Update: Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry welcome daughter Nahla Ariela

03/18/2008 at 10:59 PM ET

Update: Baby’s name is Nahla Ariela Aubry. Halle tells friend Nancy O’Dell of Access Hollywood that she had a vaginal birth and that her daughter’s name is pronounced GNAW-lah ARE-ee-EL-uh.

We didn’t have a name picked out until just before we left the hospital. For us it was hard to name the most important person in our life until we met her.

Don’t wait around for images of the baby however. Halle’s rep says,

Halle doesn’t have any plans for any photos to be sold or released.

Update March 16th: Halle’s rep has confirmed to Us Weekly and People, saying Halle is "doing great."

Originally posted 8:15 pm: Actress Halle Berry, 41, and her boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, 32, are first time parents after welcoming a daughter this morning, Sunday March 16th. The 7 lbs, 4 oz baby girl arrived at 10:17 am at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, CA.

Click below to read Star‘s info, and the rest of the birth announcement.

Halle’s rep has not yet been able to be reached for confirmation. Weare currently unsure if the below account from Star is true, as Halle was spotted out shopping for candles yesterday afternoon.

According to a Star magazine source,

Halle felt her contractions come on a lot more intensely later Saturdaynight so she came back to the hospital at 11:00 pm and gave birth this morning.

Halle was overcome with emotion when she finally held her little girl.She said everything she had gone through was worth that moment. Thetears kept coming as Halle didn’t even want the nurses to take her babyto clean her up and measure. It was a truly beautiful scene.

Halle announced that she was three months pregnant in September, telling Oprah that she and Gabriel had chosen a delivery surprise because,

We have a whole life[time] to know whatit is. There’s so few genuine surprises in life anymore — why not haveahuge surprise? I like fantasizing [that] one day it’s a girl, one dayit’sa boy.

Halle also posed for In Style‘s February issue and discussed her ‘geriatric’ pregnancy, and the fact that yes, the baby does have to come out!

Source: Star

Thanks to CBB readers Madeleine, Britt, Julie, Karine, Kaitlyn and Heather.

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brooke on

Congrats to her, love halle as an actress and she has wanted to be a mom for awhile. With gabriel and her genes, this baby is bound to be beautiful. Can wait to hear the name.

Judy on

Congratulations to the new parents! The baby is going to be absolutely beautiful.

Robin on

Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear what her name will be. One thing that is for sure, she will absolutely be gorgeous! I remember when Halle posed for In Style magazine she said that her ipod kept playing Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” and thought that it was a sign. Looks like it was true. I am so happy for this new beautiful family!

Andrea on

Congrats! Can’t wait to hear the name and see some pics!

Carlie on

If that’s true – that’s wonderful news!!

I guessed she’d be having a boy, if this is true I was wrong lol

Congratulations to Halle and Gabriel!

yaosa on

I had a strong feeling today was the day for her!

Congratulations to her and Gabriel and their families!!!!

I am sooooo happy for her! And can’t wait to hear about it and see pics of this gorgeous and special baby girl!

alex on

i thought she’d have a girl..congrats to them

Janine on

Carlie- I thought the same thing too. I was kind of surprised to hear that she had a girl.

Rosy J on

Oh WOW! This is certainly good news. I am so happy for them. Halle is going to be a great mom.

Melanie F. on

Awwh Congratulations to Halle and Gabriel, I can’t wait to see the their baby.

Heather on

I am having a hard time believing this since she was just out and about yesterday, but hopefully it is true! I can’t wait to hear more details, especially the name of course, and see pictures!

Anna on

Uh oh, Gabriella will be upset, she had called boy! 🙂 Congratulations to them, what wonderful news. She has wanted a baby for so long.

stephanie on

Congrats to them! I heard a rumor her name was either going to be Gabrielle Maria or Gabriella Marie (which is a take on both of their names) Halle’s middle name is Maria. Can’t wait to find out the name “for sure!”

Mel on

That’s a lot of info for a rumor. I feel like I just read about the birth to end all births. 🙂 Good luck Halle.

Poetstar on

Yay, BabyGirl Berry was born on my birthday! She will be a handful, Pisces are emotional hehe! =)

Heather on

Yay! Congrats to them! I was expecting it to be a boy for some reason. Can’t wait to see the little one and hear her name!

sleekraven on

Congratulations to Halle and Gabriel. She has wanted this for so long. Good luck :).

meg on

congratulations to them! how exciting. i love delivery surprises- they are fantastic!

ella on

Yay for Halle and Gabriel, can’t wait for the pics!

Nana on

Congratulations to Halle & Gabriel!! I know she must be such a gorgeous little girl. Halle has such a beautiful spirit and her daughter will be just as amazing. I know she’s in heaven right now cuddling her little angel.

Kglory1 on

CBB Editors…..not sure what your exact procedures are but according to People.com her rep. has released a statment that she is “doing great” so maybe you can take the rumor flag down and make it official!Yay for babies~!

Sarah’s note: It’s changed, sometimes it takes a few minutes to show up, especially if traffic is high (like right now!)

Ekaterina on

Her rep just confirmed the birth to People. She had a girl! Congrats to her! I had no inclining as to what she was having but when I heard it was a girl, it just made so much sense. Especially after hearing what she said about the Stevie Wonder song. It’s so funny that it was right!

SuzyBee on

Congratulations to them both! A baby girl! So exciting!!

Now….if only my sister-in-law would have her baby girl…….

Heather on

Woohoo, so it is official! Awesome! Can’t wait to hear more!

Nad on

Congrats to Halle Berry and her boyfriend and the baby girl

magenta on

Congratulations to Halle. I’m so thrilled for her. She looked so happy and pleased as punch right up to the end of her pregnancy. She is my “pregnancy-inspiration”!

Carlie on

I know I’ve said in a previous post but now we know it actually is true, Congratulations Halle and Gabriel!!

Nicole on

Congrats Halle on your new baby girl!
I had a feeling she was going to have a girl.

Meg on

Yay! I’m so excited her her. On Oprah she said she wanted the gender to be a surprise.

I looked up to Halle because she was one of the few Black actresses on the big and small screen and it’s so just exciting to see her reach this major joy in life after all she’s been through. I can’t wait to see what her name is and what she looks like!

I bet she named her something like Belle, Ariana, or Eva.

Renee on

Congrats to the happy couple! I’m sure she is beautiful

Erin on

I am so, so happy for her!! The baby will be gorgeous!

erica alayne on

YAY! I am so glad my instincts were right about her having a girl; somehow I just KNEW it. 🙂

I am so happy for them; they seem like such an amazing couple, and not to mention one of the most beautiful LOOKING couples in the world. I can’t wait to see their little angel, and to hear what they name her!

martina on

If true, I am sooooo thrilled for Halle!!! She looked ready to pop in the latest pictures, I was feeling a little bad for her – she looked uncomfortable. I haven’t been 9 mo. pregnant so I have no idea how it feels. From the looks of it, not great, lol. Although it’s all worth it in the end.

Sarah’s note: The birth has been confirmed by her rep…

Lani on

I am right I am so happy she had a girl cant wait for the name and the picture.

tatum on

yay how cool today is my birthday I can’t wait to hear the name!!

Melanie on

This baby is sure to be a beauty!

J.J. on

Congratulations Halle and Gabriel!!! Can’t wait to hear more about this new little girl..her name and a pic as well!! Know she, as her mom, will be GORGEOUS!!! I wish all the best to the new family!

Devon on


Grayson's Girl on

Yay! Congrats to Halle and Gabriel! I’ve been waiting for this baby as she were my own!LOL I’m so happy for her! Like Nicole Richie I was pretty sure she was having a boy and again I was SO wrong! I don’t want to know how STAR got all that private info and I’m not sure how I feel about something so intensely personal being shared without her permission, but I suppose what will be, will be. In any case the world just got one STUNNING girl and I can’t wait to hear her name and see her!

coco on

oh yes, ive been waiting on this one and i knew she was having a girl! i called it correctly once again. congrats to halle and gabriel. im sure the baby us a beautiful child. good luck and God bless to the family.

CaliAngel on

Congratulations to the new family! I can’t wait to see pictures of this beautiful little girl. Congrats Halle and Gabriel!!

Ans on

Ah! This little girl shares my birthday!

Chelsie on

Congrats to them! I had hoped she’d have a girl! Can’t wait to find out the name.

Coco on

congrats to them! halle is beautiful physically but really seems like a beautiful soul. i’m excited she finally had her baby, and can’t wait for the name either. they make a classy couple and im sure their daughter will be beautiful.


Congratulations Halle to you and your family, I wish you all the best!I know she is a very beautiful little girl, take care.

Yulia on

Congratulations to Halle and Gabriel on the baby girl. I had a strong gut feeling it was going to be a boy but I was wrong. I am expecting a baby I think will be a girl in September- watch me have a boy. I bet she is absolutely beautiful like her mother is. Gabriel is also a hotty so she is lucky to have him as a daddy. 😉


Jennifer on

Congratulations to Halle and Gabriel! I wish them all the best with their little girl…she’s bound to be absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

Nita on

So happy for Halle and Gabriel. I wish them the best in blessings as parents to this new joy in their lives. Smile. Can’t wait for the pics.
I bet they are beaming with smiles and tears.

Danyelle on

Awww… I bet the baby is gorgeous! Congrats Halle and Gabriel!

Regan on

Clara Stella is what I heard her name is.

Lola on

How gorgeous will this baby be! This is my first post – but I’ve had a lady-crush on Hallie since the Flintstones movie! lol

Emma on

So happy for them &can’t wait to ear her name!!!

But in reference to other comments about Halle, I saw this on an Australian site:-
“Berry, who won an Oscar in 2002 for her lead role as the lover of a white prison guard in Monster’s Ball, adopted the daughter of her second husband, singer Eric Benet.”

But ppl have said she didn’t adopt India? So I’m not sure what’s going on with that…

Sarah’s note: That site is incorrect.

Lindsay on

I knew it was a girl right from the beginning. Halle guessed right and so did I. I have been on CBB day and night for the past week because I just knew Halle would be giving birth any minute. I’m actually surprised you guys used Star as a source because I know you all consider them unreliable as do many people.

Sarah’s note: You’re right, we don’t. We heard from other sources that she had definitely had the baby, but Star had the most info at the time (and still seems to). However, we were told she never went in yesterday morning. We’ve tried to write it so that it’s clear that the Star stuff is grain-of-salt for now.

Sarah on

Why is it weird that she was out and about yesterday and gave birth today? Am I missing something? (On what someone else commented).

Anyway, I am so happy for them. I know the trying to conceive journey for Halle was a long one. I bet she is beautiful.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to Halle and Gabriel! Somehow I just KNEW they were having a girl! I also had a feeling that Nicole Richie was going to have a girl….and I was right!

Anyway, if what Star reported is true (I mean in terms of the details of the birth. We obviously know that they were correct about her giving birth, since her rep has confirmed it. :)), it sounds like Halle had a natural birth!


Congratulations to Halle & Gabriel!! I had a feeling it was going to be a girl, she’s going to be a beautiful little girl. I’m so happy for them, Halle’s been wanting to be a mom for a while so this is great.

Clara on

I heard the baby girl is named Clara Sophie Berry-Aubry.

Chloe B on

Congratulations! To Mom, Dad and the new bundle of joy who is healthy!
I know that little girl is going to be gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear more details.
All the best!

Doctor Zhivago on

Congratulations! Halle’s got a little princess.

Sylvana on

Congrats to Halle and Gabriel. Can’t wait to hear the name and see a picture.

ericka on

aww congrats too them! Do we know a name? Is there any news on which publication is going to get the first photos?…Probably People Mag.

…that baby is going to be BEAUTIFUL.

Sarah’s note: No to both.

Kelly on

congrats to the two of them that little girl is gonna be one of the prettiest if not the prettiest celeb babys ever with those genes it would be hard not to. does anyone know whos last name she will have? i thought i heard something abt it but im not completely sure… thx

Sarah’s note: Halle told In Style the baby’s last name would be Aubry.

hannah121 on

congrats,i’m so happy for her!
i heard that the baby’s name is Clara Stella Berry-Aubry

tink1217 on

woohoo!!!!Congrats to Halle and Gabriel!!!!!! I thought she was having a girl the whole time!! Yay for Halle!! She must be so incredibly happy!!

Anna on

Congratulations! I definitely thought she’d be having a boy. How wrong was I?! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear the name.

Lissette on

Nice to hear she had the baby. Cant wait to hear her name!

Elaine on

What lovely news, congrats to them both.

I thought she did adopt India – India’s mother had died I think? Halle certainly became a mother figure to her, and I take that from interviews given by Halle herself. I hope she is still getting to see India even though she’s not with Eric Benet, as they did seem to have a good relationship.

Sarah’s note: She was planning to, then she and Eric split and there was an issue with it. I believe I read that Eric was not comfortable with them continuing their relationship.

hannah121 on

i’m so happy for her!
i heard that the baby’s name is Clara Stella Berry-Aubry

Allison on

I read on a different blog that her name was Clara Stella? Do we know if this is true? Also…seeing as how long Halle was in labor, I’m assuming she had a natural delivery???

Sarah’s note: That name started in the US Weekly comment section, along with the last name Berry-Aubry. Halle has already said the baby’s last name will just be Aubry, so clearly, whomever started the rumor didn’t do their research. I wouldn’t believe it.

Rebecca on

It’s probably not true (that she went to l&d on Saturday morning) because there’s a picture of Halle Berry going candle shopping on Saturday (I can’t remember the date on the pic but I’m pretty sure it was Saturday). It doesn’t fit with the time line they suggested (because I know if I had just spent 10 hours in labor and delivery I wouldn’t be going candle shopping!)

clara on

Hey Halle, Congrats girlfriend you will be a great mommee! You three baby mommy and daddy are one, Please suckle her Halley, old fashion is the best girlfriend. Hope her name will be Gabriella Hallecia= Gabriel+ Halle. I am a great bay name person . If you choose my name for your baby lots of love your way.

Jay on

Congrats to Halle and Gabriel. I know she is estactic to finally have her baby girl. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear what she named her. I’m sure the baby is gorgeous with her 2 gorgeous parents!!!

Harley on

Congratulations! How wonderful for the families 🙂


Great news for Hally and Gabriel! Could to hear all are doing well.

Melissa 7/7/78 on


Tracy on

Thank GOD for Halle having her beautiful baby girl. I just love Halle. I am so happy for her. I could not wait untill she had her baby. I am so happy for her and Gabriel, although it would be really nice if they got married. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the baby. GOD bless Halle and Gabriel, and the baby.

chatty cricket on

Robin- that’s so cute! Looks like it was a sign.

Cannot wait to see the pictures of this baby! Hurrah!

nb on

God bless to them, that was really a beautiful story. I could imagine how emotional she was after seein her Oscar speech all those years ago. She is already a great mom.

Vidal on

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Judyb on

She could have been in labor Saturday. My coworker came to work 3 centimeters dilated. She was stuck at 3 centimeters for days and she would have contractions really far apart. The doctor told her if she wanted to work she could work. My coworker felt like it would drive her crazy to sit at home and wait so she came into work. When she got home from work she would walk around the block. She was trying to get her labor to progress without the use of Pitocin. Halle could have been dilated a little bit and was walking to get her labor to progress.

brannon on

Tracy – Halle says they are married – just not legally. I love that!

Not sure where the name rumors come from but if it’s true – both Clara and Stella are lovely names! Not sure about them together with the hyphenated last name, but still lovely. I was thinking that since they have chosen to use Aubrey as the last name, they may use Berry as the middle. In which case, Clara Berry Aubrey is a little rhyme-y? Time will tell!

Sarah’s note: That name started in the US Weekly comment section, along with the last name Berry-Aubry. Halle has already said the baby’s last name will just be Aubry, so clearly, whomever started the rumor didn’t do their research. I wouldn’t believe it.

claudiazz on

Congratulations!! Anxious to hear what she names her little girl. I still haven’t heard what Brooke Burke named her son and he was born almost two weeks ago now. Has anyone heard his name?

Sarah’s note: She hasn’t released it. Probably waiting for the intro photoshoot or something.

Natalie S. on

Congrats to Halle and Gabriel! I realize they may take the route of not showing the “first” pictures of their daughter anytime soon which I totally respect..However I am DYING to see a picture of their daughter. She’s going to be so gorgeous!! I can’t wait. Congrats to them all!

FC on

I am happy for her and Gabriel. And a girl…I don’t know, but I pictured her with a girl, but then I could picture her with a boy, too. 🙂

Can’t wait to find out more about the baby. Hopefully see a picture or two down the road! 🙂 Congrats to her and Gabriel!

TDJ on

So happy that Halle had her baby on my birthday. How exciting!!

Congrats to Halle and Gabriel.

Monique on

Congratulations to Halle and Gabriel! Ooh a baby girl, how fantastic. The baby is going to be so beautiful and Halle will be a great mom and shining example for her daughter.
I can wait to see the photos.

Dani on

I think all babies are cute, regardless of what their parents look like or do for a living.

Dierna on

Congrats to Halle and Gabriel!! Can’t wait to hear what name they chose!! 😀

J.M. on

I could of sworn this one was going to be a boy! But yay for a girl! She’s going to be so gorgeous and she was born on my cousin’s birthday!

Bella on

Apparently they named her Clara Stella?

tanya on

im so happy for her. i know she wanted this for a long time.shes going to make a great mom. i know the baby will be so cute.

Alice on

Congrats to Halle and Gabriel!! I was hoping for a little girl =D
She must be GORGEOUS! I’m so jumpy now, it’s like it’s someone I know. Can’t wait to hear the name.

Ash on

Congrats, she deserves the very best!

Lisa Santos on

Go Halle!!

Nad on

Congrats to Halle and Gabriel and God Bless the baby

Natalia on

Halle Berry is my favorite actress. i am soo happy for her and gabriel. have a happy life with your beautiful princess.

Callen on

Im soooo Happy for Halle and Gabriel. I know that baby is going to be beautiful. Just look at her parents.

Lani on

I am happy for Halle in some ways I might believe what star is saying that she got so emotional when she held her baby girl for the first time knowing that she wanted children for a long time. can’t wait for Halle to talked about her birth experience.

Daze on

Congratulations to Halle and Gabriel. I was so happy to hear she was expecting, and had hoped she would have a girl, since it’s a sure thing she will be beautiful, and might be Halle’s only child (considering her age). I can’t wait to see her first photos and find out her name. For some reason, I believe it will be melodic.

April on

I am so happy for Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry.

Nat-hali-a on

OMG.I am so happy for halle berry. she deserves every bit of joy brought into her life. She is an amazing actress and she will be a great mother.

Daze on

I just read a blogger’s rant on another site about Halle Berry having a ‘mixed race’ baby. How ridiculous. People forget that Halle is a ‘mixed race’ baby herself, so whomever she chose to have a child with would produce a ‘mixed race’ baby, even someone with the same mix as she, like Erik Benet. Such small minds still exist. How sad.

Natasha wicks on

I am so happy for you.

Natasha wicks on

I am so happy for you.

Natasha wicks on

I am so happy for you.

Dierna on

Babynames.com is saying that they chose the name Clara Stella Berry-Aubry.


kaitlyn on

Yay, welcome little Nahla! Beautiful name, but it will always remind me of The Lion King! Probably why they spelled it differently…

Kirsty on

I really like the uniqueness of the name – it’s not too out there, but sounds very beautiful. congrats halle and gabriel

Nikka on

The name is very nice and very original !! noone has a baby of this name lol…

Alecia on

I like the name. It’s so close to my niece’s name, Nyla

FC on

Nahla Ariela Aubry! Flows together quite nicely! I like it! Hope Halle decides to show little Nahla off in People Magazine or something, or just show her off, period. 🙂

momof2 on

ariela is a hebrew name. It is the female form of the word meaning lion.

karine on

Nahla is an arabic name, it means first sip so cute

Olivia on

aww i love the name. is nahla pronounced naw-la. or naa- la?

tink1217 on

gorgeous name!!!

M on

I don’t know why, but out of the two names, I think I like Jagger Joseph Blue better.

brooke on

The name is ok, not that great but not that bad IMO. Congrats to halle I love her, can’t wait to see this baby.

Cyndy on

She must on a conscious or subconscious level love disney movies because both of those names are disney characters:
Nahla from the lion king
ariel from the little mermaid

kinda cute

Sasha on

Gorgeous! I like how it sounds.

Elyse on

Love the name! It flows so nice. I bet little Nahla is a knock out! Can’t wait to see pictures!

Congrats to Halle and Gabriel!!!

Meg on

Well I was off with my guess…lol I guessed Ariana, Eva, or Belle or something like that.

But I love Nahla Ariela! It’s so her!

legemc on

Wow, they really like the letter “A”, huh? 🙂

J.J. on

Nahla Ariela…sweet =).

marta on

unusual name but it sounds really nice 🙂 congrats

The Nanny on

Sarah–I know you said it’s pronounced “naa-la,” but is “naa-la” pronounced “nah-la” or “nay-la”?

lauren on

Very rarely do I have the reaction, “I LOVE THAT NAME!” But this is one of those rare moments! Someone’s a Disney fan, eh? haha. (Nala/The Lion King and Ariel/The Little Mermaid)

Ericka on

i wonder how they came up with that name…it’s def interesting. I do like it…kind of a mouth full though.

Ashley on

Still confused as to the pronunciation. You say ‘naa-la’ and ‘nah-la’, but not ‘naw-la’. To me, ‘naw’ and ‘nah’ would be the same. So to dumb it down a bit more, is it like the ‘a’ sound in ‘apple’ or in ‘artichoke’?

ana on

I like it – it is very pretty and feminine.
I bet she is a beauty! Congrats to the parents!

Dierna on

Nahla Ariela?? Wow…they must be major Disney fans…*lol* Altho I have a cousin named Kiera (which is the name of Simba and Nala’s daughter).

Ariela means Lion of God in Hebrew. Nahla is the name of a villiage in Isreal.

Natalie on

pretty name!

I wonder if Halle is a Lion King fan lol

magenta on

What a pretty name. From what I googled Nahla is an Arabic name for “drink of water” or “honey bee”. Either meaning works for me. What a sweet name for a beautiful baby girl.

Daze on

Like I said, melodic. Beautiful name for a no doubt beautiful little girl. And for some reason, I picture her as golden, with her Dad’s blue eyes, her mother’s honey-colored skin and loose chocolate curls with natural gold highlights. Sort of like a little Vanessa Williams.

amy on

What an awesome and original name – LOVE IT!

erica alayne on

So much for Clara Stella!

I LOVE that name, it is absolutely gorgeous.

blue_butterfly on

Love the name! Nahla is so pretty!

emay on

According to the MSNBC article:

“It’s official, Halle Berry’s baby daughter’s name is Nahla Ariela Aubry, pronounced GNAW-lah ARE-ee-EL-uh.

Halle spoke with Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell about choosing the name.

“We didn’t have a name picked out until just before we left the hospital,” Halle told Nancy. “For us it was hard to name the most important person in our life until we met her.””

I kinda hope they’re wrong I like Sarah’s pronunciation of “naa-lah” much better. Beautiful name though. I didn’t believe the Clara Stella name at all. lol

Sarah’s note: I will add that, thank you. I’d trust Nancy more on the pronunciation, she and Halle are good friends. That’s different than what we were told. I’ll put it up and delete my totally unhelpful pronunciation comments, lol. Thanks!

Ashley on

I don’t have kids, but I remember the Lion King from when I was one, and I thought it was pronounced ‘Naw-la’ in the movie?

Meg on

It’s a name of Arabic and African orgin.

It’s pronounced just like Nala from Lion King.

Carlie on

Lovely name!!

Is it pronounced the same as Nala?

Kathleen on


In some accents, including mine, “aw” and “ah” are pronounced exactly the same. That is why some people were confused.

Jennifer on

I’m sure little Nahla is a beauty! I love her middle name…Ariela is one my #1 favorite girls’ name, so it’s nice to see it used in place of other more popular ‘ella’ names 🙂

Cheyane on

I LOVE the name!!! Very original and very cute!! Again CONGRATS 2 Halle, Gabriel, and their families on the new baby!! I bet she’s going to be a gorgeous little girl!!

Kaley on

Congratulations to Halle and Gabriel! I love the name Nahla, it makes me think of Nala from the Lion King.

Annina on

I really like the name Nahla. (I also immediately thought of The Lion King when I heard it, lol.) And I love, love, love Ariela. I’m sure she’s gorgeous!

Natasha on

Well I like it MUCH better than Jagger 😛

Sabina on

*giggle* I take it ‘Jasminea’ and ‘Cinderehla’ and ‘Snowwhyte’ didn’t make the final shortlist? XD Hehe just kidding, I like Halle, and Nahla’s a sweet name. Congrats to the new parents!

Sam on

Love the name. A friend’s daughter is named Nala, which is Swahili for gift. I wonder if Nahla is just an alternate spelling. Congrats Halle and Gabriel!

CLO718 on

Nahla Ariela is a beautiful combination of names. I’m so happy for Halle & Gabriel, they finally have the baby they dream for. Can’t wait to see pictures of this baby



Colby on

The name is lion king meets the little mermaid. Not feeling it…but its not mine so I have nothing to complain about. Congrats to them.

Christine on

Love the name! I think the spelling is pretty.
I also immediately thought of Lion King when I first saw it. (A very Disney name – Nala from the Lion King and Ariel from The Little Mermaid – yes I know their baby is Ariela)

Congrats to them – I bet she’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

Marjannaa on

The name is Arabic. It actually means ‘honeybee’ as someone said. Now here’s the pronunciation: it is Nah-la. The ‘h’ is drawn out in Arabic. Kind of like when you exhale gently! I love the name, especially because honey figures prominently in Arabic culture. There’s a saying in Arabic that a baby’s breath is like honey. Nahla will no doubt bring sweetness into her adoring parents’ lives with her every little breath.

Sam on

Okay, thanks Marjannaa. So the ‘h’ does give it a completely different meaning and pronunciation than Nala. It’s still a beautiful name and rings nicely.

Mary on

Congrats to Halle and Gabriel! I am extremely happy for them. I’m sure Halle was a ball of emotions when she first saw her baby girl. And I absolutely love the name they chose for their daughter. I was reading on another website, and they said the name meant “drink of water”. Whatever the meaning, they’re all good things. I know Nahla is gorgeous and I can’t wait till they share pics of her.

Allie on

My goodness all of these beautiful babies coming into the world recently. Tiger’s little girl, Salma’s, Nicole’s, Jlo’s, Melissa’s, Halle’s, Jessica’s. Just wait and see, Paris Hilton will be next.

molly on

It is so refreshing to hear of a vaginal birth nowadays! Good for her.

ohplease on

It is so refreshing to hear of a vaginal birth nowadays! Good for her.

Posted by: molly at Mar 18, 2008 10:17:41 PM

what is with you people, vaginal birth, breast feeding, organic diapers…… chill out.

jasmine on

I already loved the names Nala and Ariel…and I love the combo Halle & Gabriel came up with. Congrats 🙂

Names_freek on

There is no doubt the baby will be beautiful but the name reminds me too much of the lioness in the Lion King. I bet Halle picked it.

Kat on

I dont understand what you mean Molly. A few celebs opting to have c-sections doesn’t make vaginal births a thing of the past I would think.

Heather on

I was expecting a much more French-sounding name for some reason. Nahla sounds interesting as i don’t think I’ve ever met a person or baby named Nahla (or any variation of that spelling)
No doubt this baby girl is going to be a knockout goregous gal with two super parents 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Kat- I’m pretty sure that what Molly meant is that, with all the celebs opting for elective C-sections these days, it’s refreshing to see one who isn’t “too posh to push”.

amandamay on

i’m sure she’s a beautiful baby! yay!

i see the disney thing too – but unfortunately for me whenever i hear the name “ariela” i always think of the word “areola” 😛

Kat on

Yep, I meant to take the misunderstanding part out after I caught on and added the last comment above, but thanks anyway.

Who are all these celebs are who are “too posh to push” (I hate that term, it sounds so cheesy). I’ve only heard of a handful and yet people make it sound like it’s an everyday hollywood thing now. I think it’s sad when a woman has just given birth and she gets grief on how she brought a life into the world. To avoid the topic of c-section versus vaginal births I’ll call my above question rhetorical. 🙂

Eve on

I don’t understand why the G is there in the pronounciation???
Is it silent? Is GNAW-lah the same as NAW-lah??

Aelys on

That’s a very cute name. Congrats to Halle and Gabriel!

dutchmum on

Congrats to Halle and Gabriel. I am so happy for them. My husband and I both cannot wait for a picture of the baby. We are especially curious because my husband resembles gabriel whereas skintone/eye- and haircolor is concerned and I resemble halle (again, skintone, eyes and haircolor.)
We have a 4 year old little girl with fair skintone, hazel eyes, long golden ringlets and always a beautiful pink blush on her cheeks. Our second little girl is due any day now, and we are very curious how this one will come out.
And we love the names!

Sabina on

Isn’t GNAW-lah bit of a mouthful with an American accent? I’m English and it’s difficult enough to say properly! It’s like how they changed Lara Croft’s name from Laura Croft because the American market couldn’t say Laura comfortably. It seems to be the ‘orr’ sound. Then again, I guess in some accents, ‘gnaw’ sounds like ‘narr’ anyway. I’m just going to keep on saying it like The Lion King version!

mz g *n* s on

Such a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Congrats to the new proud parents!!!

Jen on

Found this online regarding the name. If this is true than the Disney comments above were right on..lol! I love Lilo and Stitch but I dunno if I’ll be having a Stitchina any time soon.

>>>>LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) – Halle Berry has named her newborn daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry.

The 41-year-old ‘Monster’s Ball’ actress – who gave birth to her first child with her model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry in Los Angeles on Sunday morning (16.03.08) – revealed she and Canadian Gabriel struggled to agree on what to call their new arrival.

She said: “We didn’t have a name picked out until just before we left the hospital. For us it was hard to name the most important person in our life until we met her.”

Nahla translates as honeybee in Arabic, while the Hebrew name Ariela means lioness of God.

However, there could be a link to two Walt Disney films – ‘The Lion King’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’.

In ‘The Lion King’, the main lioness is called Nala, while Ariel is the lead character in ‘The Little Mermaid’.

A source close to the actress said: “Halle has always been a huge fan of the Disney films. She wanted to make a reference to her favourite two films with the name, but added her own take on them too.”

Meanwhile, Gabriel’s sister Eugenie said the 32-year-old model will be a fantastic father, adding: “Gabriel loves kids! He is already an uncle, and the kids just love him. They bring him so much joy.”

(C) BANG Media International.< <<<


Everyone loves this name but hates Jagger? I dont get it.

Anna on

I would never call my child “the most important person in our life.” That honor belongs to my husband, not my child.

Anyway, I think Nahla is pretty cute!!!

emmalee on

I am skeptical about the “GNAW-lah” pronunciation. I bet it’s really “NAH-lah” like the Lion King (whether she picked it because of the Lion King or not.

And although it is an Arabic name, I don’t know why the man (language expert?) interviewed and posters her assume that they’re using the Arabic meaning rather than the Swahili meaning of gift or loved.

I hope Halle clears it up.

Looking forward to a family portrait!

Sarah’s note: I say it that way also. I was wondering if GNAW-lah is specifically what Halle said to Nancy, or just how Nancy pronounces it — she’s quite Southern so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a slight difference.

tamara on

I don’t get this GNAW-lah part either. why the G in the begining? I also thought it would pronounced Nah-lah

Kathleen on

Anna, are you serious? You really don’t think your child is the most important thing in your life? Do you have children? I love my husband to death but my kids come first – without a doubt, and he knows it!

Katie on

I bet they used “gnaw” because of how the actual word gnaw is pronounced– the g is silent. So the “Nah” part rhymes with “law”. How complicated is this?!
I think it’s a beautiful name, and it flows well, but hope it’s just a coincidence about the Disney characters. If I ever have children I want to name my daughter Aurora but I hope people don’t think I did it because of Disney!

J.M. on

My aunt’s cats name is Nala and my deceased cat’s name was Kiera (but I spelled it differently). And we got it specifically from the Lion King!! So Nala and Kiera’s are weird for me on children! lol

The name is okay. It’s not great but it’s not horrible. Ariella is a much cuter first name and goes great with Aubrey.

emmalee on

“I would never call my child “the most important person in our life.” That honor belongs to my husband, not my child.”

Anna – she said the most important person in *our* life, meaning her shared life with Gabriel. Their daughter is now the most important person to them as a couple. That’s not weird at all to me.

mila on

thank you kathleen!!! anna you cant be serious anyone who put’s a man over their child has to have something wrong!

Anna on

Emmalee – that makes more sense when you put it that way.

Kathleen – perhaps it is a religious thing for my husband and I but we believe our marriage should always come first. Of course children are far and away more important to us than anything else (besides each other!)! That is just my personal opinion of course 🙂

Sheri on

I feel like the lone one with all these comments … but I honestly do not like this name at all!! As much as I love Halle Berry, this child will go through her entire life having to pronounce, spell and explain the meaning of her name to people. I thought Shiloh and Suri were different — but this is even moreso. But I couldn’t be more happy for them! She will be the best mother ever …

dee on

Congrats Halle,I’ve always admired your strenght as a woman.You’ll be a great mum,I’m sure of that.

Ctottenham on

Can you say Lion King meets Little Mermaid?

Liza Oscar on

Congratulation Hally! I know how anticipated you have been over these few months. Nothing can conpare to the joy and satisfaction a child can bring you. God Richly bless you and your family.


June on

I’m so sad that the blog states that there will be no pictures released. I hope that they will change their minds. This is the only way we will be able to see little Nahla.

Sarah’s note: We may get paparazzi shots, although personally I prefer the nice photo shoots and interview!

Meri on

Congratulations to Halle. She is well deserving. I look forward to having the same joy very soon, as I am a 40 year old woman hoping to have a child.

Rae on

Can’t wait to see the baby! Halle and Gabriel must be overjoyed. I like the name, but for some reason I keep thinking of New Orleans when I hear it! I don’t know…maybe it’s too much like NOLA or “Nawlins.” I’m sure she’s a cutie!

gabrielle hunter on

i am so excited to see their baby pics soon! i cant wait! I KNOW THAT BABY IS GOING TO BE SO CUTE JUST LIKE HER PARENTS!

love on

congrats i think she is so adorable