Brooke Burke blogs on birth and her boy (yes, he's still nameless!)

03/20/2008 at 10:14 PM ET

Brookeburke204712_cbbActress, model, and TV host Brooke Burke, 36, welcomed her fourth child and first son on the morning of Wednesday, March 5th. Already mom to daughters Neriah, 7 ½, Sierra Sky, 5 ½, and Heaven Rain, 14 months, Brooke blogs about her birth, her girls’ reactions, the event planned for Friday, and her postpartum use of Tauts.

Hi! As you already know, we have had our son and he is truly amazing!  We are all quite sleep deprived, but nothing we were not expecting!

My birth was quick and easy, thank God! I didn’t even get through my second set of pushes, and out he came. Can you believe that we have waited all our lives for a son and we still have not decided on a name?! 

Neriah and Sierra welcomed him with excitement and open arms, but Rain is having a tough time. She is a bit aggressive by nature, and does not understand why she cannot pull him out of his basket.  First, she was mad at me for two days for leaving her for the night in the hospital, then I came home with the "intruder."  She is getting better, but there sure are a lot of feelings to take care of in my home!

Click below for details on her son’s bris, and Brooke’s experience with her own Tauts product (it didn’t exactly fit at first)!

Tomorrow is our brit milah. Poor guy! The Jew that decided to plana party for their son on the eighth day after giving birth obviouslynever had a baby before! LOL.

FYI. I brought my Tauts to the hospital, size small. I was so sadto realize that it did not fit me. Just a word of encouragement, threedays after the birth I was able to squeeze into it.  I have beenwearing it around the clock.  It is not the most comfortable thing, butit sure is working. For anyone who is suffering, hang in there. Takeit off for short periods, like during feeding, if you have to. 

Myswelling is going down fast, and the support that it is giving me feelsgreat. It seems as though every pregnant woman in the country hasplaced an order for Tauts and we are scrambling to keep them in stock.Please be patient with us, I promise it is so worth the wait. My staffis dealing with a lot of angry hormonal women, one being me…

Thank you so much to all of you that have sent congrats and sweetwishes for my family. We really appreciate all the feedback. I amamazed at how the Baboosh network has grown and the kindness that I getfrom all of you.

Here is a shot of me weeks before I popped. Happy not to resemble Buddha anymore!


Picture_1Baboosh Baby,Brooke Burke’s new line of post-partum belly wraps, stretch-mark oils,organic t-shirts and recycled diaper bags, is named after the Frenchterm of endearment and is also Rain’s nickname. For more info, checkout

If you missed CBB’s exclusive chat with Brooke, in which she answered your questions, click here to catch up.

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brooke on

Aww I love brooke, she is so funny saying she resembled a Buddha lol. She was one of the prettiest pregnant ladies IMO. Tauts is such a great idea, and although it’s uncomfortable it’s so worth it. Can’t wait to see the baby and hear his name. Aww poor rain she is so little, it makes sense she isn’t fond of the baby yet lol. They will be so close in age, it will be great when their older and can play and stuff. Her older girls sound like happy big sisters. Glad she has an easy birth.

Nicole on

Brooke is so pretty! I am a big Brooke Burke fan! So glad the birth of her son was easy and smooth!

can’t wait for pics!!!

Ekaterina on

Brooke—not necessarily. My brother and I are about the same difference in age and we never got along as children. We fought like crazy. I went through the same thing Rain did when my brother got home. I was so mad at my mother for leaving and I couldn’t visit her in the hospital because I got a cold around the same time.

From personal experience, the best thing to do is to do the very best you can to balance attention on both children. It always bothers me when people automatically assume that being close in age means you will be close. I’ve met few siblings close in age that get along when they are younger.

My boss has a son and daughter, also very close in age, and his son has had a difficult time adjusting to his little sister too. They are only now starting to get along a little better, but its still difficult. From personal experience, I plan to, if I can, have my children a little farther apart in age.

Meaghan on

My sister and I were so close in age we ended up being in the same grade. We shared a room from the day I came home from the hospital until I moved into my college dorm the summer after high school. Everyone thought we were twins and it didn’t help that my mother dressed us identically.

I think it will be easier since they they are brother and sister and won’t have the same sister troubles that some families, including mine, have. I know I wanted to smack her when she stole my clothes or talked to the boy I liked in class. Then you come home from school and she’s there. You wake up in the morning and she’s there. Lol, I wouldn’t change it though if I could because we’re very close now that we’re both adults.

Jaisa on

Such a cute family!
Just wondering: how long ca you wait in the States for you give your child a name? In the Netherlands we have to report the child to the agencies, with his/her name(s). We can cange them later on, if we like another one better, but is quite expensive..
And did it take some of you a while before deciding what would be the best fitting name for your child?

Alecia on

I know Brooke’s father George Burke is French and Irish and her mother, Donna is Portuguese and Irish; Her mother is Jewish and Brooke was also raised to practice Judaism and David’s also Jewish…It’s during the circumcision ceremony when baby boys are given their names. Naming a Jewish baby is a significant lifecycle event. Jewish tradition places importance on names as both links to previous generations and hopes for future generations.

Greta on

Congrats to Brooke and family! She is a very cool and composed lady if she can bring home a 4th child just 14 months after her last one and be blogging about it already!

I had my kids fairly close together and it was tough in the very beginning… but I loved getting “the baby stage” over all at once (not that I didn’t like that stage, but it’s very intense).

Now I have them both potty-trained and on the same schedule… most moms who waited longer between kids can’t do something with the older one because the baby has to nap, needs a bottle, needs a diaper change, needs to go to bed at 6:30 etc…. So there ARE advantages to having them closer IMO.

Alecia on

Both Brooke & David are Jewish, and it is the custom during the circumcision cermony (Brit Milah) that baby boys are given their names. Naming a Jewish baby is a significant lifecycle event.

Dana on

Wow never knew Brooke or David was Jewish. They don’t look it.. Are they Jewish or raised Jewish? But heck i love learning something new.

Congrats to the happy family.

Sarah’s note: If you click the link at the bottom of the post, Brooke talked about being Jewish in her CBB interview.

Y on

They don’t look Jewish? That’s got to be the most ignorant statement I’ve heard all the Jews you know have big noses and horns?

nosoupforyou on

You either are Jewish or not.

One can be Jewish by birth or conversion.

It is not how you are “raised.” : )

Alecia is correct in that their son will be named at his Brit.

I have two sons and remember theirs well!

Mazel Tov to Brooke and David!

JewishMomma on

“Wow never knew Brooke or David was Jewish. They don’t LOOK it.”

Statements like this are hurtful and harmful. There is no place for Antisemitism on this site! Please think before you post.

Tarryn on

Well said JewishMomma 🙂

Roise on

I wonder if the baby will have a family name. My friend, who is Jewish, told me that his nephew was named after the baby’s great-grandfather because it’s Jewish tradition to name the baby after someone. Since I’m not Jewish, I took his word for it (and his father is a rabbi).

Levi on

I will never understand how Brooke gains no weight anywhere except her abdomen when she gets pregnant! What’s the deal? It’s amazing.

And to all the mean-spirited posters, I don’t think Dana meant anything “antisemetic’ stating that she didn’t know that Brooke and David Charvet are Jewish. Please! Easy mistake. Looking “Jewish” to many does not conjur up big noses or whatever. If someone typed they didn’t look Swedish would they be considered prejudice? Look in the mirror!

Anne on

While I agree that Dana didn’t use the best choice of words in her post, please, I really don’t think she meant anything mean-spirited. I can understand the thought popping into your mind that Brooke doesn’t “look” Jewish. To me, she appears, ethnically, to be something exotic or Hispanic, which would not suggest that she is Jewish. I understand you can convert religions and things like that, I’m just saying I can understand Dana having a thought like that pop into her head! Anyway, I was told my daughter had to be named before we left the hospital! Did they lie? LOL!

Megan on

I bought the tauts, but unfortunately I didn’t stick with it. Like Brooke says, it is very uncomfortable and, in my experience, rode up when I sat down. I am sure if I kept it on, I would’ve eventually got used to it. But, I plan on gifting it to my sister once she gets pregnant, so at least it will get used!!

P.S. Looking at my stomach now, I wish I would’ve used it LOL

Sarah on

“To me, she appears, ethnically, to be something exotic or Hispanic, which would not suggest that she is Jewish.”

I just wanted to add that there are Iranian Jews, Indian Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Argentinian Jews etc who look in your words “exotic”. There isn’t one look 🙂 People may not realize this and I just wanted to point this out, since I have an “exotic” look and am Jewish and get asked this question all the time.

Jessica on

Thanks for sharing Megan. Since the “Tauts” are selling out so fast, I was wondering if new moms are having success with the Tauts and if it has worked for them. I am thinking about buying one….Was wondering how they differ from a regular Post Partum Support Band like Medela?

nosoupforyou on

Sorry, Levi. Anti-semitism is “mean-spirited.”

Too bad you don’t get that.

Both my husband and I are born Jews. My hair is very dark and wavy. My husband has blonde, curly, wirey hair that grows out into a fro if he lets it.

So, what’s that about “looking Jewish?”

Perhaps it has more to do with where our ancestors lived rather than our religion.

Jews are not a race.

So, should we then say “my, they don’t look Methodist?”

Jeanne on

Maybe this is an old wives’ tale, but I thought a baby HAD to have a name before leaving the hospital?

karen on

I am Jewish and let’s be honest people, Jews are easily offended. Give Dana a break. I see why she may have said this, Brooke looks very Portuguese or Hawaiian maybe. And for the record, yes many of us Jews have big noses and close set eyes. It may be just a stereotype now but stereotypes come from somewhere. There are stereotypes of many kinds. Eventually they’ll be broken, but today many remain true. To you fellow Jews who claim Dana was being anti-semitic, you embarrass me.

dana on

I’m very sorry if offend people about that Jewish statement. that wasn’t intention. I always tought she was Native Amercian or Hispanic. and her husband looks Irish/German.. that’s what i mean by they didn’t look Jewish. I didn’t mean to say that statement because of the big nose/dark hair thing. Because that was in no way what i mean’t.

nosoupforyou on

Karen, I’m very pleased that I embarrass you.

Young people, with little knowledge, education or experience, are most often embarrassed by those who are older and far wiser.

“Jews are easily offended?” Yes, perhaps young one. After torture, crusades, massacres, pogroms, and genocide, we better be.

Dana, thank you for your apology.

Bob on

Funny you take such offense to this, seeing as your screen name comes from a character entitled “the soup nazi”.

Anne on

nosoupfor you, thanks for making me laugh. Should everyone be perpetually angry and offended by every horrible thing that was done to their ancestors? Every nationality, race, religion, etc., at one point or another, has had terrible things happen to them. Please lighten up. I don’t walk around mad at the world because 250 years ago job ads noted “Irish need not apply.”

BTW, isn’t it equally rude of you to assume Karen is immature, uneducated, or of less “wisdom” than you because she has a different point of view?

brooke on

For the people saying brooke looks of exotic nationality, she does and it’s because she is. Brooke is portugese through her mom’s side, and french and Irish from her dad’s side. I remember reading how when brooke first started modeling, a lot of people loved her looks because she had this exotic sexy look to her, which I agree with. And David is french, he was born in france too. Her ex husband garth fisher isn’t jewish but when she was with him, she also raised her 2 older girls jewish and now since david is jewish they will raise all the kids jewish. I don’t think Dana meant any harm, and it was nice of her to say sorry.

nosoupforyou on

Anne, you appear easily amused, at discrimination, past suffering and hardship no less.

Strange, to say the least.

AJ on

Can’t we all just get along? lol…I have close set eyes and high cheek bones which lead most people to believe I am Bi-racially white/and Asian decent. I am actually white/and Native American. Sometimes looks can be deceiving I don’t think anyone meant any harm by any of the comments they made. And I am not offended when someone says that I don’t look native american, I look Asian. I realize that god made me look the way I am and thats okay its not anyone else’s look, its mine 😉

Steph on

Ekaterinia, I agree and disagree with you. My brother and I are 14 months apart and growing up, we were each other’s best friend and worst enemy. We got along OK when we were little, fought constantly when we were in middle/high school, and now, in college, he’s one of my best friends.

Because we’re so close in age, we have so much more in common and our constant fighting and arguing never canceled out the fact that I had someone to play with after school and on summer vacation. I want my kids to be so close in age because of how my experience with it was!

Of course, all kids are different but it’s my experience that most kids close in age fight with each other but, in the end, become close friends and confidants.

I can’t wait to see the baby and hear his name! I’m sure Rain will get used to not being the baby anymore but it’s only been a few weeks so it’ll take a lot more time!!

That picture of Brooke is perfect. She is such a beautiful lady – pregnant or not!

mindyourmanners on

Wow- “young one?” Because it’s not equally childish to talk down to someone and start name calling…
Your tone of voice is far ruder than anything she said. What a waste of a post to deliberately try to make her feel bad.

CelebBabyLover on

I just want to comment on the being named at the Bris thing. I definitely believe that Brooke’s son will be named at his Bris. However, I am confused because Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman (Jordan is Jewish, they were married by a Rabbi, and they had a Bris for Max. Christina even discussed the Bris multiple times.) obviously named their baby before his Bris, as Max’s name was announced the day he was born.

Do some parents choose to name before the Bris? Or did Max maybe receive some sort of Jewish name at his Bris? If someone who’s Jewish could clear this up for me, I’d be very grateful!

luv2bemom on

To answer the question about names-

We named our children in the hospital with the names we would use everyday and then at the “baby naming” / brit milah ceremonies we gave the babies a Hebrew name with significance. We named them after family members in our hearts that had passed.

Hope that clears it up.

Levi on

Nosoup, My post evidentally went right over your head! You missed the point entirely but NEVERMIND. I am sorry you are so looking for a slight in every comment. Must be a hard way to live!!

Lauren on

“I am sorry you are so looking for a slight in every comment. Must be a hard way to live!!”

Indeed. How pathetic that someone so supposedly “older and far wiser” proves herself to be signifigantly more juvenile than her supposedly “young” counterparts. I’ll continue to take my advice from people who actually have a clue as to what they’re talking about, thanks.

Emma on

I know that technically Jews are not a race but I always got the feeling that being Jewish was more than a religious choice… Sort of like a race though?!
I studied WWII and the Holocaust. I have been to the Holocaust Museam in my capital city (in Australia) and heard from some that survived it. It was so moving.
I didn’t think Brooke or David were Jewish because they didn’t look it. That may seem horrible to nosoupforyou (and others) but I don’t mean it to be.
I don’t think people’s comments on here were anti-semitic and karen may be right, Jewish people may be easily offended, as a group. But that may be because they have been through so much. Like black people (here Aboriginals, in USA African-Americans) and women too.
I think the groups of people who have been discriminated against in history can be easily offended. Maybe they’re just trying to protect themselves, so history doesn’t repeat itself.
I know, as a woman, I am touchy when it comes to feminist issues, because of the collective history of women not being treated as equal to men. Not necessarily due to anything that has happened to me personally…

Lindsey on

Wow I had no idea she was jewish either.

I deal with this all the time, im engaged to be married in July and at the temple we went looking for a rabbi to marry us the rabbis secretary asked me if I was jewish from birth. I said no I was hatched,I got so annoyed. Im blond by hair dye choice with blue eyes. Polish/Austrian decent. So Dana I get it from even jewish people , we come in all shapes, sizes, colors etc. DOn’t worry too much.

Pam on

The baby’s last name will be Charvet, right?

What if she named the baby Burke?

He’ll have the gender and the last name of his father, and his first name will be his mom’s last name.

My friend’s dad’s family did that, their last name was Mayhew but there was a generation of all daughters so to keep the name in the family the daughters started naming their sons Mayhew as a first name.

Burke is a cute name and a refreshing change from the Brayden/Jayden/Drayden (??) trend of names.

momoftwocuties on

Jessica, girlfriend, no one answered your question. Yes!!! you should totally buy the Haute belly band or Medela because it will save your figure for years to come and I am not exaggerating. I bought one when my baby was one year old and it helped even then. It compresses the uterus back to size, erases swelling, helps skin shrink, and helps you regain core strength. Asain and hispanic cultures bind right after birth for around forty days, this is a lost practice in American culture which is a tragedy. Women are suffering from the separation of the ab muscles which is called diastasis. If this happens during pregnancy, it can be repaired by immediately bringing the abs back together after birth by using the type of compression the haute belly band or Medela post c-section band offers. Buy one now, seriously. I worked at a pump station for breastfeeding and new moms and sold the Medela one to every mom who walked in. I was a certified lactation educator there. Because I didn’t have the Haute or Medela and didn’t even know about the lost practice of binding, it took me three years after my second to finally bring the abs back together after I had abdominal diastasis and didn’t repair it immediately after birth. (There is hope without surgery and it involves regaining core strength). To test for diastasis, lie down and lift your neck and head up from the ground, if you can put more than two to three fingers in the gap between the two sides of the abdominal, then you have diastasis. Wearing the ab binder while you are doing ab work helps them to go back together, which I did. It is not fun having everyone ask you if you are pregnant when your baby is almost three years old and you are thin everywhere but your tummy. Take it from me and tell every woman you know to buy this type of product. Let’s reclaim this lost tradition that helps women adjust to postpartum by increasing self-esteem, self-image, physical well-being, posture, core-strength and more. Buy one, buy one, buy one. I am becomeing a certified birth doula next month and next year will begin a program for midwifery so I really care about this subject. The fact that every woman isn’t given one in the hospital is a crime. the Medela one would be perfectly fine and is about $20 which is more affordable for those working with a budget. Brooke’s is smoother under clothing and likely softer to the skin, and prettier in appearance, but both work exactly the same to help the new mom regain her core strength and decrease swelling. I myself would go for Brooke’s because I can afford the higher price and I would want to really pamper myself during a time you need to take really good care of yourself. With the Medela one I would always recommend that women wear it over a thin nursing camisole shirt because it can be a little rough. For the record, after my first pregnancy, I snapped back into pre-preg form in no time without any abdominal binder, tighter than ever. But I only gained 25- 30 lbs, whereas the with the second pregnancy I gained 45+ lbs due to pigging out, so stupid. I swear that 30 is the magic number, it melts off if it is under 30 lbs.
Finally, Brooke, you are an amazing super woman and mom. I am so glad you won Dancing with the Stars, I called it from your first dance.
Additionally, I bet that David Charvet is Jewish. He actually looks of Jewish decent to me, likely one of his parents is from Jewish lineage because he also looks Western European. My brother in law is Jewish and he looks Jewish. He is a classic looking red haired Jewish man. It’s just the facts and he knows it, what’s wrong with wearing your DNA blueprint for everyone to know who you are and where you come from. It is inevitable and that tells us a lot about someone in a glance. If we all looked the same, how could we tell eachother apart. Additionally have a brit in the home, which is an at home circumcision performed by a rabbi, it is usually a very patriarchal event during which the men of the family embrace the new son. I am part of the if anyone wants to check out why I didn’t circumcise my two angels and why the American Pediatric Association says that routine male circumcision is unnecessary.
Additionally, there are two distinct Jewish blood lines; Ashkenazi Jews from Christian European countries and Sephardic Jews from Muslim African and Middle Eastern Countries. It is an ancestry just like any other, so there are commonalities in appearance for each of the two bloodlines. It’s not a big deal, its genetics and people look the way they look and look similar to others in their geographical region because of genetics. My husband gets asked all the time if he is Jewish, but he is not and his ancestors were never part of that religion, though they were from Eastern Europe where the bloodline originated for many of the Jews, so there you have it, sometimes people look Jewish just like sometimes people look Swedish, Pigme, Alaskan Native, English, Chinese, Native American, Spanish, or other. God bless everyone of every race and religion.