Halle Berry spends the day visiting with friends

03/14/2008 at 07:48 PM ET

Actress Halle Berry, 41, visited with friends today in Venice, CA.  She and boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, 32, expect their first child any day now.


Photos by Flynet.

More photos below.

Halle_berry_213235cbbjpg Halle_berry_213241cbbjpg Halle_berry_213242cbbjpg

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Carlie on

She looks set to pop any second!!

Anca on

Wow!! She is so big! She looks gorgeous and I love that she had a bit of her belly peeking out from under her shirt. She’s got guts! I don’t think many women at forty weeks feel comfortable like that, I love that she is.

Can’t wait to find out the sex and the name of the baby. She looks like she’s having a girl, but I kind of think it’s gonna be a boy. It’s just when I picture it in my mind she seems to be toting a boy.

Nicole on

I hope Halle is having a girl.

Robin on

She looks great! I think she’s having a girl!

Carlie on

Yeah I think it’s a boy too – I’m probably wrong but that’s what I’m feeling lol

Lani on

She is so aww so adorable I hope it’s a girl too because I know halle will surely love to dress a baby girl. She carries her pregnancy well she is glowing so much.

Candace on

Interesting little “peek-a-boo belly” shirt…She definitely looks like she’s “well done”!!!

Tan on

Awww I agree she looks very adorable.You can look at her face and tell she is about to give birth very soon.I can’t wait till I hear she’s had him or her.

Michelle on

Wow — you can tell she’s going to go any time now! 🙂

Does anyone know if she still has contact with her former stepdaughter from her marriage to Eric Benet? Did she adopt that girl (I think her name was India) or am I mistaken?

ella on

A smile, that is lovely to see. She looked so over it the other day when she was wearing a purple top.

I was just wondering, didn’t Halle adopt Eric Benet’s daughter? It’s just I’ve never seen her with her since they divorced and I was thinking she could be very excited to be having a little sibling. But ah well, I guess that adoption went the same way as the marriage SOUTHBOUND!

ella on

Good God Michelle, what are the chances? I just asked that before I saw your post!! I’m curious too.

Just Saying on

Wow she is huge and any day now I’m expecting to see on people.com or something that she had her baby already. However, she didn’t really gain as much weight as thought she would have. She looks all stomach.

Kelly on

wow she looks…big not being mean or anything is she past her due date? i hope she has a girl i bet she would just love to dress a baby girl and that would probally be one of the most stunning celeb babys ever!

So what on

If i didn’t know any better i would think she was having twins cuz of the size of her stomach. Damn.

Emma on

I know lots of ppl think she’s having a girl, but doesn’t she sort of already have a daughter? Cause her last husband had a daughter, India I think, and she was close with her when they were married and the girls mother died, I think?
Does anyone know if she is still close with India? Cause you can divorce the father but it’d be harder with the children…

Pam on

I don’t get the “big, huge” comments. Well, duh!🙂 She’s likely giving birth within the next two weeks! I only gained 35 lbs in my pregnancy, but I looked like an absolute WHALE those last couple. Halle looks really fabulous.

About India, no she was never formally adopted, and I believe Eric was not for them continuing their relationship after the divorce.

Max'sMom on

I’m so torn…boy,girl,boy,girl????
I have no clue for this one but cannot wait to find out!

FC on

Wow, she changed in the matter of a couple of days, going by these photos and the one People magazine has of her shopping. She looks more than ready to pop that little bambino(a) out!

I love that she’s flashing the camera some skin! Hehe…;)

She just looks so happy! I’m sure she’ll be even happier to meet her baby. ♥

Kelli on

I remember reading either a story or an interview with Halle that they divorced BEFORE the adoption was final. When they divorced, Eric would no longer let Halle see India. So they have lost contact.

Micki B on

Halle looks so beautiful. She looks as though she is going to pop. LOL

gabriella on

Halle never adopted India, and her divorce from eric was pretty messy. He tried to take her to court claiming his daughter was used to a certain lifestyle and halle had to maintain it for him and his daughter, but at the same time he didn’t want halle to see india. Yea ok meanwhile he was accused of cheating by halle. Anyway so happy she is finally becoming a mom, and she looks tired and ready to go anyday now. Halle and gabriel are so hot, can’t wait to see their baby.

Emma on

Wonder what last name the baby will have? Berry or Aubry? Or Berry-Aubry?
I don’t know if she’s said…

Sarah’s note: She told In Style that it will be Aubry.

Janelle on

She looks great and wow, the hair! It seems as if she cut it a few weeks ago. The pregnancy hormones must be in high gear (or its a fantastic weave)!

Ericka on

aww she looks so cute.

I think she’s having a boy…it seems to be “BOY SEASON” lol

Rye on

It’s totally boy season right now. It seems like everyone is popping out the baby boys…so i’m thinking she’s having a boy too. She would be super cute with a little girl though.

Autumn on

My cousin Amy just had her third child and second son today (her other kids are a 4 y.o. daughter & a 2.5 y.o. son), so it really is the season for boys! lol!

Halle looks like she’s due with her child at any time, Melissa just had her second son, and Solei is due with her second child soon too! We’ll just have to see when it happens!

Amber on

I love Halle! Im so happy for her and Gabriel… I keep checking this site and people several times daily waiting to see the announcement that she’s had the baby. She is going to be a wonderful Mom!

Caroline on

She’s beautiful, but looks tired and her age in these pictures. All the best for a smooth delivery and healthy bundle of joy, boy or girl !

Lita from Italy on

She’s beautiful!
What is her due date?
Mine has been the 4th of March, but my little girl is still in my belly… she’s lazy like her daddy!🙂

heather on

Ah, to recall those days of being ready to pop – I can’t say I’m too jealous! She looks great, happy, I bet she can’t wait to hold that little one of hers. I hope she has a smooth delivery, can’t wait to hear the arrival news.

Paige on

She looks great.

No matter whether she has a boy or a girl, the baby will look gorgeous.

Becky on

She’s really amazing. Although of slight, “advanced maternal age” and a history of diabetes, her pregnancy seems to have proceeded without a major hitch. She looks as georgeous as an expectant mom, as she does as an actress walking the red carpet.

The “Mona Lisa” smile tells me, all is well.

Steph on

It is too ridiculous how GREAT she looks! Wow. She is absolutely glowing and looking great for 40 weeks. Wow. I can’t wait to see what she’s having. I won’t guess because I’m usually wrong. Haha.🙂

Nad on

yea it is really boys season, but I am hoping it changes to girls season because girls are needed in this world

ASM1976 on

Unfortunately, Eric Benet’s daughter India’s mother was killed when she was a baby or toddler, I think in a car accident if I’m correct. Halle never adopted India. Eric stated a little while after the divorce that Halle really has nothing to do with India anymore………which is unfortunate. India is such a beautiful girl and you can tell she and Eric are very close. Anyway, I hope Halle has a girl!

Mary on

Halle always looks so gorgeous. My fave pregnant celebrity momma. I can imagine how anxious she is to see her new little one.

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