Angelina Jolie and kids leave the corner store

03/16/2008 at 06:23 PM ET

Angelina Jolie, 32, was spotted out with the kids in New Orleans, LA today. The pregnant actress and children Maddox Chivan, 6 ½, Pax Thien, 4, Zahara Marley, 3, and Shiloh Nouvel, 21 months, were snapped as they returned from a corner convenience store. Angelina and Brad Pitt expect their fifth child this summer.

See all the images at Page Six. Please note that this link includes a photo of Shiloh where it appears she is crying. As readers know, we do not post images of upset children. However, the correct way to link to the main page of the photos unfortunately shows a small thumbnail of the image as well. Thanks for understanding why we chose to post the link anyway.

Click below for info on the kids’ sneakers and Angelina’s dress!

Sweetshoespirate_3 Shiloh is wearing Sweet Shoes black skull slip-ons ($28).

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Vanscheckerboardpinkwhite_2 Zahara is wearing Vans Kids Classic Slip-Ons in Missy Aurora Pink/True White small check ($30).

Rachelpallylongdove Angelina is wearing a Rachel Pally long sleeveless caftan dress dove ($233).

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Sara on

Why don’t you post pictures of crying Children?? I mean celebrity babies cry and throw baby and toddler fits too. Wealthy Children cry too! They are human just like normal Children.🙂

Sarah’s note: Because we figure the paparazzi attention is enough of an intrusion that we feel even worse posting a photo of an upset child and a stressed parent trying to calm them. Readers have also expressed that it made them uncomfortable, so we made the decision a few years ago not to purchase photos like that. I’d rather just put a little note in the main post rather than deal with questions about why it was posted. on

Seeing the girls eating Cheetos is making me so hungry for them!!!

Lovely photo of the family (minus Brad). They all look really happy…mind you, I’m clicking on the crying photo link🙂

Robin on

I just love this family! Shiloh is getting so big! She is almost as big as her sister. It is so nice to see that this family enjoys being together and I love the fact that they are eating chips! Too cute!

Monika on

big deal, kids cry. she looked like she wanted to get down.

Nicole on

Wow are Maddox and Pax almost the same size? They both look so grown up!

Z looks grown up too…they’re all so cute. Poor Shiloh, I wonder why she was crying.

LoveFamily on

Angelina Jolie talking about adoption

iluvallbabies on

What BEAUTIFUL children! (And mother too!)

Shiloh looks the spitting image of Angelina was she was younger. Especially in the photo were she looks like she is about to cry with cheetos all over her mouth😦

J.M. on

Aww it’s been awhile since we had a Shiloh siting!! Look at them chubby little legs. Pretty brave of Angie going out with 4 kids by herself (or from these photos it appears that way). I love how down to earth they are just stopping at a store to get some cheetos and gatoraide! And Shiloh with her cheeto face!! So cute!!

Kresta on

Shiloh doesn’t look too upset. Most likely Angelina picked her up and she didn’t want to be carried. It can be a difficult age when kids want to run off but you want to keep them safe. A lot of the time my eldest son didn’t come back when called so I had to carry him or put him in a stroller.

Natasha on

Shiloh is just about as tall as Zahara, and there’s a 17 month difference between them! Everyone used to think Zee would be the really tall one but now I think its Shiloh!

Judy on

Oh good heavens, so Shiloh was having a little hissy-fit! So what? She’s almost into the Terrible Twos, isn’t she? Tantrums come with the territory at that age.

Little Pax is growing tall, and Madd is rockin’ that Mohawk!

Colleen on

They are such a beautiful family!

Melanie F. on

Awwwh everyone looks cute and they are all growing really fast, love Z’s outfit and Shi’s shoes.

brooke on

Shiloh is adorable, she looks just like angelina but with blonde hair like angelina also had as a child. Angelina looks good pregnant.

Renee on

Sara, I think it’s a good idea. Since so many people have it out for this family,In their mind one picture of Shiloh crying must mean Angelina is a bad mother especially since she doesn’t love Shiloh that much anyway and cause we all know if someone is a good mother,their kid won’t cry at all. Of course that isn’t true but some people get satisfaction from attacking celebrities.

Natasha on

Oh and I also meant to say that the family looks absolutely beautiful and very happy. Pax & Maddox tagging along behind is so cute, how many times do you thing Ang had to look behind and tell them to keep up😉

Tara on

Gosh, Shiloh is growing into a beauitful toddler- not that that’s any surprise lol

All their children are so gorgeous, but as i haven’t seen as many pictures of Shiloh recently, i’m blown away by how big (and beautiful!) she’s gotten! Can’t believe she’s almost two!

toontown on

Mind if i share my disagreement on the decision on not posting the pics? One of the things i like about this site, is that it shows famous people being mostly like us, normal and humanly. Just like them, we’ve had kids around us who cry.

Crying is the most normal expression in a child and it can happen to any of us including celebrities. All the pictures posted in this site are all paparazzi work and it’s already invasion of privacy. I don’t get this “respect” of not posting a pic of a celeb child crying.

And i saw the pictures already on pagesix before coming here and honestly i don’t see the big deal. I didn’t see Angelina having a hard time, and the rest of of the pics are really cute.

Just sharing my opinion.

Sarah’s note: That’s fine. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The problem is we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Because there is such a large number of readers, they’ll always be a disagreement as to how we choose to run the site and what we choose to post, and we understand that.

We do post quite a few photoshoot images as well. Not everything is paparazzi.

taegan on

What a cute family, I agree Shiloh wanted to walk like her brothers and sister. Love that dress on Angie.


Elyse on

Shilo is so cute with all that orange cheeto mess around her mouth! I bet it was all over her white dress too!😉

I cant believe how much all Angelina’s kids have grown! It seems like just yesterday that Shi was born.

mlee on

Never know, since Shiloh was looking directly into the camera, its possible that the person behind the camera frightened her.
The children haven’t been known to have had great experiences with photographers.. You never know, Angelina might have to obtain a police escort just to run down to the corner store with the children.. Hey, New Orleans is not Los Angeles.. they have a few different views having their celebrities stalked by photographers… I do believe it is a terrible shame that any photographer would like to make money at the expense of small children, and then there are the groups with web sites and mags that actually put these children faces online and out to the public. For the parents who work for this web site, will you post your children so we can see them, and make sure they go out on all the rag mags out there. Also, post your childrens ages and names. After all if its okay to put Angelina and Brad’s children out there, why not your own.

Sarah’s note: The people that work here that do have kids actually do post about them on quite a regular basis. Danielle writes a little column on Anya, and you can see photos of the staff’s kids in their Halloween costumes, etc. If you read CBB Reviews, pretty much all the posts are about the staff kids, because they’re the ones who use the products! We also recently introduced our writers Nancy and Ciaran’s new babies.

toontown on

Thank you Sarah, i understand the site’s position in that matter. It’s hard to please everyone. I respect your decision. And yes, i agree on the photoshoot, my bad. =)

ILoveCBBreaders on

The problem is we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.
How can you run a site full of obviously perfect parents and not have a perfect solution?

Sarah’s note: LOL. At least they care though!

cecil on

That’s ok CBB. Shiloh is smiling in the first photo, so that makes it up for it. Shiloh’s gotten so big over the weeks. She’s looking more and more like Angelina every day. love Z’s pink phase, Mad’s mohawk, and Pax’s rocker hair. Angelina’s a trooper. I admire her strength and courage.

Natasha on

Wow mlee, just out of curiosity, if you don’t agree with the point of this blog why do you visit?

Sorry if I’m reading your post wrong but are you saying that we shouldn’t know the names of any celebrity babies? I’m pretty sure the celebs release them themselves, but whatever.

Lilybett on

This might be a bit off topic but those packets of chips/crisps/cheetohs (whatever it is they’re eating) are enormous! Are these the smallest size packets you get at corner stories in the US? In Australia we have a 50gram packet that is about half the size.

Sarah’s note: No, we’ve got little ‘snack bags’ too!

brannon on

Most beautiful family ever. Love. Love. Love. Can’t wait to meet the new addition(s)!

Michelle on

What a bunch of adorable kids. 🙂

The first thing I thought when I saw the picture posted here was that they look like the Von Trapps. 🙂

shaine on

I find the way Shiloh looks, it would appear to me that she is favoring her knee, maybe she fell?

Either way, it’s nice to see all kids together. Such a beautiful family.

Debbie28 on

I am not a huge fan of Angelina; however, it is nice to see that her kids seem to be pretty normal. I mean so many celebrities are all about making things as perfect as possible and stuff like junk food must be a big no-no. You can often see her kids just being kids. As far as cying, anyone who can’t take a picture of a child upset or crying must have never been around kids. Unfortunately, crying is a part of childhood!

Ellia on

I can’t wait to hear the name of their new addition! They all have such great names. Shi looks precious with her hair getting long.

Pam on

On a lighter note, I wanted to add that AJ is wearing a Rachel Pally dress – I have the same one in blue however it is long sleeved and knee-length.

Bren on

I think its nice that you aren’t posting the pictures of a crying child that is being followed by the paparazzi. I mean these children are just like everyone else in a sense but when you are a pregnant women with 4 children and people are following you with cameras and your baby is crying its probably more stressful on the parent so I think its nice that this site isn’t encouraging that kind of intrusion from the camera people but I do understand that people want to see these people in every light but hey its a respect thing and I think thats great!

Nicole on

This is a bit random – but the shirt Pax has on is the same shirt Maddox wore when he went with Angelina to Vietnam to pick Pax up! I love that these kids wear hand-me-downs.

katryna on

I love how the kids are eating cheetos and junk food…makes them seem a little more “normal” I guess you could say. Sometimes you hear funny, odd stories about celebs not allowing their kids to eat any sweets, watch tv, etc…and it’s nice to see that these kids aren’t much of an exception from a regular kid their age.

You know, apart from already being ridiculously rich🙂

mamabear on

Yes, it definitely looks as if Shiloh had been walking like the other kids and when Angelina spotted the paparazzi,picked Shiloh up. Not real crying, just “I want down” protesting!

She’s just adorable with those chubby legs and almost as tall as Zahara! I love this family and really love how Angelina took ALL the kids for a walk, especially as she’s very pregnant!

Love love love this family!

PS_ you can buy Shiloh’s shoes in black at:

KRM on

I for one appreciate that you don’t publish photos of upset children. I think it shows respect for their parents as well as the children themselves.

I also think it discourages positive personal comments about a crying child. My mother took so many pictures of me as a kid where I am obviously very upset or in distress, and thinks they’re adorable. I find it disgusting, and don’t do it with my own daughter. I would be absolutely furious if a paparazzi were to do this and make MONEY from it.

So you have my support of the current policy.

Rachel on

Awww, maybe Shiloh is jealous that Angelina may be carrying a boy. When I was about Shiloh’s age, my mom was pregnant with my brother.I always cried. My mom used to say it was because she was carrying a boy. Anyways gorgeous family!!

Dianne on

Papa bear was in New Orleans with Bill Clinton breaking ground for a Katrina project (correct me if I’m wrong).
These photos bring to mind Mia Farrow’s huge clan of adopted kids. I think she got up to 11 or 12.
Not the choice snack food (I can see Gwyneth Paltrow fainting), but hey, all kids like snacks, every neon orange ones!

Kaley on

Awww how cute! Its great to see the family all together and Shiloh looks SO old.

yaosa on

A truly beautiful family and looking much forward to their latest arrival!

LolaCola on

Rachel I don’t get it. I figure a girl would be more jealous of another girl than a boy. I hope Angie has a wet nap near by because Shiloh has Cheeto lips and probably Cheeto hands too.

Shiloh looks like a little chubby bubby probably from all those Cheetos. She’s almost as tall as Zee but then again Zee is almost as tall as Pax who is a year older.

Amanda on

So, so cute. There’s not really much else to say!

CelebBabyLover on

I can’t help it, I have to say it…AWWWWWWWWWW! The kids all are getting so big, especially Z and Shi! It’s hard for me to believe that Shi’s going to be two in just two months! It is also hard for me to believe that that happy, healthy three-year-old (Z, obviously) was once a very sickly, malnourished baby. I shudder to think of what almost certainly would have happened had Angie not adopted Z.

Anyway, I have also noticed that Angie hasn’t been carrying Z very much since she turned three (I don’t think it’s because she’s pregnant, since she carried Maddox throughout her pregnancy with Shi…and Mad was four going on five at the time!). I’m guessing Z wants to walk like her big brothers (Shi probably does too, judging from that photo of her crying, but at her age, I can see why Angie still prefers to carry her).🙂

Anna on

I just can’t believe how BIG they’re all getting!

Terry on

I just love the way their children are growing up being treated just like any of our children, at least as much as possible. I admire the way they spend so much time together as a family instead of having nannies raise their children. I think the children are used to the paparazzi being around, and since their parents don’t make a big deal about it, they seem to ignore all the attention as well. Crying 2 year olds are VERY normal, but I respect your decision not to show them, since a lot of people DO like to speculate of what could have possibly made the child cry…cmon people these are children not dolls y’know?

Cora on

Did anyone else notice the little face looking at the window in the second picture? Everyone wants to get a glimpse of this beautiful family🙂 Made me laugh.

It’s such a huge TREAT to see all four kids in one frame again (can it really be six months since we’ve since them together in one shot? Judging by how much they’ve grown it sure can!)

I just love these pictures… especially because it looks as though the photographers didn’t get too close (and Angelina is smiling in the first picture so doesn’t seem to be too worried by their presence) and they look so gorgeous and normal, Cheeto crumbs and all. The mix of colours in their family make it look like such an adorable family mix: the pink and white on the girls, the blacks and blues on the boys. They’re all so sweet.

Shiloh looks to be getting to that rambunctious toddler stage, which is a lot of fun to see! What cute chubby little knees she has!

CelebBabyLover on

Terry- My thoughts exactly! I really hope that the picture of Shiloh crying doesn’t end up on the cover of some tabloid!

Starlet on

Oh how lovely to see Angelina with her 4 lovely children.
CBB I fully support that you don’t post images of crying/upset children and or children obviously being hidden from the cameras. Again, it’s what makes this site unique.
I have to admit, whenever I hear Brad talk about media intrusion in their children’s lives I feel guilty for reading celeb sites. That said, I only read this one (as I like the ethics) and I have a lot of respect for the British one (holymoly) who won’t post pics of Britney as they feel she is in distress and at this time deserves privacy.
I guess it shows you can be somewhat ethical in this arena.
Adore this family, brilliant hands on parents!

Faye on

Sarah – You do a wonderful job of moderating this blog. It’s really a breath of fresh air to visit a celebrity blog and enjoy the photos and comments without the usual rancor. I think Brad and Angie are great parents and it’s always a joy to see them out-and-about with their children. Their kids definitely are cuties, and I can’t wait to see their latest addition.

xxLostGirl92xx on

If you pop over to there are 20+ more pictures of Ange, Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh.

The reason Shiloh is crying in a few of the pictures is because she fell over and grazed her knee (you can see the fresh graze in the HQ pictures at

Celebbabylover, at least they can’t say Shiloh is crying because Ange is “ignoring” her!🙂

Shiloh’s dress is gorgeous, as are Zahara’s shoes…so pretty! Maddox and Pax are so cute!

Thank you, Celebrity baby blog, for not posting the pictures of upset Shiloh…:)

Many people, me included, just don’t wish to see an upset baby when they come over here for some cute/sweet/light-hearted photos. Obviously, with the paps there will be times when babies/children are distressed but it’s nice to be warned about it first.

tink1217 on

I saw these on another site and couldn’t believe the nasty comments about Shiloh crying!!! They were all saying “mommy must hate her”. I am GLAD you didn’t and don’t post stuff like that honestly. I think sometimes Angelina brings just as many haters and terrible posts as Britney. I absolutely love this family and love seeing pics of them all together. Shiloh has the cutest chubby little legs!!!

shaine on

Lost girl, thank you for clearing that up! That is what I thought, she does look like she is holding her knee.

fannie on

Lots of pics here, poor Shi, she hurt her knee, thats why she was crying but she recovered quickly and was seen smiling again.

fay on

i love the jolie-pitt clan. i love what they’re doing for my hometown (NOLA) and i’m happy they’re enjoying their time there… luckily new orleans has it’s fair share of celebrities that both live and visit regularly (i remember once going to a restaurant in the french quarter and seeing lenny kravitz pick up his paper in his undies ,yummy) and their house is DEEP in the heart of the quarters so i’m sure their not bothered very much, as it’s not a part that tourists frequent…

there’s a carol’s daughter not to far from their house, and i LOVE that they have taken the time to learn WHAT to do w/ zahara’s hair and it shows that someone is taking proper care of it…(smile)

i love that little girl like she was my own sister… or neice or something…

Mary on

mlee Angelina is a celebrity as all the celebs they post on the site.. they have to expect their pic being taken. and being posted. If they didn’t want their pics to be taken being posted on websites. they shouldn’t of became a celebirty. IMO

jane on

loved the pics. 1st time i’ve seen ang with all her kids thou. Isn’t she said to be preggers well there doesn’t seem to be a bump there, conpared to the other pics u see of her

FC on

I love Shi’s chubby little cheeks. She’s getting so big, and she shouldn’t be doing that. I still think of her as a baby. Of course, there will be another little baby in the coming months. But I never want most babies I adore to ever grow up. Sue me!😛 I still remember when Maddox and Z were still babies. But all of the J-P kiddies are growing up to be some great little kids.🙂

Judy on

Tink1217 — There are some really pathetic losers infesting the internet who will never forgive Angelina for winning Brad Pitt after Aniston lost him — and that marriage was effectively dead long before he ever met Angelina — and they express all their bile in vicious messages on the web. Thank God Sarah doesn’t allow that garbage here.

Poor Shiloh got a boo-boo! Awwww… I’m sure mommy kissed it and made it all better. I wonder how many skinned knees the average child gets before he/she turns twelve?

Judy on

Fay — Carol’s Daughter’s hair products are great. They give your hair a lovely shine. I’d recommend them to anybody. There is a Carol’s Daughter store in the city where I live but it’s out of my way so I bought some from Macy’s which started carrying their products a few months ago. You can also order from their web site (

lila on

Aww, how cute! The children are growing so quickly. Angelina looks great, and the kids are so well behaved. Poor little Shiloh tripped and scrapped her knee, but quickly got over it and was smiling again.

Lovely family.

Zoe on

OMG! Shiloh looks cute even when she cries!!!

i-dra on

i enjoy keeping up to date with celebrity parents & their children, as long as they don’t mind. i’m sure the celeb parents would appreciate your stance on not posting photos of them in their weaker, private moments. i know i’d rather have photos circulated in which my family is smiling & beautiful than when my son arches his back & screams, which isn’t all that often, but i know it would upset me to see it splashed all over a website or magazine. so, i understand your reasons & support your decision. as a mom, i know their children cry, but i don’t absolutely need to see it! i prefer the smiley pics!😀

Ella on

I don’t think the skull shoes are the ones Shiloh is wearing, what do you think Sarah?

Sarah’s note: They are. The company sent them to her a few weeks ago and they let us know about it.

mlee on

I come here, to remind you people that children’s faces should not be exposed to the world through the internet or in the press. You have the concept that exposing children to the web is perfectly safe. Needless to say, children are not safe standing in their own front yards waiting for a school bus. And you are deliberately exposing them to the world. This truly doesn’t make sense to me. As far as trying to please everyone.. If protecting one child from harm by keeping that child’s face and identity off line than this is truly worth it to me. You may have made your site up based on mothers and babies, but, why would you do this.. Who’s interest do you really have at heart. What is more important in this world? You might well become upset with me bringing this to your attention, that doesn’t matter. The children’s welfare does. It is very strange you cannot rationalize that concept.

Erin on

I have to agree great job with the site…

I just saw these picures on another site, I believe it was JustJared and they noted that Shiloh was crying because she had fallen and scrapped her knee…If you look at the other pictures you can see the knee scrape…Just thought I’d share!!!!

CelebBabyLover on

tink1217- I was afraid that something like that was going to happen! Honestly, I think some people like to harp on Angie, and particularly her relationship with Shiloh, no matter what she does! As evidenced by the photos, the poor little girl fell and scraped her knee. I’m glad she recovered quickly, though.

I must say, I almost afraid to hear what the media and the general public will say about Angie’s relationship with her bio children once she has the new baby. I hope that they won’t start claiming that she loves the new baby more than Shiloh, or vice versa!

Chrissy on

What was really neat to see was how quickly Angelina comforted her, and talked to her getting her to stop crying. You can tell she’s a wonderful mother and that these children are very well-adjusted. I work in day care, and a lot of kids that are deprived of attention when they hurt themselves they cry an extra 15 minutes just to get it. They realize the crying gets them more hugs and kisses – Shiloh and the other children are very well loved, and it seems like her mom is telling her something that makes her smile, and in a few pics she’s holding her little chubby thigh and almost looks proud of her boo-boo. LOL Angie’s a great Mommy.

Judy on

This is too cute for words. Check out this photo. This little guy looks like he wants to ask Shiloh for a play date!

Amanda on

Noooo Judy! Whatever will Kingston say?? =)

SJ on

OK… we now have photographic evidence that these kids practically live on junk food. MacDonalds on Xmas Day, Chuck E Cheesy at New Year and now family sized bags of cheetos.

I wouldn’t give my kids, especially my baby not yet two that amount of potato chips and certainly not till they get home.

Angelina WASNT on her own, she had two nannies with her in the background, one of them had to run and get Shiloh who ran out of the store on to the sidewalk. I don’t think it is “brave” of Angelina to take four kids out. Mothers do it all the time, but Angelina had the help of nannies… not many women have that.

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