Helena Bonham Carter and daughter out in London

03/18/2008 at 10:09 AM ET

Last month, Helena Bonham Carter and her daughter, 3 months, were photographed out for a walk in London. Back in early February, the 41-year-old actress spoke to a Dublin radio station about her daughter’s name — or lack thereof at the time!

Tim [Burton] and I haven’t decided on a baby name yet, because Tim has been out of the country promoting Sweeney [Todd]. I want to get a chance for him to spend time with her and see what name feels right.

Apparently on the internet she’s called Indiana Rose! [laughs] I don’t know where it’s come from but it can be that till she’s been named properly [laughs].

Source: Helena World

Thanks to CBB reader Lena.

Info on the carrier and booties below.

DimplesbootiesThe baby is wearing Dimples by Jane Anne booties in their rosebud embroidery style ($31).

Babybjorn Helena carries the baby in a Baby Bjorn Baby Active carrier in Sporty Black ($85).

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Corrie van Kampen on

Oh my gosh, that baby looks just like her Mama! I wonder what her name really is!?

sushi on

I don’t know how it works in the states or in England, but in France babies have to be named right after the birth. If the parents don’t give the baby a name, the hospital decides what the baby’s name will be. My sister was born 1 month before the due date so my parents didn’t have any name to give her, they had to choose one very soon though cause they didn’t want her to be named by a stranger..
i think that it’s really important, even for a 3 month old baby to have a name, that what makes us human after all…

Sarah’s note: I’m sure she’s named by now. That interview is already a month old. In previous posts when we’ve discussed this, we’ve found that in the UK parents have 6 weeks to decide on a name. If they don’t, the official certificate is filed with girl/female etc and the parent needs to get it changed after a name is decided on.

Sarah on

Sarah: It will be nice to know the baby’s name when it becomes available. I can’t imagine not cooing or talking to the baby without a name; it seems strange. Perhaps, Helena is being coy and doesn’t want the press knowing her name. As far as you know, has Helena done anymore interviews since the one in Dublin?

Sarah’s note: Not that I’m aware of. She only did that interview because she was promoting Sweeney Todd anyway. I’m sure we’ll find out eventually, they do talk about their kids, but just don’t seem the type to do an announcement.

Ivey on

She knows about ‘Indiana Rose’ thats too funny, and the baby is beautiful.

magenta on

I vote for the name “Chubby-Cheeks Carter”. Tee. Hee. That is some cute baby. I just want to kiss those lovely cheeks. I love her tiger stripes. Very punk-rockish.

Judyb on

I also think Helena is playing a little game when it comes to revealing the name. I thought the name was Indiana Rose because I read it on one of her fan sites. I find it kind of humorous that she knows what people are saying about her.

Maybe she named her child Jagger Joseph Blue and is afraid to reveal the name. LOL

She is an adorable baby what ever her name is.

Sasha on

I love her!! Sooo cute. Helena rocks.

Megan on

In the US you don’t have to have a name immediately either. My friend is a homebirth midwife and many of her clients wait weeks before naming the baby.

Kass09 on

OMGSH the baby is seriously too cute! I love her cheeks! She deff. looks like her mom! I hope they find a name soon! :o)

elisabeth on

She is ADORABLE! I love her little face! So sweet!

Tracy on

OMG! I’ve been wanting to see her beautiful baby girl! She is as stunning as her wonderful mother!

I can’t wait to hear her name!

sil on

3 months old and no name?….ok, this is strange….i thought this family was weird, but not that much! lol
anyway, very cute baby 🙂
(i wonder how they call her…baby girl??)

Sarah’s note: I’m sure she has a name by now. The interview is over a month old.

Sanja on

Just because we don’t know the name doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have one,lol. I’m sure they’ve decided by now and just don’t want to announce it.

Sophie on

I have a friend who works at the Register Office where Helena and Tim registered the babies birth; apparently the baby is named Bella.

Kari on

Bella? After Helena just played Bellatrix LeStrange in Harry Potter? That can’t be real, can it?

heather on

I don’t think it is that strange…different, but not weird or bad in any way. Why wouldn’t you want to get to know the little person before you give them the name they will have the rest of their lives.
That said, I think whatever the name is will be shockingly normal…Billy Ray is just so simple, you would have expected something crazy for them…but something simple is kind of unusual for them :o)

J.M. on

Billy and Bella? Kinda catchy and cute! Could be. Who knows! Cute baby though!

My nephew didn’t have a name for 3 days but before they left the hospital they were told they had to name him or else they couldn’t take him home. I don’t know how true that story is but I know they rushed to find a name for him quickly! They were young maybe they were just told the birth certificate had to be filled out with at least a last name but they thought they meant full name. I am not sure.

Lydia on

Awww!! Just look at that little face XDD
How can you not just LOVE that little face!!
In fact, their kinda pulling the same face, like mother, like daughter already 😀

Kresta on

In New Zealand you are allowed 2 months to register your child’s birth. I think that is plenty of time to make a decision about a name.

Snow on

J.M. you are right, We live in Ohio and I know when our 3rd child was born we couldn’t decide btwn Jake and Jack and the nurse told us we had to know before the next morning, or we couldn’t leave! She was NOT kidding! (Jack won!)

Emily on

I love Helena Bonham Carter, but it just… blows my mind to think of her as a mother. Same with Tim Burton. It’s just… odd. Haha.

Lola on

I don’t know what the rules are for homebirths in the USA, but the hospitals are required to file the birth certificate, and since they (or the insurance company) usually wants you out within 24 hours, that doesn’t give you much time to come up with a name.

Nikka on

I vote for Clara Stella

Ans on

Ahhhh, I adore this woman! And her little girl is just precious! So beautiful. And they’ve already started her on stripey clothing! Haha.

Lulu on

What a gorgeous baby. She does look just like her Mum.
I love the stripey snowsuit thing! Does anyone know where it’s from?

I hope we here about the baby’s name soon, I wonder what they were calling her whilst she didn’t have a name!