Gretchen Mol and Kip Williams out with their son; introducing Ptolemy John

03/17/2008 at 12:38 PM ET

Actress Gretchen Mol, 35, and her husband, director Tod ‘Kip’ Williams, 39, took their 6-month-old son Ptolemy John to a Manhattan park on Sunday, where they played with him on the swings. This is the first we’ve seen of the little boy, who arrived last September.


Photos by Splash News.

More images and gear info below.


Gerberpacifier_2Ptolemy is sucking on a Gerber Soft Center Pacifier (2 for $4).

Alt_22491597 Ptolemy is riding in a Bugaboo Frog in navy ($759).

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Debbi on

What a cutie he is!!

Candace on

HA! That binkie reminds me of my daughter; that was the silliest looking binky (IMO) but it was the ONLY one she would take for the longest time!! And it’s not sold at very many stores (around here anyway).

Nikka on

That is one very unusual name !!! Did it come from Greek, from Ptolemaius (I can’t remember who he was though).

Sarah’s note: They’ve never talked about why they chose it, but yes, Ptolemy the Greek astronomer and geographer is assumed to be the inspiration. It’s pronounced Tall-uh-me. πŸ™‚

Judyb on

Aww he has such an adorable little face. Thanks for the info on his name.

Jenna on

That baby is riding along right at his fathers knees! Thats one thing I hate about some strollers! My Stokke Xplory brings my daughter up high for me!

Pam on

Kip, you can pull the handle out so it’s closer to you and more comfy!! It will make a difference, promise! πŸ™‚

Ptolemy is ADORABLE! I can’t believe it took so long to see him, I feel like we saw and heard from Gretchen a bunch during her pregnancy.

Michelle on

He’s very cute!

Does anyone know how his name is pronounced?

Sarah’s note: I posted it a few up. πŸ™‚

Michelle on

OK — I see the pronunciation of the name is posted now. πŸ™‚ It must’ve posted right after I sent in my post.

Sarah’s note: It’s been up about 50 minutes, but it’s definitely easy to miss things. Everybody does! πŸ™‚ No worries.

Sasha on

Wow cute onesie.

got3 on

Unfortunately he is pushing the Frog not Cameleon…the Frog does not have an adjustable handlebar.

Such a cute little duck πŸ™‚

Lacy on

jenna, i agree with you. does anyone know of any strollers that bring baby closer to mom and dad? im expecting in june, so it needs to be able to fit a young one!

Stef on

Good lord. That baby is knock-you-outta-your-chair cute.

The hat is the icing on the cake. Is it homemade or from a store?

Kat on

The STokke Xplory lets the seat raise to be near mom/dad or down to fit the table.

It’s also got some other cool features!

That may be what you are looking for, Lacy!

I’m surprised that, for either of them (who are both tall), but especially for dad, that they didn’t raise the handlebar.

All bugaboo strollers (despite what less than knowledgeable sales reps might say) have incredibly tall telescoping handlebars to fit all parents.

Lisa on

Kat, hope you don’t mind me correcting you but that is not correct – the only Bugaboo’s that have adjustable handle bars are the Cameleon and the Bee. The Frog (which they are pushing in these pictures) and the Gecko do not have handle bars that are adjustable. They are fixed handle bars and therefore not great for taller people as you can see in these pictures!

gigi on

i have no personal opinion on it but my sisters would absolutely ‘have my head’ if i ever gave one of my sons a pink and purple binkie, especially out in public! i already hear it for using a pink bottle at home but hey!….i got it at my baby shower so why not just use it???!!!!! lol

BluePencils on

Anyone know of a stroller like the Stokke that has the baby up higher and is good for tall parents? I’m just under 6′ and my husband is 6’2″. I tried out the Xplory today and I loved it, but there is no way I’m getting a $900 stroller.

That is an incredibly cute baby, BTW.

V on

I’d just like to note that the Dad is dang cute, too ;p

Risa on

Lacy & BluePencils,

How about the UPPAbaby Vista? I own one, and absolutely love it! It includes a bassinet (great for a newborn) & a “regular” seat. Plus it rides really well (I live in Canada – hello, snow!), the seat is up higher (no bending over) and adjusts to 3 positions, and has an adjustable handle-bar. I’m only 5’5 and my hubby is 5’7, but a friend of mine is 5’10 and after seeing/trying my stroller she and her husband liked it so much they have been looking into buying one too!

Btw – Ptolemy is sooo cute. He reminds me of my little guy, who was interestingly enough born a day earlier on Sept. 9th.

brannon on

Wow – he is very cute!

My son is about to turn 2 and his current favorite color is pink πŸ™‚ He has lots of pink oxfords, pink t-shirts and so forth and he is DEFINITELY all boy! Personally, I can’t find any reason why girls can’t have blue and vice versa πŸ™‚

V on

Until recently, when she started really noticing what other girls in her preschool class were wearing and telling me she loved pink and purple, my nearly four-year-old daughter always said her favorite color was blue. Frankly, it was frustrating how overly boylike most reasonably priced blue items for toddlers in the 18-month to 3T size range were. I had to hunt about for awhile to find her a blue nap blanket that didn’t scream “I’m a boy!”

Jennifer on

Adorable baby!! Does anyone know where I can get a hat like his? I would love one for my little one!!

Judyb on

Last night my husband walked up behind me when I was reading CBB. I was looking at the first picture of Ptolemy. My hubby said “aw what a cute baby, I love the hat with the little ears on it.”

Kristina on

It’s been asked and I’ll just repeat the question, can anyone come up with some info on the hat and/or the outfit in general? It looks wonderful and I can’t seem to find it anywhere in my regular baby sites. Thanks a bunch πŸ™‚

Names_freek on

The baby is adorable but the name. Wow. How is it even pronounced. I bet he won’t have a problem with more than one student in his class with the same name. What the heck. I guess, it is better than having a common name. Kids like to be like the rest of the kids though. Anyway, the baby is adorable.

Sarah’s note: The pronunciation is posted in the comments above.

Lacy on

Risa.. I checked into the UPPAbaby Vista and I think I might have found what I am looking for! Thanks for your help!

Desiree on

What an adorable baby!! He looks JUST like my son who’s a month older and is also named Ptolemy!! Does anyone know where to get that sweet little hat from?