20-30 minutes like a cow on a farm as she weighed less than one of my breasts did before my milk came in. After 8 weeks of indecision, I took her off the breast milk (which by then I’d already been supplementing with formula) and she was exclusively formula fed.

Now I won’t put the fact that she’s never had an antibiotic solely down to the 8 weeks of breast milk, but I will sternly admonish those women who attack OTHER WOMEN for making a choice that is uniquely theirs to make. At the end of the day, your body has done something miraculous! You’ve nourished and brought a new life into the world and rather than feeling joy at that amazing reality, you have to wade through the sea of disapproval from everyone with a rectum and an opinion about whatever decision you make. Whether for the breast or against it. Shame on us as women for being so much harder on each other than everyone else already is! We’re our own worst critics and at the end of the day, as another poster eloquently pointed out, there are far more troubling things going on in this world.

Granted, our children are what happen to be closest to our hearts but what worked for you is not necessarily right for the woman beside you. Your levels of compassion and understanding (especially that which you look for from the person rudely staring if you breastfeed in public) for others are surprisingly lacking when you have to dole them out on your own. Be mindful ladies.

Again, congrats to Jennifer & Marc, no matter how those lovely babies were conceived, no matter what brand of nourishment they receive, it’s clear love is part of that “formula”

Monika on

the photospread was gorgeous, but i would have love to see natural photos, everything seemed so staged to me.

Camilla on

I’ve breast fed all three of my children and for ME it was MORE convenient then bottles. I am a stay-at-home mother though. Can’t imagine working and pumping. It’s kind of funny but i get comments from people saying, “You know you don’t have to breast feed for a year, don’t you?” My reply, “Yes, I know, BUT it’s much quicker, cheaper, and more convenient for me. Can’t imagine it any other way!”

CelebBabyLover on

Anne and JJ- I couldn’t have said it better myself. I, personally, think that women should at least, barring any medical or other problems that make it impossible, try to breastfeed…But come on! Yes, breastmilk IS better than formula, but it’s not like formula is some sort of poison! Being fed formula isn’t going to harm Max and Emme!

The bottom line is that, like many things, their is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to which way to feed a baby. J-Lo made the decision that was best for HER and HER babies.

Coco- Good point! It will be very interesting to see how much the first pictures of Baby Jolie-Pitt Number 5 go for. Even though the pictures probably won’t go for more than Max and Emme’s did (unless Brad and Angie really are having twins), it will be very interesting to see if the first photos of this baby go for more than, or at least the same amount as, the ones of his/her big sister (Shiloh) did!

LB3 on

Two new lives have entered this world and all you people can discuss is how it is terrible that she is not breastfeeding. Those of you who are being so nasty, you might want to be careful with what you say b/c you never know if you might find yourself in a situation where you can’t, or don’t want to breastfeed. And heaven forbid there is a site with a bunch of people passing judgment on you and your choice.

Sasha on

I know it’s none of my business whatsoever, but possibly Jennifer is on medication for a medical condition and has decided with her doctors that the risk of going off of it outweighs the benefits of breastfeeding?

Ivonne on

I think the real shame is that people put others down for how they decide to feed their own children. You’d think these people’s lives depended on what Jennifer does under her clothes.

I’ve read breast is best and this and that but I could never jump on that bandwagon. I was not breastfed (80s baby) and have always been the epitome of health, and to be honest, more intelligent (based on IQ) than most others in my age group. In my family, the formula fed babies have always been EVERY bit as smart and much much healthier than the breastfed babies. This could be a fluke but it is true. This is even true for my own sons, the oldest not being breastfed and always healthy and the younger breastfed and sicker but now top notch since I switched to formula. And my nephew, who was breastfed, seems to have no immune system and a wide array of allergies, eczema, and respiratory illnesses. Same with my cousins who were breastfed and might as well make a cot at the doctor’s office. I don’t discredit the benefits of breastfeeding OR bottle feeding. I think it’s important to actually feed a child, period, which is a given, so all is good. So yeah, I tend to think that each child is different as is each mother. I respect the differences, do what is best for MY children, and encourage others to do what works for them.

Ca on

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I don’t have children yet. But I’ve babysat and worked in daycare for numerous years and from my experience, this is what I’ve learned.

Yeah, for SOME moms, nursing is best and it’s easiest and all that. I know one woman I worked with couldn’t nurse her boys because her breast milk contained a high level of iron and as most people know, boys cannot break iron down the way girls can. Her milk literally would have been toxic to them. Her doctor told her NOT to nurse.

My sister tried nursing my nephew and he refused to take to it. Combined with her post partum hormones, all it did was frustrate her and upset her, making her feel like a bad mother. The LAST thing she should’ve been doing at that moment in time was worrying that she was a bad mother because her baby wouldn’t nurse. She should’ve been enjoying her baby and not stressing about something out of her control.

My honest opinion? Who the hell cares what the experts say. 21 years ago when I was born, it was encouraged that babies be laid to sleep on their stomach in case of spit up during their sleep, it wouldn’t go back into their lungs. That’s what the EXPERTS said. Nowadays, it’s taboo to lay your child to sleep on his/her stomach. At the daycare where I worked, parents who wanted their babies laid to sleep on their stomachs had to sign RELEASE forms for it to be allowed.

Yeah, sure, women were made to nurse after pregnancy and delivery. Women were also made to give life and a lot of them choose not to. So what? They’re just a waste because they’re not doing what they were made to do? I’m sorry, but that is BS. It’s a PERSONAL opinion. Doctors today say not to give babies solid food until 4-6 months. I was on cereal at five weeks of age. They don’t know EVERYTHING.

According to what the “experts” say today, everything my generation’s parents did was wrong and it should never be done again. But we’re alive and healthy, aren’t we? As are our parents, who never had car seats.

Studies can say breast milk is best all they want and they can say that all women should nurse, no questions asked, but look at all the “mistakes” they’ve made so far and all the things they’ve changed their opinion about. I’m NOT saying they’re wrong, but I am saying that they should be listened to with a grain of salt and not like they’re words of the divine.

Just because you may have had an easy time nursing your baby(ies) doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone and I consider you lucky if you were able to nurse your baby for an extended period of time. It’s a lot harder than most people think it is. They expect you just let the baby latch and you’re good to go and it is NOT like that. More often than not, women in my family had major issues trying to nurse. That’s something that will be in the back of my mind when I have my children.

There’s two sides to every story and since we don’t have ALL of Jen’s side of the story, judgments should not be passed. And like some other commenters have said, why should she have to justify herself to people. Furthermore, why does she care if she’s “disappointed” people she doesn’t even know with her choices. She’s doing what’s best for her children and herself. That alone should be respected, not looked down upon with disdain.

Eve on

To be honest I think they are probably not telling us the whole truth about the “natural conception”. Come on people, she’s 38! And their rich and can afford any sort of fertility tratment they want, and they can afford to hide it. They may not have even been her eggs!

This is why women in the real world feel bad when they can’t concieve in their late 30s & early 40s, cause it’s not as esay as the celebs make out!

And I’m not surprised that she was too posh to push! She’s even too posh to breastfeed!

Gina on

Ivonne, I’m not sure what you’re getting at with your anecdotal evidence. I too am very healthy and had a high IQ score (though there is much debate on the significance of IQ scores themselves, but I’ve been at the top of my classes for grades) and I was breastfed. I don’t think our few examples can make or break what the scientific studies say about breastfeeding vs. formula. And there are bound to be differences in health and intelligence anyway as I’m guessing there are more factors at play than how they were fed, like genetics, just there is such a debate about this that breast vs. formula is the one that gets pulled out.

But I do agree, being fed (and loved) are the most important things! Max and Emme obviously have plenty of that. A happy family is the most important thing.

Daze on

Beautiful article. The doc was right, did Jennifer get any genes in there anywhere? Those two are little Marcs. And being over 35, Jennifer did have an increased chance of having twins. Twins are on the increase, I have heard, one of the reasons being that motherhood is being postponed for more women until they are over 35.

Aura on

Cute babies! Jennifer seems very happy.
But what is with all the formala-fed people on here saying they’re smarter and healthier than breast-fed kids? There are other factors involved you know? Like your diet, where you live, ect ect. It doesn’t matter what you’re fed, as long as you are a healthy baby and your parents are looking after you properly.

Personally, I was breast-fed, and I’ve pretty much only been sick twice in my life (Really badly ill). My mother loved breast-feeding me, and was sad that she had to give it up after six mths (She had to go back to work). So people, please, your intelligence, and health is not based on whether you were breast-fed or not.

AJ on

Speaking of breast vs. formula, i wish people would remember that there are many, many children out there that are not being fed at all. Hats off to the ones breastfeeding likewise to the ones giving formula. I dooubt Jennifer and Marks kids will ever go hungry. Instead of putting your energy into which is best, put it towards learning about what you can do for the starving babies,toddlers,etc…out there hungry right now while you are most likely sitting down to a warm breakfast…Thanks

Erin on

I wasn’t going to jump into the conversation but… I was not breastfed. And I as 35 before I EVER had to take amoxicillan. So I find it hard to buy the whole breast babies are healthier debate. And the whole skin color thing… who cares? My hispanic husband is “whiter” than this red-headed Irish gal! Our two boys are so far darker complexioned than he is! JLo looks more “awake” than Marc – likely it’s MAKEUP and lighting that is doing that.
I’m happy they’ve got their two children and the babies are healthy. And adorable too!

Christine on

I haven’t read the entire article yet but I did browse the pictures in my mag that came in the mail yesterday, and must say, what a beautiful and loving family!!!!!!!!! You can tell just by looking at the pictures that jennifer and marc are in absolutely awe of their new babies and that’s how it should be. As long as you have love for your children, that’s what life is all about (family).

In my personal opinion, I feel it is irresponsible of CBB to allow such comments be made under this topic, knowing what would happen. But of course, since its a topic on breastfeeding v. formula, when we all know the editor is so pro-breastfeeding and most comments are for breastfeeding and putting down mothers with words who formula feed the comments stay open…. had it been something the editors didn’t preach so much the comments would have been closed LONG LONG ago!!! can you say double standard!!???

Lets stick together and not be so judgmental of a mother’s choice…..

Note from Danielle: Actually, I feel that the majority of comments are pro-formula with people applauding Jennifer’s decision. We’ve published nearly every comment submitted on this post because I’ve been trying to be even-handed about it. No one complained that we left the comments open for the Soleil Moon Frye post (where many people were critical of her unusual choice of name for her daughter). My first instinct was to close the comments for both posts but I felt that as long as people were being respectful of each other and of Jennifer and Marc and Soleil and Jason, we would let people post. And people have been pretty good on both posts.

I’m sorry you feel that my being pro-breastfeeding is a negative but one of the reasons I’m a lactivist and try to raise awareness of breastfeeding on the site is because there is so much negative stuff out there about breastfeeding that at least this small place on the internet can be a place where a positive and informative message on breastfeeding can be projected. Because whatever you may think, yes, messaging about breastfeeding is getting much better in media but the low breastfeeding rates in the US show that more women do not breastfeed or do not breastfeed for longer than 3 months than those who do which is proof that formula feeding is the mainstream choice.

heather on

I read this whole interview and thought it was cute and debated on commenting when I saw that there were hundreds of comments already, lol. But I decided to skim through and read some expecting to read congrats and all of that HAPPY stuff that goes along with babies being born. Instead, there’s this huge debate and lectures on breast feeding. I think so many people on this site are getting out of control with the bickering and what’s right, judging etc.. that I find myself not wanting to come to this site anymore. I know some people are going to get upset and tell me that they are allowed to have opinions and yes you/we are all allowed. But I agree with the other posters who say the Jennifer, or anyone for that matter, shouldn’t have to defend their choice to not breastfeed. Or any choice that they make for their children!! It’s nobody’s business what they do or how they do it. I think people should appreciate that they gave an interview and let people inside of their private lives to satisfy everyone’s curiousity, they didn’t have to. Magenta- you hit it on the head that advocates of breast feeding act rude and aggressive in their campaign for breast feeding but if a formula rep. did that it would be a huge ordeal. Both of my children were and are given formula but I respect those who choose to breast feed and I expect the same respect. Who the heck do people think they are to start lecturing people on the choice they make, I would NEVER walk up to a woman breast feeding and “give her a piece of my mind” Her baby, her choice. It’s just frustrating, we all need to respect one another and do what works for us and stop worrying about what everone else is doing.

Publicservant- I too have PCOS and I can relate to what you’re saying about the “face” of PCOS. It’s a serious problem with serious complications. Does Jennifer have PCOS?? I didn’t see that in the interview so I’m wondering if I missed that somehow. Anyway you said that you like to read stories of people who have had babies even with something as serious as PCOS. I don’t know if you’re struggling or have struggled with infertility but if you have my heart goes out to you because I have been there!! So I wanted to tell you of two more children who were born to a mother with PCOS.. mine! =) We have a 5 year old son and a 6 month old daughter. I hope that is more inspiration for you as it’s certainly been a happy ending for us too. Praise God that the medical field is making great strides in fertility treatments so that those of us who need them can get them!! PCOS is tough!! Hang in there 😉

Megan on

So sad that she won’t get to experience nursing. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of motherhood for me. It continues the physical bond once the umbilical cord is gone.

Pearl on

I have to agree with Flora. Funny hearing comments that she did what is best for her babies, well guess what she did what is best for her. Breast feeding would have been best for babies. The babies know nothing and didn’t make that decision. Breast milk is produced for a reason and the milk changes as the baby develops. It has the right nutrients, temperature, free, always available. How can you deprive your baby of the milk that is there because of their existence. I know times are changing but sometimes we should just follow nature. This is the reason why female breasts expand while male’s don’t. Breasts were might to hold milk to feed the baby.

Lideem on

In reply to Ca, it doesn’t matter what any ‘experts’ say. Humans are mammals. Mammals produce breastmilk to feed their babies. You don’t need any doctor or studies to tell you whether it’s best to breastfeed. Ask nature.

malibustacey on

While I think it doesn’t come across well when Jennifer says breastfeeding ‘just wasn’t for her’, I do agree that it’s entirely her choice and I think I’d be pretty daunted by the idea of nursing twins too. Especially if I was a huge star not very used to doing things I didn’t want to do 😉

I must say though, I am getting a little sick of the ‘happy Mummy = happy baby’ thing (and I don’t just mean about nursing). For one thing, it’s not very realistic. If drinking gin all day makes a new Mum happy, would that make the baby happy?! Obviously I’m making an extreme point there, but I just think it’s an idea bandied about too much.

For another thing, doing something you may not 100% enjoy doesn’t necessarily make you an unhappy Mum. I breastfed my three kids for as long as I could. I didn’t enjoy it, it was painful and I was relieved when it was over (4 months each). But, I wanted to persevere to give them the best benefits I could. And my point is that although I didn’t enjoy it, it certainly didn’t make me an unhappy Mum. I was on cloud 9, absolutely in love with my babies and it was something I learned to deal with for the greater good.

Obviously, if breastfeeding (or anything else for that matter) is making a Mum genuinely miserable and depressed, then yes it’s better to stop and you will probably both be better off. But on the whole, doing/not doing one specific thing is not going to make you a happy/unhappy Mum, leading to a happy/unhappy baby! Life is not as clear cut as that…

sasha on

No one, as far as I see it, is insulting her for her choice. This is a discussion that is anything but nasty. There is no need to defend her here on CBB, where the discourse is polite. Believe me, JLo will get plenty of nasty comments elsewhere and not just about bfeeding.

Breastfeeding is best for a variety of reasons. Why on earth would nature invent milk for babies if it wasn’t essential? If you can’t, that’s one thing. If your child is adopted, that’s another thing. But to simply opt out for no other reason except “choice” is, to me, odd. I don’t think there is anything odd about nursing. I haven’t made a lot of good decisions in my life but breastfeeding my kid for 2 1/2 years is something I’m quite proud of. But yeah, I think that women sometimes go too far in defending their “choice.” This isn’t like buying a handbag or picking out a car.

Ca on

I don’t need to ask nature, thank you very much. That was not the point of my comment, but that’s besides the point. Breast feeding is not for everyone and I think it is despicable that people jumped all over Jen because she chose not to breast feed her children. THAT was the point of my comment, but of course, that was completely missed so that the breast feeding wagon could be jumped on again.

Christine on

oh no no no Danielle, i don’t think you’re being pro-breastfeeding is a negative, not at all…. I never said that and don’t want you to think that!! i believe every mother should make her own choices and not be criticized…. I just wish we as women and mothers were not so judgmental of another woman’s views and choices in parenting, it really sucks 😦

Regan on

Everybody needs to keep their breasts & bottles to themselves. The people who feel the need to preach and criticize should use that energy and that concern and go help feed the malnourished and hungry children in your own communities that really need your help.

Xan on

I want more pics!!!!!!!! 🙂 I’d love to see their older sibs, too.

amers230 on

i hate how practically every newborn post turns into a breastfeeding/bottle feeding “discussion.” as long as you have a happy mom and baby, who cares how they’re fed? sure studies show that breastfeeding is better. they also show that smoking is terrible for you, alcohol in anything but small amounts is bad for you, laying out in the sun can cause cancer, and not wearing seatbelts can kill you. how many people on this board smoke, drink, tan, or sometimes don’t buckle up? noone and nothing (including the scientific research) is perfect and advice shouldn’t necessarily be generalized. what works for some doesn’t work for others. just like someone else posted, it’s different strokes for different folks.

that being said, i picked up this mag on thursday and while i’ve never been a huge j. lo. fan, she was absolutely glowing and looked so in love with her family. i’m so happy for her that everything turned out so well 🙂

Kaylee on

I agree with Jennifer! I never even thought of breastfeeding, no one in my family ever breastfeed, mother, aunts and grandmother! I never considered it and I never wanted to. THAT was my choice, and I never have regretted it. I heard horror stories that your breast sag and you lose volume, I didn’t want any part of that. Also dh wanted to help feed, so we did was best for baby and us. No debating just my own choices for my family.

Note from Danielle: Please let me clear up a few misconceptions about breastfeeding here because it upsets me when I read misinformation that keeps getting passed along.

1 – Breastfeeding does not cause breasts to sag or lose volume- you can blame that on pregnancy.

2- As for having your husband/partner/other family members share in the feeding, just because you breastfeed does not mean that other people can’t feed your baby. You can express your milk to be given in a bottle, sippy cup, spoon, etc. And if you don’t want to pump, when it’s time for others to feed baby, they can give formula. Breastfeeding does not have to be an all or nothing situation. If you work, the care provider can give your child a bottle of formula while you’re away and you can nurse when you’re with your baby. Also, as Dr. Sears often points out in his books, dad can help out in other ways. Dad can get baby to sleep, wear baby in a sling, play with baby, etc.

I’d like to also say this and this is just a story from my own experience and I’m not judging anyone who does or feel differently but if you’re someone who is getting frustrated with breastfeeding and is thinking of weaning, please read this…

I struggled with my role of being the only person who could feed Anya for six months because she refused to take a bottle (she’s not alone- 10% of breastfed babies refuse them). I was staying at home with her during that time and if I had to go back to work, we would have tried harder to get her to take milk from another person. I’ll be honest with you- it was exhausting and at times I would have given anything for someone else to breastfeed her! But my La Leche League group was really supportive and on many occasions helped me through this time by gently pointing out that your baby is only this young and dependent on you for a short time and at six months (when the APA recommends starting solids), it would get a LOT easier. And it did. It also gets a lot easier as your baby gets older because they need to eat less frequently (and a 1 month old baby wants to eat A LOT more often than a 4 month old). I came to look at nursing like being pregnant – you have to go without a lot of creature comforts for 9 months (alcohol, certain foods, sleeping on your stomach, roller coasters, etc.), so what’s another 6 months of being the only one who could feed her?

Cait on

I was a little disappointed when I picked up my copy of People, I will admit. I wish there had been more pictures of the babies where you could really see their faces and their features. I mean, yes, Max’s face was prominent on the cover, but Emme’s was turned towards Jen. The nursery though, just, wow. There are literally no other words, haha.

And on a completely random note, does anybody know if those Dr. Brown bottles they use were designed for colicky babies (I know that device inside the bottle is supposed to help with air bubbles) or is it just like a preventative thing to stop gas bubbles that can get trapped?

sdurdin on

Breastfeeding may not be the best choice for every mother, but it is the right choice for every baby.

it is healthier, it is cheaper and it is the right way to feed a baby. it is pretty rare to actually have a problem preventing you from breastfeeding.

i formula fed my first son by choice and my last 2 were breastfed until well past the age of 2. one was smooth and easy sailing and one was hard work and tons of pain, but i did manage to work through it.

back on subject though, those babies are so cute!!!! i love the names, probably because that is one of my kids fave shows! Congrats Marc and Jennifer!!!

Judy on

The babies are beautiful. And whether or not mommy breast-feeds them is nobody’s concern but mommy’s and their pediatrician’s.

To the incredibly rude and snoopy reporter who asked JLo if she was going to breast-feed or not, the most acceptable answer would have been “none of your business”.

Emily on

Kaylee, that is misinformation. Just to clear that up.

I do wish there was more education and more family history with the women’s generation in families, so that they can support today’s new moms. I don’t really think “my mom/grandma didn’t do it” is a good excuse anymore, because there are a lot of things they didn’t do, you know? Any pregnancy and parenting book you pick up today is going to tell you breast is best, and many nurses will encourage you to try it because your body is going to make the milk anyway!

That being said, I respect that Jennifer has chosen what is best for her and her family. Those are VERY wanted babies who will be the apple of her eye. I love the interview!

Cameron on

I think what most people here are trying to say is that it’s a shame if she didn’t try breast feeding at all seeing as how it’s the best for the babies and she might have loved it!! Let’s say that she has more kids, and breast feeds them. She could very likely make a comment like, “Oh I love it, I wish now that I had breast fed first two kids as well…”

Jes on

Why do the twins have the last name of Muñiz when neither Jennifer or Marc have that last name?

Sarah’s note: It’s explained in the post. 🙂

Jes on

Ah I see it now! I was skimming through! My fault for not reading more carefully 🙂

iluvallbabies on

Ok everyone, deep breaths! It’s good to have some debate as it keeps it interesting- but I think everyone has got the ‘point’ over the whole breast feeding issue. It has well & truly run its course….

Its up to her- END OF STORY- whether it’s better for them or not, its no-ones business.(Inappropriate question to be asked in the first place, IMO).

Cute babies, well loved, very happy for them.

Eve on

I personally think they’re probably not telling the whole truth about how “natural” it all was! She’s 38 people, come on!

They’ve got enough money to do fertility traetments 100 times and enough $$$ to hide it too!

And trust J.Lo to bring it to a new level, too posh to push & now too posh to breastfeed!

Meagan on

Wow…those babies are beautiful! I think it is wrong for everyone to start a big controversy over if Jennifer had IVF or not…its of course rare for a woman to naturally conceive twins…but not uncommon uh hello I just found out Friday my husband and I are expecting twins and we had NO PROBLEMS conceiving we already have a beautiful baby girl.

Also, I wasn’t the only one who was told this week alone that they were expecting twins there were 4 others besides my husband and I that have to go the military Naval hospital where I live. I honestly think that its a miraculous phenomenon that is taking place I know it sounds weird but honestly think about it. You have a streak of everyone having one sex or the other well apparently now is the time for twins and I think Jennifer and Marc were blessed to be part of this cycle of miracles.

I think if they had IVF I honestly believe she would have been open and honest about it. Well all the best to them in the world and they sure made some beautiful babies!!

Elyse on

Why do we have to be so hard on Jennifer because she chose not to breast feed? It is her choice, and although it might be what is best for the babies, she is still providing them with nourishment and love, end of story. Her babies will still survive and be healthy despite her not breastfeeding.

I am afraid of the backlash I will get when I have children because I will not be able to breastfeed for medical reasons. I desperately want to do it, but for my own health and safety I won’t be able to. Does that make me a bad mother or make me irresponsible? I think not. I want to be there for my children and be able to give them the love and care they need, and if that means not breastfeeding, so be it. Reading these comments makes me aware of what I am up against, and frankly it makes me a little sad. Why do we as women have to be so hard on one another?

I applaud all of you who have posted and believe that either bottle feeding or breastmilk is alright for the baby! It gives me some hope that I will be supported in my decision! 🙂

Rebecca on

Congrats to Jennifer and Marc, they are two cutie pies! I think the debate is a little silly because it’s not like Jennifer is going to come on CBB, see this debate and change her mind, kwim? (Though the mamas that were defending breastfeeding made some FANTASTIC points IMO.) We’ll never know exactly the reason she decided not to breastfeed (unless it was simply “I wasn’t breastfed and I came out ok” which IMO is a little silly, don’t you want to be a better parent to your children than your parents were to you?) but this is a decision she’ll have to live with for the rest of her life. I hope that she doesn’t regret it later on (wonder what it was like to breastfeed. If she was nursing and pumping she could have the experience of both bottlefeeding and breastfeeding. Best of both worlds IMO if bottlefeeding is something that interests you.)

For shame to the woman that said breastfeeding is like Gardasil! Breastfeeding is NOTHING like a vaccination, especially one that has caused so many problems for women that have gotten it (look up the vaccine reactions from Gardasil, it’s frightening!)

chatty cricket on


I thought what she said about crying when their cords fell off was very sweet. I know what she means about missing them. After my son (my second) was born, I really missed being able to snuggle up at night and feel him moving around, as though he was snuggling up too!

I wish them the best! This is a very exciting time in their lives.

Renee on

Rebecca, a lot of the claims against Gardasil have been proven false.I’m trying to stay out of this debate but false information about a shot that could protect many women against cervical cancer bothers me and I can’t keep my mouth shut. I look at this way: how many women have died from the shot because of an allergic reaction to Gardasil-two or three. How many women have died from cervical cancer;I rest my case.

Eliza on

I think they had IVF but dont want to say…

Kate on

While I don’t care whether J.Lo breastfeeds, I think it’s ridiculous to compare a perfectly natural and healthy form of nourishment (breastfeeding) to a new STD vaccine with actual and unknown risks.

Eliza on

My Mum tried to breastfeed but couldn’t. She was too small and didn’t make enough milk, but she still tried.
I think you owe it to your kids to try…

Eve on

Maybe they look more like Marc ’cause they used donor eggs?
I’ve read that alot of celebs do this as they get older and just don’t talk about it. She is 38 after all

Christy on

First off… The babies are BEAUTIFUL, and Jennifer and Marc seem like such proud parents– so loving! Major congratulations to them.

Second… “I’m sorry but breast feeding twins takes a freakin’ miracle!” That’s just not true. Sorry. I have 10 month old twins that have never had a drop of formula in their lives, know MANY mothers who breastfeed their twins (or triplets), and it breaks my heart to hear of twin moms being told they won’t be able to nurse their babies. Breastfeeding is based on a supply and demand concept– the more your babies nurse and need your milk, the more milk you make. I’ve nursed singletons, and I’ve nursed twins. Nursing twins was only harder for the first few days while my supply got regulated. If a twin mom doesn’t think nursing is best for her (it’s almost always best for the baby), then she can make a choice not to nurse. But nobody who WANTS to nurse their twins should suffer from misinformation and lies. Truthfully, I can’t imagine how much more complicated my life would be if I weren’t breastfeeding my twins– I can’t imagine buying formula and taking care of bottles for two! Plus, breastfeeding has benefits that formula doesn’t… end of story. It’s not up for debate, and no legitimate scientist claims that it is. And the comment about it being “gross” to nourish babies in the way God designed is about the nuttiest example of how far our current society has come from respecting nature that I’ve ever heard.

Third… The incidence of twinning begins to increase with a maternal age of 30 and gets higher as mom ages. There are also other factors that can increase twinning, many of which have nothing to do with fertility treatment. So, it’s completely plausible that they could have conceived twins naturally, and if not, who cares?

What it all comes down to is that some people (celebrities included) are comfortable with their own bodies, birth, breastfeeding, and all. Some aren’t. Some have medical or psychological conditions (pregnancy complications, nipple issues, IVF, past sexual abuse, whatever) that they feel comfortable sharing about in the media, and some would prefer to keep some things private. Even though many of us who are supportive of natural birth and breastfeeding might rejoice to see more celebrities putting a positive spin on those parenting issues (since there are plenty of examples against them already), we can also rejoice with mothers like Jennifer Lopez, who finally get to experience motherhood after a long period of longing for children. Congratulations to her and blessings on her and her family, no matter their choices.

Courtney on

I am so happy for her, I was able to go get my copy of people today and immediately went straight to the article. She is just glowing and Marc looks like a proud papa!

I am a mom of 4 who have bottle fed all 4 of my children. Breastfeeding FOR ME in MY CASE has an ick factor. Now, again I say FOR ME…I honestly have no problem with people who do and its their choice. I PERSONALLY just can’t stand the idea of a baby/toddler being attached like that. I actually talked at length to my doc about it, he said that there really are people out there where it turns their stomach. I thought it was great that she has made her choice and is standing behind it.

I think sometimes people want all the appearances of a perfect child, perfect family, perfect everything, doing everything right just the way it should be. Well some of us have babies that cry, children that are cranky, and there might actually be a mom who doesn’t LIKE breastfeeding. I fed all of my children, as did my husband, holding them, loving them, gazing in their eyes, their cheek pressed against my chest, the eye contact. I loved it, it wasn’t any different because I was holding a bottle in my hand.

CelebBabyLover on

Why do so many people think they had IVF? I am not asking this to be picky or start a fight or anything. I am just geniunely curious.

I mean, as other commentors have said, a mother’s chances of a naturally concieving twins go up as she ages. Also, J-Lo said that twins run in her family (and Mark’s as well, but as other commentors have pointed out, all that means is that Mark could have passed along the gene for hyper-ovulation to Emme). Therefore, it’s not all unlikely that they concieved the twins naturally.

Anyway, why would they outright lie about how their babies were concieved?! As another commentor mentioned, if they really DID have IVF and just didn’t want to say so, they probably would have taken the Julia Roberts’ route and refused to comment on it. Anyway, considering she was so open and honest about having a C-section and not breastfeeding, I think she would have been open and honest about IVF as well if she had actually had it.

All of that said, it also baffles me that people are having such a hard time believing that J-Lo conceived her twins naturally….But yet, most people seem to think that, if the rumors about Brad and Angelina having twins are true (and, just to ward off any confusion, no, those rumors haven’t been confirmed either way yet), they probably conceived them naturally! Why is it that people think Brad and Angelina are perfectly capable of conceiving twins naturally, but J-Lo and Mark aren’t?

Cait on


Congrats on your twins! Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me that the rates of multiple births conceived naturally happen to be going up. I could be way off, lol, but I think it has to do with the hormones and stuff that are in our foods, especially the meats. There’s all this talk of children hitting puberty earlier and earlier each year because of it, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that there’s some correlation between that and the higher rates of twins and so on.

Again, I could be very wrong, haha, but that just seems to have a connection in my mind. Again, congrats on your twins! That is so wonderful!

mtmomma on

I realize that many of the readers view some of the comments being made as controversial, and some are offended or irritated, but that is the beauty of this site and why I continue to read it…we all have the freedom to say our piece, as long as we are not malicious! Some posts are just fun because of great pictures or funny stories, but some spark great conversation, and what a treat to get to participate and learn and grow from that!

Personally, I find the controversial discussions that much more interesting and exciting!

I wonder if we were all taught the benefits of breast milk for babies in grade school, in health class for instance, if women would generally feel better about nursing their young? It comes down to knowledge and knowledge is power. If nursing became socially acceptable and little girls and boys were told breast milk creates optimum health for their future offspring, I think you would see a generational shift in the amount of nursing mothers. Children are incredibly impressionable and often learn by example, watching and listening to their parents. They parrot us in so many ways! If a child grows up watching its mother bottle feed, it’s only natural that the child will associate feeding a baby with a bottle. We all want to emulate our parents and it’s healthy to ultimately think our parents did the right thing (in most cases). There is nothing wrong with this situation, as this is how we all learn. But, if we could only get past our prejudices, insecurities, fears, frustrations and heal from whatever psychological damages we may have suffered, we might be able to make unadulterated choices as to what is truly optimal for our children.

When I hear stories from women about how they were unable to breastfeed because of health reasons, or they were unable to give birth naturally because of various complications, I always wonder, what if they were giving birth and needing to feed their young 100 years ago? Would they have simply given up, allowed themselves and their child to perish? How did we make it this far as human beings without the assistance of OB doctors (surgeons) and formula companies. Yes, it’s true, some did not make it, but the percentage is fairly small in comparison to what doctors would have us believe today. And thank goodness we have formula and modern medicine to help those that would have perished. But it seems an abuse of women’s psyches and bodies to convince them that they are incapable of birthing babies, and an injustice to babies to forgo breast milk so casually.

I don’t believe that women who formula feed are inherently bad or lacking love for their children. I think it is simply a product of our culture and society. People (mostly men) have made choices that got us to this point. But at any time we have the choice to seek knowledge for ourselves in an open-minded fashion and change our current course.

The goal is not to shame, because shaming has never done anyone any good. It hurts more than helps and no one should be made to feel badly about a choice they made in an earnest effort to be a good parent. Above all else, children need love and security, to be fed, clothed and sheltered, and taught the basics of survival. If these needs are met, most of us do pretty well.

iluvallbabies on

Yes it starts interesting conversations and debates and thats why people keep coming to the site etc etc. BUT- why does everyone feel they have to add their two cents regarding OTHER PEOPLES CHILDREN? Why do you care what is best for JLos children? Do you know them? Great it’s what you want for your children and family….but please, this is her family and its getting a bit over the top.

I may sound harsh, but as long as YOUR CHILDREN are getting what you consider “the best”- why bother changing what other people want to do? It doesn’t impact any of you!

Im sure she is *extremely* well read in the topic and made her choice based on what SHE wants to do. After all she is 38, and has been wanting children since she can remember!

Kat on

Its a shame she chose not to breastfeed. Selfish if you ask me. No wonder they are so little.

patricia on

what is so funny to me is the PASSION you “breast is best” warriors have. I can picture you running the streets after new moms “are you breast feeding? oh please tell me you are” You might as well get the child to try to latch on to you because you cannot live with yourself if another one does not convert. get over yourself, and disclaimer for spelling or punctuation errors, I was bottle fed.

Note from Danielle:

Patricia, I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration and melodramatic. Why does it bother you that someone else is passionate about breastfeeding? Does it bother you when people are passionate about their religion? Would you say such a thing to a someone speaks to you with passion about their relationship with God?

mtmomma on

I am not particularly concerned with how Jennifer Lopez is choosing to raise her children, but I do care about children in general. I care about the whole world’s children and I care about society. We all live on the same planet. This is the world my children grow up in.

There is an excellent quote and I cannot recall it verbatim, but it goes something along the lines of “there will be no real insurance until we start investing in our children”. Other people’s children do affect my children. Children grow up and become citizens of the world and we all have an impact. I believe the attitudes we grow up with are perpetuated onto future generations, family members, friends, and peers and we have to very conscious of what we are passing on.

Yes, we do live in the United States where we can essentially do as we please, but I think we all have a social responsibility to perpetuate healthy attitudes and practices for the greater good. This trickles down to a better quality of life for the individual.

So, I enjoy this discussion, because it is interesting to hear what people think and when arguments are well-supported it can open up new thoughts and ideas and possibly change someone’s thinking, maybe for the better. We would never progress intellectually without healthy debate.

juliana on

I am not the biggest fan of JLo because I always felt she was just too over the top for me, (although I have been known to hum along to some of her older songs) Anyway she seems in love with those babies and it’s sweet to see.
I think it should be pointed out that women also criticize others for breastfeeding in . I have def. been stared down in public places, even when being as discreet as possible. So the moral of the story, everyone gets criticized for whatever choice you eventually make. As women we need to start supporting each other for whatever decisions we each make, as long as they are not hurtful to baby. and focus all the attention on countries where babies who cannot be breastfed (because of medical reasons) and moms don’t have access to formula.
Lastly, Danielle posted that it is reported some women don’t breastfeed because of misconception of breast sagging- I’m not sure that’s a misconception!!

Jes on

iluvallbabies I couldn’t agree more! Well worded! We come hear to see celebrity babies, not backseat parent them!

Nikka on

I cant find People here in Vancouver. Has it been released? The only one I can find is with Patrick Swayze on the cover with a date of March 24… are there two versions, or is it sold out or is it still coming?

mtmomma on

We are passionate about breastfeeding because we know the joy it gives us and the wonderful feelings it fosters between ourselves and our children, as well as the nutritional and health benefits. Breastfeeding releases the hormones oxytocin and prolactin which relax the mother and make her feel more nurturing toward her baby. It is a wonderful and addictive act for most people who nurse. It is not always easy, and sometimes downright difficult and painful, but ultimately worth it in the pay-off. Life is often like that…you can’t have the bliss without the pain!

Rae on

I breastfed my own daughter for a year, so I definitely think “breast is best” when it comes to feeding an infant. That said, I think what you feed your children once they start eating solids is just as important, if not more so, than what you feed them for those first few months. I’ve seen far too many toddlers eating things they really should not be eating so early in life (Cheetos, soda pop, etc…). Just the other day I saw a ittle girl no older than a year sipping on her own can of Coca-Cola. I don’t know if the benefits of breastfeeding will outweight the disadvantages of a really unhealthy lifestyle later in life. I have to admit that I tend to frown more upon mothers who let their children eat whatever they want than on mothers who use formula instead of breastmilk. It’s just as easy to hand them a carrot stick as it is a Cheeto!

Morgan on

I don’t think Patricia’s comment was meant to offend; I definitely had a chuckle after reading it, because I can relate. I had SEVERAL women, who had no vested interest in the upbringing of my child, literally HARASSING me about continuing to nurse, even though she never latched properly and my milk supply diminished due to the stress. The “passionate” point can be argued right back Danielle: people can speak passionately about their relationship with God but as long as they’re not attempting to FORCE you to feel the same passion and behave with the same fervor, they’re not crossing the line. Some lactivists (at least in my own personal experience) crossed the line. That kind of fervor can have just as negative a response as it can a positive one.

Mel on

Good think Jennifer never didn’t say she was hiring a wetnurse.

iluvallbabies you’re right and not sounding harsh at all. It IS over the top now. After the last bickering, I hope religious arguments don’t ensue now. 😦

iluvallbabies on

Re: Danielles note on Religion. I dont think it bothers people that others are passionate – I think its great!

BUT as a hypothetical, if people tried to convert me to God, and I wasn’t that way inclined- yes, I would be defensive, as its MY CHOICE and I dont need people preeching to me of the benefits of religion (I would have made en educated decision to start with). Great if you have faith, but its not for everyone.

I think what bothers some people is- not the love of breastfeeding, BUT the need to push your “ideals” onto someone else. And yes, some posts have been very pushy in their opinions.

“What a shame she isnt breast feeding” and “I don’t really think “my mom/grandma didn’t do it” is a good excuse anymore” as two readers (above) have quoted.

Nobody needs an EXCUSE for not breast feeding?

So please- go ahead and be passionate, but dont judge others if they choose not to follow your choices…

Note from Danielle: There’s a big difference between evangelists and lactivists. As a lactivist, I’ve never tried to convert someone who was already bottle-feeding nor would I ever say a word to them about it. But I -have- talked to pregnant women about breastfeeding hoping to share my personal experiences on why breastfeeding is worth a shot.

Cameron on

Did Jennifer Lopez say any more on why she decided she would not breastfeed? I am really interested.

Sarah’s note: No, she didn’t. What’s posted above is everything that was said in the interview.

iheartme on

What bothers me about the “passion” on the part of some of the breastfeeders on this board is the superiority complex that seems to come with it. I feel as though it just gets taken to a whole new level and can often come across as self righteous. I just feel that if you want people to be respectful of you and their choices that you respect theirs as well. The bashing goes both ways in my opinion. You can expect people to just swallow what you say with a smile if you aren’t willing to do the same for them.

I don’t have strong feelings on either side of this topic but I had to say what I felt. I don’t see people who formula feed saying, “Well you should just try FF. You don’t know about it until you try.” I realize they are different, but why can’t people just respect the choices of others. So long as you are doing what you feel is right for YOUR OWN child, I guess I just don’t see the issue…

You can speak passionately about something without expecting others to agree or do the same thing. JMHO.

nino on

While I think breastfeeding is best, I don’t judge anybody that doesn’t. To those people that can’t because of medical reasons: please don’t feel bad! It is not your fault at all.
There is just two things that disturb me somewhat:
1. Why did’t Jennifer just say that she made her own personal decision not to or something similar?
To say that she read a lot and decided not to breastfeed was better for the babies sounds ignorant, is somewhat offensive to breastfeeding mothers (as if they wouldn’t read and inform themselves) and sends out the wrong message IMO.
2. I HATE it if people say things like breastfeeding is gross, etc
If it is not for you, fine, but I think this is the reason why so very many women feel uncomfortable breastfeeding (especially in public,etc) Breast are most importantly there by nature for feeding babies, and not as a sexual object.
IMO this is a symptom of the Over-sexualization of our society. In my opinion, it is not “very odd” to breastfeed your child because “breast are too much of a sexual object” (like the one poster stated).In contrary, even thinking this way, IS VERY ODD too me. Just my opinion, I do not want to offend anybody.

CC on

I believe it’s the choice of the mom to decide whether to breast or bottle feed. But really, we were given these breasts for a reason and we should at least try to use them. Then if you don’t like the experience switch to bottles.
Isn’t that what you tell your children when they won’t eat their vegetables? At least try them – you might like them! It just saddens me when woman doesn’t at least try to breastfeed because she is missing out on one of the most profound moments of being a women (Same thing with natural vs elective c-section).

Sadie on

“Breastfeeding may not be the best choice for every mother, but it is the right choice for every baby.”

No it isn’t. My dangerously premature baby (born at 25 weeks) had severe digestive had to put on formula per the instructions of her doctors (who were among the top neonatal doctors in the country) after she failed to thrive on breast milk. She was losing weight (after having been born at 1 pound 9 ounces) and on the verge of death and as soon as I switched her to formula she began to steadily gain weight and is now a thriving five year old. I made the choice that kept my child alive. Please don’t try to speak for all mothers and every experience.

kate on

Why does it matter how she gave birth? How is birth less profound if she didn’t deliver vaginally with no pain meds? Isn’t the point of birth to end up with a healthy baby, not to see how much pain one can withstand?

Jen on

< <<<>>>>

So sitting and bonding with your baby with either a bottle or a breast isn’t a profound moment in itself? Either method, you are sitting and sharing special moments with your child. I’d also like to think that the birth of a baby through either delivery method is extraordinary in itself.

You’re not missing out on anything with whatever you choose to do regarding feedings and care and the birth. I feel sad that there are comments on how a parent may be missing out on something just because they choose to bottle feed or have an elective c-section.

On a lighter note I wonder if birds have these debates; yack method versus bringing worms to the nest, which is best? lol!

Emma on

I think J.Lo’s idea of a natural birth would mean she didn’t wear make-up! Lol.

mtmomma on

I had to laugh at your comment, Emma, because it really reminded me that we all perceive the world through our own eyes. I am guessing you are exactly right that Jennifer’s idea of a natural birth would be one where she wasn’t wearing makeup! How funny…

I think that a lot of people feel so strongly for causes like breastfeeding or natural childbirth because they have felt great joy from experiencing them.

I will share a little of my own story. I had a c-section with my first, and although it was not for emergency reasons, it was a difficult experience in many respects. I was able to have a natural childbirth with my second. The contrast between the two experiences was night and day, the second being a joyous and self-actualizing experience that created a peaceful beginning for my second child and gave me self-esteem I never realized I was lacking! I attribute the fussiness and discontent of my first child to the trauma of her birth and the complications associated from major abdominal surgery.

I don’t think that natural birth is for everyone, but it certainly is possible for most. It is disturbing to me that for those that want a natural birth, it is getting harder and harder to achieve. There are so many chemical processes going on with a natural birth that are interrupted by the use of drugs and surgical procedures. It’s a delicate balance of hormones and chemicals that are released at exactly the right time to create an optimal outcome for mother and child. “The Business of Being Born” is a phenomenal movie that delves deeply into birth and what birth is quickly becoming in the United States.

Natural childbirth doesn’t work for everyone and neither does breastfeeding, yet for most there is a huge gain to be had.

We have cultural stigmas and fears surrounding birth and breastfeeding that are similar to propaganda in some respects. Too often women associate birth with pain and awfulness and breastfeeding with more pain, inconvenience, and sometimes even “yuckiness”. How have we strayed so far from our natural selves and what is so wrong with the way naturally are? Why are so many people uncomfortable with our natural body processes?

Birth has become a business that lines the pockets of doctors, surgeons, and pharmaceutical companies, just as ensuring people consume formula is feeding corporate interests. Corporations and big business own this country. Insurance, pharmaceutical, and oil companies along with banks run the United States, if not the world. Our job is to think for ourselves and question these mega-entities every step of the way.

What is best for mothers and babies? What is best for our children and our future? What is best for our planet? How is this going to affect my family members generations from now? The world 1,000 years from now? These are the questions that really matter.

kate on

Are you saying that natural childbirth isn’t extremely painful?

CelebBabyLover on

CC- How do you know her C-section was elective? Perhaps one or both of the babies was breech, or maybe there was some other medical reason for it. Also, it’s very possible that her doctor very strongly encouraged her to have a C-section. Most doctors don’t like to deliver twins vaginally.

Sadie-It’s almost as if you were describing my mother’s experience with breastfeeding! I wasn’t premature, but I, like your daughter, failed to thrive on breastmilk and began losing weight. When I was only a few months old, my mother made the decision to switch me to formula. Just like your daughter, I began gaining weight as soon as I was switched to formula. Therefore, I completely agree with you that breastfeeding definitely ISN’T the right choice for ALL babies. Most babies, yes, but not ALL babies.

mtmomma on

Kate, I am not saying that natural childbirth is not extremely painful. I found it to be excruciating! What I am saying is that there is something more to be gained. That childbirth is not just pain, and that out of that pain can come a lot more. The pain ends and you are left with the greatest sense of accomplishment you will ever have, the knowledge that you can do ANYTHING! It is almost like you find yourself in that pain, like some sort of spiritual journey or quest. Maybe that sounds silly to a lot of people, but it shaped who I am today and I am eternally grateful for the experience. It is something I wish all women could know, as I believe it to be our birthright. To have my baby on my chest and look into her eyes after birth and have all my faculties about me and know she had all her faculties about her…just those first quiet moments of bliss were the most memorable and important moments of my life. With my c-section, I was so high on narcotic drugs I didn’t know up from down and it was weeks before the affects of those drugs wore off for me and for my baby as well. We both “woke up” so slowly and for me it was waking up to postpartum depression and for her it was discomfort with this new world outside the womb. It was not a gentle transition for either of us.

renee on

It’s wonderful to see the babies doing so well. They appear to be healthy and thriving and that is a blessing. They also seem to be adored by their parents. However reading comments such as, “as a mother of fraternal twins it really gets my goat when mothers of singletons or women who are not mothers at all comment on what is best for the babies. So much more is involved, unless you’ve been there you are not qualified to comment,”–WOW!!!! That’s a bit harsh! I don’t know if it’s as inappropriate as the discussion regarding the skin-tone of the babies, the possibility of using IVF, or whether or not she had a scheduled c-section, but it definitely ranks up there. It would be nice to see some supportive messages from women of all walks of life and motherhood instead of the constant analysis of other women’s actions. What about women who can’t bear children?? Is their opinion not worthy to listen to? What is honestly the purpose of this blog? To share and compare ideas and opinions or to berate those that opinions differ from your own??

sam on

I didn’t notice if anyone else said this.. but Max and Emme are the names of the brother and sister on the show Dragon Tales.. haha…

Emma on

What would she have read that would tell her bottle feeding is better? Everything I have seen says the opposite…

Christy on

//Are you saying that natural childbirth isn’t extremely painful?//

Well, for me, it was extremely painful. But I made my decision to have my twins naturally based on what I thought was best for them. Having had a prior cesarean, I knew about a lot of the less-publicized but not so pleasant side effects to mom and baby of cesarean. I also read a lot of the research about side effects to labor, to baby, and to the nursing relationship, of epidurals, pitocin, and other interventions. AND, when you add in the fear I felt at some of my births when I had those interventions but was less supported in or educated about birth, they weren’t a whole lot less painful. My natural birth was peaceful, I had caring doula support, and I was much more educated about birth than ever before, so the pain wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. But it still hurt!

Then point is, I didn’t make the choice based on whether or not it would hurt. I made the choice based on the MANY benefits to me, but especially to my babies, of a peaceful, natural entry into the world.

Kami on

It makes me sad to see posts stating that natural birth is best and vaginal birth is best and more beneficial to the mom and the baby and that there is something more to be gained.

Some of us (like myself) would have LOVED a vaginal childbirth but it isn’t in the cards for us (I am built too small and my baby wouldn’t fit underneath my pelvic bone) and so I had to have an emergency c-section.

Was it the birth I planned for? No. But do I feel I didn’t have an amazing birth experience? No. Do I feel like my son’s birth was any less wonderful than a baby’s birth that is vaginal? Absolutely not.

Have some sensitivity to those of us who maybe didn’t have their child’s birth go the way they wanted it. Just because someone has a c-section doesn’t mean they missed out on anything and a c-section isn’t a “leser” way to have a child than a vaginal birth.

Also – as a mother who breastfeeds and formula feeds, I have to say that tbe choice of how to feed your child is a very personal choice and one only the mother can make. It think it is awful that people would judge Jennifer on her choice. I say “props” to her for being honest about her choice. She didn’t owe anyone an explanation.

Wendy Snipes on

oh, the Breast feeding issue again. I am so sick of women who decide not to breastfeed being judged. We love our children just as much as those who do. Both of mine were not breastfeed and they were not as sick as much as those who were. I think a lot of it depends on the child.
Please don’t judge, remember that breast feeding isn’t for everyone! Those of us who choose not to breastfeed should not be made out to look like we don’t care about the well-being of our children.

brittany on

What adorable babies! They look a lot like their daddy!! I’m sad to hear jlo isn’t even going to give breastfeeding a go….
It’s her personal choice though, not mine.

mtmomma on

I want to say something to all the women out there who had to have a c-section and were told it was an emergency. My own c-section was written off for insurance purposes as an emergency – inadequate/misshapen pelvis, baby’s head too large. Yet, my second came out just fine. Too often the call comes down to a doctor’s personal opinion on the situation, and women cling to this as fact because how else can they find peace with the outcome? It would be blasphemous to question the doctor and would make for unrest with what ultimately happened! We, as women, need to start questioning doctors and doing the research ourselves. A well-informed woman is a powerful force. Look at the statistics from Ina May Gaskin’s births on The Farm. Look at the statistics from Holland and just about every other first world nation in the entire world (along with many developing countries). There is no excuse for our 1 in 3 c-section rate!!! It is insane to imagine that this many women are finding themselves needing “emergency” c-sections. If these women were birthing 100 years ago, they would have found a way. Trained midwives would have (more often than not) known the tricks to get their babies to turn just the right way or for those women to be in an optimal position to allow for their babies to descend. There are a lot of tricks that midwives know because they don’t have the option of performing surgery. Doctors have long since left these tricks behind. OB doctors of today are trained in surgery and therefore see birth as something to be “managed”. They see pathology and problems where they don’t necessarily exist and operate on a defensive basis to avoid litigation. Their hands are tied in many ways. And ultimately, they are men, who will never know what it is to be a woman and will never fully comprehend the magnitude of what a woman’s body is capable of with the right encouragement and support!

I am by no means attempting to make a case as to why Jennifer Lopez should have done anything but had a c-section with her babies. I have no idea of the circumstances behind her story and that is not why I am writing. I am writing so that other women might read these words and feel just a tiny bit of encouragement for themselves, or a tiny spark of rebellion that might fuel their own desire to be more informed and prepared in childbirth. Watch “The Business of Being Born”! It’s available on NetFlix and is so informative and will change your view of birth forever! Henci Goer’s book “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth” is another great information source.

Kami on

Mtmomma – you need to get off your high horse.

Comments like this piss me off to no end:

“Too often the call comes down to a doctor’s personal opinion on the situation, and women cling to this as fact because how else can they find peace with the outcome?”

Find peace with the outcome? You make it sound as those our children were brought into the world through some horrendous, barbarian way. It is a c-section. I had a c-section. Am I disappointed? Absolutely not. My doctor, whom I trust, made the best decision for me and my baby. I pushed for 2 1/2 hours. I don’t regret my c-section at all and if I could have my son’s birth all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Bringing a child into the world from your own body is a miraculous thing – it doesn’t matter if the baby comes out of your vagina or your stomach. Get a life.

Amy on

I don’t have time to read all the comments so forgive me if I’m repeating something someone else has said…

The IVF issue is interesting to me as I have an IVF son and am currently pregnannt via IVF again. I’ve been hearing about sightings of Jennifer at IVF clinics for years now and I think that people who are involved with IVF and read IVF blogs have long known that she was doing IVF (the same went for Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts). Obviously I think that IVF is a wonderful process and I’m very grateful that it is available so I just wish that the celebrities who use it would be equally proud. SJP and JR chose to never discuss it which I was disappointed with but respected as being their decision to make. What frustrates me about JL is that she has pointedly said that she didn’t use IVF. The fact that she feels the need to deny it implies that she thinks it is something to be ashamed of and that just makes me angry and sad.

At the end of the day there is always a story about a late thirties woman who conceived naturally (and yes twins are more common at a later age) but the bottom line is that fertility declines rapidly after the age of 35 so those women are the exception not the rule. The person I respect the most is Marcia Cross because she made it very clear that her age had made conceiving difficult and that she was very blessed that IVF helped her conceive. At the end of the day this is a more helpful message for ordinary women than “I really wanted to so it eventually happened”. And to anyone wo has any reservations about IVF I can tell you that there are a lot of beautiful children in the world because of IVF so we should all be proud and grateful to have this technology.

Cheryl on

So, mothers who formula feed are not “inherently bad”? Gee, thanks.

I find the list Danielle posted re: reasons to not breastfeed quite interesting, as medical reasons was not near the top.

My step-sister, sister-in-law, and myself all gave birth within a few months of each other. All tried to breastfeed, but all were told to/had to stop for different medical reasons, and, yes, they were all legitimate. My nephew was continually sick and it was found he could not digest his mother’s breastmilk. My niece and her mom developed a continuing infection and my son both could not latch and I couldn’t produce enough breastmilk because of a prior breast reduction…pumped but went dry before two months, and had to supplement before that time.

I guess what I am saying is that there may be reasons other than a mother’s convenience to formula feed, and it may happen more than you think.

When I picked up the People magazine and saw Jennifer’s comment I thought….wow, can’t wait to read the comments on CBB.

As for breastfed children being less sick than formula fed, it’s most likely true, but when my child checks in at the receptionist I’m never asked…”And was your baby breastfed or bottlefed?” 😉

CelebBabyLover on

Amy- I don’t think she was neccesarily lying about the IVF thing. There was a post here on CBB about her possibly doing IVF back in 2006, but CBB made it clear that that was just a rumor. As for the pictures…Perhaps they were at the fertility clinic just for a check-up for one or both of them (to find out, for example, what might be behind their infertility).

Anyway, it is also possible that they DID do IVF at some point, but it failed, and they later ended up concieving Max and Emme naturally (that actually happens a lot more often than you might think! Same thing with couples who are struggle with infertility and then decided to adopt. A lot of times, they will end up pregnant shortly after adopting, or sometimes even shortly after beginning the adoption process!).

Rebecca on

Danielle: I’m a bit confused as to why you compared someone being passionate about breastfeeding to someone being passionate about religion, and then when someone responded to YOUR reference you said it wasn’t the same thing. You’re contradicting yourself. I come to this site because I enjoy reading about celebrities and their babies, not to get breastfeeding lectures. And I don’t believe you would have let this discussion go on for so long if not for your own personal opinions about breastfeeding. It’s incredibly unprofessional of you to let your personal opinions sway what discussions you allow to continue and what ones you don’t.

I also think your list of reason why someone would bottlefeed offensive. I notice that you left off many of the major reasons why a person would bottlefeed and instead only list the ones that make bottle feeding moms sound either poorly informed or short sighted. There are other valid reasons why a person would choose to bottlefeed:
1. The baby doesn’t want to BF and it’s taking up so much of the day trying to achieve BF success that a person’s other children are being ignored in the process, so for the good of the entire family and in the interest of alleviating the stress the entire family (including the baby) is feeling a mother might chose to bottle feed. I think you might find once you have more than one child that it’s not just about what’s best for the baby, but the entire family and sometimes tough choices have to be made.
2. Medical reasons (of which there are many) – either for the baby or the mother or both.
3. Being in a work environment that is not conducive to pumping and storing.

There are good and bad reasons for bottlefeeding. But there are also good and bad reasons for nursing (for instance, I know a few women who have admitted they nurse because they want the closeness with another person that they aren’t getting from their husband) – it’s kind of disturbing that a person would try to make their child be their substitute spouse, and yet some people do it. So before you launch into another one of your BF lectures, perhaps some of you should stop and think about how narrow minded and judgemental you are being, and also maybe you should look beyond the surface to see that the reasons behind why a person makes a parenting choice are just as important as the choice itself.

Note from Danielle: You know something, I never called anyone narrow-minded or judgemental or unprofessional or a bad mother. That would be what you’re doing.

You are taking offense when there was none intended or even present. I never compared being a lactivist to being an evangelist- just the passion behind it and the respect that people have for certain age-old cultural mores. Then I acknowledged in my list of reasons why someone may -choose- not to breastfeed that I was sure I was missing something.

I didn’t include medical reasons because the reader asked for reasons why someone would choose not to breastfeed. As for a baby rejecting breastfeeding, that made me laugh. Breasts were made to make milk and feed babies and bottles are simulated breasts and formula is simulated milk. There are definitely babies who have trouble latching on but it is never a choice. They have an instinctual need to feed and it is programmed in them to suck. Given no other choice, most babies would be happy with a human nipple.

As one reader wrote, we are blessed to live in an age and a society where we have the option of breast vs formula and to knitpick like this is really silly. If a mother intentionally does not feed her child period, yes, I would think she is a bad mother, but as long as she is nourishing her child, does it matter? I love to hear when someone tells me that they breastfed for “only” a certain amount of time. That means to me that they tried and for whatever reason, it didn’t work out for them. But to hear or read that someone just didn’t want to try, I feel a little sad because I know how amazing it can be.

As long as I have the soapbox, I am going to use it to raise awareness of breastfeeding and its myriad benefits. I am entitled to that because this is my site. When you have your own successful web site that you started from scratch that is read by over 110,000 people every day, you can get on your own soapbox.

elidh cross on

i love those twins there in the uk edition of ok this weeek i cud try and coppy the pics and upload the interfew

Evelyn-Miami on

Danielle very well said! I admire you for taking a stand to the breastfeeding war.My gosh, I was afraid to make a comment. When I had my two older kids I was in my 20’s and didnt know any better so I bottlefed them. As a new mother she is now 2 1/2, I tried so hard to breastfeed and was able to do it for a few months, I wish I could have done it longer. It was a very beautiful experience for me to connect with my baby in that way and I knew it was the best thing for my baby. But at least I tried…..which values to me. It would have been much easier to do the bottle let’s face it. Danielle keep up the great work you do on this website, Sarah and the rest of the gang are awesome. Evelyn-Miami

Tara on

Her twins are gorgeous 🙂

Whilst i’m pretty neutral about breastfeeding and bottlefeeding (i see it as a personal choice), i find it perfectly acceptable for Danielle and anyone else, to promote breastfeeding. As Danielle has said above, she is not forcing her view onto anyone but simply pointing out the benefits of something she believes in. Not to mention this is her site and why on earth shouldn’t she be allowed to promote her opinion?

There’s a BIG difference between a person promoting the benefits of breastfeeding, such as Danielle, and someone outrightly critising those who choose to bottlefeed and trying to force their veiws on others.

mtmomma on

Thank you for standing up for yourself, Danielle. There are so many comments on this thread, it’s hard to read them all, yet it stands out so glaringly the defensive tone and attacks from many (not all) of those defending formula. I do not see the same attitude, for the most part, coming from those defending breastfeeding. It seems the “lactivists” are mostly stating facts, love/passion for breastfeeding, and sadness that one would simply choose not to even attempt to breastfeed a child.

A baby would have likely died 150 years ago without breast milk, so the idea that a baby would choose not to nurse, or dislike nursing, is simply absurd. Try to imagine yourself in this predicament and imagine what you would do. Most of us would simply keep trying. Women of the past probably experienced less problems to begin with, because they knew this was the way to feed a baby. I am guessing there were a lot less hangups about breastfeeding and the cultural acceptance of it, because that was the way it was done. Today’s women struggle with so many issues over breastfeeding that simply didn’t exist in years past. Many women feel discomfort with their own bodies and pass this discomfort along to their babies, who haven’t a clue why their mothers tense up when they are nursing. Our babies feel our feelings, our energy and body language. If a mother is uncomfortable nursing, it’s bound that the baby will react to this and experience difficulty nursing! That, in itself, does not seem a logical reason to just give up and use formula. It seems like a logical reason to take a long hard look at our society and try all the harder to forge a positive nursing relationship for our children and their children, and so on.

I know for myself, when I’ve had issues nursing in public, my baby has reacted to my body tension and nursing has been difficult. The more I’ve been able to overcome my own discomfort, the easier nursing has become. I sit here right now, typing, with my child nursing…it’s become that easy!

That fact that many women work today is something to be considered in why a woman would choose to bottle feed. Yet women who are determined to feed their babies breast milk find a way to pump. It is not impossible, albeit inconvenient. A work place that frowns on a woman wanting to feed her child breast milk is a work place I would question the integrity of.

How is it that women today have so many medical problems? This is a question I am very curious about. Medical problems that prevent us from doing what is most primal, feeding our children? I am by no means belittling a person’s serious medical state that may very well completely prevent her from nursing her young…but why is this so prevalent? How would we have made it this far as human beings if so many mothers had medical problems that prevented them from feeding their children? It seems a question worth asking to me.

Attitude is everything. If you are determined to succeed at nursing, you most likely will. I have seen some mothers overcome a lot (inverted nipples, improper latch that caused bleeding, bruising, chronic mastitis, digestive upset, etc.) in order to forge a very positive and functional nursing relationship. With my first it took weeks before discovering that my baby had an allergy to wheat products through my breast milk. She was very colicky and no one could figure out why. I was determined not to give up and to find the root of the problem. I went to doctors, naturopathic doctors, cranio-sacral workers, and read a lot. Finally I was directed to a foot-zone therapist who knew instantly it was wheat. I thought the whole thing was a little hokey, but was determined to try anything and sure enough, that was it. The difference in my baby was night and day virtually overnight. If someone wants to make breastfeeding work, more than likely they can. Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way!

Nonbeliever on

>>Why do so many people think they had IVF? I am not asking this to be picky or start a fight or anything. I am just geniunely curious.< <

There were multiple stories of her visiting fertility clinics, and people who said they cycled with her during the IVF process (even mentioning shared doctors by name). You can visit Julie’s site [here], and read the entry and the comments. There’s reason upon reason to believe she’s lying. It’s anyone’s guess as to why.

Rebecca on

Well Danielle, as long as you’re going to treat the posters in such an unprofessional way I won’t be coming to this site anymore. I used to come here about 20 times a day, but no more. And you may think that you can act any way you want to because this is your site, but you do have to think about your customers and if you continue to make people angry which I notice you have been doing a lot lately you won’t have nearly as many hits as you claim to have.

And I’m glad that my comment about babies refusing to nurse amused you. I doubt you would find is so amusing if your baby almost died from refusing to eat.

Note from Danielle: If there’s any doubt about our traffic, take a look at our traffic from the past year, according to – Image and video hosting by TinyPic.

Will we be losing four readers now with your leaving because you post under 4 different names: Rebecca, Rachel, Daisy or Kate2?

iluvallbabies on

MTMOMMA- no offense intended (as I an tell from your posts you are a very caring person), but you obviously haven’t read some of the judgemental opinions being thrown around this board right now:

“I am slightly disappointed that Jennifer is not breastfeeding the twins”.

“Breast is best, period.”

“I disagree with her decisions to have a scheduled C-section and to formula feed (really, really disagree w/that decision)”.

Whether you will admit this or not- they ARE judgmental comments. Maybe mothers who use formula are just feeling like they have to defend their choice?

Being dissapointed with someone you dont even know, for a choice on how to feed her babies, is just extremely strange in my opinion….

If I was to write a comment: “I am very dissapointed she IS breastfeeding” on another post- can you imagine the outcry of all the breastfeeding mothers? Im not even sure it would be let through?!

Someone on this board mentioned her baby girl nearly passed away and the only solution (and the choice that saved her daughters life) was FORMULA. Yes its rare, but breast is not ALWAYS best.

100 years ago many, MANY babies (and mothers giving birth) died too- so we are extremely lucky to have these options available to us.

Pearl on

I’m an African woman who has been living in the states for 10 yrs and mummy to a 7wk old baby who is being breastfed. My take on all of this from observation is that this culture makes breast feeding seem like the out of the ordinary thing to do, like it’s not a natural of a normal thing. Where am from, women don’t give each other parts on the back for breast feeding, almost all do breast feed as it’s the normal thing to do or maybe the business of formula is too expensive!!
Also this culture associates breasts very closely with sex, hence I think the disapproval about public breast feeding. The fact that Jennifer was even asked if she was breast feeding or bottle feeding is strange!!
Breast feeding is a natural thing that woman have done for so many years. Some women choose not to do it and opt for formula, that too is their choice and the baby is getting nutrients too.
It all comes down to MONEY, everything is driven by money. Formula production is a booming business and as we advance, we tend to lose touch with nature. Congrats to Jennifer and Marc as those babies are gonna be loved and that is actually the most important thing. I’m actually surprised at the comments regarding her choice because to me, I thought the picture spread was so over the top and so impractical, those pics exuded money and lacked taste.

mtmomma on

It is definitely in no one’s best interest to cast judgement. Shame is one of the worst emotions to experience and often ends up alienating people from one another, as well as polarizing debates such as these. I don’t advocate making others feel bad over their choices, but I do think it’s important to speak up in order to educate or impassion others about factual evidence or the state of the world. It seems in humankind’s best interest to constantly be questioning our beliefs and looking for knowledge.

With that said, it’s also important to be respectful of one another’s differences because we can never experience another person’s life…only our own.

I would like to see the world’s women and children living the best quality of life possible and that’s why I keep talking about my own positive experiences! Some people don’t want to hear it, but it feels really good to support other women and children and to be helpful to those that find it useful. I deeply appreciate the women in my life that have spoken up in an effort to help me on my journey through motherhood.

I really find the comments of Pearl to be right on. So many people I’ve spoken to from other countries and cultures around the world seem to find nothing controversial about breastfeeding. It is simply the way you feed babies. There really is no debate on the issue. Nature has not been thwarted to the depth it has in the United States. In the US we have a lot of wonderful technology and cutting-edge medicine and science, but with that there is often the idea that nature is not perfect and must be overcome. We are programmed for survival in our most basic selves, and that seems deeply honorable to me.

I said it before: I think it seems wise to be constantly questioning the wisdom behind every “advancement”…to ask ourselves whether the choices we are making are best for mothers, babies, and children, or are they best for conforming, convenience, big business/corporate interest, etc? We are often fooled into thinking advancements are best for us, that they will make our lives simpler or easier, but consider the motivation behind the source. Consider the consequences and fall-out for future generations. There is often more than meets the eye in every choice we make. I don’t mean to sound sinister, but I do think it’s very important to consider those questions.

elidh cross on

the twins are so cut i just bought the ok eddition in the uk do u whant me to type the interfew out and load up the pics

Courtney Rooney on

I am very happy for jennifer, she now has the one thing she has longed for her entire life, to be a mother. It doesnt matter how much the babies pictures went for or whether they are prettier than other celebrity babies, they are her children and nobody will ever change that. To jennifer and marc they are the most beautiful babies, as long as she was able to go through pregnancy and have children i think that has made jennifers life complete, Congratulations x

kate on

I’m certainly not the same poster as Rebecca. I’m curious as to why you think I am. Doesn’t this site keep track of IPs?

Zoe on

I guess I just don’t get why it is anyone’s business how she feeds her babies, what color their skin is, or her c-section info. Yeah, she’s famous and it makes people curious. But how would any of you mothers posting on here, including you Danielle from your soapbox, like it if 10,000 people were posting their opinions, comments and criticisms of your parenting? Would any of you like to go on to this and read about yourself? How you are selfish because of your parenting choices? I pray that even if I were famous and allowed people an interview and questions about my family, that I wouldn’t have to endure complete, total strangers dogging my every move.

Maddie on

I KNEW this would turn into a breastfeeding debate. I’m glad Jennifer and Marc are happy with their babies, who are ever so cute! Jennifer, it seems has wanted to be a mother for many years, and its wonderful to see motherhood happen to someone so deserving. As for the breastfeeding issue: I have no children, but am going on what I see here in New Zealand and within my own family.
In my country, it seems that breastfeeding is more the norm, even if the child is not exclusively breastfed or for very long. Not that bottlefeeding is seen as ‘bad,’ but more to the fact that we have wonderful support for breastfeeding through midwifes and Plunket services (health and development care for children under 5 years, often do vaccinations etc – is a free service provided by the government).
La Leche League also offers fantastic worldwide support (both my grandma and my mum were members – with my grandma being a life member. Breastfeeding is very highly supported in my family).
Danielle, you make an excellent point. Bottles and formula are simulations for the real thing. It’s like having instant coffee when you can have espresso. Apart from the health benefits of breastfeeding, breasts are made to produce milk. It seems a shame to waste something that your body makes anyway, and that’s exactly the right consistancy, temperature etc.
The New Zealand government want to propose a bill to support breastfeeding in the workplace. If you’re interested you can read about it here:

paula on

Amy – You said everything that I was thinking. I also have two children via IVF and I love hearing from celebs who have experienced the same thing.
Celebbabylover – I think if you investigate a little further, you’ll find that people that get pregnant once they have adopted or started the adoption process often never really gave up trying to get pregnant, but were, in fact, trying very hard to get pregnant WHILE they were adopting, even undergoing fertility treatments throughout the adoption process. That is what happened to us, and many adoptive families that we know. The idea of “giving up” and then miraculously getting pregnant is a fairy tale for most people, but a story that fertile people really like to tell. I know many many more people that adopted and never got pregnant, than people that adopted and then got pregnant (naturally or not), but that story is not as interesting to tell.
It certainly doesn’t matter how JLo’s twins were conceived, but I think that fact that there are so many fraternal twins in Hollywood, way more than in the general population of women over 35, that IVF must be pretty common in Hollywood, and so it’s natural to think that she did it. Along with the fact that the twins in her husband’s family couldn’t possibly have affected her ability to ovulate two eggs. In any case, if she did, she doesn’t want to talk about it, and if she didn’t, then she’s one of the very few to which it happened naturally. Congratulations are in order regardless.

Jackie Sylaides, Durban on

The babies are beautiful but I don’t like their names. In fact, I was so disappointed!!

Audrey on

the saying that babies its bad for babies not to be breastfed, that they be malnourished, not as healthy and everything else is just pure rubbish.

Not me, nor my siblings for medical reasons were breastfed, and we all turned out to be perfectly healthy babies with no major illness, the same in our childhoods and now in our adulthood.

To me I doubt the baby really knows or cares how its fed, just that its fed, there are plenty of ways to be close and bond with your baby, I sure don’t blame those small hitches in my childhood or recall being sad simply because I wasn’t breastfed, and I certainly don’t feel as though I missed anything, of course a mothers perspective may be different.

The most important thing is that the baby is raised in a stable happy environment with love and care and needs fulfilled, not how its fed. Trust me its really not the end of the world to not be breastfed.

I can understand people’s views I really can, but it is Jen’s choice, and the babies are so beautiful, her and her husband must be so proud.

And thats my two cents for today, lol.

Sarah on

I’ve been reading this forum and posts with avid interest and the wild, varying,& usually emotive opinions on breast v formula never cease to amaze, but basing this on logic rather than emotion who in their right mind would ever give precedence to opinions over medical and scientific facts? Should the public be kept in the dark about upto date medical facts regarding infant feeding in order to spare the feelings of some? Answer this honestly without emotion and we all know deep down that the correct answer is a very resounding and ethical NO! – How could medically beneficial progress be accomplished & breastfeeding rates improved if facts were kept hidden so as not to offend those that use/d formula? Would any of you believe it appropriate if the government chose not to disclose the recent research that food additives, E numbers, colourings etc actually do affect kids – with hyperactivity etc?
The fact of the matter is that the UK’s/USA’s very beleagured education and health systems are failing mothers and infants with lack of support and education regarding breastfeeding – any guilt and vitriol a mother feels at not succeeding with breastfeeding should be directed at a system that has failed you and your infant rather than at those who are positively outspoken about being pro-breastfeeding – these people are not trying to bully or guilt trip you, they are just trying to help and educate to give women confident belief in themselves in their biological capability to nourish their infants and motivation to succeed, something which formula manufacturers continually attempt to undermine in pursuit of profit at the expense of infant and mother health – knowing the real facts about the risks of artificial feeding can provide women with real conviction to breastfeed. Being pro-breastfeeding is certainly not about making formula users feel like rubbish mothers. Using formula does not make someone a ‘bad’ mother and bottle feeding mothers should not look upon lactation education and fact as personal attack, it isn’t, its about equiping women with factual and medical information on infant feeding.
Its about time our governments took on the same methods as Scandinavian countries such as Sweden which completely ban formula advertising and has managed to turn around its bottle feeding culture via education & support, it now has an enviable 98% breastfeeding rate, in fact Sweden is now seeing the long term reward in this turn around with improved overall health in Society, ironically Alan Johnson (UK Minister of State for Health) said in his speech on improving public health inequalities that Sweden is the only country coming anywhere close to achieving any real success, yet he never mentioned the impact breastfeeding can make on improving health, showing that the UK government still has a lot of work to do in altering its own and current public perceptions on infant feeding. Its no coincidence that Sweden is ahead considering science has discovered that being fed human milk in infancy affects health positively in the long term and not just childhood. Science is now discovering more and more about the properties of human milk and important physiological differences between those breastfed and formula fed, with live ingredients in human milk that science cannot duplicate and at least another 150+ unidentified, purpose as yet unknown, is it really any great surprise that the overuse of formula milk is the underlying cause of many inequalities in public health.
I hope that in future human milk banking becomes the norm to provide milk for infants whose mothers are genuinely unable to breastfeed, currently this is reserved for preemies and special care babies – for them donated milk can be the difference between life and death.
So please folks look at this issue objectively rather than attacking each other and direct your energies at lobbying the government for better breastfeeding education, support and maternity services. Remember if you gave breastfeeding or expressing your utmost, received little support or incorrect advice and didn’t just cave into formula at the first few hurdles there is no reason for guilt (it took me 6 long but determined weeks to get to grips with breastfeeding painlessly, had to deal with bleeding nipples, mastitis & thrush). For those in possession of the facts who still opt for formula over our species specific human milk then that is just incredibly selfish and disrespectful of your childs and your own health.
Surely in this culture of equality and human rights it should be an infants automatic right to receive the milk of its own species rather than a fourth rate substitute.

We speak of ‘choice’ but we are making that choice not just for ourselves but for a defenceless, voiceless infant as yet incapable of making cognitive choice so surely we should consider their preferred choice to be that of natural superior developmental nutrition rather than an artificial basic substitute.
We need to respect that our infants are actually fellow human beings in miniature to nurture, not possessions and should thus endeavour to do our best to provide them with the healthiest start in life. Financial ability to shower them with material possessions is just lame in comparison to providing them with health benefits. We should not play roulette with our offsprings future health and that is exactly what we are doing if we think breast/formula is just a personal choice. Just because you believe you turned out ok on formula does not necessarily mean the same outcome for your child so why take the risk? Your child is as much an individual as you are.

Scientists admit there is still lots more to be discovered about human milk and in Australia it has recently been discovered that there are stem cells in human milk:

“We already know how breast milk provides for the baby’s nutritional needs, but we are only just beginning to understand that it probably performs many other functions,” says Dr Cregan, a molecular biologist at The University of Western Australia.

He says that, in essence, a new mother’s mammary glands take over from the placenta to provide the development guidance to ensure a baby’s genetic destiny is fulfilled. He believes that it not only meets all the nutritional needs of a growing infant but contains key markers that guide his or her development into adulthood.’

Research on premature infants has shown that those who receive human milk are more likely to survive than those fed medical formula alone. They are also much less likely to develop the devastating, destructive bowel disease necrotizing enterocolitis.

Currently formula is a blessing for babies/mothers with medical conditions that mean they cannot be breastfed/breastfeed. For conditions such as galactosemia & phenylketonuria it really can be the difference between life and death. Sensibly formula really should be reserved for the medical reasons it was originally invented for, not commercial gain. Maybe in the future more suitable formulas can be created from mothers or donated human milk for infants that need them or mothers who genuinely, physically cannot provide their own milk/ enough milk for their babies.

Breastfeeding is also ‘environmentally green’, but couldn’t imagine indulgent celebs like J-lo & Marc concerning themselves with such issues, so thumbs up to Julia Roberts for breastfeeding her twins and opting for more eco-friendly lifestyle choices.

Chele Marmet:
People need to understand that when they’re deciding between breastmilk and formula, they’re not deciding between Coke and Pepsi…. They’re choosing between a live, pure substance and a dead substance made with the cheapest oils available.

From issue 2445 of New Scientist magazine, 01 May 2004, page 32:
“Would we knowingly substitute any other complete biological system of nourishment (blood for example) with one that contained no living cells, no tissue-specific growth enhancers, no immune system modulators, no inflammatory response inhibitors plus a massive dose of non-human protein? And then give it to our children for the first six months of life when their immune systems are at their most under-developed and sensitive and consider it a mystery when they become ill?”

Check out the promom website for 101 reasons to breastfeed.

norma on


Sofia on

I have read every single post. Overwhelmingly people seem to either be pro-formula or this is personal decision. Breastfeeding advocates seem to be few (contrary to what everyone seems to claim about people judging). There were very few “judging” comments. I am most appalled at the misinformation of breastfeeding. How can people use (probably are exaggerating to prove their point) anecdotal evidence to extol formula-feeding? research is out there, hell, anecdotal evidence is out there (funny how no one was sharing their “bad” formula stories).
Most People CAN breastfeed. either someone is not being truthful with the people who claim “medical” conditions or they are lying to themselves. There are some conditions but it is like 2% to maybe 5% of women who CANNOT ACTUALLY nurse. There is help if a woman wants to succeed but she also has to be supported and have the will. Many women are duped into thinking formula is just as good. Actually not even close. AND no one has admitted this on this thread, but there is also growing evidence that formula is very bad for the baby (it unseal the stomach and seeps into the blood). Obesity, cancers, etc… are becasue the stomach and digestive tract were never properly sealed and treated.
I don;t judge most women who formula feed becasue they don’t really know all the facts and those that think it is weird or have attachment issues, that stems from their childhood and their parents. It is a cycle and we hope to break by empowering women, giving them information, and stopping the formula companies!