Wilkerson family goes out to lunch on Thursday

03/20/2008 at 09:49 PM ET

Rocker Mark Wilkerson, 30, actress Melissa Joan Hart, 31, and their boys Mason Walter, 2, and Braydon ‘Brady’ Hart, 8 days, walked to lunch at The Habit Burger Grill earlier today.


Photos by JFXOnline; BauerGriffinOnline.com

Click below for another image as well as stroller and carrier info.



Melissa pushes Orbit Baby’s Orbit Infant System in mocha/khaki ($900). Instead of the carseat, which we’ve seen most celeb parents using, Melissa has the bassinet (which comes with a cradle base as well — $240) attached to the stroller.

41qjon4xltl_ss500_Mark carries Mason in a Kelty KIDS Tour child carrier in cobalt/silver ($190).

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Alecia on

Beautiful Family! Melissa looks rejuvenated to me, she’s got that mommy glow going…

brooke on

Mark is really hot, and mason is a cutie looks just like his daddy.

Elyse on

What a gorgeous family!!!

Nicole on

Melissa looks cute as always. Mark is so gorgeous! ….thanks for the new pics..beautiful family.

Love Melissa and family!!

shell on

I love to see this family, they seem down to earth. And Mason is adorable. But, is it me or is the baby awfully young to be out and about like this. Yesterday we saw pictures of them shopping as well. After all he is not even two weeks old yet.

Anna on

Oh, it’s fine. I took my kids out the day I got home, just for walks around the neighborhood, then we started really going out at about a week. As long as you’re keeping them in a sling or their carseat and protecting them from being mauled by germy strangers my midwife said it’s totally fine.

Lynn on

Hell yeah – her hubby is hot! I am surprised she is out & about already. I was still having a hard time walking! Is that the same stroller she had with Mason?

Sarah’s note: I think she had the Graco when he was still in the infant carseat, then she had a Kate Spade Maclaren Quest. I know she got the toddler seat for the Orbit, but not sure if she tried it out with Mason or just held onto it and started using the bassinet with Brady first.

liz on

Mark definitely needs a new shirt. war eagle baby!!!

they have such an adorable family!! i can’t wait to see brady

Carole on

I never realized how little she is before (seeing her with her husband puts it into perspective). I have a similar height difference with my hubby (he’s 6’3, and I’m 5’3″). I’m very impressed they’re out and about already. 8 days? That seems amazing. But maybe you have no choice when you have a toddler around too.

meghan on

we had dd out within the first couple of weeks… and – gasp – we flew with her to egypt when she was 6 weeks old and returned when she was 11 weeks. she was the healthiest of all of us the whole time we were gone. my husband and i were sick twice!

Krissie on

I LOVE this family. Mark and Melissa look so perfect together! And Mason is going to grow up to be a heartbreaker, and I’m sure Brady is too!

Mark is so incredibly handsome (I’m sure both boys take after him)….but he definitely just lost points in my book for wearing a ‘Bama t-shirt! War Eagle!

Ericka on

EVERYTIME I see them I can’t help but think “My god what a beautiful man”. He’s not even my type physically…but wow he’s a beautiful man. She’s so lucky lol

Great family!

chatty cricket on

Oh I don’t think Brady is too young to be out at all. I had my daughter in early June and started taking walks with her by the end of her first week home. She napped in the bassinet while we strolled and it was a very sweet time.

Mason is SO CUTE.

Just Saying on

I love seeing pictures of this family. Mark really is cute, Mason is adorable and she is looking really good. Can’t wait to see a picture of Brady even though i think he will look like Mason when he was that age, but I’m sure cute nonetheless. And what’s up with the shirt Mark is wearing…what does that mean cuz I seen a couple of people made comments about it.

Amber H. on

They are an adorable family. I wish I could have been out walking around with my baby at a week post partum! I had to have a c-section and my husband, baby, my mom and I ran into Walmart after my daughter’s checkup about a week after I had her. What was I thinking? I hurt for two days after that and didn’t really get out again for almost two weeks! She is definitely a glowing mom!

Cyndy on

Ok I could be wrong…but to me it looks like Mark is wearing an Alabama tshirt….not an Obama one.

Sarah’s note: Yes, it’s Alabama. I doubt he’d be wearing a shirt like that anyway, Melissa is known for being pretty conservative! The posters are referring to Alabama football’s nicknames and rivalries.

Amy on

I think it’s great that they are out and about with the baby already, I was always told “fit the baby into your life”, not the other way around. My youngest two are 13 months apart and I’ve always taken them everywhere with me, and they are now 6,3, and 2, and great little travelers.
And BTW, he is definitely wearing an Alabama shirt, look at the first picture! Man, you people will look for the slightest little thing to complain about! Let’s just be happy for them that they have a healthy new baby and a gorgeous family.

Sarah’s note: They aren’t complaining about the shirt. They’re joking about it.

Kathy on

Yes, Mark looks great! LOVE the shirt ~ Roll Tide!

babyboopie on

i absolutely adored melissa’s pregnancy journals right from the start with braydon and i am pleased he has arrived safely and that melissa, mark and mason have settled down nicely, judging from this picture! i wonder when we’ll see the pics of brady?
i bet he will be as adorable as his big brother mason! 🙂

Dee on

I was just watching a re-run of Sabrina there and couldn’t stop thinking that the teenage witch is a mama with two babies now. Makes me feel old lol
I’m lovin this wee family, so sweet.

Roise on

It’s always a little bit of a shock to me to see the mama “post pregnancy”. I just get so used to seeing a baby belly, that to not have it there anymore, it’s like “There’s something different about her…oh duh!” But Clarissa/Sabrina/Melissa looks great, and yes Dee, I feel old too, lol….

Jessica on

I was shopping at Carter’s in Woodland Hills, CA on my lunch break today and was shocked when I saw Melissa and her family in there shopping too! Mason is so cute & her & Mark are a great couple. They are an adorable little family..especially when you see them in person.

ladymama on

That sure is a big old backpack for a walk to lunch. They need an Ergo! Save that puppy for your next hike up Mt. Everest.

Kat on

or a double stroller!

Or let Mason ride in a stroller and wear the baby!

Sarah on

they are such a cute family!

Lindsey on

Such a big stroller! I know she got a babyhawk a while back, too…

Lindsey on

Such a big stroller! I know she got a babyhawk a while back, too…