Nicole Kidman meeting Keith Urban at Byron Bay

03/20/2008 at 06:06 AM ET

Actress Nicole Kidman, 40, arrived at Byron Bay in Australia on Wednesday, where she was met by  singer/songwriter Keith Urban, also 40. Thecouple expect their baby in July; they know the sex but are not sharing.


Photos by Flynet.

Additional images below.


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tink1217 on

Nicole looks so happy!! I am looking forward to this baby as much as I was for Halle Berry!!! I can’t wait to see him or her!!!

Jade on

She seems to really enjoy her pregnancy. I hope she’ll have a baby girl.

Carol on

You’d never know she was pregnant. She looks so little still. I hope she pops pretty soon. She’ll look cute with a pregnant belly.

Harley on

I love that they are almost always holding hands in public🙂

Hilda on

I know there are different sizes at different stages for everyone, but ain’t she too small for how far along she is? I really hope she and baby are doing fine. They do look very happy, indeed!

Sarah’s note: Yes, she’s small, but she’s also 5’10”, so the baby has lots of room to grow up before it needs to grow out. She probably won’t ‘pop’ until later. She reminds me of Gabby Reece who looked 6 months pregnant when she delivered!

Asiram on

Just a quick question…I thought you weren’t supposed to dye/bleach/highlight your hair when you were pregnant because of the chemicals?

Is that safe now?

I’m asking for selfish reasons, not to criticize (planning on a baby later this year, and I highlight!🙂

Sarah’s note: Different doctors have different opinions … many say it’s okay after the first trimester. Highlighting is usually fine at all points because the bleach doesn’t touch the scalp.

Janie on

They look like a great couple. They seem so happy together.

Marcy on

I still don’t get these “she’s tall” comments. I’m not saying she’s not pregnant but can these comments be verified by a doctor. What does having long legs and/or a long torso have to do with your uterus? Victoria Beckham who is not tall said she was still able to fit in her corset when she was very far along in her pregnancy. So I am still not understanding the “she’s tall” comments. Nicole was a size 0 so you would think someone that tiny would show faster since they are eating a lot more. It has to be something else such as eating and exercise habits maybe combined with her length.

Sarah’s note: It’s pretty normal that tall women take longer to show. If you google about height and pregnancy you should get lots of articles. Usually thin women do show faster though, this just doesn’t seem to be the case with Nicole.

martina on

Wow. She is really not showing at all. I am aware that tall women carry differently, but she doesn’t look like she’s gained any weight. My friend is 3 month and is more obviously pregnant then Nicole. She is 5’8 / 117 lb pre-pregnancy, so not exactly short. And yes, I know all women carry differently. But I still find this amazing. She is well into her second trimester and still no sign of any weight gain in the face, arms, legs, etc. I guess she’s just one lucky girl.

Anna on

I LOVE that dress!! Nicole looks so happy.

Hilda on

Thanx Sarah. I myself am 4 11″ so I started showing right quick. Happy to know all is well, afterall!

bobbi on

I’m 6’1″ with my first pregnancy I did not show until I was 7 mo. With my second pregnancy I looked like I was 6 mo. when I delivered a full term baby (a year after the first). Then on my third pregnancy no one believed that I was pregnant with twins (surrogate pregnancy), every one said that I was small for having twins. I also gained 50 pounds with each pregnancy, but it never looked like I’d gained that much. I’m just lucky that way =)

Ana on

I dont know why there are so many comments about her size? She is about 5-6 months pregnant. I am short and slim (165cm and 55kgs) and i didnt pop till i was 5 months, and she is taller than me.

I think she looks lovely🙂

Amy on

Nicole & Keith didn’t arrive together. He was already there. She only seems to show up at his events at the last minute when the paps are there.

Anonymous on

It is very common not to show until 5 months or later with your first pregnancy. I am 5’7 and 125 and with my first pregnancy didn’t show until I was well into my 6th month. Of course w/numbers 2 & 3 I started showing the minute I got the positive on the pregnancy test, LOL!

I’m sure she’ll pop soon. I think she looks great.

MomofThree on

Just to say that with my first pregnancy, I didn’t show noticeably until I was almost six months along and I’m average weight/height ( I was very worried about this). My doctor assured me that this was completely normal and nothing to worry about and sure enough with my second and third pregnancies I “popped” at about six WEEKS! Something to do with the laxness of your stomach muscles after one pregnancy. Also, my first (a girl) turned out to be a healthy 7 lb. 14 oz.
Also, I did NOT exercise during my first and second pregnancy but did keep up a routine (under my doctor’s supervision) during the third and found that I felt MUCH better throughout the entire pregnancy and bounced back much faster. I’m sure Nicole’s baby will be healthy and gorgeous:) Best wishes to them.

lady T on

I love seeing Nic happy and Keith is just a hot little daddy. I too can’t wait to see more of her bump but in time we will…God bless them..

MB on

It’s not necessarily the height of the woman but the length of the torso. Taller women do tend to have a longer upper torso, but not necessarily. Anyway, a longer upper torso gives the baby more room to grow. I am 6’0″ but I am all legs so my doctor said I’ll show earlier on b/c there’s no where to go but out haha.

magenta on

She’s looks soooooooooooooooooooo happy. I don’t think she’s that small. I think her clothes hide a lot of her belly. When CB posted the picture of when she had her jogging top up, I thought…oh yeah, she’s pregnant and she didn’t look abnormally small. If anything she’ll be like me, though I’m not her height only 5′ 5″. But I could wear my regular pre-pregnancy jeans right up to my 8th month without needing any extra width. My doctor would joke that I was carrying a mouse. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy 6 pounds 4 ounces, 19 inches who is now 18 and 6 feet 2 inches with the build of a wide receiver. Tee. Hee.

brooke on

Her belly hasn’t looked to have grown at all, since she confirmed her pregnancy lol. Guess all that working out, keeps her thin still. I think she is having a girl. On another note, her face and lips look strange like too much botox or something

lolasmum on

If a woman is “short waisted” (meaning a short distance between ribs and hip bones) during pregnancy a baby tends to pop right out…there is nowhere else to go.🙂 However, if you have a long torso, the baby has much more room to grow and stretch out lengthwise before it needs to start pushing out. Everyone carries differently depending on how they are built. Nicole and Keith are going to have one beautiful baby!

Dana on

Couple of comments about some of the other posters’ comments.

I have a very long torso. Even though I looked pregnant almost the whole time with each of my pregnancies, I carried small until the end. I gained 26 pounds with my first, and 23 with my second. I never looked more than 6 months pregnant at the end.

As far as the dying of hair, my doctor told me that as long as you are past your first trimester, it is okay to get certain kinds of color treatments. There are many treatments in this day and age that have less chemicals in them than in the past. Doctors advise against women getting treatments more for the fact that the hormones that are in overdrive during pregnancy often affect the color being able to take to the hair.

cat on

I don’t get all the she’s so little comments…She has an obvious belly in all these pics and it’s not so small in my opinion…She is much bigger than even a few weeks ago. And yes, it’s not about being tall, but about your torso length..woohoo, I used to hate having shorter legs, but it looks like in terms of pregnancy, it pays to have a longer torso, lol (I’m just guessing that that means less stretch marks since the baby is not pushing out so far)…

peaudesfleurs on

She looks lovely! I’m a midwifery student, and the only way you can tell wether she’s “small” or not, is when she’s lying on her back on a solid base. When you feel for the fundus (top) of the uterus, that’s the only way you can tell whether she’s small or not.🙂

donna on

Does Nicole puff up her lips or is that just my imagination? I would imagine it wouldn’t be wise to inject things while pregnant.

magnolia711 on

Not sure about the lips. There are plastic surgery sites that claim she gets botox and collagen a lot. If she does, she really must stop while pregnant. I think she’d be a very beautiful woman if her face moved some more. But that’s Hollywood, I guess.

But she looks so good for being 5 months pregnant!

Bruna on

They look so happy together, they are lovely! It’s always great to see them holding hands like they’re newly weds. Their smiles are so genuine. I’m sure she’ll delivery a healthy and gorgeous baby!

terri on

I love her outfit!

Sami on

I agree… love the dress!! Any word on where it’s from?

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