Courtney Thorne-Smith goes for a walk with Jake

03/21/2008 at 09:08 AM ET

Actress Courtney Thorne-Smith, 40, went for a walk with son Jacob ‘Jake’ Emerson, 10 weeks, in Pacific Palisades, CA on Thursday, March 20th.  Dad is Roger Fishman.


Photo by Flynet.

Click below for wrap info.

Babypuch_2Jake is being carried in "The Baby Pouch" Pre-shrunk Cotton Sling in Eastern Blue from Baby Pouch ($92).  The buyer chooses the solid color of the sling and the designer matches it with a decorative fabric and a matching carrying bag!

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Anonymous on

That infant cannot be comfortable. That poor baby looks practically bent in half. Those slings are so ridiculous it’s not even funny. These “trendy” $200 pieces of cloth held together by a ring of plastic that people insist on buying for the sole purpose of making new moms look “bohemian chic”. My pediatrician said those slings are not helpful to a growing baby’s spine, I myself have tried them out on my first born son who practically cried the entire time he was in it, I tried it once and tossed it on the garbage. It’s not about buying trendy baby carriers, it’s about what is healthy and comfortable for a growing baby.

Starlet on

He looks so tiny in there!

Kristin on

That baby has got to be so uncomfortable. I had such a nice, big roomy one for my daughter…….she didn’t last long in it, but that baby looks squashed!!

V on

I think it’s like most things: It depends a lot on the baby. My first-born loved to be in the Baby Bjorn carrier and rode about it in until he frankly got too heavy for me to do it for any length of time. But he HATED the sling and fussed the moment I popped him in — no matter how loose or cozy. He liked the sling ONLY when he was several months old and ONLY when we could latch him to our backs piggyback style.

My daughter, however, loved the sling and spent nearly every dinner in there for the first four months of her life. I worried most about suffocating and keeping my clothes, her clothes and blankets off her face ;p

And let’s be real, babies will be fine in them as long as they get other times to roll about and stretch, etc. At 10 weeks, this little guy’s still enjoying curling up tight and pretending he’s back in the womb.

Carole on

Oh my god, that picture freaked me out at first. Something about the way her hand is up (holding the phone which I didn’t notice) and a lock of her flying to the side made it look like she was holding a cigarette. Thank god I looked again.

Oh and as for the baby carrier, I think it’s more a matter of the fact that she hasn’t tied it properly and not the babycarrier itself. The way she has it, it’s too loose and needs to be spread out more over the shoulders and must be causing some shoulder strain. But done right, they’re so cozy and cuddly and a lot of babies really thrive that way. (Some of course, like my first sadly, HATE it, but I’ve seen so many babies who instantly mellow out like that.)

joy on

While wearing babies close to our bodies may seem “new” and “odd” to some, perhaps even just a fad made popular by recent celebrity parents.. it is meeting the need to be close to mother, this is how human babies are designed to be looked after.

So babywearing has slowly become more trendy, great! That doesn’t mean it is unsafe, or indeed unnecessary. Neither does it need to be expensive. Sure there are some gorgeous slings out there – there are silk ring slings (on metal rings) linen/hemp/silk/wool blend wraps, and custom made carriers for all. However a length of woven cotton will function safely and comfortably to wrap baby close.

Positioning and proper posture for both parent and baby are important. Used properly a carrier is not unhelpful at all, quite the opposite. If you understand how a newborns body works – it becomes apparent that they are born to be worn. The newborns hips naturally take a sit/squat position, the joint sits squarely in the still soft socket this way – in fact it is the exact position achieved in the medical harness used to treat hip dysplasia. Added to this, the newborn spine is shaped differently to its adult form. It is curved in such a way as to fit perfectly against mum. A baby placed upright against his mothers body will be in the optimum position for healthy hip, spine and digestive development.

There are *many* studies showing the benefits of using a baby carrier. Done safely it *is* what is healthy and comfortable for a growing baby.

brooke on

I don’t like those kids of slings personally, I like the baby bjorn the best.

Anna on

Unfortunately the Baby Bjorn is really not great for the baby, as they’re hanging by their crotch. Of course, it’s better than nothing and I’m always happy to see a mom carrying her baby, but I much prefer a pouch, mei tai, wrap, or Ergo. There’s so many great options out there now.

sil on

is there really a baby inside that sling??? omg…

Emily on

That’s a wrap, not a sling. And he’s totally fine.

Meredith on

Actually, that doesn’t look uncomfortable at all. The “cramped up” feeling the babies get in slings is usually soothing because this is what they are used to in utero. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was that the sling/wrap looked very comfy for mommy as well. I’m sure she wouldn’t use it if the baby didn’t like it. Leave her alone. She knows what’s best for her baby.

meghan on

yeah – we have a moby wrap… hers isn’t tied exactly correctly – but he looks alright in there. there is no “ring of plastic.”

KW on

The only “obvious to me” thing I noticed about this picture was that Courtney isn’t wearing the wrap with the fabric spread across her shoulders enough. This could make it ‘potentially’ really uncomfortable. If worn correctly, this type of wrap is very comfortable, and easy on the neck and shoulders. Carole already pointed that out in a previous post.
These wrap carriers AND slings are both very comfortable for mother and baby, as long as they are worn properly, and of course, if baby likes being carried like that.

I used a H2H sling for both my children, and it was a godsend. My daughter was extremely colicky from the age of 3 weeks to 4.5 months and it was virtually the only thing that calmed her. Otherwise, she screamed for 7-8 hours a day, (every afternoon and evening) without fail.

My son was (and is) very cuddly, and I simply couldn’t carry him around all the time with his sister to also look after. Safety wise, he was secure, he was very content, and feeling all my movement and sounds/heartbeat as I did whatever I had to do.

The key with both my children, was that I began using this sling VERY early, so the feeling was very much something they were familiar with. I wore them every day, so using it consistently was something that we both looked forward to. I didn’t use it to be fashionable, lol… I used it simply out of necessity (and desperation in my daughter’s case!)

Nancy on

I have had huge success with slings and I think that they have given my kids much comfort and me the freedom to do other things with my hands while they are in slings. I think it is great that they are becoming more “in”.

Jillian on

Carole: I thought the same thing when I first glanced at the picture, I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t a cigarette!!!:)

I love seeing mothers wear their babies and can only hope my child will enjoy it when I start a family. Does anyone have a recommendation for a certain sling or wrap? Are they a one size fits all, or do they have different sizes for different size moms?

Anyways, I’ve been a fan of Courtney’s since Melrose Place and love seeing her with her new little one…

Sasha on

Perhaps he’s a little squashed for the moment, but he’s right close to his mom, and they’re both getting fresh air…

Lori on

I have that same type of carrier and my daughter absolutely loved it! At 8 months, she sits in it differently now, but still loves it. It allows her to be with me and me to have both hands free at the same time. Being a single mom, it’s been a life saver in the grocery store and during household chores like laundry.

I don’t think Jake is uncomfortable or Courtney wouldn’t be using it. My daughter can’t stand the Bjorn. That’s why there are so many different carriers out there… each baby has their own personality and what works best for them.

chatty cricket on

Carole- LOL, I totally thought the same thing when I first looked at the picture! And I had to look twice!!

My first also hated the sling, my second loved it and could have lived in it if I let him. 😉

ang on

i thought it was a cig too LOL. i wasn’t sure at first, but looking at the pic again, he looks cozy. what sort of sling is it?

Sarah’s note: It’s a wrap. We haven’t been able to find out the exact brand.

Stephanie on

I have a 13 week old son, and I have been using a baby sling/carrier with him since his birth. I love the baby ktan baby carrier it’s super comfortable. I used the baby bjorn with my first baby but it would always give me a back ache. With the Baby Ktan I am much more comfortable and so is my son. It’s perfect, especially when I have to chase after his sister all the time.

enid on

How is that baby getting fresh air or any visual stimulation? They tell you to make sure your babies room is not overheated and nothing should be over the face to prevent SIDS. Can someone explain to me how this way of carrying a baby is safe and beneficial? He certainly has to be overheated in that carrier.

Lisa on

Those of you that defended Courtney did so very eloquently. Nice job! It’s so sad that some people put so much effort into degrading someone just because they’re famous. Many people use baby carriers. Many don’t. NO BIG DEAL!! I barely used a snugli for my son, and didn’t see the need to spend tons of money on a bjorn. For my daughter, I have used both a ring sling and a pouch sling. I’d like to try a mei tai now that she’s older, but I want to try it before buying.

Jillian, you asked about which is the best, and it’s just like footwear. You have to decide for yourself. I’ve found to be a great resource. You can search for groups in your area that might let you try their slings before having to commit to one.

Sara on

I believe she’s using a Baby Pouch (

joy on

At 10 weeks he’ll be getting all the visual stimulation he needs looking into mamas eyes while he feeds, noting the light changing around him as they move.. all natural, peaceful stimulus for a brain that is beginning to put it’s world together.

As for overheating/SIDS issues. Being next to mum is going to mean that his body temperature will self regulate alongside hers. Studies have shown that body temperature and oxygen saturation rates of worn babies are fantastic. Physiologically, our babies bodies work *best* when next to their mothers skin. Being carried in a cloth carrier against a parent is far, far safer than being left in a room with static temperature, and blankets that could smother unnoticed.

Jillian on

I have to say that my daughter at that age, and still today loves being carried. The closer and more “squashed” the better at that age for many babies. I could pop her in the sling, bounce for a minute and she’d be out yet scream the whole time I carried her in her infant seat. It is so much healthier for babies to be close to their mother especially during the first 3 months of life (many pediatricians consider this to be the 4th trimester). Being near the mother’s chest also helps regulate temperature, breathing and also can help a baby’s proprioception (movement sensations and balance). Actually the baby bjorns are not as healthy and safe for a growing baby’s spine and hips as say a ring sling, wrap, or other more “bohemian/peasant/hippie” styles.

Lynn on

RE: Jillian –

it’s wonderful to read of your interest in those slings or wraps!😀 and it is truly wonderful to be able to wear a little one, and then enjoy the benefits of a worn baby who’s calmer and happier in general which then helps in the baby’s overall development😉

slings and wraps do have specific sizings, though there are some one-size/length fits all🙂

you might wanna check out for more information and help!


mira on

only 3 months until I can wrap a newborn like that again…can’t wait🙂 And for those who wondered, if you could peek inside her wrap you’d see that the baby isn’t nearly as squished as it looks from the outside, he’s got plenty of room to breathe, and at 10 weeks old is probably sleeping and not in need of any more stimulus other than that which his mother is already providing. Good to see a celebrity wearing a wrap properly (baby’s probably not heavy enough for her to need to spread the fabric much) and getting some fresh air. Though I, too, thought it was a cigarette in her hand at first glance!

KW on

Jillian- (I apologize for the length of this)

I used a Heart 2 Heart (H2H) ring sling with padded sides. I found it very comfortable and easy to use. Mine came with a booklet and video, but I found the best help was just to keep using it. I actually met with the creator of the sling when my daughter was only a few weeks old and she helped me a lot to gain confidence in using it.

I had to practice several times with a heavy doll or a teddy bear to get used to the positioning of how the sling “sat” on me. Slings should be worn higher up, rather than low toward the belly to prevent neck and shoulder pain. The diagonal “sash” portion up by the ring needs to be placed right on the ball of the shoulder, not toward the neck, otherwise you will likely feel strain. It’s not something you can really explain, you just have to practice.

I felt discouraged at first with using it with my daughter, because it didn’t feel quite right. It turned out I wasn’t wearing it tightly enough or high enough on me. This brand of sling comes in several different sizes, and allowed me a really great fit, based on my height and build.

I preferred this non-stretchy sling to the stretchy wrap (like Courtney has) because the wrap fabric was hot and it felt confining to ME. I kind of felt like I was bandaged up in a tensor bandage, lol. Wraps are also pretty difficult for me to put on alone, while holding onto a baby. I agree, the babywearing sites are a big help. I know there are also groups out there to try many different brands and get help with fitting.

Good luck to you!

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