Jessica Alba and Cash Warren pick up drinks

03/18/2008 at 12:16 AM ET

Actress Jessica Alba, 26, and fiancé Cash Warren, 29, were spotted picking up beverages on Monday in Brentwood, CA. They expect their first child in late May; they know the sex but are not sharing.


Photos by Flynet.

Another image is below.


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elizabeth on

she looks great! Her tummy is so cute and she actually is really small for 7 or 8 months…i can’t wait for her to have the baby…i hope it’s a boy!

Cheyane on

I actually have a feeling she’s going to have a boy. Whether she has a boy or a girl I’m sure it’s going to be a beautiful baby!!!

Jennifer on

I see her drinking what appears to be coffee… maybe not, maybe it’s something else, who knows. I just know that I was told when I was pregnant to stay away from caffeine. Even decaf- which has small amounts of caffeine in it. I’m just wondering how pregnant women can continue drinking coffee while pregnant and not worry about it affecting the baby. This is just my thoughts.

Whitny on

I think she is going to make a great mom. I think it looks like all the weight is going to her thighs. She is beautiful.


Her tummy doesn’t look that big, but it’s very cute. I have a feeling it’s going to be a boy.

iluvallbabies on

I agree Whitny- but think it could be the angle of the photo combined with the pants…

She still looks very beautiful, and couldnt look bad if she tried !!

Kelly on

i hope she has a girl. she looks good! It does look like the weight is going to her thighs. She looks soo good to be 7 months along.

Angel on

This feels like the longest pregnancy on record to me (I feel like I’ve been reading about her for over a year now), I can only imagine what it must feel like for her. She looks wonderful though.

jennifer on

She looks like me when I was just pregnant. All my weight was in my thighs. I’m sure she’ll lose it faster than I have been able to. I always wonder, when I see pregnant celebs, why they never look like their thighs get any bigger. I thought maybe that was just for us normal folks.

She looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Kate on

I’m thinking boy too.

Wow, she has put on weight, huh? Kind of refreshing for a Hollywood gal.

michelle on

I think she’s having a boy too!

brooke on

I think she is having a boy

Kelly on

She looks cute, but her poor little thighs really took a hit. Since she was so petite it’s no wonder. I think a boy for Jessica too.

Jessica on

In response to Jennifer. I have never heard of abstaining completely from caffeine. You are definitely supposed to reduce your intake to 200mg per day or so, but a cup of coffee or two is certainly not going to cause any problems, at least according to my doctor. I am 19 weeks pregnant now and just finished enjoying my morning coffee. All things in moderation is the key. Then again, I also do enjoy raw sushi from time to time along with a glass of red wine. Women must of course make their own decisions regarding these issues, but to be afraid of everything we eat or drink is a bit ridiculous in my opinion.

Snow on

Unlike some of the other readers here, i don’t have celeb ESP, she very well could be drinking MILK out of that there cup.

magenta on

Who says it’s coffee she’s drinking? Last time I checked, they put tea and hot chocolate in the SAME TYPE OF CUP AS COFFEE. Who says Jessica even drank coffee before she became pregnant? Maybe she was never a coffee drinker. She could have herbal tea, green tea, decaf, plain hot water (which some pregnant women crave), hot chocolate or a big ol’ whoppin caffeine-laden latte. Maybe someone on the board with x-ray vision can tell us what’s inside the cup.

I see a very pretty pregnant woman, with some shapely legs, which I think look great, a cute belly, sharing a beverage with her man.

charsmom on

She is really starting to look pregnant – and she looks GREAT! I love it when most celebrities are pregnant because they gain weight and look GOOD – like normal people, not skinny beanpoles!

brannon on

I always think of this site as a wonderful alternative for the celebrities themselves to come to – kind words about their glowing pregnancies and adorable children without having to read the negative. that being said, I hope Jessica isn’t reading this because I can assure you I would be devastated! It’s one thing to question their choices or debate parenting skills – we all get that anyway (in-laws anyone🙂 ) But I doubt any of us have had people come up to us and say – WHoa! Look at those thighs. Yikes.

jennifer on

Hi there. I am the one who wrote the initial comment about the fact that she was PERHAPS drinking coffee…I only said that maybe she was drinking it, maybe not. It was actually my Dr. who advised me to not have caffeine during my pregnancy. If someone chooses to eat raw fish or drink caffeine, that is strictly up to them. I just know for me, I followed my Dr’s advice and stayed away from such stuff as caffeine, and raw fish among some other things. I wasn’t a freak about not eating everything or anything of the sort…. I was just following my Doctors advice. As I said… this is just my opinion.

Elyse on

I agree with you brannon! I was little shocked to read those comments as well. Now really, if I was pregnant that would be the last thing I would want to hear (actually I wouldn’t want to hear that now!) Pregnancy is a time of bodily change, and it can be hard on some women. I can’t even imagine being in the public eye and to have my changing body commented on by strangers.

I think Jessica looks fantastic, healthy, and very happy that she has a baby on the way! That is ALL that matters!

magenta on

Have you noticed that when a comment begins with…when I was pregnant…or…during my pregnancy and usually ends with the person comparing their perfect behavior to that of an assumed less than perfect celebrity. They see a celebrity with a COFFEE CUP and…oh, my doctor told me not to drink caffeine….I must point out that PERHAPS Jessica is drinking coffee…and I’m so much better than her.

iluvallbabies on

Oh my…….the comments have taken a turn for the worse again!

Sarah’s note: Yes, and I’m closing them because I’ll be offline most of the day. Might reopen them later.

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