Brooke Shields says she wants to try for a son

03/21/2008 at 10:04 AM ET

While her husband Chris Henchy is apparently content with daughters Rowan Francis, 4 ½, and Grier Hammond, turning 2 next month, Brooke Shields says she’d like to try for another baby, telling US magazine "I want a boy!"

I’m going to have to convince him and he’s a hard sell at this point. 

As for why Chris would be hesitant to add to their brood, the 42-year-old actress has a theory. 

Maybe he likes the even number.

Brooke and Chris were married in 2001.

Source:  US

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brooke on

Yea I have heard brooke say in the past, she really wants a son. She has adorable kids, and I love brooke. She will be 43 in may though, so if she wants another bio child she should do it soon. I would love to see her with a son, although I think she would have another girl. I saw rowan in a magazine yesterday, she is beautiful looks exactly like brooke.

Nicole on

Love Brooke!

I hope they try for baby number 3, their girls are so cute!

Nikka on

Yay !! I like when people have more then 1 child.. 3 is just perfect. If they have only one child, sometimes they only had him/her as an accessory😦 If they have more then you can be sure they really love kids. Plus is great for the kids to have siblings

Maria on

“If they have only one child, sometimes they only had him/her as an accessory😦 If they have more then you can be sure they really love kids. Plus is great for the kids to have siblings”

Please tell me you are NOT serious, Nikka. I have been blessed with 1 daugher, and that is all I will most likely have. I am will be 39 in April, so my age is definitely NOT on my side. I am also a single parent. I am not wealthy by any means, and quite frankly it would be irresponsible of me to try and bring another baby into this world and then not be able to afford to take care of them and my daughter. Don’t get me wrong, if my situation was different I would try and have another baby in a heartbeat! I really, really want to have another one, but it just isn’t in the cards for me. I love my daughter more than anything else in this world, and I dont have to have more than one baby to prove how much I love kids, and she certainly isnt an accessory!! She was very much wanted and is very much loved! She has cousins to grow up with. No, it is not the same as a sibling would be, but she isnt a hermit for crying out loud!

Starlet on

Nikka I’ve worked with CPS for years, honestly a lot of people do NOT have a lot of children because they love them. A lot of people who have 1 child do so because of infertility, medical reasons or choice. In fact a huge study was just published on only children and all findings were positive. While I won’t have an only I respect families that do.

Best wishes to Brooke, although of course number 3 could be another girl🙂

Lucille on

I love Brooke and wish her well, but she’d better get trying since she is on the older side of the fertility spectrum.
I’m in her same situation- I have 2 gorgeous little sons and I’m trying to convince my husband to try for one more, maybe a girl this time?!

Jude on

The way the ratings are going for Lipstick Jungle, she will have plenty of time to expand her family.

I wish her the best.

tink1217 on

nikka, are you serious?? Lots of people have one child because that is all they can afford to have or because they have problems having any more. I couldn’t believe it when I read your post!

I think Brooke has beautiful children. I bet she could convince her hubby to try for a son!!!

Mia on

I’m glad I’m not the only one who was offended by Nikka’s comments. Did it ever cross your mind that some people know they will not be able to handle more than one child and that it would be selfish for them to try and have another? “Having him or her as an accessory” you have got to be kidding, please tell me you’re kidding.

So I guess Kate Beckinsale, Celine Dion, and Shania Twain are all selfish mothers who only wanted to bag the latest accessory and didn’t care to give their child a sibling.

Did you know a study revealed that only children tend to do better in life as they more than likely got most of their parents love and attention instead of having to compete for it with brothers or sisters? It’s like women can’t win if there not a bad mother for one thing their a bad mother for something else.

You know what I like best about having only one child, he or she will never have to feel like their parents have a favorite child because your one child will always be your favorite child.

Mimi on

My husband was previously married and has three children, and I was lucky enough, after infertility treatments, to conceive my daughter, who is 16-months-old now. We’ve decided not to have anymore children because my husband feels that having four is enough. Though it’s hard sometimes (I really want a son, too), it’s a choice we made. It doesn’t mean I don’t really love kids, because I only have one. I love her to death, and she is so NOT an accessory.

For some people, myself included, only one biological child is in the cards. Everyone who wants children should be so lucky as to be blessed with one, let alone more.

Carlie on

I don’t see anything wrong with just having the one child, I have two but a friend of mine has just the one and she has said that she definitely doesn’t want any more. She has given numerous reasons as to why she doesn’t – all of which are very practical reasons.

Anyway, back to Brooke, if that’s what she wants – I wish her well.

I’d love a little boy too. But not right now. I don’t have enough time in the day for three because my two girls are so young and take up so much of my time already. It wouldn’t be fair to bring another child in to the world at the minute. But who knows, maybe in the future when my girls are a little older and can look after themselves a little bit more than they obviously can at the moment, we may try for another.

ang on

brooke doesn’t have a lot of time if she wants another baby, so she better get right on it….wonder what teri hatcher would say about the accessory theory?

Veroncia on

This is the straw that broke the camel’s back with me. What used to be a pleasure, coming here to see and read about celebrities and their little ones, has turned into a place where a group of bored, unsatisfied women have nothing better to do than to judge and bash the parental decisions of others. Everything from breastfeeding, to slings, to fertility, to the names that parents choose has to be attacked by someone.

As the proud mom of a gifted, talented, spiritual, and well-adjusted singleton, I’m highly offended that anyone feels the need to question my commitment to my only child because she doesn’t have a sibling. I never wanted more than one. There is nothing wrong with me. I can afford another one. I just want one. I’m also put off that people think the only two reasons people have just one child is age or medical. One completes my family, period. Why can’t some of you just come at look at the pics and read the articles without bashing? It’s a shame that this is what this site has turned into.

Petra on

I don´t understand, why the posters are so upset about Nikka´s comment. I know several people, who are exactly the people, who Nikka is talking about. The accessory theory fits them very well. Nikka also said SOMETIMES. So why to be so touchy? That´s general problem of internet discussions. Someone says their opionion and another one immediately screams: That´s not true, I… But to have different experience doesn´t mean that the first person must be wrong. There are many various people in the world.

Elizabeth on

Just to add my 2 cents- I’m an only child, I am definitely not an accessory, but I TOTALLY know what Nikka is talking about. I’ve thought the exact same thing watching certain celebrities… I don’t think having a lot of kids necessarily means you really love them, but some people (not all of them!) do have just one because it’s the next thing to do in life or whatever.

asherzarakaif on

Having children at all, is a sacred responsibility/gift that must be taken seriously. I’ve taught for years & seen scores of people who NEVER should have had children at all and yet seem to reproduce w/o any difficulty and w/o getting any more competent. If you only have one, outsiders tend to be more critical of all weaknesses w/ the conclusion being that if there were siblings, then the only would be a better human being. There are millions upon millions of children who turn out just fine despite being only children, just as there are numerous examples of children coming from larger families who are obviously troubled.

My DH & I elected to have 3 and are doing our best to make it a worthwhile endeavor and raise children who are assets to our family, our community, and our world. When you have 1 child, you get to exercise a bit more control, and when you have more than that, you have to cede control. Only children are lonely, but loneliness also occurs in larger families as well. As mothers, we need to step away from judging & condemning (as judge & jury), after all, do you want your children to engage in the same behavior?

As far as celebrities airing their desires for large or small families, boys or girls, biological or adopted, more power to them. We should all be so lucky to have the means to exert this much control in our own lives. on

Why in the world is there even a discussion about only children in this post about Brooke Shields wanting to try for a THIRD? What a strange thing to post originally and then to comment on…it’s irrelevant to Brooke Shields.

This isn’t a message board where you start a new post…it’s a site where you leave comments on existing posts. If you want to start your own post, start your own blog!

Brooke, go for a third and pray for a boy…the worst thing that can happen is you’ll have another adorable girl!

cindy on

Nikka, that is the most ignorant statement I have ever read. Having only one child means the child is an accessory?” I don’t even understand what you mean by that.
Anyways, if Brooke does go for a third child, I wish her the best of luck conceiving and with her pregnancy. She seems like a great mom!

Mousie on

I think it’s a little mean of Brooke to talk about this publicly anyway – if her husband doesn’t want more children, she needs to stop talking about it and be grateful for the two beautiful healthy children she has.

Lindsay on you are doing the same thing you are attacking people for. All you had to do is comment on Brooke but you decided to get off topic make a comment on how people are getting off topic. I for one like to come to CBB and see the interesting comments people make that sometimes spark a debate and if CBB did not like our comments they would not post them.

I for one am surprised by Brooke’s comments. She had such a hard time conceiving Rowan and then with the PPD she said she wasn’t sure she could do it again. She had a surprise pregnancy with Grier so maybe she thinks conceiving will be easy the third time around or maybe she is considering IVF or adoption.

Jasmine on

I don’t think it’s mean at all for brooke to want to convince her husband for a third child weather it be boy or girl. What’s wrong with wanting one more? I have three and I am trying to convince my husband for one more too! You make think I’m crazy but that’s how I feel. I don’t think it’s selfish we support our children and we Don’t play favorites!

Nad on

Hey guys- Instead of wishing Brook luck with her boy why are you guys saying that she will have a girl for the third time? That can really hurt her feelings, especially if she really wants a boy! So please, atleast be positive for her!!!

yaosa on

Thank you Veroncia ! You just echoed my sentiments!

I was giving up on commenting anymore or even reading articles (by default I end up reading a few comments when I click to read the articles or interview further so I somehow feel no choice in avoiding some of the comments) here because it feels like bashing out of boredom and I have better things to do with my internet time than read and respond to those sort of posts.

But I have to say that this post isn’t as bad as a few other recent posts on this site.

I don’t think Nikka meant to offend and the other side of her statement would be what about the women who want to be pregnant all the time or in permanent baby mode or for at least as long as their bodies will allow them ? I know at least 2 women who keep having babies to keep up with maternity fashion and new baby gear and to keep adding to that one ‘accessory’ child. It’s like they want to ‘play house’ all the time.

How is that for the debate ?

I admire Brook Shields a lot and I think it’s great that she openly expresses her desire for a boy! Whatever she decides to do she has a beautiful family and I wish them all the best!

Annina on

I hate to continue this unrelated tangent, but I just had to comment on this:
“You know what I like best about having only one child, he or she will never have to feel like their parents have a favorite child because your one child will always be your favorite child.”

I have no problem with people having one child for ANY reason; it’s their business, not mine. But I resent that in defending the reasons for having one child, people feel the need to say things against having multiple kids. I’m one of four, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world– even if it would’ve meant more attention from my parents. I loved growing up with a brother and sisters always around, and that companionship made up for any individual time that our parents might’ve been unable to give. That said, my best friend growing up was an only child raised by a single mother, and she and her mother had an amazing relationship. Her mom loved her tremendously and she was most certainly not an accessory.

Back to the topic at hand, whatever Brooke and her husband decide, I wish them the best of luck! I always liked the idea of 3 kids myself. 🙂

keri on

Regarding the accessory comment,Nikka… I don’t understand. You mentioned number 3 like it is a magical number. How is that any different than saying 1 is an accessory?

I love children, but my husband and I are planning to have just one. Because we feel it is the smart and responsible choice for us. Too many people in this world have more children than they can handle. Mental illness is out of control, much of what stems back to parenting. Parents not around, too many parents burdened with money problems, parents with multiple kids who are not capable of giving enough attention to a child with problems, etc. Many women have babies and then immediately want another one. But we need to stop and ask ourselves, are we in a position to do this? If you can’t afford more than one, don’t have more than one. If you are very in to your career, have only one (or none). If there is a serious problem with your current child which requires a lot of attention, then stop and don’t have more unless you have A LOT of help. We need to do our world a favor and think responsibly. Women want to think with their hearts, but we need to use our brains as well. We see this world’s problems escalating. It is not difficult to see why.

J.J. on

Didn’t Brooke mention before that she was done having kids?? Maybe she isn’t. Regardless of whether it’s a boy or a girl, that baby will be beautiful indeed =), although a little boy would be nice to have after two girls.

jen on

Please help me. I think my computer is freezing up because of the ad on here for glam now glam media. The only time I have problems is when I come here and read the comments section and accidently scroll over the ad. Then it says or glamfeeds something and I have to restart my programs. Can you tell me if this is possible and if so what can I do to fix it?

Aura on

People, chill. There are downsides and upsides to every family situation -whether you have one child or half-a-dozen. Personally, I’m an only child, and I’ve always enjoyed it. No one to share a room with, no one to fight with or anything like that. But of course there are downsides: It can be lonely, and things like that. All in all, whatever choices mother’s make is the right one for their family, so if having just one is for you, cool, then!

Onto Brooke: I hope she can have another child, but if not, she still have two beautiful little girls, and a lovely husband!

Eliza on

To be honest, every only child I know is spoiled rotten and not in a good way.
My grandmother is an only child and always tells me how lucky I am to have a sibling to share things with, goog and bad. When her parents died she was left to deal with it all alone. At least with a sibling you have someone to share things with.
Also my nephew is an only child with older parents and I feel sorry for him because he has no one to play with at home as his parents are too old and tired. They bought him a playstation instead and now he is putting on weight fast.
I say, if you can, have at least two. It’s better for them in the long run.

Mousie on

I didn’t say Brooke shouldn’t discuss this with her husband.

I said she shouldn’t talk about it publicly – it’s a personal issue and it should be between the two of them.

It makes him look mean because he won’t agree with her.

babyboopie on

I hope brooke has a son- it would be nice for her and her daughters to have another male in the household!
As to Nikka’s comment, I have a son and I don’t want anymore at the moment because I feel happy and content with my little boy that I don’t feel the need/desire to have any more children. But if it happens, it happens, I’ll be so happy to have another child. My son is happy being an only child at the mo, because he has my full attention and everything I do, I do for him. Of course he would love to have a sibling, but for now, he’s happy with his many cousins and friends to keep him company! And me!

Tracie on

In response to Nikka’s previous comment about someone having only 1 child – My mom is an only child, I’m an only child, and I only want 1 child. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with having or being an only child. Some people want to be a mother and experience motherhood without being pulled in every direction and want to have more time with that 1 child. Some people are meant to have a bunch of kids and others, like my family, prefer to have just 1 child!!! Neither is right or wrong, but is each person’s personal preference. You shouldn’t be so judgemental!

Rebecca on

As a mama of 2 gorgeous girls, I totally understand the feelings of wanting a boy as well. I do get frustrated at the remarks people make to me (like, “You HAVE to have another one so you can have a boy!”) because it seems like the US is so dead set that families have to have male children and female children (and once you get that sought after child of the missing sex, you’re supposed to stop!) My hubby is almost 10 years older than me, (he’s mid-30’s) so he doesn’t want to have anymore children, so again, I totally understand needing to convince the hubs to get on board. With my luck, I’d have another girl, who knows, maybe my hubby only makes girls (and maybe Chris only makes girls!) Right now, we’re thinking adoption later on, at least that way we know for sure we’re going to have a boy😉 Good luck to Brooke on getting what she desires!

mirsha on

Just to clear things up a little – Nikka didn’t say anything is WRONG with having one child. She said SOME people have one child as an accessory.
I personally think its your own decision whether or not you have children and if so, how many you choose to have, as long as you are having them for the right reasons, and not just because you think you have to.

Monika on

Nikka, i think it was ignorant of you to post such a thing. I have one child and don’t plan on having any more. my daughter isn’t an accessory, she is a lovely child and we just adore her. we decided long ago, that for us, one was what we wanted. i get to stay home with her, we take great vacations and we can give her more with just one.

Nausicaa on

Um, why are you posting this? This is from US Weekly. US Weekly! If you post something from such an unreliable source, why aren’t you posting other tabloid “news,” like Angelina Jolie’s fertility treatments and fraternal twins and whatnot? I thought you were aware that US Weekly is one of those magazines that, you know, make stuff up!

Sarah’s note: What? I’m confused. This is a direct quote made by Brooke to Us at an event she attended. We post things from Us, OK! In Touch and Life & Style quite frequently when they are direct quotes from the celeb – for example, Tori’s confirmation to In Touch that she’s having a girl.

We wouldn’t post any of the above things about Angelina when they are rumor and she hasn’t mentioned a thing about them. I don’t really understand your comment, but maybe I’m misunderstanding?

Elyse on

Gheez! It is getting to point where I am really leary to read posts anymore because I have noticed lately people are being so negative, IMO. I feel like almost every post turns into an argument.

Any how, Brooke has such a lovely family, and I am sure she would be happy if her next child was a boy or a girl (that is if she can get her hubby to agree for another!);) Best of luck to her and her family!

J.M. on

I think Nikka just worded her comments wrong because I can understand to an extent of what she was trying to say.

I personally know some people who would love to have more kids but can’t. That doesn’t mean they don’t love and adore their one and only child. I also know people that have one child and that’s all they want because they know financially they wouldn’t be able to afford anymore. They’re making the smart decision to make it work with their one child rather then bring more into the world that they know they can’t afford. Wouldn’t it be best to just give your one child the best it could have instead of trying to provide for more children knowing you can’t?

With that being said I can see how some people may have a child for selfish reasons. Some people will trick their significant others into having a child to “keep” them in their life. Or some have a child because they believe some how or some way this child will bring them the “love” they felt they never got from their parents. So I can def. see Nikka’s point. But I think sometimes you have to watch how you word things in order not to offend people.

As far as Brooke is concerned if she wants to try for that boy that’s wonderful but you can’t always guarantee you’ll get what you want? Sometimes you also have to be happy with what you have. Maybe your not meant to have a son or a daughter. Everybody should just enjoy what they have whether it be one child or ten!

Carol on

Hello, Yes I just adore Brooke Shields but really she is TOO OLD for another baby. I really think that woman today are pushing the Fertility issue and we are going to see grannies and grandpas with teenage children and this is ridiculous. My mother-in-law always says that in Germany we close the Barn door at age: 40 and I agree. Thank, Carol.

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