Quinny Buzz: The buzz is in, this stroller rocks

03/19/2008 at 03:22 PM ET

QuinnybuzzjuiceThe Quinny Buzz isa versatile stroller that allows for the seat to be flipped from front to rearfacing. Most notable are probably the fold and unfold of the stroller. Thefold, unlike many reversible seat strollers, allows for the seat to remain onthe stroller and also folds very flat. The unfold of the stroller is nothingshort of ingenious, with a simple pull of the handle bar it unfolds itself thanksto a gas-spring mechanism.

Celebrities who reportedly have a Quinny Buzz are Rachel Weisz, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Jenna Elfman, MariskaHargitay, Gretchen Mol, Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, and BridgetMoynahan.

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The Seat
Dsc02775The harnessis a pretty basic five-point harness. It has two steps to fastening it. Firstyou have to align the shoulder straps together, then you place the aligned tabinto the crotch clasp. Taking the child out is much easier, you just pinch thetwo bottom silver buttons together and pop the clip out.The strapscome with comfort padding for the neck and at the crotch. The padding isremovable and can be positioned as needed. The straps have three slots total tobe positioned in, making it easier to find a comfortable position for yourchild.

The Buzzseat is made of a comfortable neoprene material that is one of the softest I’vetouched. The fabric gives slightly when you touch it and almost reminded me ofthose memory foam pillows. The fabric is also scotch-guarded to help protectagainst stains.

The actualseat is one, complete molded unit. What this means is when you recline the seatthe entire frame reclines, leaving legs in a seated position at all times.Because the seat reclines as one piece it is not recommended for babies youngerthan 6 months or who cannot sit unassisted. There is an optional carrycotaccessory, named the Dreami, that snaps onto the frame and allows use of thestroller during infanthood.


The seathas a footrest attached that can be positioned two different ways. It’s not avery wide footrest and does come very close to the front wheel when in thelowest setting. Though my average-height 2 year old didn’t even come close todangling her foot on the wheel. The footrest is adjusted by depressing the twobuttons on each side of it.The seat isa decent size, I didn’t feel like my daughter would outgrow it quickly and shehad plenty of headroom at the top. The sun canopy is also pretty adjustable, soif your tot is tall you can push it up a smidge for better head clearance.

Theplush fabric made the seat seem a bit snugger on the side of my daughter, but it is9.5" wide at the base so the fabric will just give way a little for achild who requires a wider seat.The seatcan face forward or rear and reclines to several positions depending on the wayit’s facing. When forward facing, it has three recline positions, one sittingupright, one slight recline or one laying down flat position. When rear facingit only has two recline positions, neither is a fully upright position, insteadit offers a slight recline or laying down flat position.

Dsc02782Recliningthe seat is very easy. There are two push-button tabs on the side of the seatthat you push in and then tilt the seat to the position you want. This is not aone handed maneuvers but still rather easy to do. The same buttons are used toremove the seat and flip it around for different orientation. This action alsorequires a bit of effort, you have to make sure you align each side just right sothat it locks in. I tried it with my child in the seat once, (THIS IS NOTRECOMMENDED) and found it extremely hard to do with her extra weight in it.Without my daughter in the seat, flipping it from rear to forward-facing was abreeze.

The Frame 
Dsc02781The frameis made of a lightweight aluminum and weighs in at a little over 26.4 pounds. The 3-wheel chassis features a front double-swivel wheel and a rear suspension thatcreates a very smooth ride. All the functioning parts are a grey color whichshow up against the black plastic perfectly and allow you to quickly see whatlevers, buttons, etc. will make the various parts work.

Thehandlebar is completely adjustable and can telescope to five differentpositions. To extend it, all you have to do is push in the grey button and pullit upwards, to lower it you repeat the same actions and push it down.The brakesystem is very easy to use and is placed down by the rear wheels. The left sidefoot pedal has a big red square on it, to apply the brake you press this onedown. When you want to release the brake you push the right side foot pedalwith the grey square on it.

Folding thestroller is simple in theory, but proved to be the most difficult feature. Tofold it, you stand in front of the stroller and push down on the right buttonwhile sliding the left lever. The problem is that the two-part system is kindof sticky and requires some force. Each time I practiced this I got moreskilled with it though, and really felt comfortable with it after a couple oftries. Every stroller has its quirks, and has its own learning curve.

Thestroller can be folded with the seat on or off, without the seat it folds a bitmore compactly. If you want to fold it with the seat on it, you must make surethe seat is forward facing first. And if you really need a compact fold you canalso remove the wheels. Dsc02778There is a strap to secure the stroller in the foldedposition, it is also a bit difficult to use and requires a little effort, butonce it’s secured the stroller stays put perfectly. Because of thespring-loaded unfold you will want to make sure you secure it each time youfold it, or you might have it popping open on you.

Dsc02776Whilefolding it was a slightly daunting task, unfolding it is a delight. You simplynudge the handlebar upwards and it literally springs open. I’ve never seenanother stroller like it. The feature proves handy when your hands are full andis just one thing that makes this stroller truly unique.When completelycollapsed the stroller fit very well inside my large SUV’s trunk. Since itfolds flat you can place things on top of it pretty well. Inside our mid-sizedsedan’s trunk we found it took up quite a bit more room. Please note that it isnot abnormally large and that almost all standard-size strollers will take upan entire sedan’s trunk.

Dsc02788The storagebasket is not very large but it does hold a decent amount if you plan it right.Large storage baskets are very hard to come by on European strollers as are cupholders. This stroller can use some of the after market stroller cup holdersout there, as long
as they clamp to the handlebar.


Pushing theQuinny Buzz is a pure delight. It moves with the slightest push and turnsvery easily. The air tires in the rear provide a very smooth ride and theplastic wheels in the front respond very well to turns and changes indirection. This stroller never missed a beat.

The Buzz also tilts backward easily, but only when you want it to! This makesdriving over rocks and other uneven paths easier as the rear wheels have afabulous suspension that absorbs most of the shock. With this feature I wasafraid the stroller would buckle under the weight of my heavy diaper bag, butit didn’t. With my child out it stood proud with my bag hanging on it’s handlebar.I was quite impressed.

My child really liked riding in this stroller, I have to assume that thecushiony seat really made her enjoy it more. When the seat is in it’s mostupright position, facing forward, she really gets a great view of the worldaround her.

Final Thoughts
I was reallyimpressed with the Quinny Buzz Overall. It handled like a dream, gave a smoothride and my daughter really liked it. Husbands should like this stroller asit’s unique design and style make it trendy and conversational. The design isalso simple enough that most men will appreciate it for not being to froo-froo!I found pushing it around my local mall to be easy and shoving it in andpulling it out of my SUV’s trunk wasn’t too much of a chore. Our own Nancy also reviewed this stroller, click here to read what she thought about the Quinny Buzz.

The plush, foam-like seat
Ease of push and maneuverability
Spring-loaded opening from folded position

Doesn’t have a cup holder
Sunshade doesn’t provide a lot of coverage
Shopping basket is rather small

Tip Test (Empty stroller with weighted diaper bag hanging fromhandlebar)
5lbs: No change — it didn’t tip any easier backwards
10lbs: Increased Tip-ability — the stroller tipped much easier, but didn’tcompletely fall down

Buy Yours
You can get your Quinny Buzz at Let’s Go Strolling or by checking Quinny’s site for more information and where to buy.

Quinny Buzz Specifications








































Stroller  Name





















26 lbs



Folded  Dimensions



26 x 12 x 33"



Stroller  Width






Stroller  Length






Seat  Back Length






Seat  Width






Seat  Depth






Max.  Weight Limit



40 lbs



Max.  Height Limit






Min.  Age



6 months









Type  of Tires



Rear —  Fixed air tires

Front —  Hard plastic swivel wheels



Seat  Features



3  position tilting recline

Rear-facing  or Forward-facing



Carseat  Compatibility



Maxi Cosi Mico  (with additional adaptor accessory)



Standard  Accessories



sun  canopy, underseat basket, and all-weather seat



Optional  Accessories



Quinny  Buzz Dreami carrycot, carseat adaptor


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