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03/18/2008 at 11:46 AM ET

Kim_clijsters2_cbbUpdate: Photo and interview highlights added.

Originally posted March 10th: Tennis star Kim Clijsters, 24, and her husband Brian Lynch introduce their daughter Jada Ellie, 12 days, in this week’s issue of Dag Allemaal. Jada was born in Tongeren, Belgium on February 27th.

All proceeds from the sale of the photos go to the Buba & Butma project, which helps orphaned children in India after the tsunami.

Click below for the photo and interview highlights!

On the press response to a late baby:

Jada didn’t come that late. I was due to give birth on February 25th and instead I gave birth two days later. Not that abnormal! [laughs] It was hilarious to hear twice on the radio that I had already given birth! Once I was at the hairdresser and the other time I was at home.

On the birth:

The contractions started in the night, but we drove to the hospital in the morning and at 1:35 pm Jada was born. It went quite well.The birth of a child is an extraordinary moving moment. [We cried.] Not a moment has come close to giving birth to my child. A tennis tournament for me and a basketball match for Brian don’t even come close to that.

It’s difficult to describe. It was very deep and it was really ‘between the two of us.’ Unfortunately ‘our moment’ went by very quickly. On the way from the delivery room back to my room, we saw so much press in the hallway. Fortunately we could then –just like any other moment in the hospital — count on the loving andgood care of the nursing staff and the midwife.

We had alreadychosen a policlinical birth (which takes place in a hospital, but is only overseen by a midwife) a long time ago. And indeed, then you go home after oneday. I’m not the only one who does that, you know! But maybe noteverybody knows that that is possible.

Once home you have to find your rhythm, but that went surprisingly well. You see the rhythm of the babyand you just follow that.

How they chose the name:

We agreed about it after a couple of months. The name Jada is a name we both really like and Ellie refers to both my sister Elke, who’s Jada’s godmother, and to my dad, Lei.

Who they think Jada looks like:

That’s hard to say. I see her changing every day now. In the beginning she was a tiny little girl. Now she’s filled out a bit. Everyone says somethingdifferent as well: according to one person Jada looks mainly like Brian,and according to another person, she looks more like me. I think it’llbe easier to see that in a couple of weeks.

Jada’s sleeping and eating habits:

We can’t complain. In the last two days she’s slept till 8:30 am in the morning and only woke up once in the night to eat. She is a very quiet baby, just like Brian [laughs]. The only time she cries is when she’s getting her diaper changed. Apart from that we hardly ever hear her.

On Brian as a dad:

He does [change diapers] — and without complaining! He  often sits next to me when I’m breastfeeding Jada. And he plays guitar for her.Acoustic! His electric guitar stays in the closet for the meantime.Brian mostly plays his own songs, he even made a song for our daughter:’Sweet little Jada.’ Very nice!

More kids?:

It’s still a bit early for that. For now we just want to enjoy Jada. We haven’t thought about adding anymore yet.

Qualities Kim wants her daughter to have:

We want her to be friendly and have respect for everyone. We want her to be polite and helpful … things that Brian and I find important. I hope that Jada will be as quiet and down-to-earth as her daddy, because it’s really nice to live with someone like that. You can hear that I’m feeling very happy!


Source: Dag Allemaal, March 11th issue

Thanks to CBB reader Jo-ann for the heads up and Carlie and Sarah for the scans and translation.

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Carlie on

Awww she’s gorgeous!!

clair on

wow- she’s precious!

Debbi on

What a cutie!!

Kirsty Phin on

She is a gorgeous baby and so small.

Kate on

Oh gosh, that bottom picture is just beautiful! Congrats to Kim and Brian!

Amandine on

I do not follow tennis, but this little girl is absolutely gorgeous! Love the last photo.

susan on

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. beautiful.

Fan on

She looks just like her grandad!

Carlie on

I find Jada looks very much like her dad. I can’t exactly pinpoint it, but I think she has his eyes and hair colouring.

Kim’s mum has also given birth lately to a little boy. He was born 8 weeks premature I think and he’s been named Zeth.

Rachel on

she is gorgeous!!!

Hea on

One of the prettiest babies I’ve ever seen!

Sanne on

Lleyton eat your heart out! So good to see Kim happy again with her new family! Who needs an Aussie tennis player when you can make beautiful babies like Jada with a cute American basketball player?

Congrats to Brian and Kim!

Amanda on

I’m not that familiar with this couple, but I will tell you – when I saw Jada’s picture I was like “oh my goodness, whose baby is that!” because she is absolutely beautiful.. they must be so proud! Gorgeous!!

Anna on

SOOO CUTE!!! I think it’s adorable that Brian plays the guitar for her. It really stinks the press were after them so much, but it sounds like Kim deals with it well, laughing it off. Two days late is barely late! I was a full two weeks with my daughter, it was terrible! 🙂

Also is it such a surprise to leave the hospital the next day after a natural birth? That’s what I did with my two kids also and I didn’t know it was weird. We did the midwife-in-hospital thing too.

Jada is beautiful.

Lindsay on

The guitar playing is what got me, how sweet is that? I love the pic of her looking at the camera.

Ella on

Definitly one of the most breath-taking and gorgeous babies I have ever seen….Congrats to them

Carlie on

Leaving hospital a day after having a natural birth is pretty common in the UK. I actually left hospital on the same day of giving birth – with both my daughters. If you have an easy birth I suppose it’s understandable. Over here, hospitals don’t really want to keep you in unless absolutely necessary.

With my eldest – she was born at 3:02am and I was back home in the house by 2pm on the same day

With my youngest, who was born at 1:30am I was out by 5pm on the same day

I would have been out a lot sooner with both of them but I had to stay in and wait for my anti D injection as I’m Rhesus negative.

Jennifer on

Jada is absolutely gorgeous! I love that last picture of her! 🙂

Chris Lynch on

Thats the cutest little girl I have ever seen even though she is my niece. Baby Jada is tied with my daughter, her cousin Emma.

Ivey on

Aww, I do miss Kim in tennis, she was wonderful to watch, but this little cutie is well worth it!!

Congrats, Kim and Brian!

Ans on

I am blown away by the beauty of this little girl. She is absolutely STUNNING. I can’t even stress that enough.
Congratulations to Brian and Kim, they seem so happy!

Fiona M. from Australia on

What an adorable baby! Definitely one of the cutest, if not the cutest I’ve seen. Love the interview, Kim’s obviously enjoying this phase of her life a lot.

Renee on

shes G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

Nik on

So beautiful!

Jorge Posada on

Brian & Kim, We”ll babysit anytime you’re in the hood. Love Jorge & Ronnie;

Jorge Posada on

Brian & Kim, We”ll babysit anytime you’re in the hood. Love Jorge & Ronnie;

Michael Scotto on

absolutely gorgeous- Congratulations Brian and Kim! Jada is as beautiful as the name you chose for her- Brian knowing you since we were 19 i know you will be the best father ever – and Kim i hope to one day meet the great woman my buddy chose to spend his life with- all the best – God Bless.

Starlet on

This has to be one of the most beautiful babies, she looks like a doll!

jon!Kk on

She is so cute

Genienne Arnault on

Congratulations to a wonderful, beautiful baby girl! Just wanted to send best wishes from Brian’s Provenzano cousin side of the family. Hope all goes well with your new family. – Love, Genienne.

amanda watson on

she is sooooooooo cute but question to kim will we see u on the court again.