Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Wilkerson go for a walk with Brady

03/19/2008 at 01:37 AM ET

Actress Melissa Joan Hart, 31, and husband,  Course of Nature rocker Mark Wilkerson, 30, went for a walk with one-week-old son Braydon "Brady" Hart on Tuesday, March 18th around their neighborhood in Sherman Oaks, CA. The couple’s oldest son Mason Walter is 2.


Photos by Flynet.

One more and stroller info below.



Melissa and Mark push Orbit Baby’s Orbit Infant System in mocha/khaki ($900). Instead of the carseat, which we’ve seen most celeb parents using, Melissa has the bassinet (which comes with a cradle base as well — $240) attached to the stroller.

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Colby on

Love this family, they are the best and really down to earth. Wish them the absolute best!

Laura on

Finally, a celeb who actually looks like a normal woman who has just given birth!!!😀 on

Wow, out and about at 1 week…good for her! I’m so happy for them and wish this real family the best!

Dani on

Such a cute family!

Beverley on

You go girl!!!!

Lila on

Aw i love Melissa! She looks great after just having her son a week ago! And her hubby is so handsome…

Olivia on

She looks amazing for having a baby a week ago. I like how she is soo normal!.

Kelly on

I totally agree with Laura. That is what a person looks like a week after giving birth. Sometimes a year after. I really like her. She is not lost in that culture and she is able to enjoy having a newborn, instead of obsessing about being in the gym getting skinny. Good for her.

malinda on

I love that she is so down to earth that she is in her comfy cloths not trying to impress anyone and just out getting some fresh air and spending time with her husband. Just so fantastic and real!

Sanja on

Wow, out and about one week after giving birth. I could barely move:-( Lucky her, I guess she didn’t have any stitches.

Unfortunately, I’m still not into the name, just makes me think of my neighbors annoying braying donkeys:-(

Julia on

Melissa is a cute woman. I have no problem with how her figure looks, she just had a baby. I do think she could manage to put on some decent clothes and a little make-up. It’s a matter of self respect.

charsmom on

Best wishes Melissa and Family – they seem like such a normal family … friends you would invite over for BBQ and beer!🙂

Candace on

Yep, that’s how a REAL woman is supposed to look one week postpartum! Good for her for getting out in the fresh air and sunshine to spend a little time with her hubby. Even a little bit of that does A LOT of good when you have a newborn.

sushi on

Melissa is so pretty. If i had just given birth to a baby, i wouldn’t look so stunning the way she does.
I think everybody can agree with the fact that her husbund is very handsome! i bet this baby is as cute as Mason is.

meghan on

just wanted to say the orbit bassinet and cradle base are really awesome. our daughter actually slept in hers at night until she was 4 months old.

Jennifer on

It is so frustrating to read all the “this is what a REAL woman looks like” comments…Let me tell you, I am real, I don’t have a trainer, and I just happen to be predisposed to staying thin while pregnant. It’s as though everyone looks upon a woman who doesn’t have much “baby weight” lingering and assumes she is not being a good mother to her newborn, but spending all her time in the gym obsessing about being skinny- not true in the least! Why do women who gain more weight earn more “real” points?

Jenny on

Jennifer- So glad someone said something, my cousin just had a baby in January and when she got home from the hospital (less than 24 hours after giving birth) everything looked the same as before she was pregnant except the belly, which looked like it did around 4 months pregnant, and then that went away in a few weeks. She ate plenty when she was pregnant, didn’t do any “exercising” except staying active, and definitely didn’t diet while breastfeeding her son. I have another friend who had twins after 3 months of bedrest and had an emergency csection and looked thin when she went home a week later. (With a flat stomach, which I will admit was pretty crazy!) It is totally possible to look small after giving birth and still be a “real woman” and not a celebrity with a trainer and a crash diet. It has to do with genetics and everyone is different.

Laura on

My comment about her looking like a “normal” woman who has just given birth had very little to do with how much weight she has gained.

I know people who have gained very little weight throughout their pregnancy but a week later they didn’t have a teeny tiny stomach. Some women still have a baby belly a week after giving birth (which is what is normal), and Melissa does too.

brooke on

Jennifer I totally agree with you. Just because melissa isn’t skinny yet, that doesn’t mean that’s what a real woman looks like. I know quite a few people that weren’t celebrities and withing a week or two, they looked thin again because that’s their frame and they didn’t gain that much while pregnant. And I’m pretty sure the celebrities or regular people we see skinny within a week aren’t obsessing in the gym, considering most doctors don’t recommend you start working out till a few weeks later.

Laurie on

I disagree with the REAL comments. It hurts my feelings to read such comments. I have always been on the smaller side. About a week after giving birth I was a size 6, and after breastfeeding went back to my regular size 2/4. Because I was tired, I rarely exercised. Only walked. I ate like a normal, healthy person. I am as “real” as they come and I am not a big person. So I beg you, please stop with the “real” comments. It is hurtful. Many people in this world are naturally small, especially those of Asian descent. And some woman are simply more healthy than others and refrain from overeating or indulging in junk food. Just because a woman is not big and wears only a B cup bra or less does not make her less real.

Amanda on

I absolutely love Melissa. But I really don’t get the coments saying how gorgoeus she looks. I’m a little dissapointed in her, I wouldn’t go out of the house looking like that. I agree with Jennifer as well. Being a “real woman” doesn’t mean not taking care of yourself a bit. I have no trainer but naturally am thin after my children are born. I’m just as real as anyone!

sil on

i agree with you jennifer…I mean, i like Melissa a lot because she is really down to earth, but not every woman is the same, there are some that gain more weight, others less….as jennifer said, having some extra pounds doesn’t mean to be more “real”
Just my opinion.

Sasha on

I think what people are saying is it is refreshing to see a celeb not “hiding out” until they are stick thin again after giving birth.

brandy on

To. Jennifer I think what some people are trying to say is that for most women even if they only gain normal or small amount of weight they still have a tummy the week after having a baby. With a lot of celeb moms they come out with a completely flat stomach and some people feel as a lot of them are really worried about being skinny again right after birth because they are in the public eye. If you are one that comes out of it with a flatter looking belly soon after then be happy for your self. Because I believe most women do not. Even the skinny ones. But everyones bodys different. Its just a shame when you see women that are only worried about looking perfect instead of enjoying the new bundle of joy. Because all that really matters is that. The weight will come off in time.

Dan's mom on

Jennifer, they probably earn more “points” for the same reason that women who give birth naturally and breastfeed for one or two years do. I wish someone could explain to me why we insist on turning motherhood into some sort of a contest? Everyone’s different; there is a wide range of “ok”. I personally looked much like Melissa Joan after giving birth, but truthfully, would have rather had your “problem”!;) Don’t let ’em get you down . . .

Lauren on

“Why do women who gain more weight earn more “real” points?”

The easy answer is because it makes women who also gain more weight and don’t lose it as quickly feel better about themselves. It goes back to the fact that the majority of Americans are overweight; more women are on the heavy side, so anyone who is above a six 6 is typically seen as “real” while women who are smaller almost seem superhuman in a way. I see the logic, but don’t share it. I’m a naturally petite person as well, and just because I don’t weigh as much as the average person doesn’t make me any less “real.” Comments like the ones above don’t offend me-just make me chuckle a little.

SMC on

Lauren, I couldn’t have said it better. The women in my family are all petite. I’m 5’2 and 100 lbs. It gets kinda old hearing so many comments like, “That’s a REAL woman!” or “It’s so refreshing to see someone looking natural.” Everyone’s bodies are different. While it might be nice for some to see that even celebrities have flaws, don’t put down those of us who do not have extra poundage. It’s not something we have control over, and take it from me, I definitely feel like a REAL woman.

Cordelia's Mommy on

How did this discussion get so weird? And why does everyone automatically jump to the looking ‘real’ thing being solely about weight? I know people small and larger right after giving birth, and that’s neither here nor there as far as I’m concerned, and has to do with what others have been saying like genetics, what you were like prior to birth, etc. etc. What I find refreshing and feel is the ‘real’ part is that she is out for a walk in her neighborhood enjoying our nice SoCal weather and the company of her super cute husband. And, she isn’t trying to win a beauty contest, or look like she should be walking down a fashion runway. There was no attempt at make-up, or a hair style, and she is wearing super comfy clothes. That is the ‘real’ life a mom with a new baby. And I like that as a celebrity who runs the risk of being photographed when she comes out of her house, she chose to still go out and enjoy her baby, her husband and some fresh air in spite of that, not feeling the need to get made up. ‘Real’!

Steph on

Wow. What’s this discussion about anyway?

I love, love, love Melissa Joan Hart! She looks fantastic for having a baby a week ago and I think it is so great that she got out and took the baby for a walk with her husband. Awesome.

Anne on

Why does this have to turn into a debate over “real women” with everyone posting their pre- and post-pregnancy weights? Who cares who was into their skinny jeans three days later? Get over it! Melissa, and hopefully all of you, have/had healthy babies so please, stop the weight debate. All mothers work hard to carry their babies and give birth to them, so the amount of weight they gain & lose should not be such a hot issue. It feels like junior high!

Anonymous on

All you women who lost your baby weight in two days and are 105 lbs., do those comments REALLY hurt your feelings? Or do you just want an excuse to post your stats? Hmm….

Jax on

Are we supposed to feel bad for the ladies who regained their trim figure without struggle? I’m sorry but I’m not going to boo hoo along with you. Consider yourselves lucky. I think the original posters were saying it’s refreshing not to see a celebrity stay in hiding for at least 6 weeks before showing their bodies after working their butts off to get it back and then say its all thanks to breast feeding. She’s not hiding the fact that she still looks pregnant.

Kim B on

Wow a lot of mixed feelings with this one. I think its just great to see her out and about walking with the baby how cool is that only a week old.

alexa on

Why do people think that if she looks fat shes im not hating on her what so ever. but i am perfectly normal and looked no such way right after having a baby.

kb on

Honestly, I agree with Lauren.

Yes I know those who say Melissa looks ‘real’ are saying that she isn’t fretting over how her body looks like and struggling to put on makeup, do their hair or whatever for a stroll outside. In fact, partly it’s because Melissa isn’t skinny or have a typically slim body after pregnancy and that I think, makes those who can relate to her, feel comforted instead of wishing they could’ve looked as slim as nicole richie after birth or whatever. Thus, calling Melissa ‘real’. Which doesn’t mean anyone else is not ‘real’.

Those who are naturally petite should understand what’s between the lines and then know that they have NO reason to be offended (obviously we all know u are a REAL woman) Like Jax said, consider yourself lucky. Because obviously who doesn’t want to bounce back into shape so quickly after pregnancy? Of course, there are those that don’t care either way.

kb on

By the way, CBB, I have a suggestion for the website.

It’s pretty inconvenient to jump to a certain page if the only button available at the bottom of every page is the ‘MORE’ button. Sometimes I just want to jump to a few pages back but have to go through every page manually to click on ‘MORE’.

Just my suggestion for easier navigation.

Elizabeth on

Her husband is just too handsome!

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