Melissa Joan Hart and family visit toy store

03/20/2008 at 01:22 AM ET

Actress Melissa Joan Hart, 31, and her husband, Course of Nature’s Mark Wilkerson, 30, did some shopping at The Playroom indoor play space in Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday, March 19th with sons Mason Walter, 2, and Braydon "Brady" Hart, 8 days, as well as an unidentified gentleman. (Melissa tells us she has lots of family visiting right now, so perhaps a relative?)


Photos by Flynet.

More photos and diaper bag and carseat info below.

Melissa_joan_hart_215826cbbjpg Melissa_joan_hart_215830cbbjpg

FortunecookietMelissa carries Petunia Pickle Bottom’s boxy backpack in fortune cookie ($155).


Brady rides in the carseat portion of an Orbit Baby’s Orbit Infant System in mocha/khaki ($900).

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Nad on

Hopefully Melissa’s sons will each have a daughter so they can give her grand daughters🙂

Kelly on

aww hes so sweet its good 2 see them out with both kids

freya on

not quite sure what the point of your comment is.
melissa and mark look perfectly content with their lovely little boys and so they should be!

Sarah’s note: I don’t get the ‘no girls’ seeming comments we’re been seeing either. Melissa has clearly said they want 3-4 kids so it’s not like they’re done, lol.

Ella on

I dont think I have ever seen a child look more like their parent. Mason looks like Mark’s little mini me!

Harley on

lol, I love that picture of her grabbing Mason

heather on

They look so happy. They are such a cool family, just so happy to be together, doing normal family things. So happy for them, and I cannot wait to see Brady, I’m sure he’s just as stinking cute as Mason!

Laura on

I hate it when people assume your life can never be complete until you have at least 1 boy and 1 girl…

When we found out our 2nd was a girl the comments really offended me. We have a son and now we’ll have a daughter. People say things like.. oh finally you have the daughter and now you can stop because you have 1 of each, your life is complete blah blah. It made me more aware of what those same people would have said if our 2nd had been a boy. Sorry? Too bad? Maybe next time? SIGH!

We said we wanted 2 kids.. end of discussion! If it was 2 boys we’d be JUST AS HAPPY as we are now!

Some people should just insert that foot in their mouths and stop talking!

gigi on

i love that she is out and about looking very natural with her after-baby body…..i think she looks lovely! kudos to her!
….and that mason, what a doll!

Laura on

It’s so sweet seeing the family out and about. They look so relaxed. Melissa is looking great in all these new pictures. Disclaimer: Nothing to do with her weight. She just looks very happy.

erica on

cute family! and um, i didn’t realize how hot mark is!

Ana on

Love Melissa Joan Hart, she seems so normal🙂 and a great parent.

Love the kids names, Braydon and Mason were 2 names on my list .

Leah on

I love how beautiful and confident she looks with her post-birth body. She looks wonderful!

Judyb on

I have three daughters and I am very happy with my family. Nothing irratates me more than the notion that every family has to have children of each sex in order to be happy. These comments are actually very hurtful and offensive. It is like telling me that I should be disappointed in my children and it is like telling my children that they are unwanted.

Natasha on

Judy I would absolutely love to have 3 girls and would be perfectly fine to not have a son🙂

Lana on

I liked that Melissa Joan Hart doesn’t get dressed up to the nines. Sometimes celebrity parents look like they care more about how they look than being a parent.
I like tha MJH is down to earth.

Mollie on

Ohhhh thank goodness, finally a celeb who looks like I did after giving birth– yay for t-shirts and good old maternity pants!🙂 Except I don’ think I left the house for a month after my daughter was born. Good for you, Melissa! What a cute and happy family!

Looks like she has a Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag?

SMC on

I still can’t get over how cute Mason is. I can’t wait to see what little Brady looks like. But am I the only one that finds Mark more than a little distracting? He is gorgeous! Melissa is a very lucky woman!

Rebecca on

“Sometimes celebrity parents look like they care more about how they look than being a parent.”

I don’t think it’s fair to say that a person who cares about their appearance doesn’t care about their child. It is possible to care about both. I just don’t understand the comments that are made whenever someone takes the time to work out or to care about their appearance. If a person is comfortable going the casual route then good for them, but some people just feel better and happier when they are working out and dressed up more and that’s okay too. I don’t think any one way is better than the other, it’s just a matter of personal preference. I think a mother who feels good about herself is able to be a better mother, and if working out and putting on fancy clothes accomplishes that, then why shouldn’t she. And on the flip side, if she feels good wearing casual clothes and not worrying as much about hair and make-up, then there’s nothing wrong with that. Mothers are people too, and they have a right to focus on themselves if they want to as well.

Jennifer on

Did anyone notice that if you just glance at that picture, it looks like Mark is holding hands with that other guy? I was like “Wait, what?” Lol, anywho though, they all look super cute. I never did notice how good looking her husband is.

Melanie on

I know she’s in love with her two little boys but I’m sure she was hoping for a girl. The only time I’ve ever heard a mom say “I have a boy and I was hoping for another” is on this website. All of the women I know with son(s) make comments about wanting a little girl. That is normal. People make comments about how lucky people are to have one of each because that is what MOST couples want (at least the ones I know).

Rebecca on

“I know she’s in love with her two little boys but I’m sure she was hoping for a girl.”

Oh for heaven’s sake, could the comments about her wanting a girl just stop. Not everyone cares about having a daughter.

You can add me to the list of people who was glad for a second boy. My brother grew up always being upset that he never had a brother, and so I hoped for my child to have that.

I don’t see that any one gender is better or more fun than the other, and I’m sure there are many, many people who hold that same opinion. It’s ridiculous that there are some people who can’t seem to grasp that there are some mothers who are grateful for any child that is given to them and don’t care about gender at all.

Since you don’t know Melissa personally maybe you should stop trying to speak for her.

brooke on

Mason is cute, he looks just like mark. I don’t understand why just because she hasn’t lost the baby weight or is dressed casual that makes her a better mom than say victoria beckham who is always shown with her sons on a regular basis. Just because victoria is thin and likes to dress nice, doesn’t mean she cares more about her appearance than her kids. Some people just like to look stylish, and others whether they have kids or not don’t like too.

I’ve seen plenty of people without kids, who go out without makeup and dressed down, it’s just their style and it has nothing to do with being a mom. And than there’s people with kids and without kids, that always like to look trendy and stylish.

To each his own, but just because you don’t wear makeup or dress nice, doesn’t automatically make you a good mom lol. Makes people sound a bit jealous and catty to say, it’s great for a celebrity to care more about their kids than their looks. You don’t have to look a wreck to be a good mom, you can look great and still be a loving caring mom lol.

As for her wanting a girl, I think she did. She shared everything about her pregnancy even blogged, so it wasn’t like we can say she is a private person lol. But she didn’t share the sex, and I said months ago I bet it’s a boy because she hasn’t confirmed it, and she talked about everything else in her pregnancy.

I also agree with you melanie I know very few people personally other than on this website, that want the same sex over and over again. And usually the people that say that, are the people that have 2 girls or say 3 boys, so at that point what are you gonna say but oh yes I want the same sex all the time. Do you love your children, of course you do. But usually if you have a boy, you would like to experience a daughter the next time around, and vica verse.

I think if melissa would have been having a girl, she would have confirmed it early. She talked about everything else in her pregnancy, wasn’t exactly a private person. So I remember thinking she hasn’t confirmed the baby’s sex, it is most likely another boy. I do feel if she has a 3rd child, it will be another boy, I got a boy vibe from her, like she will have all sons.

Nicole on

LOL! I bet her third child will finally be a girl, not a boy! hehe!..and some people are happy having two boy or two girls!

anyway, love this family, Mark is so handsome and Melissa is cute and pretty. Mason is adorable, bet the new baby is too.

thanks for the pics.

Coco on

I too am glad to see a celeb who looks real after giving birth. I think she looks awesome. She’s got that happy mommy glow about her.

I love the bag too… but maybe because I think I have the same one… the PPB Boxy Backpack in Fortune Cookie.

Sara on

Such a cute family. I love Mason’s shirt!

Amy on

My first was a little girl and now I am pregnant with my second. In all honesty I am very conflicted over what I “want”. There is a part of me that wants a boy since I haven’t had one and I know my husband would love a son. However another very large part of me wants a girl because I think girls are so sweet and fun, and I think it would be great for my daughter to have a sister, something I never had. So, I truly believe that everyone is being a little overdramatic about how MOST people want 1 of each. I would be happy with either a girl or boy at this point as long as it is healthy. I have friends who share this sentiment, so it is not only on CBB where people say they are okay with 2 of the same sex. I’m thinking the people who are making those comments have either no children or only 1. All children are a gift regardless of their sex.

Megan on

OMG woman! Go home and take a nap! I know, I know. I walked around Target 3 days postpartum but learn from my mistakes. Go take a nap! Get a foot rub then take a hot bath.


Hanna on

I love that she is out and about looking very natural with her after-baby body! And not at home hiding and dieting..

sil on

well said Amy!
I was thinking the same…I already have a girl, and i’m now pregnant but don’t know the sex yet…and i also would love another girl, but a boy will also be wonderful…so as long as he/she is healthy, boy or girl will be fantastic!

Rebecca on

“As for her wanting a girl, I think she did. She shared everything about her pregnancy even blogged, so it wasn’t like we can say she is a private person lol. But she didn’t share the sex, and I said months ago I bet it’s a boy because she hasn’t confirmed it, and she talked about everything else in her pregnancy.”

After reading all the insulting, potentially hurtful things that some people have said on this blog about her having a second son I can completely understand why she kept the news to herself. Perhaps she just wanted to enjoy being happy about her son without having people intrude upon that happiness by making comments about how a son isn’t as exciting and wonderful as having a daughter.

Bottom line is, you don’t know Melissa and to insist that she is somehow unhappy about her son is not only presumptuous, it’s also kind of rude. I certainly hope she doesn’t come here and read all these hurtful comments.

Meaghan on

My problem is with EVERYONE saying I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl as long as it is healthy. I’ll be happy with either sex as long as the little one is healthy. Not everyone has a healthy baby but you love him or her just as much as you would love a healthy baby. Of course every mama wants what’s best for her baby but that comments just stings those mama’s that didn’t birth a “perfect” child.

Judyb on

Natasha, thank you for your nice comment. My three girls have brought me so much joy.

Melanie and Brooke you are making generalizations!! I feel very sorry for any child who is “unwanted” because the child is not the sex that the parents desired. **IMO, those kind of people do not deserve the blessing of a child.** There are plenty of people who don’t have any children and would feel blessed with children of either gender.

I am going to leave this thread because I am quite tired of being told that everyone wants a child of each sex and anyone who says they don’t is “just saying that.” I am tired of debating with people who get their expertise from asking their friends.

katie7487 on

i think the unidentified gentleman is probably mark’s brother because he sure looks a lot like him

kimberly on

Those type of comments are extremely annoying. My Husband and I are expecting our third child. Our first born was a son, second a daughter. All everyone kept saying was ” oh you are so lucky, one of each, perfect family, now you don’t need to have any more”. The funny thing about it was everyone who made those comments had no children. They were all shocked when our response was nope we are not done we want 4 or 5.
Mason is adorable and I’m sure Braydon is too. To all those people making comments about her wanting a girl or being disappointed in having another son, if she really wanted a daughter as you claim then why is it that every picture of her during this pregnancy and after the birth does she look so happy? They look like an extremely happy family and people need to keep their negative views of things they really don’t know anything about to themselves.

Katie on

I think Melissa looks excellent, and just so happy and content. So happy for her!

I think people need to calm down pouncing on each others comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. it’s almost as though you cant say ANYTHING here about weight, gender or any sort of preference, without having someone jump down your throat.

Cordelia's Mommy on

As a Valley (San Fernando Valley, i.e.) girl myself, and a visitor to this very place with my daughter and her friends, The Playroom is actually in Sherman Oaks and it is an indoor play place not a toy store. Here is the link to the site . We love this place, and they are very nice there, they have generously donated a bunch of free play passes for my daughter’s co-op preschool silent auction fundraiser this April. It’s a great location too, lots of places to eat around, and you can get something and bring it into The Playroom and eat on their tables while your child plays. Brilliant idea. For me as a regular Valley mom, it’s nice always neat to see celeb types that frequent the same places we do, and occasionally seeing them there as well.

charsmom on

I am more and more in love with the family every time I see pictures of them! When CBB first started doing all the Melissa/pregnancy posts I was thinking “why are we hearing so much about her?” But after being able to celebrate her pregnancy and baby’s birth via this website, and seeing all these great pictures of Melissa and Mark’s fabulous (and normal!!!) family, I am so happy to get a glimpse into their lives!

Congrats again to them all – every baby is a blessing!

ang on

if soleil is friends with melissa and she has read this site, chances r melissa may read it too.if she does, i just want to say thanks for the blogs-i really enjoyed reading them. congrats and i hope everything is going great with brady.

Sarah’s note: Melissa reads the comments on the blogs she writes, not sure about the random ‘razzi posts.

Nancy on

I just had to add to this silly boy/girl…which do you want debate, etc.
When I was pregnant 11 years ago, I wanted a boy so badly. My husband is really into sports and I thought it would be great to start a family with a boy as the first born (NOT saying girls can’t play sports- hold off on the “outraged” comments!). Anyway, pregnant 2 years later and we really wanted ANOTHER BOY. They have grown up as great buddies and I have never missed out on not having a girl. I teach pre-school and we always tell the kids “you get what you get, and you don’t get upset”! Lol – same goes for having children!

susan on

I am a mother of three wonderful boys and I love it! The bond and the camaraderie that my sons have is incredible. They have similar interests and they really enjoy each others company. My husband and I are entertaining the thought of having another child and in all honesty it would be great to have another boy!

I really don’t miss not having a little girl, because of the close bond my little guys have. I should mention that my husband and I are used to being in families with everyone the same gender. I am one of four girls and my husband is one of three boys.

Luciana(Brazil) on

Trust me SMC, you’re not the only one. Melissa’s hubby is sooo hot!

They’re a adorable family. Little Mason is the cuttest. Don’t ask me why, but I’d love to see him playing with Violet Anne.

And for those boy/girl comments… I’m not a mother yet, but I want to have 3 boys! If I have girls, fine.. but, If I could decide, I’d have sons!

brannon on

AAAH! Again with the “on no, it wasn’t a girl” comments. i have said it before and I will say it again – I felt like I got more condolences than congratulations when i announced my beautiful baby boy! I don’t get it! NOT EVERY mother wants a little girl. Do some? Of course! Same for little boys! Stop assuming all women want daughters! My sister is pregnant with her third child and really hoping its another boy! (She has 2!) Of course she will love it if its a girl and be just as thrilled but to assume she is “trying for a girl” is really really annoying!

candy on

What a beautiful family the Wilkersons are. I was a little disappointed that she did not carry on the “M” tradition. But in any case I adore her new son’s name, Braydon. It is definitely a “different” name not as traditional as Max. I can not wait to see a picture of the family and the new baby. I thought it was interesting that see and Soeil Moon Fry were pregnant at the same time. And that they both had the same sex as their first child and that they had them within days of each other. I think that is just awesome!!!! Since Melissa has the two boys and Soliel has the two girls you just never know…. Congrats to them both. Mason is cute as a button and I am sure once we see pictures of Brady I just know he would be as cute as his brother.

Nancy on

Had to add one more thing about the “boy, girl…..just as long as they are healthy” comment. Meaghan – I don’t think wanting a healthy baby is meant to imply anything less would make them “imperfect”. As parents, we love our kids no matter who or what they are. My brother and his wife just lost their 4 month old son and it was absolutely the most devastating thing to all of us. If they are lucky enough to have another child, I guarantee they just “want a healthy baby”. Not because healthy babies are “perfect”, but b/c healthy babies live.

babyboopie on

i LOVED Sabrina the Teenage witch as a young girl and used to watch it every single time it came on- my mother had to literally drag me away from it! And I know it’s crazy, but I always thought of Melissa as the young fresh-faced Sabrina! Now, following up her personal life- watching her with her beautiful 2 kids and reading her pregnancy journals with Braydon, I feel happy and glad life’s turned out well for her- she is lovely and an amazing mother- and these boys are adorable.

Anne on

Meaghan – I really don’t think anyone means to say that babies born with problems or illnesses are any less valuable or lovable than those born healthy. Of course ANY baby, regardless of sex, health, and so on, is a blessing. But what mother doesn’t wish health for their child? What is wrong wtih saying “I don’t care about the sex, I just hope my baby is healthy!” I, and I’m sure every woman who posts on CBB, would welcome with an open heart and open arms any child we were blessed with, but there is nothing wrong with hoping for a healthy one. I don’t think it comes from a selfish place of wanting a “perfect” child, I think it comes from wanting the best possible life for our children.

charlene on

The Playroom is the cleaniest and coolest indoor playroom and party venue for children 9months-5years old.

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