CBB exclusive update: Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg welcome second daughter, Jagger Joseph Blue

03/20/2008 at 04:55 PM ET

Soleil_3_cbbCBB exclusive update: Soleil has read your comments and sent us the following response to reader discussion about her new daughter Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg‘s name.

We are truly blessed to have welcomed the newest addition to our family. Poet is overjoyed and giving her baby sister tons of love. I am in a complete state of bliss. It is amazing that this has been just as incredible the second time around.

We came home from the hospital and heard that there was a lot of dialogue happening in regards to our new baby’s name. We thought it would be great to let you know how it came about.

Jagger was a name that we loved from the beginning of the pregnancy. We always wanted to be surprised by the sex and we felt like it was perfect for a boy or a girl.

Joseph has a meaning that is so very close to our hearts. It was the name of our godfather, the patriarch of our family, the one who was there for me the day that I was born and the person who walked me down the aisle at my wedding. He was the inspiration of our family and he passed away of cancer a little over a year ago.

Blue, we just loved it.

We have always believed in the names within our family having a deeper purpose and for us, Jagger Joseph Blue was certainly one that came from the bottom of our hearts. She is beautiful, happy and healthy, which is what is most important, and the name makes us smile each and everyday.

Click below for the original birth announcement.

Originally posted March 17th: Actress Soleil Moon Frye, 31, and her husband, producer Jason Goldberg, 36, have welcomed their second daughter. Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg was born on Monday, March 17th in Los Angeles, CA, weighing in at 8 lbs, 6 oz. She joins big sister Poet Sienna Rose, 2 ½. Soleil’s rep shares,

Soleil had a wonderful experience, and both she and the baby are doing great.

The couple announced the pregnancy in October, at the same time as Soleil opened up her organic store, The Little Seed. In the fall, Soleil did a CBB-exclusive interview,telling us they were going to try to make this baby a delivery surprise– they wanted to with Poet, but just didn’t have the patience. InDecember, she and close friend Melissa Joan Hart did a magazine spread together, and in January, we did another CBB-exclusive interview — this time, with photoshoot! Soleil had been due in early March.

Source: People

Thanks to CBB readers Sarah, Devon, Iesha and Meaghan.

CBB note: We understand readers want to discuss the use oftraditionally male names on a girl. Comments which simply expressdislike for the name ina snarky or negative tone will not be published.

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brooke on

I had a feeling from the start she would have another girl, and melissa another boy. Interesting name the baby has. Congrats to her.

Devon on

Congrats!! It’s been a girl weekend! My best friend became an aunt to a baby girl on Sunday, Halle Berry had a girl now Soleil!

Congrats to the Frye/Goldberg familes!

poppy on

Congratulations! I must say, I think Poet is a much prettier name for a girl than Jagger.

Sarah on

congrats to them! i feel like her and melissa’s kids will be best friends.

and you’re welcome🙂

Karen on

Aw Congrads!!! I love the name Jagger, although I like it better for a boy.

Rye on

I am ALWAYS wrong!! haha. That is so great that they had another girl! It’s definetly been a nice little baby girl weekend!🙂 I know someone who just found out on Friday that they are having a little girl too! Poet is sooooo cute too! Jagger is not my favorite name though for a little girl, but oh well!

Sallie on


Nikka on

Oh that is so sweet ! I don’t really know her but i love the way she looks

merrymum on

Are we certain that it’s a girl? Jagger and Joseph are very masculine names…

Sarah’s note: It is, apparently! I asked Ulrica Wihlborg, who writes the People baby announcements and columns, and she said, “It IS a girl! I double-checked!”

We’ve been through the ‘Liv Tyler has a girl!’ and ‘Gabby Reece has a boy!’ People.com story mistakes before, so I want to check with her, because the names threw me as well. We’ll see I guess!

dana on

I thought it was a boy at first until i read it was another girl. Not liking the name but it’s hollywood so i’m not surprised.

But big congrats to the happy parents.

Jen on

Congrats! Poet is so cute and I bet the baby is gorgeous as well!

Kit on

Hmmm…I’m guessing it’s really a boy…congrats either way!!😀 Punky Brewster was one of my favorites as a young child😀 and Soliel seems so kind and loving as a mother.

J.J. on

Congrats!!! Yes, I agree with everyone that this weekend was like a baby girl weekend because a family friend I know had a baby girl this past Saturday! I thought they would have a son, as I guessed Melissa would have a daughter, but I should have flipped it around to be right for both of them! Anyway, I’m sure enough the new baby will be as cute as her big sis!! As I know Melissa and Soleil are good friends, I’m sure Poet and little Jagger, and Mason and little Braydon will be good friends also =).

Nad on

Congrats and God Bless the babies

Natasha on

well i’m not fond of the name, there’s absolutely no “girl” in it lol, but congrats!

Colleen on

I’m quite surprised that this isn’t another People magazine sex mix-up. Jagger, Joseph, and Blue are all very masculine names. Poet has such a feminine name, I expected the same for this daughter as well. I expected she would have another girl and Melissa JHW another boy. Halle really surprised me though- I thought she would have a boy for some reason.
Anyways, Congrats to everyone who welcomed a child this past weekend, including Soleil!

Candice on

And another little part of my name-loving soul has died. I’m surprisingly not that shocked by Jagger (isn’t that sad?) — it’s Joseph that I just can’t even comprehend. Why, when Josephine is so clearly the female variant? It boggles the mind. Really. A lot of times I just blame it on ignorance when a child gets a male name (like Riley or Aidan or what have you), but Joseph…there’s just no getting around the masculinity. Wow.

Anyway, Congrats to the family. I’ll bet she’s a beautiful baby (especially if she looks anything like her sister).

Cheryl on

Isn’t Jagger Joseph the name of Lindsey Davenports son?

Sarah’s note: Close, he’s Jagger Jonathan.

merrymum on

I am still going to say boy in the hope it’s been a mix up! None the less, baby is sure to be gorgeous!
My daughter’s name is Emerson which is also a boy’s name but I felt was very feminine sounding. I agree with Candice that Jagger nor Joseph sounds girly at all. I can think of two celebrity baby Jagger’s who are both boys and never heard of for a girl. That said, names are getting crazier these days lol!
Love Soliel, am same age and grew up with Punky!

Amanda Morris on

Yeah, the name threw me for a loop too. I figured she would have a unique name because her mother and sister do…

I just didn’t see Joseph coming lol.

Either way she’s going to be beautiful just like her older sister.

Melissa on

Congrats to she and her family. “Interesting” name choice, but to each their own.

brooke on

The whole name sounds totally like a boy’s name not even unisex. It sounds like they really wanted a boy, and picked that out, because jagger joseph blue, doesn’t have any trace of girl in it lol.

congrats to them.

CelebBabyLover on

I just KNEW that Soleil was having another girl! Towards the end of Melissa’s pregnancy, I was pretty certain she was having another boy (especially when Mark made the “This baby’s been more active than our first son,” comment.)…and I was right about both of them. So far I have been right about Nicole Richie, Melissa, Halle, and Soleil (the reason I used both Nicole’s first and last names is because Nicole Kidman is pregnant right now, and I didn’t want to cause any confusion!)!

I’m also guessing girls for Tori and Gwen (for some reason, I don’t have any strong feelings one way or the other as to what Angelina is having.)!

Jen on

I can picture Jagger being a far-out girls name, but Joseph is all male to me. Maybe it’s a family name thing. I dig the name Blue, although I admit that my rabbit’s name is Blue due to her bright blue eyes, lol!

Anna on

It really bugs me when people list off all the guesses they’ve gotten right. Are you looking for a congratulations or something? lol Just a pet peeve of mine because I feel that it takes away from the point of the post.

Congratulations to them. The name is all male to me though, I gotta say! But I bet the baby will be as cute as Poet!

babygirll on

congrats to them, not very fond on the name though

Dave on

Jason Goldberg is a producing partner of Ashton Kutcher. They did Punkd together and now are doing that new Pop Fiction show where they punk the newsmedia.

I do wonder if they are using the baby announcement that way, announcing it’s a girl even though the child has an obviously completely male name, and seeing how far the story gets.

HMMMMM. Maybe we will hear more tomorrow.

Kelly on

congrats to them i hoped she would have a girl what with melissa getting two boys now they can each marry each other lol! jagger joesph? thats a little boyish joesph is at least especially with her sister named poet sienna rose i just hope the little girl doesnt get made fun of when she grows up but i think jaggers kinda cute not so sure for a girl but to each his own

Sasha on

can’t be the real name !

Angela on

I think this has to do with Pop Fiction… Soleil is VERY girly and I don’t think she’d name a daughter that. I think we’re being fooled. haha

Hea on

Cool name! I like it when people push the gender limits a bit. Congrats to them.

ang on

congrats obviously, but that child has a lifetime of explaining to do.

Lacey on

That name for a girl sounds so off the wall. I bet her husband is “Punking” everyone.

jillyen on

I searched her name on a page that said she had a girl,but the same page said she had a boy when I searched Jason’s name

Elizabeth on

Jagger for a girl? It stopped me at first and then I remembered that her mother is named Soleil Moon Frye. If anyone has the right to give their kid an odd name, it’s Soleil. I’m sure she’s endured loads of teasing, so if she wants to name her daughter Jagger, more power to her.

ElStuddo on

Congrats Soleil & Jason! This is great! You have my sincere prayers.🙂

Starlet on

I agree with Colleen, all those names are very masculin. I know many people whose daughter have 1 name associated more often with being a boys name (like Jennie Garth’s daughter Luca) bu they use other names that are very feminine so there is no question. For example Ryan Elizabeth Rose.

I wonder if there is any possibility it is actually a boy and the statement was wrong? It just seems very different to give a baby girl 3 boy names, especially when her older daughter’s name is very feminine.

Congrats to them!

sinclair on

“congrats obviously, but that child has a lifetime of explaining to do.”

uh, she doesn’t have to explain anything. if people don’t get her name, that’s their problem. Why are ppl so concerned with how “feminine” or “masculine-sounding” names are? WHO CARES??? Go name your kids what you want and leave the rest to other people.

Femininity and Masculinity aren’t even real constructs. They are arbitrary traits developed by society..The baby girl is healthy and that is what matters.

Congrats, Soleil!

Jen on

Good Lord..lol!

Eve on

I hope it’s a boy with that name especially since Poet Sienna Rose is so feminine.

Sinclair – maybe the child won’t like their name? Or maybe they will!

ElStuddo on

Should of been named “Jagger Joseph GREEN Goldberg” Since she was born on St. Pattys day🙂

claire on

Ok first off i want to say congratulations to soleil, jason and poet of course. But i have to agree with alot of people on this comment list. Jagger joseph is so clearly a ‘BOYS’ name. Now i’m not sexist in the least but that poor child is gonna have the micky taken out of her so bad as she gets older. I’m praying this is a joke and her real name is released soon.

That said, congrats again.

Kathleen Tracy on


mrsb on

Congrats! But I agree with those who think it’s a prank or that people have been misinformed…I am 99% sure that Jagger Joseph Blue is a boy. Especially since Poet’s name is so feminine, I think if the 2nd baby was a girl she too would have a feminine name or at least a less masculine one. I really think this little one is a boy! Also, if you search Jason Goldberg on wikipedia – it says that their second child is a BOY! Guess we shall all find out soon enough!

Ericka on

I think it’s cute…a different but cute. Come on, the girls name is Soleil Moon Frye, her first born is Poet Sienna Rose. The only “NORMAL” name in the whole bunch is her husbands. He seems like the odd man out though, weird names rule!

Neke on

I sincerely hope there’s a typing error with the sex of Soleil’s baby. No parent could be so cruel especially to a girl!!!

Carlie on

I actually like the name Jagger. I’ve always loved boy names for girls. My eldest is called Charlie-Jaye and even though my youngest is called Courtney-Leigh, which, with the name Courtney I class it as a feminine name, aparently the name originated as a boys name.

Aelys on

Looks like they were expecting a boy… or did they did they know the sex and didn’t share? Either way, congrats to them🙂

emma on

Congrats! Although I hope it is really a boy! Otherwise, that little girl is going to have a lifetime of people asking if “mommy & daddy really wanted a boy?”. As a boys name I love it, as a girls name I don’t🙂

Elle on

I guess she really, really wanted a baby boy. Gotta use up those good boy names you’ve picked out after all. I’m all for being individual and creative with naming, the boys names on girls is hardly a new and exciting trend at this point. Also I’m beginning to feel bad for the mothers of little Evans, Elliots, Emersons, and Josephs! (Male of course.) Where can they turn? Who knows how long Richard and George and Henry will hold out, my guess is not long. It’s not going to go both ways, I can guarantee there won’t be a celebrity male baby named Delilah Beatrice Lily or Stella Elizabeth Ruby. It seems very sexist, the way parents won’t hesitate to put extremely masculine names on their daughters because they want to seem “hip” and “edgy” but will certainly never think about bucking trends when naming their sons.

But that is a good question, perhaps I am wrong. Are there any celebrity baby boys out there with traditionally girl names? Besides Zowie Bowie, who was actually Duncan anyway. A man they call Jayne?

Duckdog on

I second, third and fourth those who think this is a mixup and the child is a boy. Jagger is a surname, and hence in this day and age up for grabs for either gender. But Joseph is a male name and I have never, ever seen it used for a girl. I refuse to believe that anyone would use it for a girl – it is unequivocally masculine, and anyone who wanted to pay homage to a male Joseph in their life would use the well-known and attractive feminine equivalent Josephine.

Liza on

I wonder about “Joseph”, is it a maiden name or what? It seems strange for a girl.

dutch mama on

Congrats to the happy family. So what if the name is not a “traditional” female sounding name. Bottom line is that the name works for them so who are we to judge. I see nothing wrong with bending the gender name boundaries, I have a daughter named Riley (and no, it was not chosen out of ignorance like Candice mentioned), we rather liked the name for a girl even though it is commonly a masculine name.

tink1217 on

CONGRATS!!!!!! and girl or boy…I LOVE the name Jagger!!! It is one of my favorites!!


Has to be male come on even BLUE for a boy and ROSE for a girl ie Poet

marta on

rather interesting name for a girl🙂 BTW congrats

Here in Poland about 70% of names have got both feminine and masculine versions

Kate on

I like the name Jagger for a boy, not sure for a girl. Joseph seems a bit odd to be for a girl to me! I guess if they like it, that’s all that matters🙂

Becca on

Congrats to Soleil, Jason, and Poet on the new arrival! But seriously Jagger Joseph for a girl!?!? I’m really hoping there is some mistake.

UggaMugga.com on

Girl or boy I’m not fond of Jagger. But congratulations to them and I wish happiness to their growing family!

popsykl on

My sons name is maryrose!!!!

M on

i don’t mean to be cruel, but i’m guessing it’s a boy, a joke (ala pop fiction as someone said) or..well, it’s not exactly a girly name and i can’t say i’m a fan..

i usually don’t like saying negative things, but – jagger joseph blue, for a girl?! it makes me shake my head a little, i admit..

Daze on

For some reason, I think we are going to get a correction saying that Jagger Joseph is a boy. I just can’t imagine Soleil giving a daughter such a masculine name. When giving a daughter a masculine or unisex first name, balancing it out with a second, more feminine name is always best. Unusual is cool, but Jagger Joseph Blue for a girl is not.

TracyG on

Congrats to Soleil, Jason and Poet!!!! Although I have to agree..something’s afoot….

Jagger I can accept as a new fangled girl’s name, but Joseph? I don’t get it….

With Poet having such a girly and obviously dreamy, feminine name, why would they give another girl the total opposite? Jagger Joseph is a totally non feminine, rough em up, kick butt name…

To each their own and I’m sure she’s gorgeous, but it just doesn’t add up for me.

alexp on

i will never understand why people think they are being creative and original by giving names of one gender to the other. based on poet, i’m sure this baby will be gorgeous, but it’s too bad that they didn’t give her a beautiful female name to go with it!

heather on

Congrats on a healthy baby….though I’m having a hard time believing it’ really a girl. I have known girls before who have been given masculine middle names, they’ve been last children, no sons, so they’ve gotten pretty variations on Dad’s names. But all three of those names scream out boy. Either way, a healthy baby is a wonderful thing!

Beverley on

Sometimes celebrity parents should take a step back and looks at their decision before they give their kids nutty names. What must it be like to grow up Busy, Apple, Pilot Inspektor, Audio Science, Jagger Joseph (for a girl)? I would be mortified, let alone all the teasing that you would get from the other kids. It’s almost like putting a “Bully Me” sign on to play on the playground. I guess celebrities believe that their kids are somehow immune from normal kids issues like teasing and bullying. Maybe it’s because they don’t plan to have their kids going into normal schools and holding down normal jobs. For example “Welcome to Kinko’s, I’m Pilot Inspektor, how can I help you?” Not likely.

Amy on

was pretty shocked by her name choice, her 1st daughters name is so girly, and by reading the next daughters name i would have never known it was supposed to be a girl??!!

Katie on

Congrats! However, by the name it seems they were expecting the baby to be a boy and couldn’t think of a girl’s name when she arrived.

Ekaterina on

I agree that people need to really stop criticizing the name. Sinclair had it right, masculine and feminine are constructs. Who cares if the name sounds masculine and she’s a girl? I think its a great name! She’ll be a really cool kid with it.

Frankly unusual names make a child so much more unique. You’re more likely to be called by your first and last name if you have a really common name. I’ve grown to really love having a unique name and I’m sure she will too.

People need to realize that just because she’s a celebrity, doesn’t mean you have the right to criticize her personal choices.

Kate on

I’m so happy for them. Yay for another baby girl!

That said….. Jagger??? Poet was different but sweet. Jagger is just a boys’ name. Doesn’t fit a little girl. Why would they do that to her?

Jen on

I’m really happy for Soleil, Jason and little Poet, big congrats to them!

I usually have no critical opinions on people choosing different, or unisex, names for their children. Since I myself named my son Riley I have heard a lot of “It’s a girls name!”, and I find it sad, but I love my sons name.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m not one to judge, but I think Jagger Joseph Blue is ALL boy, it’s not even unisex. Jagger Josephine Blue would have been really cute, since I can accept Jagger as a girls name, but yeah.. At first I was sure I’d read wrong when it said ‘daughter’.

Anyway, if they like it they should go for it.

Caroline on

Jagger Joseph Blue???? Could it be they were hoping for a boy??? With their other daughter named Poet Sienna Rose….one can only wonder what they were thinking. Congratulations to them!!!

Amanda on

I was excited to see they had the baby, but I’m totally on board with the name thing.. I wouldn’t even mind Jagger Blue but Joseph is TOTALLY a boys name.. I don’t know why but I can handle a boy with Tracey or Stacey as a name even though I think that’s feminine, but a girl with a boys name.. hard for me.. Jagger, Joseph.. those are typically boys name and blue is normally associated with boys (pink for girls).. but to each their own.. I used to think I’d go with a crazy name for my kids, but now I’m totally okay with a more plain jane name.

Sometimes it’s hard enough to tell the difference between a boy and girl when they’re babies.. names usually are what help clear up the confusion. I was teased as a kid for enough things and I had a normal name. Of course Poet is beautiful so I’m sure her sister is too and they wont have this problem ;p

J.M. on

Wow when I read the name first I thought on nice they had a boy and then above it said daughter?? Not that she can’t be named Jagger but Joseph?? wow!! I am thinking either the name is wrong or the sex. If that baby is a girl I don’t know why they’d have a really feminine name for their first daughter and give their second daughter 2 boy names (even Blue sounds more masculine but John and Kelly Travolta’s daughter is Ella Blue so it’s not out of the ordinary)! Maybe it’s a mistake. Only time will tell.

Lauren on

“if people don’t get her name, that’s their problem.”

Which therefore makes it her problem, which is completely unfair to her.

I personally can’t stand when people give their girls completely masculine names with no hint that the child is a female. It’s one thing to be named Luca Bella or even Owen Isabelle where the child has the choice go by their middle name if they think their first name is too boyish; Jagger Joseph is just asking for a lifetime of ridicule and extra annoyance the baby didn’t ask for. Not to mention the fact that it comes across as having wanted a boy and being disappointed by a girl.

My mother knew a woman named Michael because her dad wanted a boy and refused to name her anything else. Whether that’s the intention or not, that’s how it comes across. And then there’s the double-standard that it’s totally fine to give girls boys’ names but not vice versa. When was the last time you met a male Ava or Sophia?

I cannot wait to hear the explanation for this name.

Allyson on

I have a 5 year old son named Jagger Thomas. Never would I have thought that was a unisex name. I love the name but not for a girl. I think it is a really, really masculine name, especially paired with Joseph. Interesting choice. Wish them all the best!

Annina on

Congratulations to them on the new baby! She’s healthy, and that matters a lot more than her name.

Still, I can’t resist throwing my two cents in. What they name their child is their business, but this whole naming-girls-boys-names trend doesn’t really make sense to me. There are THOUSANDS of unique names for both girls AND boys out there; look on behindthename . com if you need proof. There’s nothing wrong with a unique name, but why can’t it be gender-appropriate? Gender might just be a “social construct”, but I personally think masculinity and femininity both have appeals, and that things would be a lot less interesting if everyone were androgynous. Just sayin’.

finnaryn on

To everyone afraid that the child will be teased growing up, why not spend your energy on teaching your own children not to make fun of other’s names instead if criticizing these parents. I have a feeling that Soleil might actually read this blog, due to the exclusive interviews she has given. She just had a baby, give her a break.

We as a society are far too critical on anything that might be a little different. “You must fit the mold or we will make your life hell.”

My first daughter’s name is Adaryn. It’s Welsh for “free as a bird.” We loved the name and it suits her well. But I once got the comment, “That’s a black kid’s name.” (this is an exact quote, not my own words). I didn’t even know how to respond to that.

I will not be confined when naming my children to what other people think I should name them. How does it effect you? How likely is it that any of you here will ever encounter Soleil and her children? If perhaps you have a chance meeting, will the fact that her child has what you perceive to be a “boy’s name” effect your life? If anyone reading this is a personal friend of her’s, then it is likely that you don’t care what name they choose because you love them all for who they are not what they are named.

Sorry to vent. Maybe this is all a Pop Fiction joke. I realize that we all have our opinions, but I just feel that people shouldn’t get so worked up over a name that parents have so lovingly given to their newborn child.

Jennifer on

Well, the mom IS named Soleil Moon so I would have been more surprised if they had named the baby a traditional name like Grace Elizabeth or Hannah Kate.

Congrats to the family!

Christine on

Congrats to them!!
They seem like a totally connected family!!

And I can’t wait to find out what Halle and Gabriel named their daughter…maybe Zachary Michael?
LOL – joking of course!!

Did we find out the name of Brooke Burkes son (did i miss that post?)

Sarah’s note: No, they haven’t announced and rep won’t respond to emails, so we’re guessing they’re waiting until they do the first photos or something.

Judyb on

Congrats to Soleil, Jason and Poet

I agree with Sinclair. Who cares what they name their baby. Joseph can also be a last name so it might be a *family* name. I am sure that someone named Sun Moon (Soleil is spanish for sun) would know about getting teased for her name. Everyone gets to name their own children and if they get teased it is not *your* problem. Also I do not think we are owed an explanation of the name choice either.

Aelys on

Just as a reminder for those who are so surprised by the baby’s name, Brooke Shields has a daughter named Rowan Francis, Michelle Branch has a daughter named Owen, P. Diddy named one of his twin daughters Jesse James (which sounds a bit cowboy-ish to me). So if Brooke, Michelle and Diddy can call their daughters boy’s names, why couldn’t Soleil? After all, she has an unusual name herself (for those who don’t know, “soleil” means “sun” in French) so she can teach her children how to live with a different name. Seriously, there are much “worse” celebrity baby names out there (Moon Unit, Zowie, Pilot Inspektor, Pirate, Audio Science, … )

erica alayne on

I was going to type out something, but Finnaryn said everything that I was thinking and wanted to say.

It might not be my first choice of names, but so what? I’m sure there are many of you on here who have named their child names that some people do not like for whatever reason. In the grand scheme of things, what does that matter? Why don’t people lament the fact that we live in a world that places so much emphasis on silly things like ‘boys names’ and ‘girls names’, and do something constructive to try and CHANGE that, so we can at least try to give our kids the gift of tolerance and acceptance?

Lyss on

congrats to soleil, jason and poet! like the other CBB readers, i’d love to know the meaning behind the name. maybe joseph is after someone’s father or one of their relatives? i thought i read the title wrong but i guess not! lauren had an interesting point…we never see ava or sophia on a boy but we do see jagger and owen for girls. dylan is very popular for girls now too. im very curious now to hear the meaning! congrats again!

Lauren on

Joseph could be a family name (last name)- I know plenty of girls with masculine-sounding middle names because they are family names. Regardless, congratulations!

mary on

I believe they call their daughter Poe so maybe they’ll call the baby Blue. Having girls named Poe and Blue seems to work (better than Jagger or Joseph at least!).

tatum on

if it is a girl i think that is very unfair to give one daughter such a feminine name and not the other everyone will hear the name and think its a boy

Kat on

Just going by Soleil’s other name choice of Poet for her first, I would have to say that Jagger (which is a cool name for child) would be something I would have thought she would consider, but for a boy.

I feel that there has to be some kind of mixup on the part of People… either that this child is a boy… or that the name was one she was considering, but that it is not the name she chose.

Keep us updated!!

Becca_ on

It is a contrasting name…Poet Sienna Rose sounds so serene and Jagger Joseph Blue jut sounds like a male name….but I live the fact they were unique with it!!!

Many congratulations!!!

Elaine on

I don’t really know much about Mum and Dad in this case – Punky Brewster wasn’t shown in the UK – but congratulations to the family. I love reading about new babies even if I don’t know the mum and dad!

I thought about the baby’s names, and I think they have gone for fairly unisex names for both their children. I could easily see Poet being used for a boy, as well as Jagger. I’m certain I’ve heard Blue being used as a name for girls before as well, but again could be used for a boy. Joseph is traditionally male, but maybe they just liked it and wanted use the name whatever sex the child was. I could even see Sienna being used for a boy, albeit I think it is usually female.

Judyb on

Finnaryn: You make excellent points! I could not agree with you more.

I love the name Adaryn it is really beautiful. I love the meaning behind it too.

tink1217 on

finnaryn , well said. ITA!!

Carlie on

I know I’ve posted before, but i have to say I love Soleil’s choice of name. It’s very unique and it suits the family because all three of the girls have unusual unique names.

I actually wanted my girls to have more unique names but my husband and I couldn’t agree on a name – that’s why their names are double barreled.

If I’m right in thinking, isn’t John Travolta’s little girl called Ella Blu? I’m guessing that’s pronounced the same as Blue.

Little Jagger was also born on St Patrick’s day.

finnaryn on

Thank you Judyb.🙂

Heather on

Just a thought, what if the name IS the punk’d part? Doesn’t matter either way. I just don’t care for the name myself.

andrea on

congrats to soleil, jason and poet! I can’t wait to see pictures when and if they are released!

I actually like the name…it’s different without being “wtf?!” weird. Jagger has a very independent and cool feel to it. If the sources at People are correct with their info, Joseph could very well be a nod to an important familiar member to Jason and/or Soleil.

I agree with previous posters on the “issue” of unique or traditional gender names given to the opposite sex…rather than accept that a child will face years of bullying, why not stop that by teaching your *own* child that it’s not right to do…To become more accepting and tolerant of the differences in everyone that make us all who we are.

*~*~*Welcome to the world baby Goldberg!*~*~*

Nicole on

Congratulations to the family!

The sad thing is, it doesn’t matter if you teach your kid not to tease someone about their name – someone will. The first name Jagger isn’t so odd, so she might not get it too bad, but the second she tells her friends her full name is Jagger Joseph Blue, there will be odd looks. And honestly to me it comes off as “we really wanted a boy/thought you were a boy.”

And I agree on the whole “gender equality” thing – girls are given masculine names but boys are never given feminine names, but if that’s what you’re concerned with, is it fair to make your child, who is too young to have a choice in the matter when they are named, a spokesperson for it? I don’t think it is.

I’m thinking this is either a mistake or a prank.

brannon on

While I like the boys names for girl trend – the only thing thats difficult is actually finding a boys name that you don’t have to worry about sounding feminine in a few years! Example: Addison, Riley, Logan, Mason, Bradley, Kaden, Michael — ALL Girls in my 2 year olds preschool class. I named him Oliver and am hoping Olivia is used for parents liking the sound of his name for their baby girls! It’s hard!

That being said – Jagger is cute and so is Blue and maybe they just liked Joseph or it is a family name. My niece is Alyson Brian after her grandfather and I think that’s cute too! Boys shouldn’t be the only ones to carry on family names!

Monika on

The one right we have as parents is to name our children what we want. we named our daughter Ryan and it totally suits her, wouldn’t have it any other way. it doesn’t hurt you one way or another. celebs come up with more off names by the baby, embrace it and stop acting like its a personal assault against you.

French chic mama on

Interestingly here in France girls are often given gender-bending names like Marie-Pierre, and men are called things like Jean-Marie, so globally not that unusual.

You can never please all the people all the time – I remember that when naming my own (relatively traditional) children.

Congratulations to them all anyway.

Kass09 on

Ok so I am REALLY hoping its a boy because I don’t think a girl would want Jagger as a name. I agree with all the other TONS of comments saying that Jagger is one thing but JOSEPH has to be a boy or maybe they got the name wrong. Lets just hope :o)! But I am sure the baby is super cute like little Poet ;o)! Congrats to Soleil and Jason!

Asiram on

Thank you Finnaryn, for saying so calmly and clearly what I was thinking.

I am a female, and my confirmation name is Joseph, for an uncle who died. I wouldn’t change it to Josephine for anything – why should a name have to have a diminutive added to it to make it “acceptable” for a girl? (And I should know…my middle name is Claudette, for my grandfather Claude – why couldn’t he have been honored by just having me named after him instead of changing it to be “girly” so people wouldn’t freak out because my name was too “boyish?”)

BTW, my first daughter is going to have her great-great-uncle’s first name, it’s unique, a bit unusual, but not too out there, and now when I think the name in my head, I couldn’t possibly envision it on a boy! 🙂

Elisabeth on

I clicked on the people link and I read the people article, it didn’t mention the baby’s name………….

Sarah’s note: ? The second paragraph of the article starts off with the name. Not sure what you’re seeing?

Alyx on

It’s possible that the name Joseph honors a relative – Brooke Shields’ used the masculine spelling of Francis for Rowan’s middle name in commemoration of Brooke’s father.

With that said, this is probably a prank. As another poster noted, Jason Goldberg is one of the producers of Punk’d and Pop Fiction. There is nothing feminine about the name, and the addition of the word “Blue” seems like a hint.

Asiram on

It’s funny…the more I think about the name, the more I really like the whole thing for a girl – it fits with Soleil and Poet.

I will actually be bummed if it turns out to be wrong…! 🙂

nosoupforyou on

Jagger Joseph is a boy’s name. Some people need to calm down. This a comment section for opinions.

elisabeth on

Congrats to their family!

My mom’s group agreed that the name is just too masculine (hot topic this morning!) Most of us like Jagger for a girl- just combined with the other names- very boyish.

I look forward to seeing pictures!

Heather on

I personally think it is a beautiful name. Whether it be on a boy or a girl, I actually prefer it for a girl. There is something strong and free about it.

Why the need to judge or feel entitled to an “explanation”? We should be content to have been given this much information.

Congratulations to the family!!

brannon on

I’ve already posted too but I forgot to tell Carly that I love the name Charlie-Jaye!

And as far as girs names for boys – I have an Ali in my class this year and a Kelly and a Gracey – all boys.

Olivia on

I did not really like it at first but I have gotten used to it. Jagger is kind of cute. I think they should call her Blue for a nick name.

Michelle on

I actually like the name Jagger and think it’s kind of cool for a girls name. But with the two middle names added on, it does make the name seem very masculine. Especially because Poet has such a pretty, feminine sounding name. But hey, it’s their kid. To each their own. As long as the baby is happy and healthy. And everyone has the right to express their opinions here, so people shouldn’t be getting so worked up just because not everyone likes the name.

ang on

i said she may have to explain because i work in retail and when i get a female customer with a male name on their credit card (or vice versa-i had a guy called Jodie come up once)they say everyone asks them if it’s really their card.

Angela on

Some other media reports are saying she had a boy. Do you think they just went based by the name or actually contacted Soleil’s rep?

Sarah’s note: They are probably just basing it on the name. Soleil’s rep is putting out that it is a girl.

Heidi on

Finnaryn – You made some great points.

I personally like the name Jagger for a girl. And, again, Joseph could be for a friend of the family or a family name. Does it matter? I would love to name a child after my grandfather, but there are no feminine versions of his name. So I would have no problem just using it on a little girl.

How often do you hear middle names these days anyway?

Mom of 3 on

I personally love the name. I just think they made an odd choice if it is a girl, naming one sister so feminine and the other so masculine.
Otherwise, I am thrilled the little one is healthy and so is mom. Congratulations!!!

Nancy on

I feel for the baby. I think she will feel her parents really wanted a boy. Specially with the blue in there as well. Poet’s name is cute and very feminine middle names.

AnOldieButAGoodie on

Congratulations to them on having another little one to love. I have no doubts that these two will be raised in a house full of love so I can’t find myself getting too worked up over the name

heather on

I like all three names for a girl, just not particularly together. I think Joseph is really fun…kind of a fresh take on Josephine…could still call her Jo…Po and Jo….he he…but I would personally have combined it with something more girly…something that later in life she could tack on or leave off as she wanted to.

Andrea on

I’m not a fan of the name, though I rarely like what celebs name their kids. That said, I’m sure the baby is beautiful and I can’t wait to see what she looks like!

Erica on

I’m all for unisex, gender-bending names, but Jagger Joseph Blue is decidedly over the top. Jagger I could see being a cute girl’s name is paired with something kind of feminine (like, I don’t know, maybe Josephine?🙂 And I totally Blue is an awesome name in general because it can seem very feminine or very masculine depending again on how it is paired. I think what throws it off is the Joseph, which IMO is just kind of cruel. Joseph isn’t just a masculine sounding name, it’s one of those unequivocal boy’s names (like Norman, Christopher, John, and Anthony).

I think we can attribute some of the recent girl’s to boy’s names to the fact that they are kind of lyrical and Gaelic sounding such as Aidan and Riley. But my own grandmother’s name is Tommie Edward Amos, and this is DIRECTLY because her parents desperately wanted a boy (she is an only child). And like the name Edward, there is just no question about a name like Joseph that it is inherently male.

But like a few others have said I am betting that this whole thing really is a prank for Pop Fiction. At least I hope🙂

Abbey on

Poet is adorable with all that hair – i’m sure the new baby will be just as lovely!

I don’t dislike Jagger for a girl, but Joseph is so masculine it doesn’t even border on unisex. I wonder what their reasoning for giving her such a strong, masculine name vs. giving Poet (imo) one unisex and two very feminine names.

The whole name, though, on a boy would be delightful. either way, Poet and Jagger make a really, super cute sibling set.

Dannii on

Cool name! I like it when people push the gender limits a bit. Congrats to them.
Posted by: Hea at Mar 18, 2008 1:35:50 AM

Are you serious? This isn’t pushing the limits A BIT this is more around “hoping her gender will change eventually”

J.M. on

Monika. I love Ryan for a girl’s name and it’s not very uncommon anymore to hear it on a girl. Holly Robinson Peete named her daughter Ryan Elizabeth I believe. It’s cute. Some boys names are okay for girls and vis versa. Had they went with say Jagger Leigh or Jagger Rose or something with a feminine middle name I don’t think people would be too up in arms over it. The fact that the kid got 3 male names has everyone wondering if the demerol had a little more say in the name then Soleil!! lol

But maybe they’ll call her JJ for short. That’s cute. Either way that’s the name they chose and the name they and the child will have to live with. But if I was going with Jagger for a name (which is very nice) it def. would be for my son and not my daughter!

Renee on

Nancy, children don’t think like that, it’s other people’s comments that make them think thoughts like that.Is there a rule that baby girls can only have feminine sounding names? It’s 2008, let’s have a little variety on names. This is their baby and I agree with Heather, we should be happy that they even provide us with this information.

Dierna on

Well..I guess Jagger could be a girl’s name…after all Kim and Stacey are unisex names.

With celebs..who knows. Weird names are the norm.

Jen on

It could be worse, I once decorated a cake for someone names Latrina. The first thing that comes to mind is a toilet (latrine).

I’m kind of hoping that this name thing is a punk’d joke, it’s getting a little too serious for just a name.

Stephanie on

I think this may just be another case of Pop Fiction. Either way- congrats to the family.

tink1217 on

Has anyone considered that Joseph is a family last name somewhere??? My grandmothers name is Frances Lawson Smith. Nothing wrong with that!! But Lawson IS masculine. I find nothing wrong with it at all. And there is nothing wrong with Jagger Joseph Blue!!

Sarah’s note: Yes, lots of people have mentioned it as a possibility.

Laura on

I’m not sure why the name but I have a suggestion about it.

My husband’s full name has a very girly name in it. Here in Holland (and I’m sure other countries) it’s common to choose 2 godparents, 1 male and 1 female and their first names become part of the child’s name.

SO my husband’s name is Petrus Helena Josef

He is called Peter though. Petrus is his Catholic name. Helena is his godmother and Josef is his godfather.

We didn’t continue that tradition for our kids and I don’t think it’s done much anymore, but perhaps that is an explanation for Soleil’s name choice.

FC on

I don’t mind the name, really, and so what if that’s her name. It’s just a name, and really, some boys names that are deemed traditionally male, or even some deemed traditionally female, work well for either sex. Doesn’t mean everyone has to give up a name just because of that.

I may have fussed when I learned that one of Diddy’s twins was named Jesse James, and one or two others, but I tend to get over it soon after. I’m kind of to the point now where I know it might not be my taste, but it’s not my decision or my kid. Might not have been what I thought they’d name their child, but I don’t know them. Sometimes I even end up like the name…

It doesn’t hurt to break the mold with names… But I’m still working on fruit and appliances as names for kids. I just can’t get into that…lmao. Then I really feel bad for the kids when they get older. I’d say it’s worse out of anything.

And, Monika, I love the name Ryan for a girl, too!🙂 And I love the name Michael for a girl.

Honestly, Jagger Blue/Jagger Blu even sounds good for another take on the name for a girl.

Anyway, congrats to Soleil and her husband, Jason, and before I forget, big sis Poet.🙂

Christina on

Congrats to Soleil, Jason & Poet! Welcome Jagger!

(FTR, I don’t think I’ve seen this big a reaction to a baby name since Gwyneth and Chris chose “Apple” – LOL!)

Jennifer on

Have to say, I don’t like the name and I’m surprised because Poet’s name is very girly. Little Jagger Joseph is going to have a heck of a time when filling out applications, etc. We see stuff like this at the hospital all the time and everyone gets confused.
Glad the baby is healthy. Congrats to the family!

abi on

It is an odd choice of name, but I think it’s cute. And it’s her baby, not ours, so if she likes the name she can name her baby that all she wants.
It’s somewhat funny that Melissa Joan Hart just had her baby, and now she had hers. Their first children we not very far apart either, were they?

QTCass on

If all this beautiful little girl gets teased about while growing up is her other-than-average name, than lucky her! My 8 yr old son Cassius has long hair (and I mean long, like nearly to his bottom) which I get up and braid every morning (two french braids, not corn-rows). Whenever the topic comes up of odd names and how other kids will tease them, I always make mention of my son and his long hair and yes people comment on it, but its like water of a ducks back to him due to his confidence and happiness that hes not like all the other kids. His hair is due to cultural reasons (we are Niuean if anyone wants to look it up) which is not common at his school but the kids have all gotten over it.

Kids are hardly ever referred to by their full names (other than celebrity kids), and my assumption is that Joseph Blue are possibly Jaggers middle names. Love the name a lot (hoping to have a little girl called Noah myself one day) and congratulations to both parents for this wonderful little miracle.

momof2 on

um ,Asiram: I hate to sound ignorant, but what’s a confirmation name?

Sarah’s note: Confirmation name.

J.J. on

Oh come on guys, give them a break! I think Jagger Joseph Blue is kind of boyish too, but really, it’s their choice of what they want to name their baby. Plus Soleil is part of the celeb world, so giving a strange name is pretty much common among celebrities, so why fuss?? Even a few people who are non celebs give their kids weird names too. A couple named their son Superman, and a Chinese couple named their child ‘@’. At least Jagger Joseph Blue is descent although it’s much more preferable for a boy.

Noelle on

I agree that this could very likely be a prank for the show PopFiction on E! Soleil’s husband Jason is the producer and host of the show. And this is exactly what they do on the show: celebrities themselves start rumors, and let the press have a field day with it. Then the next week on the show, they reveal that it was a joke. I’ve watched every episode so far, and this seems right along the lines of something they’d do. Especially since Jason is the host/producer of it, along with Ashton Kutcher.

We’ll see!

Elyse on

Wow, 130 posts, and counting!!

To each their own I guess! I’m not a huge fan of the name, but it is not my child, so they should be able to name her what ever they want. I am just happy the whole family is doing well and that they have a beautiful, healthy, brand new baby girl to love! That is all that matters in my book!😉

Starlet on

We talked about this at work today and everyone thought that it was the middle names that gave it away. If baby was Jagger Grace or Jagger Jane or Jagger Lily it would work very much as a girls name. Everyone thought it was a boy.
Interestingly one of my co-workers told me her parents gave her boy names as they wanted a boy and she was teased at school, called a boy etc. She changed it at 18 and said she’s never fully forgiven her parents as she was bullied such a great deal.

Now, I think kids can be teased & bullied for so many reasons, and we can never fully protect them but it did make me think!
I have to say I love the name Ryan for a girl, but I’d definitely put it with a very very feminine middle name or even hyphenate, like Ryan Grace etc.
Best wishes to them, I can’t wait to see if it is a boy or a girl!

Jen on

I get Jagger cause its unique but Joseph threw me off. Congrats to the family!

Annie on

My daughters name is Tyler Christine Edie ************, We have a strong last name.
E V E R Y O N E expects a boy to walk in the classroom at the start of school each year and are shocked that she is a girl.

They say Tyler Christian Eddie right? We thought it was a typo….

No, Tyler is my maiden name, and unisex in our minds, and we call her Ty. (think tai babliona, figure skater) Christine is my late sisters name and EDIE (eee-dee) is my husbands mothers name. This was a baby i wasn’t supposed to be able to have, so hence her name. I do not regret her name, and she loves to be called Ty, and knows her full name is Tyler.

At 7 she doesn’t complain about her name at all, just that she has to CONSTANTLY explain that she’s a girl, has to hear “Oh i thought you were a boy” and she has been the only girl invited to boys birthday parties in her class because of her name , only to be ridiculed there, because of their parents lack of involvement.

I do feel bad that she constantly has to explain herself, i have offered her the opportunity to change her name to Ty or Tai,
But deep down she likes having her own cool name🙂

I don’t think anyone will have that problem given Soleil’s status and her circle of friends, but i do agree with the “Joseph” aspect of it. My sisters daughter is Sierra Blue, so i cant say anything about that, Blue can go either way, depending on what you put with it. Jagger, from what i found, is an old English name with only the occupational meaning “one who cuts”
So Jagger is like my Tyler, just a name you love, unsure of the ability to have more kids, so name em’ while you can!

Either way, good luck Soleil, your daughter is beautiful, and whatever this baby is, will be too!

momof2 on

Sarah- thx for the spelling clarification- but I don’t actually know what a Confirmation name is. That’s not part of my traditions, so I was curious.

Sarah’s note: Huh? I wasn’t correcting your spelling, I posted a link to explain confirmation name to you … Pink writing is always a link.

Kris on

Though I’ve never seen the show from the comments made I get the idea of PopFiction. I have to say I really hope this is not part of the show and I would be a bit surprised if it was. The birth of your child really does not seem like an appropriate topic, IMO. That being said I wish them all the best. Lots of changes with a new little one at home. I’m sure she’ll be adorable as her big sister certainly is cute.

Autumn on

Interesting name Soleil gave her daughter. I agree with you that Jagger Joseph definitely sounds like a boy’s name, (I too wonder if she & her husband thought they were having a boy) but I guess it’s her choice.

Maybe they’ll have a boy the next time? (Though I wonder what they’d name him? lol!)

Amy on

wow i cant believe i dont see my comment posted, nothing i said was “snarky” what the heck do u ladies expect everyone to LIKE everything and be sugary sweet, thats just absurd!

momof2 on

oops, sorry. didn’t know that. thanks.

brannon on

Interesting story about the name Tyler – I always think of it as a girl name🙂 (I’ve taught several little girl Tyler’s and only know one boy!) See what i mean (previous post!)

Nancy on

I bet that the “name” is part of a hoax for Ashton Kutcher’s new reality show called “Pop Fiction.” Demi Moore, Ashton’s wife, is friends with Soliel Moon Frye. I believe she was present at the natural, home birth of Poet Sienna. I think that Ashton and Soliel’s husband are production partners. Either the baby is really a boy or the name is something more feminine that Jagger Joseph Blue. This is a joke being played on the public who are avid consumers of celebrity news.

terri on

Another girl, what a blessing! I’m not especially fond of the name, but I guess it’s not for me to like.

Nicole on

I knew it was going to be another girl, I bet it will be a cutie just like her other daughter Poet.

congrats to Soleil and husband!

CelebBabyLover on

Aelys- ITA! Another celeb who gave her daughter a traditionally masculine name is Melissa Etheridge. She named her daughter Johnnie Rose. True, the middle name IS a traditionally female name, unlike Jagger’s middle names, but Johnnie (even with the IE on the end instead of the usual Y) is definitely a masculine name.

When you think about it, even Shiloh is a traditionally masculine name! Anyway, I agree with the commentors who have suggested that they might call her “Blue”, “JJ”, or even “Jo”. Another nickname possibility is “Jay”, which, while usually used as a boy’s name or nickname, I can see being used for a girl.

Bren on

Jagger? Like the musician? I was hoping for a really interesting name and got it lol. Not my favorite but I think its kind of neat. I hate to say it but why put Joseph in there? At least Jagger Blue Joseph is a little less boyish, no? Either way its a neat name I really like the Blue part but the Joseph part is a tad too boyish for me.

GW on

In light of the fact that Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg named their second daughter Jagger Joseph Blue, may I remind your readers that there have been other women in history who have had unusual names. For example: 19th century English novelist George Sand, Hollywood Golden Age actress Gene Tierney (best known for the title role in the film “Laura”), Michael Learned (best known for her role as Olivia Walton on the TV classic “The Waltons”) and Michael Michele, who is known for her roles on two TV dramas, “Homicide: Life On The Street” and “ER”. I don’t know what kind of future this little girl is going to have, but if Soleil and Jason want to give her this unusual moniker it’s their business… ours is to congratulate the couple on their blessed event.

Christina on

George Sand was, of course, a psuedonym employed by Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin, the Baroness Dudevant. Quite common throughout history for women to publish their works under male or gender-neutral psuedonyms, for a variety of reasons.

Isak Dinesen was the pseudonym of Danish Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke. Vernon Lee was the pseudonym of Violet Paget. O. Douglas is the pen name of Anna Masterton Buchan.

Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte published a joint collection of poetry under the pseudonyms Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell.

In modern day, S.E.Hinton is Susan Hinton. A.M. Homes is Amy Homes.

yaosa on

I agree with GW and congratulate the family on their latest addition!

What I think of the name is completely irrelevant. I am happy that a healthy baby has been born to a loving family. Many best wishes to them and what a great day to have a birthday!

Dierna on

Anne Rice’s birth name is Howard Allen O’Brien. She was named after her dad.

This is what she says about her birthname: “My birth name is Howard Allen because apparently my mother thought it was a good idea to name me Howard. My father’s name was Howard, she wanted to name me after Howard, and she thought it was a very interesting thing to do. She was a bit of a Bohemian, a bit of mad woman, a bit of a genius, and a great deal of a great teacher. And she had the idea that naming a woman Howard was going to give that woman an unusual advantage in the world.”

I don’t see anything wrong with giving a girl a name that’s more common for girls. Makes them more unique.

And incidentally Jagger Joseph was probably named after the British engineer (and distant cousin of Mick) Joseph Jagger. He’s known as the Man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo (also the name of a song..but it’s about another gambler).

Kate on

To everyone saying “Give them a break”… nope, not going to give them a break.

I hope this is a prank or mistake.

If not, I feel awful for that poor little girl. Jagger Joseph Blue is 100% male.

Tracey on

Wow, I’m pretty surprised that everyone feels the need to judge a brand new baby’s name. I’m sure she’s gorgeous and Soleil and her husband get the right to name her whatever they want. In a few months we’ll see pictures and everyone will forget this and that there ever was a name controversy.

Good for them for choosing the name that is right for their family. This is how traditionally male names become used for females and there’s nothing wrong with it. Just like now I’m sure there’s been a rise in girls named “Apple” although it’s not traditional as a girl’s name, someone started using it and others liked it! To each their own🙂 Congrats to the happy family!

Stacy on

You shouldn’t have to explain why you chose to name your daughter what you did, that is a personal decision..but since you did, that sounds like a lovely tribute to a special person in your lives. Congrats on your new baby!

Natasha on

As much as it does have a meaning to them, I’m sorry I don’t agree with naming their daughter 3 mostly masculine names.

Amanda on

What a beautiful story Jagger will be able to hear about her name someday! It definitely is not a name I would choose for my daughter, but I absolutely love names with meaning, very special.

Beverley on

Well it makes more sense now why they chose it and it was awfully nice of Soleil to come here and explain it, especially after only a few days since she was born.

Nicole C on

Reading Soleil’s comments really made me feel sad about this whole discussion and that she heard about it. She was so sweet and kind to write this response, I hope it make some of those who judged her feel a little twinge about doing so.

Anna on

Well, good thing she’s not your daughter Natasha, lol. Personally I love the name for a boy, and given time I’m sure it will grow on me for a girl. I couldn’t BELIEVE Apple when Gwyneth and Chris announced it, and now it seems almost normal!

Soleil, thank you for taking the time to explain her name to us, even though you certainly didn’t owe us anything. We do appreciate it, and as others have said, it has lovely meaning behind it. Thank you for being open with us.

mary on

I also dont agree, especially when the first girl has a so feminine name. I believe with all the good story she will never actually liker her name. Even here in my country there was an article saying she just had a baby boy.

brooke on

Well how nice of soleil to come on here, and explain the meaning behind her daughter’s name. Especially a few days after giving birth. Anyway congrats to her, post is cutie so I’m sure her little sister will be as well.

Heather on

yes, the names are very masculine, however Soliel has said that they refer to Poet as “Po”

They will most likely have a nickname for this baby too…maybe JJ or Josie.

erica alayne on

Honestly, it is pretty sad that so soon after giving birth, Soleil needs to even comment on the name that she and her husband gave their daughter. This is a time for them to be happy and excited, not having to field questions and criticism about a name.

Stuff like this just makes me endlessly disappointed about the world that we live in.

tink1217 on

I am so glad she wrote to us and explained. Personally, I love the name…boy OR girl. I didn’t understand all the hoopla! Congrats again Soleil, Jason, and Poet! I bet Jagger is just gorgeous!!

Judyb on

I think it is very sad that a new mother has to come and explain her baby’s name.

amelita on

Maybe the fact that she does feel compelled to explain the name straight away should be a clue that it is a little off. If I were a girl named Jagger growing up in a household with a sister named Poet I think I might be inclined to feel resentful.
And why can’t she honor an important Joseph in their life with Josephine?
No matter what their reasoning the name choice seems truly selfish to me. Sorry.

say1031 on

I love Soleil and I love unusual names for babies. Personally, I like both her daughters’ names. Jagger is on my list for a girl when/if I have one so kudos to Soleil for giving her daughters the name(s) she loves and not caring what other people think.

Mandy on

I agree Judyb. I think Jagger’s name is beautiful and special. All parent’s know that naming your baby is a very special experience and I appreciate that they put so much thought and love into it. My daughter’s name is Emerson Chloe and yes, Emerson is a boy’s name, but we loved it. I can’t imagine her with any other name.Congrats to the Jagger’s mommy, daddy, and big sister…can’t wait to see what a beauty she is.

trina on

i’m a female, and my given name, trinidad, is a bit unusual for most people. i met an old hispanic woman once who told me that in mexico, it’s a boy’s name, and she was adamant about it being such. i was the granddaughter born to my parents’ parents, and my parents but A LOT of thought into my name.

my first name is my maternal grandmother’s (the old woman i met refused to accept that my grandmother was also given a boy’s name). my first middle name is a hyphenated variation of a combination of my mom’s nickname and part of my paternal grandmother’s first name. my second middle name is my maternal grandmother’s maiden name, and my third middle name is my mother’s maiden name. obviously, my last name is my father’s last name.

a lot of people can’t believe that i have so many names, and think my parents were on crack. it was important to my parents to honor their families, and chose to do so in their naming of me. they wanted to name me after someone in the family, but didn’t want to tick anyone off. so, they just tried to make everyone happy. i actually like the story behind my names, and despite being told i have a boy’s name, i know who i’m named after, and i love my name…it’s unique and i feel very proud about it.

although soleil’s daughter has a name that most people here think is unconventional, i’m sure that she’ll get to a point, just as i have, where she’ll love her name, own it, and feel very proud about it.

lis on

I just wanted to thank Soleil for the kind words. I feel a bit sad she felt she needed to explain, but it’s so nice to see a name that has a lot of thought and meaning to it.

I also think it’s great that both girls have distinctly different names. Diversity is the spice of life, after all!🙂

Cait on

I agree with the comments that it’s sad that Soleil had to explain their name choice based on the comments left on this board, but on the same hand, reading her description made me tear up at bit. That is such a sweet way to honor someone so near and dear to the family.

I lost my grandmother two weeks ago this Saturday and since I’m not a fan of her first name (Doris) and my cousin already shares a middle name with her (Eileen), I’ll probably use her maiden name as a middle name for my first child, whether it’s a boy OR a girl. Her maiden name was Johnson, which is clearly a masculine name.

Just because it may be considered a masculine name traditionally, ie like Jagger’s middle name of Joseph, that name is clearly going to mean something to her when she is older and can understand and I’m sure she’s going to be incredibly grateful to be able to share a name with someone who meant so much to her family.

Renee on

Again congrats to them and Jagger has very special name with beautiful reasons behind it. The whole argument about the name seems silly now especially those who said it was a prank. I appreciate Soleil taking the time to explain the name when she didn’t, shouldn’t have had to do it. A lot of reactions to the name was way too dramatic.

merrymum on

It’s one thing to honour those who have had meaning in your life, but there are plenty of ways to do that!
Crazy names are the norm these days so she will probably not be teased and ridiculed because there are bound to be kids with even wackier names when she gets to school.

Jen on

I agree Judyb and I agree with your post on the Jennifer Lopez board. 🙂

Judyb on

Mandy did you know that Teri Hatcher has a daughter named Emerson? Evidently she liked it as a girls name too.

Mousie on

If she comes on here to explain the name just days after the birth, imagine how the little girl’s whole life will be.

I’m neutral on the name because it doesn’t affect me in any way.

It’s just that things that seem cool and funky amongst themselves will not be as kind in the real world, like it or not.

Ekaterina on

I had assumed from the start that Joseph was a family name. And many people have given their children family names that don’t necessary match their gender. Brooke Shields’ daughter Rowan has the middle name Francis which is the male spelling of the name. I think all the fuss over the name is highly insensitive. Unusual names set people apart and make them feel unique. Yes sometimes it takes time to get used to your unusual name but you do grow to love it and love it for the fact that it is unusual and unique.
And for those commentors that claimed that her daughter will have a difficult time with the name, don’t you think it’s a little hypocritical to then create that difficulty? I always find it strange when people go on and on that a child will be tormented or made fun of for their name and then do it themself! Have some respect for someone’s personal choice. None of you would like it if Soleil came over to your house and criticism your child’s name.

charsmom on

How sad that she had to come onto the website and defend her baby’s name … It is THIER baby’s name and she and her husband can name their child whatever they want!

Congrats to their whole family and best wishes!

Crystal on

I think the story behind and the family ties behind Jagger’s name are precious. I think the name is unusual… but I like it! Regardless though, it shouldn’t matter what other people think. I have thought of giving my future daughter a name my grandmother wasn’t so hot on… but it is important to me. So I am probably going to use it anyways.

Mandy – I am going to give my little girl the name Emerson (either as first or middle)🙂 I actually think of it as a girl’s name instead of a boy’s. For me it is actually my great-grandmother’s maiden name. Anyways, it’s a beautiful name!

Trina – I loved your story🙂

To the CBB editors – people keep mentioning how when the Gwyneth Paltrow story broke (naming her daughter Apple) they were shocked. Was CBB around then? Do you have a link to that story if so? I would love to see what people commented.🙂 Thanks!

Crystal on

Don’t forget about Bryce Dallas Howard. That is a very masculine name but she is a very feminine beautiful woman.

Devon on

I feel sad for Soliel that she has to explain to random people why she named her daughter what she did. I have a “traditionally masculine name,” quite androgynous actually and it has never really been a problem. My middle name is my grandmother’s maiden name, so when you put it all together I do sound like a boy on paper, but I’m definitely a girly girl and I’ve never been teased about it. Ever.

Jagger can look at her name, and know the story behind it and be very proud. I know I am.

J.M. on

Well let’s not forget that this wasn’t the only board people were discussing the name. Even on my radio station they were announcing Halle’s new little girl’s name and decided to go through a list of celebrity parents who gave their kids crazy names. They were saying how celebs do it to be different from everyone else but how they’re really just thinking of themselves and not the kids.

However I have to say if this were my kid and I wanted to go with a traditional family name I would of made Joseph, Josephine to make it a bit more feminine. With that being said this is their kid and they have the right to name their child whatever they want despite the criticism. However it’s nice to know the meaning of the baby’s name but is this child going to go throughout her life explaining this to everyone who ask why she was stuck with Jagger Joseph Blue? But I guess maybe Soleil may have had to do that too!

But like the new mommy said the most important part is that the baby is healthy. I wish them the best. I am sure Jagger is a beautiful baby like her big sister!

Heather on

Everyone’s saying “its so sad that Soleil had to explain the name” and I agree I do feel bad that Soleil felt she needed to do that here, but at the same time, she’s going to be doing that for the rest of her life! And it doesn’t mean that the people who inquire about why she gave her daughter such a masculine name are rude; its just a natural curiosity. I know a woman who goes by her middle name, which was actually her mom’s maiden name, because her parents gave her a very masculine first name and she hated it, and she didn’t like the middle name much either but thought it was the better of the two. But she told me how embarrassing it can be. I think some parents when naming their kids don’t think about that. I myself like semi-unusual names, but would avoid names that have the potential for teasing; even if they had meaning to me, its not how everyone else will see it.

a on

i love the name

tessaodessa on

That’s so nice. I love that it’s a family name. I wish them all the best.

Bloggygirl on

Get over it! It’s her baby, I can’t believe all of these critical comments. Shame on you! I am so glad her baby is healthy.

Dierna on

I agree with everyone else that it was sad that she had to explain the meanings. But at least she came out and said something cuz otherwise people would still be scratching their heads about it.

My RL name is kinda unique and a bit rare (hard to find things with my name on it). I actually don’t like my name and have been honest and told my mom this. Another reason I don’t like my name is that I was named after an ex of my dad’s😛. Someday tho Im gonna legally change my name to Dierna (it’s my RL nick name anyways and what most people call me).

emmalee on

They seem like nice people and are probably wonderful parents, and it’s obvious that they put a lot of thought into their daughter’s name.

That said, Josephine is a lovely name and still would have been in honor of someone they love. My cousin Micheala was named after our grandfather Michael. Everybody in the family knows it, and using the feminine form didn’t negate or confuse the intention to honor him.

Aidan on

Well. I’m a girl, and my name’s Aidan Rae — after my grandfather, and I have to say I never thought my parents were hoping for a boy. I think it’s pretty absurd that people place such fe/male attachments to names, when the VAST MAJORITY of names were once unisex!

As for the complaint that boys aren’t named with so-called girl’s names, step back a minute. My good friends are named Kelly and Ashleigh – boys! They definitely aren’t the only ones. And while on the colours, I have a friend named Gray and it couldn’t suit him more.

Jagger Joseph Blue has a really nice ring to it, and though she may have to explain it a dozen times, she’s going realise pretty quickly (as I did) that the Christophers, Emilys, Elizabeths and Michaels that she is explaining to are secretly jealous their names aren’t as awesome as hers. (No offense to more traditional names.)

So congrats, Soleil! I’m sure Jagger is just as beautiful as Poet, and I look forward to seeing some adorable photos someday. I hope she has those curls!🙂

Loralee on

I wish this beautiful family every happiness. I think we all need to remember we name our own children for various reasons-just like the name, family name, close friend etc. and we shouldn’t need to defend our name choice. Congratulations on a healthy baby.

Sarah on

Okay, I haven’t gone through all of the comments so forgive me if this was asked and answered already.

Is Jagger pronounced like Mick Jagger or Jager the liquor?

Sarah’s note: Mick Jagger.

klmom on

I love to hear how parents decide to name their babies, whether they choose traditional names or not. That being said, I find it awful that so many choose to write negative comments about a child’s name (celebrity or not)! Congrats to Soleil and her family on her HEALTHY daughter!!!

Meg on

i love that they have chosen a name with such a special meaning to them, its not a name i would choose for a little girl. but she isnt my little girl.

each to their own, as they say. I have a name chosen that i would love to use for a future son and my mother hates it, but i’m still going to use it. it may be her grandson, but its my son, and my choice. She has no say in the matter.

CelebFan08 on

Ook, all I have to say is poor little girl. Poet is weird enough but give me a break Jagger Joseph Blue does she want her kid to be a boy. Sorry I think its gross

sinclair on


This woman Michael you spoke of, that was her situation. How do you know this is always the case with women who have so-called “masculine” names?

Well, people may assume that the parents wanted a male child, but that may not be the case. Again, it is OTHER people’s problems, not the child’s. Jagger does not have to explain anything to anyone. How about we just let her grow up and enjoy her name?

Soleil was nice enough to come and respond to the comments on CBB. She’s better than me…I would have ignored the comments, mostly because I am the one carrying a child for nine months, not THEM, and I will be raising my child, not THEM. An explanation was quite gracious. People are too nosy. And even after being given an explanation, they still have something to say.

A name is a name. Once people realize that they cannot dictate how parents name their children, maybe they’ll open up to more non-traditional, and sometimes boring, names.

Louisa on

How come a ton of people were all against this name before they had an explanation and now that they have it, it’s a “darling, lovely, sweet” name. I love how attitudes have done a turnaround now that they have details. Why is the name acceptable to some now that they have their explanation?

The name was always fine because it is their babies name. Honestly, can some people be any cattier?

OnyxJones on

Soleil & Jason you guys rock!! Congrats on the new addition. I’m sure Poet it so excited to be a big sis.

You don’t owe the general public, who knows nothing about your lives, other than what we read online, an explanation for naming your child.

Peace & Blessing to you and your family!!


claudiazz on

It is hard to predict how this little girl will feel about her name as she grows older? As a woman, how would you feel if your name was Jagger? Some would love it, others would cringe. However, it seems that often times there is this rather cruel twist of nature where “liberal” parents end up with “conservative” children and “conservative” parents end up with “liberal” children. Either way, I predict Jagger will either love or loathe the uniqueness of her name. Thus when she is grown she can use it or lose it (have it legally changed) because ultimately it will be her choice as it will be her name. After all Ann Rice decided she didn’t want to be called Howard. Time will tell.

Amy on

I don’t think it’s sad that she had to explain the name. I mean, if you name your little girl such a completely masculine name it shouldn’t be too shocking that people have questions about it. I really doubt she thought that everyone would just accept the name without any speculation. That being said, no matter if the name is masculine or feminine it is always interesting to hear why parents choose a particular name. I still don’t care for it, but she is not my child so I don’t have to worry about it.

Michelle on

That was very kind of Soleil to come here and explain the meaning of the names. Very sweet meaning behind the middle name. For all those who said they were hoping for a boy, etc. I think this will show little Jagger that was definitely not the case. Can’t wait to see pictures of the new addition. I’m sure she’ll be as cute as her big sister.

Colleen on

Thanks to Soleil for the meaning behind the names. I love to hear why people choose the names of their children.

I think that Jagger Joseph Blue is a great name. Congratulations to Soleil, Jason, and Poet!

finnaryn on

See! I KNEW she read this blog!

I think that it is a great name and even better than she is named after someone.

All of my kid’s middle names come from someone special. My daughter’s is from a little girl I used to baby sit, whose parents have always been supportive of me. My oldest son’s middle name is a combo of my dad’s and my MIL’s first names (Eddy + Edna = Edward) and my youngest son’s middle names are from my husband’s two brothers. If we are blessed with a fourth, the middle name will either be my SIL’s first name, or the first name of the other child I baby-sat for the family.

Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, my daughter’s first name is Adaryn and she has never had a problem in school because of it. She is eight now and while it does take the teachers a little while to get the pronunciation right, so far they have always taken the time to do so. She has never said that anyone has made fun of her name.

randi grace on

well Beyonce’s name derived from her mother’s family/madien name-Beyince’. And I think it’s cute. Who wants to walk around the earth with a million Ashleys or Kates. My name is even “masculine” in many people’s eyes. But sometimes you just have to think outside the box. Congrats Soleil!!!

Renee on

I still can’t believe that after Soleil explained the meaning of the name, people are still criticizing them for the name,”Josephine would have been a better choice”, etc. What happened to the policy if you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t post it.I don’t think any of us would like for complete strangers to come up to us and tell us that we should have named our child something different or I don’t agree with what you named your child.

Sam on

Well, I personally like the name, and most importantly, the fact that it’s going to a happy, healthy child in a loving family. If she grows up to not love her name, she has a ton of options to play with…JJ, Joey, Blue…it’s unique and beautiful, likely like the baby herself. More power to them!

(And I kind of like androgynous names…I’m my own case in point! Melissa Ethridge’s daughter’s named Johnnie, and Barack Obama’s mother’s first name was technically Stanley!)

I wish all the best to the growing family…Poet’s going to be a great big sister.

Grandmato2 on

I’d take the name Jagger over all the little Ava, Lola, and Lily’s running around Hollywood. At least Jagger’s not trendy! I’ll never understand why people get so worked up over the names other people give their children. Honestly, I feel more sorry for all the little Aidan, Jacob, Ava and Emily’s who will have 5 others in their kindergarten class!
Welcome baby Jagger and Congrats to the Goldberg family!

Sentinel69 on

The reactions here makes me very sad. Who are we to judge a personal choice,”their” personal gift for “their” child?

Quote: “What happened to the policy if you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t post it.”

I totally agree with that.

Congrats with the birth of Jagger!!

ElStuddo on

My site is getting flooded with this too.🙂 Thanks Soleil for clearing this up for the people who are confused here. Any name is fine!!! I love it. PERIOD.

claire on

Awwwe thats sweet. I retract my earlier comment now. It seems they gave a lot of thought to the baby’s name. The reason for ‘joseph’ being chosen is very heartwarming. I know all about cancer, it took my mum’s mum and a very close friend just before christmas.

Soleil and Jason, I wish you all luck in the future. And i’m pleased Poet is so loving being a big sister to Jagger. It’s so heartwarming when you see you first cooing over your second (or in my case twin brothers) My daughter wanted to feed and bath them from the very beginning, bless her she was only 3 when the boys were born.

Once again !!!CONGRATULATIONS !!!

may she bring you untold happiness. Who knows we might see another punky on the horizon.lol

Heidi on

I don’t get why people seem to think that it should be Josephine instead of Joseph. If I’m going to name a child after someone, I want it to directly reflect that name, not some more feminine or masculine trade-off because it’s more gender-oriented.

I too would rather have a unique name (and somewhat do!) than be one of fifty Sarahs or Ashleys in my class.

Absolutely love the name and did before she explained it! I love that it’s a tribute to someone they obviously both cared for and that it’s not another trendy name!

babyboopie on

I too feel sad that the poor woman had to come on her and explain her newborn girl’s name- she shouldn’t have had to!It’s extremely nice of her! It’s their baby, they can name her whatever they want, even if you don’t approve of it! I have a lot of respect for her, and congratulations to her and her family on having little Jagger- who, I’m sure, will be every bit as beautiful as her big sister Poet!

chatty cricket on

Um, am I in the minority here or what, but I LOVE her name. All of the meaning behind her name is so special. A name is the first gift you give to your child (after life, obvs) and how special that her name has such deep meaning.

I give Soleil credit for reading a lot of these comments and taking the time to graciously explain Jagger’s name.

At any rate, congrats to their family!

Amber H. on

I find it kind of sad that she felt she had to “defend” her name choice for her daughter. It is masculine with the Joseph but other than that it was pretty much unisex. I know two “Ella Blue” named girls, three if you count John Travolta’s daughter so I definitely didn’t get the Blue is masculine thing. Anyways, I think it is a good name for a beautiful baby girl. Congrats!

Lyss on

Aww now I feel bad that I questioned her name choice! Thanks for the explanation Soleil! I’m actually coming around to the name. Congrats again!

Morning on

I feel sorry for her that she had to come here an explain her reasoning- it is no ones business! What a beautifully chosen name.

Tammy on

I LOVE names and I loved hearing how they chose their new baby’s name! It is quite special and has so much meaning!

If I ever had a daughter (which I’m not planning!) I would name her Travis. It is my dad’s name and his mother’s maiden name. It isn’t very feminine, but I love the idea!

Erica on

With all due respect to Soleil and Jason, I’m not feeling the “remorse” for discussing a baby name on CBB. I think one of the best and most explicit rules on this site is the need for respectful dialogue, no matter what your position on an issue may be. And while it’s obviously true that people will and should be able to name their children in any fashion they please, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be allowed to talk about it! I mean, it would be something different if people are flooding them with nasty emails about their name choice (and if this is the case, those people are the ones being nasty and judgmental and way over the top, I agree.)

My opinion from earlier still stands–hypothetically, I think Jagger could potentially be great if paired with a feminine sort of middle name (like May or Noelle, etc), but since Soleil has already made it clear that Joseph holds special meaning to them, I get why they would want to incorporate that in the name…I still think Joseph is an inherently male name.

For me, it’s not about the idea that “only girls can have girls names and vice versa”, but I’m wondering if people in general would as willing to give their baby boy the middle name “Josephine” if the situation were reversed? I could be wrong but I really don’t think so, because the potential for embarrassment and questions later on would outweigh the meaning behind why the name couldn’t have just underwent a minor adjustment.

I don’t expect many if any CBB readers to fall over in agreement with me, I just wanted to put a different perspective out there and that mine is just as valid as everyone else’s! That said, here’s to a happy life for Soleil & family.

lizzielui on

It’s a name people. Why should she choose the name Josephine when it is clear that the person whom she is honoring and is dear to their hearts is names Joseph? She wanted to honor this man and gave her child his name. Simple as that.

It’s one thing to have someone innocuously inquire about a name because they are curious and feel that it is unique, it is another to see people bashing and being rude with their comments. This is a site that Soleil frequents and has contributed to so she was probably taken aback by some of the comments.

Furthermore, for all saying a guy would never be given a more feminine name please thinks twice about your statement. Both my father and brother have the first names Leslie, and my grandfather is Francis Leslie. My brother in law is Jan-Michael Torrey, but he simply goes by Jan. Oh, and let’s not forget my neighbors Tracy and Alexis, both men. Alexis is named after Tsar Alexis I of Russia and Tracy is named after his uncle.

Bottom line is, most parents put great thought into naming their children and we all should be a little bit more disrespectful of their choices. No one is saying that discussion shouldn’t take place, quite the contrary. But discussion can definitely take place without people being rude.

Erica on


There are plenty of men with the names Jan, Alexis, Tracy, and Lesley because those are traditionally male names. I actually know more men named Jan and Tracy than I do otherwise! So I really don’t think you can compare a man named Alexis with a girl named Joseph IMO.

I do agree with your point that people shouldn’t be rude but I don’t think having a different opinion on a name choice is necessarily rude either.

Kay on

I’ve known people to use colors when naming their children. A very dear friend of ours is very down to earth and has three girls named Kelly, Teal, and Zanthie, which is, in another language, yellow. It does happen, to each his own!

lizzielui on

Erica, I get what you are saying. I should have included, “boys being given more feminine names in our culture.” Leslie is a unisex Gaelic name, however, growing up my brother was always the only male Leslie in all of his classes. A lot of names that were unisex or mostly masculine throughout history, became more feminine in the 20th and 21st century in the US. And even though my brother was the only male Leslie among his peers, it was I who was teased the most with the name Elizabeth… Lizzie the Lizard, Elizardbreath, and some other not so nice names that I cannot repeat here🙂
Still, I think the comparison can be made between Joseph for a girl vs. Leslie, Tracy, etc. for guys because it shows that names can cross gender at anytime, in any culture.

Pogue Mahone on

i think it’s awful that she feels she has to justify,or explain, herself why she has chosen the names she has. It reminds me of people who choose not to breastfeed and get slack for it and feel defensive like they have to explain to people. It isn’t anybody’s *BUSINESS* ! No one is “owed” an explanation! When are people going to get that? It’s solely up to the parents what they decide is best for their family and no one else’s; it’s not up to the government and it’s not up to us! Why do people always have to be so nosey and so critical?

Ellen Poriles Weiler on

It’s a great name.

terri on

I enjoyed the explanation of the name, it certainly wasn’t expected or necessary, but appreciated nonetheless. Like I said, other people don’t have to like it, but everybody’s entitled to their opinion as long as it’s kept civil. Welcome baby Jagger!

emmalee on

Soleil has been very public about her pregnancies and she seems like a lovely person. The degree to which she’s shared her personal life makes it open for comments.

I have no reason to think that this sweet little baby will end up teased or made to feel bad about her name by her peers, but I guess I just don’t understand the impulse to give a child a name that’s never (as far as I know) been used for that gender. Gender is part of identity and a big part of identity (I remember that from my college psych classes🙂 ) If it were Jamie or Robin or some other name that truly become unisex, I wouldn’t bat an eye. I know that soleil is masculine in French, but I think most people don’t know that or just think of the meaning of “sun” with it.

To me the gender connotations are part of what would make me like it or not like it for a particular child. Let’s say my husband and I like the name Ruby, I can’t imagine planning to use that whether the child is a boy or girl.

They seem like lovely people and good parents, but this debate is going on here, and I thought I’d chime in my $.02.

Starlet on

Erica, I agree. I really like the explanation and I hope unlike my co-worker and a cousin, that Jagger will have an easier time than they did with masculin names. I have a couple of names that are special to me, but if all are girls, then I will be very careful to have 1 masculin name among feminine ones so that she doesn’t have to do years of explaining. I think Jagger or Joseph would really work with things like Rose, Lily, Emme, Emi, Julie, Anna etc.

mary on

Someone asked why after the explanation, people became to have only good opinions. I believe the site is not posting the bad ones. I still think the child wont like this name and I dont see the point to give a masculine name to a baby girl.

And probably this message wont be posted either.

Sarah’s note: Actually, we’re posting both unless there is name calling or snarkiness..

Dierna on

In regards to colours in names. I don’t see anything wrong with that. One of my fave singer/actresses is Grey DeLisle (the current voice of Daphne Blake in fact). It’s actually her middle name. Her full name is Erin Grey DeLisle. Can’t get more Irish then that!😀 Anyways…I like that she uses her middle name for her professional stuff. I’ve never thought the name Grey Delisle was odd.

Dawn on

I would just like to add that several names have that were once traditionally male are now either unisex or are now totally female–names such as Ashley and Kelly are just two.

Second, naming your child is (or should be) a personal choice. I may personally cringe when I see the umpteenth person name their child either Kaitlynn, Ava, Emma, Emily, Jacob, Nicholas or Michael but I would always keep such feelings to myself.

While I may hate a name or hate it’s trendiness, I could never personally besmirch someone their own choice; because as in Soleil’s case, it could be a family name or it could be a personal tribute to someone that was very important to the parent/parents.

In closing, let’s just be happy that a healthy and wanted baby was brought into the world by stable people. We should be congratulating them and not nitpicking.

Dawn, who was almost named either Tiger or Isis and has total dibs on naming her first daughter Billie.

Dawn on

Mary, you may not like the name but don’t put your feelings onto a child who will probably like her name for its uniqueness. Take me, for example. I was named Dawn at a time that the big names were Michelle, Jennifer and Lisa. I was made fun of sometimes for having a different name. Did it make me hate my name? No. Should my parents have named me something else? No. Sure, a kid like Jagger may get made fun of but kids tend to get their attitudes from their parents, be openminded and your kids will be too. That way none of us will have to worry about giving our child a name that didn’t come off the top 10 list.

Dee on

Dierna “Erin Grey DeLisle. Can’t get more Irish then that!” I don’t get how it is?

Also I am a bit confused, how is Jagger a boys name? I have always seen it as pretty uni-sex. Just as Poet could be.
And speaking as someone called Deirdre Anthony Theresa I can say that there is nothing wrong with the middle name Joespeh, it’s ok to be a bit unique lol

Bea on

This has been an interesting discussion- what I find most interesting is the frequent assertion that a child’s name is an individual choice, and the rest of the world just had to deal with it. I don’t agree. A name makes you a part of a community- an individual, yes, but your name explains the basics of who you are: usually, who your parents are and your gender, and often the predominant strand of your cultural heritage- collectively a very basic sense of how you fit in the general community. I’m not advocating blind conformity here, just pointing about that as humans we’re social creatures, and names operate on that level too.

Hea on

It is so sad to see how ignorant, conservative and reactionary people are about gender. Stop limiting children and especially when they are just out of the womb. They will have enough obstacles to get through in their lives without people criticizing their gender orientation, gender inappropriate names and the color of their clothes. I am so sick and tired of the whole pink is for girls, blue is for boys-mentality.

Kristin on

Have any of you heard of ANY little girls named things like Susan, Lynn, Jill, Mary, etc. these days? I think it’s ironic that “unique” names have become the norm, and really traditional names are rarely if ever seen. If I have a little girl, I want to give her a super traditional name…because no one else will have it! Weird, huh?

Renee on

I agree Hea. Do people really think Soleil is going to change the name because some people don’t like it? I don’t see how it’s a good debate since people will name their baby whatever they want to regardless of people’s opinion on it.

Gina on

I’m a little late to the party, but congratulations to them on their new addition! I am sure she is just as beautiful as her big sister and they both certainly have interesting, unique names.

Personally, I don’t particularly like Jagger as it sounds a bit harsh to me and I don’t like the meaning either (“one who cuts”). But to each their own! It wouldn’t be any fun if we all liked the same names.

As for boys names on girls, I can understand wanting to go against the social constructs of gender, but if we are going to do it for girls then why not boys too? We see very traditionally male names like Michael, Joseph, etc. on girls but, outside of returning to names that are male by origin but experienced heavy female usage at times (i.e., Ashley, Kelly, Meredith, etc. and more recently, names like Madison), we don’t see names like Mary or Anne or Elizabeth on boys.

Why is it so one sided? To me, that is just further playing into our male-dominated society and reinforcing gender inequalities. For example, I can remember times where I’ve heard the parents say (and I fully realize Soleil never mentioned anything like this, just commenting on this boys names on girls trend as a whole) they wanted to give their daughter a strong name so they gave her a name like Madison (which means son of Maud). Can’t female names inspire strength too?

Again, I’m not saying any of this was the motivation for Soleil and her husband, just if we are going to be celebrating rejection of gender stereotypes for names, it has to be going the other way too or it doesn’t make much sense IMHO.

Rita on

I disagree, Hea. To me, this dictomy where it has become “socially aceptable” and even fashionable to burden little girls with obviously masculine names (when the contrary is absolutely NONEXISTENT) not only ignores the history and meaning of the names themselves but truly represents “ignorance” and “limitations” to the child AND pure sexism. Let’s face it – If she had named her son Beatrice Lily Catherine he’d probably be taken away from her for child abuse.

It seems like these days in order to have a strong name, it has to be masculine and unheard of, ignoring what will become a life time of confusion (it’s not like they gave her a UNISEX or FEMININE name somewhere, to let her have a choice!) and the poor child being ridicularised if she ever choses to live outside the USA (where these situations are heavily discouraged, not to mean forbidden).
The impression it gives is that they wanted a boy really bad and when they had a girl they just didn’t bother to pick a new name. Or that they are doing this for the publicity!
Forgive me the long post, but this subject irks me! Again, I wish her all the happiness!

Christine on

I really like it – Jagger. I think she’ll be one hip lil-chic!!

I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it’s really grown on me!!

(Just like Apple did!)

A. on

I too am late to the party, but congrats on baby Jagger!

I don’t particularly care for the name Joseph on a girl, and don’t understand the argument that males have traditional female names such as “Kelly” and “Tracy” because those are so common today. They are unisex more than they are ‘female’.

Do you know any males that have the name “Elizabeth” or “Violet”? That’s more along the lines of naming your daughter “Joseph” or “Matthew” imo.

How about this: I know plenty of men/women named Jo, Lauren, Kelsey, Chris, Tracy, Pat, Billie, Alex, Ashley, and Kelly etc. Can you tell me which are men and which are women? Probably not.

But I also have friends named Jonathan, Amy, Dexter, Joseph, Michelle, and Grace. Seems more clear cut.

My point is that men that were mentioned in previous posts don’t really have feminine names, they have unisex names because the examples given aren’t extremely feminine (see 2 paragraphs above).

I’m sure this isn’t the most eloquently written as it’s quite late, but hopefully it’s understood.🙂

Eliza on

I think from her explanation that they would’ve used the name if the baby was a boy or a girl. Which I guess is ok, maybe they aren’t planning anymore babies and wanted to honour Joseph? Or even if they are planning more kids they may still have wanted to use Joesph at this time.
I’m pleased she explained it though, makes it seem nicer now it has meaning.

Does Soleil have any brothers or sisters? I’d be interested to hear what their name are?

Sarah’s note: She has two half-brothers — Sean on her dad’s side, and Meeno on her moms.

Kate on

Wow, I can’t believe Soleil actually has the time to get on the computer with a 2 year old and newborn so soon after giving birth.

Thanks for the explanation. It’s nice to honor close friends and family.

However, I still think it’s a boy’s name and I really feel for your little girl. She is going to be explaining it her entire life.

Renee on

Kate, what you said was almost an insult just with nice phrasing. Basically you are saying her parents didn’t consider the possibilities and consequences of the name they gave her.Do some of you people really think they are that naive? How does her name affect us..it doesn’t. I think some of you still don’t understand it’s not our decision. I doubt they will change the name just because complete strangers don’t like it.

Lauren on

Sarah, I hate to ask you this, but would you consider possibly getting in touch with Renee somehow and telling her to stay on topic during discussions and leave everyone else alone? I didn’t want to involve the mods, but I’ve tried calling her out on her nonsense numerous times now and she still doesn’t get the message. Differing opinions I can deal with; she does nothing but whine, complain, and single out other posters for politely stating their opinions 24/7 with no regard to the topic(s) at hand. It is totally juvenile and completely distracts/detracts from the discussions. Until someone from the site informs her that she is not the Comment Police, I don’t think she’s going to stop and will continue detracting from the discussions.

(I don’t expect this comment to be published btw).

Emma on

It’s weird ’cause I intend to honour family members with the names I choose for my kids but I’ve nevr thought about giving the “boys names” to a girl.
E.G. I want to use William as it is a family name but I keep thinking I hope I have one boy so I can use it…
But Jagger is her first name and they’ll probably give her a nickname like they have for Poet (Po) and how often do we use our middle names anyway? I feel like they’re there to individualize us and honour family members anyway, which is what they have done…

Emma on

I didn’t spell individualise incorrectly, just the Australian way! Please don’t Americanise my posts!

Sarah’s note: Sorry! It must have had an extra letter in there or something, because my spellcheck did catch it, and it usually leaves UK/AUS spellings alone.

Emma on

That’s ok, it’s just a pet hate here in Oz when ppl use American ‘z’ spellings… We get marked down at uni etc…

fay on

i just wanna say i love cbb allowing her and soleil moon frye for explaining her babies name…

although i read this blog everyday, because i LOVE it… i find that so many of the readers here are hella judgmental… it’s like… dang, that’s HER baby… why can’t she name it what she wants…

i think jagger’s a cute name boy or girl… but i don’t have to console her if she cries because people make fun, it’s not my business… it’s like going out of your way to find out information, just so u can use it against people, and it seems (TO ME) really mean spirited and pathetic…

i think soleil is really pretty, and i love that she’s comfy being out w/ a belly… like i love that she’s real, and she’s doing real life stuff w/ her real life daughter and i don’t know, not being all hollywood and having handlers doing everything… i like that…

say1031 on

I know girls named Tanner, Granger, and Presley and they love their names. I don’t think baby Jagger will have a problem with hers.

Carrie Jo on

I find it very amusing that people get so bent out of shape because they don’t like someone’s name. It’s ok to not like the name, but you don’t have to be so critical about it.

ElStuddo on

EMS was called to her home yesterday. Its likely somthing to do with Jagger. I hope she is ok. Im very concerned being a former fire / rescue worker myself. Will somone let us know whats going on here?

“Joseph has a meaning that is so very close to our hearts. It was the name of our godfather, the patriarch of our family, the one who was there for me the day that I was born and the person who walked me down the aisle at my wedding. He was the inspiration of our family and he passed away of cancer a little over a year ago.”

Im really sorry about that, and you have my sincere condolences. And now she has another situation on her hands.

Snow on

ELSTUDDO, how did you find out EMS was called to the house? Do you know anymore? I am curious to hear anymore news on this to see if everyone is ok…

Snow on

I am sooo glad I am not a celeb, having to EXPLAIN your childs name to the public, that is so unfair! I think the name they chose for their precious baby girl is their choice and no one has the right to judge it! Congrats to Soleil and her family, I can’t wait to see pics of this little one, she is going to just as beautiful as her sister and her mommy I am sure!~

ElStuddo on

Snow, clic my screenie.

Lee on

Soleil, if you are reading this, I hope your feelings weren’t hurt by the judgemental biddies on this site. Your baby’s name is gorgeous – may you and your family enjoy her with all of your might.

Jasmine Pierce on

Some say that naming your daughter a historically masculine name is giving them strength and character. It’s not the name you give them which does that. It is the personal qualities and values you teach them. It’s almost like telling them, you can’t be strong or a great leader or have any meaning if you are not a male. And trying to “balance out” a male name by giving them an overly feminine middle name doesn’t really help either. Most people do no go around introducing themselves by their entire name nor have I never heard a teacher give a role call with a full name. Just a first and surname. So that argument for me, personally, does not justify attempting to make them seem feminine with a girly middle name. Also some people want a strong name for a girl but think the only way to get that is to give them a masculine name. I would guess that MOST people don’t even search for strong feminine names.

Stephanie on

What a horrible name for a girl. We are thinking of calling our soon to be son Jagger and were concerned that it sounded too masculine.

Anyways, Hollywood is in its own little world…

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