Update: Minnie Driver confirms that she is expecting first child

03/13/2008 at 10:59 PM ET

Update: Minnie confirmed her pregnancy on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this evening. Although she did not discuss the baby’s father — saying, "I’m the public person and he can stay private" — she did answer in the affirmative when asked by Jay if she’d made too many trips to the buffet.

Are you calling me fat? You’ve noticed my tummy, haven’t you? Yes, I am [pregnant]. I love it more than anything else, but I am sick. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness. I am sick morning, noon and night, but it’s a fair trade-off.

You spend so much time in your car in Los Angeles … I had to get something, like a travel puke receptacle. It turned out to be a good thing to do, because I was on the 405 the other day in traffic, going about 45 mph. And I knew I was going to throw up, and I was like, "Oh Lord…" but I knew I had my handy Tupperware vomit receptacle. I’m a safe vomiter. You can totally keep one hand on the wheel, grab your Tupperware, and just [makes retching sound].

87.1% of you guessed correctly in our poll last week!

Click below for more from her Jay Leno interview — she discusses her cravings and aversions — to see photos from the appearance, and for the original rumor posts.

Minnie also discussed what she’s been snacking on — and what she can’t even say out loud because it’s that disgusting!

I like chip butties. In England, a chip is a french fry, and a buttie is anything that you butter — so you can have a bacon buttie, you can have a chip buttie … in a sandwich, where you basically butter a piece of bread, put your steak fries — they’re the best — in it, ketchup, and then close it, chomp, and throw up!

I can’t … E-G-G-S. Ugh. I can’t even look at them. I have to detour in the supermarket. They make me want to throw up. i just can’t even … the other thing is raisins. I used to love them.

It’s been so completely bizarre, it’s like ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers.’ Women all know, it’s like you’re not in control anymore at all. I really love it though.

See more images of Minnie on The Tonight Show at The Daily Mail.

Update Feb 22nd: Page Six now reports that Minnie was spotted shopping at crewcuts for a baby girl, and "overheard talking about her pregnancy and how she hasn’t been feeling well."

Update Feb 17th:  Page Sixlends further support to the rumor, reporting that its ‘spies’ recentlyspotted Minnie and a friend outside a Los Angeles-area doctors officelooking at sonogram pictures.  Minnie then called her boyfriend,identified only as Matthew ‘in England,’ on the phone to talk about "getting bloodwork done."  She then reportedly told her friend "Matthew says I should be quiet so no one hears me." 

Minnie’s rep again offered no comment. 

Originally posted Jan. 31: A Socialite’s Life is reporting this afternoon that actress Minnie Driver is pregnant with her first child, and that the 37-year-old is "keeping the identity of the father under wraps."  No word from Minnie’s rep was given, however. 

Source: A Socialite’s Life, NY Post

Thanks to CBB readers Jennifer and Tess.

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tink1217 on

I would love to see her expecting!! I love her as an actress!

Lisa on

Oh my gosh, this is a nice surprise, I am so happy for her. I can’t wait to see more info. (like approx. when she is due).

Candice on

Oooh, I hope she is! That would be awesome!

PSB on

Ooooooh. Very interesting! I’m dying to know if it’s true and who the daddy is.

AlwaysThinking on

I think I will wait until she announces it

brannon on

I hope this is true .. i am already picturing a cute baby🙂 and for some very odd reason – considering anyone who is on here often knows i always hope for boys — i feel a “girl” very strongly for her for some reason? weird. anyway, guess time will tell …

Sara on

I wonder-if Minnie is pregnant-if they would have her character on The Riches expecting as well. She plays a mom of three on the show & would definitely be an interesting storyline.

Rebecca on

Sara, I agree, this could make for an interesting storyline on The Riches!

Manda on

I don’t think we’ll be seeing her pregnant in “The Riches”, cause the upcoming season is already done, with maybe the exception of a few more episodes.

Beattie on

Who is Minnie Driver? She can’t be that interesting or that much of a celeb if no other sources have reported (or even hinted at) a pregnancy.

gabriella on

yea she is pregnant I think

brannon on

Crewcuts are my favorite!!🙂 Yay Minnie.

UggaMugga.com on

I really hope she’s pregnant…but shopping at CrewCuts isn’t a good indicator since their clothes are for children two and up. But I’d love to see her pregnant! She’s one of my favorites!

Harlow on

I think its’s fantastic news if it’s true.

Congratulations to Minnie🙂

Sarah on

I’m predicting a girl…why, because of all the morning sickness (or all day sickness, rather!)

Anya, CBB Contributor on

Sarah – I had all-day morning sickness too! – for six months…and it was a boy!;)

Katie on

Aw, that’s so nice. I friggin’ love Minnie, she’s one of my favourite actresses.

Liesl78 on

I’m so happy for her, she’s my favorite actress!! I hope she feels better. I remember the sickness, I too used to complain it lasted all day long.

J.J. on

So it’s true! Congratulations!! I think and am quite sure she’s having a daughter also, due to that fact that she was shopping for baby girl clothes as rumored, so it’s most likely a baby girl, but regardless of gender..she’ll be a great mom to her baby.

Sarah on

Oops, then my theory about having a girl is total bunk! I just loved reading the excerpts from the Leno interview–she is hysterical!!

Crystal on

Aw Congrats to Minnie!🙂

She is hilarious!!

Tracy on

hehehehe, she is hilarious!! I love the fact that she has a sense of humour about the sickness. I also had the 24 hour sickness for the whole 9 months, and the horror of it was that I even threw up for the week after my son was born. Soooooo unfair – hahaha. It used to make me so cross when my friends complained about their morning sickness, slight queasiness when u wake up in the morning does not compare to vomiting up to 12 times a day **grimacing at the memory of it** The plus side was that I was 20 pounds lighter than my prepregnancy weight 2 weeks after my baby was born!! I also craved the hot fries, but could only eat them at 9pm at night, any other time of the daay I was too sick to eat anything. I had a boy by the way.

Jones2008 on

This is absolutely interesting! http://www.spymac.com/details/?2351427

Ann on

I saw the interview with Jay and she was just adorable. Especially when she talked about her cravings (“chip buddies” – Steak Fries with ketchup in a sandwich) and aversions (“egg” – she couldn’t even say the word – she had to spell it out).

She’s also an amazing singer; she sang a song from her recent CD and it was quite a surprise how good she was. I had no idea…

Sarah’s note: I think maybe you missed the ‘under-the-cut’ part? The cravings and aversions are there.🙂 She’s a great singer, I have her album Seastories and it’s really wonderful.

Simone on

Yeah, I am one of the 87.1%. How could someone ever think she’s not pregnant. It struck me right away.

Harley on

Haha, I was waiting for the announcement🙂 Congrats to her and her baby’s daddy since we don’t have a name for him lol!

Christina on

Congrats to Minnie and the daddy!!

But a big pox on Jay for commenting on any woman’s weight gain & then asking her outright if she’s pregnant.. that’s really quite rude of him, IMO.

andrea on

gosh how i wish i’d had the brains to have a puke container in my car when i was pregnant…hearing Minnie’s comment brought back memories of when i was driving home from work- only a 5 minute drive, tops…i had the queasy feeling come and thought I could make it. No such luck! I can only imagine what that must have looked like to the other drivers passing by….*eek*

Congrats Minnie!!!

Heather on

Oh I know the feeling Tracy! I had HG and it was horrid, at 2 weeks post partum I was 40lbs lighter then when I got pregnant. I looked good!!lol but my poor baby was born premature and very sick! It was horrible. It doesn’t sound like she is that bad thought, I could barely function.

Pam on

Oh man, I had the SAME problem with eggs! I don’t know what it was, because before pregnancy, I had eggs for breakfast at least 3 times a week.

Love the ‘travel puke receptacle’ story!! Reminds me of myself, except I kept Ziploc freezer bags between the front seats!

armslover on

When is the baby due?

Sarah’s note: Late August/early September. There’s a post on a later page where Minnie talks about it to Ellen DeGeneres.

Dana on

Oh, I couldn’t eat E-G-G-S either! I craved them all the time, though. With grits and OJ. And then I would see them again much sooner than expected. I had all-day sickness, too. Every day. But only with my first. It was nice when I left the hospital. I had completely lost all but 4 pounds of the 26 I put on.

Elaine on

I really like Minnie as an actress and she seems to be an interesting and feisty person. Congratulations to her!

Tracy on

So glad someone else felt the same as I did Heather, suprisingly for me my son weighed 10 pounds at birth!!! even though I ate virtually nothing the whole pregnancy. I suppose he took what he needed from my ample body – hahaha. Thats the only reason I wasnt hospitalized with Hyperemesis, I was drinking pints of water a day, and was chubby to start off with, so my OBGYN wasnt worried. Needless to say, my son is 4 and I have not been pregnant again since, too scared of the HG rearing its head again!!

Rufis on

my advice is not get induced at all. just let your body go into labor on it’s own. read all you can about vaginal births, there are so many studies available online. don’t let your doctor force you into doing anything you don’t want to do such as induction or c-section. it seems that every celebrity these days are signing up for c-sections that aren’t medically necessary or emergency reasons. GOD did make our bodies able to birth the babies it grows if left alone from doctors and interventions. just look at what mother wolves do…….

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