Tori Spelling announces that she's expecting a daughter

03/19/2008 at 09:26 AM ET

Torispelling69268_cbbTori Spelling is seeing pink! The actress has just found out that she and Dean McDermott are having a girl — something she wasn’t expecting.

I just found out at my ultrasound, and we are so excited. I immediately started crying. I couldn’t believe it. I have my beautiful little boy and now I’ll have my little girl! It’s amazing.

We were shocked when the doctor said the ultrasound showed a girl! Since Dean has Jack and now Liam, I always kid him that he’s shooting only boys.

Click below to read about the nursery, Dean’s tattoo plans, and more.

A fan of all things feminine herself, Tori is excited to start putting together a wardrobe and nursery for her daughter.

I just did my first shopping trip for her at Lola et Moi in Beverly Hills. It was so fun. I love pink, so I can’t wait to get her tons of pink stuff. We don’t have her nursery done yet, but we’re thinking pink and chocolate brown.

Expounding on earlier statements that she both wanted and feared having a daughter, Tori explained,

I’ve always wanted a little girl since I’m such a girly girl, and Dean always wanted a little girl as well. Because my mother and I have always had a complicated relationship, I always wanted a girl to prove that the past doesn’t have to repeat itself. I can’t wait to be a great mom and friend to her.

I’m a little nervous to have a girl, but mostly, I’m just excited for the same reasons — to prove to myself that I can be an amazing mom to a little girl.

Tori shares that Dean already has plans for this summer — getting inked and not taking his eyes off his new daughter.

Dean wants tattoos for all his babies — Jack, Liam and our daughter when she arrives. Dean says he will be totally overprotective! [laughs] He says ‘especially if she looks like her beautiful mamma!’ Aaahh … Love my man!

Tori, 34, expects her daughter in early June. As of last week, the baby hadn’t seemed to cooperate at the first ultrasound, so they still didn’t know the sex. Dean and Tori’s first child, Liam Aaron, just turned 1. Dean also has a son, Jack, 9, from his first marriage.

Source: In Touch Weekly; People

Thanks to CBB readers Stephanie, Katie, Angela, Leslie and Colleen.

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B on

For some reason I’m so happy for them that they will have a little boy AND a little girl. I don’t know them..but that’s so awesome! Good for them and congrats!


Awwww a little girl that’s sweet, I’m sure she will be dressed adorable all the time.I’m not a big fan of Tori’s, but she seems like a good mom so good for them🙂

ang on

the link is gone-it doesn’t work here and it’s disappeared from perez’s site in the last few hours.weird…

Sarah’s note: 10:30 am – She announced the news to In Touch, so that’s why Perez had to take it down I bet. We’ve posted it here now with the official announcement.

tink1217 on

I wouldn’t read too much into PerezHilton, but if its true then CONGRATS!! I was thinking girl this time for Tori!

Mandy on

Congrats to her and Dean. I love having a little girl…there is something really special about raising a girl to be an amazingly strong woman. Not to mention all of the cute clothes🙂

Olivia on

aww a little girl.. i wonder what they will name her? maybe Olivia???

Erica Ann on

Aww I am so happy for Tori. She has wanted a daughter so badly and now she is going to have one! Congrats!

Lissette on

That’s fantastic news! so happy for them!

Irishgal on

I had a feeling this one would be a girl. She is carrying so differently from last time. Congrats to them.

Christine on

I don’t usually comment and I haven’t always been a fan of Tori Spelling, but she has won me over.

I read her earlier comments wherein she was afraid to have a girl. I think she will be a great mother to her baby girl, just like she has to her little boy.

I’m very happy for her and her family.

I am a sucker for movies and tv shows that show positive character development, so I am just so happy to see how far Tori and Nicole Ritchie have come in their personal lives.

Harley on

Awwwwwww! A little girl is always a nice way to round out a family🙂

Ella on

Is Dean still involved with his other children? There never seems to be any mention of his children with Tori having half-siblings.

Sarah’s note: With Jack, yes. He’s actually mentioned here, more of Tori’s quotes have been released. Part of the custody agreement worked out with his ex includes the provision that he is not legally responsible for the little girl they were in the process of adopting, but it hasn’t been clear if that was Dean, Mary Jo, or both of their decision.

Jasmine on

Aw I am so happy for her!

Sadie on

“She is carrying so differently from last time.”

The way of person carries has nothing to do with the gender of their child. That has been disproven over and over again, and yet people continue to cling to the old myths, and I have no idea why.

Amanda on

Awwww I bet they are super excited! I had my little boy and when we found out our 2nd was a girl we were over the moon! I’m also very glad she decided to share, unlike some of those other celeb moms out there! 🙂

mary on

It about time he tattoos his kids especially Jack since he has marked himself up w/pics of Tori. Great for his acting career. Lola was adopted just by Maryjo the ex and it was her decision to go it alone; he basically wanted no part of the little girl who was only 1 month at the time of the affair…

Lisa on

Tori and Dean have both said they cheated on their spouses when they began their affair and they seem proud of this as “they fell in love at first sight.” I’m tired of reading about people who are selfish and self-centered. I want to read about good role models for our kids.

brooke on

I’m glad tori shared her news. It’s awesome to have a boy, than than have a girl, to experience both sexes. And Dean had 2 sons, so I’m sure he is thrilled to be having a girl. I’m sure the baby will have dean’s mother’s name in the middle, because they were gonna do that for liam had he been a girl. Dean’s mom has passed away too. So the way Liam has grandpa aaron’s name in the middle, I think this one will have dean’s mom’s name. I can see tori dressing the baby up so girly. Congrats to them.

Sallie on


J.J. on

Awww I’m glad Tori’s finally having her girl =), after having a son. It sure is a nice way to round the family. I really want to know what they are going to name her. For some reason, I’m thinking Lily, probably because it goes with Liam. Liam and Lily-sounds cute to me!

Steph on

I was so excited when I read this post! I’m sure Tori will be an excellent mother to her little girl. I’m happy for this family.

kass.b. on

YAY for Tori and Dean! I am so excited for them! I was never into Tori until she had little Liam and I watched her show Tori&Dean INN love and I thought it was the cutest show and fell in love with both of them! They are both great parents and will be great to there soon to be little girl! I had this feeling she would have one! I can’t wait to see what she names her. I loved Liams name because it was original but not too out there!

Sarah on

aww congrats for them! i’m so interested to see what name they pick out!

chocolate brown & pink is very popular for girls right now. i know a couple new mom’s who did their nurseries these colors.

tink1217 on

YAY!!!! Soooo happy for Tori and Dean!!!! What a beautiful little family they make…Jack, Liam, and baby to be named!!! CONGRATS!!!!!

J.M. on

Wonder if the baby will have the middle name “Candace” *snickers*

Olivia on

It says on wiki that Tori is due in July.. So could it be late June early July due date?

Angela’s note: Tori announced on Good Day LA that she was in her third trimester. So she can’t be due any later than the second week in June.

ang on

thanks sarah.perez is friends with tori, so i didn’t think it was not true, it was just odd.glad it’s out in the open now.candy said she is very excited about being a grandma again too.i could not be happier for them!!!

Olivia on

Ohh ok. Thnx angela😉

Laura on

Yeah, girls rock!

All the best wishes to Tori, Dean and Liam.

Kate on

What a product placement diva! I think some of this is slighty self serving and more than a little disgraceful.

Sadie on

“I’m sure the baby will have dean’s mother’s name in the middle, because they were gonna do that for liam had he been a girl.”

What is Dean’s mom’s name?

Kaley on

Aw thats great! I remember she wanted a little girl the first time around but it will be nice for her to have one of each gender.

S.A.M on

I’m currently 33 wks along and was told I was having a girl too. That was until last week, when the doctor admitted that he made a mistake and it’s really a boy!! I think I learnt my lesson about getting told the sex before the baby’s birth…we’re happy either way though as long as our baby’s healthy…Now I wonder what am I’m going to do with all those gorgeous clothes I bought!!!

Eve on

Is it true that some men can “shoot only boys”?

Nikka on

This is so exciting, so many babies ! Can’t wait to see the name🙂

LisaK on

I’m soooo excited for her!! I was sooo hoping she was having a girl, how clever she will have one of each! I bet she will give her an adorable name.

Can I just say how happy I am that she announced what she was having and didn’t keep it a secret like other celebs? I know everyone deserves their privacy but hey, there’s a reason why CBB is super popular!


jk on

doesn’t her husband have an adopted daughter? doesnt she count?

LisaK on

Also- I thought Jack was adopted and not biological but she mentions Dean ‘shoots only boys’ so I’m confused!

Sarah’s note: Jack is not adopted.

Dunn on

Congrats to Tori and Dean. I wish them a healthy happy child.

I have been wondering about the “shooting only boys” comment lately, myself.
I realize that you have a 50/50 chance…boy or girl, but when one sees a lot of families (most, in my experience) with multiples of one gender, I tend to wonder….Can a man produce more of a certain chromosome, and is the woman susceptible to only implanting that one type of egg? Might make an interesting study , or it could just be a total crap shoot!

Jen on

Well, how sweet! Tori Spelling can be a no-talent, husband-stealing, home-wrecking trust fund baby and still end up with the perfect life! I believe technically, this is Dean’s FOURTH child- but we are leaving out the adopted little girl that he refused to be a father to because of Tori! I give them 3 years tops!

LB3 on

It is possible to shoot only boy or girl sperm actually. A friend of ours was tested after he had his third girl and was told that he only makes girls. No idea how they can figure that out, but I have three boys and I joke all the time that my hubby only shoots boys and I am fine with that. I would have 20 all boys, sex never mattered to me. Healthy and happy is all that should matter to anyone.

I love Tori and am happy for her and her family. Liam is a great name, so can’t wait to here this new one’s name.

Nicole on

Tori is one lucky lady, cute hubby, adorable son, and now expecting a little girl! Congrats to her….I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time. I love seeing new pics of Tori and family. T4P!

tammy on

Tori looks fabulous this pregnancy!

Lena on

“he’s shooting only boys”
And what about his daughter Lola with Mary Jo Eustace? Is she adopted?

Sarah’s note: Yes, and he is not her father anymore per their custody agreement.

Andrea on

So can we assume then that Dean did NOT adopt Ava as he is not legally responsible?
I would hope that even if he wasn’t legally responsible that if he did adopt her with his ex that he was still morally responsible and would include when referring to his children? I had always thought they adopted together but perhaps he pulled out of the process???

Anonymous on

That’s so exciting for her, now she’ll have the best of both worlds! And I agree with JJ…Lily would be an adorable sibset with Liam. It’s such a feminine name and Tori is such a girly-girl, so who knows, it might just be a contender!

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