Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban out at Bondi Beach

03/18/2008 at 09:19 AM ET

Actress Nicole Kidman and singer/songwriter Keith Urban, both 40, went for a Bondi Beach walk on Tuesday in Australia. The couple expect their baby in July; they know the sex but are not sharing.


Photo by INF.

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lena on

i’m at work so i can’t contact you guys by email, but here is helena with ther baby

sleekraven on

She looks great and so does Keith. I was hoping she would go hippy/earth mother when she got pregnant because her parents were hippy so I am happy to see what she has on, lol. I hope she keeps that style, :).

Jade on

They’re lovely. I love her that she always has a perfect posture.

jasmine on

she is starting to show :)is she barefoot?

Anna on

LOL, do you have to ask? 🙂

She looks nice, very natural which is a good change for her.

magenta on

She looks so cute. And younger. I’m with her. I love the feel of warm asphalt on my bare feet. It just warms your whole body up.

Linh on

hello, nicole looks great! what is she wearing, do you know?

charsmom on

she looks great, but if I didn’t know she was pregnant I wouldn’t guess at all! How far along is she?

Sarah’s note: About 6 months. She’s just so tall the baby doesn’t really have to grow out yet! on

She’s probably just wearing one of her regular dresses because, holy cow, she still looks like pre-pregnancy Nicole Kidman! I knew she’d carry very small given her body type, but I’ve never seen someone not show at all!

Amanda on

I know two people – one is Nicole’s height (5’10-5’11ish) and the other is 6’3 and no one could tell either one of them was pregnant until their 7 month and than they thought they were 3 or 4 months along.. the end they definitely showed more but up until then it was nothing. Nicole and Keith look so happy and in love and I’m so excited for them! I wish them all the best.

FC on

I wouldn’t be surprised if she still looks like that well into her eighth and final few weeks of pregnancy. I just love seeing her happy and relaxed.

The photo is cute…would’ve been even cuter if Keith had forgone shoes himself…;)

Sarah on

Nicole has TINY feet… no sign of pregnancy swelling, either! No fair!

They are a very cute couple. I’m guessing that it’s a girl.

Nikka on

I love the way she looks. Although, it would be uncomfortable for me to be held by my husband that way, while carrying everything myself: her shoes, bag, his (what looks like hat), his jacket, and a baby
I say: let him carry something 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I have to chuckle at the fact that when pregnancy rumors about Nicole were going around last year and in 2006, everyone claimed to see a “bump” (I did not start reading CBB regularly until early last year, but I have recently been going through the archives and even I have to admit that Nicole DOES look like she has a “bump” in some of the pictures accompanying the rumor posts)….and now that she is finally pregnant for real, you almost can’t tell!

LB3 on

It was hard to tell that I was pregnant with my third baby and all last summer, people kept telling me how I didn’t look pregnant at all. It got so frustrating. He ended up being 7-6 and coming almost 3 weeks early, so indeed I was pregnant. LOL! Nicole looks great and compared to her tiny, little size to start with I bet she feels very big at this point.