Update: Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Wilkerson welcome second son, Braydon

03/16/2008 at 02:35 PM ET

Melissa_cbbUpdate March 16th: Early this morning, Melissa blogged on her MySpace that Brady, as they’ve apparently nicknamed him, is doing well — as is big brother Mason.

Hello!  Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments and emails. 

BraydonHart Wilkerson was born March 12th at 3:00pm (on the dot).  He wasthankfully smaller (7 pounds, 3 ounces) than Mason (9 pounds!), and Ihad a better experience this time around.  I was able to do itcompletely natural, no drugs — and it was much shorter than Mason’sbirth (but by no means easy!)  and now we’re home bonding and adjustingto this new miracle!  Mason is a perfect big brother — he’s loving,gives Brady lots of kisses and tries to helps me out. 

I’vebeen getting a lot of requests for photos, but right now we’re stayingprivate and keeping some things just for us.  Take my word for it — he’s adorable and looks exactly like Mason did at birth!  We will bereleasing photos soon though, so keep an eye out.

CBB note: The baby will be introduced in People magazine in the coming weeks.

Update 11:30 pm: A message for CBB readers from Melissa!

Thank you all! He’s so cute and I can’t believe I did it au naturel. Myhubby and mom were amazing coaches and got this little man to come outwith no drug help at all! Such a different experience than Mason. The body is a wonder.

Click below for the original birth announcement.

Originally posted March 12th 8 pm: Actress Melissa Joan Hart, 31, and Course of Nature rocker Mark Wilkerson, 30, welcomed their second son today, Wednesday, March 12th, at 3 p.m. in Los Angeles, CA. Braydon Hart Wilkerson joins big brother Mason Walter, 2. Braydon arrived after 10 hours of labor and weighed in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces.Melissa states,

This has been a long but exciting pregnancy, and we along with Mason are excited to add to the Wilkerson clan.

With Mark adding,

Melissa and I are the proudest parents ever and this is the best thing that has happened to us this year!

Melissa and Mark confirmed the pregnancyin September. By the fall, they shared the knew the sex of the baby,but would be keeping it private. In December, Melissa and close friend Soleil Moon Frye did a magazine spread together. In January, we learned that the baby would not be continuing the M-name tradition, got a peek into Melissa and Mark’s home, and did a CBB photoshoot. Throughout the pregnancy, Melissa wrote a journal exclusively for CBB readers. Her due date had been the first week of March.

Source: People

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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Shan on

Congrats to Melissa, Mark, and Mason. I love the name Braydon, so cute.

Carlie on

Fantastic news!!

Little Braydon shares his birthday with my younger brother.

Harlow Madden also has the same birthday as me too!

Kelly on

Congrats to the Wilkerson Clan! I just had this feeling it was going to be another boy.The different spelling of Brandon spelled with a y is very unique too. Congrats!

Megan on

WAHOOO Mason is officially a big brother =)) I LOVE the name they chose…unique without being strange and totally fabulous=))) I bet he’ll be just as cute as his big brother =)) Congrats to Melissa, Mark, Mason, and baby Braydon!

Colleen on

Congrats to Melissa & Mark!

Kate on

I was thinking about them a lot lately, wondering… ! Congratulations! I like the name a lot, bet he is so cute!

Kristen on

What wonderful news for them. Congrats to all.

Kate on

Also, Sarah or whomever, will she be writing a few more blog entries to relay the story of labor, etc. ? I hope so!

Sarah’s note: She’s planning to send me a small update for readers, but that’s pretty much it. 🙂

Natasha on

AWWWWWW! CONGRATS to them! Braydon is probably just as adorable as Mason! 😀

Mason & Braydon, sounds cute 🙂

charsmom on

Congratulations! I have been checking CBB everyday for the past few weeks waiting to see this post! I wish them all the best with their expanding family!

heather on

I too like the name, it’s cute! I’m SURE it didn’t feel like it for Melissa but to me it seems like her pregnancy flew by!! I didn’t even realize until someone above typed out the names of the four of them, but they were all M names until Braydon, lol.

Congrats to them =)

Silverkoala on

Congrats Melissa and Mark. I love the name Braydon and it goes perfect with Mason. I had a feeling she was having another boy.

ang on

FINALLY!!! poor melissa-i thought she was gonna yank that kid out herself if she was waiting any longer. im sure he will be an adorable addition to their adorable family.

Crystal on

Aw…Congrats! Braydon is a lovely name 🙂

a on

he is going to be very cute mark kind of let the sex slip when he that this baby was more active than our first son

Kelly on

congrats to them ive been checking every day now to hear if she has had her baby yet does any one know how you pronounce his name is it just bray don or is their some special way?

gabriella on

I’m once again right, when it comes to the baby’s sex lol. I’m telling you if I post a celebrity is having a certain sex, I’m usually always right lol. Just like with christina aguilera, brooke burke, and melissa I called boys for all of them before it was even known what they were having. Also called girls for suri, shiloh, and valentina too. Melissa I think even if she has more kids will have 3-4 boys, just a feeling I have. I like the name, and the baby was smaller than I thought he would be weight wise.

J.J. on

Congratulations to Mark, Melissa and Mason!! Finally little Braydon arrived as it seemed to take forever! Can’t wait till they introduce him…bet he’ll be cute as his big bro!!

Cordelia on

I find it interesting that even though Melissa Joan Hart had a relationship with CBB documenting the pregnancy via an online journal, People was still the first to find out about the birth of little Braydon. The only reason why I say that is because it seems as though (I may totally be wrong on this) the only reason why Hart is gaining any media attention is because of her pregnancies, with CBB helping her to reach a wider audience than she could have reached on her own. It seems that Hart might have wanted to “pay back” CBB by sharing the news with them first.

Sarah’s note: Melissa got quite a bit of media attention during the winter during her TV movie too. It was a great way to cross-promote. But no, we always knew People was getting the birth info first (I think I’ve mentioned it here even?), and they’ll have the first pics of Braydon in a few weeks, just like they did with Mason. It’s no surprise to us. 🙂

justine on

Congrats to them!! Most people on here were saying they thought it was another boy. Love the name, Brayden and Braydon are quite popular in Australia. I was just wondering why many celebrities seem to release the details to People magazine.

Sarah’s note: Because People is the most respected weekly magazine.

meghan on

i KNEW it was a boy!!! congrats!

Amber on

Gabriella you said Nicole Richie was having a boy though… 🙂

Congrats to Melissa, Mark, and Mason!

Ellasmom on

I don’t post often usually a lurker but I’ve been waiting to hear about Melissa’s new baby. Congrats to them & what a wonderful name. I am sure he is just as cute as his big brother. Had a feeling it was a boy 🙂

Jen on

Congrats to Melissa and family. 😀

Lately, it seems it’s not hard to ‘guess’ the gender of the celeb babies when paprazzi, fmaily members, friends, etc, hint or just plain give out the gender. Just ask Jennifer Lopez..lol!

Dana on

Oh, congrats on the new little one! Two is so much better than one.

brannon on

Congrats! Though the name Brayden is REALLY popular here (I can count 8 I know born in the last 6 months!) … I really love the name Hart!

gabriella on

Yea amber, nicole richie I was wrong but can’t be right about everything, but for the most part I have a pretty good track record on predicting the sex especially when I called it early on with most of the pregnancies before anything is leaked lol.

FC on

I love the name and how she incorporated her maiden name into the baby’s. I can’t wait to see this little one! 🙂 Congrats to her, Mark and big brother Mason! ♥

Jennifer on

Congratulations to Melissa, Mark, and Mason on the arrival of little Braydon! I’m sure he’s just as adorable as his big brother! 🙂

Alicia on

Love the name.

Kelly on

does anyone know anything about soleil moon frye? i havent seen anything about her in a few weeks and i know she and melissa were due around the same time thanks

Sarah’s note: Nothing yet. We had heard a rumor she was in labor March 1st, but then nothing since so we’re not sure.

EK on

awww cute I thought it might be a girl this time but I am sure this baby is a cutie

CelebBabyLover on

justine- I’m guessing it’s because People is one of the more reliable celebrity-based magazines out there. I’m not sure about the actual announcing of the birth, but I know that some celebs have chosen Us Weekly as the magazine to release their baby’s first photos in (Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, and Trista and Ryan Sutter are two of the couples who have done that). The American version of OK magazine seems to be the third most popular for first baby photos. 🙂

Amber- Good point! She’s also said that she thinks Halle’s having a boy, but I personally think Halle’s having a girl. 🙂 Also, I don’t know why, but something tells me that Soeil is going to have another little girl. She just looks like a “girls” mom somehow. 🙂

Amber on

I know gabriella, it just rubs me the wrong way a bit to see it in almost every post because it seems a bit self-congratulatory?? That’s just the vibe I get. No offense intended. I find it fun to guess too though.

Glad to hear straight from Melissa! I’m SO glad she had a better birth experience this time, I know she was worried. Can’t wait to meet Braydon.

Leslie on

Wonderful news for the Wilkersons…I love a Braydon, I have one myself! 😉

claire on

CONGRATULATIONS MELISSA AND MARK. May your new son bring you so much joy and happiness. Well done.

Ericka on



When do we get to see photos?

Ericka on

I think this is the year of the boy…alot of celebs are having boys and ALOT of family and friends are having them also. I don’t believe I even know anyone having a girl…they are all boys.

Kelly on

i hope soliel gets another little girl otherwise poor poet will grow up surounded by boys sorta thats not much fun

Emma on

So is Hart his middle name? Or part of his last name?
Does Mason have Hart in his name?

I wish they had of continued the ‘m’ theme
😦 Thought it was cute.

Sarah’s note: Hart is his middle name. No, Mason doesn’t have it.

amy on

Congrats!! SO happy for them – they are one of my fave celeb couples because they are so down-to-earth. Can’t wait to see Braydon – especially if he is half as cute as Mason! 🙂

Marie on

Braydon shares his birthday with my grandfather 🙂

Judyb on

Congratulations to Mellisa, Mark and Mason!!! I can hardly wait to see pictures of the new baby.

For those of you who guess the gender,you will *always* have a 50/50 shot of being right.

Harley on

Aw! Congrats to them 🙂

Melissa on

Mason was significantly bigger, right?

If so, it gives me hope for when I have #2, lol. My son was pretty big and the hospital staff said immediately after my birth, “You know the next one will be bigger, right?” lol

Congrats on the new baby!

Sarah’s note: Yes, he was 9 lbs.

Lissette on

Congrats to them! I knew it was a boy!! =)

tara on

congrats to melissa and her husband on the birth of their new baby….i named my son braydon to…i just spelled it brayden…but good choice melissa

tate on

aww congrats iLOVE the name braydon its my nephews name but i love hart as the middle name

Liesl78 on

Way to go, Melissa! Congratulations to Mommy, Daddy and big brother Mason on the arrival of baby Brayden

Christine on

Congratulation to the Wilkersons !!

I love the name but how do we pronounce it?

Sarah’s note: BRAY-don.

Keila on

Way to go Melissa!!! I did it “au naturel” my second time around too, so I understand how amazed she is at her own body. My second was also born at 7 lbs (over a lb lighter than my 1st) Congratulations to the Wilkerson’s!

Lacey on

I was a pre-teen when “Sabrina” hit the air waves. I fell in L-O-V-E with Melissa. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for the proud parents, of two wonderful little boys.

Fiona on

I am just so excited to hear about a celebrity having a natural birth! Now we just need a celebrity to have a homebirth! I love it! Yay for going all natural Melissa. It is a great feeling to know that your body is not broken and that it doesn’t need drugs or a scapel to birth a baby. Our bodies were made to do this! I have experienced birth both ways as well and I too know the joy a natural birth brings. Man I feel like a woman……

Sarah’s note: Check out our homebirth category — some celebs have done them!

Heidi on

Great name! I’m sure he’ll be a cutie – can’t wait to see pics and congrats!

Steph on

Yay! I have been checking multiple times a day to see if she gave birth. I had a feeling she was having a boy. Braydon is a very cute name!

Mason and Braydon sound very good together.

I’m excited to see pictures!

Michelle on

LOVE the name as it’s my son’s name too!! Only we spell it Braden. And our 1st son is Jason which rhymes with Mason..I thought that was cute! Congrats!!

sea on

I had a feeling it would be a boy…she was on a New Year’s Even program and referred to the baby as “he” a few times.

tink1217 on

congrats Melissa, Mark, and Mason!! Love the name Braydon too!! Two little boys!! How sweet! I predict she will be pregnant again in about a year and a half though! I just see her having a couple more.

Dakota on

Wow, that’s the fourth Braden/Braydon/Brayden I’ve heard about this year, it’s becoming so popular. I think it comes from the Jayden and Brady trends of a few years ago.

I met a cute little Braylee this year too, wonder if they’d have used that if he’d been a girl. Braylee Hart would have been a great name for a girl. Or maybe Braylee Hartley?

Nadège on

Following the long list of well-wishers … 🙂

Congratulations to the Hart-Wilkerson’s on their new arrival. Wow, I’m so happy for them and can’t wait to see little Braydon when the time is right. I’m sure Mason is going to be the best big brother ever. What a fabulous family … best of luck to them! xoxo

monique on

Congratulations to the Wilkerson family on their new addition!

Did Melissa had Mason by c-cection or natural birth too?

Sarah’s note: She had a vaginal birth with epidural. She almost needed a c-section. It was a really tough experience for her. You can read more about it if you click the link to her journal entries.

Allison on

Congrats to Melissa and her husband! Hard to imagine a baby boy cuter than Mason, but I bet Braydon is adorable. Can’t wait to see pics.

Best wishes to the Wilkerson family and it’s newest member!

Caroline on

Congratulations to Melissa and Mark! I love the name Braydon, by the way.
Sarah, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this news (and this blog) with all of us.

emily on

Congrats Melissa! I had a feeling it would be a boy. I can’t wait to see what he looks like. I was a big fan of all her shows and movies when I was little.
And going all natural after a difficult first birth experience is very brave. So congrats on that too 🙂

NotAnotherMax on

Another BOY – What a JOY!!! Braydon – I’m happy it’s not another Max C. Pad. Well, Melissa is not a singer anyways.

Congrats to the new family of four.

JulieP on

I was so hoping she was going to be having a girl but I assumed it was another boy since they decided not to announce the sex. Hope she wasn’t let down or anything.
I too think the ‘M’ trend was cute, wish they would’ve kept with it!

Pam on

Yay congrats to Melissa!!! I’ve been waiting to hear the news. How wonderful that the experience was much better this time. Hopefully it can help heal those bad memories.

Thanks Melissa for taking the time to leave a special comment for CBB readers too, it was very sweet of you.

Kate on

wow, congrats to Melissa and Mark! no doubt he will be as adorable as his big brother.

brayden goes with mason – trendy, popular name of the 2000’s.

Sue on

Sarah/ anyone else-
has Melissa sent you the update for CBB yet?

Jen on

Love that they’re calling him Brady! Same as the Browns QB, Brady Quinn- he’s Brayden Tyler

Carlie on

Well done to Melissa for giving birth completely naturally and drug free.

Luckily I manged a natural drug free birth with both my girls too. But I was lucky to have 2 easy births. I was in labour 10 mins with my first and 5 mins with my second daughter.

Can’t wait for Melissa to share some pics of little Braydon with us.

I look forward to seeing them!!

Angela on

I like Melissa, but I don’t like the way she won’t release photos because she’s waiting to get $$$ from People Magazine. I lost a little respect for her. I think she should release them on her blog or someplace free. When the pictures show up in PEOPLE, I know we’ll see them on this site before actually going to the store for the magazine, so what’s the difference?

I just don’t think it’s right to sell photos just to make money. She created a blog to update people on her pregnancy, but when she actually has the kid, she doesn’t post any photos? That doesn’t make much sense. I could understand if she was writing the blog for PEOPLE Magazine or something, but I don’t think it’s right not to release pictures or cut a deal to sell them.

J.J. on

Nice to hear an update from Melissa and to hear that everyone is doing well since little Braydon’s arrival. Anxious to see pics of the new little guy! Has anyone heard anything about Soleil Moon Frye? Just curious because I’m thinking she should have had her baby by now too, but there is no news or anything about it.

Courtney on

CONGRATS to them! I’ve been checking everyday to see if the baby was born. I can’t wait to see pics, I can’t believe she has 2 kids now!!! She’s my age and I have 4 but its still weird..:)

Good for her to do things “natural”, to some people it is important. To others, we are happy and bonded to our children no matter how they come into this world.

I’ve had 4 epidurals with my 4 children. 3 were vaginal births and my last child was a C section. I’ve never thought my body was “broken”. I struggled for 14 hours of hard labor to make it to 4 CM’s so I could get an epi with my oldest daughter. I got it and in 45 min had become fully dilated and was pushing. Same thing almost exactly with my other 2 children. So I guess for some of us we DO need drugs or a scalpel to birth a baby.

I don’t get why people who don’t use drugs sometimes make it sound like they did it the right way or the better way or are better for doing it that way…

Kaley on

Congrats to Melissa and Mark! I knew they would have another boy. I love the name Braydon Hart.

chelsa on

I had one birth with epidural, one without any drugs, and I agree — women need to feel free to work with their doctors and feel good about whatever choices they need to make to keep everyone safe and healthy. My drug-free birth, though, did have a much faster recovery time, and so I can see why women would want to encourage each other in pursuit of drug-free births. I tend to think that labor and delivery-related medical procedures need to be approached like any other medical procedure — you don’t use it if you don’t need it, but take advantage of it if you do.

Nikka on

JulieP, very few mothers are “let down or something” when they have a child of the sex different then they wished for. Often they wish for a girl or a boy, yet they love the one they got regardless.

Angela on

May I ask why my comment wasn’t posted? Please email as to why. It wasn’t negative, just honest.

Kyra on

Congrats to the happy couple! I’m sure she wanted a little girl, but a boy is just as special.

brannon on

AAAAHHHHH! What’s with you guys? “I’m sure she wanted a girl, but a little boy is fine…” SERIOUSLY! Sorry but this is my big pet peeve. When i had my son, I got “Aw, congrats. Maybe you will have a girl next time.” More times than I can count! I WANTED a boy! Why does everyone assume girls are the best and boys are just consolation prizes? Very weird in my opinion.

Personally, I can’t think of anything better than a little brother for Mason. I’m sure he is beautiful and I like that they are calling him Brady.

Melanie F. on

Awwh congratulations to Melissa, Mark, and Mason for their wonderful newly extended bundle of joy. I bet he is just as adorable as Mason.

I have had 4 children without any type of medicine and it wasn’t by choice. Had it been my choice I would’ve had medicine but all my labor and deliveries were so fast it was too close to give me any meds. I barely made it without meds and the longest for me, from beginning to end was a little over 2 hours. I highly doubt I would’ve made it 14 hours, kudos to you and all mothers that choose to use meds or not.

terri on

Maybe your friends thought that you wanted a boy? I definitely don’t get the perception that boys are a consolation prize. Actually, I think it’s the opposite in our society.

Jessica on

I think it has more to do with the fact that many people think the women want girls and men want boys. But that thought is a little outdated anymore because I hear plenty of women that would prefer boys and men that love their little girls.

Anna on

LOVE the nickname! Great choice!! I am glad to hear that Mason is doing well with him, I remember from her journal entries that she was worried about that.

Also Melissa thank you for leaving a message just for us! I don’t know about the other readers, but I really enjoyed following your pregnancy with Braydon. 🙂 Thank you!

Debbi on

I love Brady also, that was on our list for our son. Great choice!

Samantha on

Congratulations! Everyone wants a little girl to dress up, it’s a shame to miss out on all things girlie, but you get what you get. Boys are adorable and sweet. I’m sure Melissa will come to terms with having two boys, and Brady must be as cute as Mason.

Sarah’s note: I am so confused with these comments about it being a shame she had another boy? She never said she didn’t want one or would prefer a daughter. In fact, she said they’d like 3 or 4 kids, so it’s not like they’re done.

Judyb on

Even if she has all boys it is not a shame. It amazes me that people assume that someone wants a boy and a girl. I had all girls and I do not consider it a shame that I missed out on boy stuff. I love my three girls for who they are. I can not imagine carrying a baby and giving birth and being disappointed. I think it is presuming a lot to think that someone who has children of the same sex is disappointed.

Reagan on

Hey Melissa I just wanted to say if you read this that i saw you at the Swamp Tour In Baton Rouge I hope to see you again!Good Luck On the Movie!