Denial Update: Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou not expecting

03/15/2008 at 12:37 PM ET

Update: Kimora brushes off the rumors to People, saying,

[Reporters] call and ask if I’m pregnant. It all came from Page Six … You guys shouldn’t believe it. People believe what they want to believe because it’ssensational and it’s fun. And they think that’s fabulous. I encouragereaders to ignore it and seek out the truth.

Update March 9th: Kimora’s rep tells People,

I have no comment at this time.

Photo at left is from last week.

Originally posted 12 pm: Model and Baby Phat creator Kimora Lee Simmons, 32, and actor Djimon Hounsou, 43, are reportedly expecting their first child together, if Page Six’s sources are to be believed. The Post tried to get a confirmation or denial of the report, but Kimora’s rep has been unable to reach her for the past five days.

Kimora is already mom to two daughters, Ming Lee, 8, and Aoki Lee, 5 ½, with ex-husband Russell Simmons.

Source: NY Post’s Page Six

Thanks to CBB readers Betty, Pam, Kate and Tess.


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gabriella on

Yea she looked pregnant in the last pics I saw, so I think she is.

tink1217 on

I hope this one is true, I love them together! He is such a talented actor!

Allison on

While I agree that the two make a great couple, I actually hope this is not true. Kimora is such a busy person. Her reality show “Kimora life in the fab lane” showed that she had to squeeze in time with her two girls that she has now. Sometimes, in my humble opinion, less is best. I’m not trying to be mean so I hope it is not coming across that way…I just think that if you are so busy and hardly have much time for the children that you have…why have another one? This goes for many people, not just Kimora.

Pam on

That would be a beautiful baby if true!

Allison on

If I may also add…I am a working mother of a 2 year old. A hard working mother of a 2 year old and the larger provider in my household so I understand being busy. One child kicks my butt sometimes! I cant imagine another one!

Nikki on

Doesnt anyone believe in “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby” anymore these days?????

tink1217 on

Allison, although that may be true, TV shows edit a lot of stuff in and out. I am sure she is a busy woman as many working moms are. But, she knows what is right for her I am sure. Everyone in Hollywood who is anyone is pretty busy I would think. Some have just one child, some have a few. What is right for the individual is what they are ultimately going to do. And, I am sure she has help as just about all celebs do. Not saying its right or wrong, its just not my business to judge.

gigi on

i was unaware that her marraige with russel was officially over. i had thought they were just legally separated. so i really hope that if she is pregnant that the divorce was finalized. otherwise…i am happy for them.

Snow on

I totally agree with Allison, kids are a handful,(I PROUDLY have 3 living children) and if anyone plans on bringing more into the world, I hope they can also make the individual time for them that they need! IMO I think the pics of her on the people website (in the blue mini) SURE do look preggers to me!

Chicki on

Actually, if the rumor is true, I would be happy for them without any of the aforementioned pre-conditions. Congratulations would be in order – I love her show and think she is a great mom already!

Lissette on

so happy for them! I knew she was pregnant judging by the last photos here of her.

Elyse on

That certainly looks like a baby bump to me!😉

amers230 on

she does look pregnant but again, she could have just eaten a few good meals and stopped working out lol. usually though a “no comment” from the rep is as good as a confirmation. if she is pregnant, that is going to be be an absolutely gorgeous baby!! on

Translation of “I have no comment” is “yes, she’s pregnant, I’m just not supposed to say so.” 🙂

Kelly on

She looks pregnant to me & if her rep says i have no comment at this time it makes it sound like either they dont want it getting ut or she has to check & find out if its ok with kimora to tell people

Nita on

I say congrat to then either way. She is a great mom despite her hectic schedule.

MeganJerai on

Allison, I don’t know what the studies or statistics are but I would think that certain celebrities spend more time when their kids than the working class cumulatively. She owns her own business and has her children their with her plus they are at almost every fashion show and she travels a lot with them. It seemed to me that she always has her children with her.

So I don’t think that gives her less of a choice to have children because she spends just as much time with her children if not more than the average person.

Steph on

She sure looks it to me. I hope so. They’re a great-looking couple and I think Kimora is fab. She is so business-savvy.

lianne on

ummm… she totally looks pregnant, and not just her belly either, her face is much fuller, she looks beautiful!

Allison on

Megan, I never said that she had less of a choice to have children because she is busy. If you read my second comment I actually related to her by saying that I too am a working BUSY mom and I get it!! I find it hard to believe that she spends more time with her children than the average “jane” out there. I don’t know about you but I do not have parties and events to go to several evenings a week and lets be honest here, taking your kids to your fashion shows is hardly a childhood and not what I would consider “good” parenting. But I never received a phone call from Kimora asking my opinion on the matter. Im simply telling you my beliefs.

C on

I hope that this is true!

It is clear that she loves her 2 daughters very much. I am not sure how much the show cuts out but from what I see, she spends plenty of time with them.

I am sure that she knows what is best for her and her family so if she wants to add another then I am happy for her:)

Becky's Daughter on

I’m just going to give a “Congrats!” here because I believe she is pregnant too.

One thing that I picked up from her reality show is that Kimora seems to really trust her staff and most of them are like aunts and uncles to her children. They pitch in and help her out with the kids when she is in a pinch.

And let’s not forget that they also have a father, Russell, who seems to be very much a part of their lives. Her blended family might just be working. In my opinion, they’ll be fine.

And if she gets overwhelmed, she can always hire a nanny, which many woman in my humble suburb do.

coco on

although im not a fan of kimora’s,i dont think its fair for people to judge her saying “she’s too busy” to have another baby. to each his(or in this case her) own. she’s is a very wealthy woman. im sure she can find adequate help. besides she seems to be a good mother to both her daughters. she would not be the first woman on earth to have 3 kids and a career. many other moms do it with more than 3 kids and the kids turn out fine and well adjusted. she and dijmon seem to have a very loving and genuine relationship. i wish them the best of luck

Jay on

Congrats to Kimora and Djimon if they are indeed expecting another baby. Dang…whatever happened to a simple congratulations when someone is expecting another baby?!?! Didn’t realize Kimora was the first person to have a third baby. There are plenty of celebrities who have alot of children…why is Kimora being put on blast because it’s perceived that she doesn’t spend enough time with her 2 girls. Heidi Klum has 3 kids, Julia Roberts has 3, Gwen Stefani is about to have her second and proudly takes Kingston every where she goes!! Just like Kimora’s girls travel with her. Not to mention the Spice Girls, all of them have brought their kids with them on tour. Bottom line, just like any other mother when you have more than 1 child, you do what you can, try to balance everything and just be try to be the best mother you can be. Once again CONGRATS to Kimora and Djimon.

mapia on

I did wonder why she was wearing such a voluminous dress at the Oscars since she usually prefers the body-hugging variety – obviously to cover up some good news!

Beverley on

Well, if Kimora’s too busy to take care of a baby, maybe Djimon could be the caregiver. He doesn’t seem to be too busy lately with acting jobs, so he probably has the time. It’s not just her responsibility and if he made the baby, he should bear as much of the work as she does.

And Becky’s Daughter – you make it sound so cavalier that if you can’t handle your own kids, get someone else to do it. Why have kids if you want someone else to care for them and raise them?

magenta on

I don’t think what Becky’s daughter said is cavalier. She simply said “if she feels overwhelmed”. Why the assumption that if someone has a nanny they are not raising their children. It’s ridiculous. There is also nothing wrong with a mother saying to herself…I’m overwhelmed….I could use some help. Doesn’t mean she will hire help and if she does….well I say do what makes you and your family happy. I think Djimon and Kimora are great together and hope they indeed have a new life to celebrate. It doesn’t matter to me whether she has a whole army of nannies as she’s got it like that and she completely dotes on her daughters and treats them like the future queens that they will become.

fay on

one thing about kimora is that she adamantly supports the use of nannies, she is very unapologetic about it, and constantly maintains that that just because she DOES use nannies doesn’t mean she isn’t involved in her children’s lives… in her show u see her children all the time, in her office, during her interviews, when she goes out of town, they’re with her… when she gets ready for the red carpet, they’re with her… they even walk the catwalk w/ her after her baby phat shows… and they star in her baby phat advertising… and they have since they were very young… anyone who’s followed her for any length of time knows that those girls are her world…

i hate that the people she usually entrusts them w/ (at least on her show, i think in real life they have real certified nannies) are usually not the least bit interested in raising/ baby sitting children…

hahaha… i can’t believe she would let herself get pregnant by djimon however, just based on the possibility of what the baby would look like… beautiful… but much different than aoki and ming… (smile)…

Stephanie on

I am happy to see this post! She totally looks pregnant! I love her and was just wondering if this was rumor or truth? She looked pregnant at the Oscars and I knew time would only tell. Congrats!

d on

leave Allison alone, everyone here has a right to state their opinion w/o getting pounced on for it.

Let’s keep in mind celebrities have a ton of money and help, so their situations may be very different than some of ours.

Trinity on

Man, I was kind of hoping this was true. Their kid would be crazy beautiful.

Chicki on

Call me crazy, but she didn’t actually say “no” to the pregnancy!!🙂 And by saying “I encourage readers to … seek out the truth” fuels even more speculation. She seems to have a slight, atypical plumpness to her belly IMO. If it turns out that she has just put on a little weight, I congratulate her on that! Takes a lot of courage for a celeb to do that these days!!🙂

shasha on

I think this denial is just like what all the celebs have been doing. If you look at the pics she is obviously pregnant. I believe kimora is forbidden to talk about it because of her contract with the style network for her reality show kimora life in the fab lane. The new episodes premier in april and im thinking the season will end with a cliff hanger or announcement of her pregnancy so the networks don’t want her to announce it until it is announced on the show. It makes sense but she is obviously lying about not being pregnant j-lo did the same thing she will admit when she can no longer hide it.

emmalee on

“Call me crazy, but she didn’t actually say “no” to the pregnancy!!🙂 And by saying “I encourage readers to … seek out the truth” fuels even more speculation.”

I agree! It reminds me of how Jennifer Lopez seemed to deny the rumors not that long before confirming them (well into her pregnancy). It’s like a non-denial denial.

Elizabeth on

She looks very pregnant in that picture, so either she was pregnant and miscarried and doesn’t want to announce that (can’t blame her) or she will announce it at a later date.

Kat on

So because Kimora MAY be pregnant and doesn’t want to tell people who are not involved in her personal life, she is a liar in denial. Nice. It could be that she may consider it none of out business.

Keep on keeping your business to yourself Kimora, we’ll survive.

emmalee on

“Keep on keeping your business to yourself Kimora, we’ll survive.”

The line is a bit murkier in the case of someone like her (or Tori Spelling or Nicole Richie, etc.) who’s made their personal life part of their profession. That decision makes it more difficult to say, “that’s personal” after all the other elements they’ve shared. If she really didn’t want to discuss the topic, she should have just left it with the “no comment” from her publicist.

Michelle on

If Kimora wanted to keep on keeping her business to herself, then why does she have a reality show?

And I also think she is pregnant and just not ready to announce it yet.

Kat on

I should have said that she should keep on keeping her baby news to herself then. Well she can keep on keeping her pregnancy news to herself can’t she?😉 Why does she apparently have to tell us all that she may be expecting?

I don’t know if having a reality show means you have to right away tell everyone of your pregnancy or whatever other personal info you have in your life. I guess people would expect it but it’s still the celeb’s show, they can announce what they want I would think.

Michelle on

Kat – Don’t get me wrong. If Kimora (or any other celebrity for that matter) wants to keep pregnancy news to themselves, that’s their business. They are certainly under no obligation to tell the public. But, when you intentionally put yourself out there — I’m not even talking about acting, but being in a reality show. I mean, she’s the one choosing to do a reality show, she’s putting herself under a spotlight, so in my opinion she’s not really in a position to pick and choose. You want more privacy, well then, don’t do a reality show.

cecil on

If Kimora is pregnant, I respect that she wants to keep it private. But what I don’t understand is why deny it? Celebrities don’t have to either confirm or deny it. Just let the media speculate. Denial only make them liars. This is not like denying about having a plastic surgery. People will found out sooner or later.

Jen on

Her belly looks pregnant in that photo…it even looks as if you can see a protruding navel (or possibly she has an outie )…and if she’s not pregnant then the fit of that dress is incredibly unflattering because it makes her look pregnant.

Hen on

I hope this isn’t the case, she seems too much like a diva…why couldn’t he find himself a nice African girl?

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